List of hats and headgear

List of hats and headgear

This is an incomplete list of hats and headgear (that is, anything worn on the head), both modern and historical.


Caps and hats commonly worn today

* balmoral
* baseball cap
* beanie or "skully"
* beret
* boonie hat
* Borsalino
* bucket hat also "fishing hat" (UK) or "Dixie Cup hat" (US)
* capuchon
* chicken hat
* chupalla
* cloche hat
* cricket cap
* peaked cap, also "combination cap"
* cowboy hat
* engineer's cap
* fedora
* fiddler's cap, also "Dutch boy cap"
* Fitted cap, popularized by rap artists
* floppy fedora
* flat cap, also "bunnet", "cloth cap", "driver cap", "golf cap", or "Windsor cap"
* flip hat, baseball style cap with the brim intentionally flipped upwards (associated with punk rock)
* garrison cap
* Greek fisherman's cap, also "captain's cap"
* Ivy cap or "scally cap", the typical "Irish hat"
* kepi
* kofia, worn by Swahili people, see kufi
* kufi, traditional cap worn by men of African descent
* Muir cap, the traditional leather biker-style cap worn by leathermen
* nasaq, the crocheted headgear of some Canadian Inuit
* nightcap
* Newsboy cap, also "Gatsby cap"
* Pakol
* Rogatywka
* salakot
* skullcap
* ski hat
* student cap
* Suma cap
* Tam o'shanter or "Tammy"
* tam, most commonly associated with the Rastafari movement
* taqiya, also "tagiyah"--resembles the yarmulke
* Topi (cap), traditional cap worn by Muslim men, also called a taqiyah (cap)
* tuque, also "knit hat", "knit cap", "sock cap", "stocking cap", "watch cap", "toboggan", "ski cap" or "skull cap"
* turban
* yarmulke, also "kippa", "kippah" or "skullcap", Jewish traditional
* welder's cap
* Vueltiao A Colombian typical hat with woven and sewn dried tinted palm strips and indigenous figures.
* yachting cap
* zucchetto
* Zulu crown, see kufi for information

Hats worn in the past, or rarely worn today


* Akubra
* Anthony Eden hat
* beaver
* Beefeaters' hat
* bicorne
* boater, also "basher", "skimmer"
* bowler, also "coke hat", "billycock", "boxer", "bun hat", "derby"
* cabbage-tree hat a hat woven from leaves of the cabbage tree
* capotain (and women) - a tall conical hat, 17th century, usually black - also, "copotain", "copatain"
* caroline - 17th Century
* carriage hat - 1780s-1820s
* caubeen - Irish hat
* cavalier hat, also "chevaliers", wide brimmed hat trimmed with ostrich plumes
* chapeau-bras, also chapeau de bras - 18th to early-19th-century folding bicorne hat carried under one arm
*Chaperon adaptable late Middle Ages "dead-chicken" hat
* chimney-pot hat, also "lum-hat", Victorian, also worn by clerics in the Greek Orthodox Church
* cocked hat
* deerstalker, hunting cap with fold-down ears, associated with Sherlock Holmes, Elmer Fudd, and Holden Caulfield.
* fedora
* fez
* homburg
* karakul
* kolpik
* Panama hat
* Peci
* pork pie
* shtreimel
* spodik
* sombrero
* top hat, also "stovepipe hat"
* tricorne
* trilby
* ushanka
* war bonnet


* bandeau hat
* beehive
* bergère hat
* bloomer
* bongrace - a wide brimmed hat, 17th/18th century
* Breton
* capeline - 18th/19th century
* capotain (and men) - a tall conical hat, 17th century, usually black - also, "copotain", "copatain"
* cart-wheel hat - low crown, wide stiff brim
* Gainsborough hat -a very large hat often elaboratly decorated with plumes, flowers, and trinkets.
* Nón lá, Vietnam.
* Nón quai thao, Vietnam.


* Archer's bonnet
* balibuntal - straw hat from the Philippines
* castor or "caster" - beaver or rabbit
* chip hat
* cloche
* cockle hat
* cony or "coney"
* coolie hat
* copintank, also "copentank", "coptank", "copitaine"
* cordies
* Cossack hat
* crinoline , also "gibus-hat"
* demicastor hat
* Directoire
* Dolly Varden
* fan-tail hat
* flat
* Gainsborough
* Garbo hat
* Garibaldi hat
* gipsy hat
* gossamer hat
* grebe hat
* halo-brim hat
* the Hat Terrai Gurkha, worn only by Gurkha Contingent officers in Singapore
* Homburg; a black Homburg was also known as an "Anthony Eden" (after the politician Anthony Eden)
* hunting hat
* jerry
* kausia
* Kevenhuller
* kiss-me-quick hat
* Leghorn hat
* mandarin hat
* Manilla hat
* marquis hat
* matinée hat
* Merry Widow hat
* Moab
* montera
* mourning hat
* mousquetaire
* muff-box
* Müller hat
* mushroom
* petasos
* pill box hat
* sugar loaf
* veiled hat, also "bird cage" hat


Caps worn by men in the past, or rarely worn today

* aviator's cap
* barretina
* capeline - a steel skullcap worn by archers in the Middle Ages
* cap'n'bells ("Jester cap" or "jester hat")
* Pileus (hat)
* Phrygian cap
* smoking cap

Caps worn by women in the past

* mob-cap
* pinner

Caps worn only by nobility and only on ceremonial occasions

* Cap of Maintenance


Bonnets for women

* Cabriolet
* Capote - soft crown, rigid brim, 19th century
* Chip bonnet
* Gypsy bonnet - shallow to flat crown, saucer shaped, and worn by tying it on with either a scarf or sash, under the chin, or at the nape of the neck - 19th Century
* Kiss-me-quick
* Leghorn bonnet
* Mourning bonnet
* Poke bonnet - Early 19th Century, "Christmas Carol" style, with a cylindrical crown and broad funnel brim
* Ugly - a kind of retractable visor that could be attached to bonnets for extra protection from the sun, 19th century

Bonnets for men

* glengarry bonnet
* tam o'shanter
* Frob head spectacular
* Glassy Oh So Fine
* Jobby head
* Balmoral Bonnet, as worn by the Black Watch.


See Helmet#Types of helmet


* bonnet head
* Chaperon (headgear) adaptable late Middle Ages "dead-chicken" hood and hat
* Flemish hood
* French hood
* gable hood
* hood - modern or historical, attached to tops or shirts, overcoats, cloaks, etc
* Capirote, AKA The Ku Klux Klan hood originally worn by Spanish Nazarenes
* Mary Queen of Scots
* Medieval hood
* mourning hood
* riding hood
* Stuart hood

* bongrace - the stiffened back of the hood when flipped over the forehead to provide shade; also a separate headdress to provide shade, worn with a hood or coif, Tudor/Elizabethan

Headbands, headscarves, wimples

* abaya
* buknuk
* chador
* Chaperon (headgear) adaptable late Middle Ages "dead-chicken" hat, hood and scarf
* coif
* crispine 13th Century European women's style of padding hair in a net and headband
* dupatta, also "shayla" or "milfeh"
* khimar
* headscarf, also "khimar", hijab, "ohrni"
* snood
* veil
* wimple

Masks, veils and headgear that covers the face

*See Mask for fuller list of masks.
* balaclava (helmet) or skimask
* boushiya
* burqa, also "burka", "burga", "burqua"
* diving mask
* full-face diving mask
* gas mask
* niqab
* veil
* wedding veil
* visor
* headband

Other headdress


* alice band
* bandanna
* bandeau
* bongrace - a shade for the face, sometimes part of a hood, or a separate garment worn with a hood or coif; Tudor/Elizabethan
* mitre, also "miter"
* visor


* Arab headdress
** a white cap or skullc
taqiya, also "tagiyah", "gahfiah"
** covered by the flowing scarf: ghutrah, also "gutra", "smagh", "shmagh", "kaffiyeh", "kufiyyeh", "keffiyeh", "keffiyah", "kaffiye", "keffiya"
** kept in place by a band around the cap and scarf: igal, also "egal", "agal", "aqal", "ogal"
* bandana, also "bandanna"
* visor
* do-rag
* stocking cap
* topor - Bengali men's wedding headgear


* coronet
* crown
**Imperial Crown of India
**Imperial State Crown
**St Edward's Crown
* tiara
* Papal tiara
* diadem


* toupee
* wig

Headgear organised by function



* Mitre
* Mantilla
* wimple


* Biretta
* Camauro
* Cappello romano
* Galero
* Papal tiara
* Zucchetto


* Canterbury cap


* Kamilavkion
* Klobuk
* Skufia


* Fez
* Taqiyah (cap)
* Peci


* Kippah or yarmulke


* Kashket
* Shtreimel
* Spodik




* Sikh turban

Military and police

* barretina
* Beefeaters' hat
* bearskin
* beret
* bersagliere
* bicorne
* boonie hat
* busby
* campaign hat, also drill instructor hat, drill sergeant hat, ranger hat, sergeant hat, Smokey Bear hat"
* Caubeen
* chapeau-bras, also chapeau de bras - 18th to early-19th-century folding bicorne hat carried under one arm
* Civil War cap, also "rebel cap"
* combination cap
* Custodian helmet, head wear of the British police officer, ranks of Sergeant and Constable
* Envelope Busby, worn by Officer Cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada
* feather bonnet
* flying helmet - "closely fitting solid helmet designed to resist impacts within the cockpit of military aircraft - colloquially known as a 'bone dome"'
* garrison cap, also campaign cap, cunt cap, flight cap, garrison hat, overseas cap
* gas mask
* Glengarry, also Glengarry bonnet, Glengarry cap
* Hardee hat
* helmet
* jeep cap
* kepi
* patrol cap
* shako
* slouch hat
* Spanish hat

Officials and civil workers

*Chinese hat knob
* Manchu official headwear
* Ming official headwear

Other specialist headgear

* chef's hat, also "toque blanche", or more familiarly, "toque"
* coronet
* cowboy hat
* crown
* fire-hat
* gas mask
* mortarboard
* night cap
* nurse's cap
* power dome
* printer's hat also pressman's hat
* Santa's hat
* scrum-cap
* shower cap, a flexible plastic covering to protect the hair from getting wet, as used when taking a shower.
* space helmet
* swimming cap
* topor - Bengali men's wedding headgear
* visor
* wedding veil

National dress; association with a country or people

* Aso Oke Hat - Nigeria
* barretina - Catalan
* bearskin hat
* beret - French, Basque
* Bhatgaunle Topi - Nepal
* Breton, also "Bretonne"
* chupalla - Chilean
* clop - Romanian
* coolie hat
* coonskin hat - American frontiersman
* Cossack hat
* Dogon hat - Dogon people, West Africa
* fez
* feathered headdress
* Four Winds hat
* Fulani straw hat - Fula people, West Africa
* glengarry bonnet
* Għonnella or Faldetta - Maltese
* Haida hat
* Kofia - Swahili people, East Africa, see kufi
* Kufi - Africans
* Leopard cap - Igbo people, West Africa
* Mandarin hat - Chinese
* mokorotlo - Basotho/Lesotho
* Montenegrin cap - Montenegrins
* Pakol - Pashtun people, Afghanistan
* Phrygian cap - Roman, French
* qeleshe - Albanian
* šajkača - Serbian
* salakot - Filipino
* sari - India
* Shripech - Traditional Crown of Monarch of Nepal
* slouch hat, also "digger hat", "Australian slouch hat"
* tam o'shanter - Scottish
* top hat - English
* topor - Bengali men's wedding headgear
* turban
* tuque or toque - Canadian, esp. French-Canadian/Québécois
* ushanka - Russian
* Welsh hat
* Zulu crown - Zulu people, Southern Africa, see kufi for information

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