Director X

Director X
Director X
(X / Little X)

X in 2005
Born Julien Christian Lutz
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Other names X, Little X
Occupation Music video director, fashion
Years active 1998 - present

Julien Christian Lutz (born 1975), better known as Little X, X or Director X, is a Canadian music video director. He also has his own clothing line X Fit. He was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario,[1] and is of Trinidadian and Swiss descent.


Music videos

Julien Christian Lutz attended both Mayfield Secondary School and North Park Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario.[citation needed] A protégé of Hype Williams,[2] X has been noted for his high-budget, visually distinctive music videos for popular music singles, including videos for R. Kelly, Usher, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Korn, Nelly Furtado, Sean Paul and The Wanted, He is currently represented by DNA - David Naylor and Associates, Hollywood, CA.

One of his trademarks is tweaking the letterbox format; instead of simply using black bars on the top and bottom of the frame to frame the image, many videos by X feature the bars opening vertically to reveal the video and closing vertically at the end.[citation needed]

Other Media

In addition to directing musical videos, Director X has also had experiences in filming and into fashion and modelling consultancy.

X Fit

X has his own fashion clothing line called X Fit. It is produced by Canadian clothing company Ice Gear Fitness.


X was visual consultant on Hype Williams 1998 film "Belly".[3] X was also to direct now defunct vampire feature "Razorwire".[citation needed]. His most recent work is the video for "One Love" by David Guetta featuring Estelle.[citation needed]


He also discovered Melyssa Ford at a Toronto nightclub, and helped to launch her modelling career.


Music videos





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