Buick LaCrosse

Buick LaCrosse
Buick LaCrosse
2010 LaCrosse CXL
Manufacturer General Motors
Production September 7, 2004–present[1]
Model years 2005–present
Predecessor Buick Century
Buick Regal
Class Mid-size

The Buick LaCrosse is a mid-size entry-level luxury sedan produced by General Motors. It replaced the Buick Century and Regal in North America beginning in the 2005 model year.


First generation (2005–2009)

North America

First generation
North America
2005–2007 LaCrosse
Also called Buick Allure (Canada)
Production September 7, 2004[1]–December 23, 2008
Model years 2005–2009
Assembly Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout FF layout
Platform W-body
Engine 3.6 L HFV6 V6
3.8 L 3800 V6
5.3 L LS4 V8
Transmission 4-speed 4T65-E automatic
Wheelbase 110.5 in (2,807 mm)
Length 198.1 in (5,032 mm)
Width 73.0 in (1,854 mm)
Height 57.4 in (1,458 mm)
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The LaCrosse made its debut in late 2004 as a 2005 model to replace the Century and Regal. Riding on a revised version of the W-body known as MS2000, the LaCrosse was initially available with two powerplant choices in three trim levels: a 3.8 L 3800 Series III V6 available in base CX and mid-level CXL forms, and a 3.6 L HFV6 V6 in the top line CXS model. Power is routed to the front wheels via a 4T65-E automatic transmission (4T65-E HD on Supers).

The name was inspired by a Buick concept car of the same name shown in 2000 and also used as a reference to the sport of lacrosse, seen as popular with a younger, more active demographic to which Buick sought to market.

It was originally sold as Buick Allure in Canada because "la crosse" means 'self love' (or 'swindle'[2]) in Quebec French slang.[3] It was once Buick's best-selling vehicle in Canada until 2008, when the Enclave became the brand's best-seller, of which it remains as of 2010.

The LaCrosse, along with all other GM vehicles powered by the 3.8 L V6, became the first SULEV-compliant vehicles for 2006.

The last first-generation LaCrosse rolled off the assembly line on December 23, 2008.[citation needed]


The LaCrosse received a minor refresh for 2008. The vehicle's front end design was based on the Buick Velite concept, which was later used by the Chinese LaCrosse.[4] New body color choices included Scarlett Red, Gold Mist Metallic, Dark Mocha Metallic and Dark Slate Metallic.

All trim levels gained a chrome exterior appearance package, factory remote start feature, XM Satellite Radio, telescoping steering wheel column, redundant steering wheel controls and dual-zone climate control as added standard equipment. CX added a leather-wrapped steering wheel, theft deterrent system, illuminated vanity mirrors, driver information center personalization and more.[5]


2008 Buick LaCrosse Super

A new trim of the LaCrosse bearing the Super moniker debuted for 2008. The LaCrosse Super was positioned as a higher-performance model of the sedan with revised front end styling influenced by the 2004 Velite concept car, as well as 4 ventiports (reflecting a V8 engine under the hood), a rear spoiler, projector beam fog lights, Magnasteer, larger brakes, and revised suspension tuning with standard Stabilitrak. Interior changes included special Super badged cluster with blue face, a wood grain shift knob, and dream weave leather seating. Interior colors for the Super were Platinum and Mocha Brown, while exterior color choices were Mocha Brown Metallic, Black Onyx, Red Jewel Tincoat, and Platinum Metallic. Power came from the 5.3 L LS4 small-block V8 engine featuring Active Fuel Management technology,[6] which is routed to the front wheels. The combination of a V8 and front wheel drive are not often utilized due to torque steer which is present in any front wheel drive car. This powertrain was also found on the Grand Prix GXP, Impala SS, and Monte Carlo SS. The Super model was the fastest modern production Buick ever built, with a factory top speed of 150 mph (240 km/h), and 0-60 mph times of 5.7 seconds. Only the Buick GNX of the 1980s was given such performance ratings until the Super was introduced.


In the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's crash tests the LaCrosse received a Good overall score in the frontal impact crash test and a Marginal overall rating in the side impact test.[7] Injury measurements for the side impact crash test include a Poor mark for the driver's torso and a Marginal score for the driver's pelvis/leg. Side airbags are limited to the curtain type for both front and rear rows, the torso type side airbag is unavailable.[8] 2007 models earned also only one out of five stars in a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration side-impact crash test.[9]


Years Models Engine Displacement Horsepower Torque EPA Fuel Economy
2005–2009 CX
3.8 L L26 V6 231 cu in (3791 cc) 200 hp (149 kW) @ 5200 rpm 230 lb·ft (312 N·m) @ 4000 rpm City: 17 mpg-US (14 L/100 km; 20 mpg-imp)
Hwy: 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp)
2005–2009 CXS 3.6 L LY7 V6 217 cu in (3564 cc) 240 hp (179 kW) @ 6000 rpm 225 lb·ft (305 N·m) @ 2000 rpm City: 17 mpg-US (14 L/100 km; 20 mpg-imp)
Hwy: 25 mpg-US (9.4 L/100 km; 30 mpg-imp)
2008 Super 5.3 L LS4 V8 325 cu in (5327 cc) 300 hp (224 kW) @ 5600 rpm 323 lb·ft (438 N·m) @ 4000 rpm City: 16 mpg-US (15 L/100 km; 19 mpg-imp)
Hwy: 24 mpg-US (9.8 L/100 km; 29 mpg-imp)

The CXS was replaced by the Super in the US market for 2008.[11] However, sales of the CXS continued in Canada until January 1, 2008.[12]


First generation
Model years 2007–2009
Assembly Shanghai, China
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout FF layout
Platform W-body
Engine 3.0 L V6 131 kW
2.4 L I4 125 kW
Transmission 4 speed automatic
6 speed automatic
Wheelbase 2,807 mm (110.5 in)
Length 4,998 mm (196.8 in)
Width 1,851 mm (72.9 in)
Height 1,461 mm (57.5 in)
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External images
First generation comparison

For the 2007 model year, Shanghai GM introduced the Buick LaCrosse as a more upscale companion to its Buick Regal sedan.[13] Designed by Shanghai GM's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, the Chinese LaCrosse is based on the same architecture as the North American model, but possesses different exterior and interior designs, and a different engine lineup. The car is also built in Taiwan by a joint Yulon-GM venture.


In 2008, Shanghai GM introduced a two-mode hybrid system on the LaCrosse. Using the Belt Alternator Starter system, it is the first two-mode hybrid in the Chinese market as well as the first hybrid in its segment.[14]

Second generation (2010–present)

Second generation
2010 LaCrosse CXS
Also called Buick Allure (Canada 2010 only)
Alpheon (South Korea 2011–)
Production June 15, 2009[citation needed] – present
Model years 2010–present
Assembly Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Shanghai, China
Bupyeong, South Korea
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout FWD / AWD
Platform GM Epsilon II platform
Engine 2.4 L Ecotec I4
3.0 L HFV6 V6
3.6 L HFV6 V6
Transmission 6-speed automatic
Wheelbase 111.7 in (2,837 mm)
Length 196.9 in (5,001 mm)
Width 73.1 in (1,857 mm)
Height 59.2 in (1,504 mm)
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Buick Regal
Saab 9-5

Arriving as a 2010 model, the second-generation Buick Lacrosse is built upon the mid-size Epsilon II platform, which is also the basis for the Opel Insignia and the 2010 Saab 9-5.[15] The design was based on 2008 Buick Invicta concept, and replaces both the Chinese and North American models. Buick states that the new LaCrosse will be "America's Lexus fighter".[16] With the new 2011 Regal and the demise of Lucerne,[17] the LaCrosse is no longer seen as Buick's entry-level model, but as its premium sports sedan, and is the brand's flagship sedan.

The LaCrosse was unveiled at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.[18] The car was also shown at the 2009 Montreal International Auto Show as the Buick Allure,[19] however, soon after production had begun, General Motors Canada renamed the Allure to LaCrosse, to correspond with the car's global marketing.[3] GM Canada has offered existing Allure owners the option to change nameplates to LaCrosse.[20]

Production of North American models was moved from Oshawa to the Fairfax Assembly plant in Kansas City, Kansas.[21] Delivery of 2010 year models was delayed a few weeks in order to assure quality control.[22]

The 2.4 L Ecotec four-cylinder replaced the 3.0 V6 as the standard engine on the CX model in the first quarter of 2010.[23] The 3.6 L V6 continues to be an option on the CX and front-wheel drive CXL and standard on the CXL and all-wheel drive CXL.[24]

The 2010 Buick LaCrosse CXS is the first North American car to incorporate a front suspension design called HiPer Strut. This suspension design improves ride and handling and reduces torque steer.[25] The Buick LaCrosse CXS includes a Real Time Damping System that adjusts the damping forces of the shocks and struts for improved ride and handling.[26]

The LaCrosse will be sold in Mexico starting in 2010, as the Buick brand returns to the country after 13 years of absence.[27]


The 2012 Lacrosse will feature a new mild hybrid as its base model. Dubbed eAssist, the 2012 Lacrosse will debut GM's second generation Belt-Alternator-Starter system. The non-hybrid 4 cylinder will no longer be offered. The system consists of a 115 volt lithium-ion battery pack, a 15 kW electric motor capable of adding 15 horsepower of assist while accelerating, and the next generation 6T40 GM Hydromatic transmission with reduced friction components over the previous generation. The eAssist LaCrosse delivers a class leading fuel economy of 25 mpg city and 36 mpg highway. In addition to providing additional power to the 182 hp 2.4 liter 4 cylinder, the BAS-II system allows for engine start/stop operation when the vehicle isn't moving and allows for complete fuel cut off to the engine during deceleration.[28]


Years Models Type Power Torque
2010 CX, CXL (FWD) 2.4 L Ecotec I4 182 hp (136 kW) 172 lb·ft (233 N·m)
CX, CXL 3.0 L LF1 V6 (2,994 cc (183 cu in)) 255 hp (190 kW) at 6950 rpm 217 lb·ft (294 N·m) at 5600 rpm
CXS 3.6 L LLT V6 (3,564 cc (217 cu in)) 280 hp (209 kW) at 6400 rpm 259 lb·ft (351 N·m) at 5200 rpm
2011 CX, CXL (FWD) 2.4 L Ecotec I4 182 hp (136 kW) 172 lb·ft (233 N·m)
All 3.6 L LLT V6 (3,564 cc (217 cu in)) 280 hp (209 kW) at 6400 rpm 259 lb·ft (351 N·m) at 5200 rpm
2012[29] FWD (Base–Premium 1) 2.4 L Ecotec I4 with eAssist 182 hp (136 kW) 172 lb·ft (233 N·m)
FWD (except Base), AWD 3.6 L LFX V6 (3,564 cc (217 cu in)) 303 hp (226 kW) at 6800 rpm 264 lb·ft (358 N·m) at 5300 rpm

All models are equipped with the Hydra-Matic 6T70 6-speed automatic transmission.


The Alpheon was introduced at the 2010 Busan International Motor Show and is essentially a rebadged Buick LaCrosse for the South Korean market. Alpheon is a standalone brand from GM Korea Company. It is assembled at the GM Korea plant in Bupyeong[30].

Alpheon launched in September 2010 in South Korea with the same 3.0 L High Feature V6 and six-speed automatic that the 2010 Buick LaCrosse launched with.[31]

MSRP Starting at $29,960 (As of November 2011)

Yearly American sales

Calendar Year Total American sales
2004[32] 10,995
2005 92,669
2006[33] 71,072
2007 47,747
2008[34] 36,873
2009[35] 27,818
2010[36] 61,178


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