List of proprietary software for Linux

List of proprietary software for Linux

Though Linux is an open-source operating system and usually comes bundled with free and open source software, proprietary software for Linux does exist and is available to end-users.

The following is a list of proprietary software for Linux:



Web Browser/s

  • Google Chrome — freeware, Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier (an open source version, Chromium, also exists)
  • Opera — freeware, offers free and easy to download Web browsers for computers, mobile phones and devices.
  • Netscape — freeware, last Linux version is 7.2

E-mail Client in MS Outlook Style

  • Bynari — Insight Family of products is a collaboration suite of products that consists of open source components and proprietary development, by Bynari, that runs on Linux.
  • Lotus Notes — 8.0.0 for Linux/x86 (Red Hat and SuSE initially)[1]
  • Zarafa Outlook Sharing Zarafa is designed to integrate with Microsoft Office Outlook and is meant as an alternative to the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Zimbra — Open source cross-platform webmail and Desktop client.

FTP Client/s

  • IglooFTP PRO for Linux
  • Pro:Atria Ltd SFTPPlus commercial SSH server and client with additional audit and automation functions in order to meet regulatory and corporate compliance requirements.
  • SynchronEX+ Shareware, SynchronEX enables robust multi-directional file tree synchronization and backup over local & network paths in any situation:

Firewall (packet filtering)

  • SmoothWall Corporate — A closed fork of SmoothWall, targeted at enterprise and corporate users

Visual traceroute

P2P File Sharing

  • MetaMachine eDonkey2000 — latest release from 25.07.2005.
  • Loophole (WinMX protocol) — WinMX servers down since 09.2005.

"Hotline" P2P protocol clients/servers

  • GHX

Multifunction sound modem program/s

  • PrimaFax

Fax software

Network maintenance


  • GateD

Distributed Computing

Desktop/System software

Work with files

Console Archiver/s

Desktop search

File splitters

PDF viewer

PDF Authoring

  • Adobe Acrobat Distiller


Scanner utilities



  • Acronis OS Selector

Hard disk partitioning

  • Paragon Partition Manager
  • Acronis PartitionExpert

Backup software

  • EMC Legato Networker
  • Microlite BackupEDGE
  • Nero Linux, popular CD burning software. [1]
  • SpiderOak Backup [2]
  • BRU Workstation/Desktop/Server, reliable backup software. [3]

PIM / DB / Hierarchical notebook with tree view



MP3 Encoding

Score Writer

Multimedia Player


Graphics viewers/editors

  • CompuPic
  • Picasa 2.2, 2.7 and 3.0 beta
  • XnView MP
  • Xv

Professional Graphics Editors

Digital imaging

2D Bitmap Animation and Paint

Vector Graphics Editor/s

  • Corel Draw 9

Flash Player

3D Graphics

Video, etc.

Simple/Professional Video Production Environment

  • iMira Editing
  • MainActor
  • IFX Piranha
  • Autodesk/Discreet Smoke
  • Autodesk/Discreet Flint/Flame/Inferno

Creation of 2D and 3D Effects



Office suites

Word Processor



Local database

E-Commerce and Web Business

Personal Finance Manager

Financial Accounting

  • Global: Hansa Business Solutions
  • India & Asia: Kalculate
  • Locbook

Enterprise Automation (Russian)

  • Keeper
  • Oblik

Collaboration Software

  • Kerika

Project Management

  • 2-plan Desktop, free project management software.
  • Cando Projects Server

Communications software

  • EasyIVR Call processing (IVR, CTI, ACD) for Linux


Programming and development

C++ IDEs


CASE-facility for UML

  • Together ControlCenter

Top-level CASE System

  • Rational Rose


Revision Control


InterBase/Firebird IDE

  • IBAdmin

Java IDE

  • Sun ONE Studio

Memory Leak Tracing

  • BoundsChecker
  • Insure

Object Pascal IDE

Perl/Python/Tcl IDE


  • SICStus Prolog


  • IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder



  • Abyss Web Server - original open source version is being developed as part of xmlrpc-c project now.
  • Zeus Web Server
  • Adobe JRun
  • CGIProxy - source available for non-commercial use.

DB Engine

E-mail / Personal information manager / Groupware Servers

Product data/product lifecycle management (PDM/PLM)


Cluster Filesystems

  • Matrix Server

Managed File Transfer

Miscellaneous applications


Statistical Packages

3D Modelling


Diagram and Chart Designing

HDD testing/benchmarking

Game makers


Video game console emulators

  • BoycottAdvance - Game Boy Advance emulator, freeware
  • ePSXe - Sony Playstation emulator, freeware
  • MAME - emulators for multiple arcade machines; source available for non-commercial use
  • Regen - Sega Genesis / Mega Drive emulator

Virtual Machine Emulator

Windows Compatibility Layer

  • Cedega Windows games compatibility layer (Cedega is based on the free compatibility layer Wine.)
  • CrossOver (Crossover is based on the free compatibility layer Wine.)

See also

  • Wine (software), a "compatibility layer" that allows many windows software to run on Linux (both proprietary and free)
  • Lin-App A free, categorized and tagged on-line information service of various commercial applications and games for Linux.


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