American Heritage Party

American Heritage Party
American Heritage Party
Chairman Daniel Eby
Senate leader None
House leader None
Founded 1996 (1996); became independent party in 2000
Headquarters P.O. Box 241, Leavenworth, WA 98826-0241
Ideology Paleoconservatism, nationalism, dominionism
Political position Fiscal: Right-wing
Social: Right-wing (non-interventionist)
International affiliation None
Official colors Red, white, and blue
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The American Heritage Party originally began in 1977 when Billy Ray Kidwell contacted Kentucky State Senators, and Congressmen, seeking assistance with forming a new political party.

The American Heritage Party name was copied and used without the permission of Kidwell as a state affiliate of the Constitution (then Taxpayers) Party. It disaffiliated from the national CP and reorganized as a national party and now is officially titled Christian Liberty Party.




The American Heritage Party originally began in 1977 when Billy Ray Kidwell contacted Kentucky State Senators, and Congressmen, seeking assistance with forming a new political party.

The name was copied as a Washington State affiliate of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (USTP) in 1992, primarily as a campaign vehicle for William C. Goodloe, a former Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court, who ran for the United States Senate that year, without Kidwell's knowledge, or concent.

After meeting Howard Phillips in 1991, Goodloe agreed to form a state party affiliate in support of a new national party effort. Goodloe changed the name of his fledgling party from "The American Party" to "Washington Taxpayers Party" (WTP). Judge Goodloe helped Phillips gain ballot access for the U.S. Taxpayers Party in Washington, allowing Phillips to run as a WTP presidential candidate during the 1992 campaign, while Goodloe also ran as a WTP candidate.

In 1993, Goodloe left the Taxpayers Party and the state party became defunct. He turned the records and checking account over to Todd Richert who was appointed State Coordinator by the national party.

1996 elections

For the 1996 election cycle, Todd Richert recruited activists to assist with ballot access. Howard Phillips flew out to attend the ballot access meetings, insisting that formal party organizing should be part of the agenda. Richert was elected State Chairman.

For the second time, Howard Phillips was the presidential nominee of the U.S. Taxpayers Party.

Formal structure

Even before the elections were over, activists expressed a strong desire for a more permanent state party, rather than to solely seek ballot access at each election. Richert instituted a formal party membership system in November 1996, and recruited a small Policy Board which would work to organize a formal party structure.

It was mutually agreed that at the next organizing convention, the Policy Board would encourage the membership to endorse a slate of state officers which included Dan Eby assuming position as State Chairman.

Most of the state membership preferred the name American Heritage Party to Washington Taxpayers Party, so when Eby called a special convention for considering the name change, the nays were few. Washington Taxpayers Party became American Heritage Party in 1998, but still a state affiliate of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (USTP).

2000 election

For the 2000 election cycle, the national party held its nominating convention a year early, in 1999 in St. Louis, in order to take advantage of certain campaign fundraising laws. This convention is where the national party changed its name to the Constitution Party. The national convention revealed to the AHP state party leadership a number of growing concerns centered on worldview, strategy, philosophy and ethics.

Party split

Eby called a special convention for disaffiliation of the AHP from the national party in November 1999. The motion did not pass but became official in the spring of 2000.

In March 2000, former members reorganized under the new Constitution Party moniker. The new Constitution Party of Washington (CPW) was formed, with Richert elected chairman. Richert immediately applied to the national party for formal consideration as the new state affiliate.

The American Heritage Party was expelled from the Constitution Party and replaced by the CPW as the state affiliate.

National party status

The AHP organized a national party in 2000 and Eby was elected Chairman.

On September 18, 2010 the party announced that after extensive review and consideration, the National Committee of the AHP changed the party name to the Christian Liberty Party.

Electoral history

President of the United States

Candidate Election Year Results Notes
Howard Phillips 1992 Lost United States presidential election, 1992
Howard Phillips 1996 Lost United States presidential election, 1996

United States Congress

Office Candidate Election Year Results Notes
U.S. Senator from Washington William C. Goodloe 1992 Lost United States Senate elections, 1992
U.S. Representative from Washington's 1st congressional district Bruce Craswell 1998 Lost - 13,837 votes (6.11%) - 3rd Place [1], |United States House of Representatives elections, 1998#Washington
U.S. Representative from Washington's 5th congressional district John Beal 1998 Lost - 9,673 votes (5.01%) - 3rd place [2], |United States House of Representatives elections, 1998#Washington

Washington State Legislature

Office Candidate Election Year Results Notes
State Representative from District 16 Lorne Blackman 2000 Lost - 4,685 votes (22.02%) - 2nd place [3]

County Elections

Office Candidate Election Year Notes
Columbia County, Washington Commissioner District 3 Don Jackson 2002 [4]


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