List of The Drew Carey Show episodes

List of The Drew Carey Show episodes

The following is a complete list of episodes for the television show sitcom The Drew Carey Show, which first aired on ABC on September 13, 1995 then ended on September 8, 2004. Throughout the show's run, nine seasons were filmed amassing 233 episodes, with the final episode airing on September 8, 2004.

The sitcom follows office manager Drew Carey, in his romances and relationships to friends Lewis, Oswald, and Kate.

There have been two DVD releases for The Drew Carey Show: the first was a six-episode compilation released on February 28, 2006 and the first season was released on April 24, 2007.

Season Episodes Originally Aired Production line DVD Release date
1 22 1995–1996 4570xx April 24, 2007
2 24 1996–1997 4659xx
3 28 1997–1998 4662xx
4 27 1998–1999 4675xx
5 26 1999–2000 2254xx
6 27 2000–2001 2263xx
7 27 2001–2002 2273xx
8 26 2002–2003 2279xx
9 26 2004 1785xx


Season 1: 1995–1996

This season introduces Drew Carey as Assistant Director of Personnel at Winfred-Louder. His unseen but often heard boss is Mr.Bell (Kevin Pollak) who has an obnoxious assistant Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney) who often clashes with Drew. Drew spends much of his free time with friends Lewis (Ryan Stiles), Oswald (Diedrich Bader) and Kate (Christa Miller). Throughout the season Drew has an on again- off again girlfriend, Lisa Robbins (Katy Selverstone) while Jay Clemens (Robert Torti) is Kate's boyfriend for the later half of Season 1.

The Theme music for the first season's opening credits consists of Drew Carey singing "Moon Over Parma".

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
1 1 "Pilot" Michael Lessac Bruce Helford, Drew Carey September 13, 1995
2 2 "Miss Right" Sam Simon Clay Graham September 20, 1995
3 3 "The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture" Sam Simon Lona Williams September 27, 1995
4 4 "Nature Abhors a Vacuum" Michael Lessac Jeff Lowell October 4, 1995
5 5 "No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike" Steve Zuckerman Bruce Helford, Drew Carey October 18, 1995
6 6 "Drew Meets Lawyers" Steve Zuckerman Les Firestein November 1, 1995
7 7 "Drew in Court" Steve Zuckerman Robert Borden November 8, 1995
8 8 "Lewis' Sister" Steve Zuckerman Robert Borden November 15, 1995
9 9 "Drew and Mrs. Louder" Sam Simon Clay Graham November 29, 1995 Special Guest Star Nan Martin as Mrs Louder.
10 10 "Science Names Suck" Sam Simon Lona Williams, Les Firestein December 6, 1995 This episode introduces Jay Clemens (Robert Torti)
11 11 "The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Nucleus" Sam Simon Jeff Lowell, Lona Williams December 13, 1995
12 12 "Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics" Gary Halvorson Jeff Lowell, Clay Graham December 20, 1995
13 13 "Drew and the Unstable Element" Brian K. Roberts Jane Harnick, Aaron Harnick January 3, 1996
14 14 "Drew and Mr. Bell's Nephew" Dennis Edrman Christy Snell January 10, 1996
15 15 "There is No Scientific Name for a Show About God" Sam Simon Robert Borden, Jeff Lowell, Lona Williams January 17, 1996
16 16 "Drew's New Assistant" Gerry Cohen Robert Borden, Clay Graham January 31, 1996
17 17 "The Front" Steve Zuckerman Bruce Rasmussen February 7, 1996
18 18 "Playing the Unified Field" Brian K. Roberts Les Firestein February 14, 1996
19 19 "Atomic Cat Fight" Sam Simon Lona Williams February 21, 1996
20 20 "Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom" Brian K. Roberts Jeff Lowell February 28, 1996
21 21 "Drew Gets Motivated" Gary Halvorson Matt Miller, Barrie Nedler May 1, 1996 Special Guest Star Nan Martin as Mrs Louder.
22 22 "Buzz Beer" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham, Robert Borden, Les Firestein May 8, 1996 This episode sees the creation of "Buzz Beer" a coffee flavoured beer and Mr Bell is fired.

Season 2: 1996–1997

This season starts with Winfred-Louder in turmoil and Mr. Bell fired. The first few episodes see both Kate and Drew become single again, with Drew breaking up with Lisa Robbins (Katy Selverstone) and Jay Clemens (Robert Torti) breaking up with Kate before leaving for Minnesota.

The show's theme slowly changed from "Moon Over Parma" which was gradually phased out in favour of "Five O'Clock World" by The Vogues.

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
23 1 "We'll Remember Always, Evaluation Day" Brian K. Roberts Les Firestein September 17, 1996 This episode starts with a full musical version of "Five O'Clock World" before the usual theme song "Moon Over Palma". With Drew in charge of evaluations, Kate, Larry, Lisa and others are sucking up to him.
24 2 "Something Wick This Way Comes" Brian K. Roberts Clay Graham September 24, 1996 This episode marks the first appearance of Winfred Louder Store Manager, Nigel Wick (Craig Ferguson).
25 3 "Break It Up, Break It Up" Brian K. Roberts Lona Williams October 1, 1996 Jay Clemens breaks up with Kate and moves to Minnesota, while Drew and Lisa also break up. Speedy's 1st episode.
26 4 "The Bully You Know" Gerry Cohen Christy Snell October 15, 1996
27 5 "The Devil, You Say" Sam Simon Bruce Helford October 29, 1996
28 6 "The Day the Music Died" Gerry Cohen Robert Borden November 5, 1996
29 7 "What the Zoning Inspector Saw" Sam Simon Clay Graham November 12, 1996 Guest Starring Caroline Rhea as Bonnie who Drew tries to date.
30 8 "Drew's the Other Man" Brian K. Roberts Robert Borden November 19, 1996 Guest Starring Caroline Rhea as Bonnie who Drew tries to date.
31 9 "Mimi's Day Parade" Gerry Cohen Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs November 26, 1996 Last time Drew Carey's version of "Moon Over Parma" is played as theme song
32 10 "It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To" Gerry Cohen Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs December 3, 1996 "Five O'Clock World" becomes theme song for the remainder of season 2
33 11 "Lisa Gets Married" Steve Zuckerman Christy Snell, Les Firestein December 17, 1996 The return (and last appearance) of Lisa Robbins (Katy Selverstone) who is getting married.
34 12 "They're Back" Brian K. Roberts Clay Graham, Robert Borden January 7, 1997
35 13 "Hello/Goodbye" Gary Halvorson Susan Garon January 14, 1997
36 14 "Drewstock" Steve Zuckerman Christy Snell, Terry Mulroy January 28, 1997
37 15 "Drew Blows His Promotion" Sam Simon Susan Dickes, Christy Snell, Robert Borden February 4, 1997 Special Guest Star Nan Martin as Mrs Louder.
38 16 "Check Out Drew's Old Flame" Gerry Cohen Susan Dickes February 11, 1997
39 17 "See Drew Run" Sam Simon Lona Williams February 18, 1997
40 18 "Drew Gets Married" Sam Simon Robert Borden February 25, 1997
41 19 "Man's Best Same Sex Companion" Robert Borden Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs March 4, 1997 Special Guest Star Nan Martin as Mrs Louder.
42 20 "Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar" Gary Halvorson Lona Williams March 18, 1997
43 21 "Cap-Beer-Cino" Sam Simon Christy Snow, Terry Mulroy April 1, 1997
44 22 "Drew vs. Mimi, Part II" Gerry Cohen David Brownfield April 29, 1997 Special Guest Star Nan Martin as Mrs Louder.
45 23 "Win a Date with Kate" Steve Zuckerman Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs May 6, 1997
46 24 "New York and Queens" Brian K. Roberts Terry Mulroy, Christy Snell May 13, 1997 Musical episode with dance off over The Rocky Horror Picture Show vs The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Season 3: 1997–1998

The main story arc of this season is Kate and Oswald's relationship, which starts with them getting together in secret early on in the season, before they start going out leading up to the wedding at the end of the season. For much of the season realtor Nicki Fifer (Kate Walsh) is Drew's girlfriend, and as the season progress, the more bad habits she picks up from Drew. Drew's brother, Steve Carey (John Carroll Lynch) is introduced, and revealed to be a cross dresser. Nan Martin has a recurring role as Winfred-Louder owner, Mrs Fran Louder who is having an affair with Larry Almada, Ian Gomez.

The theme song for the first two episodes is Five O'Clock World, with Cleveland Rocks replacing it from the third episode "Strange Bedfellows"

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
47 1 "Drew vs. Billboard" Gerry Cohen Les Firestein September 17, 1997 Drew gets scammed by a con man who uses a topless picture of Drew to advertise "Vita Beer" a weight loss scam.
48 2 "Drew and the Singles Union" Gerry Cohen Robert Borden September 24, 1997 This episode has an extended introductory dream sequence where everyone is an alien and start with "Moon Over Palma" before transitioning to "Five O'Clock World". A savage storm threatens Cleveland, and the Winfred Louder store is evacuated with Wick disappearing after staying behind. Kate and Oswald kiss.
49 3 "Strange Bedfellows" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham October 1, 1997 This episode has an extended introductory theme of "Cleveland Rocks" which become the theme for the rest of the show's run. The 1st appearance of realtor, Nicki Fifer (Kate Walsh) who takes advantage of Drew. Kate and Oswald secretly are seeing each other on a regular basis. Drew and Mimi are shocked to discover that Larry Almada (Ian Gomez) is having an affair with Mrs Lauder (Nan Martin).
50 4 "Misery Loves Mimi" Sam Simon Lona Williams October 8, 1997 Drew starts dating realtor Nicki, after previous repeated attempts had failed. Mr Wick is recuperating with Mimi and Larry is still staying with Drew. Mimi uses Wicks signature to run the store and fire Drew, who goes to her apartment to free Wick. Just as Nicki agrees to go out with Drew, Kate and Oswald reveal their secret and the house is raided by the police. Special Guest Stars Rachel True and Keith Diamond.
51 5 "A Very, Very, Very Fine House" Gerry Cohen Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs October 15, 1997 Drew's house is being seized and auctioned off as proceeds of crime, despite Drew being found innocent of any involvement in Larry's drug dealing. Drew comes to terms with Kate and Oswald being together. Special Guest Stars Rachel True as Janet Clemens and Keith Diamond as Greg Clemens.
52 6 "Drew vs. the Pig" Steve Zuckerman Bob Nickman October 29, 1997 Drew discovers Nicki (Kate Walsh) was once fat and wants to avoid temptation, and supports Drew when he decides to lose weight. Mimi however is convinced that Nicki never was fat and is trying to trick Drew into losing weight and bets him that he cant stick to the diet. The gang run a Buzz Beer promotion at the local Expo, where Lewis becomes Beer Boy.
53 7 "Batmobile" Sam Simon Bruce Helford November 5, 1997 Drew wins a contest and has a choice of either $200,000 or the Batmobile, and to the other's disgust Drew chooses the Batmobile. Special Guest Stars Rachel True as Janet Clemens and Keith Diamond as Greg Clemens. Special Guest Star Kate Walsh as Nicki.
54 8 "The Dog and Pony Show" Steve Zuckerman Deborah Oppenheimer, Robert Borden November 12, 1997 Nigel Wick agrees to mind Mrs Louder's dog. The plan goes awry and Drew has Lucky fixed and shorn, which to Wick's horror means they will be fired. To raise the money to buy a replacement the gang do the Full Monty at the Warsaw. Larry gets out of jail and agrees to help them, but the tavern is raided. Special Guest Star Kate Walsh as Nicki.
55 9 "Drew's Brother" Gerry Cohen Christy Snell, Scott Gordon November 19, 1997 Drew's brother Steve has lost his job and moves in with Drew. Kate then convinces him to hire Steve for a job at Winfred-Louder, but Drew is shocked to learn that his brother is a cross dresser. Drew then has to save Steve's job. The 1st appearance of John Carroll Lynch as Steve Carey.
56 10 "That Thing You Don't" Gerry Cohen Bruce Rasmussen November 26, 1997 Drew, Lewis and Oswald decide to reform the Horn Dogs, their old high school band to compete in a battle of the bands competition at the Warsaw Tavern. Unfortunately Kate also wants to be in the band although she cant sing, and there is a rival band from the high school days, The Underprivelaged (Special Appearance by The Reverend Horton Heat) lead by Herb. Special Guest Star Seth Green.
57 11 "Volunteer" Sam Simon Terry Mulroy December 3, 1997 Drew agrees to volunteer at a local nursing home which has a bad reputation, and Wick then decides to run with the idea and make a mandatory program of employees volunteering for the nursing home. Mrs Louder wants Drew to hire a replacement for Larry, but Drew has bigger problems with the nursing home residents framing him, but a deal is struck to save Drew and get Larry back to work.
58 12 "Vacation" Gerry Cohen Les Firestein December 17, 1997 Drew and Kate are equal winners of the Winfred-Louder Christmas competition, which has a prize for a free trip to the Bahamas. Drew is worried that he cant share a room with Kate without something happening. Lewis lets slip to Oswald that Drew has feelings for Kate, so he jumps on a plane to follow the others. Kate meanwhile reveals to Drew that she is not sure whether Oswald is the one.
59 13 "Howdy Neighbor" Richard Schwadel Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs January 7, 1998 The gang are drinking and the Buzz Beer tank explodes showering their neighbours house in beer, with Drew's neighbour Greg becoming his new boss at Buzz Beer after he pays for a new tank. Lewis starts dating Pinky, a co-worker at DrugCo who is a test subject for experimental drugs. Guest Stars Rachel True and Keith Diamond as Janet and Greg Clemens.
60 14 "He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not" Sam Simon Lona Williams January 14, 1998 Wick thnks that the Board are going to fire him and so he plots with Mimi to scam the bosrd out of money by devising a sexual harassment lawsuit. The scam goes wrong when Mimi is offended by Wick liking his acting PA more than Mimi.
61 15 "Mr. Louder's Birthday Party" Sam Simon Christy Snell, Robert Borden January 28, 1998 Drew has to give a speech at the annual event thrown by Mrs Louder in honor of her late husband, but ends up offending Nikki (Kate Jones). Mimi hires a sexual harassment lawyer in her lawsuit. Guest starring Steve Buscemi as Mr Marchetti.
62 16 "The Salon" Gerry Cohen Bob Nickman, Terry Mulroy February 4, 1998 There is a fashion buyers job vacant at Winfred Louder and Kate and Mimi both want it. To help Kate, Drew hosts a "Salon" party to allow Kate to show off her skills to Mrs Louder (and Lewis to show off to his boss). However it ends badly as Kate ends up fighting with Mrs Louder and Drew's neighbors Greg (Keith Diamond) and Janet (Rachel True) end up storming out. Special Appearance by Rush Limbaugh and Special Guest Star Charles Nelson Reilly as Lewis's boss.
63 17 "The Engagement" Brian K. Roberts Bruce Rasmussen February 11, 1998 Oswald proposes to Kate and Drew proposes to Nikki, with Oswald angry with Drew and they end up taking secret compatibility tests with Kate and Nikki. Drew tries to get Mr Wick to pass a lie detector test, but it ends up a disaster with Mimi easily beating the machine and Wick failing dismally. Special Guest Starring Kate Walsh as Nicki and Ashley Gardiner as Pinky, Lewis's girlfriend.
64 18 "Nicki's Parents" Sam Simon Matilda Hokinson February 25, 1998 Kate and Oswald have pre-marriage counselling, with Kate angry that Oswald spends so much time with Lewis. With Nikki away, Drew has dinner alone with Nikki's parents Chuck and Charlen Fifer, but the night does not go well, with the couple having a huge fight. Drew and the others show Mr Fifer what the single life is like.
65 19 "Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator" Brian K. Roberts Christy Snell, Terry Mulroy March 4, 1998 Drew's fridge breaks down and the gang is very upset. Drew decides that he has to compete in the Winfred Louder Employee Games, where a fridge is the main prize. However Mimi and Larry pair up and are determined to win, and Lewis's girlfriend Pinky (Ashley Gardiner) goes crazy making it hard for Drew to win. Special Guest Star Kate Walsh as Nicki.
66 20 "The Bachelor Party" Brian K. Roberts Clay Graham March 11, 1998 The gang are throwing a Bachelor Party for both Drew and Oswald before their respective weddings. Before the bachelor party however, Nicki (Special Guest Star Kate Walsh) dumps Drew. This episode is the 2nd appearance of Steve Carey (John Carroll Lynch) who comes out to parents, George and Bealah as a cross dresser.
67 21 "The Sex Drug" Gerry Cohen Les Firestein March 18, 1998 Mimi's sexual harassment lawsuit goes to court, but Drew proves to be an unreliable witness when he turns up to court under the influence of a sex drug (from Lewis's work DrugCo) that he had taken inadvertently. Nigel Wick apologizes to Mimi and tries to convince her to return to work and abandon the scam.
68 22 "What's Wrong with this Episode?" Gerry Cohen Michael C. McCarthy April 1, 1998 One of Wick's firings goes wrong and he is shot in the crotch with a crossbow. This means Drew has to run the store in the meantime and he promises no firings which has unintended results. This episode is part of a competition for viewers to spot onscreen errors and win prizes.
69 23 "The Rebound" Gerry Cohen Christy Snell, Bob Nickman April 8, 1998 This episode has the first appearance of handy woman Sharon Bridges (Jenica Bergere) who became a regular guest star for the later part of Season 4. Drew meets a good looking handy-woman when she fixes several appliances broken during a party to celebrate Drew paying off the engagement ring he bought for former fiance, Nikki. Special Guest Star is Ashley Gardiner in her last appearance as Pinky, Lewis's girlfriend.
70 24 "The Dating Consultant" Gerry Cohen Karen S. Brown, Keith Young, Bruce Rasmussen, Clay Graham April 22, 1998 Oswald is moving out from the unit above the Warsaw Tavern to be with Kate, so Lewis needs to get a new housemate. Drew meets a dating consultant who he pays to give him some tips.
71 25 "Drew's Cousin" Gerry Cohen Terry Mulroy, Katherine Green, Matt Ember April 29, 1998 The Special Guest Star is the beautiful Nikki Cox as Drew's cousin, Kristen, who is staying with him and start's dating Mr Wick. This episode is the 3rd appearance of Steve Carey.
72 26 "From the Earth to the Moon" Gerry Cohen Christy Snell, Terry Mulroy May 6, 1998 Drew is given the opportunity to get a promotion offered by Mrs Fran Louder, but everybody is determined to get in the way,
73 27 "The Wedding Dress" Brian K. Roberts Apryl Huntzinger, Jody Paul, Maria Espada May 13, 1998 The gang tries to get Kate her favourite wedding dress at a big sale but fail. Drew then spends the money to buy her the wedding dress, attracting questions from Oswald. Special Guest Starring Rachel True in her last appearance as Drew's neighbor Janet and Keith Diamond as Greg.
74 28 "My Best Friend's Wedding" Sam Simon, Jeff Siegey, Gerry Cohen Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs May 20, 1998 Oswald and Kate are scheduled to marry in Drew's backyard, but she is having second thoughts. This episode has a special intro featuring Daffy Duck.

Season 4: 1998–1999

The season starts with Kate and Oswald back to being friends. After Drew uncovers a conspiracy in the opening episode, there is a 4 episode story arc where Drew starts up the Horn Dogs again and gains Darcy, a groupie girlfriend, and loses interest in Winfred-Louder. At the same time as his band gets an offer to be a permanent house band, Mr. Wick has to stand down for a while as Store Manager and goes into rehab for treatment with cocaine. Drew dates several different women early on (Darcy, Celia), but for the later part of the season he is seeing Sharon Bridges (Jenica Bergere). Mimi starts dating Drew's brother Steve, much to Drew's disgust. Nan Martin has a recurring role as Mrs Louder.

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
75 1 "Drew and the Conspiracy" Gerry Cohen Bob Underwood, Jennifer Crittenden September 23, 1998 Drew finds out from Chuck that many of his mishaps have been arranged by a conspiracy of three co-workers who hate him.
76 2 "In Ramada Da Vida" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham September 30, 1998 Episode has crazy intro showing repetitive actions at Winfred Lauder. Kate quits her job at Winfred Lauder. Drew starts up the Horn Dogs and become a house band. Guest Star is Pauley Perrette as Darcy a rock groupie who dates Drew.
77 3 "Golden Boy" Gerry Cohen Bruce Rasmussen October 7, 1998 Drew and the Horn Dogs (although with Ed Joe Walsh and the James Gang are still playing, and Darcy convinces Drew to dye his hair. Drew, Chuck and Larry find cocaine at work, and Mr Wick who goes into rehab. Guest Starring Pauley Perrette.
78 4 "Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place" Sam Simon Richard Day October 14, 1998 Wick is still in rehab and Drew turns down Wick's job to be with the band. Larry is the new boss and makes budget cuts forcing the others to beg Drew to help. Drew quits the band and is replaced by Weird Al Yankovic Guest Starring Pauley Perrette.
79 5 "Sexual Perversity in Cleveland" Gerry Cohen Mike Larsen October 21, 1998 Drew gets dumped by Darcy when he shows her his real job. Drew and Mimi mistakenly fall for each either over the internet, while Oswald gets Drug Co. implants to get $10,000 for his mother. Brief last appearance by Pauley Perrette.
80 6 "Cain and Mabel" Gerry Cohen Daniel O'Keefe October 28, 1998 Drew and the others are annoyed when Steve Carey and his drag queen friends take over the Warsaw. Oswald is worried about his mother losing her business and finding out about the implants. Special Guest Star is (Adrienne Barbeau) as Kim Harvey, Oswald's mother.
81 7 "Nicki's Wedding" Gerry Cohen Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs November 4, 1998 Drew gets invited to Nicki's wedding on a ship and makes a fool of himself. Special Guest Star (Kate Walsh).
82 8 "Drew's New Car" Sam Simon Terry Mulroy November 11, 1998 Oswald makes another $10,000 again from the implants and pays the others back his old debts, which they use to buy Drew a new car.
83 9 "The High Road to China" Gerry Cohen Catherine Green November 18, 1998 This was episode filmed in China. Drew plays an elaborate prank on Mimi who has him kidnapped and dumped on the Great Wall of China.
84 10 "Drew's Dance Party" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham November 18, 1998 This episode is a compilation episode of the various songs the gang has sung over the past few seasons.
85 11 "Kate's Family" Sam Simon Richard Day November 25, 1998 Kate has an instant family and Mimi is worried that Drew is out to get revenge for being sent to China. Guest Starring Neil Flynn and also Jenica Bergere (as handy-woman Sharon Bridges)
86 12 "Drew Dates a Senior" Gerry Cohen Jennifer Crittenden December 9, 1998 Drew goes to uni to do his Masters Degree but ends up dating a much older woman. Special Guest Star is Shirley Jones as Celia
87 13 "Drew's Holiday Punch" Gerry Cohen Mike Larsen December 16, 1998 Drew and Celia are surprised by a surprise visit by Drew's parents. Special Guest Starring Shirley Jones.
88 14 "A House Divided" Gerry Cohen Daniel O'Keefe, Katherine Green January 6, 1999 Winfred Lauder are going to be the anchor tenant of a new shopping mall... to be located over Drew's house. Special Guest Star Keith Diamond is his final appearance as Drew's neighbor Greg Clemens.
89 15 "A House Reunited" Steve Zuckerman Daniel O'Keefe, Jennifer Crittenden January 13, 1999 Winfred Lauder try every dirty trick in the book to get Drew to move from his house, as he is the only holdout in the neighbourhood. Guest Starring Shirley Jones as Celia.
90 16 "Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler" Steve Zuckerman Christy Snell, Terry Mulroy January 27, 1999 Drew and the others hire The Disciplinarian (Triple H) a Pro Wrestler as Spokesman for Buzz Beer.
91 17 "Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story" Gerry Cohen Jody Paul February 10, 1999 Drew, Lewis and Oswald all (unwittingly) ask out the same woman. Special Guest Star is Diane Farr as Tracy.
92 18 "Boy Party/Girl Party" Sam Simon Terry Mulroy, Jennifer Crittenden February 17, 1999 Mimi hosts a party for the girls (Kate begs Mrs Lauder for a job), and Drew has a party for the Winfred Louder models. Guest starring Diane Farr and Jenica Bergere
93 19 "Tracy Bowl" Sam Simon Robert Borden February 24, 1999 Drew, Lewis and Oswald compete for Tracy's love in Tracy Bowl 1. Last appearance for Diane Farr as Tracy.
94 20 "DrugCo" Gerry Cohen Terry Mulroy, Jennifer Crittenden March 3, 1999 Speedy is diagnosed with cataracts and Lewis suggests he be taken to DrugCo for treatment.
95 21 "Steve and Mimi" Gerry Cohen Bruce Rasmussen March 24, 1999 Winfred Louder is forced to sack staff, including Drew's brother Steve who then has to move in with Drew. To Drew's horror, Steve and Mimi start dating.
96 22 "What's Wrong with this Episode? II" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham March 31, 1999 This episode is part of a competition to spot errors. Drew is suspicious that his mother Beluah (Marion Ross) has been cheating on his father George (Stanley Anderson).
97 23 "She's Gotta Have It" Tommy Thompson Apryl Huntzinger April 7, 1999 Good looking handy woman Sharon Bridges breaks up with her boyfriend, and Drew finally achieves his dream, although things take a strange turn. Special Guest Star is Jenica Bergere.
98 24 "Good Vibrations" Brian K. Roberts Terry Mulroy, Daniel O'Keefe, Mike Larsen May 5, 1999 The gang play practical jokes on each other and Sharon wants to become one of the gang. Drew has to go with Mr Wick to Chicago to give a presentation at a convention, and ends up being the victim of a humiliating practical joke and returns to Cleveland determined to get revenge on Mimi.
99 25 "Do the Hustle" Sam Simon Maria Espada May 12, 1999 It is decided that Drew and Sharon will go on a double date with Steve and Mimi, but Drew and Mimi start fighting much to Steve and Sharon's disgust. Drew and Mimi then try and pretend to be friends, and end up forming a ten pin bowling team to hustle other bowlers.
100 26 "Up on the Roof" Gerry Cohen Katherine Green May 19, 1999 Drew convinces Sharon to take on a larger job, and repair the roof of Oswald's mother Kim Harvey. Special Guest Stars Adrienne Barbeau and Jenica Bergere
101 27 "Brotherhood of Man" Gerry Cohen Brian Scully May 26, 1999 Winfred-Louder's Dutch owners tell the staff that they have a month long paid vacation while they renovate the store, Drew however has to stay behind and make sure all the wages are paid, but finds out there is a secret plot to blow up the store.

Season 5: 1999–2000

This season sees Steve Carey and Mimi get engaged and Drew and Kate fall in love.

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
102 1 "Y2K, You're Okay" Gerry Cohen Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs September 22, 1999 Drew and the others are convinced that the end of civilisation is nigh, while Mimi has got a new Mini Mimi. Sharon is worried that Drew is in love with Kate. Special Guest Star Jenica Bergere.
103 2 "Drew Goes to the Browns Game" Gerry Cohen Robert Borden September 29, 1999 The Cleveland Browns have returned to the city and Drew and the others all want to got to the game. Last appearance by Jenica Bergere as Sharon.
104 3 "Drew and the Gang Law" Gerry Cohen Daniel O'Keefe October 6, 1999 Drew learns that Steve and Mimi are engaged and need to hold the ceremony at his house. Drew and the others are arrested the judge deems them to be a gang. Special Guest Star Nan Martin as Mrs Louder.
105 4 "Drew's Reunion" Gerry Cohen Brian Scully October 13, 1999 It is their school reunion and the gang are determined to make their mark. Kate learns that Drew always loved her, while Lewis tricks Bo Derek into attending.
106 5 "Drew's Physical" Tommy Thompson Linda Teverbaugh, Mike Teverbaugh October 20, 1999 Kate tells Lewis she loves Drew.
107 6 "Drew Tries to Kill Mimi" Sam Simon Terry Mulroy October 27, 1999 Drew vows to kill Mimi when she plays a practical joke on him that nearly gets him fired. Drew accidentally hits Mimi while driving through the car park and Mimi decides to press charges.
108 7 "Red, White and Drew" Gerry Cohen Mitch Hunter, Jana Hunter November 3, 1999 Drew is angry that a pot hole in his street is left un-repaired and works to get a ballot initiative approved in the local elections.
109 8 "Drew Live" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham November 10, 1999 This is a live theater-sports type show and features several cast members from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Colin Mochrie as Eugene, Brad Sherwood as himself/host and Wayne Brady. Drew finds out that Kate loves him.
110 9 "Drew Cam" Sam Simon Holly Hester November 17, 1999 Kate and Drew fall in love
111 10 "Drew's Stomachache" Gerry Cohen Apryl Huntzinger November 24, 1999
112 11 "Steve and Mimi Get Married" Sam Simon Jody Paul December 1, 1999
113 12 "Drew and Kate's First Date" Gerry Cohen Jonathan Stark, Tracy Newman December 15, 1999 Special Guest Star Nan Martin in her last appearance as Mrs Louder.
114 13 "Drew and the Racial Tension Play" Sam Simon Daniel O'Keefe January 5, 2000
115 14 "Kate Works for Drew" Gerry Cohen Jody Paul, Apryl Huntzinger January 12, 2000
116 15 "Mimi Moves In" John Fuller Mitch Hunter, Jana Hunter February 2, 2000
117 16 "Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?" Sam Simon Chris Bishop February 9, 2000 While Drew is shopping for a bed, Kate says she wants to have sex with him. The two decide to plan a "date" that weekend, but they end up ruining it for each other. They eventually have another "date," but when Drew walks back into the bedroom after putting on a condom, he trips over his dog Speedy and falls face first on the floor, spraining his penis in the process.
118 17 "I Dishonestly Love You" Gerry Cohen Brian Scully February 16, 2000
119 18 "Drew Goes to Hell" Gerry Cohen Holly Hester February 23, 2000
120 19 "What's Wrong with this Episode? III" John Fuller Linda Teverbaugh, Mike Teverbaugh March 1, 2000
121 20 "The Gang Stops Drinking" Gerry Cohen Terry Mulroy March 22, 2000
122 21 "Oswald's Son" Bob Koherr Mitch Hunter, Jana Hunter March 29, 2000
123 22 "The Return of Mr. Wick" Gerry Cohen Aaron Spiro April 12, 2000
124 23 "Kate vs. Speedy" Ryan Stiles Christy Jacobs White April 26, 2000
125 24 "Beer Ball" Sam Simon Jody Paul May 3, 2000
126 25 "Drew and Kate Boink" Gerry Cohen Robert Borden May 10, 2000
127 26 "A Very Special Drew" Gerry Cohen Jerry Belson, Apryl Huntzinger May 17, 2000 This episode breaks the "fourth wall" and is full of "Emmy winning" storylines.

Season 6: 2000–2001

For the first part of the season, Drew is engaged to Kate, but after they break up he has a sham marriage with Wick, while Steve and Mimi have a baby together.

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
128 1 "Drew Pops Something on Kate" Gerry Cohen Paul Lieberstein October 4, 2000
129 2 "Be Drew to Your School" Gerry Cohen Robert Borden October 18, 2000
130 3 "Drew's Inheritance" Gerry Cohen Mitch Hunter, Jana Hunter October 25, 2000
131 4 "Mimi's a Partner" Bob Koherr Terry Mulroy November 1, 2000
132 5 "Drew Live II" Gerry Cohen Brian Scully November 8, 2000 features Whose Line cast members and Jay Leno
133 6 "The Pregnancy Scare" Sam Simon Apryl Huntzinger November 15, 2000
134 7 "Drew and the Trail Scouts" Gerry Cohen Daniel O'Keefe November 22, 2000
135 8 "Drew and Kate Become Friends" Gerry Cohen Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh November 29, 2000
136 9 "Drew Can't Carey a Tune" Gerry Cohen Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh December 6, 2000
137 10 "Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer" Gerry Cohen Jody Paul December 13, 2000
138 11 "Fetal Attraction" Tommy Thompson Apryl Huntzinger December 20, 2000
139 12 "The Warsaw Closes" Sam Simon Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter January 10, 2001
140 13 "Oswald's Dad Returns" Sam Simon Brian Scully January 17, 2001
141 14 "All Work and No Play" Gerry Cohen Spiro Skentzos January 24, 2001
142 15 "Drew's in a Coma" Gerry Cohen Les Firestein February 7, 2001
143 16 "Drew and the Baby" Bob Koherr Daniel O'Keefe February 14, 2001
144 17 "Hush Little Baby" Sam Simon Chris Bishop February 21, 2001
145 18 "Drew's Life After Death" Shelley Jensen Judy Paul February 28, 2001
146 19 "Drew and the Motorcycle" Gerry Cohen Paul Lieberstein March 14, 2001
147 20 "Kate and Her New Boyfriend" Bob Koherr Les Firestein March 21, 2001
148 21 "What's Wrong with This Episode? IV" Sam Simon Terry Mulroy March 28, 2001
149 22 "The Easter Show" Gerry Cohen Linda Teverbaugh, Mike Teverbaugh April 11, 2001
150 23 "Christening" Gerry Cohen Terry Mulroy May 2, 2001
151 24 "Drew and the Activist, Part I" Sam Simon Daniel O'Keefe, Paul Lieberstein May 8, 2001
152 25 "Drew and the Activist, Part II" Gerry Cohen Christy Jacobs White May 16, 2001
153 26 "Bananas, Part I" Gerry Cohen Adam Faberman, Kristen Marvin May 23, 2001
154 27 "Bananas, Part II" Gerry Cohen Holly Hester, Apryl Huntzinger May 23, 2001

Season 7: 2001–2002

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
155 1 "Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour, Part I" Gerry Cohen David A. Caplan, Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter, Julie Ann Larson, Sam Simon, Terry Mulroy, Linda Teverbaugh, Bruce Helford, Drew Carey, Clay Graham, Bruce Rasmussen, Les Firestein, Mike Teverbaugh, Daniel O'Keefe September 26, 2001
156 2 "Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour, Part II" Gerry Cohen Sam Simon, Clay Graham, Julie Ann Larson, Daniel O'Keefe, Drew Carey, Bruce Helford, Mitch Hunter, Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh, Jana Hunter, Les Firestein, Terry Mulroy, David A. Caplan, Bruce Rasmussen September 26, 2001
157 3 "Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse" Gerry Cohen Bruce Rasmussen October 3, 2001 The return of Drew's old girlfriend, Nikki Fifer (Kate Walsh)
158 4 "Married to a Mob" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham October 10, 2001 The return of Nikki Fifer
159 5 "When Wives Collide" Bob Koherr David A. Caplan October 17, 2001 The return of Nikki Fifer
160 6 "Bus-ted" Sam Simon Les Firestein October 24, 2001 Nikki Fifer contacts the newspaper over Drew's bigamy leading to him being dubbed "The impotent, bisexual bigamist".
161 7 "It's Halloween, Dummy" Bob Koherr Linda Teverbaugh, Mike Teverbaugh October 31, 2001
162 8 "How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back" Sam Simon Daniel O'Keefe November 7, 2001
163 9 "Drew Live III" Gerry Cohen Keith Blanchard November 14, 2001
164 10 "Eat Drink Drew Women" Gerry Cohen Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter November 21, 2001
165 11 "Mr. Laffoon's Wild Ride" Gerry Cohen Julie Ann Larson November 28, 2001
166 12 "Hotel Drew" Bob Koherr Terry Mulroy December 12, 2001
167 13 "Drew and the King" Sam Simon Daniel O'Keefe December 19, 2001
168 14 "The Curse of the Mummy" Tommy Thompson David A. Caplan January 16, 2002
169 15 "The Enabler" Gerry Cohen Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter January 23, 2002
170 16 "Pretty Baby" Gerry Cohen Julie Ann Larson February 6, 2002 Jenny McCarthy as Drew's girlfriend Marlo
171 17 "A Shot in the Dark" Sam Simon Christy Jacobs White February 13, 2002
172 18 "It's a Dog Eat Drew World" Gerry Cohen Ed Lee February 27, 2002
173 19 "Bringing Up Boss" Sam Simon Daniel O'Keefe March 13, 2002
174 20 "Daddy Dearest" Tommy Thompson Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter March 20, 2002
175 21 "Never Been to Spain" Sam Simon Adam Faberman March 27, 2002
176 22 "O Brother, Who Art Thou?" Gerry Cohen Vivien Mejia April 3, 2002
177 23 "Rich Woman, Poor Man" Shelley Jensen Terry Mulroy April 10, 2002
178 24 "What Women Don't Want" Bob Koherr David A. Caplan May 1, 2002
179 25 "Look Mom, One Hand!" Bob Koherr Kristen Marvin May 8, 2002
180 26 "The Eagle Has Landed" Sam Simon Julie Ann Larson May 15, 2002
181 27 "The Underpants Guy" Bob Koherr Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh May 22, 2002 The second return of Nikki Fifer (Kate Walsh)

Season 8: 2002–2003

In the fall of 2002, Winfred-Lauder closed and the set became the office of online retailer Neverending Store. Drew, Mimi, and Nigel were hired (the latter as a janitor, but was written out of the series) Steve Carey was phased out as well. Kate O'Brien leaves the series after the 2nd episode as she is marrying a fighter pilot and was quickly replaced with Kellie Newmark (Cynthia Watros), an old high school friend of Drew's who had been working as a stripper.

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Episode Comments
182 1 "Revenge of the Doormat" Gerry Cohen Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh September 9, 2002 The 2nd return of Nikki Fifer (Kate Walsh)
183 2 "Kate's Wedding" Gerry Cohen David A. Caplan September 16, 2002 The final appearance of Kate O'Brien (Christa Miller) who marries Kirk, a fighter pilot she has just met. Guest starring Kate Walsh.
184 3 "Eyes Wide Open" Bob Koherr Bruce Rasmussen September 23, 2002 Guest starring Kate Walsh as Nikki Fifer.
185 4 "Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out" Bob Koherr Daniel O'Keefe September 30, 2002
186 5 "Hickory Dickory...Double Date" Sam Simon Les Firestein October 7, 2002
187 6 "Mama Told Me I Should Come" Bob Koherr Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter October 21, 2002
188 7 "Family Affair" Sam Simon Julie Ann Larson November 8, 2002
189 8 "Chemistry Schmemistry" Bob Koherr Terry Mulroy November 8, 2002
190 9 "The Dawn Patrol" Sam Simon Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh November 15, 2002
191 10 "Drew's Girl Friday" Tommy Thompson Ed Lee November 29, 2002
192 11 "Drew Tries Hot Salsa" Gerry Cohen David A. Caplan December 6, 2002
193 12 "The Man in the Iron Chair" Gerry Cohen Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter December 20, 2002
194 13 "Drew Takes a Guilt Trip" Gerry Cohen Daniel O'Keefe January 10, 2003
195 14 "Blecch Sunday" Shelley Jensen Ed Lee January 24, 2003
196 15 "Turkeyspotting" Bob Koherr Adam Faberman June 25, 2003
197 16 "Suddenly No Summer" Sam Simon Les Firestein, Ed Lee June 25, 2003
198 17 "What's Love Got to Do With It?" Sam Simon Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter July 2, 2003
199 18 "Two Girls for Every Boy" Tommy Thompson Stacey Pulwer July 2, 2003
200 19 "Two Days of the Condo" Gerry Cohen Daniel O'Keefe July 9, 2003
201 20 "Lewis You Can Drive My Car" Sam Simon Julie Ann Larson July 9, 2003
202 21 "A Speedy Recovery" Drew Carey Kristen Marvin July 16, 2003
203 22 "A Means to an End" Shelley Jensen John N. Huss July 16, 2003
204 23 "Drew Answers the Belle" Gerry Cohen David A. Caplan July 23, 2003
205 24 "What Screams May Come" Gerry Cohen Julie Ann Larson, Terry Mulroy July 23, 2003
206 25 "Love is in the Air" Drew Carey Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh August 20, 2003
207 26 "The Bataan Wedding March" Bob Koherr Clay Graham August 27, 2003

Season 9: 2004

Season 9 aired in the wrong order. The following list represents the order in which they were originally broadcast rather than the correct production order.

Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate
208 1 "Drew Hunts Silver Fox" Sam Simon Russ Woody June 2, 2004
209 2 "Eye of the Leopard" Tommy Thompson Adam Faberman June 2, 2004
210 3 "Foos Rush In" Tommy Thompson Dean Young June 9, 2004
211 4 "Drew Thinks Inside the Box" Brian K. Roberts Daniel O'Keefe June 9, 2004
212 5 "At Your Cervix" Brian K. Roberts Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter June 16, 2004
213 6 "Sealed in a Kiss" Bob Koherr Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter June 16, 2004
214 7 "Baby Makes Stress" Shelley Jensen Dean Young June 23, 2004
215 8 "Michigan J. Gus" Sam Simon John N. Huss June 23, 2004
216 9 "No Booze for Drew" Shelley Jensen Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter June 30, 2004
217 10 "Drew's Best Friend" Bob Koherr Julie Ann Larson June 30, 2004
218 11 "Arrivederci, Italy" Bob Koherr Daniel O'Keefe July 7, 2004
219 12 "House of the Rising Son-in-Law" Tommy Thompson Ed Lee July 7, 2004
220 13 "Dog Soup" Sam Simon Hugh Fink July 14, 2004
221 14 "Asleep at the Wheel" Shelley Jensen Dean Young July 14, 2004
222 15 "Baby Face" Bob Koherr Masha Tivyan July 21, 2004
223 16 "Girlfriend, Interrupted" Bob Koherr Daniel O'Keefe July 21, 2004
224 17 "Straight Eye for the Queer Guy" Sam Simon Julie Ann Larson July 28, 2004
225 18 "Still Life with Freeloader" Drew Carey Kristen Marvin July 28, 2004
226 19 "Burning Down the House" Sam Simon Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh August 18, 2004
227 20 "Liar, Liar, House on Fire" Drew Carey Russ Woody August 18, 2004
228 21 "Sleeping with the Enemy" Shelley Jensen Ed Lee August 25, 2004
229 22 "Assault with a Lovely Weapon" Shelley Jensen Hugh Fink August 25, 2004
230 23 "Love, Sri Lankan Style" Bob Koherr Russ Woody September 1, 2004
231 24 "Knot in the Mood" Shelley Jensen David A. Caplan September 1, 2004
232 25 "The Passion of the Wick" Shelley Jensen Ed Lee September 8, 2004
233 26 "Finale" Sam Simon Bruce Helford, Clay Graham, David A. Caplan September 8, 2004

Based on production code and story line, the correct order for season 9 is most likely the following:

16 "Girlfriend, Interrupted"
6 "Sealed in a Kiss"
19 "Burning Down the House"
20 "Liar, Liar, House on Fire"
3 "Foos Rush In"
17 "Straight Eye for the Queer Guy"
21 "Sleeping with the Enemy"
22 "Assault with a Lovely Weapon"
18 "Still Life with Freeloader"
4 "Drew Thinks Inside the Box"
2 "Eye of the Leopard"
1 "Drew Hunts Silver Fox"
5 "At Your Cervix"
7 "Baby Makes Stress"
9 "No Booze for Drew"
8 "Michigan J. Gus"
10 "Drew's Best Friend"
11 "Arrivederci, Italy"
12 "House of the Rising Son-in-Law"
13 "Dog Soup"
14 "Asleep at the Wheel"
15 "Baby Face"
23 "Love, Sri Lankan Style"
24 "Knot in the Mood"
25 "The Passion of the Wick"
26 "Finale"

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