Danny Flynn (printer)

Danny Flynn (printer)
Danny Flynn

Danny Flynn, London, 2008
Nationality British
Field Printing, Design, Typography
Training Bradford Art College
Hounslow Borough College
  • D&AD Award Graphic Design 2007 [1]
  • 1st PRIZE Institute of Bookbinders Award for Craftmanship 2009
  • 1st PRIZE The Society of Bookbinders Biennial Competition + The Portnal Award 2001
  • 1st PLACE International Snow-Fest Sculpting Competition 02

Danny Flynn (born August 4, 1964), is an established and D&AD award winning designer and printer in both the fine art and commercial fields, specialising in limited edition book design and illustration, and letterpress and screen-printing disciplines. His success in the field of design, typography and printing led to him being commissioned to work in post-production design for the opening title sequence of the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe Hollywood film Gladiator.[1]

Born and educated in Bradford, Flynn qualified from Bradford College Art School (where he was taught life drawing in the same class where local student David Hockney was once also tutored) with a diploma in graphic design and advertising. Flynn went on to study at Hounslow Borough College, London, studying graphic design and typography. After first working in advertising, he further developed his interest in traditional printing methods and later used his acquired skills to win prestigious design and print awards.


Artistic Collaborations

As well as successful career based on his solo work, Flynn also has a history
of productive partnerships with other established artists from other disciplines,
such as writers, book binders, fashion designers and photographers, among them,
Eri Funazaki, Flora McLean (House Of Flora) and Derek Ridgers.

Eri Funazaki

His series of highly detailed and finely bound books created in partnership with award winning Japanese bookbinder, Eri Funazaki,[2][3] are Included in private and public collections such as the Tate Gallery, The Yale Collection of British Art, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, and The Miniature Book Collection, New York.

In 2010, Art@Ketchum Pleon announced an exhibition of handmade book works by Funazaki and Flynn. Each book had been printed by hand using individual metal type (known as letterpress) and embellished with blind and gold tooling. All of the books were handbound using “design binding,” a mix of traditional and modern bookbinding methods. The alphabet prints in the exhibition were taken from one of the books, 28 Characters. Also shown were new letterpress and screen-printed work and a series of bronze sculptures depicting 'a little man struggling with his existence'.

In an interview with the gallery, Flynn said of the work, “It is more an exercise in unlocking each psychological narrative that Eri has already suggested pictorially.”

This long-standing relationship with Funazaki has yielded two 1st prize awards:

(1) The Institute of Bookbinders Award for Craftsmanship, in The Society of Bookbinders Competition: Winner of the Complete Book Category, 2009.
(2) The Society of Bookbinders Biennial Bookbinding Competition and winner of The Portnal Award, 2001.[4][5]
The award winning work of the design partnership of Eri Funazaki
and Danny Flynn

House Of Flora

His work for the designer Flora McLean at House Of Flora saw Flynn laser-cutting typography onto rubber for garments and accessories for a piece entitled Dress No.2, which was rated a great success at the 2009 London Fashion Week. The designs were featured in Vogue and a film of the work, Letterhead, can be seen on the Vogue website.[6] An interview with Flynn for Print Week described the event:[7]

"While rapper Kanye West was spotted living it up at a Luella show, and Sienna Miller hogged the headlines when she unveiled her own line of clothing, one person that escaped the glare of the paparazzi at London Fashion Week, but managed to catch the attention of fashionistas was Flora McLean, head designer at House of Flora.

"With the help of Danny Flynn of Astonish Me Press, McLean created fashion accessories and jewelery inspired by letterpress printing – with a twist! The designs could also be used to print with and came with their own inking pots so the wearer could quite literally print on the go. Rubber embossed belts turned into rollers along with laser cut roller handbags and cuffs bearing laser-cut text. I caught up with printer Danny Flynn following a lecture that he gave at the London College of Communication last week. Subjects up for discussion included his fascination with a dying art form, his Stella Artois commissions and the work that he undertook on the Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator."[8]

Film of Danny Flynn and Flora McLean’s Letterpress design dress:[9] http://houseofflora.blogspot.com/2009/08/letterhead-fashion-film-httpwww.html [10]

Letterhead - A fashion Film (featuring dress no 2):

"This film is another collaboration with Ponyboy films, promoting the House of Flora autumn winter collection 2009. There are a series of rubber and felt pieces with debossed type . Much of the decoration on the hats and jewelery, belts and bags are usable printing tools. This work was designed alongside typographer and printer Danny Flynn. Dress no 2 features in the film, a navy wool gabardine, hand finished naval evening dress with detachable sleeves. This film was shown on Showstudio and has been chosen to be part of the Diane Pernet film festival at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in October 2009."

House Of Flora - Letterdress-belt.jpg

Derek Ridgers - Every Bodies Enemies

Danny Flynn’s history of collaborating with other artists continued into 2010 with a series of screen-prints using the rock star and film maker portraits of well known portrait photographer Derek Ridgers and the text of writer, Marcus Georgio. Unusually, the prints used various everyday powders - sugar, salt, custard and raspberry powder, etc. - and the exhibition, Every Bodies Enemies was held at Ketchum Pleon as part of their Art@Ketchum Pleon project.[11][12]

"Every Bodies Enemies is Flynn's interpretation of a dozen of Ridgers' celebrity photographs, including Kylie Minogue, Dennis Hopper, David Lynch, Nick Cave, John Lee Hooker, Henry Rollins, Keith Richards, Frank Zappa, and Elvis Costello among others, producing a series of powerful screen prints juxtaposing image and typography to achieve a stunning and poignant effect aimed at revealing the mystery of the celebrity's look, pose and thoughts at the moment when the picture was taken. Any spectator, therefore, feels like a voyeur gazing through a keyhole into a secret and fascinating celebrity world. Some of the prints employ a unique technique which enables the application of different coatings, such as raspberry custard powder (David Lynch), and sugar (Nick Cave)."[13]

In an interview with Press Week, Flynn stated:

"I am also in the process of producing screen prints of Derek Ridgers photographs. Ridgers chronicled punk and the 80s. I’m experimenting with different powders, and salts. So I’m producing a photograph of Kylie Minogue using milk, as well as metal powders. This is done by putting the powders on the screenprint while it’s still wet."

Danny - Lynch.JPG

Danny-prints small.jpg

Snow sculpting

Though print and design are Flynn’s core disciplines, he has also worked in areas as diverse fashion design, mural design and painting, graffiti design, and also ice sculpture. He captained the Great British ice sculpting team three times,[14] during 2002 and 2004, in The International Snow Sculpture Championship and The International Snowfest Sculpting Competition in the US and Canada, respectively - being awarded the 1st prize in 2002 Snowfest competition in Ontario for the sculpture entitled 'Urgh'.

Danny Flynn captaining the award winning British snow sculpture team in Canada


  • 2009 - 1st Prize.
With Eri Funazaki. Work title: '28 Characters'.
The Institute of Bookbinders Award for Craftsmanship, in The Society of Bookbinders Competition.
Professional category. Complete Book Award.
  • 2007 - D&AD Award.[1]
Work title: 'Block'.
Graphic Design Posters category. Letterpress print for a Stella Artois national advertising campaign. Commissioned by Lowe, London. -
  • 2002 - 1st place.
Sculpture title: 'Urgh'.
Captain of 3 snow sculptors representing Great Britain in The International Snowfest Sculpting Competition, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
Carving from a 8 foot x 8 foot block of compressed snow.
  • 2001 - 1st Prize.[4]
With Eri Funazaki. Work title: 'Life in a Box'.
Winner of the Complete Book Category, The Society of Bookbinders Biennial Bookbinding Competition and winner of The Portnal Award.

Lecturing, teaching and research

Danny Flynn - ink 1.JPG


Flynn has also lectured, taught, researched, and presented talks and workshops at Middlesex University (as Visiting Lecturer in Graphic Design, Fashion, Design, Styling and Promotion, Illustration and Interior Architecture; Visiting Lecturer in letterpress; Research Associate in Bookworks, Letterpress and Print), Hastings College of Art & Design (as Visiting Lecturer in Art and Design), the London College of Communication[15] and London Metropolitan University (as Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art).

Flynn's research has been published in the UK, the US and Germany in The International Journal of the Arts in Society; Bound and Lettered, Artists’ Books, Bookbinding, Papercraft and Calligraphy;[16] The Blue Notebook;[17] Designer Bookbinders Contemporary Book Arts Newsletter of The Designer Bookbinders; Book Arts Newsletter;[18] and Book Arts Newsletter.[19]

He has also lectured in both the UK and Germany for, among others, The Children’s Trust Charity, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, The Art Workers Guild and The International Conference on Technology in Berlin.


Danny - Hopper.jpg

Danny Flynn’s work as a designer, writer, and letterpress and screenprinter has been exhibited internationally since 1995 from America to Japan, in cities such as London, New York, Tokyo and San Francisco, and in galleries such as The Tate, The Saatchi Gallery, The Barbican Centre, MoDA, Chaucer Centre and Ketchum Pleon. Flynn’s work has also been exhibited in public spaces such as Waterstones and Selfridges, and also as a series of letterpress poetry posters on the London Underground.


  • AL-MUTANNABBI STREET BROADSIDES - tour 2010-2011. A coalition of printmakers whose work commemorated the bombing of the Al-Mutanabbi bookselling district in Baghdad. Danny Flynn/Nick Smart piece: The Past Is Our Culture/ Remember The Future.[20][21]
  • FUNAZAKI & FLYNN - Ketchum Pleon, Shoreditch, UK. An exhibition of the handbound and handprinted books of Eri Funazaki and Danny Flynn. 18 November 2010 - 7th Jan 2011.[22][23][24]
  • EVERY BODIES ENEMIES - Ketchum Pleon, Shoreditch, UK. 12 Screen-prints of rock stars and film makers using the photographs of Derek Ridgers. Sponsor: G. F Smith papers. 2010
  • DENTAID CAMPAIGN FOR WORLD WIDE SMILES - The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK. An exhibition of works donated by artists in aid of Dentaid. Launch November 2010.[23][24][25][26][27]
  • LIFE OUT OF A BOX - Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, UK. With Eri Funzaki. The 6th Designer Bookbinders exhibition. 2010.
  • UNTITLED - Coalition Headquarters, San Francisco, US. Letterpress printed broadside commemorating the bombing on al-Mutanabbi Street on March 5, 2007. 2009.
  • A MECURIAL DESIRE - Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, UK. With Eri Funzaki. The 5th Designer Bookbinders exhibition. 2009.[28]
  • 28 CHARACTERS - Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, UK. With Eri Funzaki. The 4th Designer Bookbinders exhibition. 2008.
  • STEPPING OUT OF A BOX - Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, UK. With Eri Funzaki. The 3rd Designer Bookbinders exhibition. 2007.
  • LIFE IN A BOX - Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, UK. With Eri Funzaki. The 2nd Designer Bookbinders exhibition. 2005.
  • UNTITLED - Selfridges, Oxford Circus, UK. With Eri Funazaki. 2005


Selected books by Danny Flynn[29][30]

  • INK [31]- by Danny Flynn and Eri Unawake - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ink-Danny-Flynn/dp/0953908038
  • Life Out of a Box - by Danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. A fine bound artists’ book. 2010. Edition of 5.
  • A Mercurial Desire - by Danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. A fine bound artists’ book. Including bronze figure. 2009. Edition of 5. 2009
  • 28 Characters - by danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. A fine hinge bound artists’ book. Including bronze figure. 2008. Edition of 5
  • Stepping Out of a Box - by Danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. A non-adhesive binding. Boxed. 2007 . Edition of 15.
  • Lino Coots (boxed) - by Danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. 2005. Edition of 3.
  • Ink [31] - by Danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. 2001. Edition of 65.
  • Life in a Box (Artists’ Box Edition)[32] - by Danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. 2001. Edition: 5.
  • Life in a Box (Fine Bound Edition)[33] - by Danny Flynn with Eri Funazaki. A fine bound artists’ book. With 12 mono coloured zinc plate etchings. 2001. Edition of 5.[31]
  • Smoke Signals [34] - by Danny Flynn. A live performance video filmed by the Barbican Arts Centre, London. 1999.
  • The Hill / La Colina [35] - by Danny Flynn with Anne Davies. 1999. Edition of 50.
  • The First Daisy on the Lawn - by Danny Flynn. 1997. Edition of 28.[36]
  • Untitled, Volume 2. - by Danny Flynn. 1997. Edition: 100.
  • Untitled, Volume 1. [37] - by Danny Flynn. 1996. Edition: 100.
  • Untitled - by Danny Flynn. 1993. Edition: 60.
  • The Bed and ‘It’ Collapsed [38] - by Danny Flynn with Abigail Edgar. 1991. 1st Edition: 80. / 2nd Edition: 40.

Selected books featuring the work of Danny Flynn:

  • Pataphysics - 1st English translation of Jean Baudrillard’s 1960’s paper on Pataphysics. Letterpress printed pamphlet. 2005. Edition: 144. (25 signed by Baudrillard).
  • Prickling Counterpoints, Selected Poetry and Prose - by David Russell. Lithographic printed paperback. 1997. Edition: 1000.
  • Alphabet Soup, The Recipe for Success - Artists’ book mailer letterpress printed in salt and pepper and tomato soup powder. Commissioned by Alphabet Soup typographic designers, Clerkenwell, London. 1996. Edition: approximately: 80
  • Words of a Wandering Pen - Poetry by Henry Harper Amos. Lithographic and letterpress printed booklet. 1996. Edition: 500.
  • Public Dreams - The Sculpture Work of Jeff Higley. Letterpress printed booklet. 1994. Edition: 50
  • A History of The Lord Nelson - Illustrations by Abigail Edgar. Text by J. A. Heginbottom. Lithographic and letterpress printed booklet of local history. 1992. Edition: 1000.

Commercial work

  • 2009 - Letterdress No.2 - with Flora McLean of House Of Flora. Design consultation and manufacturing laser-cut typographic printable rubber fashion accessories for House of Flora.
  • 2008 - Peeterman 4% Larger - Commissioned letterpress print by Lowe, London for a Stella Artois national advertising campaign. UK.
  • 2007 - Block - Commissioned letterpress print from laser-cut blocks for a Stella Artois national advertising campaign. Lowe, London. UK.
  • 2002 - Ice sculpting sessions - with Croydon College art students. Exhibited at Croydon Clocktower, South London. UK.
  • 2001 - Mural painting. Commissioned by Groundwork Landscape Architects, West London. UK.
  • 2000 - Mural painting. Incorporating 3d sculptures. Commissioned by The Mill House Ecology Center, South London. UK.
  • 2000 - Drawings and stencil cut designs for spray-painting. As part of a team building exercise for Haymarket Publishing. Commissioned Groundwork Landscape West London. UK.
  • 1999 - Ridley Scott’s film Gladiator. Assistant to Nick Livesy in post production for opening and title of the movie. DreamWorks & Universal Pictures. UK & US.

Research articles

Danny Flynn
Research field trip
North Africa, 2010
  • 2010 - (Berlin). A research paper is being submitted to The International Journal of the Arts in Society.
  • 2009 - (UK). Interview by Printweek.com 20 March. Article title: On Canvas. Letterpress print proves popular at London Fashion Week.
  • 2009 - (US). Published article in Bound and Lettered, Artists’ Books, Bookbinding, Papercraft and Calligraphy. Volume 7. No 4. Pages 16 – 22.
    Article title: Collaboration. http://www.johnnealbooks.com/downloads/bl7-4.pdf
  • 2008 - (UK). Published refereed journal: The Blue Notebook. Volume 3. No 1. October. Pages 38 – 45. Article title: Laser Cutting With Character.
    ISBN 1751 - 1712 (Print). ISSN 1751 - 1720 (Online).
  • 2008 - (UK). Published article in Designer Bookbinders Contemporary Book Arts Newsletter of The Designer Bookbinders, Spring No 142. Pages 8 – 9.
    Feature article title: Laser Cutting and Letterpress.
  • 2007 - (UK). Book Arts Newsletter, No38. November/December. UWE Bristol, School of Creative Arts, Department of Art and Design.
    ISSN 1754-9078 (Print). ISSN 1754-9086 (Online).
  • 2005 - (UK). Book Arts Newsletter. No 20. August. Wooden Type Survey. http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/newspdfs/20.pdf

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