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The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute (NASI) founded in 1974 in Palo Alto, CA is an independent nonprofit research fellowship with current offices located in Oakland, California near UC Berkeley and in Recife, Brazil where a new medical college based on principles related to Saude Quantico is being established. Members of the institute (from 8 countries) are international academic specialists from diverse scientific fields ranging from quantum physics to neuroscience and philosophy of mind. The publishing division of the institute, called Noetic Press, publishes occasional monographs, conference proceedings and the technical peer reviewed research periodical The Noetic Journal ISSN 1094-0359 (Print) ISSN 1528-3739 (CD-ROM). To date NASI publications have been translated into five languages.



Primary investor: In 2010, NASI partnered with Steriwave Quantum Computers, LTD, a limited liability British Hedge Fund, to develop a quantum computer prototype based on US Patent No. 12,928/592.[1] Other partners: A team of Hungarian businessmen and academics [2] in conjunction with a new Vezprem University (now called University of Pannonia} Quantum Computing Research Institute has pledged matching funds with the Steriwave partner. In 2011 a group of Brazilian businessmen have also pledged funds to open a quantum computing research laboratory in Sao Paulo.

Noetic Press

The Noetic Press publishes a small number of monographs and edited conference proceedings annually and the Noetic Journal specializes in research papers on a so-called "physical cosmology of consciousness". This cosmology depicts a universe with an inherent teleological or Anthropic action principle driving self-organization; as opposed to Big Bang cosmology where evolution is considered naturalistic (Darwinian) or random.[3]

The Noetic Journal is an inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed science journal providing an international forum specializing in the physical basis of consciousness, including aspects of Extended Electromagnetic Theory, de Broglie-Bohm and Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Computing, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Superstring (M-Theory), Philosophy of Mind and Cartesian Dualism.

Richard L. Amoroso

Richard L. Amoroso, a practicing physicist[4][5]is Director of NASI as well as Executive Editor of the Noetic Press and Noetic Journal. He received his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, his M.A. in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University, and a DeD in Cosmology and Philosophy of Mind from the now defunct International Noetic University (INU) in Hayward, CA. He also studied for 2 years at the New England School of Acupuncture under the renowned Dr. James Tin Yau So and was on the staff of the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics from from 1980-1982. His recent writing involves Philosophy of Mind[6], quantum cosmology, Astrophysics and noetic medicine.[7] He is an opponent of contemporary theories of the Big Bang, and has proposed an alternative he calls the "Holographic Anthropic Multiverse".[8] Mr. Amoroso characterizes the Noetic Press and its accompanying journal in this way:

Science is inadequate to complete the task of explaining consciousness without being drastically reformulated. . . . The Noetic Journal seeks to fill this gap by boldly addressing a complete epistemology that is not just confined to current myopic limits of scientific phenomenology. [9]

Mr. Amoroso is Chief Financial Officer of Cerebroscopic Systems, Inc. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Museum of Robotics [10], and search committee member of the Noetic Medal of Consciousness and Brain Research.

Noetic Medal of Consciousness and Brain Research

Given to Outstanding Individuals for Lifetime achievement in the fields related to Cosmology of Consciousness, Noetic Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Philosophy of Mind and Brain Research. Noted recipients have been neurophysiologists Karl H. Pribram, Bejamin Libet, Engineer ro:Mihai Drăgănescu, Physicist Avshalom Elitzur and Elizabeth Rauscher (for contributions to several fields of science including physics and the philosophy of mind and medicine - especially for the non-invasive Heart Pacemaker). .

  • [1], Noetic Medal Home Page

Physics Symposia

Following the first two Vigier Symposia Held at York University, Toronto, in 1998 The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute became the organizer and sponsor of the series of Physics Symposia in honor of noted French Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier.

  • [2], 2000, Vigier III SYMPOSIUM - "Gravitation and Cosmology: From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale". A Symposium in Celebration of The 80th Birthday of Jean-Pierre Vigier, UC Berkeley, USA. Proceedings by Springer[11] Google Books
  • [3], 2003, Vigier IV SYMPOSIUM, "The Search For Unity In Physics". A Symposium in Celebration of The 83rd Birthday of Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier, Pierre et Marie Curie Universite, Paris, France, Mon - Fri, September 15th - 19th, 2003.
  • [4], 2005, Vigier V SYMPOSIUM, Liege, Belgium in conjunction with the CASYS Symposium CHAOS Website
  • [5], 2007, Vigier VI SYMPOSIUM, Liege, Belgium in conjunction with the CASYS Symposium CHAOS Website

Cosmology of Consciousness / Philosophy of Mind Symposia

Sponsored Mind-Body Conferences

1st Workshop on Convergent Ideas in the Philosophy of Science, George Mason University 1998 [13] January 1999]

Science and the Primacy of Consciousness: Intimation of a 21st Century Revolution. Conference at University of Lisbon, Portugal in 22-24 April 1998. [14]

Fundamental Principles of Cosmology: The Foundations of a Conscious Universe, October 14-16, 1999 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA Keynote address - Henry Stapp

Elizabeth Rauscher

Elizabeth A. Rauscher, one of 12 fellows of NASI, received her Ph.D. in astrophysics and nuclear physics from University of California at Berkley. She holds senior fellowship at the Noetic Adv. Std. Inst. and carries memberships in APS, IEEE, AAAS, MAA, and AAMI. She holds four patents in United States and Europe, and has authored over 275 scientific papers. She is co-author of the 2009 volume The Holographic Multiverse: Formalizing the Complex Geometry of Reality, with Richard Amoroso,[8]; and in 2010 Orbiting the Moons of Pluto [15]and chief scientific advisor to BioHarmonic Resonance, Inc.

Research Goals

The main purpose for the inception of the Noetic Advanced Studies Institute is to solve the age old question of the mind-body problem. From the noetic point of view this requires an anthropic cosmology in opposition to a naturalistic Big Bang cosmology. The salient reason for a program to solve the mind-body problem is that it is postulated that the ~400 autoimmune conditions have a noetic component. To treat these disorders properly it is believed that a special class of quantum computer modeled after the mind-body interface is required. Once achieved this new technology will lead to a new class of medical devices - i.e. the quantum computer program when successful is expected to lead to dozens of new technologies in Medicine, Weather Control, Defense, Quantum Computer Music and Psychology for example. See:

Sensory By-Pass Prosthesis

A pertinent new patented medical Emerging technology under development is based on conscious quantum computing (QC). Noetic Theory suggests that the mind-body interface is a form of conscious quantum computer (not that the QC is conscious, but that it's operational parameters are modeled after the noetic definition of the mind-body interface). This class of QC medical device is called a Sensory By-Pass Prosthesis. For example current retinal implant technology is only applicable to the 14.5% of subjects with a viable optic nerve; but the non-surgical noetic Sensory By-Pass Prosthesis technology will give sight to all blind persons. Simplistically, the QC through resonance or as a transducer of digital video data (what would normally be visual sense data) directly into the mind by quantizing qualia through operation of the QC. This view is not popular with current thinking because it is based on a form of Cartesian interactive dualism and a fundamental physical basis for qualia [16]remains controversial. But prototyping programs are in the process of being funded and it is hoped that marketable products will be available within ten years. Theoretically Sensory By-Pass Prosthesis would apply to any of the senses. Second generation devices are expected to include psychological prosthesis for personality disorders and alleviating brain damage like in mental retardation.

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