List of association football families of note

List of association football families of note

List of football (soccer) families of note. The countries are listed according to the national teams of the senior family member if the other family member played for a different country. If the senior members of the given member did not play international football, the family will be listed according to nationality (eg., the Trézéguets).

;Families included on the list must have:
# at least, one member of the family is capped by a national team on the senior level or an important person in the game of football (e.g., notable coaches, referees, club chairmen, etc)
# a second member must be a professional player or capped by a national team on the U-17 level or above.


*flagicon|AlbaniaAgim Canaj, flagicon|AlbaniaLorik Cana


*flagicon|Argentina Juan Evaristo, flagicon|Argentina Mario Evaristo (brother)
*flagicon|Argentina Jorge Higuaín, flagicon|Argentina Federico Higuaín (son), flagicon|Argentina Gonzalo Higuaín (son)
*flagicon|Argentina Claudio Husain, flagicon|Argentina Dario Husain (brother)
*flagicon|Argentina Diego Klimowicz, flagicon|Ecuador Javier Klimowicz (brother) [Klimowicz brothers are Polish Argentines, Javier has played for Ecuador since last year]
*flagicon|Argentina Lionel Messi, flagicon|ArgentinaMaxi Biancucchi (cousin)
*flagicon|Argentina Gabriel Milito, flagicon|Argentina Diego Milito (brother)
*flagicon|Argentina Diego Maradona, flagicon|Argentina Hugo Maradona (brother)flagicon|Italy Diego Maradona Junior (son of Diego), flagicon|Argentina Sergio Agüero(father of Diego's grandchild) [He and his girlfriend (Diego Maradona's daughter Giannina) are expecting a baby.]
*flagicon|Argentina Guillermo Barros Schelotto, flagicon|Argentina Gustavo Barros Schelotto (twin brother)
*flagicon|Argentina Jorge Solari, flagicon|Argentina Santiago Solari,(nephew) Esteban Solari (nephew), flagicon|Argentina Fernando Redondo is the son-in-law of Jorge Solari.
*flagicon|Argentina Jorge Trézéguet, flagicon|France David Trézéguet (son) [Jorge Trézéguet is an Argentinian player of French ethnicity. David was born in France, but grew up in Argentina.]
*flagicon|Argentina Carlos Alberto Tévez, flagicon|Argentina Miguel Tévez (brother)
*flagicon|Argentina Ricardo Giusti, flagicon|Argentina Oscar Ustari(son-in-law)
*flagicon|Argentina Juan Ramón Verón, flagicon|Argentina Juan Sebastián Verón (son)
*flagicon|Argentina Sergio Zanetti, flagicon|Argentina Javier Zanetti (brother)
*flagicon|Argentina Sergio Zárate, flagicon|Argentina Ariel Silvio Zárate (brother), flagicon|Argentina Rolando Zárate (brother), flagicon|Argentina Mauro Zárate (brother)


*flagicon|Australia John Aloisi, flagicon|Australia Ross Aloisi (brother)
*flagicon|Australia Tim Cahill, flagicon|Samoa Chris Cahill
*flagicon|Australia Aurelio Vidmar, flagicon|Australia Tony Vidmar (brother)
*flagicon|Australia Michael Petkovic, flagicon|Australia Jason Petkovic (brother)
*flagicon|Australia Joel Griffiths, flagicon|Australia Adam Griffiths (twin brother), flagicon|Australia Ryan Griffiths (brother)
*flagicon|Australia Mark Viduka, flagicon|Croatia Luka Modrić (cousin)
*flagicon|Australia Branko Culina, flagicon|Australia Jason Culina (son), flagicon|Australia Dean Culina (son)


*flagicon|Austria Rudi Flögel, flagicon|Austria Thomas Flögel (son)
*flagicon|Austria Reinhard Kienast, flagicon|Austria Roman Kienast (nephew)
*flagicon|Austria Alfred Körner, flagicon|Austria Robert Körner (brother)


*flagicon|Azerbaijan Dmitriy Kramarenko, flagicon|USSR Sergei Kramarenko (father)
*flagicon|Azerbaijan Anatoly Ponomarev, flagicon|USSR Igor Ponomarev (father)


*flagicon|Belarus Sergey Gotsmanov, flagicon|Belarus Sasha Gotsmanov (son)
*flagicon|Belarus Aleksandr Hleb, flagicon|Belarus Vyacheslav Hleb (brother)
*flagicon|Belarus Maksim Romaschenko, flagicon|Belarus Miroslav Romaschenko (brother)


*flagicon|Belgium Émile Mpenza, flagicon|Belgium Mbo Mpenza (brother)
*flagicon|Belgium Erwin Vandenbergh, flagicon|Belgium Kevin Vandenbergh (son)
*flagicon|Belgium René Verheyen, flagicon|Belgium Gert Verheyen (son)


*flagicon|Brazil Rafael, flagicon|Brazil Fabio (twin brother)
*flagicon|Brazil Pelé, flagicon|Brazil Edinho (son)
*flagicon|Brazil Domingos da Guia, flagicon|Brazil Ademir da Guia (son)
*flagicon|Brazil Müller, flagicon|Brazil Cocada (brother)
*flagicon|Brazil José Alves "Zague", flagicon|Mexico Zague (son) [José Alves "Zague" was a Brazilian player who played in Mexico where his son was born and raised. ]
*flagicon|Brazil Gerardo dos Santos, flagicon|Mexico Giovanni dos Santos (son), flagicon|Mexico Jonathan dos Santos (son) [Gerardo dos Santos was a Brazilian player who played in Mexico where his son was born and raised. ]
*flagicon|Brazil Sócrates, flagicon|Brazil Raí (brother)
*flagicon|Brazil Ronaldinho, flagicon|Brazil Roberto de Assis Moreira (brother)
*flagicon|Brazil Kaká, flagicon|Brazil Digão (brother)
*flagicon|Brazil Dedê , flagicon|Brazil Lucas de Deus Santos, flagicon|Brazil Leandro de Deus Santos (brother)
*flagicon|Brazil Zico, flagicon|Brazil Eduardo Antunes Coimbra (brother), flagicon|Brazil Thiago Coimbra (son)
*flagicon|Brazil Ronaldo, flagicon|Brazil Milene Domingues (ex-wife) [Milene Domingueswas capped by Brazil women national team.]
*flagicon|Brazil Leivinha, flagicon|Brazil Lucas Pezzini Leiva (nephew)
*flagicon|Brazil Zezé Moreira, flagicon|BrazilAymoré Moreira(brother), flagicon|Brazil Ayrton Moreira(brother)
*flagicon|Brazil Luisao, flagicon|Brazil Alex Sandro da Silva (brother)


*flagicon|Bulgaria Dimitar Penev, flagicon|Bulgaria Luboslav Penev (nephew)
*flagicon|BulgariaBisser Mihaylov, flagicon|Bulgaria Borislav Mihaylov (son)flagicon|Bulgaria Nikolay Mihaylov(grandson) [ Borislav's wife is Maria Petrova. ]
*flagicon|BulgariaApostol Sokolov, flagicon|BulgariaGeorgi Sokolov(son)


*flagicon|Cameroon Samuel Eto'o, flagicon|Cameroon David Eto'o, flagicon|Cameroon Etienne Eto'o (brother)
*flagicon|Cameroon Rigobert Song, flagicon|Cameroon Alexandre Song Billong (nephew)
*flagicon|Cameroon Samuel Ipoua, flagicon|Cameroon Guy Ipoua (brother)
*flagicon|Cameroon Jacques Songo'o, flagicon|France Franck Songo'o(son)
*flagicon|Cameroon Roger Milla, flagicon|Cameroon Marcel Mahouvé (son)


*flagicon|Canada John Kerr, Sr., flagicon|USA John Kerr, Jr. [Kerr, Sr. was born in Scotland. Kerr, Jr was born in Canada, but moved to the US when his father played for NASL]
*flagicon|Canada Sam Lenarduzzi, flagicon|Canada Bob Lenarduzzi (brother)
*flagicon|Canada Hector Marinaro, flagicon|Canada Rob Marinaro (brother), flagicon|Argentina Hector Marinaro, Sr. (father)
*flagicon|Canada Julián de Guzmán, flagicon|Canada Jonathan de Guzmán (brother)
*flagicon|Canada Paul Peschisolido, flagicon|England Karren Brady (wife)


*flagicon|Chile George Robledo, flagicon|Chile Ted Robledo (brother)


*flagicon|China Sun Xiang, flagicon|China Sun Ji (twin brother)
*flagicon|China Jiang Jin, flagicon|China Jiang Hong (brother)


*flagicon|Colombia Hernán Darío Gómez, flagicon|ColombiaGabriel Gómez (brother)

Côte d'Ivoire

*flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Salomon Kalou, flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Bonaventure Kalou (brother)
*flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Kolo Touré, flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Yaya Touré (brother), flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Ibrahim Touré (brother)
*flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Abdul Kader Keïta , flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Fadel Keita (brother)
*flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Arouna Koné, flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Bakari Koné (brother), flagicon| Côte d'Ivoire Karamoko Koné (brother)
*flagicon|Côte d'Ivoire Didier Drogba, flagicon|Côte d'Ivoire Olivier Tebily (cousin)


*flagicon|Croatiaflagicon|Yugoslavia Zlatko Kranjčar, flagicon|Croatia Niko Kranjčar (son) [Niko Kranjčar was born in Austria when his father was playing there]
*flagicon|Croatia Robert Kovač, flagicon|Croatia Niko Kovač [They were born in Germany of Croatian parents.] (brother)
*flagicon|Croatia Dario Šimić, flagicon|Croatia Josip Šimić (brother)
*flagicon|Croatia Tomislav Marić, flagicon|Croatia Marijo Marić (brother)
*flagicon|Croatia Dado Prso flagicon|Serbia Milan Prso(cousin)
*flagicon|Croatia flagicon|Albania Kujtim Shala, flagicon|Germany flagicon|Albania Andis Shala (son)


*flagicon|Czechoslovakia Jozef Čapkovič, flagicon|Czechoslovakia Ján Čapkovič [They are of Slovak origin] (twin brother)

Czech Republic

* Tomáš Rosický, flagicon|Czechoslovakia Jiří Rosický (brother)
*flagicon|Czechoslovakia Karel Jarolím,flagicon|Czechoslovakia Lukáš Jarolím (son), flagicon|Czechoslovakia David Jarolím (son), flagicon|Czechoslovakia Marek Jarolím (cousin)
*flagicon|CzechoslovakiaTomáš Došek, flagicon|Czechoslovakia Lukáš Došek (twin brother)
*flagicon|CzechoslovakiaMiroslav Kadlec, flagicon|Czechoslovakia Michal Kadlec (son)


Allan Byriel Pedersen - Morten byriel Pedersen (son)
*flagicon|Denmark Finn Laudrup, flagicon|Denmark Brian Laudrup (son), flagicon|Denmark Michael Laudrup (son), flagicon|Denmark Mads Laudrup (grandson & Michael's son), flagicon|Denmark Andreas Laudrup (grandson & Michael's son)
*flagicon|Denmark Peter Schmeichel, flagicon|Denmark Kasper Schmeichel (son)
*flagicon|Denmark Ole Qvist, flagicon|Denmark Lasse Qvist (son)
*flagicon|Denmark Niclas Jensen, flagicon|Denmark Daniel Jensen (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Ebbe Sand, flagicon|Denmark Peter Sand (twin brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Martin Jørgensen, flagicon|Denmark Mads Jørgensen (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Martin Johansen, flagicon|Denmark Michael Johansen (twin brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Ulrich Thychosen, flagicon|Denmark Steen Thychosen (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Thomas Gravesen, flagicon|Denmark Peter Gravesen (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Tommy Løvenkrands, flagicon|Denmark Peter Løvenkrands (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Michael Hemmingsen, flagicon|Denmark Carsten Hemmingsen (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Marc Rieper, flagicon|Denmark Mads Rieper (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Daniel Agger, flagicon|Denmark Nicolaj Agger (cousin)
*flagicon|Denmark Kenneth Kastrup, flagicon|Denmark Jimmy Kastrup (twin brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Lars Hermansen, flagicon|Denmark Chris Hermansen (twin brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Jan Bjur, flagicon|Denmark Ole Bjur (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Thomas Poulsen, flagicon|Denmark Christopher Poulsen (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Jonas Troest, flagicon|Denmark Magnus Troest (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Jonas Kamper, flagicon|Denmark Andreas Kamper (brother)
*flagicon|Denmark Hasse Kuhn, flagicon|Denmark Allan Kuhn (brother)


*flagicon|Egypt Hossam Hassan, flagicon|Egypt Ibrahim Hassan (twin brother)


* Eniola Aluko, flagicon|England Sone Aluko (brother) [Eniola is an England women international, his brother is England U-19]
*flagicon|England Joe Bacuzzi flagicon|England Dave Bacuzzi (son)
* Roy Bailey(father), flagicon|England Gary Bailey
* Alan Ball, Sr.(father), flagicon|England Alan Ball, Jr.
* Joe Baker, flagicon|USA Gerry Baker (brothers) [The Bakers' father was English and mother Scottish. Gerry was born in the U.S. and Joe in England, but both were raised in Scotland. They both played for their nations of birth.]
* Charles Bambridge, flagicon|England Arthur Bambridge and flagicon|England Ernest Bambridge. The only trio of brothers to have played for England. [cite web | title= Only instance of three footballing brothers playing for England | url= || accessdate=2008-02-10]
* Titus Bramble, flagicon|Montserrat Tesfaye Bramble
* Scott Carson, flagicon|England Grant Carson (brother)
* Allan Clarke, flagicon|England Frank James Clarke (brother), flagicon|England Wayne Clarke (brother), flagicon|England Derek Clarke (brother), flagicon|England Kelvin Clarke (brother)
*flagicon|England Brian Clough, flagicon|England Nigel Clough (son)
*flagicon|England Charles Clegg , flagicon|England William Clegg [1st brothers capped by England.] (brothers)
*flagicon|England Ray Clemence, flagicon|England Stephen Clemence (son)
*flagicon|England Samuel Richard Davies, flagicon|Italy Carlo Davies [Carlo was born in Milan, where Samuel was playing for AC Milan] (son)
*flagicon|England Andy Dawson, flagicon|England Kevin Dawson(brother), flagicon|England Michael Dawson(brother)
*flagicon|England John Fashanu, flagicon|England Justin Fashanu (brother) Andre Fashanu (Nephew of John Fashanu and Nephew from Justin Fashanu)
*flagicon|England Rio Ferdinand, flagicon|England Anton Ferdinand (brothers), flagicon|England Les Ferdinand (cousin)
*flagicon|England Frank Forman, flagicon|England Fred Forman (brothers), flagicon|England Harry Linacre (nephew), all played for England
*flagicon|England Steven Gerrard, flagicon|Ireland Anthony Gerrard (cousin)
*flagicon|England Bobby Gould, flagicon|Scotland Jonathan Gould (son)
*flagicon|England Lee Hendrie, flagicon|Scotland Paul Hendrie (father), flagicon|Scotland John Hendrie (cousin)
*flagicon|England Hubert Heron, flagicon|England Francis Heron (brothers)
*flagicon|England Glenn Hoddle, flagicon|England Carl Hoddle (brothers) [Cite web |url= |title=Hoddle appoints brother at Wolves |work=BBC News |accessdate=2007-06-12 |date=2004-12-10]
*flagicon|England Dean Holdsworth, flagicon|England David Holdsworth (twin brother)
*flagicon|England John Hollins, flagicon|England Chris Hollins(son), flagicon|Wales Dave Hollins (brother)
*flagicon|England Eric Houghton(great uncle), flagicon|England Chris Woods
*flagicon|England Phil Jagielka, flagicon|England Stephen Jagielka (brother)
* Frank Lampard, Sr., flagicon|England Frank Lampard (son), flagicon|England Jamie Redknapp (nephew), flagicon|England Harry Redknapp (brother-in-law)
*flagicon|England Dave Latchford, flagicon|England Peter Latchford (brother), flagicon|England Bob Latchford (brother)
*flagicon|England Aaron Lescott, flagicon|England Joleon Lescott (brother)
*flagicon|England Ray Mabbutt, flagicon|England Gary Mabbutt (son), flagicon|England Kevin Mabbutt (son)
*flagicon|England Alvin Martin, flagicon|England David Martin (son)
*flagicon|England Steve McMahon, flagicon|England John McMahon (brother), flagicon|England Steve McMahon Jr (son)
*flagicon|England Don Megson, flagicon|England Gary Megson (son), flagicon|USA Neil Megson (son)
*flagicon|England Jack Milburn, flagicon|England George Milburn (brother), flagicon|England Jimmy Milburn (brother), flagicon|England Stan Milburn (brother), flagicon|England Bobby Charlton (nephew), flagicon|England Jack Charlton (nephew), flagicon|England Jackie Milburn (cousin)
*flagicon|England Gary Neville, flagicon|England Philip Neville (brother)
*flagicon|England Michael Owen, flagicon|England Terry Owen (father), flagicon|Ireland Richie Partridge (brother in law)
*flagicon|England Mike Pejic, flagicon|England Mel Pejic (brother), flagicon|Wales Shaun Pejic (Shaun is Mel's son)
*flagicon|England Hubert Pearson, flagicon|England Harold Pearson (son) flagicon|England Harry Hibbs (nephew to Hubert, cousin to Harold) [ Hubert Pearson was picked to play for England against France in 1923 but missed the match through injury and was never selected again. Harold Pearson was capped by England. ]
*flagicon|England William Rawson and flagicon|England Herbert Rawson - the first two brothers to play for England in the same match (March 6 1875). ["First occasion when two brothers played for England in the same match". This can be verified by scrolling through the team lists for the first few England matches. Although John Charles Clegg played in the [ first match] and his brother William Clegg was in the [ second] , they did not play together. William Rawson and Herbert Rawson played together in [ match 4] . The history of the Wanderers says that Hubert Heron and his brother Francis Heron (or Frank) were the first brothers to play together but that was not until [ match 5 in 1876] .]
*flagicon|England Cyrille Regis, flagicon|England Dave Regis (cousin), flagicon|Grenada Jason Roberts (nephew)cite web |url= |title=Pit Your Wits 251 |work = BBC Sport Online |date=2004-01-12 |accessdate=2007-06-12]
*flagicon|England David Rocastle, flagicon|Grenada Craig Rocastle (cousin)
* Kenny Sansom, flagicon|England Dave Sansom (brother)
*flagicon|England Les Sealey, flagicon|England Alan Sealey (uncle)
*flagicon|England John Willie Sutcliffe, flagicon|England Charles Sutcliffe(brother) [ Charles played goakeeper for Sheffield United. ]
*flagicon|England Peter Shilton, flagicon|England Sam Shilton (son)
*flagicon|England Teddy Sheringham, flagicon|England Charlie Sheringham (son)
*flagicon|England Peter Shilton, flagicon|England Sam Shilton (son)
*flagicon|England Ron Springett, flagicon|England Peter Springett (brother)
*flagicon|England Mike Summerbee, flagicon|England Nicky Summerbee (son)
*flagicon|England Chris Sutton, flagicon|England John Sutton (brother)
*flagicon|England Frank Swift, flagicon|England Fred Swift (brother)
*flagicon|England John Terry, flagicon|England Paul Terry (brother)
*flagicon|England Colin Todd, flagicon|England Andy Todd (son)
*flagicon|England Ian Walker, flagicon|Wales Mike Walker (father)
*flagicon|England Ray Wilkins, flagicon|England Dean Wilkins (brother), flagicon|England Graham Wilkins (brother)
*flagicon|England Rod Wallace, flagicon|England Ray Wallace (twin brother), flagicon|England Danny Wallace (brother)
*flagicon|England Ian Wright, flagicon|England Bradley Wright-Phillips (son), flagicon|England Shaun Wright-Phillips (adopted son), flagicon|England Jermaine Wright (cousin)
*flagicon|England Luke Young, flagicon|England Neil Young (brother)
* The Allen Family (see below for details)


*flagicon|Estonia Evald Mikson, flagicon|Iceland Jóhannes Eðvaldsson (son), flagicon|Iceland Atli Eðvaldsson (son)


*flagicon|Finland Göran Enckelman, flagicon|Finland Peter Enckelman (son) [Göran Enckelman was the Finnish player of the year in 1975.]
*flagicon|Finland Alexei Eremenko, flagicon|Finland Roman Eremenko (brother), flagicon|Russia Alexei Eremenko Sr. (father)
*flagicon|Finland Shefki Kuqi, flagicon|Finland Njazi Kuqi (brother)


*flagicon|France Bruno Cheyrou, flagicon|France Benoît Cheyrou (brother)
*flagicon|France Stephane Dalmat, flagicon|France Wilfried Dalmat (brother)
*flagicon|France Jean Djorkaeff, flagicon|France Youri Djorkaeff (son), flagicon|France Misha Djorkaeff (son)
*flagicon|France André Frey, flagicon|France Raymond Frey (son),flagicon|France Sébastien Frey(grandson, flagicon|France Nicholas Frey (grandson) [ Andre Frey was capped by France.]
*flagicon|France William Gallas, flagicon|France flagicon|Guadeloupe|local Ludovic Quistin (cousin)
*flagicon|France Benjamin Gavanon, flagicon|France Jeremy Gavanon (brother)
*flagicon|France Christian Gourcuff, flagicon|France Yoann Gourcuff (son)
*flagicon|France Lucien Laurent, flagicon|France Jean Laurent (brother)
*flagicon|France Steve Mandanda, flagicon|Congo DR Parfait Mandanda (brother)
*flagicon|France René Pleimelding, flagicon|France Pierre Pleimelding (son)
*flagicon|France Patrick Revelli, flagicon|France Hervé Revelli (brother)
*flagicon|France Patrice Rio, flagicon|France Roger Rio (father)
*flagicon|France Franck Silvestre, flagicon|France Mikaël Silvestre (cousin)
*flagicon|France Lilian Thuram, flagicon|France Yoann Thuram (cousin)
*flagicon|France Pascal Vahirua, flagicon|Franceflagicon|Tahiti Marama Vahirua (cousin)


*flagicon|Gabon Pierre Aubameyang, flagicon|Gabon Catilina Aubameyang (son), flagicon|Gabonflagicon|France Willy Aubameyang (son), flagicon|Gabonflagicon|France Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (son).


*flagicon|Greece flagicon|Australia Georgios Samaras Sr., flagicon|Greece Giannis Samaras(son), flagicon|Greece Georgios Samaras(grandson)) [Georgios Samaras Sr., was a founder of South Melbourne FC.]


*flagicon|Georgia Shota Arveladze, flagicon|Georgia Archil Arveladze (twin brothers), flagicon|Georgia Revaz Arveladze (brother)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Nodar Khizanishvili, flagicon|Georgia Zurab Khizanishvili (son)


*flagicon|Germany Robert Bernard, flagicon|Germany Günter Bernard (son)
*flagicon|Germany Franz Beckenbauer, flagicon|Germany Stefan Beckenbauer (son)
*flagicon|Germany Herbert Burdenski, flagicon|Germany Dieter Burdenski (son)
*flagicon|Germany Axel Wittke, flagicon|Germany Kevin Wittke (son)
*flagicon|Germany Uli Hoeneß, flagicon|Germany Dieter Hoeneß (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, flagicon|Germany Michael Rummenigge (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Klaus Allofs, flagicon|Germany Thomas Allofs (brother)
*flagicon|Germany flagicon|Ghana Gerald Asamoah, flagicon|Germany flagicon|Ghana Lewis Asamoah (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Karlheinz Förster, flagicon|Germany Bernd Förster (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Fritz Walter, flagicon|Germany Ottmar Walter (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Christoph Metzelder, flagicon|Germany Malte Metzelder (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Bernhard Klodt, flagicon|Germany Hans Klodt (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Bastian Schweinsteiger, flagicon|Germany Tobias Schweinsteiger (brother)
*flagicon|East Germany Klaus Sammer, flagicon|Germany Matthias Sammer (son)
*flagicon|Germany flagicon|Poland Piotr Trochowski, flagicon|Germany flagicon|Poland Slavomir Trochowski flagicon|Germany flagicon|Poland Arkadiusz Trochowski (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Niclas Weiland, flagicon|Germany Dennis Weiland (brother)
*flagicon|Germany Klaus Toppmöller, flagicon|Germany Dino Toppmöller (son), flagicon|Germany Marco Toppmöller (nephew)


*flagicon|Ghana Ransford Addo, flagicon|Ghana Eric Addo (brother)
*flagicon|Ghana Isaac Asare, flagicon|Ghana Nana Akwasi Asare (brother)
*flagicon|Ghana Abédi Pelé, flagicon|Ghana Kwame Ayew (brother) [Abédi Pelé changed his surname to Pelé in honor of the great Brazilian ] , flagicon|Ghana Andre Ayew (son)
*flagicon|Ghana Richard Kingson, flagicon|Ghana Laryea Kingston (brother) [ [A bureaucratic error led to the Kingson family incorrectly being recorded as Kingston. While Richard has reverted to the correct name, Laryea continues to use Kingston.]
*flagicon|Ghana Hans Sarpei, flagicon|Germany flagicon|Ghana Edward Sarpei (brother)
*flagicon|Ghana Illiasu Shilla, flagicon|Ghana Abdul Shilla Alhassan (brother)


*flagicon|Iceland Arnór Guðjohnsen, flagicon|Iceland Eidur Gudjohnsen (son)
*flagicon|Iceland Bjarni Vidarsson, flagicon|Iceland Arnar Vidarsson (brother), flagicon|Iceland David Vidarsson (brother)


*flagicon|Indonesia Ortizan Solossa, flagicon|Indonesia Boaz Solossa (brother)
*flagicon|Indonesia Tan Mo Heng, flagicon|Indonesia Tan Hong Djien (brother) [These brothers played for IDutch East Indies, in the 1938 World Cup]


*flagicon|Iran Andranik Eskandarian, flagicon|USA Alecko Eskandarian (son)
*flagicon|Iran Farhad Majidi, flagicon|Iran Farzad Majidi (brother)
*flagicon|Iran Ali Karimi, flagicon|Iran Farshid Karimi (brother)
*flagicon|Iran Serjik Teymourian, flagicon|Iran Andranik Teymourian (brother)


*flagicon|Iraq Mejbel Fartoos, flagicon|Qatar Ali Mejbel (son)

Republic of Ireland

*flagicon|Ireland Frank Brady Sr, flagicon|Ireland Liam Brady (great nephew) , flagicon|Ireland Pat Brady (great nephew), flagicon|Ireland Ray Brady (great nephew), flagicon|Ireland Frank Brady Jr (great nephew)
*flagicon|Ireland Tony Dunne, flagicon|Ireland Pat Dunne (brother)
*flagicon|Ireland Jimmy Dunne, flagicon|England Jimmy Dunne Jr. (son), flagicon|Ireland Tommy Dunne (son), flagicon|Ireland Christy Doyle (nephew)
*flagicon|Ireland Patsy Gallacher, flagicon|Scotland Kevin Gallacher (grandson)
*flagicon|Ireland Robbie Keane, flagicon|Ireland Jason Byrne (cousin)
*flagicon|Ireland Alan Kelly, Sr., flagicon|Ireland Alan Kelly, Jr. (son)
*flagicon|Ireland Gary Kelly, flagicon|Ireland Ian Harte (nephew)
*flagicon|Ireland Con Martin, flagicon|Ireland Mick Martin (son), flagicon|Ireland Con Martin Jr. (son), flagicon|Ireland Gerry Garvan (son-in-law), flagicon|Ireland Owen Garvan (grandson)
*flagicon|Ireland Fran O'Brien, flagicon|USA Leighton O'Brien (son), flagicon|USA Ciaran O'Brien (son), flagicon|Ireland Ray O'Brien (brother), flagicon|Ireland Derek O'Brien (brother), flagicon|Ireland Mark O'Brien (nephew)
* Kevin O'Flanagan, flagicon|Ireland Mick O'Flanagan (brother), flagicon|Ireland Charlie O'Flanagan (brother)
*flagicon|Ireland David O'Leary, flagicon|Ireland Pierce O'Leary (brother), flagicon|Scotland Ryan O'Leary (nephew)
*flagicon|Ireland Ronnie Whelan, Sr., flagicon|Ireland Ronnie Whelan (son), flagicon|Ireland Paul Whelan (son), flagicon|Ireland Gavin Whelan (grandson)
*flagicon|Ireland Alan Quinn, flagicon|Ireland Stephen Quinn (brother), flagicon|Ireland Keith Quinn (brother)
*flagicon|Ireland Wayne Henderson, flagicon|Ireland Dave Henderson(brother), flagicon|Ireland Stephen Henderson (nephew)


*flagicon|Israel Avi Cohen, flagicon|Israel Tamir Cohen(son)


*flagicon|Italy Cesare Maldini, flagicon|Italy Paolo Maldini (son) [Paolo's son, Christian, is recently with the AC Milan youth team]
*flagicon|Italy Roberto Vieri, flagicon|Italy Christian Vieri (son), flagicon|Australia Max Vieri (son) [Roberto Vieri played in Australia where his sons spent their childhood. Thus, Max ended up playing for Australia.]
*flagicon|Italy Valentino Mazzola, flagicon|Italy Sandro Mazzola (son)
*flagicon|Italy Roberto Baggio, flagicon|Italy Eddy Baggio (brother)
*flagicon|Italy Franco Baresi, flagicon|Italy Giuseppe Baresi (brother)
*flagicon|Italy Filippo Inzaghi, flagicon|Italy Simone Inzaghi (brother)
*flagicon|Italy Fabio Cannavaro, flagicon|Italy Paolo Cannavaro (brother)
*flagicon|Italy Cristian Zenoni, flagicon|Italy Damiano Zenoni (twin brother)
* Lorenzo Buffon, flagicon|Italy Gianluigi Buffon (first cousin, twice removed)
*flagicon|Italy Antonio Filippini, flagicon|Italy Emanuele Filippini (twin brother)
*flagicon|Italy Guglielmo Cudicini, flagicon|Italy Fabio Cudicini(son), flagicon|Italy Carlo Cudicini(grandson)
*flagicon|Italy Alessandro Altobelli, flagicon|Italy Mattia Altobelli (son)
*flagicon|Italy Giuseppe Colucci, flagicon|Italy Leonardo Colucci (brother)
*flagicon|Italy Bruno Conti, flagicon|Italy Daniele Conti (son)
*flagicon|Italy Giovanni Galli, flagicon|Italy Niccolò Galli (son)
*flagicon|Italy Cristiano Lucarelli, flagicon|Italy Alessandro Lucarelli (brother)
*flagicon|Italy Giuseppe Materazzi, flagicon|Italy Marco Materazzi (son)
*flagicon|Italy Roberto Mancini, flagicon|Italy Filippo Mancini (son)
*flagicon|Italy Francesco Oddo, flagicon|Italy Massimo Oddo (son)
*flagicon|Italy Alessandro Del Piero, flagicon|Italy Nicola Amoruso, (brother-in-law)


*flagicon|Japan Akihiro Endo, flagicon|Japan Yasuhito Endo (brother)
*flagicon|Japan Hisato Sato, flagicon|Japan Yuto Sato (twin brother)
*flagicon|Japan Koji Yamase, flagicon|Japan Yukihiro Yamase (brother)
*flagicon|Japan Seiichiro Maki, flagicon|Japan Yuki Maki (brother)


*flagicon|Liberia George Weah, flagicon|Liberia Christopher Wreh (cousin), flagicon|USA George Weah, Jr. [George, Jr. has not indicted which national team he will play for, but he has trained with the US Youth national team so he is listed under USA. Furthermore, the Liberia is listed as a soccer family based on his stint with the USA]
*flagicon|Liberia Dionysius Sebwe, flagicon|Liberia Kelvin Sebwe (brother)


*flagicon|Mali Mohamed Sissoko, flagicon|Mali Ibrahim Sissoko (brother) seydou keita (cousin)
*flagicon|Mali Samba Diawara, flagicon|Mali Fousseni Diawara, (brother), flagicon|Mali Abdoulaye Diawara (brother)


*flagicon|Malta Salvinu Schembri, flagicon|Malta Andre Schembri (grandson)
*flagicon|Malta Chucks Nwoko, flagicon|Malta Udo Nwoko (nephew)


*flagicon|Mexico Duilio Davino, flagicon|Mexico Flavio Davino (brother)
*flagicon|Mexico Antonio de Nigris, flagicon|Mexico Aldo de Nigris (brother)
*flagicon|Brazil Gerardo dos Santos, flagicon|Mexico Éder dos Santos (son), flagicon|Mexico Giovani dos Santos (son), flagicon|Mexico Jonathan dos Santos (son)
*flagicon|Mexico José Vantolrá, flagicon|Spain Martín Vantolrá (father) [Martin played for Spain in 1934 World Cup. His son played for Mexico in the 1970 World Cup]
*flagicon|Mexico Carlos Vela, flagicon|Mexico Alejandro Vela (brother)


*flagicon|Morocco Mustapha Hadji, flagicon|Morocco Youssouf Hadji (brother)
*flagicon|Morocco Abdelkrim Merry Krimau, flagicon|Morocco Mustafa Merry (brother)


*flagicon|Netherlands Johan Cruijff, flagicon|Netherlandsflagicon|Spain Jordi Cruijff (son) [ Jordi's mother is Spanish so he could have played for Spain] . Johan Cruyff's niece is married to flagicon|Netherlands Ruud Gullit.
*flagicon|Netherlands Richard Witschge, flagicon|Netherlands Rob Witschge (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Eddie Pasveer, flagicon|Netherlands Remko Pasveer (son)
*flagicon|Netherlands Jan Mulder, flagicon|Netherlands Youri Mulder (son)
*flagicon|Netherlands Frank De Boer, flagicon|Netherlands Ronald De Boer (twin brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Erwin Koeman, flagicon|Netherlands Ronald Koeman (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Willy van de Kerkhof, flagicon|Netherlands René van de Kerkhof (twin brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Gerrie Mühren, flagicon|Netherlands Arnold Mühren (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Martin Jol, flagicon|Netherlands Dick Jol (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Clarence Seedorf, flagicon|Netherlands Chedric Seedorf (brother), flagicon|Netherlands Stefano Seedorf (cousin).
*flagicon|Netherlands Jaap Bulder, flagicon|Netherlands Evert Bulder (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Edgar Davids, flagicon|Netherlands Lorenzo Davids (nephew)
*flagicon|Netherlands Bert van Marwijk, flagicon|Netherlands Mark van Bommel (son-in-law)
*flagicon|Netherlands Yuri Cornelisse, flagicon|Netherlands Tim Cornelisse (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Patrick Paauwe, flagicon|Netherlands Cees Paauwe (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Dennis de Nooijer, flagicon|Netherlands Gérard de Nooijer (twin brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Ruud Hesp, flagicon|Netherlands Danny Hesp (brother)
*flagicon|Netherlands Jerry de Jong, flagicon|Netherlands Nigel de Jong (son)

New Zealand

*flagicon|New Zealand Kevin Fallon, flagicon|New Zealand flagicon|England Rory Fallon


*flagicon|Nigeria Nwankwo Kanu, flagicon|Nigeria Christopher Kanu (brother)
*flagicon|Nigeria Tijani Babangida, flagicon|Nigeria Ibrahim Babangida (brother), flagicon|Nigeria Haruna Babangida (brother)
*flagicon|Nigeria Efe Sodje, flagicon|Nigeria Sam Sodje (brother), flagicon|Nigeria Akpo Sodje (brother), flagicon|Nigeria Onome Sodje (brother)
*flagicon|Nigeria Celestine Babayaro, flagicon|Nigeria Emmanuel Babayaro (brother)
*flagicon|NigeriaKalu Uche, flagicon|Nigeria Ikechukwu Uche (brother)
*flagicon|Nigeria Dickson Etuhu, flagicon|Nigeria Kelvin Etuhu (brother)

Northern Ireland

*flagicon|Ireland|1783 Billy Scott, flagicon|Ireland|1783Elisha Scott(brother)
*flagicon|Northern Ireland Jackie Blanchflower, flagicon|Northern Ireland Danny Blanchflower (brother)
*flagicon|Northern Ireland Mike Duff, flagicon|Northern Ireland Shane Duff (brother)
*flagicon|Northern Ireland Pat Jennings, flagicon|Northern Ireland Pat Jennings Jr. (son)
*flagicon|Northern Ireland Jeff Whitley, flagicon|Northern Ireland Jim Whitley (brother)


*flagicon|Norway Harald Berg, flagicon|Norway Ørjan Berg (son), flagicon|Norway Runar Berg (son), flagicon|Norway Arild Berg (son)
*flagicon|Norway Nils Arne Eggen, flagicon|Norway Knut Thorbjørn Eggen (son)
*flagicon|Norway Kai Erik Herlovsen, flagicon|Norway Isabell Herlovsen (daughter)
*flagicon|Norway Odd Iversen, flagicon|Norway Steffen Iversen (son)
*flagicon|Norway Jørn Jamtfall, flagicon|Norway Michael Kleppe Jamtfall (son)
*flagicon|Norway Svein Mathisen, flagicon|Norway Jesper Mathisen (son)
*flagicon|Norway Gunnar Thoresen, flagicon|Norway Hallvar Thoresen (son)
*flagicon|Norway Jostein Flo (brother), flagicon|Norway, Tore André Flo (brother), flagicon|Norway Jarle Flo (brother), flagicon|Norway Håvard Flo (cousin)
*flagicon|Norway Kristofer Hæstad, flagicon|Norway Morten Hæstad (brother)
*flagicon|Norway John Arne Riise, flagicon|Norway Bjørn Helge Riise (brother)
*flagicon|Norway Erik Hagen, flagicon|Norway Rune Hagen (twin brother)
*flagicon|Norway Andreas Hauger, flagicon|Norway Henning Hauger (brother)
*flagicon|Norway Thomas Holm, flagicon|Norway Daniel Fredheim Holm (brother)
*flagicon|Norway Pål Jacobsen, flagicon|Norway Tom Jacobsen (brother)
*flagicon|Norway Espen Johnsen, flagicon|Norway Marius Johnsen (brother)
*flagicon|Norway Thomas Wæhler, flagicon|Norway Kjetil Wæhler (brother)
*flagicon|Norway Knut Walde, flagicon|Norway Arve Walde (brother)
*flagicon|Norway Morten Gamst Pedersen, flagicon|Norway Ernst Pedersen (father)


*flagicon|Panama Armando Dely Valdes, flagicon|Panama Julio Dely Valdes, flagicon|Panama Jorge Dely Valdes (Julio and Jorge are twin brothers)


*flagicon|Paraguay Gabriel González, flagicon|Paraguay Epifanio González (brother)


*flagicon|Poland Josef Klose, flagicon|Germany Miroslav Klose (son) [ The Kloses were German Poles. Josef Klose played for Poland under the name Józef Kloze, but he switched back to his original German surname when they moved to Germany. They were under Poland because Klose Sr. played for Poland. Miroslav's mother represented Poland in handball.]
*flagicon|Poland Marcin Żewłakow, flagicon|Poland Michał Żewłakow (twin brother)
*flagicon|Poland Antoni Szymanowski flagicon|Poland Henryk Szymanowski (brother)
*flagicon|Poland Wlodzimierz Smolarek flagicon|Poland Ebi Smolarek (son)
*flagicon|Poland Ryszard Wyrobek flagicon|Poland Jerzy Wyrobek (son)
*flagicon|Poland Teodor Wieczorek flagicon|Poland Henryk Wieczorek (son)
*flagicon|Poland Piotr Mowlik flagicon|Poland Mariusz Mowlik (son)
*flagicon|Poland Jerzy Wilim flagicon|Poland Jan Wilim (brother)
*flagicon|Poland Jerzy Brzęczek flagicon|Poland Jakub Błaszczykowski (nephew)


* Maniche, flagicon|Portugal Jorge Ribeiro (brother)
*flagicon|Portugal Matateu flagicon|Portugal Vicente Lucas (brother)
*flagicon|Portugal Félix Mourinho, flagicon|Portugal José Mourinho (son)
*flagicon|Portugal António Veloso, flagicon|Portugal Miguel Veloso (son)
*flagicon|Portugal Luis Vidigal, Toni Vidigal, Jorge Filipe Vidigal [cite web|url=|title=Boukhari joins new-look Nantes|date=2006-05-16|] flagicon|Angola Lito (brother)
*flagicon|Zaire flagicon|Congo DRKuyangana Makukula flagicon|Portugal Ariza Makukula (son)


*flagicon|Romania Nicolae Lupescu, flagicon|Romania Ioan Lupescu (son)
*flagicon|Romania Mircea Lucescu, flagicon|Romania Răzvan Lucescu (son)
*flagicon|Romania Ion Nunweiller III, flagicon|Romania Lică Nunweiller IV, flagicon|Romania Radu Nunweiller VI (brothers)
*flagicon|Romania Dumitru Romilă I, flagicon|Romania Mihai Romilă II (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Mircea Chivu, flagicon|Romania Cristian Chivu (son)
*flagicon|Romania Adrian Ilie, flagicon|Romania Sabin Ilie (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Necula Răducanu-(GK), flagicon|Romania Cătălin Necula (son)
*flagicon|Romania Gheorghe Vaczi I, flagicon|Romania Gheorghe Vaczi II (son)
*flagicon|Romania Tudorel Stoica, flagicon|Romania Alin Stoica (son)
*flagicon|Romania Nicolae Kovacs, flagicon|Romania Stefan Kovacs (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Gheorghe Băcuţ, flagicon|Romania Ladislau Băcuţ (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Nicolae Vâlcov, flagicon|Romania Petre Vâlcov (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Mircea Dridea, flagicon|Romania Virgil Dridea (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Iosif Rotariu, flagicon|Romania Ilie Rotariu (twin brother)
*flagicon|Romania Gheorghe Mulţescu, flagicon|Romania Cătălin Mulţescu-(GK) (son)
*flagicon|Romania Constantin Radu I, flagicon|Romania Marin Radu II, flagicon|Romania Nicolae Radu III (brothers)
*flagicon|Romania Emil Dumitriu II, flagicon|Romania Dumitru Dumitriu III, flagicon|Romania Constantin Dumitriu IV (brothers)
*flagicon|Romania Ionel Solomon, flagicon|Romania Costel Solomon (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Costel Pană III, flagicon|Romania Marian Pană (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Silviu Lung-(GK), flagicon|Romania Tiberiu Lung-(GK) (son)
*flagicon|Romania Iosif Kün, flagicon|Romania Attila Kün (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Constantin Nedelcu, flagicon|Romania Leonida Nedelcu (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Constantin Brătianu-(GK), flagicon|Romania Vasile Brătianu (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Francisc Zavoda, flagicon|Romania Vasile Zavoda (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Emerich Biro, flagicon|Romania Ladislau Biro-(GK) (brother)
*flagicon|Romania Alexandru Andraşi, flagicon|Romania Iuliu Andraşi (brother)


*flagicon|Russia Aleksei Berezutskiy, flagicon|Russia Vasili Berezutskiy (twin brother)
*flagicon|Russia Vladimir Beschastnykh, flagicon|Russia Mikhail Beschastnykh (twin brother)
*flagicon|Russia Vladimir But, flagicon|Russia Vitali But (brother)
*flagicon|Russia Aleksandr Kerzhakov, flagicon|Russia Mikhail Kerzhakov (brother)
*flagicon|Russia Dmitry Kharine, flagicon|Russia Mikhail Kharin (brother)
*flagicon|Russia Viktor Onopko, flagicon|Ukraine Sergei Onopko (brother)
*flagicon|Russia Aleksei Smertin, flagicon|Russia Evgeny Smertin (brother)
*flagicon|Russia/flagicon|USSR Vladimir Tatarchuk, flagicon|Russia Vladimir Tatarchuk, Jr. (son)


*flagicon|Scotland Barney Battles, Sr., flagicon|Scotlandflagicon|USA Barney Battles, Jr. (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Jim Bett, flagicon|Iceland Baldur Bett (son), flagicon|Iceland Calum Þór Bett (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Jimmy Blair, flagicon|England Doug Blair (son)
*flagicon|Scotland John Brown, flagicon|Scotland Tom Brown (brother), flagicon|USA Jim Brown (brother), flagicon|USA George Brown (nephew)
*flagicon|Scotland Martin Buchan, flagicon|Scotland Jamie Buchan (son)
*flagicon|Scotland George Burley, flagicon|Scotland Craig Burley (nephew)
*flagicon|Scotland Steven Caldwell, flagicon|Scotland Gary Caldwell (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Alfie Conn, Sr., flagicon|Scotland Alfie Conn, Jr. (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Kenny Dalglish, flagicon|Scotland Paul Dalglish (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Gordon Durie, flagicon|Scotland Scott Durie (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Sir Alex Ferguson, flagicon|Scotland Darren Ferguson (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Barry Ferguson, flagicon|Scotland Derek Ferguson (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Robert Fleck, flagicon|Scotland John Fleck (nephew)
*flagicon|Scotland Julie Fleeting, flagicon|Scotland Colin Stewart (husband), flagicon|Scotland Jim Stewart (father in law)
*flagicon|Scotland Jim Gallacher, flagicon|Scotland Paul Gallacher (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Archie Gemmill, flagicon|Scotland Scot Gemmill (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Eddie Gray, flagicon|Scotland Frank Gray (brother), flagicon|Scotland Stuart Gray (son), flagicon|Scotland Andy Gray (nephew)
*flagicon|Scotland Alan Hansen, flagicon|Scotland John Hansen (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Neil Harris, flagicon|Scotland Joshua Harris (brother), flagicon|Scotland John Harris (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Alec Herd, flagicon|Scotland Sandy Herd (brother), flagicon|Scotland David Herd (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Alex Jackson, flagicon|Scotland Wattie Jackson (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Joe Jordan, flagicon|Scotland Andy Jordan (son), flagicon|Scotland Tom Jordan (son)
*flagicon|Scotland William Kinniburgh, flagicon|Scotland Steven Kinniburgh (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Lou Macari, flagicon|Scotland Michael Macari (son), flagicon|Scotland Paul Macari (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Gordon Marshall, Jr., flagicon|England Gordon Marshall, Sr. (father), [ Marshall was born in England to Scottish parents and raised in Edinburgh. Despite professing to Scottish identity, an agreement between the four Home FAs of the time ensured he could only represent England, the land of his birth. He played 3 times for the England U-23 side] flagicon|Scotland Scott Marshall (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland James McGhee, flagicon|USA Bart McGhee (son), flagicon|USA Jimmy McGhee (son)
*flagicon|Scotland John McPherson, flagicon|Scotland David McPherson (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Paul McStay, flagicon|Scotland Willie McStay (brother), flagicon|Scotland Raymond McStay (brother), flagicon|Scotland Jimmy McStay (great-uncle), flagicon|Scotland Willie McStay (great-uncle)
*flagicon|Scotland Phil O'Donnell, flagicon|Scotland David Clarkson (nephew), flagicon|Scotland Stephen O'Donnell (nephew), flagicon|Scotland Brian Dempsie (nephew)
*flagicon|Scotland Tommy Orr, flagicon|Scotland Neil Orr (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Bruce Rioch, flagicon|Scotland Gregor Rioch (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Alex Scott, flagicon|Scotland Jim Scott (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Bob Shankly, flagicon|Scotland Bill Shankly (brother), flagicon|Scotland Alec Shankly (brother), flagicon|Scotland Jimmy Shankly (brother), flagicon|Scotland John Shankly (brother) [All 5 brothers) played football]
*flagicon|Scotland Jimmy Simpson, flagicon|Scotland Ronnie Simpson (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Gordon Strachan, flagicon|Scotland Gavin Strachan (son)
*flagicon|Scotland Andy Wilson, flagicon|Scotland David Wilson (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Robbie Winters, flagicon|Scotland David Winters (brother)
*flagicon|Scotland Derek Young, flagicon|Scotland Darren Young (brother)

ierra Leone

*flagicon|Sierra Leone Mohamed Kallon, flagicon|Sierra Leone Musa Kallon (brother), flagicon|Sierra Leone Kemokai Kallon (brother), flagicon|Sierra Leone Mohamed Sesay (cousin)


*flagicon|Slovakia Ferdinand Daučík, flagicon|Slovakia Yanko Daucik (son), flagicon|Hungary flagicon|Spain Ladislao Kubala (son-in-law) , flagicon|Spain Branko Kubala (grandson)

outh Korea

*flagicon|South Korea Cha Bum-kun, flagicon|South Korea Cha Du-Ri (son) [Cha Du-Ri was born in Germany when his father played there]

oviet Union

*flagicon|Soviet Union Sergei Pavlovich Baltacha, flagicon|Scotland flagicon|Ukraine Sergei Baltacha Jr.
*flagicon|Soviet Union Vyacheslav Chanov, flagicon|Soviet Union Viktor Chanov (brother), flagicon|Soviet Union Viktor Chanov, Sr. (father)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Grigory Fedotov, flagicon|Soviet Union Vladimir Fedotov (son)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Nodar Khizanishvili, flagicon|Georgia Zurab Khizanishvili (son)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Viktor Kuznetsov, flagicon|Soviet Union Sergei Kuznetsov (brother)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Nikolai Savichev, flagicon|Soviet Union Yuri Savichev (twin brother)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Victor Shustikov, flagicon|CIS/flagicon|Russia Sergei Shustikov (son)
*flagicon|Soviet Union Lev Yashin, flagicon|Russia Vasili Frolov (grandson)


*flagicon|Spain Manuel Sanchis Martinez, flagicon|Spain Manuel Sanchis Hontiyuelo (son)
*flagicon|Spain Miguel Reina Santos, flagicon|Spain Jose Manuel Reina (son)
*flagicon|Spain Miguel Ángel Alonso, flagicon|Spain Xabi Alonso (son] , flagicon|Spain Mikel Alonso (son)
*flagicon|Spain Míchel, flagicon|Spain Adrián González (son)
*flagicon|Spain Juli Gonzalvo, flagicon|Spain Josep Gonzalvo (brother), flagicon|Spain Marià Gonzalvo (brother)
*flagicon|Spain Míchel Salgado is the son-in-law of flagicon|Spain Lorenzo Sanz and the brother-in-law of flagicon|Spain Fernando Sanz.
* Gerard Piqué, flagicon|Spain Amador Bernabeu (grandfather) [ Amador was a vice-president at FC Barcelona and he is not related to Santiago Bernabéu]
* Bojan Krkic senior, flagicon|Spain Bojan Krkić (son)
* Luis Arconada, flagicon|Spain Gonzalo Arconada (brother)
* Aitor Karanka, flagicon|Spain David Karanka (brother)
* Ivan Helguera, flagicon|Spain Luis Helguera (brother)
* Luis García, flagicon|Spain Javier García (cousin)
* Vicente Asensi, flagicon|Spain Juan Manuel Asensi (son)
* Carles Busquets, flagicon|Spain Sergi Busquets (son)


*flagicon|Sweden Roy Andersson, flagicon|Sweden Patrik Andersson (son), flagicon|Sweden Daniel Andersson (son)
* Pontus Farnerud, flagicon|Sweden Alexander Farnerud (brother)
* Glenn Hysén, flagicon|Sweden Tobias Hysén (son), flagicon|Sweden Alexander Hysén (son)
* Anders Linderoth, flagicon|Sweden Tobias Linderoth (son)
* Gunnar Nordahl, flagicon|Sweden Thomas Nordahl (son)
* Thomas Ravelli, flagicon|Sweden Andreas Ravelli (twin brother)
* Sanny Åslund, flagicon|Sweden Martin Åslund (son), flagicon|Sweden Mattias Åslund (nephew)
* David Elm, flagicon|Sweden Rasmus Elm, flagicon|Sweden Viktor Elm (brothers)


*flagicon|Switzerland Philipp Degen, flagicon|Switzerland David Degen (twin brother)
*flagicon|Switzerland Hakan Yakın, flagicon|Switzerland Murat Yakın (brother)
*flagicon|Switzerland Ricardo Cabanas, flagicon|Spain Raul Cabanas (cousin)
*flagicon|Switzerland Damian Bellon, flagicon|Switzerland Yago Bellon (twin brother)


*flagicon|Togo Emmanuel Adebayor, flagicon|Togo Anthony Adebayor (brother)-Anthony is retired.

Turks & Caicos Islands

*flagicon|Turks and Caicos Islands Gavin Glinton, flagicon|Turks and Caicos Islands Duane Glinton (brother)


*flagicon|Turkey Halil Altıntop, flagicon|Turkey Hamit Altıntop (twin brothers) [They were born in Germany of Turkish parents.]
*flagicon|Turkey Deniz Doğan, flagicon|Turkey Hüseyin Doğan (twin brothers)
*flagicon|Turkey Muzzy İzzet, flagicon|Turkey flagicon|England Kemal İzzet (brother)
*flagicon|Turkey Bülent Korkmaz, flagicon|Turkey Mert Korkmaz (brother)


*flagicon|UAE Ibrahim Meer , flagicon|UAE Eissa Meer (twin brother)
*flagicon|UAE Khalil Ghanim Mubarak, flagicon|UAE Mubarak Ghanin (brother)


*flagicon|Uruguay José Leandro Andrade, flagicon|Uruguay Víctor Rodríguez Andrade (nephew)
*flagicon|Uruguay Pablo Forlan, flagicon|Uruguay Diego Forlan (son)
*flagicon|Uruguay Mario Viera, flagicon|Uruguay Sebastián Viera(son) [Mario Viera played for Uruguay in the 1979 FIFA World Youth Championship in Japan.]
*flagicon|Uruguay Jorge Curbelo, Juan Curbelo (brothers)
*flagicon|Uruguay Julio Montero Castillo, flagicon|Uruguay Paolo Montero (son)


* Bruce Arena, flagicon|USA Kenny Arena (son)
* Walter Bahr, flagicon|USA Casey Bahr (son), flagicon|USA Chris Bahr (son), flagicon|USA Matt Bahr (son) [Casey, Matt and Chris all played in the NASL. Chris was a member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic soccer team and the 1972 NASL Rookie of the Year. Chris and Matt are better-known as NFL placekickers.]
* Gerry Baker, flagicon|England Joe Baker (brother) [Gerry was born in New York to a Scottish mother and English father. The family moved to Liverpool whenhe was one. His younger brother, Joe, was born in Liverpool. When their father was killed in World War II, the Bakers moved to Lanarkshire, Scotland where they grew up. However, as a result of being born in Liverpool (Joe) and New York (Gerry), they were only eligible to represent England and the United States respectively.]
* Marcelo Balboa, flagicon|Argentina Luis Balboa (father)
* Jamar Beasley, flagicon|USA DaMarcus Beasley (brothers)
* Bob Bradley, flagicon|USA Michael Bradley (son)
* Jim Brown, flagicon|Scotland John Brown (brother), flagicon|Scotland Tom Brown (brother), flagicon|USA George Brown (son) [The only father-son members of the National Soccer Hall of Fame.]
* Mark Chung [ Mark Chung is a Canadian-born Chinese American who came from Jamaica.] , flagicon|Jamaica Craig Ziadie (cousin), flagicon|Jamaica Dennis Ziadie (uncle, father of Craig) [Ziadlie played in the NASL and was capped by Jamaica.]
* Kenny Cooper, flagicon|England Kenny Cooper Sr. (father)
* Rolf Decker, flagicon|USA Otto Decker (brothers)
* Angelo DiBernardo, flagicon|USA Paul DiBernardo (brothers)
* Don Ebert, flagicon|USA Eric Ebert (son)
* Alecko Eskandarian, flagicon|Iran Andranik Eskandarian (father)
* Lorrie Fair, flagicon|USA Ronnie Fair (twin sisters) [These are the first sisters to play together in national team game for any country.]
* Joy Fawcett, flagicon|USA Eric Biefeld (brother)
* Carin Jennings-Gabarra, flagicon|USA Jim Gabarra (husband)
* Chris Henderson, flagicon|USA Sean Henderson (brothers)
* Harry Keough, flagicon|USA Ty Keough (son)
* Alexi Lalas, flagicon|USA Greg Lalas (brothers)
* Joe Maca, flagicon|USA Alain Maca (son)
* John Marre, flagicon|USA Hap Marre (brothers)
* Charlie McCully, flagicon|USA Henry McCully (brothers)
* Bart McGhee, flagicon|USA Jimmy McGhee (brother), flagicon|Scotland James McGhee (father)
* Joe-Max Moore, flagicon|Bolivia José Carlos Fernández (cousin-in-law) [Joe-Max Moore's wife is José Carlos Fernández's cousin.]
* Louis Nanchoff, flagicon|USA George Nanchoff (brothers)
* Casey Nogueira, flagicon|MOZ Victor Nogueira (father)
* Harry Ratican, flagicon|USA Peter Ratican (brothers)
* Claudio Reyna, flagicon|USA Danielle Egan (wife) [ Danielle Egan was capped by United States women's national soccer team.]
* Nick Rimando, flagicon|USA Jacqui Little (wife) [Little played professionally for Washington Freedom.]
* Ken Snow, flagicon|USA Steve Snow (brothers)
* Archie Stark, flagicon|USA Tommy Stark (brothers)
* Tim Twellman, flagicon|USA Steve Twellman (brother), flagicon|USA Mike Twellman (brother), flagicon|USA Taylor Twellman (son), flagicon|USA James Twellman (son)
* Roy Wegerle, flagicon|South Africa Steve Wegerle (brother), flagicon|South Africa Geoff Wegerle (brother), flagicon|USA Bryce Wegerle (Steve's son). [ The Wegerle brothers did not play for South Africa.]


*flagicon|Yugoslavia Željko Čajkovski, flagicon|Yugoslavia Zlatko Čajkovski (brother) [ They are Croats. Zlatko Čajkovski played for Croatia. ]
*flagicon|Yugoslavia flagicon|Macedonia Boško Đurovski, flagicon|Yugoslavia flagicon|Macedonia Milko Đurovski (brother) [ They also played for Macedonia.] flagicon|Macedonia Mario Đurovski (Milko's son)
*flagicon|Yugoslaviaflagicon|Croatia Zlatko Kranjčar, flagicon|Croatia Niko Kranjčar (son)
*flagicon|Yugoslavia Ilija Petković, flagicon|Serbia and Montenegro Dušan Petković


*flagicon|Wales John Charles, flagicon|Wales Mel Charles
*flagicon|Wales Robert Duffy, flagicon|Wales Richard Duffy (brother)
*flagicon|Wales Ryan Giggs, flagicon|Wales Rhodri Giggs (brother)
*flagicon|Wales Donato Nardiello, flagicon|Wales Daniel Nardiello (son), flagicon|England Michael Nardiello (nephew)


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