On Nature's Trail

On Nature's Trail

On Nature's Trail was a television show produced by the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting in Owings Mills, Maryland in 1978. The show featured Elmer and Jean Worthley observing and discussing plants growing at different locations in Baltimore County, Maryland. Observations were made at the same locations during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

A pamphlet titled "On Natures Trail" was designed and illustrated by Stephen Doyle (A Program Service of the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117). Sketches of some of the plants seen on these weekly walks are included in this booklet, and the following information comes from this publication.

  • 1. Swamp in Spring   [ arrowwood, calamus, cinnamon fern, poison sumac, red maple, silkydogwood, skunk cabbage, smooth alder, sphagnum moss, spicebush, swamp highbush blueberry, Turk's-cap lily, tussock sedge ]
  • 2. Serpentine Barren in Spring   [ beard grass, bird's-foot violet, blue-eyed grass, bluets, British soldiers (lichen), broom moss, cinquefoil, cushion moss, ebony spleenwort, field chickweed, gray shield lichen, holy grass, Indian grass, lyre-leaved rockcress, pixie cups (lichen), purple ceratodon (moss), reindeer lichen, sagittate-leaved violet, urn fungus, Virginia pine, wrinkled shield lichen ]
  • 3. Stream in Spring  [ Carex crinita (sedge), Christmas fern, cinnamon fern, false hellebore, false Solomon's seal, golden saxifrage, Indian cucumber, lady fern, liverwort, May apple, rattlesnake fern, shining club moss, silvery spleenwort, skunk cabbage, royal fern, stinging nettle, tulip tree flower ]
  • 5. Woodsy Stream in Spring   [ black gum, common elder or elderberry, cross vine, deer's tongue panic grass, fragile or brittle fern, green ash, hairy cap moss, Higan cherry, hill Senecio, hispid buttercup, hog peanut, Jack-in-the-pulpit, jewel weed, lady fern, oak daedalia, red maple, wild lily-of-the-valley, wool sower gall ]
  • 6. Pasture Field in Spring   [ bulbous buttercup, common speedwell, daisy, field hawkweed, horse nettle, Kentucky bluegrass, multiflora rose, pasture thistle, puffball, pussytoes, spittlebug, sweet vernal grass, wild strawberry, yarrow ]
  • 9. Pond in Summer   [ alder, ants, bur reed, cardinal flower, cattail, duckweed, green frogs, heal-all, meadow beauty, pickerel weed, pink lotus, rattlebox, sedges, spreading goldenrod, swamp milkweed, water clover (fern), water lily, water plantain, wooly aphids, yellow iris ]
  • 11. Old Field in Summer   [ agrimony, black cherry, Canada goldenrod, clammy everlasting, dogbane, early goldenrod, horse nettle, orchard grass, pennyroyal, poison ivy, purple-top, Queen Anne's lace, white mulberry, wild lettuce, yarrow ]
  • 12. Swamp in Summer   [ arrow-leaved tearthumb, blue vervain, broad-leaved arrowhead, cinnamon fern, dodder, ironweed, joe pye weed, marsh harebell, poison sumac, rice cut grass, skunk cabbage, sphagnum, St. Johnswort, Turk's-cap lily, winterberry holly ]
  • 13. Serpentine Barren in Summer   [ blackjack oak, blazing star, blue-eyed grass, British soldiers (lichen), field chickweed, flameflower, gerardia, gray goldenrod, Indian grass, lyre-leaved rockcress, monarch butterfly, orangeweed, partridge pea, pixie cup, post oak, reindeer lichen, Sabatia, slender knotweed, slender ladies' tresses, sundrops, three-awn grass, turkey-foot beard grass, Virginia pine, whorled milkwort, yellow flax ]
  • 14. Fire Ecology   [ box turtle, Canada thistle, carpetweed, catnip, dandelion, field basil, hawkweed, heal-all, late goldenrod, orchard grass, purpletop grass, spoon moss, tall goldenrod, three-seeded mercury, timothy-grass ]
  • 15. Woods in Summer   [ American chestnut, beech, black gum, chestnut oak, Christmas fern, cicadas, hay-scented fern, Indian cucumber, marginal shield fern, mountain laurel, New York fern, partridgeberry, pinxter flower, polypody fern, rattlesnake orchid, shadbush, slime mold, spiny-bellied spider, spotted wintergreen, tickle grass, trailing arbutus, Virginia creeper, witch hazel ]
  • 17. Vacant Lot   [ Ailanthus altissima, barnyard grass, bird's nest fungi, chickory, climbing false buckwheat, cocklebur, common ragweed, evening primrose, Faber's bristlegrass, forking panic grass, hedge bindweed, Indian mallow, Jimson weed, Korean lespedezea, lamb's quarters, Queen Anne's lace, wild lettuce, yellow goat's beard, yellow wood-sorrel ]
  • 18. Pond in Fall   [ bluejay, boneset, bur-reed, cardinal flower, goldenrod, ironweed, joe-pye weed, meadow-beauty, nodding ladies' tresses, purple-stemmed aster, red maple, rush, sedge, spreading goldenrod, wooly aphid ]
  • 21. Swamp in Fall   [ American holly, arrowwood, cinnamon fern, crayfish, fern-leaf moss, holly leaf miner, holly leaf spot, joe-pye weed, mnium moss, pilose aster, poison sumac, red maple, silky dogwood, skunk cabbage, smooth alder, song sparrow, sphagnum moss, spreading goldenrod, swamp highbush blueberry, Turk's-cap lily, tussock sedge, winterberry holly ]
  • 22. Stream in Fall   [ Christmas fern, clearweed, enchanter's nightshade, false Solomon's seal, fringed loosestrife, hog peanut, horse balm, jewelweed, liverwort, pileated woodpeaker, shining club moss, tick trefoil, tulip tree, turtlehead, Virginia knotweed ]

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