Municipal police

Municipal police
Straż miejska in Poznań (Poland)
Městská policie in Český Krumlov (Czech Republic)
Policía Municipal of Madrid (Spain)
Police municipale Citroën C4 in Aix-en-Provence (France)
Mounted Polizia municipale in Piazza della Signoria in Florence (Italy)
Municipal policeman, Комунални полицијац of the city of Valjevo, Serbia


Municipal police are law enforcement agencies that are under the control of local government, including the municipal government, where it is the smallest administrative subdivision. They receive pay from the city budget, and usually have fewer rights than the "state paid" police. They are generally preventive police, but their powers are often limited and they may be restricted as to the equipment they can carry.


Municipal police by country

Country English language name Native language(s) name(s)
Albania Municipal Police
Algeria Municipal Guards
Argentina Metropolitan Police (Buenos Aires)
  • Spanish: Policía Metropolitana de Buenos Aires
Austria Community security guards
  • German: Gemeindesicherheitswache, Gemeindewachkörper, Sicherheitspolizeien, Gemeindepolizeien or Stadtpolizeien
Belgium Local Police
Brazil Municipal Guards
Canada Municipal and regional police services (criminal and administrative offences) and bylaw enforcement officers (administrative offences)
Czech Republic City/Municipal Police
  • Czech: městská policie, obecní policie
Estonia Municipal Police
France Municipal Police
Germany City Police
  • German: Stadtpolizei, Ordnungsamt, Kommunaler Ordnungsdienst or Städtischer Ordnungsdienst
Italy Municipal Police
  • Italian: Polizia Municipale, Polizia Comunale, Polizia Urbana, Polizia Locale or Vigili Urbani
  • French: Police municipale
  • German: Stadtpolizei or Gemeindepolizei
  • Slovene: Občinska policija
Latvia Municipal Police
Mexico Municipal Police
Namibia Municipal Police
Poland City/Municipal Guard
  • Polish: Straż miejska, Straż gminna
Portugal Municipal Police
Romania Communal Police
Serbia Communal Police
  • Serbian: Комунална Полиција
Slovakia City/Municipal Police
  • Slovak: mestská polícia, obecná polícia
Spain Municipal Police
  • Spanish: Policía Municipal, Policía Local or Guàrdia Urbana
South Africa Municipal Police
Switzerland Municipal Police
Turkey Municipal Police
United States Municipal police departments


Historically, the role of the municipal police was carried out by the Municipal Guards. Today some formations of municipal police still carry the name of the city/communal/municipal guard. Examples:

  • Brazil - guarda municipal
  • Poland - straż miejska


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