List of families

List of families

This is a list of families used in scientific classification.

=Kingdom Animalia=

Phylum Chordata

Class Aves

Order Accipitriformes

* Family Accipitridae: hawks, eagles, buzzards, Old World vultures, and allies
* Family Cathartidae: New World vultures
* Family Pandionidae: Osprey
* Family Sagittaridae: Secretary Bird

Order Anseriformes

* Family Anhimidae: screamers
* Family Anseranatidae: magpie-geese
* Family Anatidae: ducks, geese, and swans
* Family Dromornithidae (extinct)
* Family Presbyornithidae (extinct)

Order Apodiformes

* Family Aegialornithidae (fossil)
* Family Apodidae - swifts
* Family Jungornithidae (fossil)
* Family Hemiprocnidae - treeswifts
* Family Trochilidae - hummingbirds

Order Archaeopterygiformes


* Family Archaeopterygidae (fossil)

Order Caprimulgiformes

* Family Aegothelidae (owlet-nightjars, 9 species in one genus)
* Family Caprimulgidae
* Family Nyctibiidae (Potoos, about 5 species in 1 genus)
* Family Podargidae (frogmouths, 12 species in 2 genera)
* Family Steatornithidae (Oilbird)

Order Charadriiformes

* Family Alcidae: puffins, guillemots, murres, and allies
* Family Burhinidae: thick-knees
* Family Charadriidae: plovers and lapwings
* Family Chionididae: sheathbills
* Family Dromadidae: Crab Plover
* Family Glareolidae: pratincoles and coursers
* Family Haematopodidae: oystercatchers
* Family Ibidorhynchidae: Ibisbill
* Family Jacanidae: jacanas
* Family Laridae: gulls
* Family Pedionomidae: Plains Wanderer
* Family Pluvianellidae: Magellanic Plover
* Family Recurvirostridae: avocets
* Family Rhynchopidae: skimmers
* Family Rostratulidae: painted snipe
* Family Scolopacidae: snipe, sandpipers, phalaropes, and allies
* Family Stercorariidae: skuas
* Family Sternidae: terns
* Family Thinocoridae: seedsnipe
* Family Turnicidae: buttonquails

Order Ciconiiformes

* Family Ardeidae: herons and egrets
* Family Balaenicipitidae (the Shoebill)
* Family Scopidae (the Hammerkop)
* Family Ciconiidae; storks
* Family Threskiornithidae: ibises and spoonbills
* Family Cathartidae: New World vultures

Order Coliiformes

* Family Coliidae: mousebirds

Order Columbiformes

* Family Columbidae pigeons and doves
* Family Raphidae (extinct) dodos

Order Confuciusornithiformes


* Family Confuciusornithidae (fossil)

Order Coraciiformes

* Family Alcedinidae (river kingfishers)
* Family Brachypteraciidae (ground rollers)
* Family Bucerotidae (hornbills)
* Family Cerylidae (water or belted kingfishers)
* Family Coraciidae (rollers)
* Family Eocoraciidae (fossil)
* Family Halcyonidae (tree kingfishers)
* Family Leptosomatidae (Cuckoo Roller)
* Family Meropidae (bee-eaters)
* Family Messelirrisoridae (fossil)
* Family Momotidae (motmots)
* Family Phoeniculidae (woodhoopoes)
* Family Primobucconidae (fossil)
* Family Todidae (todies)
* Family Upupidae (Hoopoe)

Order Cuculiformes

* Family Cuculidae: cuckoos
* Family Musophagidae: turacos and allies
* Family Opisthocomidae: Hoatzin

ubclass Enantiornithes


* Family Aberratiodontuidae (fossil)
* Family Alexornithidae (fossil)
* Family Avisauridae (fossil)
* Family Enantiornithidae (fossil)
* Family Gobipterygidae (fossil)
* Family Iberomesornithidae (fossil)
* Family Longipterygidae (fossil)
* Family Patagopterygidae (fossil)
* Family Zhyraornithidae (fossil)

Order Falconiformes

* Family Accipitridae
* Family Falconidae
* Family Pandionidae
* Family Sagittariidae

Order Galliformes

* Family Cracidae: chachalacas, guans and curassows
* Family Megapodiidae: mound-builders
* Family Meleagrididae: turkeys
* Family Mesitornithidae: mesites (may actually be more closely related to gruiform birds
* Family Numididae: guineafowl
* Family Odontophoridae: New World quail
* Family Phasianidae: junglefowl (including the wild form of the domestic chicken), partridges, pheasants, quail, and allies.
* Family Tetraonidae: grouse

Order Gaviiformes

* Family Gaviidae: loons/divers

Order Gruiformes

* Family Aptornithidae: adzebills (prehistoric)
* Family Aramidae: Limpkin
* Family Cariamidae: seriemas
* Family Eurypygidae: Sunbittern
* Family Gastornithidae: diatrymas (fossil)
* Family Gruidae: cranes
* Family Heliornithidae: finfoots and Sungrebe
* Family Otididae: bustards
* Family Phorusrhacidae: terror birds (fossil)
* Family Psophiidae: trumpeters
* Family Rallidae: crakes and rails
* Family Rhynochetidae: Kagu

Order Hesperornithiformes


* Family Baptornithidae (fossil)
* Family Enaliornithidae (fossil)
* Family Hesperornithidae (fossil)

Order Ichthyornithiformes


* Family Ichthyornithidae (fossil)

Order Jeholornithiformes


* Family Jeholornithidae (fossil)

Order Omnivoropterygiformes


* Family Omnivoropterygidae (fossil)

Order Passeriformes

* Family Acanthisittidae: New Zealand wrens
* Family Aegithalidae: long-tailed tits
* Family Aegithinidae: ioras
* Family Alaudidae: larks
* Family Artamidae: wood swallows, butcherbirds, currawongs and Australian Magpie
* Family Atrichornithidae: scrub birds
* Family Bombycillidae: waxwings and allies
* Family Callaeidae: New Zealand wattlebirds
* Family Campephagidae: cuckoo shrikes and trillers
* Family Cardinalidae: cardinals
* Family Certhiidae: treecreepers
* Family Chloropseidae: leafbirds
* Family Cinclidae: dippers
* Family Cinclosomatidae: whipbirds and allies
* Family Cisticolidae: cisticolas and allies
* Family Climacteridae: Australian treecreepers
* Family Coerebidae: Bananaquit
* Family Conopophagidae: gnateaters
* Family Corcoracidae: White-winged Chough and Apostlebird
* Family Corvidae: crows, ravens and jays
* Family Cotingidae: cotingas
* Family Dicaeidae: flowerpeckers
* Family Dicruridae: monarch flycatchers and allies
* Family Drepanididae: Hawaiian honeycreepers
* Family Emberizidae: buntings and American sparrows
* Family Estrildidae: estrildid finches (waxbills, munias, etc)
* Family Eupetidae: rail-babbler
* Family Eurylaimidae: broadbills
* Family Formicariidae: antpittas and antthrushes
* Family Fringillidae: true finches
* Family Furnariidae: ovenbirds and woodcreepers
* Family Hirundinidae: swallows and martins
* Family Hypocoliidae: Hypocolius
* Family Icteridae: grackles, New World blackbirds, and New World orioles
* Family Irenidae: fairy-bluebirds
* Family Laniidae: shrikes
* Family Menuridae: lyrebirds
* Family Malaconotidae: puffback shrikes, bush shrikes, tchagras and boubous
* Family Maluridae: fairy-wrens, emu-wrens and grasswrens
* Family Melanocharitidae: berrypeckers and longbills
* Family Meliphagidae: honeyeaters and chats
* Family Mimidae: mockingbirds and thrashers
* Family Motacillidae: wagtails and pipits
* Family Muscicapidae: Old World flycatchers and chats
* Family Nectariniidae: sunbirds
* Family Neosittidae: sittellas
* Family Oriolidae: orioles and Figbird
* Family Orthonychidae: logrunners
* Family Pachycephalidae: whistlers, shrike-thrushes, pitohuis and allies
* Family Dulidae: palmchat
* Family Paradisaeidae: birds of paradise
* Family Paradoxornithidae: Parrotbills
* Family Paramythiidae: tit berrypecker and crested berrypeckers
* Family Pardalotidae: pardalotes, scrubwrens, thornbills, and gerygones
* Family Paridae: tits, chickadees and titmice
* Family Parulidae: New World warblers
* Family Petroicidae: Australian robins
* Family Peucedramidae: Olive Warbler
* Family Philepittidae: asities
* Family Picathartidae: rockfowl
* Family Pipridae: manakins
* Family Pittidae: pittas
* Family Platysteiridae: wattle-eyes or puffback flycatchers
* Family Ploceidae: weavers
* Family Polioptilidae: gnatcatchers
* Family Pomatostomidae: Australasian babblers
* Family Prionopidae: helmetshrikes.
* Family Promeropidae: sugarbirds
* Family Prunellidae: accentor
* Family Ptilogonatidae: silky flycatchers
* Family Ptilonorhynchidae: bowerbirds
* Family Pycnonotidae: bulbuls
* Family Regulidae: kinglets
* Family Remizidae: penduline tits
* Family Rhabdornithidae: Philippine creepers
* Family Rhinocryptidae: tapaculos
* Family Sittidae: nuthatches
* Family Passeridae: true sparrows
* Family Sturnidae: starlings
* Family Sylviidae: Old World warblers
* Family Thamnophilidae: antbirds
* Family Thraupidae: tanagers and allies
* Family Timaliidae: babblers
* Family Troglodytidae: wrens
* Family Turdidae: thrushes and allies
* Family Turnagridae: Piopio
* Family Tyrannidae: tyrant flycatchers
* Family Vangidae: vangas
* Family Vireonidae: vireos
* Family Zosteropidae: White-eyes

Order Pelecaniformes

* Family Anhingidae: darters
* Family Fregatidae: frigatebirds
* Family Pelecanidae: pelicans
* Family Pelagornithidae: pseudotooth birds
* Family Phalacrocoracidae: cormorants and shags
* Family Protoplotidae (extinct)
* Family Sulidae: gannets and boobies

Order Phoenicopteriformes

* Family Phoenicopteridae: flamingoes

Order Piciformes

* Family Bucconidae (puffbirds, nunbirds and nunlets: some 30 species)
* Family Capitonidae (barbets: about 80 species)
* Family Galbulidae (jacamars: 18 species)
* Family Indicatoridae (honeyguides: 17 species)
* Family Miopiconidae (fossil)
* Family Picidae (woodpeckers, piculets, and wrynecks: over 200 species)
* Family Primoscenidae (fossil)
* Family Ramphastidae (toucans: about 40 species)

Order Podicipediformes

* Family Podicipedidae: grebes

Order Procellariiformes

* Family Diomedeidae: (albatrosses)
* Family Hydrobatidae: (storm-petrels)
* Family Pelecanoididae: (diving petrels)
* Family Procellariidae: (shearwaters, fulmarine petrels, gadfly petrels, and prions)

Order Psittaciformes

* Family Cacatuidae: cockatoos
* Family Psittacidae: parrots

Order Pteroclidiformes

* Family Pteroclididae: sandgrouse

Order Sphenisciformes

* Family Spheniscidae: penguins

Order Strigiformes

* Family Strigidae: typical owls
* Family Tytonidae: barn owls

Order Struthioniformes

* Family Aepyornithidae (elephant birds; extinct)
* Family Apterygidae (kiwis)
* Family Casuariidae (emus etc.)
* Family Dinornithidae (moa; extinct)
* Family Rheidae (rheas)
* Family Struthionidae (ostriches)

Order Tinamiformes

* Family Tinamidae: tinamous

Order Trochiliformes

* Family Trochilidae: hummingbirds

Order Trogoniformes

* Family Trogonidae: trogons and quetzals

Order Turniciformes

* Family Turnicidae: buttonquails/hemipodes

Order Yanornithiformes


* Family Yanornithidae (fossil)

Class Mammalia

Order Artiodactyla

* Family Antilocapridae: pronghorn
* Family Bovidae: cattle, goats, sheep, and antelope
* Family Camelidae: camels and llamas
* Family Cervidae: deer
* Family Giraffidae: Giraffe and Okapi
* Family Hippopotamidae: hippos
* Family Moschidae: musk deer
* Family Suidae: pigs
* Family Tayassuidae: peccaries
* Family Tragulidae: chevrotains

Order Carnivora

* ?Family Prionodontidae: Asiatic linsangs
* Family Ailuridae: red panda; 1 species in 1 genus.
* Family Amphicyonidae: beardogs (extinct)
* Family Canidae: dogs and allies; 37 species in 10 genera
* Family Eupleridae : Malagasy carnivores; 8 species in 7 genera
* Family Felidae: cats; 37 species in 18 genera
* Family Herpestidae: mongooses and allies; 30 species in 13 genera
* Family Hyaenidae: hyenas and aardwolf; 4 species in 4 genera
* Family Mephitidae: skunks and stink badgers; 10 species in 3 genera
* Family Mustelidae: weasels, martens, badgers, and otters; 55 species in 24 genera
* Family Nandiniidae: African palm civets; 1 species in 1 genus
* Family Nimravidae: false sabre-tooths (extinct)
* Family Odobenidae: walruses; 1 species in 1 genus
* Family Otariidae: sea lions, eared seals, fur seals; 14 species in 7 genera
* Family Phocidae: true seals; 19 species in 9 genera
* Family Procyonidae: raccoons and allies; 19 species in 6 genera
* Family Ursidae: bears; 8 species in 4 genera
* Family Viverridae: civets and allies; 32 species in 17 genera

Order Cetacea

* Family Balaenidae: Right whales and Bowhead Whale
* Family Balaenopteridae: Rorquals
* Family Delphinidae: Dolphin
* Family Eschrichtiidae
* Family Iniidae
* Family Kogiidae - MSW3 treats "Kogia" as a member of Physeteridae
* Family Lipotidae - MSW3 treats "Lipotes" as a member of "Iniidae"
* Family Monodontidae
* Family Neobalaenidae: Pygmy Right Whale
* Family Phocoenidae: Porpoises
* Family Physeteridae: Sperm Whale family
* Family Platanistidae
* Family Pontoporiidae - MSW3 treats "Pontoporia" as a member of "Iniidae"
* Family Ziphidae, Beaked whales

Order Chiroptera

* Family Antrozoidae (Pallid bats)
* Family Craseonycteridae (Bumblebee Bat or Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat)
* Family Emballonuridae (Sac-winged or Sheath-tailed bats)
* Family Furipteridae (Smoky bats)
* Family Megadermatidae (False vampires)
* Family Molossidae (Free-tailed bats)
* Family Mormoopidae (Ghost-faced or Moustached bats)
* Family Mystacinidae (New Zealand short-tailed bats)
* Family Myzopodidae (Sucker-footed bats)
* Family Natalidae (Funnel-eared bats)
* Family Noctilionidae (Bulldog bats or Fisherman bats)
* Family Nycteridae (Hollow-faced or Slit-faced bats)
* Family Phyllostomidae (Leaf-nosed bats) "This family contains (among others) the Vampire bats"
* Family Pteropodidae
* Family Rhinolophidae (Horseshoe bats)
* Family Rhinopomatidae (Mouse-tailed bats)
* Family Thyropteridae (Disk-winged bats)
* Family Vespertilionidae (Vesper bats or Evening bats)

Order Dasyuromorphia

* Family Dasyuridae (72 species in 20 genera)
* Family Myrmecobiidae
* Family Thylacinidae

Order Dermoptera

* Family Cynocephalidae

Order Didelphimorphia

* Family Didelphidae

Order Diprotodontia

* Family ?Galanaria (extinct)
* Family ?Ganguroo (extinct)
* Family Acrobatidae: (Feathertail Glider and Feathertail opossum)
* Family Diprotodontidae (extinct)
* Family Hypsiprymnodontidae: Musky Rat-kangaroo
* Family Ilariidae (extinct)
* Family Macropodidae: kangaroos, wallabies and allies
* Family Palorchestidae (extinct)
* Family Petauridae (Striped Possum, Leadbeater's Possum, Yellow-bellied Glider, Sugar Glider, Mahogany Glider, Squirrel Glider)
* Family Phascolarctidae: Koala (1 species)
* Family Potoroidae: bettongs, potaroos and rat kangaroos
* Family Tarsipedidae: Honey possum
* Family Thylacoleonidae (Marsupial Lion; extinct)
* Family Vombatidae: wombats (3 species)
* Family Wynyardiidae (extinct)
* Family Burramyidae: pygmy possums
* Family Phalangeridae: brushtail possums and cuscuses
* Family Pseudocheiridae: ringtailed possums and allies

Order Hyracoidea

* Family Procaviidae

Order Insectivora

* Family Erinaceidae
* Family Soricidae
* Family Talpidae
* Family Solenodontidae: solenodons
* Family Nesophontidae: extinct West Indian shrews

Order Lagomorpha

* Family Ochotonidae: pikas
* Family Prolagidae (extinct)
* Family Leporidae: rabbits and hares

Order Macroscelidea

* Family Macroscelididae

Order Microbiotheria

* Family Microbiotheriidae

Order Monotremata

* Family Ornithorhynchidae: platypus
* Family Tachyglossidae: echidnas

Order Notoryctemorphia

* Family Notoryctidae

Order Paucituberculata

* Family Caenolestidae

Order Peramelemorphia

* Family Thylacomyidae: (bilbies, 1 extant species, 1 extinct)
* Family Chaeropodidae: (Pig-footed Bandicoot, 1 extinct species)
* Family Peramelidae: (bandicoots, 20 extant species, 1 extinct)
* Family Yaralidae: (2 described fossil species)

Order Perissodactyla

* Family Equidae: horses and allies, about 9 species in one genus
* Family Tapiridae: tapirs, 4 species in one genus
* Family Rhinocerotidae: rhinoceroses, 5 species in 4 genera

Order Pholidota

* Family Epoicotheriidae (extinct)
* Family Manidae
* Family Metacheiromyidae (extinct)

Order Primates

* Family Aotidae: night or owl monkeys (douroucoulis) (8 species)
* Family Atelidae: howler, spider and woolly monkeys (24 species)
* Family Daubentoniidae: Aye-aye (1 species)
* Family Cebidae: marmosets, tamarins, capuchins and squirrel monkeys (56 species)
* Family Cheirogaleidae: dwarf lemurs and mouse-lemurs (24 species)
* Family Galagidae: galagos (19 species)
* Family Hominidae: humans and other great apes (7 species)
* Family Hylobatidae: gibbons or "lesser apes" (13 species)
* Family Indriidae: woolly lemurs and allies (12 species)
* Family Lemuridae: lemurs (19 species)
* Family Lepilemuridae: sportive lemurs (11 species)
* Family Lorisidae: lorises, pottos and allies (9 species)
* Family Cercopithecidae: Old World monkeys (135 species)
* Family Pitheciidae: titis, sakis and uakaris (41 species)
* Family Tarsiidae: tarsiers (7 species)

Order Proboscidea

* Family Anthracobunidae (extinct)
* Family Moeritheriidae (extinct)
* Family Euproboscidea

Order Rodentia

* Family Abrocomidae: chinchilla rats
* Family Anomaluridae: scaly-tailed squirrels
* Family Aplodontiidae: mountain beaver
* Family Bathyergidae: African mole rats
* Family Calomyscidae: mouse-like hamsters
* Family Capromyidae: hutias
* Family Castoridae: beavers
* Family Caviidae: cavies, including guinea pigs
* Family Chinchillidae: chinchillas and viscachas
* Family Cricetidae: hamsters, New World rats and mice, voles
* Family Ctenodactylidae: gundis
* Family Ctenomyidae: tuco-tucos
* Family Dasyproctidae: agoutis
* Family "incertae sedis" Diatomyidae: Laotian rock rat
* Family Dinomyidae: pacaranas
* Family Dipodidae: jerboas and jumping mice
* Family Echimyidae: spiny rats
* Family Erethizontidae: New World porcupines
* Family Geomyidae: pocket gophers (true gophers)
* Family Gliridae (also Myoxidae, Muscardinidae): dormice
* Family ?Heptaxodontidae: giant hutias
* Family Heteromyidae: kangaroo rats and kangaroo mice
* Family Hydrochoeridae: Capybara
* Family Hystricidae: Old World porcupines
* Family Muridae: true mice and rats, gerbils, spiny mice, crested rat
* Family Myocastoridae: nutria
* Family Nesomyidae: climbing mice, rock mice, white-tailed rat, Malagasy rats and mice
* Family Octodontidae: octodonts
* Family Pedetidae: springhares
* Family Petromuridae: dassie rat
* Family Platacanthomyidae: spiny dormice
* Family Sciuridae: squirrels, including chipmunks & prairie dogs
* Family Spalacidae: mole rats, bamboo rats, and zokors
* Family Thryonomyidae: cane rats

Order Scandentia

* Family Ptilocercidae
* Family Tupaiidae

Order Sirenia

* Family Dugongidae
* Family Prorastomidae (extinct)
* Family Protosirenidae (extinct)
* Family Trichechidae

Order Tubulidentata

* Family Orycteropodidae

Order Xenarthra

* Family Myrmecophagidae: anteaters
* Family Bradypodidae: three-toed sloths
* Family Megalonychidae: two-toed sloths
* Family Megatheriidae (extinct)
* Family Mylodontidae (extinct)
* Family Pampatheriidae: giant armadillos (extinct)
* Family Glyptodontidae (extinct)
* Family Dasypodidae: armadillos

Class Sauropsida

* Family Bolosauridae (Extinct)
* Family Coelurosauravidae (Extinct)
* Family Drepanosauridae (Extinct)
* Family Longisquamidae (Extinct)
* Family Mesosauridae (Extinct)
* Family Millerettidae (Extinct)
* Family Weigeltisauridae (Extinct)

Order Procolophonomorpha

* Family Procolophonidae (Extinct)
* Family Pareiasauridae (Extinct)

Order Testudines

* Family Adocidae: (extinct)
* Family Araripemydidae: (extinct)
* Family Bothremydidae: (extinct)
* Family Captorhinidae (Extinct)
* Family Carettochelyidae: (Pignose Turtles)
* Family Chelidae: (Austro-American Sideneck Turtles)
* Family Cheloniidae: (Green Sea Turtles and relatives)
* Family Chelydridae: (Snapping Turtles)
* Family Dermatemydidae: (River Turtles)
* Family Emydidae: (Pond Turtles/Box and Water Turtles)
* Family Geoemydidae: (Asian River Turtles, Leaf and Roofed Turtles, Asian Box Turtles)
* Family Haichemydidae: (extinct)
* Family Kinosternidae: (Mud and Musk Turtles)
* Family Dermochelyidae: (Leatherback Turtles)
* Family Lindholmemydidae: (extinct)
* Family Meiolaniidae: (Horned turtle, extinct)
* Family Pelomedusidae: (Afro-American Sideneck Turtles)
* Family Platysternidae: (Big-headed Turtles)
* Family Podocnemididae: (Madagascan Big-headed and American Sideneck River Turtles)
* Family Proterochersidae: (extinct)
* Family Protorothyrididae (Extinct)
* Family Protostegidae: (extinct)
* Family Sinochelyidae: (extinct)
* Family Testudinidae: (Tortoises)
* Family Thalassemyidae: (extinct)
* Family Toxochelyidae: (extinct)
* Family Trionychidae: (Softshell Turtles)

Order Araeoscelidia


* Family Araeoscelidae
* Family Petrolacosauridae

Order Younginiformes


* Family Younginidae

Order Placodontia


* Family Cyamodontidae
* Family Henodontidae
* Family Paraplacodontidae
* Family Placochelyidae
* Family Placodontidae

Order Nothosauria


* Family Pachypleurosauridae
* Family Simosauridae
* Family Germanosauridae
* Family Nothosauridae

Order Plesiosauria


* Family Cimoliasauridae
* Family Cryptoclididae
* Family Elasmosauridae
* Family Plesiosauridae
* Family Pliosauridae
* Family Polycotylidae
* Family Rhomaleosauridae

Order Sphenodontia

* Family Gephyrosauridae
* Family Pleurosauridae
* Family Sphenodontidae

Order Squamata

* Family Acrochordidae
* Family Adamisauridae (extinct)
* Family Agamidae (agamas)
* Family Amphisbaenidae
* Family Anguidae (glass lizards)
* Family Aniliidae
* Family Anniellidae (American legless lizards)
* Family Anomalepididae
* Family Anomochilidae
* Family Arretosauridae (extinct)
* Family Cylindrophiidae
* Family Atractaspididae
* Family Bavarisauridae (extinct)
* Family Bipedidae
* Family Boidae
* Family Chamaeleonidae (chameleons)
* Family Colubridae
* Family Cordylidae (spinytail lizards)
* Family Corytophanidae (casquehead lizards)
* Family Crotaphytidae (collared and leopard lizards)
* Family Dibamidae (blind lizards)
* Family Tropidophiidae
* Family Eichstaettisauridae (extinct)
* Family Elapidae
* Family Euposauridae (extinct)
* Family Gekkonidae (geckos)
* Family Gerrhosauridae (plated lizards)
* Family Gymnophthalmidae (spectacled lizards)
* Family Helodermatidae (gila monsters)
* Family Hoplocercidae (wood lizards, clubtails)
* Family Hydrophiidae
* Family Iguanidae (iguanas and spinytail iguanas)
* Family Isodontosauridae (extinct)
* Family Lacertidae (wall lizards or true lizards)
* Family Lanthanotidae (earless monitor lizards)
* Family Leiocephalidae (see Tropidurinae)
* Family Leiosauridae (see Polychrotinae)
* Family Leptotyphlopidae
* Family Liolaemidae (see Tropidurinae)
* Family Loxocemidae
* Family Mongolochamopidae (extinct)
* Family Mosasauridae (marine lizards; extinct)
* Family Opluridae (Madagascar iguanids)
* Family Paramacellodidae (extinct)
* Family Phrynosomatidae (earless, spiny, tree, side-blotched and horned lizards)
* Family Polychrotidae (anoles)
* Family Priscagamidae (extinct)
* Family Pygopodidae (legless lizards)
* Family Pythonidae
* Family Bolyeriidae
* Family Scincidae (skinks)
* Family Slavoiidae (extinct)
* Family Teiidae (tegus and whiptails)
* Family Trogonophidae
* Family Tropiduridae (neotropical ground lizards)
* Family Typhlopidae
* Family Uropeltidae
* Family Varanidae (monitor lizards)
* Family Viperidae
* Family Xantusiidae (night lizards)
* Family Xenopeltidae
* Family Xenosauridae (knob-scaled lizards)

Infraclass Archosauromorpha

* Family Rhynchosauridae (extinct)
* Family Trilophosauridae (extinct)

Order Choristodera


* Family Champsosauridae
* Family Cteniogenidae
* Family Simoedosauridae

Order Prolacertiformes


* Family Protorosauridae
* Family Prolacertidae
* Family Sharovipterygidae
* Family Tanystrophidae

Unranked Archosauriformes


* Family Stagonolepididae
* Family Erythrosuchidae
* Family Euparkeriidae
* Family Gobisuchidae
* Family Hsisosuchidae
* Family Lagosuchidae
* Family Notosuchidae
* Family Ornithosuchidae
* Family Phytosauridae
* Family Poposauridae
* Family Prestosuchidae
* Family Proterosuchidae
* Family Rauisuchidae
* Family Saltoposuchidae
* Family Silesauridae
* Family Sphenosuchidae

Order Crocodylia

* Family Alligatoridae
* Family Crocodylidae
* Family Gavialidae
* Family Mekosuchidae (extinct)
* Family Nettosuchidae (extinct)

Order Pterosauria


* Family Anurognathidae
* Family Azhdarchidae
* Family Campylognathoididae
* Family Chenochasmatidae
* Family Dimorphodontidae
* Family Dsungaripteridae
* Family Germanodactilidae
* Family Nyctosauridae
* Family Ornithocheiridae
* Family Ornithodesmidae
* Family Pteranodontidae
* Family Pterodactylidae
* Family Rhamphorhynchidae
* Family Tapejaridae

Order Saurischia

Extinct (except for birds, listed under Class Aves).

* Family Abelisauridae
* Family Allosauridae
* Family Anchisauridae
* Family Alvarezsauridae
* Family Alxasauridae
* Family Andesauridae
* Family Antarctosauridae
* Family Avimimidae
* Family Blikanasauridae
* Family Brachiosauridae
* Family Bradycnemidae
* Family Caenagnathidae
* Family Camarasauridae
* Family Caudipteridae
* Family Ceratosauridae
* Family Cetiosauridae
* Family Carcharodontosauridae
* Family Coelophysidae
* Family Coeluridae
* Family Compsognathidae
* Family Deinocheiridae
* Family Dicraeosauridae
* Family Dilophosauridae
* Family Diplodocidae
* Family Dromaeosauridae
* Family Dryptosauridae
* Family Euhelopodidae
* Family Garudimimidae
* Family Harpymimidae
* Family Herrerasauridae
* Family Massospondylidae
* Family Megalosauridae
* Family Melanorosauridae
* Family Nemegtosauridae
* Family Noasauridae
* Family Omeisauridae
* Family Ornithomimidae
* Family Oviraptoridae
* Family Plateosauridae
* Family Rebbachisauridae
* Family Riojasauridae
* Family Saltasauridae
* Family Scansoriopterygidae
* Family Sinraptoridae
* Family Spinosauridae
* Family Staurikosauridae
* Family Tendaguridae
* Family Thecodontosauridae
* Family Therizinosauridae
* Family Titanosauridae
* Family Troodontidae
* Family Tyrannosauridae
* Family Vulcanodontidae

Order Ornithischia


* Family Ankylosauridae
* Family Archaeoceratopsidae
* Family Camptosauridae
* Family Ceratopsidae
* Family Chaoyangsauridae
* Family Dryosauridae
* Family Fabrosauridae
* Family Hadrosauridae
* Family Heterodontosauridae
* Family Homalocephalidae
* Family Huayangosauridae
* Family Hypsilophodontidae
* Family Leptoceratopsidae
* Family Nodosauridae
* Family Pachycephalosauridae
* Family Pisanosauridae
* Family Protoceratopsidae
* Family Psittacosauridae
* Family Rhabdodontidae
* Family Scelidosauridae
* Family Stegosauridae

=Kingdom Plantae=

=Phylum Magnoliophyta=

=Class Magnoliopsida=

Order Asterales

* Family Asteraceae

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