Fusion can refer to combining two or more distinct things
*Cell fusion
*Freezing, a chemistry term for a liquid undergoing a phase change into a solid
*Gene fusion, a genetic event and molecular biology technique
*Nuclear fusion, the process by which multiple nuclei join together to form a heavier nucleus
*Fusion power, power generation using controlled nuclear fusion reactions
*Fusion (linguistics), a type of synthetic language
*Fusion cuisine, the innovations in many contemporary restaurant cuisines since the 1970s
*Spinal fusion, a surgical technique used to combine two or more vertebrae
*Tooth fusion, the joining of two teeth
*Melting together two solids


*BT Fusion, a UK voice-over-IP service
*Fusion (oil company)

Computers and Software

*AMD Fusion, a future next-generation microprocessor design
*Compiz Fusion, a community maintained set of plugins for the Compiz Window Manager
*Eyeon Fusion, a visual effects package
*Fusion RTOS, an embedded or real-time operating system (RTOS)
*Fusion WebPilot browser, an embedded web browser
*IBRIX Fusion, a highly scalable parallel file system
*Kega Fusion, a Sega multi-console emulator
*Loop fusion, a compiler optimization which replaces multiple loops with a single one
*Microcode Solutions Fusion, a popular Macintosh Emulator for Amiga computers
*NetObjects Fusion, a web design program
*Oracle Fusion Middleware, a portfolio of standards-based software products that spans multiple services
*Sensor fusion, the combining of sensory data or data derived from sensory data from disparate sources
*VMware Fusion, virtual machine software product by VMware, Inc.


*Fusion (music), a music genre which combines two or more other genres
*Jazz fusion, or Jazz-rock fusion, a genre of Progressive music
*Fusion Radio, an Internet radio station broadcasting from the University of Toronto
*Fusion Rock Radio [http://www.fusionradiorocks.com] , an Internet radio station broadcasting from Toronto on the Live365.com Network
*Guardian (band), Christian rock band previously known as "Fusion"
*Fusion, a combat technique in Dragon Ball that merges two or more people into a single, more powerful individual
*"Fusion" ("Enterprise" episode), a first season episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise"
*Fusion Cosmetics on the soap opera "All My Children"
*"Fusion" (comics), a comic book published by Eclipse Comics
*"Fusion Magazine" (comedy magazine), a comedy magazine founded and edited by Glenn Beck
*"Fusion Magazine" (scientific magazine), predecessor to "21st Century Science and Technology" magazine
*"Metroid Fusion", a 2002 Game Boy Advance game
*"Fusion" (album), a 1961 album by Jimmy Giuffre
*"Fusion" (Sven Väth album), a 1998 album by Sven Väth
*"Dancing Stage Fusion", a music video game by Konami

Politics and organisations

*Electoral fusion, an arrangement where two or more political parties support a common candidate
*Fusion of Haitian Social Democrats, a Haitian political party
*Fusion (student movement), a Christian charity that serves, supports and resources students
*Fusion International, an Australian-based Christian organisation
*Fusionism (politics), the combination of libertarianism and various types of conservatives


*Gillette Fusion, a safety razor by Gillette
*Schumacher Fusion, a radio-controlled car
*Ford Fusion, two separate automobile product lines from Ford Motor Company
**a Mini MPV sold in Europe
**a mid-size car sold in North America


*Cleveland Fusion, a women's American football team in the NWFA
*Miami Fusion, a professional soccer (football) club located in Fort Lauderdale

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