Gordon MacPherson

Gordon MacPherson

Dr George Gordon MacPherson is Reader in Experimental Pathology, Turnbull Fellow, Tutor in Medicine, and Senior Tutor at Oriel College, Oxford. He holds a Bachelor's degree (B.M.), Master's degree (M.A.) and a doctorate (D.Phil.). His research interests lie in Cell Biology, Pathology, and Immunology. Medically qualified, he researches immunology at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford.

He is recognized for his "pioneering work"[1] on the modulation of the adaptive immune response by sub-populations of antigen-presenting dendritic cells, including a sub-population of dendritic cells which presents self-antigens derived from apoptotic gastrointestinal epithelial cells and helps maintain self-tolerance.[2] This contrasts with the role of other dendritic cells in presenting pathogen-derived antigens in order to activate specific anti-pathogen T-cell and B-cell responses. He has also been a member of a British study group determining novel breast cancer susceptibility loci.[3]


His ten most cited publications are:

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  • MacPherson, G.G., Warrell, M.J., White, N.J. "Human cerebral malaria. A quantitative ultrastructural analysis of parasitized erythrocyte sequestration. (1985) American Journal of Pathology, 119 (3), pp. 385-401. Cited 279 times.
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  • Wykes, M., Pombo, A., Jenkins, C., MacPherson, G.G. "Dendritic cells interact directly with naive B lymphocytes to transfer antigen and initiate class switching in a primary T-dependent response" (1998) Journal of Immunology, 161 (3), pp. 1313-1319. Cited 146 times.
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