Eyeon Fusion

Eyeon Fusion
eyeon Fusion
Fusion 5 green-screen composition
Developer(s) eyeon Software
Stable release 6.1
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux
Type Compositing software
License Proprietary
Website Fusion 6

Fusion (formerly Digital Fusion) is an image compositing software program created by eyeon Software Inc. It is typically used to create visual effects and digital compositing for film, HD and commercials. It employs a node-based interface in which complex processes are built up by connecting a flowchart or schematic of many nodes, each of which represents a simpler process, such as a blur or color correction. This type of compositing interface allows great flexibility, including the ability to modify the parameters of an earlier image processing step "in context" (while viewing the final composite).

Fusion is available for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows and 32-bit Linux (via a customized version of Wine).



Fusion was originally developed in 1987 as in-house software developed for use by New York Production & Design (NYPD), a post production and visual effects boutique based out of Sydney, Australia. The very first version of the software was written in DOS and consisted of little more than a UI framework for quickly chaining together the output of pre-existing batch files and utilities. eyeon Software Inc. was formed specifically to commercialize Fusion, and all operations relating to the software were moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Version history

Official name version date of release comments
Digital Fusion 1.0 1.0 November 1996 first public windows release (older versions not commercially available)
Digital Fusion 1.1 1.1 March 1997 support for direct hardware playback/preview
Digital Fusion 2.0 2.0 November 1997 added timeline, 16 bit integer color processing
Digital Fusion 2.1 2.1 April 1998 Render queue/batch rendering.
Digital Fusion 2.5 2.5 December 1998 Network rendering introduced.
Digital Fusion 3.0 3.0 October 2000 UI rewritten, added paint capabilities, advanced text tool, deep pixel.
Digital Fusion 3.1 3.1 January 2002 2D particle system introduced, added new color corrector.
Digital Fusion 4.0 4.0 October 2002 eyeonscript (Lua based scripting language), float and HDRI color processing, concatenated transforms, nested flow groups, macro tools, new darker UI.
Fusion 5.0 5.0 August 2005 3D compositing environment, ASCII save files, 16bit float processing, straight node connections.
Fusion 5.1 5.1 December 2006 consoleslave, elbow nodes, multistroke paint.
Fusion 5.2 5.2 July 2007 3D look up tables, fuses (just in time scripted tools), external python scripting, FBX geometry import
Fusion 5.3 5.3 April 2008 64 bit executable
Fusion 6.0 6.0 June 2009 (preview release) 3D material shaders, Region of Interest / Domain of Definition, stereo display
Fusion 6.1 6.1 July 2010 GPU Supercomputing framework
Fusion 6.2 6.2 June 2011 World Position Pass Tools / Quicktime 64 bit support /Linux 64bit / SVG import


Fusion has been used in many movies and TV shows[1], among them:


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