List of Disgaea characters

List of Disgaea characters

This article contains information on characters from the video strategy/role-playing games Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories for the PlayStation 2 video game console, and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for the PlayStation 3 video game console, developed and published by Nippon Ichi in Japan, and published in North America by Atlus Co., and later Nippon Ichi, and in Europe by Koei.


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness



Laharl is the main character of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and is the son of King Krichevskoy. However, after awakening from a two year slumber, he discovers that his father is dead and almost all of his vassals are gone (most of them are, in fact, trying to take Laharl's place, rather than trying to serve him). As the rightful heir to the throne, Laharl sets out to take back the throne and proclaim himself as the true Overlord of the Netherworld.

Laharl is incredibly arrogant and always tries to prove that he is the strongest demon in the Netherworld. He is, however, extremely powerful for his appearance, which, despite his age, is still that of a young teenage human child (his large hair antennae and billowing scarf are meant to mask this fact). He has a weakness towards optimistic sayings (especially anything concerning the word "love") and women with sexy bodies. Even after Laharl is crowned the new Overlord half way through the game, he is still referred to as "Prince" by Etna and all those who still remain in the Overlord's Castle.

He also appears to have an obsession with being "main character", due to the fact that in every canonical Disgaea game after the first, he always appears as a secret boss to either reclaim his position as main character or to simply gain more screen time.

In the alternate story Etna Mode in the PSP and DS versions, Etna kills Laharl as he wakes up by accident. While playing this mode, the player will not have access to Laharl. In order to prevent suspicion from Maderas, Etna places fake antennas on a Prinny and passes it off as Laharl. By the end of Etna Mode, Laharl is actually revealed to be alive. The shot that supposedly killed him only knocked him out and is later found by Etna in the Stellar Graveyard.

In the Disgaea manga, Laharl's personality slightly differs. While he is selfish, arrogant, and is willing to use violence to solve his problems, he comes off more mature than his game counterpart, appearing to also be slightly smarter (When Flonne tells Laharl that the Seraph believes demons have love too, Laharl reminds her that her mission to assassinate the Overlord was given to her by the same person). Laharl also appears to hate his father even more in the manga as Laharl is often overshadowed by Krichevskoy, not to mention Krichevskoy's eccentric personality annoys him.

In the anime, Laharl has more memories of his father and was apparently often given subtle lessons by Krichevskoy to try and groom him into being a more compassionate demon, showing that he possibly had respect for him despite saying that he hated him like in the game and manga.

In general, the accepted ending is the good ending, in which Laharl spares Lamington's life and is stopped by Mid Boss before he sacrifices himself, allowing him to see Flonne become a Fallen Angel. In the last episode of the anime, however, Laharl gives Overlordship to Etna, then he sacrifices himself in an attempt to revive Flonne, who was turned into a flower by Seraph Lamington for killing a Celestian Warrior. This ending is similar to the normal ending of the game, except that Laharl succeeds in killing Lamington, who would've brought Flonne back to life had he been spared. Like the normal ending, the anime ends with Laharl returning to the castle as a Prinny.

In Disgaea 2, Laharl makes a brief appearance, attempting to force Etna to come back to his castle. Part of this reason, as seen in the optional battle against him, comes from the lack of Prinnies to cook for him, forcing him to eat mainly junk food. Though he is initially successful in defeating her and the main characters, the power of Overlord Zenon forces Laharl to flee. He also tries to make himself the main character of Disgaea 2 in the optional battles, but not only is he defeated, when given the chance to become a main character for over a minute, he is beaten up by Flonne and Etna. When completing the final mission, Laharl joins after tasting Hanako's cooking since he is unable to make her his chef.

In Disgaea 3, Laharl appears before Mao, who Laharl assumes to be the legendary Overlord who stole his height as well as his screen time in Disgaea 3. Mao, however, believes that Laharl is the legendary Overlord and the two fight, claiming that the loser will be considered the legendary Overlord. They appear evenly matched until Almaz makes them realize that no matter how much they want to make each other the legendary Overlord, they won't get their stuff back, ending the fight. Laharl, along with Etna and Flonne, joins the party and reveals to Mao that the legendary Overlord they have all been looking for is Baal.

In one of Disgaea 3's alternate endings, Laharl suddenly appears before Mao after he defeated Aurum, claiming to be his father. Mao does not believe him at all, despite Laharl's supposed shock in Mao becoming a "loudmouthed punk". Mao then fights Laharl in an attempt to expose him as a fake, but soon begins to believe that Laharl is his father. However, Laharl reveals that he really wasn't his father after all, just an Overlord passing by who wanted nothing more than to get some screen time and take over the game.

In Disgaea 4, Laharl appears within the game's post-story, having been brought to Valvatorez's Netherworld against his will due to the power of Asagi. As such, he has been appointed President by Asagi, which seems to get on Axel's nerves. When he appears, he is having an argument with Etna, who was also transported transdimensionally against her will, and she is blaming him as the cause of an unknown "worldwide phenomenon" and taking away her beautiful body. When he hears about Valvatorez being the new main character, he states that he shall always be the main character, and challenges Valvatorez. After his defeat, he joins the party in his quest to eventually redeem his title as main character. He also appears when they confront Asagi, stating that the name sounds "familiar".

In Disgaea Infinite, Laharl is the victim of an attempted assanation attempt by an unknown character. When Prinny travels to the past, Laharl is looking for a package that contains the Super Rare Pudding, a dessert that, by which the name makes obvious, is super rare, and Etna secretly ordered a cup of the pudding from Amazombie behind his back, so he goes off to find it and eat it before Etna does. However, when he does find Flonne and Etna, they do not have the pudding (rather, Raspberyl (who hails from Disgaea 3) and Jennifer have the pudding, at which point they eat it), but the three find a pudding cup shaped object in Laharl's bedroom. If Prinny is not possessing Laharl at the time he receives the object, Laharl, believing the item is the pudding, ingests the object, which is actually a fuel pack that Jennifer should have received. Laharl subsequently explodes and dies, which leads Prinny to the past to find out who gave Laharl the fuel supply.

Aside from the Disgaea games, Laharl makes appearances in other Nippon Ichi games. In Phantom Brave, Laharl is trapped in a Bottlemail and after meeting the main characters Ash and Marona, he constantly tries to make them his vassals by defeating them. In Makai Kingdom, he is brought before Overlord Zetta after Etna and Flonne were defeated by him, and tries to show Zetta that he is the superior Overlord. He makes a brief cameo appearance in Soul Nomad, albeit off-screen. In the demon path, should the main character choose to call himself the Overlord over the Devourlord ("Eh, Overlord is fine I guess."), Laharl scolds him/her for taking such a title lightly.

He also appears in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? in his Prinny form as a boss. The exact details concerning his transformation are unknown. In his Prinny form, his signature hairstyle has become antennas on his head, and he significantly lacks the word "dood" in his dialogue. He's the first boss Prinny encounters when the Martial Tower is completed. He claims to have become more powerful, despite becoming a Prinny. His moves consist of the Hip Pound that the player uses, as well as a meteor-crash style move. However, like most Prinnies, Prinny Laharl can be picked up and thrown once stunned, effectively and instantly defeating him, even though he also sports the red scarf that supposedly protects a Prinny from instantly exploding. In the end, he ends up complaining about how he "earned" the pudding cup he stole from Etna. She then finds him and forces Laharl to return to her castle. Through the entire span of his screen time, Prinny fails to recognize him as Laharl.

Laharl makes another appearance in "Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!". When you unlock Laharl's House, an event involving Laharl appears. He is currently stuck inside a dome, later revealed to be a trap set by the Prinny Squad. He busts out, and when approached by Prinny and the Prinny Squad, he challenges them to a fight. After losing, he claims that the dome was his "vacation home", and the battle was just a test to see if they're worthy of his help. Prinny Laharl then becomes playable for a specific stage, so long as you pay him in sweets.

In addition, Laharl is the only character to have canonically defeated Baal (he makes this statement in Disgaea 3 after meeting up with Mao) and also the only character whose reasons for killing Baal is purely personal (Baal was the cause of his father's death). In Makai Kingdom, Etna and Flonne also state that Laharl has avenged King Krichevskoy, and that he would be pleased after Laharl defeats Baal, further strengthening the fact that their quest for Baal was fueled by personal vengeance.


  • Japanese voice actor: Tomoe Hanba
  • U.S. voice actor: Amanda Winn Lee (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness), Michelle Ruff (Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, and all other subsequent media involving Etna)

Etna is the leader of the Prinny squad, and one of the few vassals who remain in the Overlord's Castle after King Krichevskoy's death. In the beginning, she attempts to wake up Laharl through 'unique' methods (most of which involved guns). From then on, Etna becomes Laharl's closest vassal, though not necessarily most trustworthy vassal, aiding him in his rise to power. She is the only vassal from Laharl's original servants who goes out on the battlefield for him.

Etna often acts carefree and tends to be rather snarky towards Laharl and Flonne, but is also very devious and underhanded. Often it is hard to tell for whom she really is working. She holds deep respect and loyalty towards King Krichevskoy, Laharl's father. When it comes to her Prinnies, however, she tends to be rather abusive towards them, especially in later games. Etna is often known for ending an episode with a preview of the next episode, all of which have her in the starring role. Often these previews parody famous TV shows, anime, or video games with the other characters making side comments. These previews tend to be silly and rarely have anything to do with the next episode.

In both the Normal and Bad Endings, Laharl gives up his position as Overlord to Etna before either killing himself or running away. As the anime follows the Normal Ending, she becomes the Overlord by the end of the anime. In the Good Ending, however, she continues to serve under Laharl.

In the PSP and DS ports of Disgaea, there is an alternate mode in the game called Etna Mode. In this mode, rather than awakening Laharl, Etna accidentally kills him and sets out to reclaim her memories while tricking the Netherworld into believing that Laharl is alive by attaching an antenna on a Prinny's head, claiming it to be the demon prince. The alternate mode delves into Etna's past as a commoner prior to being taken in by Krichevskoy. As a commoner, she was often shunned by most noble demons, though a dog-like demon often kept her company as a sort of pet. The pet is later killed by noble demons at which point Krichevskoy helps the young Etna bury it and offers to take her in, stating that commoners should not bear harsh treatment due to any differences. The scenes between her and Krichevskoy cements her devotion to the King and backs up much of the diary entries found in the main story. Etna Mode also hints at the relationship between Laharl and her: while she does not respect Laharl as an overlord (or even royalty, for that matter), it seems like she has developed a degree of fondness for the boy as she was seen in the Stellar graveyard shedding tears over her involvement in his 'death'. She also seems to be slowly developing a strong loyalty to him, after quitting on him and returning to serve under him in the end.

In Disgaea 2 Etna quits her position as Laharl's vassal after a fight with Laharl over pudding (which is supposedly a rare delicacy from the Sea of Gehenna) and becomes a Demon Lord, taking the Prinny Squad with her. She then travels to Veldime, hoping to eliminate Overlord Zenon, the God of All Overlords, and runs into Adell and his party in the process. In Episode 9, she gives Adell a fake 'Demon Lord's Nail' and is accidentally summoned by his mother. The failed summon drops her back to level one (prior to this she was level one thousand), and in order to regain her former power she deigns to join up with the player's party. At the end of the game, she, along with Hanako, returns to the Overlord's Castle as Laharl's vassal once again.

This situation also occurs in one of the numerous endings of Disgaea: Infinite, where Etna, under the influence of the main character Prinny, allows Laharl to steal/take the Super Rare Pudding. He promptly eats it, to which he exclaims that the pudding is extremely delicious. It ends up that Etna recovers and gets into a fight with Laharl over eating the Super Rare Pudding in front of her face. The ending states that the result of this fight was that Etna quit her job and left Laharl's castle, to which the Prinny states that the time during her unemployment is "a completely different story", supported by a screenshot of Disgaea 2.

In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, Etna appears alongside Laharl and Flonne and assumes the legendary Overlord they are looking for is Mao, while Mao and his party believe that Laharl is the legendary Overlord. After the battle, she tries to push Laharl to defeat Mao as the two are evenly matched until Almaz makes them realize that neither of them are the legendary Overlord. After the battle, Etna joins the party. Like many of the characters, she has lost something to the legendary Overlord: her one billion Hell savings account.

In an alternate battle, when Laharl appears before Mao, claiming to be his father, Etna tries to convince Mao that she is his mother, speaking in a motherly tone. However, when Flonne starts claiming she's his mother, the two begin to argue over who the mother should be. Her description of Laharl's selfishness makes it clear that she still doesn't forgive him for eating her pudding and that he still eats her sweets without permission. However, in the end, Laharl reveals that they really weren't his parents after all, just an Overlord and his vassals passing by.

In Disgaea 4, Etna appears during the post-game as the third President to replace Axel. Though she and Flonne both come from the same game (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness), only Etna comes from another Netherworld, while Archangel Flonne comes from Celestia. Since appointed President, she has brainwashed everyone into making desserts for her and praising her body. However, when Valvatorez presents, she knocks the dessert into Axel's face, which releases the spell. After Fuka mildly insults her, she challenges them to battle. Afterwards, she accepts defeat, but quickly gets into an argument with Flonne over who's chest is flatter. In short, the majority of the post-battle conversation is about breast size. Regardless, Etna joins Valvatorez because she believes this "abnormal phenomenon" replaced her nice body, and she wants it back.

In Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, she sends off her Prinny Squad to get her the Ultra Dessert. She gives her Prinnies a special red scarf in order to prevent them from accidentally exploding. She can also be fought in an extra battle when the Prinnies decide to revolt. However, she does not actually engage them in battle, but has Pringer X, small Prinny robots that hover and shoot lasers, fight them while sitting on top of a throne carried by four Prinnies. Occasionally, she will call either Flonne, Aramis, or Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday when Pringer X is defeated.

In Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!, Etna somehow gets her underwear stolen, so she sends the 1000 Prinny Squad to find and retrieve her underwear within a given time period. She also threatens that if her underwear is not found on time, she'll turn the Prinny Squad into her underwear.

Etna also appears in both Makai Kingdom & Phantom Brave as an extra boss. In Phantom Brave, she is the reason why Laharl was sent to Ivoire in a bottlemail. Upon hearing that Laharl had been defeated by Ash and Marona, she and Flonne battle them, but fails to defeat them. She and Flonne later return alongside Laharl to fight them again. In Makai Kingdom, she introduces herself to Zetta in a next episode skit and then returns to fight alongside Laharl when she is defeated. She also appears as one of two Nippon Ichi characters in the game Cross Edge (The other being one of her Prinnies).


Flonne is an Angel Trainee who hails from the land of Celestia, where the Angels reside, sent on a mission to the Netherworld by Seraph Lamington to assassinate Overlord Krichevskoy. Some time after her arrival, however, she comes to find that King Krichevskoy has been dead for over two years. Upon learning about the Overlord's death, Flonne stays with Laharl in order to learn whether or not demons are truly as evil as her fellow Celestians claim them to be.

Flonne is the most innocent and naive of the three main characters in Disgaea, with traits of both an otaku and a ditz. She especially loves the tokusatsu genre, and has a crudely made costume that resembles a purple winged Godzilla, which is referenced in one of Etna's Next Episode previews and is used in later games as part of her attacks. She is deeply devoted to both Seraph Lamington and to the concept of "love" and wishes to spread the latter to others, earning the title "Love Freak" from Laharl. She, perturbed by Laharl's rejection of everything to do with love, decides to change her mission to follow him and observe if demons truly are incapable of it.

In the good ending of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, she becomes a Fallen Angel and retains this form in all of her future appearances. In some of the other endings, she is supposedly dead as Lamington, who is killed by Laharl in these endings, is the only person who can bring her back to life. In the anime, she is also brought back to life, but through Laharl's sacrifice. As a Fallen Angel, Flonne's personality does not go through any significant change, but she's much more open about using violence than she was as an Angel Trainee.

In the PSP version's Etna mode, Flonne believes that Etna is a great Space Detective and strives to be her assistant. She is later tricked by "God" to kill Etna, only to later realize that "God" was actually Vulcanus. However, she succeeds in getting Etna to embrace her guilt and pain of accidentally killing Laharl, and asks that Etna offer a prayer to Laharl for his peace and eternal rest.

In Disgaea 2, although she has no part in the main storyline, Flonne becomes playable in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories after completing the optional mission "I want to fight an Overlord!" She, alongside Laharl, attempts to regain her spot as main character, although the offer of joining the current main cast is just as tempting. Upon defeat, Flonne decides to stay with Etna in Veldime and later tries to get Laharl and Etna to end their fight with mixed results.

In Disgaea 3, Flonne appears alongside Laharl and Etna when they confront Mao, who they believe is the legendary Overlord. Mao and the others, however, believe that Laharl is the legendary Overlord instead, and a battle ensues. After the battle, she tries to encourage Laharl as he and Mao were evenly matched until Almaz stops the battle. Like many of the other characters, Flonne lost something to the legendary Overlord: Her Effort Ninja Gorillian Commemorative DVD box set. She then joins the party afterward as they face the true legendary Overlord, Baal.

In an alternate battle, while Laharl and Etna are trying to convince Mao that Laharl is his father, Flonne appears before Mao, claiming to be his mother. However, Etna had already been trying to convince that she's Mao mother and the two argue over who the mother should be. Even after being defeated and revealing that Laharl had been lying about him being Mao's father, Flonne still insists that she is the mother. The game ends shortly afterward.

In Disgaea 4, Flonne appears during the post-story, and is the first President to replace Axel. Since her appointment as President, she has been brainwashing various demons around the Netherworld to spread love and peace, including Fuka and Desco, who come to their senses after running into Axel. She doesn't have any clue as to why or how she was appointed President, but all she wants to do is spread love, so Valvatorez engages her in combat to stop her. Afterwards, she joins Valvatorez on his permission to find and stop the "abnormal phenomenon".

Flonne appears as a hidden boss in both Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom. In Phantom Brave, she meets Ash and Marona alongside Etna in the Overlord's Castle. Although she is initially against fighting the two, Etna bribes her with a Prism Rangers DVD boxset. She also fights them again alongside Laharl and Etna. In Makai Kingdom, Flonne challenges Zetta, claiming to be a hero of love. In a downloadable stage in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Flonne tries to find a way to return Laharl to his normal form only to be side-tracked by a limited edition Hopper Jr. pogo stick on sale. She then confronts the player's Prinny and accuses him of disposing of her Prism Ranger V Blu-ray despite the Prinny's denial. However, it is revealed that she was hypnotized into thinking the Prinny stole it by none other than Etna.

Flonne appears in another game developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory and Gust Corporation, Trinity Universe. She is known as Universal Witch Girl, Galaxy Flonne. She is a witch girl dedicated on filling the universe with love and justice on her beloved spaceship, The Mk. III. Said spaceship was stolen by Etna but got lost in "the empty void of space" or as Etna calls it and she now pursues her. Upon meeting Rizelea's team however, she decides to help them with their goal as she believes that if she continues to accompany them, her precious spaceship will come drifting back to her.

Other characters

Vyers (Dark Adonis/Mid Boss)

Japanese Voice Actor: Chihiro Suzuki
U.S. Voice Actor: Grant George

It is unknown where he came from, but the demon known as Vyers was the recent leader in the battle for the throne until Laharl awakened from his slumber. Vyers often refers to himself as the Dark Adonis (Beauty Baron in the Japanese versions); however, Laharl, deeming Vyers unworthy of any real title, brands him with the name 'Mid Boss', which sticks for the rest of the game.

Speaking in a cultured tone seasoned with French (though it is revealed later that this accent is fake), Vyers is very conceited and confident in his own abilities. However, whenever he is about to lose, he either comes up with an excuse (such as stomach cramps) or leaves battle wrapped in bandages. Because he lost to Laharl, Vyers sees Laharl as a rival even though Laharl doesn't even see anything in Vyers. Oddly enough, he isn't above helping his rivals either.

Vyers becomes a very mysterious character towards the end of the game. He somehow enters Celestia without the angels stopping him, and later reappears after the battle with Lammington and displays awareness of everything Lammington was planning. When Laharl asks Vyers how Vyers knows what he does, he doesn't explain.

Vyers is also something of an actor. Even for the player it is usually hard to tell when he's playing a role and when he's being himself. There's a great deal more to him than meets the eye, as it is eventually heavily implied that Vyers is in fact Laharl's father. He is also good at heart, as proved when he held Flonne's necklace, which harms the wicked, with impunity.

In Disgaea 2, the player faces Dark Adonis Vyers as a Hidden Boss in the Sub-Chapter called I want to see the Ending. Rozalin assumes that he's the final boss, but Adell retorts that Vyers is better suited as a 'Mid Boss', which enrages him. When defeated, he dismisses his loss as a fluke and treats the player to their promised "ending" (which is nothing more than the credit reel with artwork of Vyers in the background).

On April 30, 2009, Mid Boss became a downloadable character in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice along with the scarf-wearing Prinny from Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, Pleinair (Through Survival Attack), and the Dragon monster-type class. Mid Boss, like most of the downloadable characters, appears before Mao in response to the Evil Academy's search for potential teachers. Initially, he is regarded as a mid-boss type character, which easily upsets him as it reminds him of the name Laharl gave him in the first game. However, upon defeating Mid Boss, Mao realizes that Mid Boss was more powerful than he seemed and was actually holding back. Mid Boss then reveals that he was requested by Mao's father to watch over him. Because of this, Mao decides to let Mid Boss become a teacher while Mid Boss says to himself that he will watch over Mao's progression as the Dean of Evil Academy just as he did with Laharl.

He appears in Phantom Brave along with the three main Characters of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness as Hidden Bosses and is playable should the player beat him.

King Krichevskoy

The Father of Laharl and the Overlord of the Netherworld. While Laharl was trapped within his two year sleep, King Krichevskoy was believed to have died after choking on a "Black Pretzel" (or Dumpling of the Damned according to the anime). Etna's diary reveals, however, that King Krichevskoy died after sealing away Baal.

He fell in love with a human woman, who he later married. The woman gave birth to Laharl, but she would sacrifice her life to save him from an incurable disease. One day two years before the start of the game, King Krichevskoy asked Laharl if he loved him as a father, as Laharl didn't seem to love him at all, to which Laharl replied that he absolutely loathed him.

It is implied throughout the game that Vyers is King Krichevskoy in disguise, or more precisely, King Krichevskoy's reincarnation. This is confirmed in The World of Disgaea, a Disgaea artbook published by Broccoli Books.[1]

Aside from the flightiness and narcissism that he displays as Vyers, little is revealed about him in the games. He is a noble and kind Overlord according to the entries in Etna's Diary, and a very emotional Overlord according to the six vassals he had left behind, apparently causing several "unnatural disasters" when he was either overjoyed or depressed. The PSP version's Etna Mode reveals that he is also concerned about the state of the Netherworld and, like Seraph Lamington, the discrimination between demons and angels as well as the noble and common people. He wishes to create a world of equality, which young Etna finds a little strange for a demon Overlord. Both the anime and manga versions of Krichevskoy seems to reflect that with a few differences. In the anime, he is more fond of Laharl and appears to have had more of an impact on Laharl's life as Laharl has more than one flashback of him. In the manga, he acts just as eccentric as Vyers and was very popular with demons to the point where he had groupies. Laharl appeared to really hate Krichevskoy in the manga because he was always overshadowed by his father and he was often annoyed by his eccentric personality. it is also laharls father

Big Sis Prinny

Japanese Voice Actor: Kaori Mizuhashi
U.S. Voice Actor Paula Tiso

This prinny is a sort of mother-figure to the other prinnies, set apart from the others by her pink color and the absence of the word 'dood' when she normally speaks. At a later point in Disgaea, she is revealed to be Laharl's mother, who was turned into a Prinny for the highest sin—giving up her own life.

There is not much known about Laharl's mother, but like Flonne, she was an eccentric human who felt that demons could love and tried to force this ideal upon Laharl, often punishing him when he misbehaved. According to Etna's diary, Krichevskoy loved her very much, but this made Etna very jealous, causing her to secretly hate both Laharl and his mother. However, when Laharl contracted a mysterious disease, his mother sacrificed her life to save him. This act, however, became his reason for hating love so much.

Captain Gordon

Japanese Voice Actor: Nobuo Tobita
U.S. Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie

The 37th among a long line of heroes, Captain Gordon is sent to the Netherworld under orders from the Earth Defense Force to defeat the Overlord of the Netherworld and to prevent a possible invasion. Along with his sidekick Jennifer and the All-Purpose Robot Thursday, Gordon rushes headlong into the Netherworld to protect the Earth once again.

Gordon has a great sense of justice, but is dim-witted (Etna once remarks that he looks "About as smart as a rock"). He is also blind to the true intentions of others, and never realizes when he's being tricked until it's too late. However, his sense of justice constantly motivates him even in the darkest hours. Gordon is a parody of space heroes (most notably Flash Gordon).

He returns in Disgaea 2 when Kurtis is having trouble with the Kurtis clones. He and Kurtis join the battle as neutral allies. When the Kurtis clones are defeated, Gordon thanks Adell and Rozalin for helping Kurtis and bestows them with the Defender of Earth ID Card.

He later returns in Disgaea 3, although as a downloadable character alongside Jennifer, Thursday, and Aramis on October 2008 in Japan.


Japanese Voice Actor: Chiwa Saito
U.S. Voice Actor: Paula Tiso

With every hero comes a sidekick that makes up for the hero's flaws. Jennifer fulfills the role as Captain Gordon's beautiful sidekick. She accompanies Gordon on his mission to defeat the Overlord and prevent his alleged invasion of Earth.

Jennifer is a rather sexy woman (much to Laharl's dismay) and often jokes around in a very flirtatious manner. In the anime, her breasts would often bounce whenever Laharl would take notice. She was also afraid of the Netherworld once, thinking that demons were nothing but monsters that would hurt innocent people, especially women and children, until she saw the child-like appearances of Laharl and Etna. After spending some time in the Netherworld with Laharl and Etna, she came to the conclusions that the demons were not as different as humans, that they too had their own way of life and were not interested in invading the Earth. She also claims to be able to see Laharl's sincerity by simply looking at his eyes (although she teases him as to whether his eyes shone of pure good or pure evil was a mystery to her). It was at this point she started doubting her adoptive father, General Carter's, intentions. Despite her appearance, however, her intelligence and technical knowledge surpasses most scientists. In fact, she was the one who created the All-Purpose Robot Thursday at age five and even earned her Ph. D at age ten. She is also skilled at martial arts, specifically kung fu. Of all the characters in the game, she is the one who supports Gordon the most.

She returns alongside Gordon and Thursday to help Kurtis in Disgaea 2. However, she and Thursday are knocked out, and thus unable to aid Gordon, Kurtis, Adell, and Rozalin.

In Disgaea Infinite, Jennifer receives a package from Mao (from Disgaea 3), and it turns out to be the Super Rare Pudding that Etna and Laharl are looking for, since Mao purposefully switched the contents of the packages he was delivering. As such, Jennifer instead received pudding in place of the space jet fuel pack that Flonne received, who in turn, received the fuel pack instead of the "Prism Rangers" Blu-Ray she ordered. If Prinny prevents Laharl from ingesting the fuel pack earlier, Flonne and Jennifer trade the pudding and the fuel pack. This forces Laharl (who didn't explode due to not ingesting the fuel earlier) to go look for Flonne, who has the pudding.


Japanese Voice Actor: Yurika Ochiai
U.S. Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

Since being built by Jennifer at the age of 5, Thursday the All Purpose Robot has always been by her side. Working together with both her and Gordon, he has become a powerful force on their team. When Gordon is sent out to defeat the Overlord, Thursday willingly joins his struggle.

Despite being a robot, Thursday seems to have a heart. Even if he is severely damaged and on the verge breaking down, Thursday continues to fight alongside Gordon and bring about justice. He also seems to be very calm when dealing with various obstacles and can be very sarcastic at times. Thursday usually begins or ends his sentences with 'blip beep'. As he is a robot, he is the only character that cannot transmigrate.

He could be seen as a parody of the Dalek in the Dr Who series, though visually and personality wise he more clearly echoes the "1950/1960s science-fiction robot" stereotype popularized by Lost in Space and Forbidden Planet.

He returns in Disgaea 2 with Gordon and Jennifer, but like Jennifer, he is knocked out and does not participate in the battle.


Japanese Voice Actor: Kousuke Toriumi
U.S. Voice Actor: Game: Jamieson Price, Anime: David Lodge

Is another human from Earth who works under General Carter and the Earth Defense Force like Gordon. However, he views himself as more worthy of the title of Defender of Earth than Gordon. Although it may be coincidence, he has facial features(most notably his pointed nose based on the Cyborg 002 Design)in common with Don Joaquin, the original defender of earth, suggesting a sort of ancestral pride that may fuel his desire to be the defender.

Kurtis suffered a traumatic experience, in which a group of terrorists destroyed the building where he and his family were in. The incidient cost him over 70% of his body in addition to his wife and daughter. Because of this, Kurtis became a cyborg and began to resent Gordon, taking several of his missions. Kurtis is also a brilliant scientist, whose intelligence and technical knowledge rival Jennifer's. However, Kurtis conducts much more fearful research in comparison to hers. He also tends to be rather sarcastic, especially to Gordon.

Kurtis becomes a prinny after sacrificing himself (despite Laharl making a very open, vocal order directed at Death to let him go on to his family instead). As a prinny, he becomes green to match his previous hair color, and stores some of his old cyber parts in his pouch, allowing him to use most of his abilities. His face shows more emotion than a regular prinny. His eyes are given an angry expression while his beak is slightly longer, possibly a reference to his point nose in his human form. At the end of Disgaea, he was shown to pass on at the Red Moon, but in Disgaea 2, he was shown to still be acting out his duties as a defender of Earth in his prinny form. Prinny Kurtis is also seen in a poster at the end of the Disgaea anime, but his color is the same as normal Prinny. Instead, he retains the spiky hair he had as a human.

Kurtis makes a reappearance in Disgaea 2, this time in his Prinny incarnation as the 38th Defender of Earth. He will come to the aid of those who call him on his Cell Phone, although he will make a remark about relying on one's self instead of him. Repeatedly calling him opens up two optional stages. He also becomes a playable character in the Land of Carnage after you get all 16 Pirate Maps in Item World.

When the Earth Defense Force Base was destroyed and the real Kurtis died, the last computer obtained some DNA that belonged to Kurtis that was then used to create three clones of himself, though with different hair color. The hair colors that the Clones of Kurtis have are Blue, Brown and Light green. Each clone had an evil, crimson left eye. All the clones also talk in a fashion similar to William Shatner, though this is present only in the English audio; The Japanese audio, and original Japanese version, lacked audio for the scenes involving the Kurtis clones.

In Disgaea 4, Prinny Kurtis appears during the post-story. He appears to be very popular with the other Prinnies, who call him a hero. He noticeably also lacks the word "dood" in his dialogue just like Big Sis Prinny and Prinny Laharl, but Valvatorez attempts to fix this. He agrees to Valvatorez's terms if they can defeat him. After Valvatorez wins, he forces Prinny Kurtis to say "dood" at the end of every line, which Fuka seems to find cute.

Seraph Lamington

Japanese Voice Actor: Majima Junji
U.S. Voice Actor: Jamieson Price

Seraph Lamington is the leader of Celestia, the world of the angels and the final boss of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. He seems to be the polar opposite of Overlord Laharl as he acts much more mature and calm. He never raises his voice, and never harbors any vindictive thoughts or emotions, accepting yelling and threats stoically.

While others think that his somewhat emotionless attitude makes him oblivious to his surroundings, Lamington is far from it. Even if one is performing dastardly deeds, he is well aware of it and allows fate to hand over punishments. As the most powerful angel in Celestia, Seraph Lamington has many unique powers, one of which allows him to turn even the most powerful beings into a harmless flower.

In the Disgaea manga, Lamington is a lot more laid back and is somewhat more immature. When he appears, he is usually in the middle of doing normal tasks like baking cakes and eating them. He, like the main characters, also mistakes Vulcanus' mustache for nose hair.

In the anime, which is meant to be a sort of combination between both the good and bad endings of the original Disgaea, Lamington survives, as Laharl stays his blade and rage moments before dealing the deathblow. There are also hints in the anime that Lamington is using Vulcanus, especially at the end of episode 10 where he complements him on a 'job well done'.


Japanese Voice Actor: Hironori Miyata
English Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

Unlike Flonne, Vulcanus is a full-fledged angel of Celestia (whereas Flonne is a trainee), and exceedingly higher in rank. He is an archangel, who serves Seraph Lamington as the second-in-command. However, unlike Flonne and Lamington, his ideals and methods are much more extreme. His hot temper contrasts Lamington's stoic nature, often calling Lamington's name and scolding him for letting things go. He holds demons in contempt and believes that humans are too stupid to live without the guidance of angels. He believes that angels are the only source of good as opposed to Flonne's ideals that every being has love in their hearts. Despite being an angel, Vulcanus isn't above getting dirty. In fact, Vulcanus can and will go to the level of demons and lie, cheat, and eliminate anything (demon or not) that may interfere with his goals. In the end, he confronts Lamington, and his deceptions are revealed. He is transformed into a flower as punishment for his sins (he is later seen in the credits taking lessons about love from Flonne which implies he was changed back.) In the anime, his punishment is to be turned into a frog for 1000 years.

In the manga, when Vulcanus learns that Lamington's views on demons differ from his, Vulcanus gathers several angels and stages a revolt. The angels on Lamington's side alongside Laharl face Vulcanus and the battle ends with Flonne dropping a rock on his head. Most of the other characters tend to mistake his mustache for nose hair.

In the PSP version's Etna Mode, Vulcanus poses as "God" and tricks Flonne into trying to kill Etna. He also tried to use Maderas to kill both Etna and Flonne and when he failed, Vulcanus kills Maderas and proceeds to battle with Etna and Flonne. After the battle, Vulcanus is teleported away by Lamington and, according to Mid Boss, will be punished for his actions.

In Disgaea 3 he appears in Raspberyl mode in the form of a Alurane, though it never explains why he does not appear in the cutscene before battle or after the battle.

In Disgaea 4, a female who claims to be Vulcanus joins Valvatorez, the main character. She is commonly known as the Thief Angel, due to the fact that she steals money and valuables from Netherworld residents. Her true title is the Angel of Avarice.

Minor characters


Hoggmeiser is the former vassal of the late King Krichevskoy. Upon Krichevskoy's death, Hoggmeiser stole huge amounts of treasure from the Overlord's castle, and built his own mansion with that fortune. Laharl and his group meet Hoggmeiser when Laharl decides to rob "the richest demon around." After numerous battles in Hoggmeiser's mansion, Hoggmeiser's son, Porkmeister, puts himself between Laharl and Hoggmeiser. Laharl decides not to kill Hoggmeiser, and, touched by Laharl's kindness, Hoggmeiser joins his group without the player's consent. Note that prior to the release of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Porkmeister was simply known as Hoggmeiser's son and is only given a name when he appeared in Afternoon of Darkness' Etna mode.

In an alternative situation, if the player had killed fifty allies before beating the Lavish Hall in Episode 3, Laharl will be able to choose to kill Hoggmeiser. If he chooses not to, the typical sequence with Hoggmeiser's son is initiated. If he does choose to kill Hoggmeiser, Flonne then attempts to stop Laharl, and the game ends, with it heavily implied that Laharl killed Flonne; however, in the Disgaea artbook by Broccoli Books, it's stated that Flonne had defeated Laharl with her "burning flame of justice".

Hoggmeiser is mentioned in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, as he has his own financial firm. The player may receive a small HL increase if Hoggmeiser is called on his Cell Phone.

In the anime, his son hates his father for being so obsessed with money and becoming the Overlord, and leads Laharl and the rest to his castle. When Hoggmeiser is about to be killed, his son tries to protect his father and reveals that he wanted his caring father back. Hoggmeiser apologizes for neglecting his son and Laharl teleports the two somewhere else. In the anime, Hoggmeiser and his son retain their original Japanese names: Zenisuki and Koganesuki.


Originally, Maderas was a vassal for King Krichevskoy, only to be exiled after stealing Krichevskoy's black pretzels. Maderas is one of the many demons competing for the throne. His biggest edge is that he stole Etna's memories, dangling the promise of their return over her head so she would work for him. Using Etna, he arranged Laharl's initial poisoning. After the poison failed, he designed a plan to kill Laharl by exploiting his weaknesses, which involved using his demon henchman to either yell out highly optimistic things, (I.E. Eternal love, world peace,) or bring out Succubi and their attractive bodies. Laharl is susceptible to both, even affecting his strength in-game. This fails, and Maderas is defeated by Laharl later on. After being spared by Etna, Maderas decides to work under her as her vassal.

In an alternative situation, if the player had killed one hundred allies before beating Maderas, Etna can choose to kill him. If she chooses not to, the typical sequence is initiated. If Etna does kill Maderas, Flonne would try to stop Etna, Etna easily distracts Flonne and kills Flonne. Later, she starts to plan to also kill Laharl and becoming the Heroine, after that the game ends with Etna as the "Demon Lord" or "Beauty Queen".

His role in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness' Etna Mode isn't very different from the original story in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. However, toward the end of Etna Mode, he is killed by Vulcanus after being bested by Etna.

The anime changed his personality to make him very effeminate. He also steals only Etna's embarrassing memories to force her into betraying Laharl and Flonne. In addition, unlike the games, he is defeated by Etna instead of Laharl.

General Carter

U.S. Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

General Carter is the adoptive father of Jennifer and the acting leader of Earth. Under the guidance of Archangel Vulcanus, he sends Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday to act as a beacon for the Earth forces to invade the Netherworld for colonization. Despite his good intentions for Earth, Carter is willing to sacrifice many lives to achieve his goals, including the lives of his daughter and the Defender of Earth, both of whom turn on him once they realize his true intention. Vyers also leaves Carter with no doubt that the demons will be monitoring his actions in light of the failed invasion and his underhanded methods in achieving his goals. After the invasion fails, he flees back to Earth. He later is shown to take classes about love from Flonne.

In an alternate situation, Laharl invades Earth as payback against Carter for invading his Netherworld. Carter transforms into "Astro Carter" to battle him and his cohorts. He is then killed by Laharl who proceeds to take over the Earth.


Aramis is a resident child in Laharl's kingdom whom Etna manipulates to make Laharl prove himself worthy of ruling. He owns many pet zombies. His favorite among them is a special combination of many parts, which, inexplicably, instills fear in Laharl (specifically the "horse wiener". It like the other parts Aramis mentions can be stolen from the zombie). After the ordeal, Aramis enters service as Laharl's vassal.

Aramis does not appear again until Disgaea 3 in the form of a downloadable character in October 2008 in Japan and June 25, 2009, although getting him requires the player to go through Class World Command Attack. It is the first game in which Aramis is playable. He also appears in Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, acting as a tutorial manager in the main hub.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories



Japanese Voice Actor: Hikaru Midorikawa
U.S. Voice Actor: Shiloh Strong

The main character of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Adell is the only human left on Veldime, and has been training for years to defeat Zenon and lift the curse. Courageous and determined, Adell dislikes demons and lies, and will never back down from any challenge or resort to dirty tactics as it is not his style. His love for challenging fights is taken to the extreme at times, earning him the name "battle maniac" from Rozalin. He is nice to those he cares about and will never ever break a promise, as it is once again not his style. He initially dislikes women and demons especially due to the way Rozalin treats him, but his attitude changes over the course of the game. Although Adell prefers to solve his problems with his fists, he is in fact quite intelligent, as was proven when Adell solved a Geo Puzzle within seconds that took the Geo Master years to create. However, His parents left him as a child, and in the beginning, he wished only to know more about them (as was revealed when Adell and the gang faced Elenor in the tournament) but later grew to resent them. He never knew that his parents were the Masked Man, Shura, and the Masked Woman, Serion, even though they did tell him that they were being forced to act against their will (when Adell faced them on his way to defeat "Overlord Zenon") and the fact that the Masked Woman had repeatedly helped him throughout his adventures (saying once that she doesn't know why, she just feels that she must). Adell's parents remember Shura and Serions' identity after Adell fights them, and Adell's dad wants to tell Adell after he defeats Zenon.

In the good ending, it is assumed that Adell and Rozalin have truly fallen in love with each other, although the kiss Adell gives her causes Rozalin to react violently in a comedic way. However, should the player receive the worst ending, Adell is forced to kill Rozalin and soon falls prey to the soul of the real Zenon. After the credits roll, it is unknown what happens, but vocal sound effects make it seem as though Adell has been completely taken over by Zenon, and he is either devouring or ripping to shreds Taro and Hanako, uttering "I am a being of solitude".

Adell was not affected by Zenon's curse because the curse feeds off the human conscience. Adell is actually a pure-blooded demon. The Masked Man and Woman are demons, and they are his parents. However, he shows no physical or mental signs of his demon heritage. His ears are never revealed since the humanoid demons of the Disgaea universe have pointed ears. These ears are visible only in the manga, as he is falling through a teleport shaft. He is also stated to be human at many parts of the game, such as when the Fake Zenon mistakenly referred to him as an 'Altered Human', believing him to have been affected by the curse. In several of the extra battles, his demon heritage becomes a running joke. In particular, when he obtains the Demon Lord title from defeating Etna early in the game and the Badass Overlord title from defeating Zetta; Rozalin asks Adell if he truly is human. Adell, of course, angrily denies it, saying he never wanted the title to begin with.

In Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Adell makes a cameo appearance in the DemonHall Mirror stage. Here he fights Laharl twice: once alone and later with Rozalin. In Disgaea DS, he is recruited along with Rozalin after this second battle. He also appears occasionally as a neutral ally in Afternoon of Darkness' multiplayer mode.

As of December 22, 2008, Adell was made available for download on the Playstation Network for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice along with Rozalin and the Nekomata class. After the curse on Veldime was lifted, Adell's family began to focus on farming. Adell was not a good farmer and he needed money to get Rozalin a present. Upon finding a flyer requesting for people to enroll as teachers, Adell takes up the offer, claiming that his talent as a hot-blooded young man makes him qualified to become a teacher. Upon defeating him, Mao rejects him as a teacher since a teacher needs to have the ability to handle multiple demons. However, upon hearing that he might become one if he enrolls into the school as a student, Adell enrolls into Evil Academy. Should the player fight Rozalin afterwards, Adell finds out that she was going to become a teacher to get him a present as well. Even after the events of Disgaea 2, the two deny any sort of relationship with each other.


Japanese Voice Actor: Yukari Tamura
U.S. Voice Actor: Wendee Lee

The one and only daughter of Overlord Zenon. Rozalin was summoned during a failed attempt by Adell's mother to summon Zenon (which when looked back on was actually successful). Due to the summoning contract placed on her, she is unable to leave Adell and must help him find Zenon. Incredibly snobby, Rozalin is unaware of the world around her due to her pampered life, with her books being her sole source of information. Because of this, she has no battle experience and tries (and fails) to get Adell killed indirectly on several occasions. In addition, Adell's strong vow to bring her back to her father begins to make her think differently.

It turns out that she is the real Zenon, who reincarnated into her current form and that her "father" is an imposter seeking revenge on her. It is believed that Rozalin was originally born into the Snow Clan and that the fake Overlord Zenon took her away when he destroyed it. This is supported by Yukimaru's observation of Rozalin's eyes. The Disgaea 2 Artbook supports this as well, with an (unused, presumably) picture of Rozalin's mother in the character section, complete with an adjoining Baby Rozy sketch. The real Overlord Zenon constantly utters the phrase "I am a being of solitude."

Throughout the game, Rozalin claims that the four-leaf clover seal, which differs from the three-leaf clover that marks the cursed humans, is the symbol that marks her bond with her father. However, it is later revealed that the seal actually prevents the real Zenon from awakening and it can be broken by force (Laharl destroys it after the player loses to him) or by her own will (The voice of the real Zenon persuaded her into doing it). However, Adell was able to bring back Rozalin twice throughout the game, once by reminding her of who she is and later by showing her affection. The seal seems to also have a great deal of power as its mere presence causes Prier to flee as well as awaken Baal.

Like Adell, Rozalin makes a cameo appearance in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness in the Demonhall Mirror stage. After defeating Adell the first time, she appears before Laharl and Etna, Etna remarking that she might be upset that they defeated Adell. Adell accompanies her in the battle. Also, she's recruited into the party after this battle in Disgaea DS, along with Adell.

As of December 22, 2008, Rozalin was made available for download on the Playstation Network for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice along with Adell and the Nekomata class. After the curse on Veldime was lifted, Rozalin goes to Evil Academy to apply as a teacher since Veldime does not offer any jobs to her liking. However, her idea of a job has so many ridiculous benefits, such as ridiculously high pay and five day weekends, that Mao and Almaz feel like punching her. While she proves that she could become a competent teacher as she can teach her students how to look down on other demons, she lacked the strength to become one and is thus rejected. Should the player fight Adell prior to the battle with Rozalin, the player finds out that Rozalin, like Adell, tried to become a teacher in order to give Adell present. Not too long afterward, Adell reveals himself before Rozalin as a student. Despite their clear feelings for each other, both of them deny any sort of relationship. Rozalin is then forced by Mao to become a student, and thus becomes playable.


Japanese Voice Actor: Kana Ueda
U.S. Voice Actor: Lara Jill Miller

One of the surviving members of the Snow Clan. Yukimaru is a skilled ninja at the age of twenty, looking to defeat Zenon and avenge the destruction of her clan. While she is skilled, she has little confidence in herself, and may try to commit suicide if she is unable to complete her mission. However, the time she spends with Adell and the rest helps her to become more confident in herself, allowing her to confront her brother Fubuki. Yukimaru ends her sentences with the word 'zam' as a way of storing ki. 'De gozaru' was the original phrase in the Japanese version. The phrase 'de gozaru' is famous for being used by samurai and ronin and also ninja. It is a form of de gozaimasu, showing respect for the person who is talked to.

As of February 12, 2009, Yukimaru became a downloadable character alongside Tink and Priere in Disgaea 3. She, like the previous characters, enter the Evil Academy to become a teacher, claiming that she can teach demons the ways of Bushido. Mao and the rest have differing perceptions on what Bushido is (Mr. Champloo believing it has something to do with Japanese food such as sushi and Almaz believing that it is related to harakiri, or ritual suicide). She is then defeated and joins the Academy, although she still has trouble with Mao's perception of Bushido.


Japanese Voice Actor: Takehito Koyasu
English Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton

Yukimaru's brother. A mysterious ninja bent on defeating Zenon in order to avenge the Snow Clan. A skilled ninja, Fubuki is cold hearted and will do anything to destroy Zenon. He is especially skilled in the art of transformation, being able to transform into a Prinny or even Yukimaru and was responsible for transforming Tink into a frog.

Yukimaru later states that due to Fake Zenon's attack on the Snow Clan, Fubuki was blinded. This is shown in his character art, and he even states it (though it was in the guise of Yukimaru at the Coliseum "Even though my eyes see no light, my heart sees everything.")

Adell's Family


Japanese Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono
English Voice Actor: Wendee Lee

Adell's eleven-year old brother. He and his younger sister Hanako are demons, having been born after their parents were cursed. He has a set of horns, as well as clothing that looks cow-like. He starts to admire Rozalin soon after meeting her, and refers to her as Princess. He is not as confident as the other characters, but he tries to help as much as he can. He is also commonly referred to as Tardo (Taro-chan in Japanese) by his sister, Hanako.

Taro and his sister were born after the 'curse' affected everyone. Because their parents were demons at that time, they were born full-fledged demons and stayed that way even when the curse was lifted. Taro's design is very 'cow-like', which include his horns, his cow print apron or shirt, and his milk-based attacks. While he isn't present after the credits at the end of the game, Hanako is writing to him from the Netherworld.

As of January 29, 2009, Taro was available for download along with Hanako in Disgaea 3. Like his brother, Taro enters Evil Academy to become a teacher. However, he only enters for the sake of free lunch and after being defeated, he still wants to have free lunch as a student. He becomes playable after this.


Japanese Voice Actor: Kaori Mizuhashi
U.S. Voice Actor: Stephanie Sheh

Adell and Taro's younger sister. She is bothersome and very cocky, constantly wishing that Adell would take her with him when he goes out to fight. She has great culinary skill as her cooking tops even the greatest of chefs. She also uses her cooking pot as a weapon. Throughout the adventures she does manage to have with Adell, it is proven that she has a wealth of random knowledge, which she obtained from reading her father's many books. She adores Etna and wants to be a Demon Lord like her one day, but also wishes to be sexier than her.

Like her brother, Hanako was born after the curse affected her parents, meaning she was born as a demon, and does not change to a human when the curse was lifted. This is further accented by the fact that she wants to be a demon lord, and being a human would mean she would have little power. At the end of Disgaea 2 (Good Ending), she became Etna's "Student" and serves Laharl with her.

As of January 29, 2009, Hanako became a downloadable character in Disgaea 3. She is nagged by her Mom to go to attend school, but rather than attend the Academy as a student, she decides to enroll as a teacher since teachers do nothing yet get paid for it despite Mao's protests. After constant protests from Mao, Hanako agrees not to be a teacher. Instead, she chooses to be the dean, again causing Mao to protest. Upon her defeat, Mao tells her that a kid like her should go to the Nether Institute Evil Pre-School instead of the Evil Academy. Hanako, however, manages to join as Pre-school's teacher, much to Mao's surprise.

A future version of Hanako is available as Downloadable content for Dark Hero days. Known here as Demon Lord (or Majin) Hanako she's a Humanoid and is good with guns. She also has her own version of Etna's Sexy Beam and is considered one of the most powerful units in the game by players.

Mom & Dad

Adell, Taro, and Hanako's parents. Zenon's curse branded Mom with a third eye on her forehead, as well as a purple tail. Dad gained some sort of creature on his chest referred to as a "pimple", as well as gray skin, a horn on his head and longer than average arms. (The Disgaea 2 manga describes him as a demon zombie without the stench.) Mom is very caring, though at the same time somewhat demented due to Zenon's curse affecting her mind. She is very skilled at summoning, though her recent attempt at a summoning failed to summon Zenon (although in hindsight, it *did* work due to Rozalin being Zenon reborn). She is a very talented summoner, but because of Zenon's curse, no one knows why she has this ability. Dad is more pitiful in his new condition, but still very friendly and worries about everyone despite knowing that everyone but Adell is a demon.

After the curse gets stronger in Chapter 9, while Adell and the others are out to find Etna, Dad's pimple begins to talk (in the first volume of the Disgaea 2 manga, it seems to be able to speak on its own) but it always speaks in lecherous terms (stating that it wanted to grow between the breasts of a swimsuit model), and after the curse gets even stronger, Dad's soul switches with his own pimple. After this switch, Dad (which is controlled by the pimple) continues its dirty remarks, saying things such as "I love boobies!", which, as it is, Mom doesn't mind this switch.


Japanese Voice Actor: Chihiro Suzuki
U.S. Voice Actor: Dave Wittenberg

A servant of Overlord Zenon and a childhood friend of Rozalin. After a mysterious person (Fubuki) attacked Zenon's Castle, he was transformed into a frog. Tink has two forms. In his normal blue form, he is usually very polite, yet very cowardly. On occasion, he will transform into his red form. In this form, he is lecherous and rude, known for causing trouble wherever he goes. In order for him to revert to his blue form, one must chant the words Drak-Tink-Mahalak.

During battle, Tink has the ability to switch between his two forms at will using his Special Abilities. At the end of the game, Tink's true form is shown in an image during the credits.

As of February 12, 2009, Tink became a downloadable character along with Priere and Yukimaru. Tink, in his red form, joins the Evil Academy in order to be the teacher of an all-girls school. Upon realizing that there are actually boys in the school, he goes into a rant about his dream to become surrounded by female students, earning him an uppercut from Mr. Champloo. Upon his defeat, the characters ponder what they should do with him as he lay unconscious (Sapphire wants him simply disposed of, Champloo wants to cook him, and Mao wants to dissect and modify him). However, Raspberyl believed that a bad apple such as Tink needed a serious education and forced Mao to have him enroll as a student, although Mao only accepts him under the condition that Tink pay a higher tuition fee.

Shura & Serion

Zenon's servants. Nothing is known about them except that they are obedient to Zenon. After hearing that Rozalin disappeared, Zenon sends them out to find her and eliminate those who caused her disappearance. It's fairly rare that one is seen without the other, though the Masked Man is usually noted as being Zenon's right hand demon, being the one who gives Zenon the report that Rozalin went missing and other amounts of information.

The masked woman first encounters the group in Chapter 5, attempting to instruct Rozalin to return to her mansion. She later appears in Chapter 6, promising Rozalin that she won't tell Zenon about her appearance at the Battle Arena. Her next appearance is at the ends of Chapter 7 and 8, giving the whereabouts of Zenon and urging the group to escape while Zenon is battling Etna respectively. She begins to question their role during Chapter 9 onward after having met Adell.

They both appear near the end of Chapter 12, where they urge Adell to defeat them in order to remove the seal that keeps their memories suppressed. The Masked Man is immune to physical attacks, while the Masked Woman has immunity to magic.

Shura & Serion are their true names and they are Adell's real parents. Shura (Masked Man) explains that they were demons from another netherworld who escaped to Veldime in order to escape a power war. Even though the humans of Veldime knew they were demons, Shura and Serion were welcomed in, and they swore to live as humans and help defend the people of Holt Village. When the Fake Zenon came to invade Veldime, they entrusted everything they had (their son, Adell) to their best friends (Mom and Dad) before transforming into demons to face the Fake Zenon. Despite their attempt, they were defeated and placed under his seal, becoming his servants.

Other characters


Japanese Voice Actor: Nobuyuki Hiyama
U.S. Voice Actor: Grant George

A demon who prides himself over once being popular. Axel was once a famous demon action hero and rock star known by many as the Dark Hero, a mastermind of evil. He is now a reporter for a travel show called Tripping with Axel. Despite this new role, Axel will occasionally try to add action scenes to the show, much to the director's dismay. However, after being defeated by Adell, he is proclaimed dead. Both he and the director spend half the game trying to prove that he is alive and can become popular once again. After he reveals Overlord Zenon's existence following the coliseum tournament's end, he is given a job as a newscaster on Usagi-san and Plenair's news program. However, his director claims he lost the "soul of the Dark Hero" during his brief stint as a newscaster, doing things that could be considered honorable, such as holding charity concerts. He realizes this at the last moment, and holds off the multitude of overlords from other dimensions seeking to defeat Overlord Zenon while Adell and his group fight Overlord Zenon. He claims that Overlord Zenon was all a hoax after Overlord Zenon is defeated, and shortly becomes very popular again (Although he is supposedly punished for it according to the news program).

The original romanization of his name is Akutare. The name of Axel's band, however, is Akutare according to the North American localization. Whenever Axel is summoned into battle via cell phone (and occasionally in stages where he is the boss or part of the storyline) the background music changes to his theme, a song called "White Tiger."

In Disgaea 3, Axel appears to be acting out a detective show when he is confronted by Mao and the others. He claims to have had his stardom stolen and quickly places the blame on Mao. After being defeated, he forces himself into Mao's party and is present during the final battle with Baal.

In Disgaea 4, Axel is known as the boss to Valvatorez, the current main character. He still considers himself to be famous, though in the Netherworld in Disgaea 4, he's nowhere near famous at all. However, he does have the title of Netherworld President, which is eventually repeatedly stolen from him by other Disgaea characters who were transported to that specific Netherworld by Asagi.


Overlord Zenon

Japanese Voice Actor: Norio Wakamoto
U.S. Voice Actor: Lex Lang

Disgaea 2's main antagonist, feared as the God of All Overlords who single-handedly defeated 99 rival Overlords in one day and has been known to have killed over 1000 all together. Due to the numerous enemies looking to kill him, Zenon constantly hides himself. An Overlord known for his cruelty, Zenon is responsible for the curse on Veldime that turned its inhabitants into demons and the destruction of the Snow Clan. Rozalin, his daughter, is constantly spoiled by him as he showers her with gifts.

Towards the end of the game, he is revealed to be an impostor and that the curse he placed on Veldime is what gives him his power. The stronger the curse he places on the humans, the greater his power becomes, but at the cost of the humans becoming savage. The real Overlord Zenon is Rozalin, whom he has been seeking revenge upon.

Minor characters

The Director

The Director of Axel's show. He goes wherever Axel goes, following him everywhere. Bears a resemblance to Steven Spielberg. Like a stereotypical Hollywood director, he sometimes addresses Axel as "Axel darling."

Axel's Family

A family of 6 people who live in Axel's home world. The family includes his mother, four little brothers and sisters, and a hellcat. They will serve a larger role in Disgaea 2's enhanced remake on the PSP in 'Axel Mode'.

The Invincible Heroes

A group of Heroes that have their first match with Adell's group in the Battle Tournament. Only called invincible as their battles are 0-0-0: zero wins, zero losses and zero draws, making them technically undefeated.

Old Man Geo

A wise old man that creates Geo Panels. He was beaten by Adell's group in the Battle Tournament and gave Adell's group a remedy that is later used to help Fubuki.

Elenor and the soul takers

Years ago, Adell made a deal with Elenor to find out who his real parents were; however, he was tricked by her, and she gave him the scars on his face. Years later, she came back after his soul. This time around, her team was beaten by Adell's group.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice



(魔王 Mao, literally Demon King) in Japanese materials. Japanese Voice Actor: Hiromi Hirata
English Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna

Mao is the main character of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. He is the son of the dean of Nether School Evil Academy and the Academy's top Honor Student, a title bestowed upon students who don't attend class and commit acts of villainy or various other evil deeds from thievery to ignoring proper manners or hygiene. As the heir to the throne, Mao wants to defeat his father and gain the title of Overlord for himself and he hopes that his research on the power of hero will do so. He steals the title of a hero from Almaz to gain this power, but as soon as he realizes that Almaz is not really a hero, he spends much of the game trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

Mao is an ambitious demon who tries to make use of his research in order to defeat his father. With his 1.8 million EQ, which he constantly boasts about, Mao tries to calculate each and every step he takes toward achieving his goals though at times he can be a little too overzealous and when something goes wrong, he will always question how his perfect calculations could be off. Despite his hatred towards heroes, he realizes that the power of a hero has the power to defeat an Overlord through his research of anime, comic books, and video games. He realizes that "love" is a source of a hero's power and is curious to figure out what it is. When something interests him, such as Almaz's transformation into a demon, he will be ecstatic, shown by him drooling and his glasses fogging, and if he can't figure anything out through research, he will experiment on his subject by either dissecting it or modifying it. Though he is the top Honor Student, thus one of the most evil students in Evil Academy, he constantly follows his own rules if he finds it necessary in order to fulfill his goals, including attending class or opening his heart, both of which are unfavorable among most Honor Students.

Throughout the story, he is shown to hate his father, the Overlord, very much, the destruction of Mao's Slaystation Portable with his 4 million hour save file being his primary reason, among eighteen other things destroyed by his father. However, toward the end of the game, it is shown that he truly respected him, calling him the "strongest, most evil, and simply the best Overlord to rule the Netherworld". Much of the trauma in Mao's heart is due to him being the cause of his death as he told Super Hero Aurum how to defeat him and it is later revealed that Mao's father refused to use his ultimate attack on Aurum due to Mao being nearby. Because of this, Mao developed a strong hatred toward Aurum and even tried to destroy the human world to inflict psychological damage on him. However, this same trauma and hatred becomes the source of his more frighteningly evil powers and Aurum tries to take advantage of this in order to transform him into the most evil and powerful Overlord. If the player receives the bad ending, Mao is engulfed by this power and not only destroys Aurum and the Human world, but Celestia and the Netherworld are destroyed as well. However, if the player receives the good ending, Mao reconciles with his father and becomes the Overlord and Dean of Evil Academy.

Most of the demons in Evil Academy store their hearts in the Netherworld Heart Bank, which keeps a demon's secrets and true feelings stored away so that demons can perform acts of evil without restraint. As soon as Mao realizes that Almaz's title is worthless, he makes several trips into the Heart Bank in order to remove the title. Within the Heart Bank, the characters often find items related to Mao's past or residents that make up Mao's personality. The most important ones look like palette-swapped versions of Mao.

Mao's True Heart: Represents Mao's true feelings, differentiated from Mao by his calm tone of voice and green eyes and jacket. He is the gatekeeper of the Heart Vault in the deepest part of Mao's heart. Unlike Mao, he is often patient in dealing with others, including Mao himself. He tells Mao that no matter how much he claims he wants his heart to open, it will never open unless he truly wills it to. His appearance toward the end of the game will depend on the ending the player aims for. In the bad ending, he makes one final attempt to stop Mao from destroying the Human world only to fail. If the player aims for a good ending, he, under the assumption that he is Mao, will appear before Almaz after his death to return his title, calling Almaz his friend.

Dark Mao: Represents all the darkness and hatred in Mao's heart, differentiated by his deep evil tone and purple eyes and jacket. He is available in the game as one of the NPCs in Mao's heart, telling Mao to let him out or to simply annoy him. During bouts of extreme anger and rage, Mao will make use of his evil powers, which is shown in the bad ending to be powerful enough to wipe out the Netherworld, Celestia, and the Human World. However, if the player aims for the good ending, he will appear outside of Mao's body and try to take it over himself, only to be defeated.

Saucy Mao: Represents the part of Mao that likes hot sauce, differentiated by their French accents and orange eyes and jacket and appear in groups. They, like Mao, believe that hot sauce should always be used in eggs and that anyone who uses salt and pepper must be killed. As soon as they sense this from Almaz, they attempt to kill him, but Mao is able to destroy them. However, their defeat causes Mao to suddenly hate hot sauce.

Mao Who Says Dad: Represents the part of Mao that is traumatized by the death of his father, differentiated by their green eyes and jacket and like the Saucy Maos, appear in groups. They constantly utter the word "Dad", which really bothers Mao. Unlike the Saucy Maos, though, their defeat does not cause the removal of Mao's trauma.

Savvy Mao: Differentiated by his blue eyes and jacket. He tries to prevent Mao from returning to his normal self after Almaz pulled the plug on his heart, not wanting Mao's heart to continuing living with a scar or being hurt again. However, Raspberyl believed that Mao should return to the way he was, believing that Mao is not the type to run away from his past scars. She, alongside Almaz, defeats him and helps Almaz return Mao to his normal self.

In Disgaea Infinite, a visual novel game that takes place in the Netherworld from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Mao is a temporary delivery boy for Amazombie as part of his Social Studies class. He purposefully switches various package contents around, which results in Flonne's "Prisim Rangers" Blu-Ray going missing, Jennifer's fuel pack being received by Flonne instead, and the Super Rare Pudding falling into Raspberyl's hands. If Prinny is not possessing Laharl, Etna, or Flonne when Laharl receives the fuel pack, Laharl later ingests this object and explodes, which leads the Prinny to investigate further on his death. As it turns out, Mao is also using a special bag to capture Disgaea characters to use as his test subjects. Mao will make numerous attempts to capture various characters, and if any character is left unreleased from Mao's bag, the player may reach a bad ending.

Almaz von Almadine Adamant

Japanese Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono
English Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch

Almaz is a human from the Human World, who carries the title of a hero. He was originally a guardsman who wanted nothing more than to protect Princess Sapphire, whom he has a crush on. Once it is believed that Sapphire will one day be kidnapped by the Overlord, Almaz makes it his duty to become a hero and defeat the Overlord before he can kidnap her. However, he gets his hero title stolen by Mao and is forced to join the demons as Mao's slave. Mao calculates that Almaz has 666 hours before he becomes full-fledged demon, so he tries his best to get Mao to open his heart in order to get his title back and become a human again.

Almaz adores heroes and knows everything about them. He is especially passionate about the legendary hero, Super Hero Aurum, to the point where owns most of the merchandise related to Aurum and recites his codes which include "No matter what trouble awaits, a hero must stand, face forward, against it!" Almaz has a hard time acting according to these codes as he is a coward, not very confident, and very unlucky. Also, despite having a hero title, he never became a hero to begin with and is constantly called a fake hero once Mao and the others become aware of this. Because Mao made him his servant, he is constantly at the mercy of Mao's orders and research. However, despite being cowardly, he has a good heart. As a guardsman under Sapphire when her mother died and everyone believed her to be uncaring, Almaz believed that Sapphire cutting her hair was a way to show that she did care about her mother's death. As he spent his time with Mao and the other demons, he was able to see that demons are not so evil and views Mao as a friend in need of help, no matter how much he denies it. He is also very selfless as he will try to protect others, especially Sapphire, without any regard for his own safety and will try to cover up the pain he is going through in order to keep his friends from worrying about him. He functions as the straight man for much of the game.

If the player succeeds in getting the Human World ending, then Almaz, who was cursed in a previous episode, dies, unable to prevent Mao from wreaking havoc on the Human World. If the player doesn't fulfill the requirements for the Human World ending, however, he is revived after everyone, including Mao, begs for Almaz to return to life. When he comes back to life, he becomes human once again and regains his hero title, now considered a full-fledged hero. He also faces Aurum, knowing that the Aurum before him is not the same hero he once idolized. If the player defeats Aurum with Almaz alone, he faces Mao in a one-on-one duel and is granted the title of Overlord against his will, causing everyone to abandon him in hopes of defeating him. In the good endings, after returning to the Human World, he is married to Princess Sapphire. However, he quickly returns to the Netherworld with Sapphire as part of their honeymoon. According to him, despite being married, he and Sapphire haven't even held hands.


Japanese Voice Actor: Chiwa Saito
English Voice Actor: Laura Bailey

Raspberyl is Mao's childhood friend and the number one delinquent of Evil Academy, a title bestowed upon demons who get to class on time, does their homework, and performs good deeds like taking out the trash or donating blood. She considers herself to be Evil Academy's badass and is followed by her subordinates Asuka and Kyoko. Because of her position as the number one delinquent, she is usually worried about her not standing out as much if someone were to perform delinquent acts or head down a road that would lead to delinquency, which is why she tries to stop Mao from becoming a hero. However, throughout the game, she shows that she genuinely cares for Mao and tries to help him and Almaz whenever she can.

Raspberyl claimed that she once followed the path of an Honor Student, however, she believed that becoming a delinquent was her unique way of proving that she is a badass. She isn't liked by most demons for the way she carries herself and she is even targeted by the School Board President and the PTA, though some, such as the Vato Bros., do actually like her and Mao does come to her rescue despite him claiming that he is doing it to defeat the School Board President. She will never shy away from delinquency, even during a fight, often beginning a fight by talking her opponent out of one and ending one if it conflicts with her classes. However, her concern for Mao is one of her priorities. In the middle of the game, she actually skips a class when there is trouble in Mao's heart. She rushes to help Mao if his ideas go beyond the evil of an Honor Student and even prevents the darkness in Mao's from taking over him. Raspberyl also gets ecstatic when she meets a hero, whom she regards as super rare spawns and will ask for their autographs.

When she decides to skip class to help Mao, Mr. Champloo appears before her to tell her that Evil Academy has decided to make her, Asuka, and Kyoko graduates in an attempt to get rid of them. As the first of the few graduates of Evil Academy, she is free to help Mao whenever she feels like it and spends much of the game with him, Almaz, and Sapphire. In the Human World ending, she tries to save Mao from being consumed by the darkness in his heart after realizing her mistake in not believing him, only to be killed by Aurum. In the good ending, however, she watches Mao as he becomes Overlord and Dean of Evil Academy and accompanies him when he searches for the legendary Overlord.

In Disgaea 4, she appears during the post-game as the second President to replace Axel, since she was brought to Valvatorez's Netherworld against her will due to Asagi's power. Since being appointed President, because of her methods as a delinquent, she has implemented a new order that Netherworld residents have to participate in volunteer work, which ends up confusing Fuka, Desco, and Valvatorez, as they realize that in any occasion, they would never do volunteer work, but for some reason, are doing it anyways. As it turns out, her motives are to turn many Netherworld residents into delinquents like her. When she mentions donating blood, Fenrich becomes defensive towards Valvatorez, which leads to a battle. Afterwards, she decides to get revenge on the "phenomenon" that brought her to this Netherworld by joining Valvatorez.

In Disgaea Infinite, which takes place in the universe of the first Disgaea game, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Raspberyl is a temporary delivery girl for Amazombie as part of her Social Studies class. She finds out from Laharl that Mao, who is also working the same job, switched the contents of the packages that were being delivered to various characters, so as a delinquent, she drags Laharl along with her to find the packages and deliver the right packages to the right people. However, she is not able to do this on time, as Laharl leaves her and if Prinny is not possessing Laharl, Etna, or Flonne at the time when the three are in his bedroom, later ingests a fuel supply for Thursday, which Mao also purposefully delivered to Flonne instead of her "Prism Rangers" Blu-Ray Disc. If this happens, she finds out that Jennifer has the pudding, and since the seal on it is broken, the two decide to eat it. If Laharl does not ingest the fuel, Jennifer keeps the pudding and later gives it to Flonne.

Sapphire Rhodonite

Japanese Voice Actor: Akiko Hasegawa
U.S. Voice Actor: Stephanie Sheh

Sapphire is a princess from the Human World, an Evil Academy transfer student, and the object of Almaz's affection. Because of her position as a princess, there is always the fear of her one day being kidnapped by the Overlord. Believing that it would be best to strike first before the Overlord attempts to kidnap her, Sapphire enters the Academy as a transfer student to defeat the Overlord, though her priority soon becomes opening Mao's heart and returning Almaz's hero title to him.

Sapphire, while a beautiful princess, is much more robust in her way of dealing with the various situations that present themselves in the game. She always chooses to act rather than wait around, even going as far as using violence if she feels it is necessary as seen when she pulls out a chainsaw to open Mao's heart. Her motto is "First to strike, first to win", thus she enrolls into the Academy in order to learn more about demons and defeat the Overlord before he can destroy her kingdom and kidnap her. She is also known for inability to cry even when her parents and many of her subjects died. However, this is not to be confused with heartlessness. Despite her use of violence, she does believe in the codes of Super Hero Aurum and tries to help others as much as she can. When Almaz has second thoughts about helping Mao return to his normal self, she hits Almaz, telling him that he's being a pitiful coward who won't help Mao even when the code of Aurum states to help those who are in need. Her inability to cry was never something she wanted as well. She tells Almaz that she just cannot cry when someone dies, and it brings her so much pain that she can't even shed a tear. Even though she is known for taking down many demons, she still has a feminine side. She loves cutesy things, including Raspberyl, and would hug it without a second thought.

Though it seems like Sapphire is oblivious to Almaz's feelings, and in many ways she is, she does really care for Almaz. When her mother died and everyone believed her to be heartless, Almaz believed that Sapphire was not as heartless as she seemed, that she cut her hair as a way of grieving for her mother when she cannot cry. When Almaz protects her from being ineffected by an incurable curse, she is constantly looking out for him, but he would always tell her that he was alright. When Almaz dies, she is visibly hurt by both his refusal to tell her and his passing away, though at first she is unable to shed a tear for him. If player follows the requirements for the Human World ending, she faces Mao one last time, fighting for the memory of Almaz. If the player does not follow the requirements, Almaz returns to life and she finally sheds tears for him, tears of joy. She then joins Mao and Almaz as they face Super Hero Aurum. If the player receives the Almaz ending, she leaves Almaz as his position as the Overlord means he will destroy the kingdom and kidnap her and so must prepare for their inevitable battle despite Almaz's refusal in becoming an Overlord. If the player receives either of the good endings, she returns to the Human World, becomes the queen, and is married to Almaz. She and Almaz immediately return to the Netherworld for their honeymoon.

Also, in the disgaea 3 drama CD, she tries to pair up Raspberyl and Mao

Evil Academy


Japanese Voice Actor: Keiichi Kuwabara

Mr. Champloo is the Home Economics teacher at Evil Academy and the master of Fire Chaos Style Kitchen Fist martial arts. He is an unlicensed teacher and remained a mystery for quite some time with his class dwelling within the dangerous old school building. However, after meeting Mao and witnessing several strange occurrences in Evil Academy, he leaves his class behind and joins Mao.

Mr. Champloo has a strong passion for cooking as well as the heart. In fact, he believes that just as it takes a strong heart to cook up a good meal, it takes a strong heart to overcome any obstacle and he will usually try to convey that to Almaz and Mao. When he tries to do so, he will frequently use cooking metaphors making much of what he says seem ambiguous, cryptic, or simply not make any sense, though it is mainly good advice. Oftentimes, he will appear before others to give his speech and then suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke, even going as far as mysteriously appearing in someone else's monologues or thoughts. As a Home Economics teacher, he is very hard on his students when they are unable to possess a strong heart. He also believes in the idea of demons having the freedom to choose whatever path they wished to pursue and not force demons into becoming Honor Students or Delinquents like most demons.

Though the mystery of the Home Economics teacher is solved, Mr. Champloo's true identity is never revealed. When asked who he really is, he always claim to be nothing more than a chef and the Home Economics teacher. What is known about him is that he may have been acquainted with the Dean and Overlord of Evil Academy and knew about the Dean's death as well as what happened to Mao. Champloo, under the orders of the Overlord, watched over the Academy as an undercover teacher and looked into any problems the Academy faced. He also believed in the Overlord's wish for a peaceful Netherworld where demons could live carefree.

Mr. Champloo's design is reminiscent of the Makai Chef's in Makai Kingdom though there are clear distinctions between his design and that of the Makai Chef's.


Japanese Voice Actor: Gorou Kubota
English Voice Actor: Dan Woren

This old gentleman demon is very loyal to Mao, known to become over protective of him in certain situations. He's known to cover his failures by laughing them off and seems to be keeping a few secrets himself. His future goal is to watch and help Mao grow up to be a great Overlord. His dislikes involve any people who get in the way of that. There have been demons who say he's even stronger than Mao. Geoffrey was the one who found Almaz in the demon world and brought him to Mao in order to help achieve his goal. He is willing to do anything in order to make Mao's dream a reality.

Kyoko Needleworker

Japanese Voice Actor: Shizuka Arai
English Voice Actor: Lara Jill Miller

Kyoko is subordinate #2 of Raspberyl. She's devoted to Raspberyl and calls her "My Lady"("oneesama" or "big sister" in Japanese). Since Raspberyl has pink as her main color, Lilian covers herself in brilliant pink clothing. She takes the roll of the Explanation character, and seems to know everything about the school's history. A female ninja known as "Lilian of Strength", her dream is to help Raspberyl become the Legendary Delinquent. She really hates brutality and will immediately attack an offender by throwing knives, among her many other weapons. Her policy is to fight fair and square, never attacking during the night. Rather she will challenge opponents in broad daylight, hoping for a good fight.

Asuka Cranekick

Class: Demon (Delinquent Samurai)
Japanese Voice Actor: Natsuki Kousaka

Asuka is the very loyal subordinate #1 of Raspberyl and addresses her as "oujousama" (my lady). She also happens to be the daughter of a high-class family. Her hobby is to send 1,000 paper cranes to opponents she wounds in battle, as a get well gesture. This has earned her the nickname of "Asuka of the Paper Cranes". Asuka dislikes brutality as well as Lillian, though she will still fight for what she believes in. If she witnesses someone committing an act of brutality, she will punish the person. Her dream is to send a thousand paper cranes to a prince who has fallen from a white horse. This is her form of love.

Master Big Star

Japanese Voice Actor: Chihiro Suzuki
English Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien

Master Big Star is the charismatic leader of Evil Academy's sophomore class, who loves his subordinates, whom he regards as friends. The "Master" is part of his real name. He has an elegant bearing overflowing with refinement, but he actually has a strong belief as a leader. He believes in the idea of having strong friends and that his belief in his comrades would bring out the best in his friends, while at the same time, their belief in him as their leader would bring out his best. He joins Mao twice throughout the main story, the second time helping him overcome the darkness in his heart and helping Mao defeat Aurum.

After the main story is completed, Mao and the rest find Big Star's name changed to "Master Bigster" as someone stole the space between "Big" and "Star" as well as the 'a' in Star, thus he had to purchase an 'e' as a replacement (since he didn't have enough to buy a replacement 'a' and space). After being defeated by Mao, he agrees to join Mao and the rest in the search of the thief, later revealed to be the legendary Overlord.

Salvatore the Magnificent

Japanese Voice Actor: Miho Yamada
English Voice Actor Michelle Ruff

Salvatore is one of Evil Academy's Diez Gentlemen, a legendary group of Seniors who are usually never seen among Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. Throughout the game, she and some of the Diez Gentlemen follow the orders of their unknown leader.

Salvatore is very strict and militaristic. In battle, she barks orders at her squads, but she will bark orders at her enemies just as much as her allies. In fact, much of her commands tend to be completely absurd and normally impossible to perform by anyone, such as her command for all aside from Mao and Master Big Star to transform into an invincible robot that will blast the area with a -5000 degrees Celsius blizzard. However, as soon as she realizes that her leader was actually Super Hero Aurum, she, after some inner conflict and words from Mr. Champloo, decides to go against Aurum and the Diez Gentlemen, believing that the very idea of a demon obeying a hero is insane. She as well as Master Big Star join Mao soon afterward to face Aurum.

After the main story, Salvatore reveals to Mao that her spies have found information regarding the Evil Academy thief, though she will only reveal it in exchange for a battle against Mao. After the battle, she reveals that the thief was a legendary Overlord and that she too has been robbed of something: her womanliness. She then joins Mao and appears alongside him in the final battle against Baal.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

Valvatorez- A vampire who used to be a tyrant overlord. However, he lost all of his powers when he made a promise to Artina not to suck any human's blood until he scared her. He currently has the title of Prinny Instructor, which is evident when he forces Prinnies to follow Prinny Rule No.1, even going as far as to attempt to force Pringer X to follow the rule. He has some weird obsession with sardines.

Artina - A young girl who has a habit for stealing, thus giving her the job title Angel of Avarice, since she is an angel. A while back before the main story, Valvatorez made a promise to her that he would not drink another human's blood, and as a result, he lost the majority of his powers. When they meet within the game's story, Valvatorez does not recognize her, and as such, she uses the opportunity to disguise herself under the name Vulcanus. Later on, she resumes her true name.

Other characters

The following are characters from other Nippon Ichi games that have appeared in any of the three Disgaea games.

Recurring characters


Pleinair is a well-known character from the series regardless of her lack of significant screentime and voice.

In Disgaea and Disgaea 3, she is the receptionist of Dark Assembly.

In Disgaea 2, she became a news reporter as she teamed up with Usagi-san and Axel, the Dark Hero. She has no speaking or text dialogue, except for saying "Congratulations" when you have completed the Dark World (which has no voice behind it).

In Disgaea DS, she starts out as the receptionist of the Dark Assembly. However, if a player completes the game under any ending, then talks with Pleinair and selects the new blank option that appears, Pleinair becomes a playable character. A Prinny with a maid outfit replaces Pleinair as the receptionist to the Dark Assembly. In her playable version, she starts out with a gun as her preferred weapon. She also has a much higher ATK stat than most other characters at lvl.1 and has access to an AoE special immediately, making her one of the game's potentially more overpowered characters. Her 'Usagi Special' skill animation is almost identical to Etna's 'Prinny Raid' special (right down to the way she and Etna jump when executing the special), except that it deals more damage than the latter, and targets 4 opponents instead of the Prinny Raid's 1.

Pleinair also makes an appearance in the Disgaea anime adaptation, Makai Senki Disgaea. She appears as a student in Flonne's class in the last episode of the anime. Like her game counterpart, she has totally no spoken dialogue.

In Phantom Brave, Pleinair shows up for a couple seconds in a conversation, walking in the background.

In the Disgaea 2 manga, she initially appears as a Dark Assembly Receptionist. In the manga, she appears to be mature and plans ahead as far as job options are concerned, and is very popular (The mere mention of receiving a Pleinair figure was enough to drive many heroes to pay to challenge Laharl). However, she can be quite cruel to people if they get on her bad side as she once threatened Etna that she'd destroy her personal records and used Usagi as live bait when he tried to reveal her measurements in one of the news broadcasts. As with the game, Pleinair becomes Usagi's assistant in the news broadcasts, usually holding signs.

The Prism Rangers

The Prism Rangers are a troupe of gag characters which appear in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. They are heavily inspired by the protagonists of the Super Sentai/Power Rangers universes, satirizing them. Each of the members are named after the colors of the rainbow with the word Prism preceding it. Outside of the in-game battle, the Prism Rangers tend to be portrayed as weak, having been taken down in one shot or being unable to do the slightest bit of damage to their opponent. The most vocal of the members is their leader, Prism Red.

Though they call themselves the Prism Rangers, they only have three of the seven colors in Disgaea, and five of the seven in the second game. In the first game, they appear before Laharl when he's attempting to destroy all who are still trying to claim the throne. Despite being Prism Rangers, their team is made up of only three colors: red, blue, and yellow. They claim that the reason for their lack of numbers is that by becoming heroes, they have to live without friends, though Etna is clearly skeptical. They believe that by becoming Overlords, the Prism Rangers will gain enough friends to complete the rainbow and thus truly become Prism Rangers. When attempting to face Laharl, Etna swiftly guns down Prism Blue and Prism Yellow single-handedly before they could even attack, forcing Prism Red to summon a bunch of demons he hired for such an occasion (although Laharl questions whether or not a hero should even hire demons), yet he still loses.

In Disgaea 2, they return with two more members, Prism Green and Prism Violet, but Rozalin tells them that they should recruit more members to complete the rainbow. Initially, they were considering going easy on Adell since he had his siblings with him, but Prism Red reminds the team of what happened in their battle with Laharl. However, they still lose, but claim to return.

In a bonus stage in Disgaea 2, the Prism Rangers seem to finally have acquired enough members to complete the rainbow, though the last two members are recruited without much thought as they were the only ones to show up when the rangers called for volunteers, even going as far as persuading a salaryman to become Prism Indigo with the promise of an amazing salary and insurance. If the player beats this stage, then Prism Red grants Adell the title of Prism Black, while Rozalin is disappointed that she can't be Prism Pink. Prism Violet, Indigo, and Orange can occasionally be seen in the Innocent Towns in Item World, while Prism Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green appear in Holt if the player passes certain bills.

In Disgaea 3, all the Prism Rangers are gone except for Prism Red, who performs the full Prism Ranger role call when he meets Mao and the rest. Mao, like Flonne and Rozalin in the past games, cannot see how he can say Prism Rangers without the other six colors. Mao, Almaz, Raspberyl, and Sapphire then start to choose colors for themselves should they become Super Sentai, upsetting Prism Red when he hears that Mao, as the main character, will claim red. After the battle, Almaz allows him to join the party, though he is forced by Mao to rename himself Prism-Ish. With the Demon Change ability, the player can turn Prism Red into a sword and its special ability is Prism Justice, the ultimate Prism Ranger attack in Disgaea 2.

The other Prism Rangers are in the game however, taking up spaces in the Class room's first upgrade. Prism Orange and Indigo can be recruited as teachers. Their personalities become more apparent than before, Prism Red being the leader, Prism Blue being the sidekick, Prism Yellow being the heavy eater, Prism Green being the nerd, Prism Orange being invariably Japanese and speaking Engrish while giving out battle cries, Prism Indigo being a cowardly man forced to join, and Prism Purple being homosexual. They can also be encountered in the Item world as 'Prism Pirates'. regardless, Prism Red is the only one able to Magichange.

In Disgaea Infinite, the Prism Rangers are only mentioned throughout the story, and make a cameo at the game's good ending. Flonne apparently ordered a "Prism Rangers" Blu-Ray Disc from Amazombie, but never received it until near the end of the game. They manage to get the disc to play only by the end of the game, mostly because she was inserting the Blu-Ray Disc into a DVD player. The Prism Rangers then appear on a screen at a festival, and Laharl, Etna, and Flonne are watching.


Japanese Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto (Makai Kingdom), Kana Ueda (Disgaea 2), Maria Yamamoto (Soul Nomad & The World Eaters), Chiwa Saito (Disgaea 3), Kaori Mizuhashi (Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?)

Asagi was meant to be the main character in a future Nippon Ichi title, named Makai Wars, though it is rumored to have been scrapped. Ever since Makai Kingdom, where she is forced to become Zetta's apprentice to design the next game, Asagi has appeared in every game as an optional battle in an attempt to become the main character and is playable in all of the Disgaea games after that. Her personality changes with each game she appears in with her being a rather calm character in Makai Kingdom. From there, she becomes saddened but hopeful in Disgaea 2, incredibly arrogant and the self-proclaimed "Queen of Games Everywhere" in Soul Nomad, and depressed in Disgaea 3. She appears to be weak in both Makai Kingdom and Disgaea 2 as she is easily defeated by both Zetta and Adell, but by Soul Nomad, she becomes strong enough to amaze even Gig with just 1/10 of her power, though is soundly defeated, but not before being scolded by Gig for destroying the world and thus ending their game.

Disgaea 2 continues where Makai Kingdom left off with Asagi being forced by Zetta to become stronger before becoming the main character again. When Adell and Rozalin meet her, Rozalin has Adell volunteer to test Asagi's power, but she is soundly defeated. Still, it gives her enough hope to be able to get out of the mess Zetta put her in. It should be noted that Disgaea 2 re-uses Asagi's Makai Kingdom sprite, which makes her smaller than most of the characters in Disgaea 2. She claims that everyone is the same size as her in her game. She has a different sprite in Soul Nomad and Disgaea 3.

In Disgaea 3, Asagi supposedly received a game to be the main character of only to have it stolen, and is clearly upset over it. Upon meeting Mao, she assumes him to be the culprit and attacks him. After the battle, she breaks down and cries, saying she had enough and can't understand why she can never be a main character. Mao then tells her that the legendary Overlord who has been stealing things recently is behind this. Asagi joins the party shortly afterwards and is present during the battle with Baal.

In Disgaea Infinite, Asagi appears in a bonus ending after all other endings are unlocked. In this version of Asagi, she seems to be very irritable. She had ordered something from Amazombie, and when her package is lost, she attempts to contact Amazombie to help her, but ends up calling a group of Prinnies. After telling her that the package she requested was lost in a spatial distortion, the Prinnies hang up on her. In truth, she had ordered a "watch thing" from the Netherworld Shopping Channel, which was Tick Tock. She was planning to use it to go into the past and ensure that Makai Wars saw the light of day. However, her package was lost, so she becomes enraged, summons a large blue dragon, and rides it off screen, vowing that someday Makai Wars will finally be released.

In the post-game scenario for Disgaea 4, Asagi is revealed to be the being causing characters from other dimensions, such as Laharl, to appear in Valvatorez's Netherworld, in an apparently extreme attempt to become the main character, though the characters are more concerned about her appearance as a sprite compared to the other characters. When Valvatorez decides on simply giving her the title of main character, she refuses, stating that if she simply gained the title, then her hard work will have all been for naught. After her defeat, she joins the party in her quest to eventually become the main character. A special DLC has also been released that features HD Asagi (this time, rendered the same as the Disgaea 4 characters and thus given the name NT Asagi) making her appearance. She claims that she knows Valvatorez because all versions of Asagi are the same Asagi (due to Old Asagi having been defeated earlier), and once again challenges him to another battle. Once NT Asagi is defeated, she joins the party as well, and the player gains the ability to switch between Old Asagi and NT Asagi as long as the bill is passed.

In "Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?", Asagi appears as a recurring boss opponent in the game's alternate storyline. She tries several methods to try to become the game's main character. For the final battle against Asagi, she puts on a prinny costume. After her final defeat, she panics because the bomb she had planted in her costume is about to detonate. Unable to remove her costume, she dies in the resulting explosion, but her lifeless body remains standing upright. After the ending credits, Asagi has reincarnated into a prinny, which leaves her to wonder if she has finally become the main character. She also appears in a DLC stage for Prinny Can I Really be the Hero? in her form from Makai Kingdom.

In "Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!", Asagi finally becomes the main character within her own story mode, albeit within a Prinny form, since she exploded at the end of "Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?" Asagi Mode. Her form is not the same as other Prinnies; instead of having a blue color and red scarf, Prinny Asagi retains a gray skin color and sports a white scarf. She continues to wield her various arsenal of guns. In this Asagi Mode, renamed Asagi Wars: The Vengeance of Asagi (a play on Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith), Prinny Asagi hears about a TV tournament, and the competitors are other versions of Asagi. However, Prinny Asagi did not receive an invitation. When she hears that she is also allowed to interfere with the tournament, she decides to step in to prove herself. The player must direct Prinny Asagi through the various levels, and must defeat the various forms of Asagi: 8-Bit Asagi, Hercules Beetle Asagi, Asagi Scharwznature AKA The Asaginator (an obvious parody of The Terminator), Mini Asagi, Demon Asagi, Asagi Kurosugi, and Asagi ExcellentCross.


There is not much information on Baal, but ever since La Pucelle: Tactics, he has become a recurring boss in all Nippon Ichi games with the exception of Soul Nomad and is usually the strongest one in the game. Defeating him will usually reward the player with game's best items or a new title. What is known about Baal is that his form can change from game to game, ranging from a towering Lord of Terror to the comical looking Eringa (a mushroom monster), but is still incredibly powerful in each form. In Disgaea, he is the legendary Lord of Terror who attempted to conquer all the Netherworlds in existence, but he was sealed away by King Krichevskoy. In Makai Kingdom, Trenia explains that he is a collection of evil souls that can transfer into other bodies when defeated. It is assumed that the large towering demon is Baal's regular state, but after being defeated, he usually transfers into a Prinny Suit or Erynga, because Prinny Suits are empty shells that harbor souls, while Eryngas are rather weak monsters in abundance. Baal does not have any speaking roles. His dialogue is confined to "..." and only has a monstrous grunt in battle with the exception of the first Baal battle in Makai Kingdom (due to him taking over Zetta's body). This changes in Disgaea 3 when he speaks to Mao and the rest as a Red Eringa.

In Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Baal is a legendary Overlord that was sealed by King Krichevskoy a number of years before the start of the storyline of Disgaea, resulting in Krichevskoy becoming fatally weakened. He later faces Laharl, who is taken back by his levels (Laharl states "You've gotta be kidding! Level 4000?!"). He is later replaced by Prinny Baal, whom the player can fight as many times as he/she desires.

In Disgaea 2, Adell & Rozalin went to Baal's Castle to face the Supreme Overlord, but upon entering, they find what they assume to be a statue of Baal. However, Rozalin's four-leaf clover seal suddenly reacts and the statue, revealed to actually be Baal, attacks Rozalin. There are two battles in the game against Baal (First against his regular form, then against him again as a Prinny, accompanied by 4 clones of his original self).

Throughout the optional quests in Disgaea 3, Baal has been recently defeated by Laharl, being chased by him into Mao's netherworld. In this game, he takes the form of an Erynga, the mushroom demons, and has been confirmed to be the one stealing various items from people. Among the things he stole are an "a" and a space in Master Big Star's name (Master big Star claims he could only afford an "e", making his name "Mister Bigster"), Salvatore's feminine side, Prism Red's friends, Asagi's game, Marona's innocent heart, Axel's stardom, Laharl's height (and screentime), Etna's 1 billion HL savings account, Flonne's DVD box set, and an unknown item that's owned by Mao, who refers to it as "That". Upon his defeat and being requested to give everything he stole back, Baal claims that what everyone truly wanted was friends, encounter, a trusting heart, and more screen time in Disgaea 3, all of which he had given to him, causing everyone to reflect on all that has happened. Immediately after the reflection, though, he comments on how good it feels to make everyone reflect once in a while and runs off, making this the only battle that in which he is not finished off. It's also the only time where he is shown to harbour noble intentions for the characters.

Baal appears again in Prinny Can I Really Be the Hero? in his "Uber Prinny" form. He can be fought if the player goes through the martial tower stage two times in one story. Unlike Prinny Laharl, however, he cannot be defeated by throwing him.


Overlord Priere

Japanese Voice Actor: Mai Nakahara
U.S. Voice Actor: Jennifer Hale (La Pucelle)
Original Nippon Ichi game: La Pucelle: Tactics
Cameo Appearances: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

Priere is the main character of La Pucelle: Tactics. In her game, she and her brother Culotte were orphaned at a young age. As they grew older, they became a part of a group of Demon Hunters known as La Pucelle, who carried out jobs for the Church of the Holy Maiden. Though kind hearted, she's known for being impatient and strong, able to knock down a lead door with a single kick. However, she appears in the later games as an Overlord, which references a special ending in La Pucelle in which she becomes the Overlord after defeating numerous demons. Her name is spelled Prier (French for "to pray") in La Pucelle, but as Priere ("prayer") in Disgaea.

In Disgaea, Priere appears as an Overlord of an Alternate Netherworld. Though she does not have any speaking roles, Etna notes that she is legendary for being fascinated by the dark arts and searching for a fight. Should she be defeated, Priere joins the party. Her Japanese battle voices from La Pucelle are used.

She appears again in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories as a hidden boss where she, still a demon, faces the main characters Adell and Rozalin. She has two speaking (without a voice actor) roles, but no combat voice. Her speaking role makes her seem, while more mature, much more evil than in her La Pucelle days, going as far as claiming she'll turn Veldime into a sea of blood in retaliation for Adell defeating her.

She appears in Disgaea 3 as well, but only as a downloadable character. When the player is given the option to use magichange, she can transform into her baton. Like in Disgaea 2, Priere has grown to become more evil, searching for nothing more than to destroy the strongest demons and make them subject to her, though she seems to revert back to her original personality from La Pucelle during the Raspberyl downloadable side story.


Marjoly is the antagonist of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure as well as its sequels in the Marl Kingdom series. She is malevolent and very conceited, with lyrics in her song "Evil Queen" describing herself to be "mightier than the god...more beautiful than the goddess". She fell in love with Prince Ferdinand and meant to teleport him only to turn him into stone. She has three followers: Gao, Crowdia (Claudia in Disgaea 2), and Myao (who appears in Phantom Brave).

Marjoly is accessible in a hidden stage titled Beauty Castle. Etna makes a few crude comments on her attire and excessive amount of makeup, but she recognizes her as the most malevolent witch in the universe. Laharl, of course, is more than willing to show her who really is the most malevolent. Defeating Marjoly in this stage makes her a playable character.

In Disgaea 2, she is once again accessible in her Beauty Castle (only after a player character has obtained and kept 99 felonies). As Rozalin points out, she appears to be under the control of a seal, and thus has no speaking roles. Defeating her in battle nets the player the one of a kind item, the "Sexy Panties".

As of February 26, 2009, Marjoly became a downloadable character along with Kogure Souichirou from Hayarigami. Like most of the downloadable characters, she enters the Academy to become a teacher, but at the same time, she claims her cameo appearance is a tribute to her game, Rhapsody. However, Mao and the others question whether or not her attempts at keeping herself young will be the focus of her classes, in essence making crude comments toward attire and excessive makeup much like Etna in the first game. Marjoly reveals that her classes will deal with magic and tries to give Mao and the rest a demonstration through battle. Upon her defeat, Raspberyl felt that Marjoly had not used her full potential, and thus she should accepted. Marjoly accepts the offer on the condition that she be introduced to a "young, loyal, handsome young boy with a tight butt and a beautiful smile".


Japanese Voice Actor: Kaori Mizuhashi
U.S. Voice Actor: Sandy Fox
Original Nippon Ichi game: Phantom Brave
Cameo Appearances: Makai Kingdom, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?

Marona is one of two main characters from Phantom Brave. In her game, she is orphaned due to the death of her parents and the only one watches over her is Ash, her parent's companion whom they transformed into a phantom to prevent him from dying completely and leaving the living world. His presence as a phantom is the reason why Marona is often shunned by most people in Ivoire, the world in which Phantom Brave takes place. Despite that, she works hard as a Chroma, somewhat of a bounty hunter, to pay her bills and to relieve the problems of the people around her. Though she is often despised, she is known for being thoughtful, innocent, and naive, which people take advantage of. Along with Ash, she is able to deploy phantoms at her command when she is forced to fight. Marona makes a quick cameo in Makai Kingdom and appears in Disgaea 3 and is playable when defeated.

After completing the main story, Marona comes upon a bottlemail and upon opening it, Laharl appears before her and tries to take over Ivoire, who fails to do so, blaming it on being stuffed in the bottlemail. Laharl, as well as Etna and Flonne, force Marona and Ash into numerous battles until Ash tells Marona to fake their defeat in order to get Laharl to stop bothering them. Laharl then makes Ash and Marona his vassals, not knowing that it was faked.

In Disgaea 3, her innocent heart is stolen from her, which is what makes her so naive and thoughtful. Its removal turns her into a mean-spirited brat who doesn't mind hurting others and saying what's on her mind, such as telling Almaz and Sapphire that the two flirting with each other is causing her to hurl. She also apparently has lost her memories, as she references the name "Ash" sounding familiar. Upon defeat, she joins the party and is present during the final battle with Baal.

Marona appears in a downloadable stage in Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?. At the time when she meets Prinny, she is looking for Ash. She quickly comes to the false conclusion that Prinny killed Ash, and challenges him. After Prinny defeats her, Ash shows up, which proves her wrong. She leaves afterwards.


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