Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada)

Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada)
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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John Baird - Canadian MP.jpg
John Baird
since 18 May 2011
Style The Honourable
Appointed by David Lloyd Johnston
as Governor General of Canada
First André Ouellet
Formation 4 November 1993
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure


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The Minister of Foreign Affairs (French: Ministre des Affaires étrangères) is the Minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet who is responsible for overseeing the federal government's international relations section of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. In addition to the Department, the Minister is also the lead in overseeing the, the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development and the International Development Research Centre.



From 1909 to 1993 the position was known as the Secretary of State for External Affairs. The current minister is John Baird. Ministers holding the External Affairs and Foreign Affairs portfolios have sometimes played prominent international roles:

As in Pearson's case (and that of Louis St. Laurent, his predecessor), the portfolio can be a final stepping stone to the Prime Minister's Office. Until 1946, it was customary for the office to be held by the sitting Prime Minister. John Diefenbaker would hold the portfolio on two subsequent occasions.



No. Portrait Name Term of office Political party Ministry
1 No image.svg André Ouellet November 4, 1993 January 24, 1996 Liberal 26 (Chrétien)
2 L Axworthy 004.jpg Lloyd Axworthy January 25, 1996 October 16, 2000 Liberal
3 John Manley IMF.jpg John Manley October 17, 2000 January 15, 2002 Liberal
4 Bill Graham by Rod Brito.jpg Bill Graham January 15, 2002 December 11, 2003 Liberal
December 12, 2003 July 19, 2004 27 (Martin)
5 PierrePettigrew.JPG Pierre Pettigrew July 20, 2004 February 5, 2006 Liberal
6 Peter-MacKay.jpg Peter MacKay February 6, 2006 August 14, 2007 Conservative 28 (Harper)
7 Maxime Bernier.jpg Maxime Bernier August 14, 2007 May 26, 2008 Conservative
8 No image.svg David Emerson May 26, 2008 October 20, 2008 Conservative
9 Lawrence Cannon on March 29, 2010.jpg Lawrence Cannon October 30, 2008 May 18, 2011 Conservative
10 John Baird - Canadian MP.jpg John Baird May 18, 2011 Incumbent Conservative

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