Mogen clamp

Mogen clamp

The Mogen clamp, one of the three most common circumcision devices, was invented by Rabbi Harry Bronstein in 1954.[1] It has two flat blades that open approx. 3 mm.[2] They are also able to close, which is why the device is considered a clamp.

In July 2010 it was reported that $11 million in damages was awarded against the company that makes the Mogen clamp, after a baby lost a portion of his glans consequent to its use. Mogen Circumcision Instruments was also in default on a $7.5 million judgment in 2007 from a Massachusetts lawsuit, according to attorney David Llewellyn. [3] Calls to Mogen Circumcision Instruments' telephone number say that the number is not in service. [4]


The device requires minimal[clarification needed] medical equipment.[5] It also causes considerably less pain than other devices.[citation needed]


The circumciser is forced to perform the circumcision somewhat "blindly" because the device hides the penis. At least three children have had their entire glans, or significant portions of their glans, amputated accidentally. [6]