Editor-in-Chief James Keast
Categories Music
Film Reviews
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 104,402
Publisher Ian Danzig
First issue 1991
Company 1059434 Ontario Inc.
Country Canada
Based in Toronto, Ontario
Language English
Website exclaim.ca
ISSN 1207-6600

Exclaim! is a monthly Canadian music magazine that features in-depth coverage of new music across all genres with special focus on Canadian and cutting-edge artists. Content is based on the monthly print publication, publishes 11 issues per year, distributing over 100,000 copies to over 2,600 locations across Canada.[1]

With the decision of Chart (magazine) to cease publication of its newsstand edition in January 2009, Exclaim! is now Canada's only nationally-distributed general interest music magazine operating as a print publication.



Exclaim! began as a discussion among college radio programmers at Ryerson's CKLN-FM in 1991. The goal of the publication was to support the great Canadian music that was otherwise going unheralded. Started by Ian Danzig along with fellow programmers and local Toronto musicians, the group worked through 1991 to produce their first issue at the beginning of 1992, with monthly issues being produced ever since.

The magazine is distributed as a free publication in bars, record stores, libraries, and coffee shops, in a manner similar to an alternative weekly newspaper, although it also offers mail delivery subscriptions.[2] With Chart's decision to cease publication of its newsstand edition in January 2009, Exclaim! is now Canada's only nationally-distributed general interest music magazine operating as a print publication.

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The magazine's website, exclaim.ca, also features reviews, interviews and profiles not found in the print publication. Exclaim.ca features a news page that is constantly updated with the latest news in music and music-related culture. The site reaches 211,000 unique users every month.[3] The website also features Exclaim! TV, which includes weekly instalments of video interviews with musicians, as well as a section titled Click Hear where readers can be guided to the latest music released on the internet. Along with music reviews, exclaim.ca includes reviews of films, DVDs, music DVDs, concerts, and video games. The magazine's website also has a section for contests where readers can enter for a chance to win various music-related prizes.


It also publishes !earshot, a supplement that serves as the official monthly chart publication of the National Campus and Community Radio Association. !earshot publishes monthly charts in Exclaim and also publishes week Top 50 and specialty charts at www.earshot-online.com.

In February 2009, Exclaim participated with CBC Radio 3 and aux.tv to launch X3, a new collaborative cross-promotional platform which sees all three outlets air or publish feature content spotlighting a particular "Artist of the Month". These artists are featured on the cover of Exclaim's monthly issue. X3 artists of the month have included K'naan, Malajube, Thunderheist, Japandroids, Apostle of Hustle, You Say Party! We Say Die! and The Rural Alberta Advantage.[4]


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