List of The King of Queens episodes

List of The King of Queens episodes

This is a list of episodes for the television show "The King of Queens" that first aired on September 21, 1998



Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 25 1998-1999 November 18, 2003 January 29, 2007 January 11, 2007
2 25 1999-2000 April 20, 2004 July 9, 2007 July 12, 2007
3 25 2000-2001 February 22, 2005 September 15, 2008 July 31, 2008
4 25 2001-2002 April 14, 2005 February 9, 2009 January 15, 2009
5 25 2002-2003 June 20, 2006 May 18, 2009 May 7, 2009
6 24 2003-2004 September 19, 2006 July 13, 2009 August 6, 2009
7 22 2004-2005 January 16, 2007 March 22, 2010 April 1, 2010
8 23 2005-2006 May 1, 2007 June 21, 2010 June 3, 2010
9 13 2006-2007 September 25, 2007 September 20, 2010 September 16, 2010

List of episodes

Season 1: 1998–1999

# Airdate Title
01 - 101 September 21, 1998 Pilot
Carrie and Doug were happy. Doug had just gotten the perfect basement with a large TV and Foosball table. When Carrie's father Arthur accidentally burns his own house down with his "lucky" hot plate after his wife died, he has to move in with them along with Carrie's sister. Doug loses his basement to his eccentric father-in-law. During the time Doug finds living in his house frustrating after both Arthur and Carrie's sister make him late for work.
02 - 102 September 28, 1998 Fat City
Doug sees an old picture of Carrie's mother. She was young, hot, skinny, just like Carrie, but then he sees another photo with her bigger than he is. Afraid this might happen to Carrie, he tries to trick her into dieting with him. Unfortunately Carrie sees through Doug's plan and starts gaining weight to spite him.
03 - 103 October 5, 1998 Cello, Goodbye
When Carrie keeps skipping softball games with Doug and the guys, Doug wonders what's going on. Doug finds out that Carrie is working late for her boss, and he's starting to wonder why Carrie fell for him. He tries to make it up to Carrie by going to a cello concert with her.
04 - 104 October 12, 1998 Richie's Song
After having dinner with Richie and his wife Doug finds out that Richie's wife cheats on him, he must confront him with the news. However, Doug has some trouble telling his friend about his wife afraid that he will hurt him and finally tells him in Atlantic City while gambling. Meanwhile, Arthur depends on Doug for deodorant issues, but Doug too distracted with Richie's problem, somehow manages to get Arthur to meet up with a strange man named Phil Lacio.
05 - 105 October 19, 1998 Paternal Affairs
Doug and Carrie throw a wedding anniversary party for themselves. Doug invites his aunt, and finds out that his aunt and uncle are having problems. When Arthur meets Doug's aunt, he falls for her. Carrie eventually lets him date her, but ends up regretting it, leaving Arthur with plans to propose to her.
06 - 106 October 26, 1998 Head First
After a stressful day of driving and accompanying Arthur while he runs his errands, Doug gets a "very special thank you" from Carrie, realizing the more time he spends with Arthur the more sex he gets from Carrie, Doug soon pretends to be very good friends with Arthur, but his plan backfires after Arthur clings to him and harasses his friends.
07 - 107 November 2, 1998 The Rock
Carrie is offered a large sum of money to sell her engagement ring. Doug and Carrie decide to sell it and buy a hot tub and satellite dish. When Doug first tries out the new channels he is determined to see all the channels and grows to dislike the dish. Meanwhile Doug and Carrie find trouble with their new hot tub when Arthur starts to ruin their time by putting up the heat and using it without any undergarments.
08 - 108 November 9, 1998 Educating Doug
Carrie feels that she and Doug are getting stupid as a couple, so she enrolls them and Spence for a class where they read a book and then discuss it, but Doug fails and steals Spence's answers.
09 - 109 November 16, 1998 Road Rayge
Doug allows Ray Barone, a sportswriter (in this cross over from "Everybody Loves Raymond") to cheat off his test during a driving exam at the DMV and gets his license suspended. Ray attempts to make it up to him by taking him to a New York Jets game with his brother Robert. On the drive home Ray convinces Doug to drive his car but it makes Robert jealous and finds out that Doug does not have a license to drive and pulls him over. After Doug finally passes his driving test he gets hit by Ray's dad's car and Doug gets hurt.
10 - 110 December 7, 1998 Supermarket Story
While looking for parking space, Carrie steals a parking space from a woman who she later needs help from to make a Thanksgiving dinner. Doug finds his friend, Richie in the lines and is having trouble getting out. Doug also meets up with someone he does not know but claims to know him and manages to have conversations with him and finally invites him to dinner when he somehow insults him. Arthur is upset when he finds out Carrie plans to use TV dinners as a Thanksgiving dinner and convinces her to make a good feast from scratch.He also meets a love interest who was giving away free samples. The show ends with Doug, Carrie, and Arthur in line for check-out with Richie somehow behind them.
11 - 111 December 14, 1998 Noel Cowards
At Christmas time, Arthur buys Doug and Carrie a very squatty, mini car, which, of course, Doug and Carrie dislike. After getting some advice from Richie, Doug and Carrie decide to dump it in a scrap yard, but can they go through with it?.
12 - 112 December 21, 1998 Fixer Upper
Carrie arranges a date with a work friend and Spencer, but after a saucy piece of advice from Doug, Spence scares the girl off.
13 - 113 January 11, 1999 Best Man
Doug, Carrie, Kelly and Deacon attend a wedding of a man Carrie had sex with once, but Doug did not know until right before the wedding and he does not tell Carrie he knows.
14 - 114 January 18, 1999 Dog Days
After constant barking of the neighbors' dog, Doug and Carrie complain but Doug feels sorry for the dog when he finds out that all he needs are walks, and secretly adopts it. Arthur thinks "Charlie Brown" is based on him.
15 - 115 February 1, 1999 Crappy Birthday
Doug subscribes for a sports game on television, not realizing it falls on the same night as Carrie's birthday. Luckily for Doug, Carrie is depressed about her new age, so Doug makes up a lie about having plans so he can sound like he remembered. Doug invites Deacon and Kelly, but in bad timing when Deacon's mother comes to visit. During the course of the celebration several things go wrong such as Doug forgetting a card and having dinner outside in the cold.
16 - 116 February 8, 1999 S'Ain't Valentine's
On St. Valentine's Day, Arthur attends a party at his senior centre and meets a woman (real-life wife Anne Meara) and the two begin a love affair. Carrie is waiting for Doug at restaurant but Doug is stuck at Spence's birthday party, but when Spence arrives, he and his mother get into a fight and Doug, Richie & Deacon are stuck at his home with Spence's mother; while waiting for Doug, Carrie meets a "schmuck" at the restaurant and transforms him to be more charming.
17 - 117 February 15, 1999 Court Date
Carrie is asked out on a date by a police officer who pulled her over the previous day (she was wearing gloves and therefore the police officer could not see her ring). After getting some advice from Richie, Doug gets Carrie to go on a date with him so he will not testify against her.
18 - 118 February 22, 1999 White Collar
Doug gets promoted after the sudden severe illness of his manger at IPS. Carrie gets excited but Doug hates the job, feeling guilty when Deacon says he wanted the promotion.
19 - 119 March 1, 1999 Rayny Day
Doug invites Richie over to talk to him about his recent divorce, but in the last minute Doug bails to play golf with sportswriter Ray Barone.

Note: This is a crossover episode with the series The Kings of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond

20 - 120 March 15, 1999 Train Wreck
Doug gets paired together with a new trainee (Julie Benz), whom he's attracted to and is afraid to tell Carrie. As always, Carrie finds out, but she does not care because she thinks of Doug as "nice". Angered by this, Doug tries to get his trainee to harass him.
21 - 121 April 5, 1999 Hungry Man
Carrie's boss invites her and Doug to an elegant party. Doug, who is not able to eat all day, discovers that there is no food served at the party and is desperate enough to eat raw, out of date eggs, mints, and plant food. He ruins the party by throwing up during a show. Spence and Arthur plan a business idea, but are worried about what will happen once the patent runs out and knock-offs are produced.
22 - 122 April 26, 1999 Time Share
Doug and Carrie's next door neighbors, Tim & Dorothy give their beach house to them because they are getting divorced. Dorothy is too upset to hand over the key. Therefore Carrie gets Richie to hit on her so she will feel better, but he ends up making her a one-night-stand and Dorothy is now more upset than before.
23 - 123 May 3, 1999 Where's Poppa?
Doug and Carrie get Arthur out of the house so they will have more time together.
24 - 124 May 10, 1999 Art House
After Arthur almost gets Doug fired, Doug blows up on him. Feeling unwanted, Arthur moves out only to come back again.
25 - 125 May 17, 1999 Maybe Baby
After dinner at the Palmer's watching Doug play with Kirby, the Palmers announce that Kelly's pregnant with a soon-to-be Major, leaving the Heffernan's dreams of having their own baby.

Season 2: 1999–2000

25 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 201 September 20, 1999 Queasy Rider
Doug's recent purchase of a motorcycle angers Carrie, but soon after, Doug secretly gets tired of it. Arthur gets a job at pretzel shop.
02 - 202 September 27, 1999 Female Problems
After Carrie's constant togetherness with Doug, Doug finds a friend for Carrie. Soon Doug regrets his actions after Carrie and her new friend are always together leaving Doug jealous and alone.
03 - 203 October 4, 1999 Assaulted Nuts
Doug accidentally staples himself with a staple gun in a "private" place while fooling around at work. Rather than go to the hospital, he must struggle through a loan interview for Carrie.
04 - 204 October 11, 1999 Parent Trapped
Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie if they want to be their children's Godparents, overcome with compliment, Doug instantly says yes, but Carrie is not completely on board.
05 - 205 October 18, 1999 Tube Stakes
Carrie leaves the garage door open at night. The following morning, Doug enters the garage to find that his television has been stolen. In an effort to make up, she buys Doug a new TV.
06 - 206 October 25, 1999 Doug Out
Arthur accidentally hears Doug call him a "Demented Old Circus Monkey" so Doug tries to make it up to him.
07 - 207 November 1, 1999 Get Away
When Doug and Carrie go on vacation to celebrate their anniversary, they decide to take Deacon and Kelly, which ends up being a big mistake.
08 - 208 November 8, 1999 Dire Strayts
Doug gets stuck half way in the attic during a visit by Ray & Debra (in another cross-over).
09 - 209 November 15, 1999 I, Candy
Doug gets a big head after a waitress asks about his situation.
10 - 210 November 22, 1999 Roamin' Holiday
Carrie invites a friend and her husband to stay over for the Thanksgiving weekend, meaning Doug would probably have to entertain her husband. Doug however finds him dull, so after Spencer and his mother get into a fight, Doug takes advantage and convinces Spence to ask to stay over at the Heffernans.
11 - 211 November 29, 1999 Sparing Carrie
Doug's bowling team bowls just for fun and is financially supported by the local ale house, but now they threaten to no longer support them if they continue to be on a constant losing streak. Doug soon realizes Carrie is the problem so he removes her from the team making for an awkward household.
12 - 212 December 13, 1999 Net Prophets
During Christmas time, Doug receives his Christmas bonus and Carrie eventually talks Doug into investing it in to net stocks.
13 - 213 January 10, 2000 Party Favor
Danny (Gary Valentine) has no best man for his marriage, so Doug reluctantly fills in and also arranges a bachelor party. Unfortunately Danny does not seem to have many friends who want to come.
14 - 214 January 17, 2000 Block Buster
It's Doug's high school football reunion and he boasts about his famous block. But everyone besides him remembers his now handicapped ex-team mate making the block. Doug tries to find proof on some old tapes.
15 - 215 January 24, 2000 Frozen Pop
Arthur moves upstairs because his cellar gets too cold in winter. Doug does not like it and waits for warmer weather, but Arthur does not seem to want to move back.
16 - 216 February 7, 2000 Fair Game
Doug is appalled when he finds out Carrie frequently cheats at board games. She tries to get better but maybe the reason behind her behavior needs to be found first.
17 - 217 February 14, 2000 Meet By-Product
Back in the 1980s, Richie invites Carrie and a friend of hers over to his and Doug's apartment. While Richie hits it off with the friend, Doug and Carrie have a tough time.
18 - 218 February 21, 2000 The Shmenkmans
Doug and Carries are happy with their new friends. But then the Shmenkmans meet Deacon and Kelly and it turns out the two couples have a lot in common.
19 - 219 February 28, 2000 Surprise Artie
Doug takes Arthur out for lunch, so Carrie can arrange a surprise birthday party. Doug runs into some problems with Arthur at the buffet, meanwhile the waiting guests back home are starting to fight.
20 - 220 March 6, 2000 Wild Cards
After promising to go to the theatre with Carrie, Doug and Deacon take a trip to Atlantic City.
21 - 221 April 17, 2000 Big Dougie
Doug decides to become a 'big brother', and agrees to participate in a 10 kilometre race supporting heart disease.
22 - 222 May 1, 2000 Soft Touch
Doug gets tricked into falling for a pyramid scheme, disguised as a way to make large amounts of money selling water filters.
23 - 223 May 8, 2000 Restaurant Row
Carrie gets angry at a waiter and the manager at a recently found favorite restaurant of Doug's. So Carrie bans him from going ever again.
24 - 224 May 15, 2000 Flower Power
Carrie is jealous when someone from her work gets flowers and takes it out on Doug.
25 - 225 May 22, 2000 Whine Country
Doug and Carrie both have very specific ideas on how to spend their vacation together. Doug wants to rent an RV, while Carrie prefers a visit to Paris. They flip a coin, and Doug wins. In order to make Doug reconsider his idea, Carrie invites her father on the cross-country trip. She assumes that Doug would not want to spend his vacation in a confined space with the old man. However, to spite her, Doug not only agrees to take Arthur along, but invites Spencer as well.

Season 3: 2000–2001

25 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 301 October 2, 2000 Do Rico
Carrie is turned on by Doug's imitation of his new Hispanic co-worker, Rico. He later becomes jealous of Rico when he realises that Carrie seems more responsive to him when he imitates Rico. Arthur tries to chronicle his own life story.
02 - 302 October 9, 2000 Roast Chicken
Carrie has Doug sign a congratulatory card for his boss' twenty years at the company. When he opens the card he is grateful for it, and decides he wants Doug to participate in the banquet roast and Doug blames Carrie for this fiasco. He does rise to the occasion, however, and even manages to get some good laughs out of the audience. That is, until he starts to tell some jokes that hit a little too close to home.
03 - 303 October 16, 2000 Fatty McButterpants
Doug is offended that Carrie wants him to lose weight, so he vows to lose thirty pounds. In the process, Doug gives Carrie a remark that she wears too much make up to settle the score.
04 - 304 October 23, 2000 Class Struggle
Carrie decides to return to college, with very little time to get things done.
05 - 305 October 30, 2000 Strike One
Doug's car breaks down, so he goes out and buys a new truck, just as his union goes on strike against IPS.
06 - 306 November 6, 2000 Strike Too
Second week of the IPS strike; Doug gets a job as a substitute teacher.
07 - 307 November 13, 2000 Strike Out
The IPS strike is in its third week, and both Doug and Deacon are spending the majority of their days doing very little outside of sleeping all day. Carrie and Kelly decide to make a play date with Doug, Deacon and Arthur, but the plan backfires when they turn into a trio of merry pranksters.
08 - 308 November 20, 2000 Dark Meet
After a great Thanksgiving, Doug and Carrie try to recall their first Thanksgiving together and who said, "I Love You" first. They consult Arthur, who quickly recalls some other Thanksgivings and finally recalls 1993 when he was having a fight with his new wife, Lily, as Doug was coming over to meet the family.
09 - 309 November 27, 2000 Twisted Sitters
Doug and Carrie watch Deacon and Kelly's kids while they are out of town. When one of the kids sees them making love in the Palmers' bedroom, they must keep him from telling his parents.
10 - 310 December 4, 2000 Work Related
Arthur begins to work at Carrie's law firm. Doug and Deacon compete for the best practical joke.
11 - 311 December 11, 2000 Better Camera
Doug and Deacon go shopping together for their wives' Christmas presents. They each buy cameras, however Deacon chooses one that is less expensive than the one Doug got because Kelly, Deacon's wife, often loses her cameras. When Carrie correctly guesses what Doug got for her, she convinces him to give her the camera early so that she can take photos at her office's Christmas party. Unfortunately, one of the new partners at Carrie's law firm gives everyone nicer cameras for Christmas. Meanwhile, Arthur sees an opportunity to have his script made into a movie when Lou Ferrigno moves next door.
12 - 312 January 8, 2001 Wedding Presence
Instead of driving out of state for their friends' wedding, Carrie and Doug decide to stay home and later tell the couple that they were there, but did not see them. They soon began to feel guilty and go to the wedding anyway, arriving just as the couple are leaving. Meanwhile, Arthur gets Spencer to participate in his scheme to get half-off shoes.
13 - 313 January 29, 2001 Hi Def-Jam
In order to watch the upcoming Super Bowl on a high-definition television, Doug hatches a plan to have his sister date Carrie's wealthy boss.
14 - 314 February 5, 2001 Paint Misbehavin'
After Carrie tells Doug that it's okay for him to find other women attractive, he asks her to tell him which men she finds attractive. Among others, she says she finds Deacon good looking, which causes Doug to become jealous. Doug complains about it to Deacon, who brags about it to his wife, Kelly. Deacon's paintball birthday party turns into a jealous war. (Last appearance of Richie)
15 - 315 February 12, 2001 Deacon Blues
Doug is surprised to find his married best friend, Deacon, out with another woman. Meanwhile, Carrie questions her relationship with Doug because of their different views on cheating.
16 - 316 February 19, 2001 Horizontal Hold
After Deacon and Kelly's separation, Carrie begins to wonder about her own marriage. She and Doug agree to put their sex lives on hold for a few weeks because Carrie feels that they should resolve arguments verbally, not always physically. Meanwhile, Arthur dates a woman who claims she was once Frank Sinatra's girlfriend.
17 - 317 February 26, 2001 Inner Tube
When Doug lies to Carrie so he can play mud football, he gets sick and starts feeling guilty. He then has dreams about it based on television shows such as Wheel of Fortune and The Young and the Restless.
18 - 318 March 19, 2001 Papa Pill
When Doug volunteers to be Arthur's caretaker, he finds it a much more demanding task then he had anticipated.
19 - 319 April 9, 2001 Package Deal
Doug considers getting a new job at FedEx after a FedEx supervisor (who previously worked at IPS) made it sound like a better career choice. Carrie gets addicted to tanning cream after helping her neighbor, Lou Ferrigno, introduces her to it.
20 - 320 April 16, 2001 Separation Anxiety
During the Palmer's separation, Doug and Carrie go to the movies with Kelly while Deacon takes the kids. While there, Carrie runs into a co-worker who seems interested in Kelly. The two end up going on a date, and when Deacon finds out he is ready to patch things up with her.
21 - 321 April 30, 2001 Departure Time
Doug, Carrie and Arthur head out to the airport to visit with Doug's parents while they have a short layover at Kennedy Airport on their way to Montreal. While there, his parents ask him to sign their living will, making him the one responsible for pulling the plug. When his sister Stephanie gets wind of this, she is offended that she wasn't the one asked to be responsible.
22 - 322 May 7, 2001 Swim Neighbors
Doug and Carrie meet the neighbors after a hurricane destroys both of their backyards, and when Carrie's cool to their idea of a combined backyard, they retaliate by installing an above ground pool.
23 - 323 May 14, 2001 S'no Job
Doug's Uncle Stu asks him to get his son, Danny, a job at IPS. Doug does not want him working there but he does not want to look bad to the family so he instructs his boss to interview him but not hire him. Meanwhile, Arthur fills out audience comment cards on a new movie.
24 - 324 May 21, 2001 Pregnant Pause (1)
Carrie discovers that she's pregnant, and she's panicked that the timing is wrong. Meanwhile, Deacon and Kelly begin to reconcile, Spence is left out in the cold, and Arthur insists that Doug build him his own bathroom in the basement.
25 - 325 May 28, 2001 Pregnant Pause (2)
Doug gets a night job working as limo driver and tells Arthur that because the contractor they were using is now too expensive with Carrie being pregnant, he would finish the downstairs bathroom himself. However, the responsibility of working so much combined with Arthur bothering him to do the bathroom proves too much, and Doug finally collapses at one of Carrie's appointments. In the end she loses the baby.

Season 4: 2001–2002

25 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 401 September 24, 2001 Walk, Man
In an effort to spend more time with Carrie, Doug hires a dog walker to walk Arthur. The plan backfires however when Carrie starts spending more time on her own endeavors rather than with Doug.
02 - 402 October 1, 2001 Sight Gag
Doug surprises Carrie with laser eye surgery for her birthday. In an effort to save money, he chooses a cheaper doctor which results in a very worried couple when her sight does not return properly.
03 - 403 October 8, 2001 Mean Streak
Doug is on course to break the record for the number of days without an "incident" - no complaints and no broken packages. The older members of the IPS depot aren't too happy that Doug is going to break the record held by their friend.
04 - 404 October 15, 2001 Friender Bender
Following Kelly and Carrie to dinner, Doug, with passenger Deacon, accidentally hits Kelly's car while sneaking a peek at a strip club.
05 - 405 October 22, 2001 No Retreat
Carrie brings Doug to her company retreat for the weekend. Carrie tries to get Doug to look like a successful person, but he puts on a bad show. Doug tells Carrie that he will try to work harder to her get a promotion. He even tells one of the senior partners that he climbed Mt. Everest.
06 - 406 October 29, 2001 Ticker Treat
Arthur has a heart attack after being frightened on Halloween. While looking in his room, Carrie finds a letter sent by Florida State University accepting her onto a course, and it is revealed that Arthur hid this for his own selfish reasons.
07 - 407 November 5, 2001 Lyin' Hearted
While Arthur is in the hospital, Carrie starts doubting that she still loves her father.
08 - 408 November 12, 2001 Life Sentence
Doug and Carrie decide to install a hidden camera in the basement to monitor Arthur.
09 - 409 November 19, 2001 Veiled Threat
This episode is set before Doug and Carrie's marriage. Carrie is very nervous to be married to Doug. She can not stop vomiting. When the two meet with the priest, he remembers that Doug and Carrie met at camp as kids. When Doug tells his family, his cousin Danny says that it wasn't Doug that Carrie fell on, but it was him. Doug was at "fat" camp that year. In the meantime, Arthur can not pay for the wedding and lets Doug's parents pay. He spends way too much money. Doug can not get the courage to tell Carrie the truth about the story. This story is the only thing that makes her feel comfortable. He ended up telling her right before they got married causing Carrie to throw up.
10 - 410 November 26, 2001 Oxy Moron
When Doug and Carrie's plane makes a rough landing, Doug takes the oxygen mask all for himself. However, their plane was on the ground. Carrie is upset that Doug would not help her if she was in danger. Now Doug is trying his hardest to think of a time when he helped Carrie. Meanwhile, Spence moves in with Doug's cousin Danny.
11 - 411 December 10, 2001 Depo Man
Carrie's boss requests her to get Doug to be an expert witness in a court case, however Carrie feels unsure on how he will do. Spencer and Danny have a house warming party because they just moved in together. Danny meets Holly and he wants to ask her out, but Spencer says he cannot.
12 - 412 December 17, 2001 Ovary Action
Doug and Carrie want to conceive, but receive another negative pregnancy result. When it is revealed that Carrie only has one working ovary, they find they must get started soon however their efforts are hindered when Doug's parents visit.
13 - 413 January 7, 2002 Food Fight
Carrie grows jealous when Spence's girlfriend recruits Doug to test her culinary work.
14 - 414 January 14, 2002 Double Downer
Deacon asks Doug to come along to Atlantic City for a weekend. Carrie wants to go salsa dancing with Doug but concurs and they go to Atlantic City. However, Deacon has sent a message that he will not be coming. Doug's boss on the other hand, did come to Atlantic City and Doug and Carrie do not seem to get rid of him. However Deacon comes at the very last second with bad news saying that his wife, Kelly left him.
15 - 415 February 4, 2002 Dougie Nights
Carrie persuades Doug to take Deacon to a nightclub to cheer him up, but it's Doug who really gets into the scene.
16 - 416 February 25, 2002 No Orleans
Doug and Carrie sneak off to New Orleans without Doug's cousins after reneging on a deal to travel with them. The trip soon turns into a struggle to stop the family members knowing.
17 - 417 March 4, 2002 Missing Links
Carrie's work has an annual golf trip, but Doug and Carrie used to always take Deacon and Kelly. Now that Deacon and Kelly have split up, Doug and Carrie have to try and find another couple to invite to the golf trip. But Deacon later meets a woman and now he can go on the trip and bring his new girlfriend along too. Carrie meets his girlfriend and has a hard time clicking with her but the new girl clicks with Doug. Holly agrees to watch Deacon's kids as Deacon goes to the annual golf trip, but she has to bring a reluctant Arthur along.
18 - 418 March 18, 2002 Hero Worship
Uncle Stu is willing to pay for Doug's dream: his own sandwich shop! Carrie does not think this is a good idea but is afraid to tell Doug.
19 - 419 March 25, 2002 Screwed Driver
Carrie goes on a business trip to Chicago when Doug's parents decide to come for a week trip. When Doug is at work his boss tells him and his fellow IPS drivers that they are going to have to take a test on the job. Doug is worried about the test and not knowing how to take care of his parents. But Doug's mother makes it easier by taking care of the household and Doug. Doug begins to feel young like a teenager again.
20 - 420 April 8, 2002 Lush Life
Carrie starts joining a colleague for after-work cocktails and Doug realizes she's less abrasive when she returns home. When Carrie has a row with her co-worker, Doug and Arthur conspire to keep her a little tipsy—until neighbor Lou spills the beans and she's even angrier than ever.
21 - 421 April 29, 2002 Bun Dummy
Doug and Spencer have a high school reunion, but Spencer does not want to go because he had a relationship that ended really badly. Doug is looking forward to it, until Carrie starts wearing a new hairstyle, which is a tight bun that looks like a librarian's hair. So now Doug is afraid that she will wear her hair like that to his reunion.
22 - 422 May 6, 2002 Patrons Ain't
Doug and Carrie donate enough money to Kirby's school library to become patrons of it. However, on the plaque they are only listed as friends. Doug does not want to make a big deal that they are only listed as friends but Carrie thinks it is a big deal, such a big deal that once the school board finds out about the mistake, they release the dear sweet woman who handled the money that was donated.
23 - 423 May 13, 2002 Eddie Money
Doug takes a C-Note from his and Carrie's savings stash to bet on boxing. When he and Deacon win $5,000 he must hide the winnings from Carrie, so they set out to blow the entire amount in one day. Eddie Money appears as himself.
24 - 424 May 20, 2002 Two Thirty
Doug suspects that his dentist (guest star Tim Matheson) is purposely hurting him during his visits, because the dentist once had a thing for his wife, Carrie. Also, Arthur volunteers to teach Deacon's son to play the piano, despite the fact that he does not know anything about the instrument.
25 - 425 May 20, 2002 Shrink Wrap
Carrie's and Arthur's constant fighting is starting to frustrate Doug, so Arthur is taken to a therapist to discuss why he has to yell and act up all the time. After Arthur is cured, Doug and Carrie realize Arthur wasn’t the only one with issues, so they take turns dealing with problems of their own. Guest star Ben Stiller.

Season 5: 2002–2003

25 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 501 September 23, 2002 Arthur, Spooner
Doug gets Arthur to accompany him in his bed because he cannot sleep without Carrie.
02 - 502 September 30, 2002 Window Pain
After their neighbors hear Doug & Carrie in a big fight, Carrie tries to convince the neighbors, Mike & Debi that they are better than that; Arthur gets Spence to let him ride the subway for free.
03 - 503 October 7, 2002 Holy Mackerel
After Carrie receives a bonus after a prayer in church, Carrie starts praying for many things (mostly petty), Doug is disgusted but soon sees the light and joins in on Carrie's Prayer Spree!
04 - 504 October 14, 2002 Kirbed Enthusiasm
Deacon complains to Doug about how much Kirby hates football, so he gets Doug to play football again to encourage him.
05 - 505 October 21, 2002 Mammary Lane
Carrie recently accepts a job given out by her boss, babysitting for his child. Even though his child is already about 4 years old, he constantly keeps grabbing her breasts; After seeing an unattractive woman working at the bowling alley, Doug throws her a "mercy flirt" but the woman mistakes it for sexual harassment.
06 - 506 October 28, 2002 Business Affairs
Doug gets jealous because someone calls Carrie's new work friend, Kurt her "work husband" even though Kurt is gay.
07 - 507 November 4, 2002 Flame Resistant
After Doug bumps in to his old girlfriend, she & Doug's mom (Jenny O'Hara) spend lots of time together making Carrie jealous; After Doug recalls a song he wrote for his old girlfriend about 15 years previous, his old girlfriend insists he did not finish it, but Doug tries to prove her wrong.
08 - 508 November 11, 2002 Flash Photography
At a wedding, Doug is bored and Deacon (Victor Williams) recalls a story of his own wedding where someone took a photo of their behind. Doug gets inspired and takes a disposable camera into the restroom and tries to copy the story only this time it's his "be-front"!
09 - 509 November 18, 2002 Connect Four
After Carrie receives some tickets to some sports games from her boss, She tries to find a couple to with her and Doug, Carrie finds a couple but Doug does not like her husband, & Doug finds a couple but Carrie does not like the wife, so leave it Carrie to come up with the idea of a "Franken-couple"!
10 - 510 November 25, 2002 Loaner Car
Doug enjoys the single life after he lends Carrie out to Deacon during Thanksgiving to help him out.
11 - 511 December 16, 2002 Mentalo Case
At Christmas time, Doug remembers a toy he had as a child so he tries to buy one on eBay but Carrie prevents him because he wanted to pay $180. Doug later goes to a toy convention with Spence to try to track one down. After a sequence of events, Doug thinks Deacon bought him the toy. Carrie thinks Holly bought her a leather jacket, because Arthur gets Holly to disclose Carrie's gift to him.
12 - 512 January 6, 2003 Jung Frankenstein
After a successful visit to a therapist about Doug's over-eating, Carrie gets the therapist to work on other problems Doug has without Doug knowing.
13 - 513 January 20, 2003 Attention Deficit
Carrie gets mad at Doug for not asking about her job evaluation & at that fact that he never thinks of her because he is to busy planning his Super Bowl party.
14 - 514 February 3, 2003 Prints Charming
Doug & Carrie pick up some of their photos, but soon they find out, it's not their photos, but photos of another couple, Carrie gets upset after realizing this couple is much more exciting and active then they are. Later, Carrie begins to make Doug join her in different activities.
15 - 515 February 10, 2003 Animal Attraction
On St. Valentine's Day, Carrie has to cancel dinner with Doug because he and Deacon have to deliver 2 penguins to Albany; Holly is recently dumped so Carrie takes her out to a nightclub in hopes of cheering her up; Arthur & Spence spend their Valentine's Day at Arthur's senior center.
16 - 516 February 17, 2003 Golden Moldy
Part 1 of 3: While on vacation, Arthur calls Doug to tell him he discovered that the house is mold-damaged and the repair bill is $7,000.
17 - 517 February 24, 2003 S'poor House
Part 2 of 3: Doug & Carrie find out they have $12,000 worth in mold damage in their house (more than the original estimate) so Doug asks his Dad for the money. Before handing over the money, he looks through receipts, and soon discovers that Carrie has spent large amounts on clothes.
18 - 518 March 10, 2003 Steve Moscow
Part 3 of 3: Doug & Carrie hire a group of Russian mold employees to repair their damage, but it takes much longer and costs more than they expected.
19 - 519 March 31, 2003 Cowardly Lyin'
Doug wants to avoid going to a concert organised by Carrie, so lies and says he was working late. After Carrie works out his lie, Doug admits that he lies because he is scared of Carrie.
20 - 520 April 14, 2003 Driving Reign
After Danny gets a job working at IPS with Doug, he is able to do Doug's route faster than Doug can; Holly makes the mistake of giving Arthur a mini-trophy that says "World's Best Grandfather", because Arthur would rather be more like a father to her.
21 - 521 April 21, 2003 Clothes Encounter
Carrie discovers a "loop hole" in the system, where she has up to 30 days to return items she purchases. Soon, it gets out of hand and she fills up her entire office with a temporary wardrobe.
22 - 522 April 28, 2003 Queens'bro Bridge
Doug finds out that Arthur owns inherited property where there is a house built, but there's just one problem, it's co-owned by his hated brother, Skitch. Doug attempts to reunite the brothers in an attempt to have Arthur move out.
23 - 523 May 5, 2003 Dog Shelter
After a visit at his parents' house, Doug finds out that his dog has died and been replaced 3 times. Plus, Doug is informed by his parents that he was born in Montreal, Quebec.
24 - 524 May 12, 2003 Taste Buds
Doug tricks Arthur into asking Carrie for things that Doug actually likes because Carrie is more opt to listening to Arthur.
25 - 525 May 19, 2003 Bed Spread
After their bed gets destroyed, Doug & Carrie sleep in separate beds and enjoy their time apart.

Season 6: 2003–2004

24 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 601 October 1, 2003 Doug Less (1)
Part 1 of 2: Doug takes Carrie on a trip to a lakeside hotel in celebration of his recent weight loss, only later to find it wasn't Carrie that he took previously.
02 - 602 October 1, 2003 Doug Less (2)
Part 2 of 2:, Doug and Carrie end up lost in the woodland and go their separate ways, only to reunite at the end.
03 - 603 October 8, 2003 King Pong
Doug becomes crazed with winning when Arthur buys a ping pong table.
04 - 604 October 15, 2003 Dreading Vows
Doug and Carrie go through hell to prepare their vow-renewal ceremony.
05 - 605 October 22, 2003 Nocturnal Omission
Deacon recently finds the opportunity to sleep with a very attractive woman, knowing, Doug recently finds out Kelly has plans to get back with Deacon.
06 - 606 October 29, 2003 Affidavit Justice
Doug pretends to work at Carrie's law firm to play on the company's softball team.
07 - 607 November 12, 2003 Secret Garden
Danny becomes the landscaper for Carrie's new gynaecologist, which turns out to be trouble when he overcharges the doctor for the work.
08 - 608 November 19, 2003 Eggsit Strategy
Carrie fears she may lose her job after hearing that the company is intent on firing the "dead wood".
09 - 609 November 26, 2003 Thanks Man
A stranger waiting outside makes for a tense Thanksgiving dinner with friends at the Heffernan house.
10 - 610 December 3, 2003 American Idle
After applying for many jobs and constantly being rejected, Carrie decides to stop searching and intends to complete other things in her life. Shortly after however, she becomes lazy, depressed and spends all her time at home.
11 - 611 December 17, 2003 Santa Claustrophobia
Carrie gets a temp. job at IPS and Doug feels she's around him all the time. Meanwhile, Arthur wants a family Christmas photo and will take anybody in it with him.
12 - 612 January 7, 2004 Dougie Houser
A flashback of how Doug and Carrie got their house.
13 - 613 January 14, 2004 Frigid Heirs
Doug and Carrie scam Arthur out of his Bingo winnings.
14 - 614 February 11, 2004 Switch Sitters
Doug and Carrie get Deacon and Kelly to babysit Arthur.
15 - 615 February 11, 2004 Cheap Saks
Carrie befriends an ex-girlfriend that Doug treated poorly.
16 - 616 February 18, 2004 Damned Yanky
Carrie learns that Doug has fantasies about other women.
17 - 617 February 25, 2004 Multiple Plots
Arthur tries to sell his extra funeral plot; Carrie takes up dog walking to earn some extra money, and Doug makes an interesting new friend on his new route.
18 - 618 March 3, 2004 Trash Talker
Jon Favreau guests as Doug's sworn enemy from grade school. Doug cannot seem to let go of the past, and continues his hatred for him. Carrie backs her husband up until she realizes the man is a district attorney who might have a position for Carrie at his office.
19 - 619 March 17, 2004 Precedent Nixin'
Doug and Carrie convince Deacon and Kelly to go to Doug's parents.
20 - 620 March 24, 2004 Foe: Pa
When Arthur nearly costs Carrie a new job, he vows to set things right.
21 - 621 April 7, 2004 Tank Heaven
Doug scares away all of Carrie's friends from work. Meanwhile, Spencer learns that women have a soft spot for guys who take care of the elderly and starts spending time with Arthur.
22 - 622 May 5, 2004 Alter Ego
Doug, Spence, Deacon and Danny drive to Memphis so Spencer can stop Denise's wedding.
23 - 623 May 12, 2004 Icky Shuffle
Doug and Arthur compete in Arthur's senior's shuffle board competition. Meanwhile, Holly cooks for Carrie while she's sick.
24 - 624 May 19, 2004 Awful Bigamy
In the season finale, Holly moves into Doug and Carrie's house when she is evicted, and Doug takes advantage of her making her his downstairs wife.

Season 7: 2004–2005

22 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 701 October 27, 2004 Lost Vegas
Doug takes Carrie to a spa in hopes that he will earn enough "wife credit" for Carrie to allow him to go to Las Vegas with his friends.
02 - 702 November 3, 2004 Dugan Groupie
Doug feels lonely when Carrie enjoys her job after a recent promotion.
03 - 703 November 10, 2004 Furious Gorge
Doug learns his over-eating is caused by Carrie's anger.
04 - 704 November 24, 2004 Entertainment Weakly
Doug gets outrageously jealous when a new driver is the center of attention doing comedy bits of celebrity impressions, so he sends him to the wrong route. However, the driver gets brutally injured by a gang & Doug feels bad.
05 - 705 December 1, 2004 Name Dropper
Doug forgets the name of one of Carrie's work friends so he fakes a heart attack.
06 - 706 December 8, 2004 Offtrack... Bedding
Doug becomes worried when his neglected mom starts spending time with Arthur while his dad attends a model-train convention.
07 - 707 December 15, 2004 Silent Mite
Doug gets jealous when Carrie is hit on by a little person in the store. Later, Doug figures out the little person had stolen his wallet, but Carrie does not believe him because she thinks he just has it in for him because he was hitting on her.
08 - 708 January 5, 2005 Awed Couple
Doug and Carrie go to great lengths to find a new couple to hang out with after Deacon and Kelly start spending time with another family.
09 - 709 January 12, 2005 Cologne Ranger
Doug buys a new cologne that sees him getting a lot of attention, but Carrie does not like it and asks him to bring it back to the store, however Doug continues to secretly wear it.
10 - 710 January 19, 2005 Domestic Disturbance
Carrie hires a Mexican housekeeper, but the language barrier frustrates Doug, so he decieds to hire Spence's mom as a housekeeper.
11 - 711 January 26, 2005 Pour Judgment
Doug takes an aptitude test at IPS, and the results reignite an old dream of becoming a bartender. He decides to go to bartender school, against Carries' wishes.
12 - 712 February 9, 2005 Gym Neighbors
When Doug and Carrie start training with their neighbor (Lou Ferrigno) so Carrie can lose a few pounds, Doug works out a deal that allows him to laze around during exercise time.
13 - 713 February 16, 2005 Gorilla Warfare
Carrie recalls what Doug said to her when they were dating that made her want to marry him, but then she learns a horrifying truth.
14 - 714 February 23, 2005 Hi, School
Doug goes back to his old high school and gets embroiled in the sports team again, guest stars Burt Reynolds as Coach Walcott.
15 - 715 March 2, 2005 Deconstructing Carrie
Carries' 35th birthday is coming up, and she begins to worry about how she looks as she gets older. To cheer her up, Doug gets some construction workers to yell filthy things.
16 - 716 March 16, 2005 Black List
Doug realizes Deacon's new best friend is just a black version of himself.
17 - 717 March 30, 2005 Wish Boned
Carrie gets Doug to take Arthur on a recently won trip to St. Louis after they make a deal that he never has to do anything with him any more.
18 - 718 April 6, 2005 Van, Go
Carrie gets Holly to go with her to Lowe's secretly because of her large van, a masculine waitress at a restaurant frightens Doug.
19 - 719 April 13, 2005 Ice Cubed
In a trio plot: During a snow storm: Carrie gets an iPod for free after a cashier is busy talking on the phone and accidentily does not scan it, but Carrie's karma gets the best of her; Arthur staying at Holly's because of the weather ruins a visit with her boyfriend; Doug is forced to stay with an Asian couple which turns out to be a copy of him & Carrie.
20 - 720 April 20, 2005 Catching Hell
Carrie tries to impress a client at a ball game but Doug keeps screwing it up.
21 - 721 May 9, 2005 Slippery Slope
Doug and Carrie go skiing however the trip comes with a catch, a time-share meeting.
22 - 722 May 18, 2005 Buy Curious
The death of Doug and Carrie's neighbor leads them to contemplate entering the world of real estate flipping, but they suspect Lou Ferrigno is out to quash their dreams.

Season 8: 2005–2006

23 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 801 September 19, 2005 Pole Lox
Accompanied by Doug's heavy encouragement, Carrie enrolls in a pole dancing class, but does not turn out to be a quick study.
02 - 802 September 26, 2005 Vocal Discord
After a computer microphone records a fight between the two of them, Doug and Carrie begin to think that marriage counseling is a good idea. Meanwhile, Arthur directs a play at the senior center.
03 - 803 October 3, 2005 Consummate Professional
Carrie learns that when they were dating, Doug lied to her about his (un)employment status to get her in bed.
04 - 804 October 10, 2005 Like Hell
Doug finds out that a new guy at work does not like him, so he tries to become friends with the guy but comes on too strong. Carrie also goes overboard when she tries to change her image at work and help a co-worker improve herself.
05 - 805 October 17, 2005 Sandwiched Out
Neil Sedaka guest stars in an episode where Deacon gets a sandwich named after him at Cooper's, infuriating Doug. Holly announces she is moving away with her boyfriend, but Carrie is not fond of the idea, and Arthur cannot seem to say good-bye.
06 - 806 October 24, 2005 Shear Torture
Carrie becomes jealous of Doug's relationship with his attractive hairdresser. Meanwhile, Spence is excited to go to a Fantasy Fest with Lou Ferrigno, but when Adam West also agrees to go, Spence must decide between the two.
07 - 807 November 7, 2005 Inn Escapable
Doug and Carrie's weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast turns out to be less than desirable. Worse, they do not feel comfortable about leaving because they are the only people at the inn for the entire weekend.
08 - 808 November 14, 2005 Move Doubt
Doug and Carrie try to get Deacon and Kelly to buy the house next to them, but a couple with eight kids moves in instead. Meanwhile Danny and Spence compete over a girl from Albania named Zana.
09 - 809 November 21, 2005 G'Night Stalker
Doug and Carrie decide to go out to a karaoke club, where Doug's singing catches the attention of a stranger; who then becomes a obsessed with Doug.
10 - 810 November 28, 2005 Raygin' Bulls
Carrie goes away with Arthur to visit her mothers grave, and finds out she's not who she thinks she is. Doug and Ray spend the weekend trying to pick up girls, attempting to outdo each other.
11 - 811 December 19, 2005 Baker's Doesn't
Carrie is asked to bake a cake for the Church bake sale, but she cannot bake.
12 - 812 January 6, 2006 Fresh Brood
To persuade Carrie to have a baby, Doug borrows an infant whom Danny is supposed to be taking care of to show Carrie what a good father he would be.
13 - 813 January 23, 2006 Gambling N' Diction
After Carrie is told she might not get a promotion because of her accent she seeks Spence for help; Doug's mom comes to visit and after seeing her play poker, Doug takes her to Vegas to hustle some people out of their money.
14 - 814 February 6, 2006 Apartment Complex
Doug, Deacon, Spence and Danny all secretly rent an apartment, but soon Deacon, Spence and Danny move out and Doug lives by himself; Carrie tries to sell a condo to Kirstie Alley (in a special appearance as herself) but it turns out to be more work than she expected.
15 - 815 February 27, 2006 Buggie Nights
Doug & Carrie hire an exterminator to rid their house of bed bugs; Spence and Danny try to decide where to go on vacation.
16 - 816 March 6, 2006 Knee Jerk
Carrie "accidentally" pushes Doug backwards down the stairs, injuring his knee. Carrie feels bad for him so she waits on him hand and foot. Doug enjoys the attention so he continues to pretend to be in pain.
17 - 817 March 13, 2006 Present Tense
For their anniversary, Doug and Carrie receive a less-than flattering portrait of themselves from Deacon and Kelly. As they try to find ways to get rid of the portrait without hurting Deacon and Kelly's feelings, Spence and Danny try hard to become Doug and Carrie's "go-to couple".
18 - 818 March 20, 2006 Sold-Y Locks
Doug convinces Carrie to sell her hair for money, but later regrets his decision.
19 - 819 April 10, 2006 Emotional Rollercoaster
It's Doug's 40th birthday and Carrie begins to try to make Doug realize that he should start wanting to do more with his life. So Doug decides he wants to ride a roller coaster that he was to afraid to ride when he was younger.
20 - 820 May 1, 2006 Four Play
Doug and Deacon discover they have more in common with each other's wives than their own, so they start hanging out with each other's wives as well. When Kelly tires of Doug, he ruins Deacon and Carrie's good time. Meanwhile, Arthur dispenses romance advise, and the recipient finds success simply doing the opposite.
21 - 821 May 8, 2006 Hartford Wailer
Carrie prepares for a ladies night with her co-workers, when Doug surprises her at the hotel.
22 - 822 May 15, 2006 Fight Schlub
Doug befriends a driver from a rival delivery company. Carrie is left to mentor a 16 year old girl, however finds that bad behavior helps her make friends better than good behavior.
23 - 823 May 22, 2006 Acting Out
Carrie is finally fed up with Arthur, so she decides to put him in a retirement home. Doug, of course, is excited but after a touching story told by Arthur, Doug tries to decide whether or not Arthur should go.

Season 9: 2006–2007

13 episodes

# Airdate Title
01 - 901 December 6, 2006 Mama Cast
Doug invests their tax return in an ice cream truck. Initially cold to the idea of Doug driving a truck on the side (his main career being an IPS truck driver), Carrie warms up when she sees how excited he is about the prospect. Meanwhile, Carrie plays the mom in a model home family, causing her to yearn for a real family of her own.
02 - 902 December 6, 2006 Affair Trade
Doug receives suggestive phone messages from a woman who thinks she spent a weekend with him at the beach, so he must hide the messages from Carrie while he tries to let the woman know she has the wrong man.
03 - 903 December 13, 2006 Moxie Moron
Doug becomes the interim boss at IPS, but pretty much does the worst job imaginable. One of Carrie's co-workers "steals her moxie" so she vows to become more noticeable at her job. The plan backfires when she realizes there are downsides to getting noticed.
04 - 904 December 13, 2006 Major Disturbance
Doug accidentally scares Deacon and Kelly's son Major, so the two decide they no longer want him spending time with Doug. Meanwhile, Arthur and his senior center buddies are chewed up and spat out by the service industry when they start up their own business.
05 - 905 December 20, 2006 Ruff Goin'
Doug adopts a dog, but when the dog begins to take after Doug and Arthur, Carrie quickly grows tired of having three lazy boys hanging around the house. Trying to get rid of the dog proves useless until a very interesting buyer steps up.
06 - 906 January 3, 2007 Brace Yourself
Major's drawing of Arthur makes him self-conscious to the point of asking Doug and Carrie for braces (for his teeth, not his legs). Doug and Carrie are reluctant to say yes. Meanwhile, Spence loses his job in the subway so Kelly hires him to help out around their house.
07- 907 April 9, 2007 Home Cheapo
Carrie is upset when she learns that Deacon and Kelly bought a vacation house. She believes they were able to afford it because they are cheap and freeload off of her and Doug. Elsewhere, Arthur gives job-hunting tips to Spence.
08- 908 April 16, 2007 Offensive Fowl
Doug becomes a vegetarian after hitting, and nearly killing, a chicken with his IPS truck. Carrie quickly tires of having to eat meat in private because of Doug forcing his new beliefs onto her.
09- 909 April 23, 2007 Mild Bunch
At Doug's high school reunion, Doug and an old classmate (played by Adam Sandler) plot revenge on their former principal. Meanwhile, Carrie and Arthur try hard to find a movie to watch which they will both enjoy.
10- 910 April 30, 2007 Manhattan Project (1)
Carrie wants to move to an apartment in Manhattan, but Doug wants to stay in Queens. Their impasse makes them realize they have very different ideas about their future, with Carrie ultimately moving to the apartment without Doug. Meanwhile at the senior center, Arthur encounters an old singer (played by Lainie Kazan) whom he trains and eventually becomes engaged to. Tucker Carlson appears as himself.
11- 911 May 7, 2007 Single Spaced (2)
Doug and Carrie consider adopting a baby after they get marriage counseling from their priest and run into friends who recently had a child. But, while Doug holds up his end of the bargain, and gets a new job, Carrie secretly keeps the apartment.
12- 912, 13- 913 May 14, 2007 China Syndrome (series finale, runtime of two regular episodes)
see main article, China Syndrome
Doug, having discovered that Carrie did not get rid of her apartment in the city, tells her he wants a divorce. Carrie wants to stay together, and plans to go to China to pick up their adopted child. Also, Arthur's bride leaves him just before the wedding, Nicole Sullivan returns as a pregnant, single Holly. Doug and Carrie race to China, each attempting to claim their baby before the other. Carrie finds out after adopting that she is pregnant.

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