China National Highway 106

China National Highway 106

China National Highway 106 shield

China National Highway 106
Major junctions
From: Beijing
To: Guangzhou
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China National Highway 106 (G106; Chinese: 106国道, 106 Guo Dao) is a road from Beijing to Guangzhou.

It leaves Beijing at Yuquanying and heads to Gu'an, Bazhou (Hebei), Kaifeng (Henan), Ezhou (Hubei), and eventually Guangzhou (Guangdong) on the south China coast.

Within the Huangshi prefecture-level city In eastern Hubei (from near Ezhou and to the Jiangxi border), G106 coincides with G316.

Route and distance

G106 in Gu'an, Hebei (August 2004 image)
1284 km from Beijing (near Daye, Hubei)
Combined G106/G316 forms the main street of many villages in Yangxin County, Hubei
Near junction with G316 in Tongshan County, Hubei
Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Beijing, Beijing 0
Daxing, Beijing 16
Gu'an, Hebei 50
Bazhou, Hebei 86
Renqiu, Hebei 141
Hejian, Hebei 170
Wuyi County, Hebei 252
Hengshui, Hebei 280
Jizhou, Hebei 310
Nangong, Hebei 339
Wei County, Hebei 387
Guantao, Hebei 440
Nanle, Henan 497
Qingfeng, Henan 521
Puyang, Henan 540
Dongming, Shandong 606
Lankao, Henan 671
Qi County, Kaifeng, Henan 701
Taikang County, Henan 759
Huaiyang, Henan 796
Xiangcheng, Henan 834
Xincai, Henan 920
Huangchuan, Henan 993
Macheng, Hubei 1115
Xinzhou, Hubei 1173
Huanggang, Hubei 1234
Ezhou, Hubei 1239
Tieshan District, Hubei 1273
Daye, Hubei 1290
Tongshan County, Hubei 1423
Chongyang County, Hubei 1473
Tongcheng County, Hubei 1519
Pingjiang County, Hunan 1597
Liuyang, Hunan 1687
Liling, Hunan 1756
You County, Hunan 1836
Chaling, Hunan 1873
Yanling, Hunan 1930
Guidong, Hunan 2020
Rucheng, Hunan 2101
Renhua, Guangdong 2178
Shaoguan, Guangdong 2232
Qujiang, Guangdong 2249
Fogang, Guangdong 2412
Huadu, Guangdong 2439
Guangzhou, Guangdong 2466

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