Merzbow discography

Merzbow discography
Masami Akita discography
Studio albums 260
Live albums 65
Compilation albums 4
EPs 30
Soundtracks 13
Tribute and cover albums 2
Remix albums 3
Box sets 10
Compilation tracks 220
Splits 35
Appearances 104

The following is a partial discography of Japanese noise musician Masami Akita as Merzbow and many other aliases. No complete discography exists due to his extensive music catalogue.

Reissues and compilation tracks taken from albums are not included.


As Merzbow

Studio albums

Year Title Label Note
1980 Fuckexercise Lowest Music & Arts
1981 Remblandt Assemblage only a few copies distributed[1]
Metal Acoustic Music
Material Action for 2 Microphones
Collection 001
Collection 002
Collection 003
Collection 004
Collection 005
Collection 006
Collection 007
Collection 008
Collection 009
1982 Collection 010
Normal Music
Tridal Production
Le Compte
Expanded Music
Expanded Music 2
Solonoise 1
Solonoise 2
Lowest Music
Lowest Music 2
Tatoo Junk Stratosphere Music with Masaki
1983 Material Action 2 N.A.M. Chaos distributed by Eastern Works
Erotrograph Lowest Music & Arts
Yantra Material Action
Musick for Simulation World Lowest Music & Arts, Produktion
Dying Mapa Tape I Aeon
Dying Mapa Tape II
Dying Mapa Tape III
Kibbutz ADN
Mechanization Takes Command ZSF Produkt
Worker Machine
Escape Mask
Musick for Screen
Sexplan Project 3 Magisch Theatre Productions
Le Cuisinier Stratosphere Music
Merzbow Life Performance Series Vol. 1 ZSF Produkt
Merzbow Life Performance Series Vol. 2
1984 Merzbow Life Performance Series Vol. 3
Merzbow Life Performance Series Vol. 4
Merzbow Life Performance Series Vol. 5
Sonic Command reissued as Live Drum Ensemble
Aka Meme ZSF Produkt, V2_Archief
Age of 369 ZSF Produkt
Pornoise Extra
Merzbow/The Hanatarashi ZSF Produkt, Condome Cassex with The Hanatarashi
Régelade ZSF Produkt, Active Productions with L'Éponge Synthétique
Aerovivanda #1 ZSF Produkt, Red Rat with Xerosx
Aerovivanda #2 ZSF Produkt
Le Sanc Et La Rose [2] with Lotus Club
1985 Sadomasochismo
The Lampinak ZSF Produkt, Réseau Phallus 3
Ushi-Tra Cause and Effect
Live Performance Feb. 85 Le Syndicat reissued as Nil Vagina Mail Action
Chant 2 ZSF Produkt
1986 Batztoutai with Memorial Gadgets RRRecords
Antimonument ZSF Produkt
Nil Vagina Mail Action paper anti-record[1]
1987 Ecobondage
Vratya Southward
Merzbow & The Haters ZSF Produkt, Banned Production with The Haters
A Collaboration Tape ZSF Produkt, Afflict with S·Core
Merzbowkapottemuziek ZSF Produkt, Korm Plastics with Kapotte Muziek
1988 Storage ZSF Produkt
Khabarovsk Materials
Crocidura Dsi Nezumi ZSF Produkt, Banned Production
Collaborative Extreme with S.B.O.T.H.I.
1989 Flesh Metal Orgasm ZSF Produkt, Nihilistic
Je Rumpelsturz Desto Burzelblock Schimpfluch/RRRecords with Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Due Process
The Time Stream Sound of Pig with John Hudak
1990 Cloud Cock OO Grand ZSF Produkt
Rainbow Electronics Alchemy
Fifty RRRecords with S.B.O.T.H.I., P16.D4
1991 Music for Bondage Performance Extreme
Documentation / Collaboration Korm Plastics with Kapotte Muziek
Grav Silent with PGR, Asmus Tietchens
1992 Hannover Interruption Dradomel
Metal Mad Man Stinky Horse Fuck
Recycled Music RRRecords
1993 Batztoutai with Material Gadgets includes Loop Panic Limited
Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss Streamline with Christoph Heemann
Continuum Cheeses International with Kapotte Muziek
Sniper Banned Production with The Haters, AMK
1994 Venereology Release Entertainment
Noisembryo Releasing Eskimo
Flare Gun Ten Bob Swerver
Hole Heel Stone
1995 Dadarottenvator Praxis Dr. Bearmann
Pinkream Dirter Promotions
Green Wheels Self Abuse
The Science of Dissecting Society Praxis Dr. Bearmann with Richard Ramirez
Horn of the Goat Freek with Consumer Electronics
1996 Music for Bondage Performance 2 Extreme
Pulse Demon Release Entertainment
Magnesia Nova Staalplaat
Spiral Honey Work in Progress
Mercurated Alchemy
Oersted Vinyl Communications
Electric Salad Etherworld
Project Frequency A.I.P.R.
Rainbow Electronics 2 Dexter's Cigar
Brisbane-Tokyo Interlace Cold Spring with John Watermann
Merzbow Loves Emil Beaulieau Pure with Emil Beaulieau
1997 Space Metalizer Alien8
Hybrid Noisebloom Vinyl Communications
Psychorazer Kubitsuri Tapes
Rectal Anarchy Release Entertainment with Gore Beyond Necropsy
Merzbow Mixed Total Sterilized Decay with Total
1998 1930 Tzadik
Tauromachine Relapse
Maschinenstil Dual Plover
Aqua Necromancer Alien8
New Takamagahara OHM/Jazzassin
Vibractance E(r)ostrate
1999 Blues Maggots ZSF Produkt
Paradise Pachinko Tochnit Aleph
Collapse 12 Floors [OHM]
Tentacle Alchemy
Door Open at 8 am Alien8
A Perfect Pain Cold Spring with Genesis P-Orridge
2001 Hard Lovin' Man Anoema
Dharma Double H Noise Industries
Frog+ Misanthropic Agenda
Puroland [OHM]
2002 Amlux Important
Fantail Clu Clux Clam
Ikebukuro Dada Circumvent
Merzbeat Important
A Taste Of... Mego
Merzzow Opposite
2003 Cycle Very Friendly
Animal Magnetism Alien8
SCSI Duck Fourth Dimension
2004 Tamago Plan-DX17
Offering Tantric Harmonies
Yoshinotsune Clu Clux Clam
Rondo / 7Phases / Blowback Sub Rosa with Kim Cascone
Partikel Cold Spring with Nordvargr
Electro Magnetic Unit Los Apson?
The Ten Foot Square Hut Hypnagogia with The New Blockaders
Sha Mo 3000 Essence Music
Merzbird Important
1633 En/Of
2005 Bariken Blossoming Noise
Dust of Dreams Thisco
Rattus Rattus Scarcelight
Merzbuddha Important
Sphere Tzadik
Tranz Caminante with Elliott Sharp
Scene Waystyx
Early Computer Works
Senmaida Blossoming Noise
Merzbuta Important
Multiplication Misanthropic Agenda with John Wiese
2006 Merzbow vs. Tamarin Artificial Music Machine with Tamarin
Minazo Vol. 1 Important
Bloody Sea Vivo
Merzdub Caminante with Jamie Saft
F.I.D. Fourth Dimension
Minazo Vol. 2 Important
Metamorphism Very Friendly
2007 Partikel II Cold Spring with Nordvargr
Merzbear Important
Coma Berenices Vivo
Zophorus Blossoming Noise
Peace for Animals Quasi Pop
Higanbana Vivo
2008 Here L. White
Arijigoku Vivo
Eucalypse Soleilmoon
Dolphin Sonar Important
...And the Devil Makes Three Southern/Truth Cult with Porn
Anicca Cold Spring
Keio Line Cuneiform, Dirter Promotions with Richard Pinhas
Protean World Noiseville
Dead Leaves licht-ung
Tombo Fellacoustic
Hodosan Vivo
2009 Camouflage Essence Music
Somei... Low Impedance
Suzume: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 1 Important
Fukurou: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 2
Yurikamome: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 3
Karasu: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 4
Hiranya Noiseville
Uzura: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 5 Important
Kamo: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 6
Don't Steal My Coat No Music/Olmolungring
Kujakubato: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 7 Important
Kokuchou: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 8
Hiyodori: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 9
Niwatori: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 10
Microkosmos Volume 1 Blossoming Noise
Shirasagi: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 11 Important
Tsubame: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 12
2010 Chabo: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 13
Graft Cold Spring
Ouroboros Soleilmoon
Marmo Old Europa Cafe
Untitled Nov 1989 Gift Tapes
9888A 905 Tapes
Spiral Right / Spiral Left Cold Spring with Z'EV
2011 Jigokuhen Important
April 1992 Green
Kamadhenu Hypnagogia
Variations for Electric Fan Rainbow Bridge/Phage Tapes
Yaho-Niwa Nuun
Dead Zone Quasi Pop
Surabhi Hypnagogia

Live albums

Year Title Label Note
1982 Paradoxa Paradoxa Lowest Music & Arts also known as Live at Kid Ailak Hall
1983 Pestis [2]
1984 Live Performance Vol. 1 ZSF Produkt with Nord
Live Performance Vol. 2
Live Performance Vol. 3
Live Performance with Secrets
1987 Fonctionnarisation 3Rio Tapes
1988 Live in Khabarovsk, CCCP: "I'm Proud by Rank of the Workers" ZSF Produkt
1989 Live at I.C.O.E.
1990 Live at Middle East Cafe Boston 21 Sep 1990 Vanilla
1991 Great American Nude / Crash for Hi-Fi Alchemy
Live in Chicago RRRecords with Emil Beaulieau
1992 Dutch Tour 1989 V2_Archief
Eleven Live Collaborations Selektion with Achim Wollschied
US Tour 1990 (1990-09-05 Kaleidoscope) Loawai Tapes, Noise Rebel
US Tour 1990 (1990-09-08 Armpit, San Francisco) Loawai Tapes
1995 Noizhead Blast First
1996 Akasha Gulva Alien8
Live at 20000V 30 Sep 1995 Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club
Live July 5th, 1995 Selektion
1998 Mort Aux Vaches: Locomotive Breath Mort Aux Vaches
2000 Live at Radio 100 ERS
2001 Live at Molde International Jazz Festival Smalltown Supersound with Jazzkammer
Live in Germany 1996 Ars Macabre
2003 Live Magnetism Caminante
V Les Disques Victo with Pan Sonic
Live CBGB's NYC 1998 Digital Hardcore with Alec Empire
2005 Live in Geneva Walnut + Locust
2007 Electric Dress No Fun Productions with Carlos Giffoni, Jim O'Rourke
Synth Destruction Important with Carlos Giffoni
Live Destruction at No Fun 2007 No Fun Productions
2008 SYR8: Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth Sonic Youth Recordings with Sonic Youth, Mats Gustafsson
2010 Live at Henie Onstad Art Centre Prisma
Live at Fluc Wanne, Vienna 2010/05/18 Dry Lungs with Balázs Pándi
2011 Lou Lou... In Tokyo Daymare, SIGE with Mamiffer, House of Low Culture
Rhizome Cuneiform with Richard Pinhas
Paris 2008
Ducks: Live in NYC Ohm Resistance with Balázs Pándi

Compilation albums

Year Title Label Note
1996 Age of 369/Chant 2 Extreme
1997 Merzbox Sampler
2010 Another Merzbow Records Dirter Promotions
2011 Kali-Yuga Karma Hypnagogia with The New Blockaders, Anomali

Extended plays

Year Title Label Note
1991 Artificial Invagination Vanilla
1993 Neo Orgasm Vertical
Rod Drug 93 The Way Out Sound also known as The Art of Merzbow
Nil Vagina for Mice Banned Production
1994 White Blues Self Abuse also known as Now
Electroploitation Lunhare/Hax
Music for Man with No Name Fusetron/Stuart with Cock E.S.P.
Merzbow / John Goff The Way Out Sound with John Goff
1995 Electroknots Cold Spring/Dirter Promotions
Wakantanka / Aboriginie of Anniversary 50 Years After War Syntactic
Music for the Dead Man 2: Return of the Dead Man Robot
Rectal Grinder Mangrove with Gore Beyond Necropsy
Whizzerbait Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers/Oska with Tea Culture
1997 Red 2 Eyes V2_Archief
Tint Vinyl Communications
1999 Happenings 1000 Years Time Ago iDEAL
2001 Hummingbird L.S.D. Organisation
2004 Mini Cycle / Yoshino Tamago / Yonos Bigfoot OHM
Oumagatoki Hypnagogia with The New Blockaders
2005 Free Piano Misanthropic Agenda with John Wiese
2006 Black Bone, Part 5 Blossoming Noise
2009 Tempi / Matatabi Dot Dot Dot Music
2011 ZaRa licht-ung


Year Title Artist Label
1996 America Salutes Merzbow various artists Vinyl Communications
1997 Dedicated to Masami Akita Emil Beaulieau Pure

Remix albums

Year Title Label
1996 Scumtron Blast First
2003 Frog Remixed and Revisited Misanthropic Agenda
Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled Important

Box sets

Year Title Label
1984 Pornoise/1kg ZSF Produkt
1993 Metalvelodrome Alchemy
2000 Merzbox Extreme
2002 24 Hours - A Day of Seals Dirtier Promotions
2003 Timehunter Ant-Zen
2004 Last of Analog Sessions Important
2005 Houjoue Dirtier Promotions
2006 Turmeric Blossoming Noise
2010 Ecobag/13 Birds in a Bag +1 Important
Merzbient Soleilmoon


Year Title Label With
1990 Axx/Spooning ZSF Produkt, SPH SCUM
1991 Live Deformation/Holland / Bordeaux Midas Music THU20
Ars Elektroica Drahtfunk-Products Das Konzentrat
Latex Gold / Latex Black ZSF Produkt/Coquette Masonna
1994 Merzbow / Black Leather Jesus Deadline Black Leather Jesus
1996 Voice Pie Release Entertainment Bastard Noise
Plays Tim/Kerr Smegma
Arctic Twilight / Anthem of the Sun Dirter Promotions Slugbait
Merzbow / Lasse Marhaug Jazzassin Lasse Marhaug
Destructible Foundation / Drain Self Abuse/Mother Savage Noise Productions MSBR
Merzbow / Xome Gentle Giant Xome
Seven Inches Inside Vagina Stinky Horse Fuck Smell & Quim
1997 Soft / Lärm, Hitze und faulige Gerüche Dreizehn Kadef
Milanese Bestiality / Drunk on Decay Old Europa Cafe The Haters
Balance Human Wrechords Ladybird
1999 Merzbow / Aural Torture Mechanism Fistfight/Counterattack Experimental Arts Aural Torture Mechanism
Subsidia Pataphysica Manifold DJ Spooky
Split Series #4 Fat Cat AMM
2000 Necro 2000 / Reality Is Much Worse Klanggallerie Statik
2001 Merzbow / Kouhei Matsunaga Tigerbeat6 Kouhei Matsunaga
Crash of the Titans Merciless Core/Napalmed Napalmed
Spilt Ver 0.5 / Spilt Ver 1.0 Less Than TV Struggle for Pride
2002 INTO111115&111521849 / Mode for Value & Intention Cross Fade Enter Tainment Kouhei Matsunaga
Switching Rhetorics Bisect Bleep Industries Shora
2008 Insect / Reptile Dirter Promotions Band of Pain
Merzbow / Sutcliffe Jügend / Satori Cold Spring Sutcliffe Jügend, Satori
2010 Oh Lucy!!! / Tipping Foul into the Dirt Chrome Peeler The Guilt Øf...
2011 Guya / Greed CX Cris X

Compilation tracks

Year Track(s) Title Label Note
1981 "Envois 216" 沫 Foam YLEM
1983 "Envoise 1-83" 40 Days/40 Nights Stratosphere Music
"Kimigayo" Anthems Trax
"Awa Dance", "Hannya-Haramitta" Paris-Tokyo Tago Mago
"Envoise 24882" Sensationnel No. 1 Illusion Production
"Envois #4 (Excerpt)", "Envois #5 (Excerpt)" Insane Music for Insane People Vol. 3 Insane Music with ∝
untitled Double Trouble The 5th Column Tapes
Kukuk Eksik [3] ZSF Produkt
1984 "Envoice 14/7/83" Assemblée Générale 4 Ptôse Production Présente
"Der-Dom" FE Tape Condome Cassex
"D.D.T." Home-Made Music for Home-Made People Vol. 2: "Bloody But Chic" Insane Music
untitled, untitled Katacombe Vol. 4 Schrei, Industria Tepa
"Envoise" Rising from the Red Sand (Volume Five) Third Mind
"ZSF Product" Sex & Bestiality Bain Total
"Amaroxes" Sexorama Vol. 1 ZSF Produkt
"Rape Insects" Sexorama Vol. 2
"Xa-Bungle" Three Minute Symphony X Tract
"Heat Obsession", "Sangro", "My Mummy Was Dead" Illuminated 666 No. 2 [4] Illuminated 666
"Astral Left" Independent World Vol. 1 Independent World
Gomi Shoni-Byoto
א 覚醒工房
CM Arts Mental Screen
Inter Mirgin Kinky Tape Collection
October '84 覚醒工房
November '84 覚醒工房
1985 "Itomakiei" 6x10=60 Vol. 1 Korm Plastics
"Vermin with Carcass" Dry Lungs Placebo
"Akasa", "Tana" Einsamkeit Als Mensch Technological Feeling
"White Pricks" L'Enfer Est Intime Volume 2 VP 231
"Totetsu Pattern" Musica Venenæ: Industrial Culture Music Volume 1 Inner-X-Musick
"Re-Mark" Out of Context Banned Production
"4th Innocent Victim", "My Night of Terror" Sexorama Vol. 3 ZSF Produkt
"Egyptian Ghost" The Way of the Sacred Inner-X-Musick
"exert from 'Corruption'", "exert from 'Corruption'" Homo Sexpiens Project 3Rio Tapes
"Pinheads on UFO" Poltergeist I: A Compilation of Mutated Music Dill Prod.
Mental Flag Organic Mind Workshop
Anti-Music for Snobism Beast 666 Tapes
Trude Engels [3]
1986 "Smichion", "Venoayasama", "Small Motor-Byke Accident Wounded Lay on the Road of Asagaya" Best Test of Japan Cause and Effect
"Fushimi-Bongo" Caustic Showers Caustic Tapes
"So Small Atropin" Intrendent International 2-1 MAM-Aufnahme, Ffm
"New Wakamatzu" Necronomicon 3 Necronomicon
"Gamma-Titan" Tellus #13 - Power Electronics Tellus
"Kangun no Uta" Sexorama Vol. 4 ZSF Produkt
"3 Types of Industrial Pollusion" Infidel Psalm Vol. 1 Mental Decay
"Peeping" Phallophorie Réseau Phallus 3
"Untitled" Helter Skelter Beast 666 Tapes with Le Syndicat
1987 "Truk for Microphysic" Bad Alchemy Nr 7 Bad Alchemy
"Separation" Die Schönste Musik of Japan Vol. 1 Geschmack
"Susanou (Devil of the Storm)" Infera Sinfonia Bruno Cossano Corporation
"Invisible Tatara (Extract 1 & 2)" Journey into Pain Beast 666 Tapes
"Anna Blume '87" Korm Merz Korm Plastics
"Nirvana for the Seven Sermons (Excerpt)" There Is No God and He Is Your Creator GGE
"Toutetsu Pateern 2" 胎内レーベルオムニバス 胎内レーベル
"Enchainement 38" Les Déportés N°8 Les Déportés
1988 "Environmental Pecrssion #4" Angelic Tecnology 1 Angakok
"Message from Milton Meinung" Durchschnittsanfall 3/4 Prion
"Corpus/Economie", "Dead of Michael Foucault" Heroes to Ecstacy Strength Through Awareness
"Everywhere It's Machine (Grid Module 3)" Massaconfvsa O. Crow
"De-Soundtracks No-1 - The Roaling Steel Monster (Japanese Early Science Movies Series)" Ne Banned Production
"Fission/Dialogue" Zondig Midas Music
"Little Boy '85", "Economy 2" Trans·Gressed·Body Corrosive Tapes
untitled Transmission Tonspur Tapes
"Trouble Coming Everyday" Gears=Sextwo eMpTy
"An Man Do" The Call of Madonna Luisa Ciccone A/I/I/P with Aoniyashiagam
1989 "Swap No-1" Lapse from Virtue Sound of Pig
"Untitled" Motop 1 IF
"Live 19/6/88" Voices in a Dark Room Honeymoon Production
"Scratchin' S.C.U.M." Your Biggest Problem Is Behind You RRRecords/Tedium House Publications
"Itch" Neue Muster Volume 5+6 Tonspur Tapes
"My Rubber Dutch Wife" Nice Noise Volume 3 Nihilistic
untitled, untitled 5th Anniversary Boxset Thing RRRecords with Due Process
1990 "Fragment 14" Detonator Bestattungsinstitut
untitled 0607131089 Sounds for Consciousness Rape
"Libido/Economy" Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers Midas Music
"Great Masturbator" I'm Stupid Beast 666 Tapes, Vanilla
"Untitled 15989" Mumbo Jumbo SSSM
"Libido Economy No. 2" Network 77 Network 77
1991 "HGL Made a Race for the Last Brain" Altered States of Consciousness UPD Organization
"Untitled, April 1991" Antebellum Vol. 3 Antebellum
"No 3-10 Max" Ohrenschmalz Unclead Production
"One Minutes from Big Heart City" 戯れ - Come Again Vanilla
"Hiturbo No. 4" X-X Section Extreme
"DC-AC Live" The Japanese Perspective Ear Magazine
"Speedback Variation Nr.1 (KP 0BO)" Motop 2 IF with Kapotte Muziek
"Heap/On the Move" Sociometric Test SSSM with Dislocation
"Untitled/Razors" Trans-Action Divided with Hamas
1992 "Onorikomorico" Atomic Zen Dedali Opera
"V2 Live (Excerpt)" CD Voor De Instabiele Media V2_Archief
"Man-Plug" Dry Lungs V Subterranean/Dark Vinyl
"No. 28" EARTV TapesOfPeaceInTimeOfWar
"Suzunne Erica Is Sunohara Yuri" Melt Work In Progress
"Travelling" Noise Forest Les Disques Du Soleil
"Live in Kong-Tu, Korea, 1. AUG, 1991", "Live at Maya Kanko Hotel, Kobe, 14~15 SEP, 1991" Oh! Moro Volume 5 ○か×
"Elysia, Valley of the Metal" World Record Alchemy
"WEBO, NYC" Testament RRRecords
"Speedback Variation Nr. 2 (Kapot Produkt oBZ)" Neue Muster Volume 8+9 Tonspur Tapes with Kapotte Muziek
1993 "Super Head" Come Again II Silent/Furnace
"Piss for Yves Klein" Kingdom of Noise Endorphine Factory
"Moon Over the Bwana A" Land of the Rising Noise Charnel Music
"True Romance Soundtrack for Moma" Neo Noise Punishment Kubitsuri Tapes
"NRT" Redemption Vol. 1 1986 - 1993 Zero Cabal
"Death Acid When Sex Was Darty" Stinky Horse Fuckers Stinky Horse Fuck
"Sub-Urban" Of Sound Mind Godsend Magazine with Arthur Potter
untitled RRR 100 RRRecords
1994 "Phillo-Jazz Electronica" Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Fool's Paradise
"Twisted Domiano" Cataclastic Fracture Deadline/Lazy Squid
"Marfan Syndrome for Blue" Eternal Blue Extreme: An Asian Tribute to Derek Jarman Somnus
"Glass", "20" Extreme Music from Japan Susan Lawly
"Ram Me, Ream Me, You Lusty Cunts" Ne Shi Banned Production
"Brain Ticket Saison" Noise War Mother Savage Noise Productions
"Twisted Damiano 2" Violent Ambient Chocolate Monk
"Ooga Booga" Wohlstand Human Wrechords
untitled Mail-Music: All We Make Are Memories Psychic Rally
1995 "Tiab Guls" Entertainment Through Pain: A Tribute to Throbbing Gristle RRRecords
"Live at Easy Gallery Tokyo", "Live at 2B, Eindhoven" Good Alchemy Video Alchemy
"Elephants Memory" Indiscreet Stereo Test Record Discreet/Indiscreet
"Phyllo-Noisegrams" No Machine Is Silent Realization
"Last Splash" Organismus 3 - The Final Compilation Escape 3 Organisation
"Crack Groove" Release Your Mind Release Entertainment
"Snowblind" The Japanese/American Noise Treaty
1996 "Sound Check for Doushisha University Performance" A Fault in the Nothing Ash International
untitled An Evening of Serious Noise Statutory Tape
"Iro Moyo" Disco Sucks Ché Trading
"Talipes" Mimikaki Kuwagata
"Pretties for You" Music Should Hurt Self Abuse
"Silent Night" The Christmas Album Sony
"Iro Moyo 2 (Colour Decola 2)" Tinker Compilation Tinker
"Seishoku Titi" Great Blue Thing O'Great Blue Thing
"Centipede" Comp #3: Lily's S'ghetti Factory Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club
1997 "Morbid Angelfish" Alt. Noise Switch
"Yahowa Stackridge" Conception AVA/ES1-Reset
"Hummingbird" Four Years in 30 Seconds Dirter Promotions
"Untitled" Screw Entartete Kunst
"Kleine Blaue Hybriden" Tulpas Selektion
"Decomposition 002.1.1" Untitled (Ten) Extreme
"Trade Deficit", "Techno Grave" We Hate You: A Small Tribute to Throbbing Gristle Jazzassin
"Audio Pubic" Rebirth of Fool: Volume One Dual Plover
1998 "Landing on Audio" Freak Animal #11 Freak Animal
"The Amazing Maya Hiromi" Disco-Mortem Releasing Eskimo
"Song for Fandango" MIT #01 Sordide Sentimental
untitled Noisecapture #1 COS Edition with Monde Bruits, Dislocation
untitled Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack for Weirdness and Blind Hostility Chaotic Noise Productions/Satans Pimp/Heartplug
1999 "Redskin" Coalescence Alien8
"Fireball" Sadomachinism Misanthropic Agenda
"Ab Hunter" Split Series 1-8 Fat Cat
2000 "Routemaster" Avanto-00 Avanto
"2000" Immersion Starkland
untitled, untitled, untitled, untitled lockERS ESR
"83mb" Masters of Japanese Electronic Music Far East Experimental Sounds
"Gateway to Itabashi" Tokyo EP Plastic Cowboy
"Cannon Balls 2" 愛欲人民二十一世紀 Alchemy
"Ikebukuroà Dadatexture" Mutaions - Sonic City Arc en rêve
2001 "Cannon Balls" State of the Union 2.001 Electronic Music Foundation
"Waiting - Papier Wellen / Push Paper into Waves" One Word One Sound Intermedium
"Horiwari/Pass By" Sonic City Airplane Label
"Condition #1" Scanning of Modulations Uplink with L?K?O
"Pulse Groon" Megalomaniacs Show Time!! オトゲノム
2002 "Bamboo Honey" Deprogramming Music Volume One Sacred Noise
"Flyingsushi_x" 02 Falsch
"Lux Automobile (Krokodil Rock Mix)" Japanese Avant-Garde Sub Rosa
"Untitled" Nanoloop 1.0 Disco Bruit
"Into the Void [Black Sabbath]" The Void Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu
"Quiet Men & Noisy Animals" Open Mind Mori Art Museum
2003 "Untitled Peace" 60 Sound Artists Protest the War Atak
"Door No.2" Ctrl Alt Del Nomad
"Untitled" Frequencies [Hz] Raster-Noton
"Untitled" Jpech Jpech
"Routemaster - Tokyo Mix Live" Routemaster Remix Project Live Crystal Eye
2004 "Baliken (Vers. 01)" 2x5" Punk Kein Rock
"Requiem" 2xH vs. HHR Vol. 1 "Where Is My Robotic Boot?" Double H Noise Industries/Hydra Head
"Fear of God" The End of the Fear of God Tochnit Aleph
"Birds and Warhorse" An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music/Third A-Chronology 1952-2004 Sub Rosa
"Bariken (Loft Version)" 日本のロック名鑑①
2005 "Untitled for John" Epitaph for John Korm Plastics
untitled Blank Field Alien8
"Excerpt from Death of 250,000 Chickens" Improvised Music from Japan 2005 Improvised Music from Japan
2006 "風のはるか" Belly of the Whale Important
"Oumagatoki Part 3" Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Vol. 2 Vinyl-On-Demand
untitled Yokomono 03: 55 Lock Grooves Staalplaat
"Partikel MN2" Swarm Cold Spring with Nordvargr
2007 "September, 06" Radio Interference from Unknown Orgasm Somnimage
2008 "Habeus Corpus" Paper & Plastic Suitcase
"Voices of Animals" Manifesto Rumorarmonico Post Futurista Old Europa Cafe
2010 "Bloody Sea of Taiji. Stop the Mass Slaughter of Dolphine in Japan." Geluidpost Lokaal 01/Universaal Kunst


Year Role Track(s) Title Artist Label
1984 Flute "Les Honteuses Alliances" Distruct P16.D4 Selektion
1987 Audio sources Slicktrickflick Thicknicksick ZH27
Raw sound material The Impossible Humane Mixed Band Philanthropist Selektion
Featuring RRRadio 1-5 Due Process RRRecords
1988 Material "Montage 4: 7 April 1988" Montage #03/#04 Montage Art & Noise Editions
1989 Featuring "Zur Genese Der Halbbildung" Acrid Ace (Of) P16.D4 P16.D4 Selektion
Featuring Psychic Rally No.3 18/5/1989 Psychic Rally Psychic Rally
Material "Montage #15: 2 May 1989", "Montage #16: 6 June 1989" Montage #15/16 Montage Art & Noise Editions
1990 Mixed The Same Thing Makes Always Her Laugh Kiyoshi Mizutani ZSF Produkt
Featuring 3-90 Psychic Rally Psychic Rally
Source materials "MMMMMM" History Is What Was Kapotte Muziek IF
Featuring "MMMMM 2" Utilities (An Album of Collaborations) Kapotte Muziek Petri Supply
Featuring Interaction Kapotte Muziek Industrial Therapy Unit, Sounds for Consciousness Rape
Featuring Friends De Fabriek, Andrew Szava-Kovats, Mark Lane, Gen Ken Montgomery De Fabriek
1991 Contribution Stuhlgangblockade N! Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck Schimpfluch
1992 Raw material, transformation "Hrum", "Murcle/Kpeth", "Merzbow Transformed Hands To" Rework / Odiom Hands To E'ostrate
1993 Featuring All or Nothing Peter Duimelinks RRRecords
Tapes "Scene 2" Macbeth Tetsuo Furudate SSE Communications
Source material "Alles" Peter Duimelinks / Frans de Waard Peter Duimelinks, Frans de Waard V2_Archief, Korm Plastics
1994 With "All Set to Go" Verder Kapotte Muziek Harsh Dept. Productions
1995 Featuring "Live in Tokyo", "Live in Osaka" Yen for Noise Roughage Scratch
Musik, texte Der gefaßte Raum Achim Wollscheid
Featuring "Outro", "裂け目 Une Breche" Coruscanto - きらめく Reiko.A Nekoisis
Re-used "Merz Bow-Wow-Wow" Kill the All-Noise Japanese Artists Emil Beaulieau Pure
1996 Sound material Luisteren naar Kapotte Muziek Kapotte Muziek Meeuw Muzak
1998 Remix "National Enhancer" Root Thurston Moore Lo
Featuring "Rate" Upside Down Kouhei Matsunaga Mille Plateaux
2000 Remix (Gloop) Bit Sand Riders Pluramon Mille Plateaux
Featuring "Omisoshilu (Miso Soup)" Gift Hanayo Geist
Composition "Black Mass" Amsterdam x Tokyo Tomoko Mukaiyama BVHaast
Remix "Hürens Jung" Musik Wird Überflüssig - The Freemixes Trickbeat Human Wrechords
2001 Remix "Book of Sunday" Rewriting the Book Aube Elsie & Jack
Remix "Decomposed" Conquest : Writhe Burst Prank, Putrid Filth Conspiracy
Featuring "Seekh Kebab and Nan" The Meat and Bread Variations Jowonio Productions leohtan
2002 Remix "CHK Error Remix" Rolex Jazzkammer Smalltown Supersound
Remix "0.000 Remix" Inflation (*0 "0.000" Remix) *0 Mu Label
Remix "Persepolis Remix" Persepolis + Remixes Edition 1 Iannis Xenakis Asphodel
Electronics, composition "Crack Groove", "Yahowa Stackridge" Noise \ ... [Lärm] Zeitkratzer Tourette
Sound-bank CyclOcean Artificial Memory Trace Planktone Unlimited Editions
2003 Remix "Vow Me Ibrzu" 1993–2003: 1st Decade in the Machines Ulver Jester
Remix "God O.D. - Parts 2" Storm the Studio RMXS Meat Beat Manifesto Tino Corp.
Music "Rockets Against Stones" No Games No Fun Hanin Elias Fatal
Featuring Soun (An Anonymous and Random Compilation/Composition) Gameboy
Remix "../." Winter Was Hard Too h/ybrid s/ound s/ystem Tourette
2004 Remix "Janik Top II / Angel Choirs" Dogma V: Decomposing Dogma Asterisk* Lady Godiva Operations
2005 Sound source Sirocco Daniel Menche Important
Remix "The Inalienable Dreamless (Complete)" Our Last Day Discordance Axis Hydra Head
Original sounds Kommerz - Merzbow in the Hands of Origami Replika Origami Replika Segerhuva
Featuring "Threnody" Epitaph for John Freiband Korm Plastics
Various fragments Japanese Noise Pt. 1 & 2 & 3 DJ Alec Empire
2006 Remix "Agorzbow Merzbleed Mix" PCP Torpedo/ANbRX Agoraphobic Nosebleed Hydra Head/Double H Noise Industries
Performance "November 1952" Folio and Four Systems Earle Brown Tzadik
Remix "House of Low Culture Remix" Housing Tracts House of Low Culture
2008 Featuring "<羽毛に纏わる水滴無限循環> Dedicated to アヒル (Duck)" Zoundtrack Ukawanimation! Avex Trax
Remix "Cold World vs Merzbow" Hands Off Our Music Cold World Short Fuse
2009 Featuring "Killing Friends" Our Earth's Blood IV Bastard Noise Cathartic Process
BMG "山のコドモ" 朗読CD Etsuko Yakushimaru Studio Voice
Noises "Inferno Nel Ghetto (Xu(e) remix)" Variante Alla Morte/No Matter If People Die Cripple Bastards Power It Up
Remix "SNOW REM REM IBVZ" Chicken Switch Melvins Ipecac
Featuring "Census Taker" Attack of the Killer Black Eye Ball XXX Residents yamaha A&R
2010 Source material Mixed Metaphor / Into a Bad Way John Wiese Phage Tapes
Electronics, composition "Depression (Loukoum)", "Hysteria (Palladium)", "Schizophrenia (Silver)" Metal/Crystal Richard Pinhas Cuneiform
2011 Arranged, mixed "Land" Alchemic Heart Vampillia Important
Remix "Maguro (Merzbow remix)" Bo Ningen Bo Ningen Knew Noise
Remix "Dynamite Music (Merzbow RMX)" EDGE OF CHAOS reCONSTRUCTION / LIVE&REMIXXX Wrench Blues Interactions
Remix "Versprochen (Merzbow-Remix)" .Käfer.Maden.Würmer.Spinnen. Samsas Traum vs. Weena Morloch Trisol
On Mercy’s Shore Heinali and Matt Finney Handmade Birds

As Masami Akita

Studio albums

Year Title Label Note
1987 Collaboration Through the Mail 1983-84 DMA2 with Jean-Louis Houchard
1990 Mirror Pulse Extreme with John Duncan
1997 The Prosperity of Vice, The Misfortune of Virtue: Electro-Music for Romantica i
Ich Schnitt Mich In Den Finger Mego with Reiko Azuma, Russell Haswell, Tetsuo Sakaibara
2002 Satanstornade Warp with Russell Haswell
2011 One Bird Two Bird Editions Mego with Mats Gustafsson, Jim O'Rourke

Compilation tracks

Year Track(s) Title Label Note
1983 "T.V.Ring" Lucky Bag Tape The 5th Column Tapes
untitled Mail Music Project Armadio Officina Audio Editions
"Fun in Thibet Pt 1" OSLWMMGIB? Sex on Sunday
198? "Music for Wall 627" International Experimental Audio Communication Compilation N° 2 3Rio Tapes
1990 untitled 0607131089 Sounds for Consciousness Rape with GX Jupitter-Larsen
1993 untitled Gomi-Akta Coquette
1999 "The Full Tide in Crimson" Modulation & Transformation 4 Mille Plateaux with Kouhei Matsunaga


Year Title Director
19?? セーラー服・縄無残 (Sailor fuku: Nawa muzan) Kinbiken
女囚拷問縄 (Joshū gōmon nawa)
1989 女犬 (Onna inu) Right Brain
1990 女腹切り・散華 (Onna harakiri: Sange)
女学生・腹切り (Jogakusei: harakiri)
女腹切り・聖餐 (Onna harakiri: Seisan)
失楽園/乗馬服女腹切り (Shitsurakuen: Jōbafuku onna harakiri) / Lost Paradise
包帯解剖女 (Hōtai kaibō onna)
1992 Le séquence des barres parallèles Ian Kerkhof
1994 The Dead Man 2: Return of the Dead Man
1998 Beyond Ultra Violence: Uneasy Listening
1998 Asphalto Ilppo Pohjola
2000 Routemaster


Year Role Track(s) Title Artist Label
1982 Guest The Cop Killers The Cop Killers Trax
1983 With The Plague - ペスト Reiko.A ZSF Produkt
Additional vocals, tapes Will Hunting Lodge S/M Operations
1991 Drums "Live 910608" Windom Hijokaidan Alchemy
1992 Drums "Noisedelicatessen", "Kept Waiting So Long - Live at Antiknock 920613" The Neverending Story of the King of Noise Hijokaidan Alchemy
1993 Drums "Live at La Mama 22 Apr 1993" Kingdom of Noise Hijokaidan Endorphine Factory
Drums "Cancer of Music" Dedication -Zweite Auslese- Hijokaidan Artware Production
Music, commentary 緊縛美 不二秋夫 緊縛写真集 [5] Cine Magic
1994 Music, commentary 緊縛美 2 Cine Magic
Electronics Junkie Meat Shop Rapists Deadline
Concept advisor Selected Noise Works 93-94 Monde Bruits Endorphine Factory
1995 Featuring "Dang Dong" Dang Dong Hanayo Media Remoras
1996 Featuring Nation of Rhythm Slaves Violent Onsen Geisha Rail
1997 Drums Ferocity of Practical Life Hijokaidan Fourth Dimension
Drums Sound of the Sea Hijokaidan Xn
Drums "What a Nuisance!" Noise from Trading Cards Hijokaidan Alchemy
Electronics "Nikola Tesla" Jouhou Discordance Axis Devour
Featuring "A Leaden Stride to Nowhere" Necropolitan Discordance Axis HG Fact
1998 Remix "Surfing with Carl Palmer" INONOUT Surfers of Romantica ZK
1999 Special guest Ins Gefangnis Geworfene Blind Sklaven Enema Syringe Selfish-Mondo
Recorded "Hallelujah" Monde Bruits Monde Bruits Alchemy
2000 Performer Mort Aux Vaches: Meltdown of Control Senssurround Orchestra Mort Aux Vaches
Electronics "子宮と人" Big Boobs Miki Sawaguchi Alchemy
Macintosh "Uterus and Human (remix)" Uterus and Human Miki Sawaguchi, Jojo Hiroshige, Masahiko Ohno Alchemy
2001 EMS Synthesizer "Serene" Flutter Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet Tzadik
2002 Powerbook "Death Valley" Heavy Rocks Boris Quattro/UK Discs
Mixed "O))) Bow 1", "O))) Bow 2" Flight of the Behemoth Sunn O))) Southern Lord, Bisect Bleep Industries
2006 Noise "Part IV" Hidden Doors The Missing Ensemble Mondes Elliptiques
Performer "Live @ Sonar 2000, Barcelona, 06.16.00" Absolute Noise Ensemble Francisco López Blossoming Noise
2007 Electronics, mixed, recorded "O))) Bow 3", "O))) Bow 4" Flight of the Behemoth Sunn O))) Daymare
2008 Drums Legendary Live Collection of Hijokaidan Vol. 4 Hijokaidan Alchemy
Drums "Live at Mount Fuji Rock Festival 2001" Sixteen Years of Video Material Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire Monitorpop Entertainment
2009 Drums The Noise Hijokaidan Alchemy

As Abe Sada

with S.M.U.T.

Year Title Label
1994 Original Body Kingdom / Gala Abe Sada 1936 Stomach Ache
Year Track(s) Title Label
1998 untitled RRR 500 RRRecords
Year Role Track(s) Title Artist Label
1997 Sound source "Abby Soda" Dedicated to Charlie Ward Emil Beaulieau Pure

As Boris with Merzbow

with Boris

Year Title Label
2002 Megatone Inoxia
2004 04092001
2005 Sun Baked Snow Cave Hydra Head/Double H Noise Industries
2007 Walrus / Groon Hydra Head
Rock Dream Diwphalanx, Southern Lord
2011 Klatter Daymare

As Bustmonster

with Tetsuo Sakaibara, Fumio Kosakai, Masahiko Ohno, Shohei Iwasaki, Maso Yamazaki, Zev Asher

Year Title Label Note
1987 Whitehouse / You Don't Have to Say Please RRRecords with Xper Xr
1992 Weedhead EP Wild West/Alchemy
Year Track(s) Title Label
1992 "Live at Donzokohouse, Kyoto, 14.DEC, 1991" Oh! Moro Volume 5 ○か×

As Flying Testicle

with Maso Yamazaki, Zev Asher

Year Title Label
1992 Lamerican Sextom ZSF Produkt
1993 Space Desia Charnel Music
Year Track(s) Title Label
1993 "Testicle Rider" Come Again II Silent

As Kikuri

with Keiji Haino

Year Title Label
2008 Pulverized Purple Les Disques Victo

As Maldoror

with Mike Patton

Year Title Label
1999 She Ipecac


with Zbigniew Karkowski

Year Title Label Note
1998 Sound Pressure Level OR
2001 untitled Tigerbeat6
untitled Noise Asia
2005 Equilibratura Elettronica AV with Ogino Knauss
In Real Time Ytterbium
Year Track(s) Title Label
2003 "Not Knowing What Is and Is Not" OR MD comp OR
Year Role Track(s) Title Artist Label
2005 Music "Mental" 3plicity Ogino Knauss AV

As Merzbannon

with Racebannon

Year Title Label
2009 Merzbannon Tizona

As Merzbow Null

with Kazuyuki Kishino

Year Title Label Note
1983 Darh Eroc Evil ZSF Produkt, Nux Organisation
Yapnord Rasa [2] ZSF Produkt
Falso 800
Mondo Bizzarro with Tetsuo Furidate
Numen Quad Habitat Simulacro with Tibeta Ubik, Punka Overie
1984 Tokyo 260384
Live Documental
Zeekfeedz Acme
Das ZSF Produkt, Nux Organisation
Tentatool Komestool ZSF Produkt
Deus Irae
Sonic Command & Sculpture with Hideharu Suzuki
B-Semi Live with Nord
Merzbow Null & Produktion with Produktion
Disembody ZSF Produkt, Nux Organisation with The Hanatarashi
Nanashokuinko [5] ZSF Produkt with Tibeta Ubik

As Pornoise

Believed to be Masami Akita [6]

Year Track(s) Title Label
1984 "New Cunts" Sexorama Vol. 2 ZSF Produkt

As Satanstornade

with Russell Haswell

Year Title Label
2000 Live at the Neils Yard Rough Trade Shop London Falsch
Year Track(s) Title Label
1999 "01.DAT.128.mp3", "03.DAT.128.mp3" Falsch Falsch
2002 "Enhanced Amalgamated Computer Experience" All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1 ATP


Year Title Label Note
1989 Scissors for Cutting Merzbow ZSF Produkt
Severances ZSF Produkt, Discordia/Concordia
Scan Has Undergone Several Minor Revisions ZSF Produkt, Seiten Sprung Aufnahmen
1990 Steel Cum ZSF Produkt
Axx/Spooning ZSF Produkt, SPH with Merzbow
Year Track(s) Title Label
1989 "Rute No.-1" Rectangle Overtures Ache
Year Role Title Artist Label
1989 Featuring Psychic Rally 10/August/1989 Psychic Rally Psychic Rally

As Sponge

Credited personnel are named after prominent Japanese businessmen/doctors, the actual performers are believed to be Jojo Hiroshige, Junko Hiroshige, Masami Akita, Maso Yamazaki.

Year Title Label
1993 Relation Between a Production of Images and the Flesh in a State of Consciousness
1996 Feathers and Eyeballs or a Dance of Mixed Blood T.E.C. Tones
Year Track(s) Title Label
1989 "Fragment E.L." Tourney into Pain Beast 666 Tapes

As Tibeta Ubik

with Kazuyuki Kishino

Year Title Label Note
1983 Numen Quad Habitat Simulacro ZSF Produkt with Merzbow Null, Punka Overie
1984 Twilight Oaum [3]
Nanashokuinko with Merzbow Null
Year Track(s) Title Label
1985 "N.A.M 24" Overload Extasya Nux Organization

As True Romance

with Tetsuo Sakaibara, Toshiyuki Seido

Year Title Label
1992 Blood Orgy of the She Doll [5] ZSF Produkt
Live at Mandala 2
Live at Moma
Live at Nice, France
Pleasure Room of Anti Education
1997 Hyper Meat Performance Membrum Debile Propaganda
Year Track(s) Title Label
1995 "Live at P3 Art & Environment" Macrocephalous Compost II° Old Europa Cafe
"Electronic Love Medical" Pathological Resonance Anomalous

As Universal Indians

with Tetsuo Sakaibara

Year Role Title Artist Label
1999 Featuring Live at Liquid Room 2.22.1997 Crystal Fist Zero Gravity


Title Label Notes
Goloka Hypnagogia
as-yet-untitled new LP with The New Blockaders, Anomali
Lop Lop Rustblade scheduled for December 2011
Flax Quasi Pop scheduled for 2012
Merzbient Soleilmoon reissue on 15+ LPs
Microkosmos volumes 2 – 5 Blossoming Noise
Partikel III Cold Spring with Nordvargr
  • A track will appear on an as-yet-untitled anti-slaughterhouse compilation on Hypnagogia.


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