Christian Heritage Academy

Christian Heritage Academy
Christian Heritage Academy
Motto Isaiah 58:12b "and thou shalt be called , The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in ."
Established 1972
Type Private
Headmaster Josh Bullard
Location Del City, Oklahoma, United States
Colors Red, White & Blue
Sports Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Cheerleading
Nickname CHA
Mascot Crusader

Christian Heritage Academy (CHA) is a private Christian school located in Del City, Oklahoma. Established in 1972, CHA instructs its students in an American Christian philosophy of education through the Principle Approach methodology. Enrollment includes students from grades Pre-Kindergarten through twelve. Enrollment is open to students of all races. The students are residents of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.



Principle Approach

CHA's curriculum is based on the Principle Approach[1] developed by Verna M. Hall and Rosalie Slater".[2] This ethnocentric approach to education states that "the pinnacle of classical education was reached in [the United States of America]...two centuries ago".[3] The Principle Approach concept of "Providential History" maintains that "God commands us to make nations Christian" nations, that only "Providential history is true history" as taught by the Principle Approach, and that "the failure to teach Providential history has led to the secularization of America".[4]

Ethnocentric Concepts of Principle Approach

Ethnocentric concepts include that "God created each continent for a specific purpose", with "unique characteristics", that "the tropical climates of the southern continents would have 'lulled man to sleep'" and that by contrast the northern continents and its people "incites man to action; it challenges him to labor." Thus the "northern continents" are called "the continents of history", specifically, "Europe" as the "continent of development". According to their philosophy, it is here "religion, science, languages, the Gospel, math, mankind. (sic) These originated in Asia, were developed in Europe, and saw their greatest fulfillment in the propagation of America".[5] Australia is merely the "continent of antiquity", "Africa- continent of animal life", "South America- plant life", and Asia "the continent of origins".[4][6]

Ethnocentric and Racist Publications by CHA

In CHA's "God Fashioned the Continents for His Story" publication, CHA poses the questions "Are there physical signs of the intentional hand of Providence? If the Lord truly has foresight (which He does), and if He planned the story that would unfold on earth (which He did), then wouldn’t it make sense that He would create the continents to oblige?"[6] Claiming that "America fits into that plan" it states that America can clearly be found in the Bible, and that "His design should point to the work of Christ in human history-- the story of liberty." God is seen as a "Master Painter" who is putting together the continents with a purpose, thus Asia, Europe, and North America are described as having been "admirably prepared" as opposed to South America, Africa and Australia which are relegated to their plant, animal, and wildlife.[7]

Of Native Americans it claims that they "occupied but did not possess the land" echoing R.J. Rushdoony and other Christian dominionists. In spite of evidence that indigenous tribes in North America had a history and civilization for thousands of years,[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17] CHA maintains the expansion of the American Empire across North America because it "was not designed to give birth and development to a new civilization but to receive one ready-made" and that it invited colonization through Manifest Destiny... "it seems to invite the European race, the people of progress, to new fields of action, to encourage their expansion throughout its entire territory."[6]

It also carries the following quote from Alexis de Tocqueville:

Although [North America] was inhabited by many indigenous tribes, it may be justly said, at the time of its discovery by Europeans, to have formed one great desert. The Indians occupied it without possessing it. The whole continent seemed prepared to be the abode of a great nation yet unborn.[6]

German geographer Friedrich Ratzel visited North America beginning in 1873[18] and saw the effects of American manifest destiny.[19] Later German publicists misinterpreted Ratzel to argue for the right of the German race to expand within Europe; that notion was later incorporated into Nazi ideology, as Lebensraum

Principle Approach's Use of Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary

This method of education views modernity as suspicious stating that modern dictionaries propagandize students.[20] In order to circumvent the secularization of students, it uses Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 as a part of its curriculum and maintains that "It will equip you for Christian leadership, strengthen your vocabulary, give you an edge in communicating your view and become your foundation for thinking and reasoning Biblically. This tool can be the turning point for you to be more effective in communicating Christian principles used in government, economics, and marketing or for your student to clearly understand how the Bible has influenced every area of life".[21] Also, it is taught that for one "to understand principles of liberty, one must return to the thought and writings of those whom God used to establish the first Christian constitutional representative Republic the world has ever known".[22]

Ironically, in his early years Noah Webster himself was a proponent of the American ideals of "liberalism" and "tolerance"[23] but in 1808 he became a convert to Calvinistic orthodoxy, and thereafter became a devout Congregationalist who preached the need to Christianize the nation.[24] Webster grew increasingly authoritarian and elitist, fighting against the prevailing grain of Jacksonian Democracy. Webster viewed language as a tool to control unruly thoughts. His American Dictionary emphasized the virtues of social control over human passions and individualism, submission to authority, and fear of God; they were necessary for the maintenance of the American social order.[25]

Courtship & Sexual Purity

Christian Heritage Academy also draws focus to human sexuality, much of which is based upon the program school Headmaster Josh Bullard has created entitled "Created for Purity".[26] To help illustrate "what type of gift you want to give your future spouse" one of the program's exercises includes fathers presenting their daughters with two "purity rings".[27] One ring symbolizing virginity is "wrapped in white" representing a "pretty white package" that "they could give their spouses" which is then contrasted by the father "pulling another gift out of his pocket, which was tattered and torn".[26] Fathers are then told to explain that this torn and tattered package "which still contained virginity, but it was “beat up, battered and had been around the block.” Finally, Fathers can explain that "You can give them this pure, white gift, or you can give them the tattered one...that you can always be like the pure, white gift, but once you’re tattered, you can never go back to being like the pure gift.”[26]

The prescribed method of Courtship vs. Dating is taught in the classroom. Sexual purity is required as part of the code of conduct and is taught by the faculty.[28]


The mascot of the Christian Heritage Academy is the Crusader.

School Colors

Red, white and blue.

Standards of Conduct

According to the CHA Standard of Conduct, each student is expected to honor the agreement both in school and out of school. "The school, therefore, expects each student to maintain Christian standards of courtesy, kindness, morality, and honesty. The school further requires each student to refrain from profanity, indecent language, gambling, cheating, sexual immorality, stealing, the use of any type of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and pornographic materials, and from participation in unlawful, violent, or destructive acts." The Standard of Conduct agreement "should be understood that this is a joint agreement between the school, the parent, and the student. It should be obvious to the parent that the school will enforce these standards. It should also be obvious to the school that the parent enforces these standards while the student is associated with CHA during the school term and the summer".[29]

Dress Code

Christian Heritage Academy has a very comprehensive Dress Code which has been simplified in recent years and is different for both sexes and for elementary students and secondary students. An abbreviated version is available online, however those wishing to have access to a copy must request one to be delivered in person upon appointment.[30] According to their website, "CHA’s dress code policy is intended to serve as a tool to accomplish these specific goals: 1) to create a learning environment free from distractions and 2) to encourage/train students in exercising individual responsibility and Christian self-government."

Historical Overview


Historical Context & Foundation

According to the Christian Heritage Academy website, the school began in 1972 with a vision of Sunnyside Baptist Church and its pastor, Harry Boydstun.[31] Prior to the school's founding, demographic changes in primary education were taking place in Oklahoma City and in other cities across America. In the 1971 Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of busing to end school segregation and dual school systems.[32] The federal courts began mandating that enrollment be racially balanced in the public school systems and be achieved through the forced busing of elementary students. Many parents were alarmed that the public schools were being radically reorganized and their children would be transported miles across town to be taught in some other place than their neighborhood schools. The movement of large numbers of white families to suburbs of large cities, so-called white flight and a string of Supreme Court decisions, reduced the effectiveness of the busing policy.[33][34]

Influence from the Gablers

In the spring of 1972, Sunnyside Baptist Church invited Mel and Norma Gabler to speak about their work during a Wednesday night service. In spite of the fact that neither of The Gablers had any college degrees, and neither attended secondary education for more than a year they were very active in school textbook issues in the state of Texas and made great strides in restoring that state’s public education system from the historical revisionism that they and many others saw in their students' curriculum. Neal Frey, who worked with the Gablers since 1972 and now runs the organization, said "that Mrs. Gabler’s larger public role was deceptive. "Mr. Gabler wore the pants in that family, and Mrs. Gabler wanted it that way".[35] The Gablers identified the changes that had come over the teaching of history as generation after generation of textbooks had the Christian founding of America expunged from them[citation needed]. They claimed that America was losing its Christian heritage because children were never introduced to it in schools: "Allowing a student to come to his own conclusion about abstracts and concepts creates frustration. Ideas, situation ethics, values, anti-God humanism - that's what the schools are teaching. And concepts. Well, a concept will never do anyone as much good as a fact".[36] During the service, pastor Boydstun sensed a mission to provide education within a Christian setting for the students of southwest Oklahoma City. After further discussion, the church established a committee to investigate the feasibility of a Christian school and later to began the development of the school program[citation needed].

Doors Open

By September 1, 1972, Christian Heritage Academy opened its doors as a new private Christian elementary school in south Oklahoma City, meeting in the facilities of Sunnyside Baptist Church but separately incorporated. It was one of the first of such schools in the area. The school was small, having only 200 students in the first year. Toward the end of the first year, Ralph Bullard was hired as headmaster[citation needed].

Dr. "Pat" O'Brien

In its second year, the school began to expand upward through the grades. In that year Dr. Mayme Lee “Pat” O’Brien came to the school as elementary principal. Dr. O'Brien brought with her the wisdom and insight of her many years of Christian school administration. Among her contributions, Dr. O'Brien wrote and directed both the Resurrection Story and the drama of the children of Bethlehem[citation needed]. Performed first in 1974, the Christmas play and the Easter program have become defining school traditions. Dr. O'Brien also wrote many of the systematic Bible courses taught during much of the school's history and established a strong phonics program in the elementary grades[citation needed]. Dr. O'Brien served at CHA until her retirement on January 24, 1983, after which Dr. Cynthia Bower stepped in as elementary headmaster.

Influence of Popular Right Wing Dominionists

Ralph Bullard’s first meeting with Dr. O'Brien led him to adopt the school’s educational philosophy — The Principle Approach to America’s Christian History, Government, and Education[citation needed]. In her office he saw two reference volumes: Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America and Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History. Remembering these titles, he ordered a set for the school[citation needed]. Under the influence of these key texts, Christian Heritage Academy came to enjoy many years of association with R.J. Rushdoony associates and former Christian Scientist Miss Verna M. Hall[37] and Miss Rosalie I. Slater, the authors of the books and officers of The Foundation for American Christian Education in San Francisco, California, and later with many other friends and associates in the work: Mr. John Talcott, member of the right wing Evangelical Council for National Policy,[38][39] a director of the Ocean Spray Corporation and founder of Plymouth Rock Foundation, whose Plymouth Rock Seminars were foundational to the school’s philosophical development; Miss Katherine Dang, then the principal of the Chinese Christian Schools of San Leandro, California, and teacher at the pilot school in Hayward, CA under the direction of CHA development contributor James B. Rose; and Mrs. Ruth Smith of Pilgrim Institute. All of these friends provided counsel and advice to the school as CHA developed its program and became one of the leaders in the American Christian History movement (see Dominionism).

School Grows

In the midst of philosophical development, the school was growing. At its founding, CHA enrolled students in the first through eighth grades. Thereafter, a kindergarten was added and one upper grade each year until the school had a complete high school program, graduating its first senior class in 1977[citation needed]. Two senior traditions were established with the first graduating class: The American Christian Heritage Tour of the cities of Boston, Plymouth, Lexington, Concord, and Salem, Massachusetts taken in the spring before graduation and the unique graduation ceremony which CHA adopted, in which each graduating senior is individually recognized and lauded for their positive character qualities and impact within their class[citation needed].

On October 20, 1978, CHA sponsored its first American Christian Teachers Seminar. During the seminar, faculty of CHA shared the Principle Approach and the American Christian Philosophy of Education with representatives from other Christian schools within Oklahoma. As of 2010, CHA remains the only Principle Approach school in Oklahoma[citation needed].


Establishment of a Christian Philosophy of Athletics

Once a high school program was established, it was not long until it became obvious that athletics would not only be important, but also would be a venue in which the school would be viewed by many others outside the school. A Christian philosophy of athletics was written to guide the athletic development of students and to reflect Christian values on the playing field and in the stands. CHA's philosophy of athletics is as follows: Since we are ambassadors for Jesus Christ, let us conduct ourselves in word and action just as Christ would conduct himself. Therefore, all that we do, we will do with a total release of our mental and physical abilities and our emotional energies towards our performance, having in mind that Christ is our only audience. Concerning our attitude towards players and fans of the opposing team, we will strive "to love our neighbor as ourselves" and "do unto them as we would have them do unto us."[citation needed]

Establishment of a Home School Satellite Program

In the early days of the home school movement, Dr. Cynthia Bower taught phonics classes to groups of home school moms in the summer, and the school began providing the service of annual achievement testing. The school’s philosophical stand has always been that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their own children[citation needed]. Believing this, CHA developed programs to equip parents to teach and to give them educational support. Out of this was born the Home School Satellite Program. The emphasis of the program has always been on preparation of the parent to teach, but there have been opportunities for students to participate in some school events and/or classes. Many of these students have found their way into the CHA day school program because of this association.[citation needed]

World Missions Emphasis

While reading about the current state of Christian education, Ralph Bullard noticed that suggestions for what Christian schools should do seemed shallow to him[citation needed]. He discussed his findings with Tom Elliff, the senior pastor of First South Baptist Church and a patron of the school[citation needed]. As they tried to answer the question, “What are we educating them for?” one of the answers was, “We are educating them to reach out to others, not just at home but abroad.”[citation needed] This led to an emphasis on missions, not just with money and local help but actually working with missionaries outside the United States. Since 1988, many students at CHA have participated in an annual mission trip to Mexico. There has also been one trip to Russia and two to Brazil.[citation needed]


Hosting Pat Buchanan, Presidential Candidate

In 1996 CHA hosted then Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan for his Oklahoma Republican pre-primary rally[citation needed].


OSSAA Lawsuit

In 2007 CHA went to court against the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association, heard in the United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit. In "Christian Heritage Academy v. Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Ass’n, 483 F.3d 1025 (10th Cir. 2007)" CHA filed this action after years of OSSAA failing to accept CHA as a member in their athletic association, "claiming, in pertinent part, that defendant Oklahoma Secondary School Activity Association's ("OSSAA's") membership requirements for nonpublic schools violated the Equal Protection Clause".[40] "For athletics, OSSAA determines athletic divisions, sets eligibility rules, and holds state play-offs and championships".[40] Although one of the judges described CHA's argument as a "doctorinal morass" OSSAA's decision was remanded.[41]

As of 2009, CHA along with other private schools, will not be forced to move "up" in the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association division classifications.[42]

As of 2011, CHA was categorized as an OSSAA 2A Football Program, with an enrollment of 216 secondary students.[43]

Association With Reclaiming America For Christ

CHA's association with "Reclaiming America" and "Reclaiming Oklahoma" center around the controversial Rev. Paul Blair,[44] football coach at CHA since 2008, former OSU and NFL football player, who is currently the pastor at the Fairview Baptist Church, in Edmond, Oklahoma. The right wing Evangelical and socially conservative political group called the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ was founded by the late D. James Kennedy but folded shortly after his death in 2007.[45][46] Pastor Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma is also a CHA football coach and the facilitator of the CHA North satellite which resides at the Fairview Baptist Church location in Edmond, Oklahoma.[47] Pastor Paul Blair started an initiative to create a similar social and political action group called "Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ" [48] and after some success took over the former Center for Reclaiming America for Christ now known simply as Reclaiming America for Christ with the full support and blessing of Coral Ridge Ministries although they are no longer associated.[49] Pastor Paul Blair's association with Reclaim America for Christ started with an association with John Birch Society member, politically right wing Evangelical activist, and former Oklahoma Congressional candidate Charlie Meadows, who during a breakfast meeting decided to form "Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ" with Blair.[50] Pastor Blair along with John Birchers Clark Curry, and George Wallace founded Clouds Over America, a similar organization to educate pastors.[51]

Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ Conferences

Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ hosts several conferences each year including their "70 Weeks to Save America" conference which hosted speakers such as former Christian Heritage Academy Headmaster and current Ambassador Ralph Bullard as well as Dr. Rick Scarborough, the President of Vision America, and disgraced and court-martialled Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt.[52][53] During the "70 Weeks to Save America Conference" Blair said "In the last 40 years, the moral values in America have plummeted from The Andy Griffith Show to Brokeback Mountain". He considers himself a “Patriot Pastor” and is also a member and enthusiast of Christian Dominionist Chuck Baldwin’s “Black Regiment Pastors”.[54]

Other controversial right wing speakers have included William G. Boykin[55] who has been the subject of several internal investigations before his retirement, Janet (Folger) Porter (founder of Faith 2 Action and advocate for proclaiming death certificates for every child aborted,[56] and Peter LaBarbera[57] who has boycotted McDonalds for "encouraging young homosexuality."[58]

Heritage Banquet

Notable Heritage Banquet speakers include:

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Ambassador Alan Keyes


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  50. ^ Holt, Kelly Taylor (2010-03-03). "Oklahoma Offensive: Restoring Good Govt". New American. Retrieved 2011-01-11. "In 2005, not long after OK-SAFE formed, Meadows threw his own hat into the congressional ring. Twenty-one days later he withdrew, but not before meeting Pastor Paul Blair, former Chicago Bears offensive tackle, and they became friends. During a subsequent breakfast meeting, they decided to establish Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ — an organization designed to reach pastors and Christians battling the culture war. Curry says, “Paul Blair has been an asset to the work we do. He’d really been burdened about our nation’s Godly heritage. Recently, local John Birch Society members drove to Haskell County, Oklahoma, to more than 90 percent of the churches there because of an issue regarding a monument of the Ten Commandments on the county courthouse grounds." 
  51. ^ Holt, Kelly Taylor (2010-03-03). "Oklahoma Offensive: Restoring Good Govt". New American. Retrieved 2011-01-11. "Along with Blair and Curry, OK-SAFE president and JBS member George Wallace worked to organize Clouds Over America, an effort cosponsored by Oklahoma chapters of the John Birch Society and by Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ to educate pastors. (Clouds Over America 2 was held January 22–23 with over 40 pastors in attendance, one traveling to Oklahoma from as far away as Wyoming.)" 
  52. ^ Leopold, Jason (2009-08-07). "Ex-Chaplain Offered to Sacrifice Jesus Crusade For ‘Adequate Compensation’". The Public Record (TPR). Retrieved 2011-01-21. ""Perhaps the tallest tale Klingenschmitt has told his rabid right-wing following is the one in which he claims to have sacrificed a seven-figure pension in the name of Jesus. That assertion is contradicted by an e-mail he sent in October 2006 to the Vice Adm. John Harvey, Jr., Chief of Naval Personnel stating that he would offer his “voluntary resignation or retirement, and drop all complaints of reprisal/harassment, and waive all rights to future legal complaints against the Navy, if I were offered adequate compensation for my many years of service to our nation.”" 
  53. ^ "Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ: 70 Weeks to Save America Conference". Retrieved 2011-01-11. "In the last 40 years, the moral values in America have plummeted from The Andy Griffith Show to Brokeback Mountain. As we bear witness to the erosion of morality and traditional values in our land, most Christians stand idly by, wringing their hands and doing nothing. ..Thanks are extended to Christian Heritage Academy (Ralph Bullard, Ambassador)." 
  54. ^ "Black Regiment Pastors". Retrieved 2011-01-11. "Most Christian pastors today appear to have little in common with the preachers of yesteryear. For example, many modern clerics would probably be surprised to learn of the active role colonial preachers had in America's fight for independence. It is no exaggeration to say that had it not been for the activism of America's pulpits, our independence would never have been won and this nation would not even exist. Until at least the Twentieth Century, it was well known that the Black Regiment was an intricate, even crucial, part of America's successful break with the Crown. However, only a handful of clergymen nowadays has any knowledge whatsoever of the Black Regiment. This is tragic!" 
  55. ^ de Vries, Lloyd (2004-08-19). "General Faulted For Satan Speeches". CBS. Retrieved 2011-1-21. "" The Washington Post, which first reported the conclusion of the inspector general's investigation in its Thursday editions, said the probe determined that Boykin discussed his involvement in the war on terrorism at 23 religious-oriented events since January 2002 and that he wore his uniform while speaking at all but two. He spoke mostly at Baptist or Pentecostal churches. The Post also reported that the investigation concluded that Boykin violated a regulation by failing to report reimbursement of travel costs from one of the sponsoring religious groups."" 
  56. ^ Porter, Janet (2011-08-18). "Pass the Heartbeat Bill". World Net Daily. Retrieved 2011-1-21. "And since when is our responsibility to do all we can to protect lives excused because Justice Kennedy might not like it? Are we supposed to sit on our hands and do only things that please this immoral man? I say we keep knocking on that door, followed by another state that knocks on that door, followed by a dozen other states that pound on that door until they see that we are not going to sit quietly and cautiously, worried about offending these tyrants. No, I'd rather be like the persistent widow and keep knocking so that even an unrighteous judge will finally have to give us the justice we seek. Read more: Pass the Heartbeat Bill" 
  57. ^ Blair, Paul (2009). "2009 RECLAIMING OKLAHOMA FOR CHRIST CONFERENCE "Momentum Keeps Rolling to Reclaim Oklahoma"". Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ. Retrieved 2011-01-21. ""The fourth annual Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ conference, July 24–25, was another smashing success. Another near capacity crowd on Friday night enjoyed educational and inspirational messages from Janet Folger Porter, Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Peter LaBarbera, and Dr. John Morris. The conference is intended to bring believers together from all over the state to encourage them to take a strong stand for truth in our decaying society. In addition, it is hoped that the conference will help to awaken and activate pastors who, in turn, will lead their congregations to join the struggle for the soul of America."" 
  58. ^ Pakman, David; Peter (2010-07-29). "David Pakman Interviews Peter LaBarbera Americans for Truth Homosexuality; Midweek Politics; David Pakman Show". Midweek Politics. Retrieved 2011-1-21. ""Peter LaBarbera, President of American's for Truth Against Homosexuality, joins us live to discuss his boycott of McDonald's for "encouraging young homosexuality," his photographing of gay and fetish events in San Francisco, his idea that gay marriage will open the door to three-way marriages, why he is too extreme even for other anti-gay groups to support, and more, including his repeat claims that our producer should have told him that Midweek Politics is pro-gay. Behind-the-scenes discussion of the lead-up to the interview included on the Midweek Politics Membership Program."" 

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