Swiss identity card

Swiss identity card
The front and reverse of a Swiss identity card

The present Swiss identity card dates to July 1994. It is in the form of a plastic photocard.

The Swiss identity card was blue and first introduced in 1955 when the European travel was starting to be more prevalent and after World War II. The Swiss confederation also wanted to make it easier for Swiss citizens to identity themselves within everyday business operations like picking up parcels or registered mail from the post offices at the time.

The Swiss identity card was then modified in 1977 and it changed its colour to a more green browning colour.

Both the 1955 and 1977 series of Swiss identity cards were in a booklet format with the outer page on the 1955 ID card with the coat of arms of Switzerland, and then the wording in the three official languages of Switzerland: German, French and Italian.

When the 1977 version of the Swiss identity card was issued, the first period also had the documents printed in German, French and Italian. Later on, the Romansh language became an official Swiss Language with the referendum of the Swiss voters on March 6, 1996 and later on in the new 1999 Swiss Constitution.

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