List of United Kingdom-related topics

List of United Kingdom-related topics

This is a list of topics related to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom contains a more comprehensive selection of UK articles.

United Kingdom, Constituent Countries, Dependencies and Territories

*United Kingdom
**Northern Ireland
*Crown dependency
**Isle of Man
**Channel Islands
*British Overseas Territories
**British Antarctic Territory
**British Indian Ocean Territory
**British Virgin Islands
**Cayman Islands
**Falkland Islands
**Pitcairn Islands
**Saint Helena
***Ascension Island
***Tristan da Cunha
**South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
**Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia in Cyprus
**Turks and Caicos Islands

Geography of the United Kingdom

*Geography of the United Kingdom
**British Coastal Areas (see also Shipping Forecast)
**Cities of the United Kingdom
**Economic geography of the United Kingdom
**County name etymologies
**Extreme points of the United Kingdom
**Conurbations in the United Kingdom
**Sites of Special Scientific Interest
**Subdivisions of the United Kingdom
**Lists of United Kingdom locations by name


*Geography of England
**Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (also covers Wales and Northern Ireland)
**Metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties of England
**Ceremonial counties of England
**Regions of England
**Subdivisions of England
**Historic counties of England
**List of rivers of England
**List of towns in England
**National Parks, England and Wales

Northern Ireland

*Geography of Northern Ireland
**List of towns in Northern Ireland
**List of rivers of Ireland (contains details about Northern Ireland)


*Geography of Scotland
**Lieutenancy areas of Scotland
**List of burghs in Scotland
**List of rivers of Scotland
**National Scenic Areas
**Subdivisions of Scotland
**Traditional counties of Scotland
**National Parks, Scotland


*Geography of Wales
**Ceremonial counties of Wales
**Historic counties of Wales
**List of rivers of Wales
**List of towns in Wales
**National Parks, England and Wales
**Subdivisions of Wales


*Demographics of the United Kingdom
**Population of England - historical estimates
**Population of Scotland

Historical states of the British Isles

*Ancient Britain
*Roman Britain
*Kingdom of the Picts
*Kingdom of the Scots
*States in Medieval Britain
*Commonwealth of England
*Kingdom of England
*Kingdom of Ireland
*Kingdom of Scotland (when Picts and Scots merged in 843)
*Kingdom of Cornwall
*Kingdom of Great Britain (when England & Scotland merged in 1707);
*United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (when Great Britain and Ireland merged in 1801)


Natural environment

*Climate of the United Kingdom
**United Kingdom Climate Change Programme
*Conservation in the United Kingdom
*Environmentally Sensitive Area
*Green belts
*Notable trees in Great Britain
*National Nature Reserves
*National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty
*Special Protection Area
*Site of Special Scientific Interest
*List of waterfalls of the United Kingdom
*List of natural disasters in the United Kingdom
**The Great Storm of 1987
*List of British mammals
*List of British reptiles
*List of British birds
**List of Welsh birds
*List of British amphibians
*List of British fish
*Lists of insects recorded in Britain
*Trees of Britain and Ireland
*List of the vascular plants of Britain and Ireland

Built environment

*Council Houses
*Energy efficiency in British housing
*Housing associations
*List of bridges in the United Kingdom
*National House Building Council
*New towns
*Piers (England and Wales)
*Reservoirs and dams in the United Kingdom
*Town and Country Planning in the United Kingdom


*Abbeys and priories in England
*Crossing the Thames, including tunnels
*Historic houses in England
*Housing Corporation


*Abbeys and priories in Scotland


*Abbeys and priories in Wales

Northern Ireland

*Abbeys and priories in Northern Ireland

Transport in the United Kingdom

*Bus transport in the United Kingdom
*Coach services in the United Kingdom
*Railway system
**List of railway viaducts in the United Kingdom
**Stations A-Z
*Trams and Light Rail Trams and light rail systems
*Roads in the United Kingdom
**British car number plates
**Great Britain road numbering scheme
**List of British car manufacturers
**List of motorways in the United Kingdom
**Motoring taxation in the United Kingdom
*Waterways in the United Kingdom
**British Waterways
**History of the British canal system
*Tunnels in the United Kingdom
*Cycleways in the United Kingdom
*Common Travel Area
*Transport Scotland

ee also

*Geology of the United Kingdom

History of the United Kingdom

*History of the United Kingdom
**Acts of Union 1707
**Act of Union 1800
**British Empire and the Commonwealth

History of England

*History of England
**History of London

History of Scotland

*History of Scotland
**Prehistoric Scotland
**Timeline of Scottish history
***Timeline of Edinburgh history
***Timeline of Glasgow history

History of Wales

*History of Wales

History of Northern Ireland

*History of Ireland
**History of Northern Ireland
**The Troubles

Commerce and industry

Money, economics and business

*Bank of England
*Bank of Scotland
*Royal Bank of Scotland
*British coinage
*British banknotes
*Pound Sterling
*FTSE 100 Index
*Private Finance Initiative

*Economy of the United Kingdom
**Tourism in England
**Tourism in Scotland
**Tourism in Wales
**Tourism in Northern Ireland
*The Industrial Revolution
*The Great Depression in the United Kingdom
*Energy use and conservation in the United Kingdom
*Energy policy of the United Kingdom
**Energy policy of Scotland
*British Professional Bodies [ Government Sites]

Regulatory bodies

*Advertising Standards Authority
*Financial Services Authority or FSA
*Housing Corporation
*Office of Communications (Ofcom)
*Office of the Water Regulator (Ofwat)
*Press Complaints Commission
*Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)

Trade Union Federations

*Trades Union Congress
*Scottish Trades Union Congress

Politics, law, monarchy and military

Politics of the United Kingdom

*Parliament of the United Kingdom
**List of Parliaments of the United Kingdom
**List of Parliaments of Great Britain
**House of Commons
***List of British MPs
**House of Lords
*Government of the United Kingdom
**Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
**Cabinet of the United Kingdom
**Intelligence Services
*Constitution of the United Kingdom
**Constitutional status of Cornwall
*Elections in the United Kingdom
*Referendums in the United Kingdom
**UK referendum on EU constitution
*List of political parties in the United Kingdom
*Pressure groups in the United Kingdom
*Foreign relations of the United Kingdom
*Ambassadors from the United Kingdom
*British honours system
*Politics of England
**Regional assemblies in England
**Local government in England
*Demography and politics of Northern Ireland
**Local government in Northern Ireland
*Politics of Scotland
**Scottish Parliament
**Members of the Scottish Parliament
**Scottish Parliamentary Election, 1999
**Scottish Parliamentary Election, 2003
**Scottish Parliamentary Election, 2007
**Local government in Scotland
**Pressure Groups in Scotland
*Politics of Wales
**Local government in Wales
**National Assembly for Wales
**Welsh Assembly Government
*British political scandals

Criminal justice, law, policing and emergency services

*Law of the United Kingdom
**9-9-9 Emergency telephone number
**British citizenship, British nationality law
**Capital punishment in the United Kingdom
**Common Law
**Courts of the United Kingdom
**European Union Law
**Human rights in the United Kingdom
**High treason in the United Kingdom
**Law enforcement in the United Kingdom
***Diplomatic Protection Group
***Serious Organised Crime Agency
***Special Branch
**List of United Kingdom prisons
**United Kingdom prison population
*England and Wales
**Courts of England and Wales
**Crown Prosecution Service
**English Law (also applies to Wales)
**Her Majesty's Prison Service
**Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
**National Offender Management Service
**National Probation Service
**Police Federation of England and Wales
**Prison population of England and Wales
**Serious Fraud Office
**Courts of Scotland
**Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
**Faculty of Advocates
**Scots Law
**Scottish Police Federation
**Scottish Prison Service
**Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency
*Uncodified constitution
**Magna Carta (1215)
**Petition of Right (1628)
**Habeas Corpus Act (1679)
**Bill of Rights (1689)
**Great Reform Act (1832)
**Parliament Act (1911)
**Scotland Act 1998
**House of Lords Act (1999)


*Air transport of the Royal Family and executive of the United Kingdom
*British Royal Family
*British monarchs' family tree
*Monarchy of the United Kingdom
*Coronation of the British monarch
*HMY "Britannia"
*Line of succession to the British throne
*List of British Royal Residences
*List of British monarchs
*List of Royal Yachts of the United Kingdom
*List of UK place names with royal patronage
*List of organisations in the United Kingdom with a royal charter
*Royal Assent
*Royal Charter
*Royal Christmas Message
*Royal Collection Management Committee
*Royal Collection Trust
*Royal Collection
*Royal Household
*Royal Librarian
*Royal Library, Windsor
*Royal Peculiar
*Royal Philatelic Collection
*Royal Prerogative
*Royal Standard
*Royal Style and Titles Act
*Royal Train
*Royal Warrant
*Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom
*Royal forest
*Style of the British Sovereign
*Succession to the British Throne


*British Armed Forces
**Royal Navy
***Royal Marines
**British Army
**Royal Air Force
**Special Air Service
**Special Boat Service
*United Kingdom and weapons of mass destruction
*Ministry of Defence
*British military history
**British military history of World War II
**Bletchley Park


*Peerage of England
*Peerage of Great Britain
*Peerage of Ireland
*Peerage of Scotland
*Peerage of the United Kingdom
*Representative peer

Public inquiries

*List of selected British public inquiries

Charities and youth organisations


*24 Hour Museum
*Age Concern
*British Heart Foundation (BHF)
*Cancer Research UK
*Children 1st (Scotland)
*Comic Relief
*Macmillan Cancer Relief
*Mercy Corps
*National Library for the Blind
*NSPCC National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (England and Wales)
*Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)
*Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
*Royal Society for Nature Conservation (RSNC)
*Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) (England and Wales)
*Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
*Scottish Refugee Council
*Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
*Society of St James
*SOS Children's Villages UK
*St Andrew's Ambulance Association (Scotland)
*St John Ambulance (England and Wales)
*The Sue Ryder Foundation
*Terrence Higgins Trust
*Wellcome Trust

See also:
*the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator
*the Charity Commission (for England and Wales)
*The Northern Ireland Assembly passed the legislation for the Northern Ireland Charity Commission in July 2008. Regulator staff are being recruited.

Youth organisations

*The Scout Association
*Girlguiding UK
*Boys' Brigade
*Girls' Brigade
*St John Ambulance (England and Wales)
*St Andrew's Ambulance Association (Scotland)
*Woodcraft Folk
*Youth Hostels Association
*Sea Cadet Corps
*Army Cadet Force
*Air Training Corps
*Never Again International
*Young Farmers

Media and communications

Television and radio

*British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC)
*Independent Television (ITV)
*Channel 4
*Independent Television News (ITN)
*British Sky Broadcasting
*Virgin Media
*List of radio stations in the United Kingdom
*List of television stations in the United Kingdom
* Television in the United Kingdom
* Digital radio in the United Kingdom
**British humour
**British sitcom
**British comedy
**100 Greatest Kids' TV shows
*Scottish Broadcasting Commission


*History of British newspapers
*List of newspapers in the United Kingdom


*Telecommunications in the United Kingdom
*Office of Communications (Ofcom)
*Stamps and postal history of the United Kingdom
*List of postal codes in the United Kingdom (British postcodes)
*British telephone area codes (STD codes)
* (central portal into various government websites)
*UK telephone numbering plan


Culture of the United Kingdom
*24 Hour Museum
*Art of the United Kingdom
**National Gallery, London
**National Portrait Gallery
**Tate gallery
**Turner Prize
*English art
*Scottish art

Music in the UK

*Music in the UK
**List of music festivals in the United Kingdom

British popular music

*British popular music
**Early British popular music
**British Invasion
**New Wave of British Heavy Metal
**One-hit wonders in the UK
**United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest
**Music Hall

Classical music

*BBC Symphony Orchestra
*BBC National Orchestra of Wales
*BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
*BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
*City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO)
*Hallé Orchestra
*Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
*Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
*London Symphony Orchestra
*London Philharmonic Orchestra
*Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
*The Proms
*British opera
*Ulster Orchestra

Folk music

*Music of England
*Music of Northern Ireland
*Music of Scotland
*Music of Wales

Cultural icons

United Kingdom icons

*Baked beans
*Bangers and mash
*Basil Fawlty
*The Beatles
*Big Ben chimes
*Black Cab (hackney cab)
*Bowler hat
*British Monarchy
*Cap of Maintenance
*"A Clockwork Orange"
*Cool Britannia
*"Coronation Street"
*Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom
*Cutty Sark
*Del Boy
*"Doctor Who"
*England expects that every man will do his duty
*"Fawlty Towers"
*Fish and chips
*Football (soccer)
*Frank Spencer
*"Gentleman's Relish"
*God Save the Queen
*The Great Escape
*Hackney carriage
*Harry Potter
*Hyacinth Bucket
*"The Italian Job"
*Jack the Ripper
*Jaffa Cakes
*James Bond
*John Bull
*King Arthur
*Land of Hope and Glory
*Last Night of the Proms
*London Eye
*Lonsdale Belt
*"Lord of the Rings"
*Marks & Spencer
*Miss Marple
*Monty Python
*"Only Fools And Horses"
*Page Three girl
*Pint glass
*Police box
*Queen's Guard
*RMS|Queen Mary
*Red post boxes
*Red telephone boxes
*Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
*Routemaster red double-decker bus
*Royal Warrant
*Rule Britannia
*The Sex Pistols
*Sherlock Holmes
*Special Air Service (SAS)
*Status Quo
*Supermarine Spitfire
*Swinging Sixties
*Tea (cup of)
*Tea (meal)
*Test Card F
*Thames Television
*Tommy Atkins (generic name for a British soldier)
*Brodie helmet (helmet worn by the above)
*Trooping the Colour
*Tube map
*Union Flag
*"Wallace and Gromit"
*Wellington boot
*Woolworths Group plc

English icons

*And did those feet in ancient time
*FA Premier League
*Full breakfast
*London Bridge
*Robin Hood
*Stilton cheese
*Tower Bridge

cottish icons

*Flower of Scotland
*Forth Bridge
*Great Highland Bagpipes
*Scots Wha Hae

British theatre

*Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
*Royal National Theatre
*Laurence Olivier Awards

British film

*British Film Institute
**BFI Top 100 British films
*National Film and Television Archive
*British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
*British Independent Film Awards
*Carry On films


*Museums in England
*Museums in Northern Ireland
*Museums in Scotland
*Museums in Wales
*List of British railway museums


*List of botanical gardens in the United Kingdom
*Gardens in England
*Gardens in Scotland
*Gardens in Wales
*Gardens in Northern Ireland


*Gambling in the UK


*British humour

*British soap opera

*British literature
**The British Empire in Fiction
**British Library
**British comics
**National Library of Wales

**Morris dance
**Maypole Dancing

*Festivals in the United Kingdom

*Public house
**The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)
**Pub quiz

*Stiff upper lip

*100 Greatest Cartoons


*Education in the United Kingdom:*Independent school (UK):*School years:*Universities in the United Kingdom::*British undergraduate degree classification::*List of universities in the United Kingdom::*National Union of Students of the United Kingdom

Education in England

*Education in England:*Academy (England):*General Teaching Council for England:*List of schools in England:*List of universities in England:*National Curriculum

Education in Northern Ireland

*Education in Northern Ireland:*List of schools in Northern Ireland

Education in Scotland

*Education in Scotland:*General Teaching Council for Scotland:*Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education:*List of independent schools in Scotland:*List of universities in Scotland:*Students' Representative Council:*Scottish Qualifications Authority

Education in Wales

*Education in Wales:*List of schools in Wales


Religion in the United Kingdom
*Religion in Scotland

**Assemblies of God in the United Kingdom
**Church of England (the established church in England)
**Church of Scotland (the national church of Scotland)
**General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches
**Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland
**Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales
**Roman Catholic Church in Scotland
**United Reformed Church
**Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
**The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
**Hinduism in the United Kingdom
***Hinduism in Scotland
**Islam in the United Kingdom
***Islam in Scotland
** History of the Jews in England
** History of the Jews in Scotland
** Sikhism in the United Kingdom
*See also:
**Atheism/ Irreligion
**Status of religious freedom in the United Kingdom

Immigration and Ethnicity

The list below is incomplete, and only includes British Ethnic Groups with articles on Wikipedia (for example significant and/ or large ethnic groups such as: Indians under Asians (which number over 1 million), New Zealanders under Oceanics, Thais under Orientals, Chileans under Latin American and Bahamians under Caribbean would be listed).

*Immigration to the United Kingdom
*Commission for Racial Equality

Languages in the United Kingdom

**English dialects
***British English
***Regional accents of English speakers
***English language in England
***Scottish English
***Welsh English
**American and British English differences
**Oxford English Dictionary
*Celtic languages
**Scots Gaelic
**Irish/Irish language in Northern Ireland
*Scots in Scotland and Ulster
*British Sign Language (BSL)
*Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi languages


*British cuisine
*Food and Drink Federation

Science and technology

*List of UK government scientific research institutes

Sports and games and pastimes

The following are the major sports; local groups may well play many others.


*National Federation of Anglers []
*National Federation of Sea Anglers []
*Salmon and Trout Association []


*Cricket in England
**2005 English cricket season
**England cricket team
**Marylebone Cricket Club
**Middlesex County Cricket Club

*Cricket in Scotland
**Scottish national cricket team
*Cricket in Wales


*English Chess Federation
*Scottish Chess Championship

=Association football or soccer=

*British Home Championship
**The Football Association
**English national football team
**FA Premier League
**The Football League
**FA Cup
**English football league system
**National League System
**Scottish Football Association
**Scottish national football team
**List of Scottish Football Clubs
**Scottish Football League
**Scottish Premier League
**Highland Football League
**East of Scotland Football League
**South of Scotland Football League
**Scottish Junior Football Association
**North Caledonian Football League
**Scottish Cup
*Northern Ireland
**Irish Football Association (not to be confused with the Football Association of Ireland)
**Northern Ireland national football team
**Irish Football League (not to be confused with the Football League of Ireland)
**Football Association of Wales
**Welsh national football team
**League of Wales


*Rugby union
***Rugby Football Union
****England national rugby union team
****Guinness Premiership
****National Division One
***Welsh Rugby Union
****Wales national rugby union team
****Celtic League
****Welsh Premier Division
***Scottish Rugby Union
****Scotland national rugby union team
****Celtic League
**Northern Ireland
***Irish Rugby Football Union
****Ireland national rugby union team
****Celtic League
**Calcutta Cup
**Powergen Cup
**British and Irish Lions
*Rugby league
***Rugby Football League
**Northern Ireland
***Rugby League Ireland
***Scotland Rugby League
**Great Britain
**Challenge Cup


*Long-distance footpaths in the UK
*Ramblers' Association


*Boat Race (Oxford vs Cambridge)
*Henley Royal Regatta


*Ski Club of Great Britain


*London Olympics
*English billiards
*Eton Wall Game
*Fives (including Eton Fives)
*British Gliding Association
*Lawn tennis


*List of English people
*List of Northern Irish people
*List of Scots
*List of Welsh people
*List of Cornish people
*List of people commemorated by blue plaques

Interest groups and societies

*British Professional Bodies
*Women's Institute
*List of UK learned societies
*List of London's gentlemen's clubs
*Pressure groups in the United Kingdom
**Fathers' rights movement in the UK

ee also

*British national identity card
*Charities and youth organisations

Welfare state

*National Health Service (for England)
** NHS Foundation Trust
*NHS Scotland
*National Insurance
*Social security
*UK pension provision


*Imperial measurements
*List of United Kingdom disasters by death toll
*Styles in the United Kingdom
*Taxation in the United Kingdom

ee also

*List of England-related topics
*List of Scotland-related topics
*List of Wales-related topics
*Lists of country-related topics - similar lists for other countries

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