List of characters in Chrono Cross

List of characters in Chrono Cross
Serge (center) with some of the playable characters of Chrono Cross.
First row: Mojo, Macha, Doc, Mel, Guile, Sprigg, and Starky.
Second row: Razzly, Glenn, Leena, Kid, Nikki, and Sneff.
Third row: Van, Harle, Norris, Radius, Irenes, and Pierre.
Fourth row: Draggy, Greco, Luccia, Korcha, Janice, Zappa, and Poshul.
Bottom left: Pip. Bottom right: NeoFio.

The following are characters from the PlayStation game Chrono Cross.

Creation and influences

Chrono Cross was initially set to have 64 playable characters. Chrono Cross director and scenario writer Masato Kato eventually conceived 45 characters, which were then drawn by character designer Nobuteru Yūki. The backgrounds of some minor characters were left to members of the staff.[1]

Playable characters

Main characters


Serge (セルジュ Seruju?) is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross. Like several other console RPG main characters, Serge's dialogue isn't shown on screen. He is an uncomplicated youth from Arni Village, a small fishing town on the south part of the El Nido Archipelago's central island. His journey begins when he is abruptly swept through a dimensional rift into Another World, in which he meets a young thief named Kid. This sets the wheels in motion that will determine the truth behind Serge, his relationship with Lynx, and the future of the parallel worlds.

In his youth, Serge had been attacked by a panther demon. To save his son, Serge's father Wazuki attempted to sail to Marbule to find a cure for the panther's poison. He and Miguel set out during a storm and ended up in the Sea of Eden, and entered Chronopolis. There, Serge was exposed to the Frozen Flame and healed. After the storm passed, Serge was listed by the Prometheus Circuit as an "Arbiter", the highest security level of Chronopolis and was the only life form able to access the flame, hindering FATE's ability to control El Nido. It is revealed later that Schala sensed Serge's cry throughout time and in her effort to reach Serge she inadvertedly created the storm which led him to Chronopolis. In order to access the flame and stop the Prometheus Circuit, allowing FATE to have total control over El Nido, FATE needed a physical form, and uploaded its mind into Wazuki, as well as changed Wazuki's appearance to that of a humanoid panther since Serge developed a phobia toward felines after the panther attack. In Another World, Serge was drowned by Lynx in the year 1010 AD at the age of seven. The Home World was in fact created as a result of Kid traveling back in time after the events of Chrono Cross to save Serge from Lynx.

Serge uses the "swallow", a combination of two wide, curved blades on opposite ends of a pole resembling the tail feathers of a common bird, the swallow (apparently, a kind of double-bladed eku). After beating Dario later in the game, Serge can obtain the corrupted Masamune. To keep out of trouble, the spirits of Masa, Mune, and Doreen then combine with Serge's sea swallow to form the Mastermune, the same swallow featured on the CD cover of Chrono Cross. Because of this, the sea swallow cannot be sold or disassembled for parts as others' starting weapons can.

In the Satellaview sequel to Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, Serge is a traveling musician and part of the band of thieves, the Radical Dreamers. Serge, however, is no longer silent and shows a greater affection for Kid than he does in Chrono Cross.


Kid (キッド Kiddo?) is a protagonist in the game, a member of the band of thieves known as the Radical Dreamers. She first comes to Serge's aid when he is attacked by Karsh, Solt, and Peppor on Cape Howl. Depending on the player's choices, she may then join the party there, later, or not actually join the party at all for the entire game duration. Whether Kid joins the party on Cape Howl or not, she directs Serge in the direction of Termina, Viper Manor, and her evil foe Lynx. This sparks her extensive role in the storyline.

It is revealed late in the game that Kid was raised in an orphanage owned by the scientific genius of Chrono Trigger, Lucca. It is also revealed that Kid is actually the daughter-clone of Schala. During the fall of Zeal, Schala was thrown into Lavos's dimension. She became one with the alien parasite, and in the wake of its defeat became the entity known as the Devourer of Time. In the darkness beyond time, Schala heard the cries of Serge in 1010 AD when he is drowned by Lynx, and asexually gave birth to a daughter clone of herself sometime during 1004 AD. Lucca finds this baby and raises her in her orphanage. An added movie sequence in the PlayStation and Nintendo DS re-releases of Chrono Trigger shows Lucca finding Kid. Kid then joins Serge in the adventure of Chrono Cross, and then travels back in time to save Serge from being drowned by Lynx. In the ending credits, she seemed to be seen wandering in some unspecified modern locations and a photograph shows her older and married to Serge.

Alternate characters named Serge, Kid, Lynx, and Riddel appear the Chrono Trigger side story Radical Dreamers. In Chronopolis in Chrono Cross, there is an excerpt from Radical Dreamers in a computer module. If this module is read, the side story is suggested to be taking place in a distinct dimension other than Chrono Cross' one.[2] She speaks with an Australian accent, as indicated by her use of several Australian slang terms such as bugger, bloke, and sheila.


Lynx, known as Yamaneko (ヤマネコ Yamaneko?, "Wildcat") in the Japanese version, serves as one of several antagonists in Chrono Cross. A feline demihuman, Lynx is Kid's archenemy. Lynx appears to have insight on Serge's current situation, far more than Serge does himself. He is known to be seeking the legendary Frozen Flame, and at the start of the game, he has been living among the Dragoons of Viper Manor. For reasons unknown to Serge, Lynx is actively seeking him out.

Lynx is merely using the Dragoons to acquire the Dragon Tear from Viper Manor. Lynx and Serge cross paths a few times, with Lynx repeatedly making cryptic references to things as of yet unknown to the player, such as Serge's status as a "Chrono Trigger". As stated in the previous game and later in Chrono Cross, the definition of a Chrono Trigger is "pure potential"; to be more accurate, the potential for altering history according to one's dream. In a dramatic sequence in Fort Dragonia, Lynx manages to possess Serge's body and to trap Serge in his own, effectively becoming Dark Serge. The game continues from there, the player using Lynx's body and his skills. Dark Serge quickly becomes a scourge, tarnishing Serge’s reputation, and placing Kid under a spell, forcing her to follow him.

Once back in his Home dimension, Serge in Lynx's body realizes that Lynx once inhabited Home World as well; he served as an agent of the militarist nation of Porre and helped overtake El Nido. As such, he is highly unpopular among the residents of El Nido. Still, Lynx has not been seen for many years as he had actually led the Acacia Dragoons to be trapped in the Dead Sea while searching for the Frozen Flame. Lynx is not actually seen, but it is confirmed by series creator Masato Kato in the Ultimania Guide that Lynx did go to the Dead Sea with Harle and died there. After the player succeeds in giving Serge a new human body (he is literally "reborn" as his true self), the player enters the Chronopolis and defeats Dark Serge and FATE.

Near the end of the game, Lynx is revealed to have been Wazuki, Serge's father, brainwashed and shapeshifted by by FATE. When the young Serge was bitten by a panther demon, Wazuki and his friend Miguel sailed to meet the Sage at Marbule. The violent storm caused by the Lavos-fused Schala threw them off course and they ended up in the Sea of Eden. Due to the storm, FATE, the supercomputer which controls Chronopolis, shut down temporarily. Serge was healed by the Frozen Flame but was at the same time chosen as the Arbiter of Time between Lavos and the beings of the planet. Wazuki's mind was eroded by his fears, catalyzed by gazing into the Flame. Wazuki and Serge returned to Arni, while Miguel remained trapped as FATE rebooted. Despite their return, Wazuki's mind eventually succumbed to FATE; he was turned into the physical manifestation of Serge’s greatest fear, a humanoid panther, and was instructed to drown Serge in order for FATE to regain control of the Frozen Flame. However, it was not sufficient, as the Flame's chamber is sealed by another defense mechanism. In 1015 AD, Lynx and his assistant Harle attempt to persuade Lucca into unlocking the defense mechanism, Prometheus. As Lucca does not comply, they burn down her home and orphanage. This event can be witnessed later in the game, through time travel. Serge watches the scene and meets Kid, before returning to his own time.

In Radical Dreamers, Lynx is the main antagonist. He resides in Viper Manor, and is the adoptive father of Riddel. In this version, Lynx is already in possession of the Frozen Flame, but is also looking for the Chrono Trigger (Time Egg). In one of the alternate scenarios of the New Game + mode, Lynx's true form is a green alien octopus called the Martian Conjurer, as revealed by Gil; and in another, it is revealed that he had an illegitimate daughter named Shea that he sacrificed for occult practices (which is presumably part of the reason he murdered Lucca and destroyed Kid's home in this dimension). In some of these alternate scenarios, Lynx dies.


Harle (ツクヨミ Tsukuyomi?) is a minor antagonist with ambiguous motives; while she strays closely towards redemption, circumstances and her own destiny will not allow it. In the US version of the game, her speech is written with a French accent and is often interspersed with French words.

As her name suggests, Harle is a harlequin jester. Harle, in the beginning, appears primarily as a gadfly, taunting and distracting Serge and his party, and interfering with their plans, intermixed with flirtations directed at Serge. She wears full costume throughout the game, including a large horned hat and heavy facepaint. Her physical disguise and painted smile convey symbolically to the viewer that she is playing a role. She has some similarities and connections to the character Kid.

Early in the game, Harle works with Lynx against Serge and his party. However, she eventually befriends Serge, which confuses the player as to where her interests lie. After Lynx switches bodies with Serge, Harle finds Serge in the bizarre, cartoonish world in which he has found himself and tries to convince him that he is really Lynx and has never been Serge. When he emerges into solid reality (in the Home World), Harle accompanies "Monsieur Lynx" as he struggles to discover the fate of Kid and find another Dragon Tear to return to normal. Shortly before Serge recovers his true form, Harle departs from the group with decidedly mixed feelings and resumes her own mysterious quest. The party meets up with her one last time, inside the Chronopolis. There, finally deciding to change her ways, she tries to convince Kid to leave the Frozen Flame be, for reasons that were unknown. Kid takes the Frozen Flame anyway, thus unintentionally breaking the seal of the six Dragons, allowing them to merge into the legendary Dragon God to wreak havoc upon humans as it had once before; Harle then snatches the Frozen Flame and leaves, never to be seen again.

Later, the Time Prophet reveals that she was really the "Dark Moon Dragon" created by the six Dragons under the cover of a storm that knocked out FATE's motherboard system 18 years prior. From then on her mission was to spy on Lynx and find a way to release their seal—meaning that Harle was never aligned with Lynx, and that she serves the Time Devourer(name given to the six merged dragons in English language versions, not the creature fought as the final boss), but she was having second thoughts. By the time she found the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis she knew what would happen to both her and Serge, so she attempted to guard it from Lynx and Kid, but failed; her fate after the Dragon God's rebirth is not clearly revealed, although one of the endings reveal that she did not merge with the Dragon God, as the other dragons did.

It is suspected by some that Harle is a dark reflection of Kid. They share vital stats, her facial structure seems almost identical to Kid's beneath her heavy makeup, and when speaking to the psychic in Termina, both characters receive the same fortune. It is revealed near the end of the game that Harle shares a link with the Time Devourer, the mutated form of Schala, Kid's "mother". The nature of the link between the two characters remain speculatory, but the existence of this link was confirmed by series creator Masato Kato in the Ultimania Guide.[3]

Acacia Dragoons

The Acacia Dragoons are an army of knights who protect Viper's Manor and the town of Termina. Seven characters related to the Acacia Dragoons can join Serge's party: Viper, Karsh, Zoah, Marcy, Glenn, and Riddel, from Another World; and Radius, from Home World. The first four are initially collaborating with Lynx in the hope of finding the Frozen Flame, while the other three have doubts about Lynx's motives. They all automatically join Serge's party after Lynx's betrayal, except for Glenn who can be missed depending on the branch taken in the story. In Home World, the Acacia Dragoons, except for Radius, are frozen in time in the Dead Sea, having been led there by Lynx three years before the events of the game.[4]


General Viper, called Jyakotu Taisa (蛇骨大佐 Jakotsu Taisa?, lit. Colonel Snakebone) in the Japanese version, is the 56-year-old hereditary lord of El Nido and leader of the Acacia Dragoons. He served on the Zenan continent as one of the four former Dragoon Devas, the highest rank of the Acacia Dragoons, from 1003 AD until his retirement, sometime after 1005 AD[5][6][7] Serge faces him in battle once during the game. He is portrayed as a monotheist and a rightful lord.[8] According to Radius, Viper seeks the Frozen Flame to overthrow the nation of Porre and create a peaceful world similar to the defunct kingdom of Guardia.[6] An optional dialogue in which Viper faces his statue in Termina has him expressing regrets and claiming that he is "just a fool chasing his own desires".[9]


Karsh (カーシュ Kāshu?) is a 27-year-old man and one of the four Dragoon Devas. In 1017 AD, Karsh and his childhood friend Dario were sent on a mission to investigate the Isle of the Damned, but the expedition resulted in Dario's apparent death. In a flashback, Karsh considers the possibility that he might have killed Dario out of jealousy over fighting skills and Dario's engagement to Riddel. However, a sidequest reveals that Karsh only acted in self-defense, as Dario was possessed by the evil sword Masamune. Karsh is fought as an antagonist twice during the game. He is portrayed as rough but honorable, and usually refers to Serge as "junior".[10][11] During development, a design of Karsh wearing full armor was rejected for not fitting the game's atmosphere.[12]


Zoah (ゾア Zoa?) is a 28-year-old man and one of the four Dragoon Devas. He constantly wears an iron helmet to cover his face due to a war injury.[13] He rejects wealth and power and has chosen to dedicate his life to battle,[14] although the fortune teller in Termina senses "deep sadness" beneath his helmet.[15] Zoah is fought as an antagonist once or twice depending on the story branch. In the English version of the game, his dialogue lines are all written in capital letters. During development, Zoah was meant to be "the prince of a certain country", watching over the protagonists' actions and wearing the helmet not due to an injury but to hide his true identity. However, because of time constraints, the event hinting at this was not implemented and his backstory altered.[13]


Marcy, called Marcella (マルチェラ Maruchera?) in the Japanese version, is a 9-year-old girl and one of the four Dragoon Devas. Although she appears human, she is actually the daughter of Fargo and a demi-human, Zelbess. Marcy was saved soon after birth by Luccia, on the Zenan continent, and raised by her from a distance due to Zelbess' death and Fargo believing that the baby did not survive.[16] Marcy knows that she has demi-human blood but has not come to term with it.[17] She initially abhors Serge and faces him in battle twice, but apologizes to him when Lynx betrays the Acacia Dragoons. Her original name during development was Rachel.[12]


Glenn, called Grenn (グレン Guren?) in the Japanese version, is a 20-year-old Acacia Dragoon apprentice. His disordered hair is described as that of a "zealous hero" by the developers.[12] Unlike most other dragoons, he follows his own moral sense and is willing to break military regulations depending on the stakes.[18] After the death of his father Garai, he and his brother Dario were looked after by Radius. Since Dario's apparent death, Glenn has been trying to follow his brother's footsteps as a dragoon.[19] If the Einlanzer swords from both dimensions are retrieved, Glenn is able to dual wield the two in battle. He is portrayed as sweet and popular among the people of Termina, with a growing maturity that surprises those who knew him as a kid.[20] He bears the same name as the character nicknamed Frog from Chrono Trigger, but has different origins.


Riddel, called Riddle (リデル Rideru?) in the Japanese version, is not an Acacia Dragoon but is associated with them as the 24-year-old daughter of General Viper. She was engaged to her childhood friend Dario and has been heavy-hearted ever since his apparent death.[21][22] Her presence is required in a sidequest to restore Dario's memories, who survived in Home World. At the end of the sidequest, Dario decides to rebuild the destroyed Viper's Manor and Riddel suggests that they make it an orphanage.[23] Riddel is portrayed as a kind and beautiful woman.[24]


Radius (ラディウス Radiusu?) is a 62-year-old retired Dragoon Deva. Starting in 1003 AD, he and the previous group of Dragoon Devas served on the Zenan continent, where he and his friend Garai eventually found the lost Masamune sword sometime after 1005 AD. This resulted in Radius assassinating Garai in a fit of jealousy partly induced by the cursed sword. Radius discarded the sword and kept the cause of death to himself, retiring from fighting to look after Garai's sons, Dario and Glenn, until Dario became a Dragoon Deva.[6][7] In Another World, Radius then left the world's affairs to live in the Hermit's Hideaway, while in Home World he moved to the village of Arni and became the village chief. When Serge, in the body of Lynx, returns to Arni, Radius engages him in battle before realizing he is not the real Lynx. He is portrayed as a skilled, knowledgeable retired warrior.[25]

Residents of Arni


Leena, called Rena (レナ Rena?) in the Japanese version, is a 16-year-old childhood friend of Serge. She is very close to him but she does not consider themselves to be a couple.[26][27] As children, the two made a promise of some sort at Opassa Beach.[28] When Serge meets the Leena from Another World, she does not believe him to be the dead Serge but a boy with memory disorder; she joins the player's party to help him recover, provided the player has not recruited Kid at that point. Although her description in the status screen is "Sweet Country Gal", her brother Una, in both dimensions, points out that she is prone to temper tantrums.[29][30]


Poshul (ポシュル Poshuru?) is a talking female dog who belongs to Leena. She talks with a lisp and refers to Serge as "Sergeipoo". She is the only character who can be recruited from either of the two dimensions. She is portrayed as a heavy eater, whose favorite food is Heckran bones.[31][32]

Residents of Termina


Zappa (ザッパ?) is a blacksmith from the town of Termina. Karsh, one of General Viper's 4 Dragoon Devas, is his son. The Zappa from the Home World joins forces with Serge, and when he is united with the Zappa from Another World, they can work together, allowing Serge to forge the Rainbow weapons—the strongest weapons in the game, with the exceptions of the dual Einlanzers and of the Mastermune (in practice). Zappa has a Scottish accent.


Pierre (ピエール Piēru?) is one of three possible guides that can be recruited in order to gain entry Viper Manor. If he is recruited, Serge must enter Viper Manor through its gate, which involves defeating several guards and the Shaker Brothers, who are this time accompanied by Ketchop. Pierre speaks with a French accent, although at times he seems to drop it. He is something of a dandy. A character named Pierre appeared in Chrono Trigger as a lawyer at Crono's trial, but there is no evidence to suggest any connection between the two Pierres. However, Pierre's final tech skill, "Slap of Cyrus", references Cyrus, the "great hero" from the Middle Ages in Chrono Trigger.

He is a parody of Tata, from Chrono Trigger, somewhat of a false hero.


Skelly (スカール Sukāru?, Skull) is a skeleton clown whose bones are scattered around the archipelago. The player must re-assemble him so that he may visit his grandmother. Depending on when you reassemble him, you will have to go through a few events before you can come back and recruit him into your party.


Van (バンクリフ Bankurifu?, Vancliff) experiences inconsistency amongst his two personas; this is likely done to emphasize the differences between the two dimensions. In Another World, he and his family are rich and live in a mansion in Termina. In the Home World, however, his family is poor and they live in a small house occupying exactly the same spot as the mansion. To make things worse, Van's father is under threat of eviction. The Van from the Home World joins forces with Serge after hearing that he is searching for the Frozen Flame. Van and his father, Gogh, are named after the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Like the real-life painter, Van and his father possess artistic talent and have unhappy lives. Van's alternate personas are just one of the examples of how particular aspects of the game differ drastically, while the world stays roughly the same as a whole. While the circumstances are different, Van is not happy either way. In Another World, Van's father is too occupied with acquiring more wealth to pay attention to his son. In the Homeworld, Van and his father struggle to make ends meet.


Greco (ジルベルト Jiruberuto?, Gilberto) is a former wrestler, who performs several religious duties in the town of Termina, most of which are linked to death. His hut is located just east of the main portion of the town, along the bay. He wears a mask and cape similar to that of a luchador, and he also uses Spanish words as part of his vocabulary. Prior to the events of the game, his best friend, a man named Ghetz, was killed in some sort of accident which Greco may or may not have been involved, but the experience led him to his current path in life. Before the opportunity in which he may be recruited, he is actually on an exorcism assignment in Fossil Valley, presumably to get rid of Skelly, whose possessed skull is found there by Serge. When Greco can be recruited, the player witnesses him performing a funeral service. His U.S. name, especially combined with Ghetz's young sister, whom he watches over, Romana, is a pun on Greco-Roman wrestling, while his Japanese name is a reference to wrestler Astrud Gilberto.

Residents of Guldove


Korcha (コルチャ Korucha?) is a troublemaker in the town of Termina, but when Kid is poisoned, he is there to rescue her as she falls from a Viper Manor balcony. He becomes enamoured with Kid, and helps Serge find the Hydra Humour needed to cure her. During a negotiation over the use of his boat, Korcha surprisingly proposes to Kid, but no answer is given at the time.


Macha (ママチャ Mamacha?, Mamacha) is a playable character in Chrono Cross, with red innate abilities. She has two children, Korcha and Mel. She offers to assist Serge if the player chooses not to save Kid.

Macha uses kitchen utensils as weapons, as well as her own rear end in one of her special attacks.


Mel (メル Meru?) is Korcha's adopted little sister, and she is known for doodling with her crayons and having little to do with anyone around her. When Kid recovers from her poisoning at the hands of Lynx, Mel steals her elements during the night, but leaves behind evidence indicating that she is the thief. Korcha outsmarts Mel, and with Serge's help, surrounds her, and she is forced to return Kid's elements to her.


Orcha (オーチャ Ōcha?) is the cook at Viper Manor, and remains there when the Acacians relocate to Ft. Dragonia. The Porre Military made him ingest Quaffid seeds, and then transformed him into the Hell's Cook to have him torture Riddel, but he is defeated by Serge, when he arrives in Lynx's body. He reverts to normal, and joins forces with Serge. Despite the fact that he talks similar to Korcha and has a similar name, there is no evidence that the two are related, nor do they even appear to know each other.


Orlha (オルハ Oruha?) is a resident of Guldove, she is a bartender at the bar under the element shop, and when the Porre military arrives to take over the island, she puts up a strong resistance using "Drunken Kickboxing" style fighting. Finally, Serge arrives, and because he is in Lynx's form, the Porre officers identify him as an ally. He then fights with and defeats Orlha, but he also commands all of the Porre soldiers to leave, thus preventing her from being taken prisoner. Orlha then joins forces with him when he returns to his original form. She had a twin sister, Tia, whom she spent most of her life trying to find. However, it was only in the other world she found her sister, dying. Though Orlha felt sad about it, Tia remained at her sister's side in spirit, and, in her final tech, she attacks with the spirit of her sister behind her.


As his "name" suggests, Doc (ドク Doku?) is a doctor, practicing in his hometown of Guldove. When Kid is poisoned by Lynx's dagger, she ends up under his care. He tells Serge that he cannot save Kid without Hydra Humour, and she has but days to live. If Serge decides to leave Kid to her fate, Doc can be recruited. Doc fights with a dagger, but his upgrade is Shot. Doc speaks in surfer lingo, and his tech skills reference this as well.


Steena (スティーナ Sutīna?) is Direa's pupil from Guldove and helps Serge find the "Chrono Cross", as well as assisting him in recovering his former body back after its was switched with Lynx's. She is careful to never reveal too much about herself to Serge, but she is known to guard the Dragon Tear in Guldove. Her tech skills involve her summoning the souls of characters who are known to have died during the game, this includes her mentor, Direa, the Hydra from the marshes, and Glenn's father, Garai.



Irenes (イレーネス Irēnesu?) is a mermaid, and hails from the town of Marbule. In the Home World, her main goal is to convince Fargo to help save Marbule from the creatures that have taken up residence in the town. Irenes's sister, Zelbess, fell in love with Fargo. Tragically, Zelbess died. Because of that, Fargo became vindictive against demihumans and forced them to work as slave labour on his cruise ship, ironically named after Zelbess. Irenes still lives in Marbule, alone, and weeps at night for her sister. When Serge comes to see her, she sees a way out of her sad predicament and follows him to the S.S. Zelbess. All of the vowels in her dialogue have umlauts on them.


Janice (ジャネス Janesu?, Jyaness) is a rabbitgirl monster trainer aboard the S.S. Zelbess. To recruit her, Serge (usually in Lynx's body when attempting this, though the monster selection is smaller then) must defeat her three times in a tournament which pits monster against monster. Serge's selection of monsters is the same as Sprigg's Doppelgang selection, which can be expanded by having Sprigg kill monsters using physical attacks or the equipping of the Forget-Me-Not Pot on other characters to gain monsters for Sprigg to morph into. Being a rabbit-girl, Janice wields Carrot-weapon, which are exclusively used by her, and her final tech skill references the trademark phrase of Bugs Bunny, "What's Up Doc?" while having nothing to do with the character Doc in the game.

Magical Dreamers


Nikki (スラッシュ Surasshu?, Slash) is a guitarist in the Magical Dreamers, a musical troupe of which the dancer Miki is also a member. The Nikki native to Another World is one of the three guides to Viper Manor from which the player can choose early in the game. His Home World counterpart is later encountered in an effort to cleanse the monster-infested island of Marbule. Nikki attempts to obtain Fargo's aid in this endeavor and in the process learns that Fargo is his father and, by extension, that Marcy is his sister. He recruits Serge (who at the time is in Lynx's form) to help him secure Fargo's assistance and subsequently performs the Song of Marbule to reveal the otherwise invisible monsters inhabiting the island. With his name, and his rocker persona, he might be a reference to Motley Crue bassist, Nikki Sixx or Michael Jackson.


Miki (ミキ?) is a famous dancer, known throughout the El Nido Archipelago. In Another World, she is on tour with Nikki, while in the Home World, she is a performer aboard the S.S. Zelbess. Fargo stands in the way of this goal until the Fargo from Another World is brought in to confront his Home World self. The S.S. Zelbess is brought to Marbule where Miki takes part in a performance, in which the Song of Marbule is played to render the strange monsters vulnerable. Then Serge, still in Lynx's body lands in Marbule and defeats the monsters restoring Marbule. Miki subsequently joins with Serge after he finds her on the S.S. Zelbess, bored after the performance. It is hinted that Miki loves Nikki, but it is not reciprocated.

Bio-technology related


Luccia (ルチアナ Ruchiana?, Lutianna) is a scientist, first seen conducting experiments on live animals in Viper Mansion. Though she seems to be fairly evil and possibly mad, she does the main characters a good turn, and later turns out to be quite helpful. She has purple hair and an impressive intellect. She has a German accent, wears a monocle, is aligned to the Black element, and uses shots and cards.

After fighting Lynx in Viper Manor, Serge may return there and head upstairs to find Luccia, who has become very taken with a mysterious plant. Impressed with Serge's battle skills exhibited earlier in the game against her mutant Bulb plants, she may join him. Later on, the player can explore the sewers under the manor and locate a strange monster that greatly resembles a Metroid to gain her final tech skill. It is unknown if this resemblance is intentional.

After Kid is revived, Luccia tells her that Lucca was a former colleague of hers — one who probably would have surpassed her in terms of her scientific work, if not for her disappearance. She did, however, leave one letter in Luccia's possession, addressed to Kid. Among other things, she tells Kid that she was already aware of the consequences for tampering with the time stream, and that she is prepared to face what might happen to her.


NeoFio (改良種フィオ Kairyōshu Fio?, lit. Improved Breed Fio) is the result of one of Luccia's experiments, and is brought to life by Luccia after Serge obtains the Life Sparkle, located in the Hydra Marshes. As soon as NeoFio comes to life, she joins Serge's group of allies.


Pip (ツマル Tsumaru?, lit. Plush) is a very cute creature that Luccia had been experimenting on in her laboratory. If Serge decides to help him escape the laboratory by unlocking his cage, he can later be recruited aboard the S.S. Invincible. It is also interesting to note that Pip is the only character in the game that can be recruited while Serge is in his original form and will rejoin the party after Serge becomes Lynx. As he participates in more and more battles, Pip will undergo transformations. Depending on what color elements are used while he is in battle, he may transform into an angel, a devil, or just a stronger version of his normal self. In addition, his innate element may change. However, due to Pip's stat changes from his transformation being stored in RAM, they only last as long as the system remains on. This leads to Pip's stats generally being far lower than they should later in the game.

There is no alternate version of Pip.

Residents of Porre


Norris (イシト Ishito?, Ishito) is a commander in the Porre Military that has overtaken Termina in Serge's Home World. His weapon of choice is a gun. He is the leader of the Black Wind, a kind of undercover investigations team within the Porre Army. He was assigned to infiltrate the Dragoons, but his assignment ended in mystery. He tried to destroy Grobyc and the StrongArm by provoking an explosion in a lab, but ended up killing only a scientist, Luccia's brother. In one of the endings, it is revealed that he is the "kind stranger" that delivered Hydra Humour to Kid in the event you choose not to save her.

When Serge, in Lynx's body, visits the Viper Manor Ruins, Norris realizes that the feline demihuman is not the real Lynx and offers his assistance to Serge and the party.


Grobyc (ギャダラン Gyadaran?, Gyadrun) is a cyborg officer of the Porre Military, the enemies of the Acacians. When Serge tries to rescue Riddel from Viper Manor, Grobyc confronts them in the main hallway. He is defeated, but the Porre Soldiers activate their secret weapon: Guillot. Guillot goes berserk and attacks Serge, but is defeated. It then reactivates and chases Serge into the library, where another battle ensues. Guillot falls again, and again gets back up, but by now Grobyc, who admires strength, sees that Serge is indeed strong. When the machine jumps onto a chandelier, in an attempt to reach Serge again, Grobyc brings down the chandelier to destroy Guillot. He then helps Serge escape, and joins forces with him. Grobyc spelled backwards is "cyborg".

Fiend and fairy


Sprigg (スプリガン Supurigan?, Sprigun) is a resident of the Dimensional Vortex, where Serge is sent after trading bodies with Lynx. After he gains entry into her house, she agrees to help him gain entry into the tower on the hill above her house, and joins forces with him in order to find a way out of the Dimensional Vortex. Together with Harle, they succeed, emerging in the Hydra Marshes of the Home World. Sprigg's most unusual ability is Doppelgang, which allows her to transform into certain monsters once they have been defeated by her with normal attacks, or anyone later carrying the Forget-Me-Not Pot. Sprigg must be in her own form in order to remember monsters. Monsters she beats while Doppelganged will not be remembered. Additionally, monsters that Sprigg can Doppelgang into can be used against Janice in the Grand Slam battles on board the S.S. Zelbess. According to the Ultimatia, she is a fiend.


Razzly (ラズリー Razurī?) is a fairy, and is native to Water Dragon Isle in the Home World. She is found in Home World's Hydra Marshes, having been captured by Madame Pentapus, who intends to eat her, but Serge, falling through a hole in the ceiling of Pentapus's lair created by a defeated Wingapede, fall directly on top of Pentapus, knocking her unconscious. They notice Razzly, who is trapped in a cage, but Pentapus comes to and a battle ensues. Serge defeats the Pentapus and manages to set Razzly free. She then joins forces with Serge. When Razzly speaks, she replaces the words "fairly" and "very" with the word "fairy".

If you choose not to save Kid, Razzly is not available. There is only an empty cage in Madame Pentapus's lair, indicating that Razzly has already been eaten.

Extra characters


Serge first encounters Guile (アルフ Arufu?, Alf) contemplating his plans in a bar in Another Termina. Guile is one of the three characters only able to be recruited during Serge's search for a guide to Viper Manor. He is a mysterious magician, who made a bet with Termina's fortune-teller that he could successfully bring back an item from Viper Manor, Guile is only too willing to accompany Serge on his journey. Later on, the player can revisit the fortune-teller with Guile to obtain a free weapon for him.

Guile is notable for his strength with magic and his Tech Skills, but is different from other characters in that his Element Grid is backwards, providing fewer spots at first for the lesser Element levels and more spots for later levels. As a result, he proves to be a very powerful mage, particularly at the end of the game.

Along with Kid and Harle, Guile is one of the few playable characters who does not appear in the parallel world. This does not confirm that there is no "other" Guile, however, as the magician Sneff from Home World recognizes Another Guile as being part of the Magic Guild, so it is more likely that the character exists in both worlds.

While there is no official link between the characters of Guile and Magus, there has been speculation that the two are the same character due to their somewhat similar appearances. They also both hover the ground while moving. This has been debunked in official interviews stating that Magus was intended to be in the game but was hard to fit in the plot and was replaced by Guile. Similarly, the character Gil or Magil from Radical Dreamers was confirmed to be Magus in disguise, watching over Kid. Recently, the unofficial speculation has continued again due to the Nintendo DS port of Chrono Trigger, in which a new New Game + ending shows Magus losing his memory sometime after the game's events. There is no official comment on the matter, and it is currently not known if this a retcon that ties into Guile, sets up his life as Gil, or another thing entirely.

Guile's Japanese name, Alf, may be a reference to Magus' pet cat when he lived in the Kingdom of Zeal in Antiquity (12000 BC), which was a purple cat named Alfador.


Fargo (ファルガ Faruga?, Farga) is a ship's captain and Nikki and Marcy's father. In Another World, he captains a pirate ship, the S.S. Invincible. Serge stumbles across the ship in the fog south of Hermit's Hideaway and, once aboard, is challenged by Fargo to various tests of strength. In Home World, Fargo is the captain of a cruise ship, the S.S. Zelbess, and is a cheater in his own casino. Serge arrives in Lynx's body and must first expose Fargo's underhand tactics before he is able to locate the Sage of Marbule. Fargo exudes a very "macho" persona, and occasionally speaks with pirate dialog.


Sneff (スネフ Sunefu?) is a performance magician indentured to Fargo in the Home World, since he has a considerable gambling debt to the captain. Only after Serge (in Lynx's body) removes the handle from Fargo's cheating device is Sneff able to defeat Fargo and earn his freedom. Sneff is missing his front teeth, and thus is unable to pronounce some sounds. He pronounces "three" as "free" and "teeth" as "teeff."


Leah (リーア Rīa?) is an orphan living on the isolated island known as Gaea's Navel. She helps guide Serge to the Green Dragon, and after he defeats it, she joins forces with him. Leah's appearance is somewhat similar to Ayla from Chrono Trigger. While Leah's English ability isn't as broken as Ayla's (a fact which can be attributed to the different American localization teams between the two games), she has a tendency to add an -um suffix to some words in her speech. She came from some village, and tells Serge she got to be there after a "land anger". At the end of the game, during the character's closing speeches after beating the final boss, Leah states that she will name her daughter 'Ayla,' which means 'new song of land". It is strongly suggested that she was somehow transported to the current timeline from the past and returns there after the Time Devourer is defeated. The fact that she randomly reveals that she would like to name her daughter "Ayla" suggests that she is in fact the mother of the character of the same name from Chrono Trigger.

Fantastic creatures


Mojo (ラッキーダン Rakkī Dan?, Lucky Dan) is a human-sized voodoo doll, who encounters Serge in the basement of one of Serge's neighbor's houses. Mojo is seen as an idol by the neighbors, although this changes quickly after he joins the party. Although he equips a glove, he attacks his enemies with the large nail he is impaled on. Eventually, he falls into despair as he realizes that as a voodoo doll, he was created for the sole purpose of bringing people pain. With the group's help, he realizes that his origins do not matter, it is the actions he takes in the present that define who he is. At this point, he dedicates himself to spreading happiness throughout the world, and his name becomes Mojoy (ハッピーダン Happī Dan?, Happy Dan), a play on 'More Joy'.


Starky (星の子 Hoshi no Ko?, lit. "Child of the Stars") initially appears as Mega-Starky, a huge alien, that Serge must fight when arriving on Home World Sky Dragon Isle in Lynx's body with a Star Fragment. Once defeated, he shrinks into his true self, and tries to steal the Star Fragment, but is caught and joins forces with Serge in order to find all of the Star Fragments, which are pieces of his damaged ship. When he discovers that his ship is intact in Another World, he retrieves his anti-gravity device which he then attaches to the back of Serge's boat so that he can gain access to Terra Tower.


Draggy (龍の子 Ryū no Ko?, lit. "Dragon Puppy") is initially an egg, which can be found in Fossil Valley, and if taken to Ft. Dragonia in the Home World, he can be hatched immediately following the battle with Dark Serge, though he can be recruited as early as the point at which the Porre boat is obtained. The incubator machine is found by taking the elevator down, instead of up, which would lead to the part of the fort found in the dream sequence. As soon as he is hatched, he joins forces with Serge. In being a literal baby dragon, his dialog usually replaces r's with w', mimicking a child's way of speaking, for an obvious example, he calls himself a "Dwagon".


Funguy (キノコ Kinoko?, lit. Mushroom) is the father of Leena's friend Lisa, who runs the element shop in Termina. Finding him in the forest near Viper Manor, and feeding him a strange mushroom (which he thinks is a delicacy from Guardia) will cause him to turn into a mushroom-like humanoid, and he will join forces with Serge in the quest to find the Frozen Flame, hoping that the legendary artifact will be able to change him back to human form. When finding his counterpart in the opposite world, it is shown that his counterpart mysteriously fell ill, most likely around the time Funguy transformed.


Turnip (カブ夫 Kabuo?, lit. Male Turnip) is first discovered growing in the ground outside of the Hermit's Hideaway after cooling the ground in said area in Another World with the Ice Breath or Ice Gun. When he is pulled out of the ground (by Poshul) he joins forces with Serge. His mannerisms and animations resemble Frog from Chrono Trigger, in another nod to that famous character. Turnip is actually the incarnation of a sleeping Acacia Dragoon's dream.

Non-playable characters


Belthasar returns as the mastermind behind the game's events. In the previous game, he started to go insane and eventually died when he was warped to 2300 AD as a result of the incident caused by Lavos at the Ocean Palace. However, after Crono's party changed the dark future into a brighter one, he landed in that new future instead. There, he constructed Chronopolis and discovered the Time Devourer. He then created Project Kid and planned out the events necessary to lead to the Time Devourer's destruction. After setting up the experiment that would cause Chronopolis to go back in time, he departed to the modern era of 1020 AD to watch his plan unfold. He speaks to the party a few times, eventually giving them the Time Egg necessary to find and challenge the Time Devourer and save Schala. Belthasar was the Guru of Reason in the ancient Kingdom of Zeal in the game Chrono Trigger.


Dario is Glenn's older brother. He, along with Zoah, Marcy, and Karsh are part of the Four Acacian Dragoon Devas. One day he was sent to the Isle of the Damned along with Karsh to find the Masamune. When they found the Masamune, Dario recklessly took the sword out of the ground, succumbing to the Masamune's evil influence. He then attacks Karsh in a rage, slashing at him without mercy. Karsh defends himself, trying to get through to Dario. Dario comes through just long enough to tell Karsh to kill him. Karsh reluctantly strikes him down, feeling horrible guilt. The Shaker Brothers, Solt and Peppor, believed that Karsh killed Dario in cold blood. However, through a series of events, the truth is revealed.

When Serge and friends go to the Forbidden Island in the Homeworld, they find Dario survived and is supposedly recovering. However, by bringing Riddel, who was engaged to marry Dario, to the Forbidden Isle to talk to Dario, it reveals that he is still under the influence of the Masamune, and that it has returned to its "original" owner. By fighting a very tough battle, Dario is released of the Masamune's evil hold and the Masamune is once again purified. After Masa and Mune admit that they fell asleep, allowing the Masamune to turn evil, their big sister Doreen (met briefly in Chrono Trigger) appears and scolds the brother. She then decides to join them and the three fuse with Serge's Sea Swallow to become the Mastermune. Dario can then be found at that world's Viper Manor, heading a successful project of restoring it to its former glory.

Crono, Marle, and Lucca

Crono, Marle, and Lucca - These heroes of the original game appear as childlike apparitions at the Dead Sea, in an illusion at Terra Tower, and upon Opassa Beach, the site of the dimension split. While they chide Serge at the Dead Sea, they instruct him otherwise, notifying him of the Chrono Cross Element, his role in stopping the Time Devourer, and other important points of history. Whether Crono and Marle died in the fall of Guardia Kingdom is a mystery;[1] it is unknown whether they are true ghosts or are merely projections of an unknown source.

Devourer of Time

The Devourer of Time is the creature resulting from Lavos absorbing Schala. Lavos returns as the main villain, but does not appear until the end. By accident during Chrono Trigger, Schala was banished to the darkness of time, where later, the remnants of the defeated Lavos arrived and began absorbing the former princess of Zeal to create a new being. The resulting life-form — the Time Devourer — would have been capable of devouring all spacetime once matured. Though unknown to Serge for most of his quest, the entire events concerning the dimensions and the creation of El Nido were set in motion to empower him to defeat the Time Devourer and free Schala. Using the Chrono Cross, he accomplished this mission. The Time Devourer was decisively defeated and Schala saved, though Schala's later fate is unknown due to an ambiguous ending. A live action girl shown to wander in some unspecified modern locations, although this was confirmed by Kato to not necessarily be Schala or Kid but rather an unrelated "what if there was a Schala in our world" moment. In the Chrono Trigger DS port, the Devourer of Time is shown in a less advanced stage of its evolution, named the Dream Devourer.

Dragon God

The Dragon God was a biological plasma machine created by the Dragonian race that existed in an alternate universe, where the Reptites survived and became the dominant race on Earth. When the city Dinopolis was sucked into the same dimension as Chronopolis, a battle ensued. In the end, the Dragonians lost the war, their city sunk into the sea, and the Dragon God itself was splintered into six beings, which became the Dragon gods that were sealed over the islands. Some like the Sky Dragon and the Water Dragon were worshiped as deities while others were in hiding. They used Serge and his party to destroy FATE so they could break the seal and become one again. They created Harle to ensure it, though she was reluctant. However, it was revealed that the Dragon God was absorbed by the Time Devourer long ago during its separation (this is why it is listed as TimeDevourer in the battle against it).


FATE is a supercomputer which was created by Belthasar in the distant future. Constructed from Mother Brain, a super computer in the Apocalyptic Future of 2300 AD. No longer driven insane from the avoided cataclysm, thanks to Crono and the gang, and merged with Robo now known as the Prometheus Circuit. FATE is self-aware and can operate alone. Referred to as the Goddess of Fate by the people of El Nido, FATE operates as an unseen villain until late in the game.

Following the Time Crash, FATE would not risk discovery of Chronopolis or the Flame by populations of the past, which could compromise her creation in the future. It took every measure to prevent this, sealing off the Sea of Eden. FATE created the islands comprising El Nido through terraforming. They were populated by the Chronopolis scientists and their descendants, brainwashed to be able to live a peaceful life in FATE's 'paradise'. FATE began distributing 'Records of Fate' (floating green tetrahedrons) across El Nido, which the denizens consulted daily. Unbeknownst to the human subjects, FATE used the Records to subconsciously control the minds of the El Nido population, subtly manipulating each person's individual judgement to stop them from leaving El Nido and interfering with history. Using machines to run Chronopolis, FATE was able to monitor El Nido with efficiency and halt any tampering.

When the young Serge came into contact with the Frozen Flame, the Prometheus Circuit, a stand-alone program, sealed it away so not even FATE could access it. Unable to draw power from the Flame, FATE's control over El Nido was effectively severed. It single-mindedly set itself to remove all obstacles. During the events of the game, Lynx schemed to be able to possess Serge's body, since that would allow him to enter the Flame's door (which recognizes only the body of its "arbiter"). Lynx succeeded and indeed managed to release the Flame's lock. It is revealed that FATE's desire was to use the Flame to reincarnate itself into a real, and new, living species. Lynx/FATE was defeated by the real Serge, however, before she could realize her dream.

In Chrono Trigger, FATE's original form was of the holographic artificially intelligent Mother Brain, which governed the future's robot population. Because the Day of Lavos will no longer occur (following the first game), this event is erased from existence.

Masa, Mune, and Doreen

Masa and Mune, the spirits of the Masamune, appear at the end of the Dario sidequest. After falling asleep in the past, the Masamune became corrupted, causing immeasurable chaos among certain characters. Upon the sidequest's completion they apparently realize and replace Serge's initial oar with the Mastermune. If equipped when Serge uses the technique "Flying Arrow", they appear in their combined form behind him.

Doreen joins Masa and Mune when the Masamune is reduced to ashes and transforms Serge's Sea Swallow into the Mastermune.


Miguel is Leena's father as well as a close friend of Wazuki. When Serge was bitten by a panther demon, he accompanied Wazuki on a voyage to Marbule in search of a cure. However, a bad storm causes the boat he was travelling on to be veered to Chronopolis. Once arrived he was instructed to bring Serge to the Frozen Flame and was consequently healed. Wazuki returned with Serge to Arni Village, but Miguel remained as FATE's guardian.

Once Serge reaches the end of Chronopolis in the Home World, Miguel explains that every decision and divergence that one doesn't make, a future that never existed, ends up in the Dead Sea. The results of events in Chrono Trigger led the destruction of the then future and consequently ended in the Dead Sea.

After his defeat, the Dead Sea crumbles and Serge is saved by the Sky Dragon.

Mystical knights

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea, the "Mystical knights", appear in a special boss fight accessible on a New Game+. Sprigg can learn to transform into any member of the trio after dueling them. As Slash, she can perform the "Z Slash" triple tech when teamed up with Serge and Kid.

The Shaker Brothers

The Shaker Brothers, Solt and Peppor, whose main purpose is to provide gameplay tips. Obviously referencing the spices salt and pepper, Solt is a tall, thin character with long blonde hair. Peppor is short and stocky, and wears his hair in a buzz cut. They speak in a strange manner, using redundant emphasis like "painfully painful" and "obviously obvious." "Let's shake it to them" means an attack, while "let's shake it out of here" means they are going to flee. There is one serious battle against them, on the Isle of the Damned, when they confront Karsh about the disappearance of Dario.

If you choose the Pierre branch early in the game, you will meet and fight against another strange character who seems releated to the Shaker Brothers, Ketchop. Ketchop is huge, and packs a mighty wallop for so early in the game. Ketchop's only words are shouted references to sauces, like "TOMATO!" Ketchop is another character and during the battle, will pick Solt up and bash Peppor with him.


A number of figurines representing the characters have been commercialized.


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