2005 in television

2005 in television

The year 2005 in television involved some significant events.Below is a list of television-related events in 2005.

"For the American TV schedule, see: 2005-06 United States network television schedule."


* January 1 -
**The U.S. channel package PT East, originally created by the New York, New York, company PrimeTime 24, and used by satellite TV viewers where over-the-air TV is unavailable, changes its ABC station from WKRN-TV (Nashville, Tennessee) to WABC-TV (New York, New York).
** DirecTV drops the Trio channel from its lineup. The network loses two-thirds of its 20 million viewers, putting in doubt the future of the NBC Universal channel.
* January 5 - The 35th anniversary episode of "All My Children" airs on ABC. The special episode, which brought back former characters Mark Dalton (Mark LaMura) and Nick Davis (Larry Keith), was also unique in that it was the last appearance of ailing actress Ruth Warrick. She died less than two weeks after the episode aired.
* January 8 -
**CBS airs the first episode of "The Will", a reality series. Ratings for the show are so low, it becomes one of only a handful of series in American TV history to be cancelled after only one episode. Later in 2005, FOX also cancels "Who's Your Daddy?", another reality series, after a single episode.
** "" airs on BBC Two, despite protests from Christian Voice and other groups.
* January 22 - The Fox Box, FOX's Saturday morning programming owned by 4Kids Entertainment, is rebranded to 4Kids TV.
* February 2 - Paramount Television and UPN announce the cancellation of "". Soon after, fan efforts begin in order to save the show, climaxing in a campaign that raises more than $3 million (US) towards funding further production, an offer Paramount ultimately rejects.
* February 6 - "American Dad!" pilot episode airs on FOX following a new episode of "The Simpsons" after Super Bowl XXXIX
* February 8 - Teachers' TV, run by the Department for Education and Skills, launched on Sky Digital (channel 686) and Freeview.
* February 19 - "EastEnders" celebrates its twentieth anniversary on the air, airing a special episode in which Dirty Den Watts is killed by his new wife Chrissie. 14.34 million watch, the UK's second highest rated programme of 2005 (the first was an episode of "Coronation Street" three days later).
* February 23 - UKTV Style Gardens, a channel dedicated to gardening programmes, launched.
* February 26 - Sound TV, known pre-launch as "The Great British Television Channel", launched on Sky Digital (588). It closed in the Autumn.
* March 7 - ABC Australia launches its second TV station, available only to digital viewers, ABC2.
* March 9 - On the 24th anniversary of his debut at the anchor desk, Dan Rather retires as head anchor of the "CBS Evening News" and is succeeded by Bob Schieffer on an interim basis.
* March 18 - G4 airs the final episode of the former TechTV series The Screen Savers, the show is rebranded and debuts as Attack of the Show the next week.
* March 26 - Nine years after its last new episode and sixteen years since its last regular run, "Doctor Who" returns to BBC1 for a new season, the twenty-seventh in total since 1963. Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper star. An average 10.81 million viewers, over 40% of the watching audience, tune in, winning its timeslot and making it No. 3 BBC show and No. 7 across all channels for the week. The episode went on to become the UK's 6th highest rated programme of 2005. Within weeks of the broadcast of the first episode, the BBC commissions two further seasons of the series, while at the same time is forced to contend with a public relations issue when another branch of the BBC prematurely announces that Eccleston is leaving the program at the end of the current season.
* March 30 - As a test trial, the small Welsh towns of Ferryside and Llansteffan have their analogue television signals switched off. The trial proved a success and the digital switchover fully began two and a half years later in Cumbria.
* April 1 - ABC news anchor Peter Jennings anchors what will turn out to be his final "World News Tonight" telecast.
* April 2 - Digital channel BBC Four broadcasts a live re-make of the famous 1953 science-fiction drama "The Quatermass Experiment". The production is the first live drama broadcast by the BBC for over twenty years, and draws BBC Four's second highest audience to date, with an average of 482,000 viewers.
* April 5 - The North American premiere of the new "Doctor Who" series occurs on the CBC in Canada, the first channel outside of BBC One in the UK to air the new show.
* April 5 - Peter Jennings informs viewers of World News Tonight, via a taped segment that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is beginning chemotherapy. He dies in August 2005.
*April 7 - "Selena ¡VIVE!" was held on April 7, 2005 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Selena ¡VIVE! was a tribute concert held in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Tejano Star, Selena's death which occurred on March 31, 1995.
* April 8 - 12.9 million viewers watched Ken Barlow tie the knot with Deirdre Rachid on "Coronation Street", one day before Prince Charles's wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles (8.7 million viewers watched). The scheduling move echoed Ken and Deirdre's first marriage, which occurred two days before Charles's nuptials to Diana, Princess of Wales, and which also beat the Royal wedding in the television ratings (see 1981 in television).
* April 12 - Canadian LGBT channel "PrideVision" is rebranded as OUTtv and launches a new adult channel called "HARD on PrideVision".
* April 8 - Live broadcast of the funeral of Pope John Paul II.
* May 1 - "Family Guy" returns on FOX after three years off the schedule. This return was brought about after the unexpected popularity of the series' cable reruns and DVD releases.
* May 2 - Hunter Tylo returns to "The Bold and the Beautiful" (arguably the most-watched television series in the world) after her character, Dr. Taylor Forrester, was "killed off" three years ago. The revelation that she was alive shocked many viewers and publications as it had not been hinted by any other sources, print or online.
* May 13 - The controversial final episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise" airs in the United States, bringing to a close an 18-year, uninterrupted run of four consecutive or concurrent "Star Trek" series dating back to 1987.
* May 25 - Carrie Underwood wins the fourth season of the popular singing competition, American Idol.
* June 18 - Christopher Eccleston's final episode of the Ninth Doctor in "Doctor Who", 'The Parting of the Ways', is broadcast on BBC One. David Tennant becomes the Tenth Doctor in the same episode.
* June 23 - Live Roulette TV, an interactive gaming show, launches on Sky digital in the United Kingdom.
* June 25 - "The Girl in the Café", a comedy-drama by Richard Curtis made as part of the global Make Poverty History campaign, is shown by both BBC One in the United Kingdom and HBO in the United States on the same day.
* June 26 - "Countdown" presenter Richard Whiteley, dies from pneumonia, at the age of 61.
* June 30 -
** LOGO, a TV channel aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults, is launched in the United States.
** MTV Canada and MTV2 cease to broadcast in Canada; owner CHUM Limited rebrands them as Razer and PunchMuch.
* July 1 - The PAX network rebrands itself as "i".
* July 17 - After forty-one years broadcasting on BBC One, music show "Top of the Pops" is switched to the less mainstream BBC Two channel due to declining audiences. This is not enough to save it, and it is axed the following year.
* July 22 - The WB abandons it's mascot, Michigan j frog. The chief of programming david janollari said that "the mascot perpetuated the teen feel of the network. and that is not the image we want to put out to our audience"
* July 27 - "Neighbours" celebrates its twentieth anniversary on air with a special episode featuring video messages from a variety of departed characters.
* August 1 - Current TV, a 24-hour youth-oriented news channel owned by the former U.S. vice president Al Gore, is launched.
* August 7 - ABC's acclaimed newsanchor Peter Jennings dies of lung cancer. He is succeeded by Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas on "World News Tonight".
* August 29 and after - Hurricane Katrina strikes the Greater New Orleans area, causing major disruption of the region's television broadcasts. Local television news programs relocate to other cities in order to cover the story, though most are knocked off the air by the storm; some continue to broadcast reports over the Internet.
* September 2 - While presenting on the NBC "Concert for Hurricane Relief", music producer and rapper Kanye West strayed from his script and addressed what he perceived as the racism of both the government and of the media, stating: "George Bush doesn't care about black people", and called for the media to stop labelling African-American families as "looters" while white families were depicted as "looking for food."
* September 8 - Faze TV, a British digital channel aimed at gay men, cancels its launch after failing to secure sufficient funding to deliver "sufficient quality." [http://www.media247.co.uk/skydigital/news.php]
*September 10 - Naruto marks its North American television debut for the first time on Cartoon Network's Toonami block.
* September 18 - The 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out at the Shrine Auditorium on CBS.
* September 20 - Maggie Ausburn is crowned the winner of the American version of "Big Brother 6", and wins the $500,000 prize. Runner-Up Ivette Corredero wins $50,000.
* September 26 & 27 - "No Direction Home", Martin Scorsese's documentary on Bob Dylan, receives its broadcast premiere on BBC Two in the UK, under the "Arena" banner.
* September - ITV celebrates its 50th anniversary with a collection of special programmes, under the name "ITV50".
* October 1 - NBC's "Saturday Night Live" begins broadcasting in HDTV.
* October 10 - More4, a digital channel from Channel 4 offering factual content, launches.
* October 20 - Neon Genesis Evangelion debuts for the first time on US network TV on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.
* October 22 - Tina Fey returns from maternity leave to resume her duties on "Saturday Night Live"'s "Weekend Update" skit.
* October 24 - Sky News moves to new studios, with a new schedule and on-air look.
* October 25 - The relaunched "Doctor Who" is the major winner at the annual National Television Awards in the UK, taking the Most Popular Drama award, with its stars Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper winning Most Popular Actor and Most Popular actress.
* October 30 - A S$7 million co-production movie between Germany and Singapore, "House of Harmony", a lavish period drama based on a Barbara Wood novel, premiered on Germany's ZDF channel. Starring Singapore's Fann Wong, Hong Kong's Maggie Q and Germany's Philippe Brenninkmeyer and Daniel Morgenroth, the telemovie was telecast on primetime to a viewership of more than seven million.
* October 31 - Sky Three is launched on British digital terrestrial and satellite platforms. On the same day Sky Mix is rebranded as Sky Two. On the same day, Sky Travel ceases transmission on Freeview.
* November 1 - ITV4, a digital channel aimed at men, is launched in the UK. It is launched on Sky Digital Channel 120 on November 7.
* November 7-November 28 - BBC One broadcasts ShakespeaRe-Told, a series of four adaptations of William Shakespeare's plays based in 21st century Britain. The plays in order are "Much Ado About Nothing", "Macbeth", "The Taming of the Shrew", and "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
* November 8 - "Days of Our Lives" celebrates its fortieth anniversary on the air.
* November 18 - BBC One broadcasts this year's annual "Children in Need" appeal. It contains several highlights, including Catherine Tate in "EastEnders", the BBC Newsreaders performing "Bohemian Rhapsody", and a brand new "Doctor Who" adventure. The first to fully star David Tennant as the Doctor, the 7 minute episode directly follows on from "The Parting of the Ways" and leads into "The Christmas Invasion".
* November 22 - Ted Koppel steps down as host of ABC's "Nightline" after 25 years.
* December 1 - Oprah Winfrey appears on the "Late Show with David Letterman", joining host David Letterman for the first time in sixteen years.
* December 2 - "Knots Landing" airs its special non-fiction show entitled, "Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again".
* December 7-December 16 - "Space Cadets" is shown on Channel 4, a hoax reality TV show where the contestants believe they are in a space shuttle orbiting Earth, when in fact they are in a set in a disused aircraft hangar in Suffolk.
* December 15 - Sir Trevor McDonald makes his final ITN news broadcast after over 25 years. As a tribute, the closing theme tune for the News at Ten Thirty that night is replaced with the "News at Ten" theme used from 1992 to 1999, McDonald having presented the show during that time.
* December 16 - NBC Universal Global Networks launches Sci Fi Channel (France).
* December 23 - ITV News Channel closed. [http://forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board/showthread.php?t=318353]
* December 25 - BBC One airs the "Doctor Who" Christmas special, "The Christmas Invasion".


fnb|1 It later moved to BBC Three in late 2006



* "Twitches"
* "Scary Godmother 2"
* "Haunted Pumpkin of Sleepy Hollow"
* "October 22 - The Batman Vs. Dracula premieres on Toonami"
* "October 29 - Alien Racers premieres on Cartoon Network"
* ""
* "Once Upon a Mattress"
* "The Proud Family Movie"
* ""
* "Breaking Point"
* "January 22 - premieres on Kids' WB!"

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