Tam (cap)

Tam (cap)

The tam is a tall, round knitted cap, which is often brightly coloured.


The tam comes from Scotland and Ireland. The name likely derives from the British colonial era, after the Scottish national cap, the tam o'shanter.


It is associated with the Rastafari movement as a way for Rastas to tuck away their dreadlocks. It can be crocheted, knit, sewn, or constructed in a number of different ways.

Tams range in size and shape, as well as uses. People with dreadlocks and 'non-dreaded' folks alike wear tams for fashion, convenience, and a number of other reasons. Some Rastas also wear tams and other forms of headdress as a religious headcovering.

In construction, it is similar to the tuque, but much larger.

Academic Attire

The name tam is also given to a 4-, 6- or 8-sided flat cap worn as part of American academic dress by holders of doctorates.

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