Nasrullah Mosque

Nasrullah Mosque
Nasrullah Mosque
Location Turkey Kastamonu, Turkey
Branch/tradition Sunni (Hanafi)
Architectural information
Style Ottoman
Minaret(s) 2

Nasrullah Mosque is a 16th century Ottoman mosque in Kastamonu , Turkey.

It is in the central quarters of Kastamonu at 41°22′38″N 33°46′31″E / 41.37722°N 33.77528°E / 41.37722; 33.77528 just west of the governer's office and Gökırmak river.

The mosque was commissioned by Nasrullah, a kadı (judge) of the Otoman Empire. It was built in 1506 (during the reign of Beyazıt II). It was put under restoration in 1746, 1845 and 1945. [1]

The main building has 9 domes over 6 square columns each with cross sectional area of 160 x 160 cm2. The nartex (Turkish: son cemaat yeri) has 7 domes over 10 columns.[2] The pretentious public fountain (Turkish: şadırvan) of the mosque is to the north of the mosque.


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