List of Crayon Shin-chan characters

List of Crayon Shin-chan characters

This is the list of Crayon Shin-chan's characters.


Shin'ei version

The characters' names follow this order: English, Japanese Script, and Roman characters. The names used in the dubs follow as they appear in that version, if applicable.

Nohara family

Shinnosuke Nohara (野原 しんのすけ Nohara Shinnosuke) "Shin"
Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)
He is the main character, a kindergarten-aged boy whose antics are the basis for the series. His affectionate name is Shin-chan. He is 5 years old and loves chocolate biscuits, especially "Chocobi" and a TV superhero named "Action Kamen", but he absolutely hates green peppers. He is attracted to older girls and women, despite his young age, and pays no attention to girls of his own age. He brazenly pursues any girl who catches his eye. He shares this trait with his father and paternal grandfather, but this often results in Mom's cruel punishment. The only girl he seems to really like is a college student named Nanako, around whom he becomes shy. Some of his strange activities include dressing up (often as an animal), mooning and drawing an elephant's face on his skin, using his penis as the trunk which he calls him "Mr. Elephant". He also makes trouble for others and then criticizes their efforts in covering for him. In general, he is brutally honest, highly curious, and has no shame whatsoever, which includes getting rid of his clothes at the earliest opportunity. There have been several instances in which his antics actually solved the problems of those around him. He also displays a surprising amount of talent at various activities including kendo and swimming. On rare occasions, he displays bouts of selfless kindness (for example, in one anime episode he saved a frog from a truck on a rainy day, getting all wet and dirty in the process and risking Misae's ire since it was his last set of clean clothes. In another episode, he gives Masao the change he has even though he knows that his mother will scold him later), but these are often immediately followed by antics that negate the goodwill others feel. There are also times when Shin Chan displays a level of maturity beyond his usual self in his concern for others, and in a few rare instances he shows that deep down he really does care for his family, despite his constant disrespect towards them such as one time he truly trusted his family in the movie Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back as they climbed up a construction building to stop the emperor from sending the world back to the twentieth century. This shows up more often than not in the feature length movies as compared to the regular series episodes. ComicsOne, the first publisher of the English manga, referred to Shin-chan as "The Bart Simpson of Japan."[1]
Misae Nohara (野原 みさえ Nohara Misae) "Mitsy"
Voiced by: Miki Narahashi (Japanese), Cynthia Cranz (English)
The mother of the Nohara family from Kumamoto on the island of Kyūshū. She is 29 years old and a typical housewife of post-war Japan, she cleans, launders, cooks, sews, mothers, and lazes all to varying degrees of success. While at heart a caring and nurturing individual, her positive aspects are often offset by her many shortcomings. A paragon of hypocrisy, after handing out irrevocable edicts to her husband and children, she will not hesitate to immediately break them once they are out of sight. She administers brutal physical and verbal punishment to her relatives, having little patience for their antics. Her famous and symbolic moves includes "drilling" others' head with her fists (known as "guri-guri") and a series of punches on the head, creating comically large lumps (the punches are mainly thrown by Misae, but other characters have been known to use it as well, such as Hiroshi and even Ne Ne). While she spends as little as possible on the less-essential needs of her husband and son, she loves to splurge on Himawari and herself, though she is noted to have instances of great generosity. She always changes her hair styles as seen it is sometimes curly and sometimes long and shattered hair. Most of her luxury purchases, however, often end up broken, misused or otherwise ruined by her children, sometimes even before she had a chance to try them. She is the source of boundless diet and savings plans, all of which fail within the first week or even first day. She is prone to immediately partake in bargain sales when she sees them, thinking she is saving the family money. She then buys extreme quantities, regardless of the practicality, which defeats the purpose. Additionally she secretly hoards money for her own personal use. She is also known to be a terrible driver. Misae also constantly checks Shin-chan's and Hiroshi's behavior around young women and punishes them accordingly (and always seems to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to the latter).
Hiroshi Nohara (野原 ひろし Nohara Hiroshi) "Hiro"/"Harry"
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Chuck Huber (English)
Father of the Nohara family from Akita in Northern Japan, and its sole source of income. He met Misae at the age of 29 and after getting her pregnant with Shin, the two wed. He is a loving father to his two children, and ultimately a devoted husband. While he is the family bread-winner, he hands the reins of finance over to his wife, who maintains a totalitarian level of control on family spending. At age 35, he is a stereotypical Japanese salaryman, working eight-hour days, enduring overstuffed trains, enjoying the occasional nightlife, and giving every bit of his take home pay to his wife every month. While his relationship with his family is positive on the whole, there is an abundance of recurring conflict. He and his wife bicker on many different things, from how little he gets for spending money every month, to whose turn it is to give the baby a bath. Misae is also notorious for inflicting violence on Hiroshi whenever she gets very angry (usually when his gaze wanders to younger women). He often dreams about being a playboy while he sleeps as an escape, though this is usually interrupted by some external stimulation. He enjoys a playful relationship with his children; but sometimes they're the source of his daily woes. He loves a cold beer after work and shares Shin-chan's appreciation of TV shows with young women in skimpy clothing, often getting too excited about it for Misae's liking. He will not hesitate to save his allowance for things he wants, but can be seen spending much of it to buy his family creature comforts. A running joke is made of the pungent odor of his feet and his socks are often used as weapons by other members of the family.
Himawari Nohara (野原 ひまわり Nohara Himawari) "Hima"
Voiced by: Satomi Kōrogi (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
The youngest child of the Nohara family, born in 1996. A precocious and vibrant infant. While technically newborn, her character has matured and grown more intelligent during her stay in the series. She possess a palpable lust for shiny objects (jewels and precious metals) and brand-name goods, being able to discern a real jewel from a simple piece of imitation (and throwing away the latter). She emulates her mother in her utterly stubborn pursuit of handsome young men who catch her eye, not unlike her brother, who soon discovered that a way to pacify her was to put on a cutout mask of a known handsome actor. In her family, she is an icon of adoration and annoyance, causing trouble she cannot be blamed for given her infantile innocence. She can be extremely fast crawling, tiring out even Shin-chan, and often uses Shiro as a toy. Her name, which is Japanese for "sunflower", was chosen by the show's viewership and not the creator.
Shiro (シロ Shiro) "Whitey"
Voiced by: Mari Mashiba (Japanese), Chris Cason (English)
A white, fluffy pup Shin-chan found in a cardboard box early in the series. While a beloved member of the family, he is the subject of neglect thanks to his owner's forgetfulness and short attention-span. He is a very intelligent dog, often presenting logic and intellect that surpasses his human owners. As his meals from the Noharas are at best inconsistent, he has developed a talent for foraging, though other times he has to eat Misae's failed culinary experiments. An oddly human-like dog, he is very responsible and painstakingly careful. He takes care of his owners diligently, though often they do not realize his help or understand what he is trying to show them. His doghouse also often ends up becoming a place for Shin-chan to hide himself or something he doesn't want his family to find. He often plays protector to Himawari, more often than not sacrificing his well being in the process.

Misae's family

Yoshiji Koyama (小山 よし治 Koyama Yoshiji?)
Voice: Kenichi Sakaguchi→Tomoaki Ikeda
Misae's father. Age 63. He has made appearances in several of Shin-chan's episodes. As a retired teacher, he has much higher standards of public decorum than Hiroshi's father Ginnosuke. This uptight behavior of his sometimes becomes the subject of jokes. Although he is quite stubborn (a trait that passed to his daughters) and conservative, he is actually a caring person. He is also quite childish in some occasions and argue with his wife about very minor things, this often results in him and Ginnosuke "flee" to the Noharas, causing troubles to Misae.
Hisae Koyama (小山 ひさえ Koyama Hisae?)
Voice: Noriko Uemura
Misae's mother. Age 58. Her appearances in Shin-chan's episodes are usually with her husband. Like her husband, she looks down on the way Hiroshi's father behaves, but she gets along well with Ginnosuke's wife Tsuru.
Masae Koyama (小山 まさえ Koyama Masae?)
Voice: Tomoko Miyadera
Misae's older sister. Age 35. She is still single. Her appearance in the show is rare. It is possible that Misae learned some of her moves from her. She shares some of the same mischievous antics as Shin-chan and Ginnosuke.
Musae Koyama (小山 むさえ Koyama Musae?)
Voice: Michiko Neya (Japanese), Carli Mosier (English)
Misae's younger sister. Age 26. She is lazy and likes to sleep all the time. She was fired from her job as a photographer's assistant because her boss said that she had no talent after she criticized the change in direction of the photo studio. Due to her inability to support herself, she moves in to live with Shin-chan's family for a time. She is characterized by giving incomprehensible speeches (even for Shinchan) when being criticized about her personal life.

Hiroshi's family

Ginnosuke Nohara (野原 銀の介 Nohara Ginnosuke?)
Voice: Ginzō MatsuoChō (Ep. 429 and on)
Hiroshi's father. Age 65. Like his son and his grandson, Shin-chan, he enjoys looking at and flirting with pretty young women. He also likes to do weird things with his grandson and taught him many of his bad habits. His appearance in the show is relatively common. He is affectionately called Gin-chan. When he visits the Noharas, he always stays for much longer than Misae would like, leading to friction between the two. He greets the family in various strange (and often embarrassing to Hiroshi and Misae) ways whenever they visit Akita, such as dressing as various movie characters. Another running gag in the series is that he suddenly appears in Kasukabe out of nowhere.
Tsuru Nohara (野原 つる Nohara Tsuru?)
Voice: Chie Kitagawa
Hiroshi's mother. Age 62. Although she seems to be more mature than her husband, she actually exhibits many strange behaviours especially in front of Shin-chan and Himawari.
Semashi Nohara (野原 せまし Nohara Semashi?)
Hiroshi's older brother who looks exactly like him. Age 40. He is still single and is known to be a miser. He lives in the countryside with his parents. His name, Semashi, is wordplay with his brother's name. The "hiro" in "Hiroshi" has another meaning as "wide" while the "sema" in "Semashi" has another meaning as "narrow". His appearance in the anime is very rare.

Futaba Kindergarten

In the Japanese anime, the school is called Futaba Kindergarten (ふたば幼稚園 Futaba Yōchien?, named after the comics publisher, Futabasha).

Sunflower Class

Kasukabe Defense Organization (かすかべ防衛隊 Kasukabe Bōeitai?)
An "organization" that Shin-chan and his friends created as a group in the episode "Kasukabe Defense Organization" broadcast on May 1, 1995. The purpose of this group was to promote peace in the city of Kasukabe. However, this so-called organization is little more than just a name for Shin-chan's clique and often they hardly do anything meaningful during their operations, but they ironically cause many troubles when they do "defend". Their secret base is located at kindergarten teacher Miss. Yoshinaga's house, and she is also known as the group's manager, much to her chagrin.
Tōru Kazama (風間 トオル Kazama Tōru) "Georgie"
Voiced by: Mari Mashiba (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)
Tōru Kazama is Shin-chan's immaculately groomed and perfectly mannered friend, who usually loses his nerves and composure with Shin-chan's antics. Their relationship has often been joked as homosexual by Shin-chan, who would blew in his ear (making him all bothered) or act as if they were in a relationship. Despite Kazama's annoyance with Shin-chan, they are actually quite closer than any of the other friends they have. A strong evidence is that when Kazama was extremely frustrated and lonely in several episodes, Shinchan was the only one who stayed with him. Of all Shin-chan's friends, he's the only one referred to by his family name (Kazama-kun). Only his mother uses his given name (Tōru-chan). He participates in extracurricular activities like English Conversation and always seems to know everything about any subject (even if it's not true), which makes him look somewhat snobbish. He likes all manner of female animation and comic book characters, though he tries to hide that fact from his friends. He also has a strong attachment to his mother that hints at him having an Oedipus Complex. A recurring theme in the show is that he tries to hang out with upper class girls his age to be a part of the "elite", but runs across Shin-chan while he is in the midst of doing something strange and classless which ultimately causes the girl to lose interest in hanging out with him.
Nene Sakurada (桜田 ネネ Sakurada Nene) "Penny"
Voiced by: Tamao Hayashi (Japanese), Carrie Savage (English)
Nene Sakurada (Nene-chan) is Shin-chan's female classmate and friend. She loves to play 'real omamagoto', or 'real house', in which divorces and arguments are very common and she always forces the boys to play. This is always a nuisance to Shin-chan, Bo-chan, and Kazama-kun and a nightmare to Masao as he often needs to be Nene's husband (unsuccessful salaryman) in the plot. She occasionally sees her mother go crazy or do something out of character and shrieks something literally translated to be "You're not my usual mom!". Nene styles herself as a sweet girl, but in fact she has inherited her mother's temper and is quite bossy. Like her mother, she hits a stuffed bunny to relieve her anger. Alternatively, Nene uses Masao as the lightning rod for her frustration when her bunny is not available. She considers Ai her rival.
Masao Sato (佐藤 マサオ Satō Masao) "Maso"
Voiced by: Teiyū Ichiryūsai (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
Masao Sato is one of Shin-chan's friends. He is known to be a scared cat, and a bit of a cry baby. He is also a "clean freak" that borders on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.Even though Masao is known to be a scared cat and a cry baby , there was once when he betrayed Shin-chan for a pack of candies with the others(Bo , Nene and Kazama though only they feel sorry). Masao is usually the butt of the show's homosexual jokes since he often makes innocent comments that ironically sound homosexual in a different context. Masao is in love with Ai and gets furious whenever Shin-chan rebuffs Ai's advances. His nickname is "Onigiri" due to his shaven head's resemblance to a rice ball. His friends use it as a term of endearment, while the people that bully him use it as a put-down.
Bo (ボー Bō) "Boo"
Voiced by: Chie Satō (Japanese), Chris Cason (English)
Another of Shin-chan's friends, he seems slow and expressionless, but is actually quite smart and has an interest in artistic, adult-oriented things. He loves to collect various kinds of stone and investigating urban legends and various mysterious objects such as UFO. He often surprises his friends with his insight, though he speaks quite slowly. He always has a trail of mucus running down his nose and perform various tricks with it.
Ai Suotome (酢乙女 あい Suotome Ai) "Ai"
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
Ai-chan is one of the show's newest characters. She began appearing on October 12, 1999. She is from an extremely rich family and happened to be enrolled in to the kindergarten at Kasukabe because she threw a dart at the map of Japan and hit Kasukabe, thereby determining where she would go next. She is always seen riding in a black limousine and with a bodyguard. She is very manipulating and purposely bends people to her will just because she can. For example, she made many boys in at Futaba Kindergarten fall in love with her. However, when she tried to do the same to Shin-chan, she failed. Because of that, she fell in love with Shin-chan and being the manipulator she is, uses his weaknesses (Action Mask, Chocobi, etc.) to get him to notice her. Masao likes her very much, but Ai almost never pays attention to him. When she does pay attention to him, she makes him act as her pet. She is also a fierce rival of Nene.

Rose Class

The Rose Class is a class handled by Ume Matzuzaka. A recurring theme in the show is that Rose class would always a have a competition with Sunflower Class whether is Baseball, Soccer, or Trekking. Another recurring joke about Rose Class is that whenever they have a competition, they would always reveal a member of the class with talent in that field but they are still beaten most of the time in competition with Sunflower Class.

Yasuo Kawamura (河村 やすお Kawamura Yasuo?, Cheetah Kawamura)
Voice: Tomoko Ōtsuka (Japanese), Trina Nishimura (English)
Yasuo is always wearing a leopard shirt and playing with his soccer ball. He has a fierce dislike of Shinnosuke and Kazama-kun and usually gets into shouting matches with the latter. He also loves to bully Masao. Even though he is confident in his athletic ability and acts as the Rose class' leader, he almost always loses to Sunflower Class by Shinnosuke's strange actions or because another student in Sunflower Class rises to the occasion. He has formed a clique with classmates Hitoshi and Terunobu.
Hitoshi (ひとし Hitoshi?)
Voice: Fūko Shinomiya→Chisa YokoyamaNao Nagasawa
This child is a kindergarten bully and always likes to bully Masao with Terunobu.
Terunobu (てるのぶ Terunobu?)
Voice: Ayako ShiraishiYuri ShiratoriFujiko Takimoto
This child is a kindergarten bully and always likes to bully Masao with Hitoshi. His dialogue usually consists of him just repeating the last thing Hitoshi says when they are bullying someone.

Kindergarten staff and relatives

Midori Ishizaka (née Yoshinaga) (石坂(よしなが) みどり Ishizaka (Yoshinaga) Midori?, Miss Dori (phuuz))
Voice: Yumi TakadaHaruhi Terada
Shin-chan's teacher. Age 24. She is always in bitter rivalry with Ume Matsuzaka. However she unhesitatingly supports Matsuzaka in certain critical situations. "Yoshinaga" is her maiden name. Her last name changed to "Ishizaka" after getting married to Junichi Ishizaka on July 7, 2000. Before him, she didn't have much luck with her boyfriends, often commiserating with Matsuzaka about their lack of love life.
Junichi Ishizaka (石坂 純一?)
Voice: Naoki Bandō
Midori's husband. Age 24. A nice, easy going man who gets along fine with Shin Chan and his friends and they in turn, like him as well. He has been portrayed as someone with a lack of confidence problem. This is true when he wanted to propose to Midori.
Ume Matsuzaka (松坂 梅 Matsuzaka Ume?, Miss Ume (phuuz))
Voice: Michie Tomizawa
Arch-rival of Miss Yoshinaga, teacher of the Rose class. Age 24. Single. Likes to live stylishly in public but she actually struggles to save her money for luxuries and lives in a very cheap, dusty apartment. She dislikes her given name as she always says to Yoshinaga and others, "Don't call me Ume!". This is due to one of the meanings of "Ume", which can mean "3rd class" or "low class". Although she always says she is "tired of Futaba Kindergarten (especially Shin-chan)" and plans to move out to a better school, she never seriously intends to do it. Despite her rivalry with Midori, deep down she cares for her and helped her reconcile with her future husband. A running gag about her is that her dates are often screwed up by Shinchan in various ways, until she meets Tokurou.
Matsu Matsuzaka (まつざか 松 Matsuzaka Matsu?)
Voice: Masako Katsuki
Ume's eldest sister. Age 28. Like her sister, she is also seeking for a man to form a relationship and eventually marry. Often, when news comes of Ume going on a date or participating in a matchmaking ceremony, Matsu and her other sister, Take, would interfere to win that man's affections, leading to the three sisters fighting over him and eventually ends up with the man she is interested in escaping from the sisters. A similar situation transpired when Ume started dating Tokurou.
Take Matsuzaka (まつざか 竹 Matsuzaka Take?)
Voice: Kei Hayami
Ume's second eldest sister. Age 26. She often appears alongside her elder sister, Matsu, to fight over Ume's new boyfriend. In contrast to Matsu's traditional Japanese-style attire, Take is often prone to Western gaudiness.
Tokurou Gyouda (行田 徳郎 Gyōda Tokurō?)
Voice: Kazuhiko Inoue
Ume Matsuzaka's boyfriend and chiropractor. Age 26. He is very enthusiastic about any type of bones ranging from ordinary chicken bones to exotic dinosaur bones. He and Ume met when she broke her leg and was admitted at the hospital he worked.
Masumi Ageo (上尾 ますみ Ageo Masumi?)
Voice: Kotono Mitsuishi
A teacher at the Futaba Kindergarten. Age 23. She first appeared on July 10, 1998 as a new teacher. She seems to be nervous of everything and experiences panic attacks when facing a large group of kids (which is an everyday scenario of a kindergarten teacher). However, when Shin-chan takes off her glasses, her vision becomes blurred and a personality change takes place; she becomes very aggressive and fearless as shown in her first appearance episode "The New Teacher Acts Weird" (新しい先生は変わってるゾ Atarashii Sensei wa Kawatteru zo?). Her condition is somewhat similar to Launch from the Dragon Ball series. She has a fixation with Kuroiso, but the motivation behind it changes between the manga and the anime from one of admiration to one of romance.
Shiizou Atsukuru (熱繰 椎造 Atsukuru Shiizō?)
Voice: Kazunari Tanaka
Newest Futaba Kindergarten staff member. Age 22. He first appeared in an episode aired on August 26, 2005. He can literally be on fire at his own discretion, which is his key personality trait in the show. His name is a reflection of this as it is wordplay on the expression "atsukurushii zo!" (暑苦しいぞ!), which means "It's sweltering!". He is a teacher in training for the Sunflower Class. At first, many of the students were taken aback and annoyed at his passionate way of teaching things but they grew to love him in the end.
Bunta Takakura (高倉 文太 Takakura Bunta?, Principal Enzo (phuuz), Gang Leader Sir (Hungama))
Voice: Rokurō Naya
The principal of Futaba Kindergarten, he's often referred to as "Enchō" (園長?), which means "Kindergarten/Nursery School Principal." His Yakuza-like appearance is often misunderstood by the people in the neighborhood and even within the students of the kindergarten in some occasions, which often acts as a recurring joke in the series (often worsened by Shin-chan by calling him "Kumichō" (組長 Godfather?)). Actually he has a tender heart and good attitude. He masqueraded as a superhero called Enchoman but Shin-chan easily found out his true identity. He is shown to like women's wrestling in one episode. His name is based on actors Bunta Sugawara and Ken Takakura, both famous for their Yakuza roles in movies.
Mrs. Takakura (高倉夫人 Takakura-fujin?)
Voice: Roko Takizawa
She is Takakura's wife and the Futaba Kindergarten Vice Principal.

Kindergarten children's guardians

Moeko Sakurada (ネネちゃんのママ Sakurada Moeko)?) "Patty"
Voice: Shōko Saitō→Junko Hagimori (Ep. 98 and on)
Nene-chan's mother. Age 28. She is easily irritated by Shin-chan, whom she despises, and Misae because she always seems to rub her the wrong way whenever they meet. She has a very strange way of expressing her anger; she beats up a very large stuffed rabbit when in private. Her psychologically-questionable behavior is sometimes seen by others (including her daughter Nene-chan), and those who see her have sweat drops on their head (including the abused stuffed rabbit) and are very intimidated by it (except, of course, for Shin-chan). When she's not angry, she looks like a normal person. Her abusive actions towards stuffed rabbits was passed down from her mother, which she passed down to Nene-chan.
Nene's Father (ネネちゃんのパパ Nene-chan no Papa?)
Voice: Shinya Ōtaki
He is considered to have a cool personality. He likes to go to cherry blossom festivals and often invites the Nohara family, much to his wife's chagrin.
Kazama's mother (風間くんのママ Kazama-kun no mama ?)
Voice: Sakiko Tamagawa
Kazama-kun's mother. She has the appearance of a rich man's wife. She has her son Kazama-kun do many extracurricular activities such as learning English, playing piano, swimming, jazz dancing etc. She also likes to try to make younger men swoon by her looks and fashion. Unlike Nene's mother, Kazama-kun's mother is not unruffled by Shin-chan easily, and prefers to stay out of his way when they happen to meet.
Kazama's Father (風間くんのパパ Kazama-kun no Papa?)
Voice: Junichi Kanemaru
He is a salaried worker at a corporation, or as it is more commonly called, a "salaryman." Apparently richer than most of Shin-chan's friends' parents, he has traveled abroad several times, and is rarely at home because of it. He has a very easy going attitude and gets along fine with everyone including the Nohara family.
Masao's Mother (マサオくんのママ Masao-kun no Mama?)
Voice: Tomoko Ōtsuka
She is a little plump. Her face looks almost identical to that of Masao-kun. She plays tennis.
Bo's Mother (ボーちゃんのママ Bō-chan no Mama?)
She has appeared only once in the comic books and never on TV. Shin-chan, Kazama-kun, Nene-chan, and Masao-kun have tried to imagine what she looked like.
Kuroiso/Hideki (黒磯 Kuroiso?)
Voice: Fumihiko Tachiki
Ai-chan's bodyguard and driver. He always wears a black business suit and sunglasses, akin to Secret Service agents. He is very obedient to Ai-chan's orders because she blackmails him with disclosing the misdeeds he has done when he thought no one was watching (such as accidentally breaking one of her parent's priceless pieces of art and using super-glue to repair it) such as one time when Ai-chan ordered him to find leafs that has fallen during autumn (which result in him being hospitalized when he slipped while catching a beautiful leaf hanging on top of a tree branch) . He has dated Miss Ageo, a Futaba kindergarten teacher. He hides while Ai-chan is in class (for example, in the top of the playfield's trees), but Shin-chan always finds his hiding place.

Nanako's family and friends

Nanako Oohara (大原 ななこ Ōhara Nanako?)
Voice: Sayuri (Japanese), Stephanie Young (English)
The college girl with whom Shin-chan is in love. The first time they met was when Shin-chan was strolling in the neighborhood and got something in his eye. Nanako took it out for him. Since then, they have kept in contact. Nanako is the only girl that is unruffled by Shin-chan's behavior, and the only one Shin-chan tries to behave for, even being shy and blushing around her. She dreams of being a kindergarten teacher.
Shijuurou Oohara (大原 四十郎 Ōhara Shijūrō?)
Voice: Mugihito
Nanako's father. He is a famous author of many popular books. He is overprotective of his daughter and worries too much about her. He is often seen to disrupt any important matters at hand whenever he has the most extremely subtle (false) hint that Nanako may be in trouble. He disapproves of Shin-chan's love for his daughter though they both band together in keeping an eye on her.
Shinobu Kandadori (神田鳥 忍 Kandadori Shinobu?)
Voice: Mizuki Ōtsuka
Nanako's college friend. In The Hindi version, her name is Ninja. She hopes to become a professional wrestler. She likes to kiss Shin-chan, who often faints. Her name is based on real-life wrestler Shinobu Kandori.

Saitama Crimson Scorpions

A gang of high school girls who run into Shin-chan often, with dire consequences. Supposedly their gang rivals other girl gangs. Shin-chan himself believes them to be an aspiring group of comedians.

"Flytrap" Ryuko (ふかづめ 竜子 Fukazume Ryūko?)
Voice: Kazue Ikura
Leader of the clique. Age 17. Her title in the Malay translation is "Dragon Claw Ryuko" or "Short-nailed Ryuko". She is a tough fighter and behaves righteously towards her friends. Her violent and brash behaviour undermines her gentle and kind side, and despite being the leader of a female gang, shows a surprising amount of genial traits. Has a secret hobby of dressing up as a Sailor Moon character. She also has a huge crush on Shin-chan's father Hiroshi, despite knowing that Hiroshi is married to Misae. Fukazume is actually her nickname of sorts meaning "Rough 'n Ready" (according to the Hawaiian versions of the TV series). Her real name is Ryuko Okegawa (桶川 竜子 Okegawa Ryūko?).
"Fish-eyed" Ogin (魚の目 お銀 Uo-no-me Ogin?)
Voice: Midori Nakazawa→Chizuko Hoshino
Member of the clique who always wears a mask with an "X" on it, thus earning her nickname "Fish-eyed Ogin" (the X resembles the eye of a dead fish). She is taciturn. Despite her somewhat fearsome demeanor, she possesses a kind side, shown in an episode where she helps out her sick mother. Her face was revealed when Himawari playfully took off her mask.
"Rash" Mary (ふきでものマリー Fukidemo no Marī?)
Voice: Akiko Muta
Another member of the clique, who is fat and clumsy. Her title in the Malay translation of the manga is "Pimple-Mary." She often helps her friends despite her inability to fight.

Family friends and acquaintances

Hiroshi's co-workers

Kawaguchi (川口 Kawaguchi?)
Voice: Daiki Nakamura
Hiroshi is his senior, or senpai, so Kawaguchi always looks up to him almost to the point of him thinking that Hiroshi can do no wrong. They often go out drinking and to lunch together.
Yumi (ゆみ Yumi?)
Voice: Emi MotoiMasako Miura
The office girl that works in Hiroshi's section. Hiroshi has a crush on her and often dreams of her, but these dreams are usually turned into nightmares through his fear of Misae, which manifests itself in some way in the dreams, or by some external agitation such as Shinnosuke's or Himawari's prodding.

Misae's and Hiroshi's friends

Keiko Honda (本田 ケイコ Honda Keiko?)
Voice: Minami Takayama
She's been Misae's good friend since middle school. Age 29. Her nickname is "Okei", so Shin-chan calls her "Okei-obasan" (Aunt Okei) She marries Satoshi, who is 7 years younger.
Satoshi Honda (本田 悟史 Honda Satoshi?)
Voice: Shiina Nagano→Takuma Suzuki
Keiko's husband. Age 21. He loves anime and owns many Action Kamen movies and action figures.
Hitoshi Honda (本田 ひとし Honda Hitoshi?)
Voice: Yuri Amano, Wasabi Mizuta (stand-in)
Keiko and Satoshi's baby son. Age 3 months. His nickname is "Hito-kun." He is always smiling. In the manga version, he has grown a little and goes to swimming school. He appears to be younger than Himawari, but was born before her.
Yoshiko (よしこ Yoshiko?)
Voice: Yūko Mizutani
Misae's old friend who is a manga artist.

Kasukabe residents

Senora Kitamoto (北本 Kitamoto Senora?)
Voice: Reiko Suzuki
Nohara family's neighbor. She loves to gossip so she is frequently seen to be chatting with Misae. She also took in Shiro while the Nohara's had to move to the apartment.
Robert McGuire (ロベルト マクガイヤー Roberuto Makugaiyā?)
Voice: Yukitoshi Hori
Senora's nephew. Senora's older sister married an American and their son is Robert, who sometimes stays at Senora's house. Shin-chan calls him "Beruto-kun." At first, he couldn't speak any Japanese at all so he would misunderstand everything and was naive to Japanese culture so he took everything Shin-chan would tell him about it at face value. He once had a crush on Nanako. He teaches English at an eikaiwa school. Even though he is half-Japanese, he carries the facial features the show almost always shows foreigners having - blonde haired, blue eyed, and a pointy nose.
Yoshirin Hatogaya (鳩ヶ谷 ヨシりん Hatogaya Yoshirin?)
Voice: Daisuke Sakaguchi
The Nohara family's other neighbor, affectionately known as Yocchi. Yocchi and his wife Micchī meet Shin-chan's family for the first time on a trip to Hawaii. After the trip, they moved next door to Shin-chan's family. They display their affection towards one another as well as always having a very effervescent attitude, which contrasts with earlier Japanese generations. He and his wife are always wearing matching clothes and they are easily excited by new things. The pair were originally a one shot appearance with the same name and mannerisms, but with a completely different and mature look. Their re-introduction as semi-regular characters on the show saw a revamp in their appearance.
Micchi Hatogaya (鳩ヶ谷 ミッチー Hatogaya Micchī?)
Voice: Fumie Kusae→Makiko Ōmoto
Yoshirin's wife. She likes to watch horror movies (to her husband's chagrin) and collects stuffed dinosaurs. Whenever she and Yocchi have a fight (often over the silliest things), they both end going to the Nohara's for advice and often reconcile while the Nohara's fight (often due to Yocchi and Micchi's argument) by deciding they don't want to become like Hiroshi and Misae.

Matazuresou residents

The Nohara family once moved into apartments called Matazuresou (またずれ荘 Matazuresō?). They were forced to move out when the house was being reconstructed after a gas explosion that destroyed the house completely. The name literally translates to "It looks like it will fall apart again." A real apartment complex in Kobe was named Matazuresou since the owner was a big fan of this comic.

Nushiyo Ooya (大家 主代 Ōya Nushiyo?)
Voice: Kōko Kagawa
She is the landowner. She has very strict rules such as being very quiet in the corridors and not allowing pets. She spends her free time piling her collection of dentures into a tower. Her cold attitude toward children can be attributed to the fact that her husband and her 3-year-old daughter died in a traffic accident 30 years ago.
Yonro (四郎 Yonrō?)
Voice: Toshiharu Sakurai
He lives next door from Shin-chan's family at room 201. He attended Tokyo Kasukabe University, not Tokyo University as Misae had mistakenly believed. Misae and Hiroshi frequently invited him over to fancy dinners at their house being very supportive of him so that one day when Yonro goes into a successful political career, he would thank them with lots of money and gifts. When Misae and Hiroshi found out that he wasn't attending Tokyo University, they practically abandoned him. He has visited Shin-chan's family when they moved back into their old house. He works at a supermarket as a part-time job.
Atsuko Kutsuzoko (屈底 厚子 Kutsuzoko Atsuko?)
Voice: Hiromi Ishikawa
She is an 18-year-old mother. Her actions and style reflect the Japanese younger generation.
Atsumi Kutsuzoko (屈底 アツミ Kutsuzoko Atsumi?)
Voice: Saori Sugimoto
Atsuko's 2-year-old daughter. She usually dresses in the same fashions as her mother and is prone to nose picking.
Atsushi Kutsuzoko (屈底 アツシ Kutsuzoko Atsushi?)
Atsuko's husband. He is a truck driver (He doesn't appear in the anime).
Kyuji Oda (汚田 急痔 Oda Kyūji?)
Voice: Jun Fukuyama
An undercover police officer who works with Kyousuke on a narcotics control case. He rents room 204, although he does not actually live there. He and Kyousuke have gone to Shin-chan's kindergarten to teach the children street smarts (He and Kyousuke rent room 205 instead in the manga). He and his partner pose as father and son so as not to draw suspicion.
Kyousuke Nigariya (にがりや 京助 Nigariya Kyōsuke?)
Voice: Takkō Ishimori
An undercover police officer who works with Kyuji.
Yuu Yakutsukuri (役津栗 優 Yakutsukuri Yū?)
Voice: Makiko Ōmoto
The resident of 203 who wants to be an actress. Constantly wears bizarre costumes in order to practice for auditions.

TV stars and fictional characters

Action Mask TV series

Action Mask (アクション仮面 Akushon Kamen?, Masked Muchacho (phuuz))
Voice: Tesshō Genda
Shin-chan's favorite live action superhero who comes from the "Action Planet" (アクション星). Action Mask is a spoof of Japan's tokusatsu shows (most notably, the Kamen Rider Series' shows). In the European Spanish version he is called Ultrahéroe (Ultrahero) as there he is considered a knock-off of the Ultraman series. Action Mask finishes his enemies off in the same fashion as Ultraman with a beam attack known as the "Action Beam". In The Netherlands he is called Gemaskerde Muchacho. He is called Action Kamen in the Hindi version. His episodes are shown as a show within a show.
Gotarō Gō (郷 剛太郎 Gō Gotarō?)
Action Mask's alter ego. When not engaged in saving the world, he is a movie stuntman.
Mimiko Sakura (桜 ミミ子 Sakura Mimiko?)
Voice: Etsuko Kozakura
Action Mask's young sidekick. She provides Action Mask with weapons and information, though she more often than not gets herself captured in the process.
Professor Gō (郷博士 Gō Hakase?)
Voice: Rokurō Naya
The inventor of Action Mask's weapons and vehicles to fight evil. When not inventing, he spends much of his time in the bathroom due to constipation.
MekeMeke Z (メケメケZ MekeMeke Z?)
Voice: Takeshi Aono
Action Mask's archenemy and leader of the Black MekeMeke Group (ブラックメケメケ団). He's an advanced intelligent robot with his own equivalent of Action Mask's techniques.
Eagle Head (イーグルヘッド Iguru Heddo?)
Voice: Jūrōta Kosugi
The leader of the Sparrow Group (スズメ団) whom Action Mask encounters during the "Action Mask Fever" story arc.

Kantam Robo Anime Series

Kantam Robo (カンタムロボ Kantamu Robo?)
Voice: Shinya Ōtaki
Shin-chan's favorite anime character. Kantam Robo parodies the mecha anime genre. The name "Kantam" is a spoof on the Gundam name, as the Katakana characters ga (?) and da (?) in "Gundam" (ガンダム Gandamu?) are replaced with the characters ka (?) and ta (?), respectively and his look appears to have been inspired by such early mecha anime such as Tetsujin 28-go and Mazinger Z. Kantam is actually made up of two units - one is the main robot and the other is an identical smaller robot which pilots the main robot. Additionally, the main robot can transform into two forms. His main attack is the "Kantam Punch". Like Action Mask, his adventures are shown within a Shin-chan episode.
John Yamada (山田ジョン Yamada Jyon?)
Voice: Yoshiko Matsuo
Kantam's human partner. He helps the smaller Kantam pilot the main robot. He is also necessary for Kantam to change form.
President Gilkilos (ギルキロス大統領 Girukirosu Daitōryō?)
Voice: Takeshi WatabeTakeshi Aono
The main antagonist of the anime and the leader of the Midnight Secret Society (秘密結社ミッドナイト).
Kaizam Robo (カイザムロボ Kaizamu Robo?)
Voice: Kōji Ishii
Kantam's older brother and rival working for President Gilkilos and Midnight.

SHIN-MEN Characters

SHIN-MEN is Crayon Shin-chan's take on the five person tokusatsu programs like the Super Sentai Series with five members that all look like Shin-Chan fighting the evil TON-MEN (who all look like Buriburizaemon) in an alternate reality signified by a markedly different style of animation.

Fire SHIN-MEN Gou (ファイヤーSHIN-MEN ゴゥ Faiyaa SHIN-MEN Gou?)
Voice: Keiko Toda
This character's personality is closest to the "real world" Shin-Chan. He thinks crime fighting is boring and is lazy in general, but when a young lady is involved he will fight with all of his heart as well as do mundane tasks with speed and efficiency in order to impress her. As his name implies, he commands the element of fire.
Wind SHIN-MEN Hyuu (ウィンドSHIN-MEN ヒュー Uindo SHIN-MEN Hyuu?)
Voice: Takahiro Mizushima
Probably the most heroic of the SHIN-MEN and de facto leader of the group. He's a stand-up, no nonsense boy who commands the power of wind. This allows him free flight.
Iron SHIN-MEN Can (アイアンSHIN-MEN カン Aian SHIN-MEN Kan?)
Voice: Mitsuki Saiga
Another heroic SHIN-MEN whose iron body can configure itself into different vehicles. He chooses toughness over finesse and therefore usually rushes into a situation without thinking.
Water SHIN-MEN Sui (ウォーターSHIN-MEN スィ Uootaa SHIN-MEN Sui?)
Voice: Yukiji
This member is a bit of a joker and has an eye for the ladies like Gou, but doesn't use them as an ulterior motive for fighting. He can use and control water as a weapon as long as he is hydrated. When he doesn't get enough water, he shrinks down.
Plant SHIN-MEN Nyoki (プラントSHIN-MEN ニョキ?)
Voice: Hiroyuki Yoshino
This member can use and spawn plants in battle, but like Sui, his powers are dependent upon water. A lack of water causes him to shrivel up and become ineffectual.
Piroshi (ピロシ Piroshi?)
Voice: Keiji Fujiwara
This reality's iteration of Hiroshi except that he's a single man and owner of a ramen shop. He takes care of Gou, however, because he is too lazy to take care of himself.

Other Characters

Buriburizaemon (ぶりぶりざえもん Buriburizaemon?)
Voice: Kaneto Shiozawa
A talking "heroic" but actually quite cowardly, lazy, treacherous, and funny pig that appears in some of the episodes and chapters about ancient Japan. The character is a product of Shin-chan's imagination, but carries on as though he is a popular character. His appearances are limited, due to the fact that his voice actor, Kaneto Shiozawa, died in 2000, and the character has not had a speaking part until 2010 when the character appears in the alternate reality "SHIN-MEN" episodes as a group of 5 evil clones called "TON-MEN".
Magical Girl Moe-P (ま・ほー少女もえP Mahō Shōjo Moe Pī?)
Voice: Sakura Nogawa
A moe-driven magical girl parody. Kazama-kun has a secret obsession with the character.
Shinobu Sakai (酒井 しのぶ Sakai Shinobu?)
Voice: Miki ItōKumiko Nishihara
A college student who has held many part-time jobs to put herself through college, only to lose them often due to Shin-chan's antics. She absolutely despises him, but due to her frequent jobs involving customer service, she has to put up with him. She finally takes up a job in the lost child department of the Action Departmental Store.
Kenta Musashino (武蔵野 剣太 Musashino Kenta?)
Voice: Kenji Nojima
Shin-chan's Kendo Master. Age 34. He first appeared in the April 26, 2003 episode "I'm a Kendo Master!" (オラは剣の達人だゾ Ora wa Ken no Tatsujin da zo,?) to teach Shin-chan the ways of Kendo. Has a habit of always stepping into dog feces whenever he walks away.
Razaya Dan (団 羅座也 Dan Razaya?)
Voice: Chafurin
A newscaster whose show Misae often watches. His name comes from Dan Rather.
Usuto Yoshii (よしい うすと Yoshii Usuto?)
Voice: Takaya Hashi
A famous manga artist who lives in the same neighborhood as Shin-chan. He often gets ideas from Shin-chan. Masao-kun is a huge fan of his. His name comes from series creator Yoshito Usui.
Yoshito Usui (臼井儀人 Usui Yoshito?)
The creator of the Crayon Shin-Chan manga who sometimes makes cameo appearances in the movies and the TV shows. In the feature length movies, his character is young looking, effervescent, and dresses up in gaudy suits while singing karaoke. He is either seen practicing for a karaoke event or is asking directions to get to a karaoke event. His cameos always lead to him being punched in the face by Hiroshi or Misae.
Shinko-chan (しんこちゃん Shinko-chan?)
Voice: Ayumi Sena
A strange girl from the future with the same facial features as Shin-chan. She has a slightly creepy demeanor, but is the opposite of Shin-chan in many ways as she is tactful, empathetic, and sees the good qualities in the people she meets. Himawari treats Shinko as her best friend. Her coming is always heralded by dark clouds in the shape of coiled feces.


This is the list of Crayon Shin-chan's characters as they are presented in the Adult Swim dub produced by FUNimation.

Nohara family

Shin [2]
He is the main character, a kindergarten-aged boy whose antics are the basis for the series. The website describes Shin as "Sort of a Calvin and Hobbes with a greater fascination for bathroom humor and puns."[3] Voiced by Laura Bailey.
The mother of the Nohara family, and its caretaker. She commonly beats Shin-chan for calling her flat chested, fat or cheap. Mitzi is also notorious for inflicting comically brutal violence on Hiro whenever she gets very angry. She is stashing her money to get breast implants, a running joke not found in the Japanese version. Voiced by Cynthia Cranz.
Father of the Nohara family, and its sole source of income. He and his wife bicker on many different things, from how little he gets for spending money every month, to whose turn it is to give the baby a bath. Voiced by Chuck Huber.
The youngest child of the Nohara family. A precocious and vibrant infant. While technically newborn, her character has matured and grown more intelligent during her stay in the series. She possess a palpable lust for shiny objects (jewels and precious metals) and brand-name goods. She emulates her mother in her utterly stubborn pursuit of handsome young men who catch her eye. In her family she is an icon of adoration and annoyance, causing trouble she cannot be blamed for given her infantile innocence.. It was revealed that she was birthed due to a broken condom that Hiro tried to fix with tape but to no avail. Voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.
A white, fluffy puppy owned by the Noharas. While a beloved member of the family, he is the subject of neglect thanks to his owner's forgetfulness and short attention-span. He is a very intelligent dog, often presenting logic and intellect that surpasses his human owners. As his meals from the Noharas are at best inconsistent, and at worst far-between, he has developed a venerable talent for foraging and scavenging to survive days without meals. An oddly human like dog, he is very responsible and painstakingly careful. An added feature to the FUNimation version is that we occasionally hear Whitey's thoughts through a British voice over. This is not present in the Japanese version, where he only can speak through special means, such as machines that allow him to talk, or in dream sequences. His British voice is played by Chris Cason.

Mitzi's family

Yoshiji Koyama
Mitzi's father. Age 63. He has made appearances in several of Shin-chan's episodes. He is seen to have much higher standards of public decorum than Hiroshi's father Ginnosuke. This uptight behavior of his sometimes becomes the subject of jokes for Shin-chan and a clash of style between him and Ginnosuke. In one episode, however, he found out that both Shin-chan and Ginnosuke liked him. Voiced by John Swasey.
Hisae Koyama
Mitzi's mother. Age 58. Her appearances in Shin-chan's episodes are usually with her husband. In the FUNimation dub, she has constant thoughts about wanting to commit suicide. Voiced by Wendy Powell.

Hiro's family

Ginnosuke Nohara
Hiroshi's father. Age 65. Like his son and his grandson, Shin-chan, he enjoys looking at pretty young women. He also likes to do weird things and rituals with his grandson. His appearance in the show is relatively more common than other minor characters. As with Shin, he is affectionately called Gin. It is noted that he "roamed" the countryside on a motorcycle when he was younger. Voiced by Sonny Strait.

Shin's friends

Georgie Herbert Walker Prescott III

Shin's ultra-conservative Japanese American friend. He is also a Republican, making him the writers' outlet for political humor. Voiced by Brina Palencia.
Penny Milfer
Shin's female classmate and friend. She loves to play house in which divorces and arguments are very common. She has the same character as her mother and she is often seen releasing her frustrations on a helpless stuffed bunny. Penny lives in an abusive household, leading her to write disturbing plays about what goes on between her parents. She tries to shy away from her troubled life at home through games where she fantasizes herself to be a queen or to be happily married to one of the boys, but they are always interrupted and ruined by Ai, whom she cannot stand. Voiced by Carrie Savage
Maso Sato
Maso Sato is one of Shin-chan's friends. He is known to be a scaredy cat, and a bit of a cry baby. He is portrayed as having mildly effeminate/homosexual tendencies. Maso is usually the butt of the show's homosexual jokes since he often makes innocent comments that ironically sound homosexual in a different context. Maso is in love with Ai and gets furious whenever Shin rebuffs Ai's advances. The Funimation website says that Maso is like "Linus without his blanket."[3] Voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard
Another of Shin-chan's friends, he seems slow and expressionless. He always has a trail of snot running down his nose (He never wipes it away because he thinks that it's "the source of his power"). He is portrayed as a stupid kid who often says nonsensical things like a sufferer from Tourette Syndrome. For example, when Penny asked why would someone would call Shin's ramshackle apartment "Falling Apartments", Boo responded by saying "I'd call it Boo eats soda and likes lamps." He likes to collect pet rocks, his favorite one being one he calls "Phillip." The FUNimation website says that Boo is "sort of like Dim from Clockwork Orange, or Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh,- without the depression."[3] Voiced by Chris Cason.
Ai Suotome
Ai is from an extremely rich family and happened to be enrolled in to the kindergarten at Kasukabe. She is always seen riding in a black limousine and with her bodyguard, Mr.K. Many boys fell in love with her except Shin-chan. Instead, she fell in love with Shin-chan. Maso likes her very much, but Ai almost never pays attention to him, but makes him act as her pet when she does. Her wealthy status has been magnified to absurd standards for comedy. She also goes out of her way to make Penny miserable by ruining her games where she tries to "marry" one of the boys. For example, when Penny tried to fall in love with Maso, Ai pretended to love him for as short while just so he would ignore Penny. Voiced by Monica Rial.
The college girl with whom Shin-chan is in love. Age 20. Nanako is the only girl that is unruffled by Shin-chan's behavior, and the only one Shin-chan tries to behave for, even being shy and blushing around her. This belies his true thoughts towards Nanako, which are more perverted, imagining scenes where he wants to touch her breasts. Voiced by Stephanie Young.

Shin's friends' family/guardians

Patty Milfer
Penny's mother. Age 28. She is easily irritated by Shin, taking her anger out on a stuffed rabbit known as Happiness Bunny, a trait which she has picked up from her mother, which in turn was picked up by Penny. Another factor towards her fustrations is the constant off-screen physical (And sometimes sexual) abuse from her husband. In one episode, she tries to escape her misery by fleeing the country and abandoning Penny, but her attempt is foiled by Shin.

As of the end of season 2, Mr. Milfer went through anger management and ended his abusive cycle. Since then, Patty has been found to actually crave the physical abuse and contantly looks for it through her daughter's friends and their families.

Bill Milfer
Penny's unseen father was an abusive husband. Near the end of season two's run, he went through anger management which put an end to his abusiveness.
Barbara Walker
Georgie's mother.
Maso's Mother
Maso's mother has not been of much significance in the dub, only making two minor appearances.
Mr. K
Ai's bodyguard and driver. He always wears a black tuxedo suit and sunglasses. He is very obedient to Ai's orders. Most of time its because she had found out his dark deeds (such as accidentally breaking one of her parent's priceless pieces of art and using super-glue to reattach it). He hides while Ai is in class in the playground's trees. Voiced by Christopher Sabat.

Kasukabe residents

The Nohara family's neighbor. She loves to talk and gossip so she is frequently seen to be chatting with Mitzi. She also took in Whitey while the Noharas had to move to the apartment.
Robert is an albino French character with a sharp French accent sent to Yuka through a website to keep her company.
The Nohara family's other neighbor. He and his wife are always wearing matching clothes. They are in constant debt due to their constant spending and need to have all the new things, and have adopted habits to run out on bills and look for sleazy, cheap buildings to live in. Yoshirin collected hentai at one point, much to his wife's dismay. Voiced by Eric Vale.
Yoshirin's wife. Voiced by Luci Christian.

Super Happy Fun Time American School

In the Japanese anime, the school is called Futaba Kindergarten (ふたば幼稚園 Futaba Yōchien?, named after the comics publisher, Futabasha). In the English-language FUNimation anime, it is renamed to Super Happy Fun Time American School. FUNimation head writer Jared Hedges states that the Americanization of the school was done to use the characters as an outlet for American humor and references while keeping the show location in Japan.

School staff

Miss Anderson
Shin-chan's teacher. Age 24. She is always in bitter rivalry with Miss Katz, who doubted the existence of her boyfriend Doyle. Voiced by Caitlin Glass.

Miss Anderson's boyfriend. Age 24. In the Funimation dub, he is portrayed as a closet telepath and popcorn salesman, who is on parole for an unknown crime. He struggles with embarrassingly large amounts of night flatulence, and the fact that his telepathy has weakened after mistakenly sticking his finger into an electrical socket.

Rachel Katz (Rebecca Katz)
Arch-rival of Miss Anderson teacher of the Rose class. Age 24. Single. Voiced by Clarine Harp.
Miss Polly
A teacher at the Futaba Kindergarten. Age 23. She is a kinky nymphomaniac who has had secret off-screen sexual relations with Principal Ench, Miss Katz, Miss Anderson, and Mr. K. Voiced by Jamie Marchi
Principal Bernoulli Ench
The principal of Super Happy Fun Time American School. As one of the biggest changes to the FUNimation version, he was given a new backstory not present in the Japanese version. Ench was born in Cuba of both Peruvian and Gypsy decent. He originally managed a cockfighting operation with chickens, but later took up an interest in entertaining children as a magician. This ended in tragedy, as during one performance he accidentally killed/castrasted scores of audience members. He then became principal of the school, and to make amends for the trouble he caused during his magic years he became the superhero "Ench-man", which he later gave up when Shin found out his secret and told everyone. Voiced by Jason Liebrecht.
The Flamer
The newest member of the Super Happy Fun Time American School. He is the coach of recess and is a mutant who can light himself on fire at will. Voiced by Todd Haberkorn

Falling Apartments residents

There was a time when the Nohara family moved into apartments complex. They were forced to move out when the house was being reconstructed after a gas explosion that destroyed the house completely and left nothing but dirt in its lot.

She is the landowner of the whole building of apartments and so all rent payments went to her. She has very strict rules such as being very quiet in the corridors and not allowing pets. She spends her free time piling her collection of dentures into a tower. She is also referred to as "the Manlady" a pun on her homely appearance and position of power as Landlady.
He lives next door from Shin-chan's family at room 201. He is a sci-fi and RPG nerd, making numerous pop-culture references. He attempts at trying to get into Kaskubae Tech, but keeps failing the entrance exam (which is writing your name). Voiced by Christopher R. Sabat.
She is an 19-year-old American mother of a 7-year-old daughter. Voiced by Tiffany Grant.
She is the 7 year old daughter of Summer with dwarfism and refers to things that are bad or she doesn't like as "ghetto" (example: "Starving is ghetto!"). Voiced by Leah Clark.
Barnie Ota
An undercover police officer who works with Kyousuke on a stakeout. He rents room 204, although he does not actually live there. They pose as a homosexual couple as their cover.
Ken Nakatomi
Barnie's partner; he comes up with the homosexual cover story on the spot when confronted by Shin, much to his partner's dismay.
She is the resident of room 203 who wants to become an actress. In her first appearance in, she confused the Nohara family by portraying herself as an abusive man and an attractive woman before they found out her true identity. Voiced by Jennifer Green.

TV stars and fictional characters

Action Bastard characters

Action Bastard
Shin's favorite live action superhero. Action Bastard is a spoof of Japan's tokusatsu shows (most notably, the Kamen Rider Series' shows). There are many sexual innuendoes, such as villains named "Doctor Enema" or "The Corn-Holer".

Action Bastard often tries to sell products on his show to his viewers, such as his numerous food items like Crunchy Bastard Chips, and will attempt to scare the viewers into buying it. For example, he may tell the kids watching that it's their fault if the world ends tomorrow, or telling them they'll die if they don't buy them. His secret identity is Bruce Bastard, and for a brief while had a special Slot Belt which gave him a powered-up mode known as "Lucky Bastard Fever." Voiced by Troy Baker.

Loli Pop
Action Bastard's young sidekick in combatting enemies. She is seen to deliver crucial weapons to Action Bastard or give him instructions for new moves. In episode 41, Loli gains new powers that parody Sailor Moon and the magical girl genre, renaming herself Jailbait Poon. Voiced by Kate Oxley.
Loli Pop's lover who appears in the Lucky Bastard Fever serial. He was brainwashed by Doctor Hitlerclone into becoming the evil Flying Pecker. Voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas.
Doctor Hitlerclone
The antagonist of the Lucky Bastard Fever serial. His name comes from the fact that he resembles Adolf Hitler.

Other characters

Yaz Heiress
A moe-driven magical girl parody. She is supposedly rich from her dead father's inheritance, spreading the message "Money makes life happy!" to girls everywhere. Georgie has a secret obsession with the character.
Happiness Bunny

A stuffed rabbit owned by Penny and her mother who was told that "life is nothing but pain" when he was created in a sweatshop by a Chinese boy. It soon believed this to be true when Penny and her mother started using it as a punching bag to vent out their anger. There were two occurrences where it somehow came to life at the light of a red moon, during which it exacts revenge on Penny and her mother for all the pain and abuse they cause him. Voiced by Jerry Jewell.

Kenta Musashino
Shin's Kendo Master. Age 34. He has a habit of always stepping into dog feces whenever he walks away. He's a paranoid schizophrenic whom suffers for strange, misogynistic delusions, and believes in his own ridiculous prophecy that Shin is "Dildor", a fabled hero who is destined to destroy "Sluteris, the Bug Queen". Voiced by Travis Willingham.


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  • List of barcode games — Barcode games are games that use barcodes, usually to enter characters and items for use in the game.A list of barcode games is: *Barcode Battler *Barcode Battler II *Barcode Eleven *Barcode Battler Senki (uses Barcode Battler II and Barcode… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyborg Kuro-chan — The first volume of Cyborg Kuro chan, released in Japan on 6 February 1998. サイボーグクロちゃん ( …   Wikipedia

  • Kamen Rider Den-O — This article is about the television series. For the series main character, see Kamen Rider Den O (character). Kamen Rider Den O Title screen Genre Tokusatsu …   Wikipedia

  • Tesshō Genda — Born Mitsuo Yokoi May 20, 1948 (1948 05 20) (age 63) Okayama Prefecture, Japan Occupation Actor, voice actor Years active 1972 present …   Wikipedia

  • Adult Swim — Current Adult Swim logo used as of May 25, 2003 Launched September 2, 2001 March 27, 2005 (programming block) March 28, 2005 present (cable network) Network Cartoon Network ( …   Wikipedia

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