One News (New Zealand)

One News (New Zealand)
One News
Format News programme
Presented by Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie (6pm weeknights)
Peter Williams and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby (6pm weekends)
Peter Williams or Rawdon Christie (Breakfast, Good Morning & Midday)
Pippa Wetzell (4:30)
Greg Boyed (Tonight)
Country of origin New Zealand
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 6pm: 60 minutes (includes advertisement are about 15-20 mins)
NZI Business/ Breakfast: 5 min updates every 30 minutes from 6.00am to 8.30am
Good Morning: 5 min updates at 10am and 11am
Midday: 30 minutes (includes advertisements)
4:30: 25 minutes (including adverts)
Tonight: 30 minutes (including adverts)
Picture format 16:9 720p (HDTV)
16:9 576i (SDTV)
Original run 3 November 1969 – present
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One News is the news division of New Zealand television network TVNZ. The service is broadcast live from TVNZ Centre in Auckland. The flagship news bulletin is the nightly 6pm news hour, but One News also has midday, afternoon and late night news bulletins, as well as current affairs shows such as Breakfast and Close Up.

The 6pm programme is New Zealand's most-watched news programme. As of July 2008, it has a market share of 44% (651,400+ each night).[1]

The current editor of One News is Paul Patrick, and the head of TVNZ News and Current Affairs is Anthony Flannery.

One News was judged Best News in the Qantas Media Awards in September 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.



Television news in New Zealand started in 1960 with the introduction of television. These bulletins were broadcast from the main centres (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin) operating completely independently of each other due to technical constraints. The Wahine Disaster in April 1968 highlighted the need for a nationwide new network, as footage from Wellington could not be easily shown in other centres around the country within a short space of time.

The first network news broadcast was live, airing on 3 November 1969 at 7:35pm to the whole country, read by Dougal Stevenson. This bulletin was possible due to microwave links being established between the four main centres; the programme was called NZBC Network News. Initially, it was read by Philip Sherry, Dougal Stevenson or Bill Toft on a rotating roster.

Prior to the building of the Warkworth Station in 1971, international programmes could not be received live – the footage had to be flown into New Zealand and was often days old. Angela D'Audney was the first female newsreader in New Zealand, from 1973. The Network News featured many other newsreaders until the NZBC was dissolved in 1975. The programme was then renamed simply News. Several regional news programmes were broadcast alongside the Network News to different regions of the country during this time. As the popularity of these bulletins decreased in the late 1980s, the main Network News bulletin was revamped in 1987. It was renamed Network News with Judy Bailey and Neil Billington presenting the show from the beginning. Richard Long and Tony Ciprian alternately presented and produced sports news. Later that year Long took over from Billington as 'Network News' news co-anchor, the beginning of a partnership that would continue for much of the next fifteen years.Ciprian moved to the new commercial channel TV3, the station's first sports news producer. He was with 3 News for almost 20 years.

Until 1990, four regional news programmes were broadcast – one in each of the four main regions: Top Half (Auckland and the upper North Island), Today Tonight (Wellington and the lower North Island and originally the upper South Island), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch, Canterbury and later the upper South Island) and The South Tonight (Otago and Southland). These programmes ran for 20 minutes during the main news programme at 6.30pm, between the sports and weather news, but were later moved to before the main broadcast to make way for the current affairs programme, Holmes, which was first broadcast on 11 April 1989. It carried the famous tagline "Those were our people today, that's Holmes tonight". Holmes screened at 6.30pm weekdays, so the Network News was moved back to its current time of 6:00pm.

1989 saw the introduction of the first One News foreign correspondents – Liam Jeory in London and Susan Wood in Sydney.

In 1989, Network News was relaunched as One Network News, due to competition from new broadcasting station TV3's news programme 3 National News. In 1995, the main 6pm bulletin was extended from 30 to 60 minutes, coinciding with the unveiling of a new studio set. On 11 August 1997, the early morning Telstra Business and Breakfast shows were first aired; Telstra Business was hosted by Michael Wilson; Breakfast hosted by Susan Wood and Mike Hosking.

The end of 1997 saw the replacement of weekend news presenters Angela D'Audney and Tom Bradley with husband and wife Simon Dallow and Alison Mau. Bradley resigned, but D'Audney stayed as a backup presenter for other bulletins until her death in February 2002, from a brain tumour.

In 1998, TVNZ signed 3 News anchor John Hawkesby to replace Richard Long from the start of 1999. But when Haweskby began presenting One Network News at 6pm alongside Judy Bailey, there was a public outcry over the separation of Bailey and Long, that lead to Long reinstated as co-anchor at 6pm three weeks later. Hawkesby later took TVNZ to court, a dispute that he subsequently won.

The show was renamed again on 31 December 1999, this time to the current name of One News.

2003 saw a major shake up of TVNZ's news and current affairs programming with entering head Bill Ralston making sweeping changes to the formats of many programmes. A new state-of-the-art studio came into use for One News programmes, but many presenters were culled. The changes saw the end of Long and Bailey's 15-year partnership; from January 2004, the main 6pm bulletin reverted to a single-headed broadcast with Judy Bailey as anchor. Jim Hickey, TVNZ's most popular weather presenter, and sports presenter April Bruce (née Ieremia) also left in 2003. Jim returned to One News in 2007.

The current affairs programme, Close Up was launched in November 2004, when Paul Holmes, host of the Holmes programme, resigned following failed contract negotiations. Close Up followed the same format as Holmes, but was hosted by Susan Wood until her sudden resignation in 2006. Mark Sainsbury became the main host following her resignation.

In October 2005, TVNZ announced that it would not be renewing long-standing flagship broadcaster Judy Bailey's contract; some observers believe this was a direct reaction to the programme's market share decline in Auckland to 3 News. An emotional Bailey signed off for the final time at the end of the 6pm One News bulletin on 23 December 2005. She was TVNZ's longest serving newsreader and had been reporting and presenting with both NZBC and TVNZ for 34 years. When the 6pm edition of One News returned after the Christmas break of 2005–2006, it reverted back to double-headed presentation with Wendy Petrie and Simon Dallow taking over from Bailey.

The weekend 6pm bulletin remained single-headed until September 2008, when popular presenter Peter Williams joined Bernadine Oliver-Kirby as co-anchor.

Paul Holmes returned to TVNZ as the host on the new political programme Q+A in 2009.

TVNZ celebrated One News' 40th birthday on 3 November 2009 with some archival footage available on their website.

A Saturday edition of Breakfast will be broadcast from 3 September, hosted by Rawdon Christie and Toni Street.


One News

  • Daily at 6pm
  • Weekdays every half hour 6am-8:30am, 10am, 11am, Midday, 4:30pm, 6pm and 10:30pm
One News telecommunications ute, at the 2010 Mt Allan forest fire

The main One News bulletin screens nightly at 6pm and is fronted by Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie on weekdays, and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby, and Peter Williams at weekends. Sport is presented by Jenny-May Coffin, Toni Street or Andrew Saville and weather from Karen Olsen, Renee Wright or Jim Hickey. The 6pm bulletin starts off at with the weather presenter explaining the current weather situation, standing in front of a map of New Zealand showing the country's satellite imagery that day. The bulletin leads with general news items for the first part of the show, with a weather update at about 6:25pm (showing maximum temperatures in towns and cities around the country and live Weather Camera shots in the six main centres). Business and sports items screen next, then the main weather bulletin is aired at about 6:55. There is often one oddspot item before the broadcast ends at 7pm.

On weekdays, One News screens bulletins right throughout the day. This includes One News Breakfast, hosted by Peter Williams on Monday-Wednesday and Rawdon Christie on Thursday and Friday. These are 5–10 minute news and weather updates that screen on the half hour during NZI Business and TV One's Breakfast show (news 6–8.30am, weather 6.35–8.35am). Weather reports during Breakfast are presented by Tamati Coffey.

At 10am and 11am, during Good Morning, five-minute news and weather updates screen and are hosted by the same presenter for Breakfast news that day. One News also produces three half-hour bulletins, which screen at Midday, 4:30pm and 10:30pm. The midday bulletin, One News at Midday is also hosted by the same presenter for Breakfast news. One News at 4:30 is presented and produced by Rawdon Christie, and the late night broadcast, One News Tonight is presented by Greg Boyed; it usually screens around 10:30pm.


  • Daily updates on the hour 6am-11pm
  • Daily one hour bulletin at 8pm

One News also resources news bulletins for TVNZ's advertising-free channel, TVNZ 7. These bulletins are called TVNZ News Now, and are screened live on the hour every hour between 8am-11pm weekdays, and 6am-11pm weekends. The bulletins are five minutes long, and update the latest in news, sport and weather. The 8pm bulletin, TVNZ News at 8 is one hour long, and is presented by Greg Boyed. This bulletin generally recaps the main stories from the One News 6pm bulletin, but since TVNZ 7 is advertisement free, this enables more time for extended interviews on the day's top stories, and extra international stories are also aired.

The presenters on TVNZ 7 do both presenting and producing during their shifts. TVNZ News Now presenters include: Jenny-May Coffin, Renee Wright, Sharon Fergusson and Glen Larmer. The weekend editions of TVNZ News at 8 are hosted by Miriama Kamo.


  • Weekdays 6:30am-9am.
  • Saturdays 7am-9am.
  • Presented by Corin Dann and Petra Bagust on weekdays and Rawdon Christie and Toni Street on Saturdays.

Breakfast is a two-and-a-half hour long magazine style news and current affairs programme, which looks at the days headlines and events happening around New Zealand. News, sport and weather are updated every half hour, with business news being updated at around 6:40am, 7:10am and 8:10am.

News segments are presented by Peter Williams Mondays-Wednesdays, and Rawdon Christie Thursdays-Fridays. Tamati Coffey is the weather presenter and roving reporter.

Saturday Breakfast screened for the first time on 3 September 2011, hosted by Rawdon Christie and Toni Street. It is broadcast from 7am until 9am. It follows a similar format to the weekday edition, except there is no dedicated news/sport presenter - both hosts share presenting of news and sport updates.

For more details on this topic, see Breakfast.

AMP Business

  • Weekdays at 6.00am
  • Presented by Nadine Chalmers-Ross

AMP Business (formerly NZI Business, Breakfast Business and ASB Business) is a half-hour business news programme, with insights into issues affecting the business sector. In September 2006, what was then NZI Business began podcasting segments of its programme.

Close Up

  • Weekdays at 7pm
  • Presented by Mark Sainsbury
  • Reporters include: Hannah Ockelford, Robyn Janes, Michael Holland, Matt Chisholm, Daniel Faitaua, Jendy Harper, Corrine Ambler, Sofia Wenbourn, Gill Higgins and Donna-Marie Lever

Close Up is a half-hour current affairs programme, which features mostly current event or local human interest stories.


Sunday is an hour-long current affairs programme, featuring local and international stories.

  • Sunday reporters also include: Janet McIntyre, Ian Sinclair, and John Hudson.

Te Karere

  • Weekdays at 4.00pm
  • Presented by Scotty Morrison

Te Karere is a half-hour news programme broadcast entirely in Māori. The weather is also broadcast in Māori. Te Karere attracts between 50,000 – 80,000 viewers a day for this bulletin broadcast without English subtitles.


  • Sundays at 9.00am
  • Presented by Guyon Espiner and Paul Holmes. Therese Aresenau is a panelist that is on the show most weeks.

Q+A is an hour-long political show containing an interview with a politician that has been in the news during the previous week and a panel debate on a political hot topic. It is the replacement for Agenda, which stopped screening in late 2008. Q+A has been screening since Sunday 22 March 2009.

Q+A won Best News/Current Affairs Programme in the 2009 Qantas Media Awards.


TVNZ News department also produces 20/20 Hosted by Sonja Wilson:

  • Reporters: Pete Cronshaw, Sonja Wilson and Beth Roche

One News Special

One News Specials are often aired during international, one-off and breaking news events. Often for international breaking news stories, One News airs a video feed from other news organisations. One News aired Specials for the following events:

  • on September 4, 2010 and on February 22, 2011 (in response to the Christchurch earthquakes).
  • on and following 19 November 2010, (in response to the explosion at the Pike River Mine).
  • on 11 March, 2011 (in response to the 2011 Japan earthquake).
  • Annual Government Budget announcements.
  • Annual special reports such as The Year in Review (which airs on the first Sunday of the year and looks at the previous year).

Previous presenters

One News at Midday

One News: First at 4:30

One News at 6



One News Tonight

TVNZ News at 8


  • 2008–2009: Greg Boyed and Geraldine Knox
  • 2009–present: Greg Boyed


Backup presenters

Note: The name in bold is the normal presenter, the name(s) following are the backup presenters.


Source: TVNZ[2]


General reporters

Mark Crysell
Garth Bray
Melissa Stokes
Nicole Bremner
Krissy Moreau
Jack Tame
Amy Kelley
Kim Vinnell

Breakfast reporter
Alison Pugh
Lucas de Jong


General reporters

Heather du Plessis-Allan
Matty McLean
Abby Scott
Renee Graham
Arrun Soma
Simon Bradwell

Sports reporter
Stephen Stuart

Breakfast reporter
Lucas de Jong

Late reporter
Rebecca Edwards



General reporters

Tom McRae
Ana Olykan
Vicki Wilkinson-Baker

Joy Reid

Sports reporter
Blair Norton

Breakfast reporter
Charlotte Bellis


John McDermott

Megan Martin

Other bureaux

Tsehai Tiffin (freelance)

Palmerston North/Central North Island
John Newton


London correspondent
Paul Hobbs

New York correspondent
Tim Wilson

Pacific correspondent
Barbara Dreaver

Gallery (political)

Guyon Espiner

Jessica Mutch

Michael Parkin

Sports reporters (Auckland-based)

Toni Street
Antony Stevens
Martin Tasker

Craig Stanaway
Stephen Stuart
Andrew Morrison


Lorelei Mason (health reporter, Christchurch)
Joanna Hunkin (entertainment reporter/producer, Auckland)


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