List of past minor and recurring characters from Hollyoaks

List of past minor and recurring characters from Hollyoaks

This is a list of minor and recurring characters formerly on the Channel 4 soap opera "Hollyoaks". See also List of minor and recurring characters from Hollyoaks.


tacey Foxx

Portrayed by Jemma Keys between April 2004 and July 2005.

Stacey Foxx was a one-night stand of Kristian used to make his then-girlfriend Dannii jealous, but Stacey became obsessed with him. Kristian soon learned his stalker was working with Dannii to teach him a lesson for his poor treatment of women. She next appeared some time later when she lost her salon job and started up Foxx & Hunter's Health Haven a short-lived makeshift salon in the Hunter household with fellow beauty student Lee. She began to care about him and one day put whipped cream on her chest and waited for him to arrive in his bedroom. Instead, his mother Sally showed up and assumed she was using their home for escorting. Lee was too confused to defend Stacey, and she stormed out of the house. Stacey and Lee left for a few months to work at a health spa, but Lee was kicked out after taking the blame for Stacey making a mistake with Liz Burton's treatment. Stacey chose to stay at the spa instead of resuming her partnership with Lee.

tephen "Macki" Mackintosh

Portrayed by Paul Holowaty between April 2005 and August 2005.

Macki was friends with Justin Burton, the two met when Justin was very troubled and began buying marijuana off Macki. Soon Justin was forced to go to boot camp and sorted out his life. When Justin returned to town, Macki frequently distracted Jusin and wanted him to come back to his old ways. However, Justin wanted to avoid Macki and hang around with stepbrother Ali Taylor and friend Nicole Owen. An embittered Macki made Ali's life a misery by calling him "monkey boy" and other racist taunts, and he framed Justin for a fire started in the science lab at the school. However, after finding evidence against Macki, Justin managed to get him expelled.

Both Ali and Justin thought their troubles were over, until next term as Macki returned to school and wanted revenge. The bullying got worse and both Ali and Justin were beaten up by Macki and his friends. Ali eventually had enough of the bullying and went after him with a knife that his father, Richard, had confiscated from Justin (who got the knife to defend himself against Macki). When Ali found Macki, Macki challenged him to a one-on-one fight and led him to a quiet spot; whilst Ali's back was turned, Macki picked up a brick.

Justin, who had realised the knife was missing, found Ali just in time to see Macki with the brick. He called out to Ali, who then turned around and stabbed Macki. Ali dropped the knife and Justin told him he'd sort it all out and told Ali to go home. Ali then ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Justin hid the knife in the hospital toilets. Meanwhile, both Macki and Ali died of their injuries. A few days later, Justin went back for the knife but the police had already found it and were waiting for Justin to show up. Justin was then arrested for Macki's murder but was later found not guilty.


Portrayed by actor Alex McGettigan from July to September 2005.

Rory was an Irish Traveller whose caravan briefly set up a home in Chester near Tony's restaurant, Il Gnosh. Tony was furious at them for being what he saw as low class and driving down his business. He clashed with Rory and his brother Connor, as well as their dog Sheba. Rory also had a brief flirtation with Zara. He confided in her that he and Connor were staying because their mother was battling cancer in a local hospital. When Zara told this to Tony's wife Mandy, and Rory helped stop a robbery at Il Gnosh, Tony mended fences, somewhat, with Rory. Conor and Rory's mother's cancer went into remission and she asked to return to Ireland, which they did.


Portrayed by Danann Breathnach from July to September 2005.

Connor was Rory's younger brother. He punched Tony when Tony threatened Rory. He also befriended Nicole and kissed her on her birthday, much to her mother's displeasure. Nicole wanted to have her first time with Connor, but Connor realised she wasn't ready for sex. He was willing to try, but she ran out of the flat in shame. The next day, she wanted to start over, but he told her he was moving back to Ireland with his brother and mother. Just before he left, he kissed Nicole and told her he'd always love her.

Charles Hayton

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks

name = Charles Hayton
portrayer = Kevin McGowan
creator =
first =July 2005
last = Summer 2006
born =
death = 2006
occupation =
spouse= Margaret Hayton
children= Becca Dean (daughter)
Nancy Dean (daughtre)
grandchildren= Charlie Dean (grandson)

Charles Hayton was father to Becca and Nancy. Charles and his wife Margaret were wealthy and seen as snobbish by Jake and his family. When Charles first met Jake, he was in garden clothes, and Jake, assuming he was the gardener, proceeded to tell him all about how humorless and stuck up Charles was. Frankie, Craig, and Steph dropped in for an unplanned visit, and a drunk Frankie told the Haytons all about Jake's affair and his giving an Sexually Transmitted Infection to Becca. In spite of this turmoil, Charles and Margaret attended their daughter's wedding and wished her well.

Charles had a heart attack in early 2006 and Becca went to visit him during his recuperation. During another visit a few months later, she was in the midst of an affair with Justin Burton and wasn't actually there when her father suddenly died.

Freddy Watson

Portrayed by Greg Kelly between 2005 and 2006.

Freddy studied English literature at HCC and was an animal rights campaigner. He arrived in 2005 and had a less than secret admirer in Zara Morgan, an avid protester against anything and everything. She didn't realise he was using her to get revenge against HCC for animal rights.

Freddy also conspired with Chris to depose Lee Hunter from his presidency, but this backfired when Zara told the student council about the plot, and Freddy's involvement with the HCC Media Lab Fire in December 2005.

Freddy was not seen again, but it would appear that along with Zara and Lee, he and Chris were kicked out of HCC.

Other characters

Presley Dean: The illegitimate son of married Johnno and a 19 year old named Michelle. His father briefly walked out of the family home to be with Frankie and his kids but returned after they were disgusted with his behaviour.

WPC Vicky Green (Rosie Fellner): The police liaison for Mandy and Max when Tom ran away from home.

Mike (Bryan Lawrence, 19 April 2005): Mike was the plumber who fixed the plumbing Steph broke in her family flat. They didn't have the money to pay him, so Steph arranged a date for Mike and her mother Frankie. Mike turned out to be a nice man, but Frankie got drunk to combat her nerves and threw up in his lap when he tried to kiss her. Craig took his humiliated mum back home.

Robin Whittle (Phil Corbett, 18 May 2005):Robin Whittle was Craig's business teacher and took a very hard line with him over his plans for the future. To Craig's horror, Robin went out with Frankie after they met in the supermarket. Craig asked her to drop him, but Frankie refused. Only when Robin criticised Craig's abilities and put down single-parent families did Frankie tell him to leave.

Inspector Blake (James Nickerson, July 2005): Dealt with Mel after she was arrested for drunkenly breaking into her old home and resisting arrest. A few weeks later, he arrested her mother Liz for her one-woman protest against the Travellers.

Edward Johnson (Paul Kynman, 9 August 2005): Bombhead's search for his father involved a letter his mother had written which had mentioned Edward Johnson. After being tracked down at the circus, Edward insisted they'd only had a short fling which took place before Bombhead's conception.

Callum (Steven Cartait, 2004 - August 2005):A fireman friend of Ben's who took him to task for settling down with Lisa and tried to help him get over his fears after returning to the job. He threw a party for Ben when Ben quit the fire department.

Vicar (John Elkington, July to August 2005): He tried to persuade Becca Hayton and Jake Dean to wait another year to get married, but Jake's impassioned plea convinced him of the relationship. Frankie and Jack Osborne decided on a double wedding with her son Jake and his fiance. In order to get the vicar's permission, Frankie's son Craig lied that Frankie had a terminal illness. He and Jack found out the truth at the reception, and jokingly convinced her the wedding was invalid.

D.S. Simpson (Chuk Iwuji, August 2005): Investigated the fatal stabbing of Stephen "Macki" Mackintosh.

Damien (Richard Cadman, 29 August 2005): Damien and his friends got into an argument with Sam and Andy in the SU Bar. They waited for Sam outside the bar, but Andy ran them off by setting off a police siren.

Ally Harrison (Louise Howells, August to September 2005): Lisa Hunter met Ally while they were both trying to get the same item exchanged. They bonded over boyfriend troubles. Ally invited Lisa and Ben Davies to lunch, where they met Alex. Lisa and Ben assumed he was another of Ally's boyfriends, due to their close bond and the fact that they lived together, but they were actually brother and sister. Ben began to suspect Ally was trying to seduce Lisa. The foursome partied during ', and Ben worried Alex and Ally would want more than just friendship, but nothing came of it. Ben and Lisa temporarily stayed at Ally's new flat when they had nowhere else to go. Ally's further adventures were chronicled in '.

Alex Harrison (Alister Southey, September 2005): Ally Harrison's brother. His further adventures were chronicled in "".

Karen (Suzette Llewellyn, 6 September 2005): Karen was married to Richard Taylor (Hollyoaks), a marriage which produced Ali, Darlene, and two younger children, Ethan and Georgina. Their marriage broke up due to his affair with Liz Burton. Ali was run over after fleeing from the scene of Macki's stabbing, and Karen attended his funeral. Justin, who had been arrested for the murder, unexpectedly showed up; during an argument with Karen, he told everyone what Ali had done. Karen refused to believe him and returned home.

Police Officer (Loveday Smith, 6 September 2005): The police officer interviewed Steph after she accidentally stopped a thief.

Aphrodite (Jessica Frain, September 2005): Aphrodite was a snake charmer who appeared at Lee Hunter's house party during "". Lee fell head over heels for the curvaceous blonde, not realising his rival Chris Fenwick had set him up with a transvestite. Lee was horrified upon learning the truth. Aphrodite returned to his house a few days later to pick up her snake, Pete.


Vernon Booth

Portrayed by Seamus O'Neill between 2005 and 2006.

Vernon was a builder who made sporadic appearances. In March 2006 he convinced Tony that the Pit Stop was going to be remade into a sex shop. To warn people of the dangers of a sex shop, Tony paraded around the street in a bondage outfit and was arrested after he tried to help a pensioner pick up her purse. Tony was released without charge, but Vernon got a photo to put in the paper.

Diane Valentine

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks
name=Diane Valentine
portrayer=Pauline Black
duration= 2006
death = July 2006
spouse= Leo Valentine
children = Calvin Valentine (son)
Sonny Valentine (son)
Sasha Valentine (daughter)

Diane Valentine and her three children bought the home of Liz Burton and their arrival started off inauspiciously when they had to forcibly remove Liz's daughters Sophie and Mel. Diane was proud of her oldest son, Calvin, although she was upset about his plans to leave home once he graduated from the police force. Sonny was involved in various criminal activities Diane knew nothing about. Her daughter, Sasha was the youngest of the family and coping with growing up.

Diane's stay in town was short-lived -- literally. On her way to her car, she dropped her keys. When she bent over to pick them up, she didn't see Jake Dean's car hurtling towards her.

Diane's death shattered her family, as their absentee father Leo showed up to try to pick up the pieces.

Joe Jones

Portrayed by Steven Cabral in November 2006.

Debbie Dean got her sister Steph an audition for famous rock star Joe Jones. Joe was more interested in bedding Steph. He led her to believe they had a future together, only to be gone by the time she woke up the next morning. Steph got her revenge by selling her story to a tabloid.

Ricky Bowen

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks
name=Ricky Bowen
portrayer=Simon Cassidy
first=December 2006
last= December 2006
children= Carmel McQueen (daughter)
John Paul McQueen (son)
Michaela McQueen (daughter)

Ricky Bowen is the father of McQueen siblings Carmel, John Paul, and Michaela. He had popped in and out of their lives and Carmel and John Paul had learned not to trust him, but Michaela wanted a chance to get to know him. She managed to get his number and he came to visit her. He told her he wanted to make up for the past, but while they were alone in the house, he convinced her to go out to the store. While she was gone, he stole the family's Christmas gifts, liquor, and television. Michaela was heartbroken.

Other characters

John Peabody (Robin Savage, 2005 - 2006): John Peabody was a lecturer at HCC. It was during one of his classes that everyone learned Gilly was only pretending to be a student.

Declan (Tim Smith, 10 March 2006): Declan was in charge of the group called Strawmen. Steph contacted him to see her boyfriend Cameron for a spot in the band. Declan was very impressed and Cameron went off on a European tour he never returned from.

Mrs. Temple (Julie Goodyear, 27 October 2006):Mrs. Temple ran the Homely Private Hotel, temporary home of the Dean family after the Dog burned down. During their six week stay at the B&B, they managed to break every rule. Mrs. Temple finally threw them out after Darren accidentally walked in on Steph whilst she was in the shower. Mrs. Temple lusted after Jake and told him he could stay on as a handyman if he wanted.

Willow (Marella Oppenheim, October 2006):When Nancy Hayton thought her boyfriend Foz was cheating on her, she tracked him down, only to find him talking to his mother, Willow. Willow was a self-described "New Age traveller" who'd dropped into town for a visit. She had taken Foz from place to place throughout his childhood, always championing the causes she believed in, and she felt her son had sold out. In spite of their sparring, mother and son cared about each other. Willow talked to Nancy about self-empowerment and encouraged her to fight for her sister Becca's freedom. After telling Foz about her new lover and getting Foz to agree to a visit, she returned home.



Portrayed by actor Benjamin Hart between 2006 and 2 January 2007.

He was a tattooist working in a tattoo parlour when Nancy met him. Foz was a counter-stereotype; although heavily tattooed and pierced, he was actually philosophical, peaceful and artistic. He painted a 'realistic' memorial to those who died in The Dog fire, to the dismay of the bereaved Justin Burton. After losing the premises to his tattoo parlour, Foz decided to go back to college and he became a part-time lecturer and MA student at Hollyoaks Community College. He had a free spirited New Age mother (Willow) who made a brief cameo appearance. According to Willow, she spent Foz's childhood taking him touring round circus and women's camps.

Foz left Hollyoaks as a result of a higher calling; to serve and assist the impoverished of Goa. Nancy had agreed to go with him, but changed her mind at the last minute. They said they loved each other, and Foz said maybe he'd run into her somewhere in the world someday.


Portrayed by actress Bibi Nerheim in January 2007.

While visiting Chester, Copenhagen native Tania met Gilly and they quickly became lovers. After a few days, Tania had to go back home, but asked Gilly to join her. He agreed, but as he had no money, his best mate Rhys got him a job as an escort. Rhys, who was jealous of their relationship, told Tania where Gilly was. When she saw Gilly having dinner with a woman, she left for Copenhagen on her own, sending Gilly a text saying she could not be with a man she didn't trust.

Bill Ashworth

Portrayed by actor John Jardine between 2005 and February 2007.

Bill is the father of Noel Ashworth and Neville Ashworth. He is a retired bus driver and army veteran but despite his leaning towards military precision in all things, he never loses his sense of fun. With an eye for the ladies, he's not ready to settle into the cosy world of old age. Gramps is a gambler and will run a book on any subject. He lived at an old people’s home and often visited his family during Christmas holidays. However, when his best friend died at the Old people’s home, Grampa Bill felt lonely and wanted to move in with his family. It was left up to young Josh and Fletch who helped Grampa out of Old people’s home and moved him into the Ashworth household. With much dispute between Suzanne and Neville, they decided to let Grampa Bill stay after the kids received a pay off from Grampa in convincing their parents to let him stay. Often Grampa made a mess around the house, which left Suzanne frustrated but Grampa decided to give something back to the family in exchange for letting him stay. When Neville was sacked from work, Grampa gave him his inheritance which helped Neville to buy Drive and Buy. Also, the children received their inheritance as well, which is tied up into the family business.

Bill was last seen in February 2007, at Hannah's 18th birthday party. He was last mentioned in August 2007, when Hannah called him to ask if Neville had done anything bad when he was a teenager.

Davey Thomas

Portrayed by actor Alex Preston from October 2006 to March 2007.

Davey was the boyfriend of a con Jacqui McQueen met in prison. He first appeared when he demanded 10k of Jacqui which she had got from a men's public bathroom after doing a favour for her mate in prison with help from her sister Mercedes. On their way out they accidentally dropped the vase the money was in which meant them taking the money back to their house. When Carmel McQueen found out about the money she stole 4k of the money to get her boobs done. When Davey found out about this he demanded his other 4k. Mercedes' boyfriend Russ and Jacqui's mum Myra gave him what they had, but it was still not enough. Several months later, he returned, demanding Jacqui marry Albanian immigrant Aleksander Malota. Jacqui refused, but eventually gave in. On her wedding day, she again changed her mind, but Davey showed up at the wedding. During a fight with Jacqui's boyfriend Tony, Jacqui knocked Davey out, but when he woke up, he informed her that they were both now in debt to very powerful people who would hurt her and her family. Jacqui relented and married Alek. When they split up several months later, with Aleksander returning to Albania, there were no apparent consequences.

Noel Ashworth

Portrayed by actor Craig Cheetham in June 2007.

Noel was the brother of Neville Ashworth. When he arrived in Hollyoaks, he caused friction in the Ashworth household by announcing that he was the real father of Rhys, after having an affair with his brother's wife Suzanne 20 years ago. He also announced that he was going suffering from liver cancer, and only had a few months to live. Despite this, he continued to drink and smoke.

During his time there, he also told Rhys that he was leaving for Glasgow, and asked whether he would like to come with him or stay in Hollyoaks. Rhys decided to stay, and Noel announced that he would never return to Hollyoaks. Noel died on the 16 October 2007, and it was revealed at his wake that he had a daughter, Beth Clement, who was in a relationship with Rhys at the time.

Aleksander Malota

Portrayed by actor Jon Lolis from February 2007 to August 2007 and July 2008.

Aleksander, an Albanian immigrant, first appeared when Davey Thomas arranged for him to marry Jacqui Malota so that he could stay in the United Kingdom. Despite Jacqui's reluctance he was determined to see it through for the sake of his family in Albania.

There was an attraction between Aleksander and his sister-in-law Carmel McQueen who started an affair, with a reluctant Jacqui's acquiescence. The affair was discovered by her brother John Paul and their mother Myra. The fall-out from this discovery lead to the uncovering of the marriage arrangement, adding to Myra's fury and disgust, with Myra slapping Alek around the face. Although very skeptical, Myra quietly agreed. In May, when Tony stopped by for dinner, her accidentally spilt gravy on Carmel's shirt, leading Aleksander to realise Carmel had breast implants. He harshly judged her for using money on such a frivolous purchase, and his fury only grew when he learned she'd stolen the money. Carmel and Aleksander briefly broke up, but Jacqui told Aleksander he never would have met Carmel if not for her taking the money, and convinced him to give Carmel a break.

A few months later, Jacqui lost her baby, and Tony beat up Alek as he was the one receiving sympathy and being able to grieve. Tony announced to the shocked onlookers in the Dog that the baby was in fact Tony's. Jacqui asked Alek to go back to Albania and he agreed. When Carmel found out she was shocked and begged him to stay. Alek agreed to stay, and he and Carmel slept together. When Carmel went out to the chip shop, she came back to find that Alek had gone, leaving her a note, saying " I will always love you. A xxx "

Alek is set to return for a short period this July, when Carmel agrees to help him, arousing Calvin's suspicions.

Margaret Hayton

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks

name = Margaret Hayton
portrayer = Darryl Fishwick
creator =
first =Summer 2005
last = August 2007
born =
death =
occupation =
spouse= Charles Hayton
children= Becca Dean (daughter)
Nancy Dean (daughter)
grandchildren= Charlie Dean (grandson)

Margaret Hayton was mother to Becca Dean and Nancy Dean. Margaret and husband Charles were wealthy and had some reservations about Becca's relationship with Jake Dean, but attended their wedding. Charles suffered from a heart attack the next year, and died a few months later. Margaret returned in October 2006 when she learned Becca was engaged to schoolboy Justin Burton. Margaret was extremely apprehensive about the relationship, along with Nancy's relationship with tattoo artist Foz, but went along with what her daughters wanted. Over the course of the next year, Becca gave birth to Charlie, who was thought to be Jake's son, was sent to prison and stabbed to death. When Margaret returned the next summer, she was surprised to see Nancy, who was raising Charlie, had taken up with Jake. She wanted to take Charlie to raise for herself, but Jake and Nancy refused. Margaret told Nancy she would never be as good as Becca, no matter how much she tried.


Portrayed by actor Tom Vaughan from March 2007 to August 2007.

Spike was first seen DJing at the reception for Jacqui Malota and Aleksander Malota. He soon befriended Jacqui's gay brother, John Paul McQueen. John Paul was still not confident in his sexuality, but Spike was not only openly gay, he said his father was also gay and lived with a man named Simon.

Once John Paul got up the courage to ask Spike out on a date, they became very close very quickly. Spike was good-natured, but also wasn't afraid to stand his ground, especially when John Paul's ex Hannah Ashworth interfered with a date. On another occasion, Hannah told Spike about John Paul's feelings for his straight best friend, Craig Dean. Spike became jealous and when John Paul tried to tell him how much he cared, Spike told him he was being too serious and that he didn't "do" serious. Spike was in the middle of a DJing gig at the Dog and tried to tune John Paul out. When John Paul turned the volume on his amp down, Spike warned him to never do that again and passionately kissed him in front of everyone. This seemed to strengthen his relationship with John Paul, and he even managed to charm John Paul's sister Mercedes and mother Myra when he finally went to their house for a visit.

John Paul was still a virgin and was nervous about taking the next step. One day while the McQueen house was empty, Spike took John Paul to his bedroom and they made love for the first time. This was the high point of their relationship, as the happier they became, the more upset this made Craig. Craig slept with John Paul and although John Paul tried to continue seeing Spike, he eventually dumped him, not telling Spike the real reason why.

Spike and John Paul remained friends, and when John Paul needed Spike to help him retrieve a poison pen letter he'd written to Craig's mother while Craig was on holiday with his girlfriend (again not telling Spike the truth), Spike did. They sparred with Hannah and her new friend Melissa, and Melissa responded by throwing John Paul's records in the water. Spike and John Paul fished them out and went back to John Paul's place, where they kissed and would have gone further if John Paul hadn't stopped. Spike advised him to sort out what was going on in his head and have some fun.

A few weeks later Spike began bartending at the Dog and quickly realized John Paul and Craig were involved. Spike began teasing Craig, and their increasingly hostile exchanges roused Sarah's suspicions. Craig played on John Paul's sense of chivalry and John Paul convinced Spike to keep quiet.

John Paul himself exposed the affair a few weeks later, but Spike has not been seen or mentioned since his last appearance.

Clive Harris

Portrayed by actor Andrew Forbes in August 2007.

Jessica Harris had been brought up rich thanks to her father Clive, only for him to go bankrupt in spring 2007. After months of struggling, Jess was thrilled when he appeared just in time to help with her debts. He told her of a business dinner he had prepared and wanted her to attend. He encouraged her to wear a sexy red dress and flirt with the client. Reluctantly, Jess went along with him, only to see him arrested for fraud just as the deal was being made. Jess visited him in prison and told him he'd ruined all her happy memories, as she now had to assume their money had always come from illegal activities. Clive told her they were the same type of person, whether she liked it or not. A few weeks later, he sent her some money. After some temptation to spend on herself, she instead paid back Jack Osborne.

Melissa Hurst

Portrayed by actress Carla Chases from July 2007 to September 2007.

Melissa made her debut on Hollyoaks in July 2007. She was originally a friend to Sarah Barnes , who she met when the two worked together on a modelling shoot. Through Sarah, Melissa met and grew close to Hannah Ashworth after discovering she is bulimic, an illness which Melissa also suffered from. Melissa helped Hannah to be subtle and hide her eating disorder, encouraging her to exercise regularly, go without food and to stay away from her family and friends so that she is not 'tempted' by food or alcohol - even persuading Hannah to stay at home when her family went to France.

This period of the Ashworths being in France, leaving their house to Hannah and Gilly for the duration saw Melissa become a central character in the show’s plot. Melissa spent almost the whole of this time living at the Ashworths claiming she didn't want to go home, as her Mum would have forced her to eat. Hannah promised that she and Melissa would get through bulimia together and the girls soon started an extreme work out regime drinking only water and eating very little. Melissa had difficulties with Gilly Roach who thought she and Hannah were taking drugs because of the change in Hannah's personality, a fear also shared by her friends Sarah, Nancy and John-Paul whose suspicions were reinforced when Sarah overheard Hannah and Melissa in the SU bar's toilets about "disposing of the evidence" and later the same evening, Hannah passing out.

Upon the return of the Ashworths from France, Hannah’s mother was concerned as to how skinny Hannah had become. Melissa sarcastically stated that she had given Hannah drugs, resulting in Melissa being banned from the house. Melissa though continued to visit Hannah, angering Gilly. Hannah and Melissa threatened to say he had raped Hannah if he spoke out against Melissa. In spite of these threats, Gilly alerted Rhys to his concerns about Melissa and she was forcibly ejected from the Ashworth's barbecue. Melissa had complained about a headache during the barbecue and continued to feel unwell as, after being ejected, she and Hannah stood in the rain waiting for a taxi. Melissa collapsed and was admitted to intensive care.

Hannah visited Melissa in hospital and told her she was all she had in the world and she was happy they met. Melissa tells her she's a true friend. Hannah applies make-up to Melissa, who was so weak she couldn't open her lip gloss. There was a montage showing the wires, drips, Melissa's bones sticking out and Hannah's family looking for answers back at her home. Hannah cries throughout this entire segment. The song "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant played throughout.

Melissa eventually engineered a plot to escape to Milan with Hannah, through fear that if she stayed in hospital and continued to be force-fed she would have got fat. Hannah agreed to the plan because she was fed up with her family interfering in her life. The two friends successfully escaped the hospital the next day, but had to return to Hannah's home to retrieve her passport; where Rhys and Suzanne grab her to prevent her from going. Melissa argued with Hannah's family before the stress of the situation caused her to collapse from a heart attack and despite Suzanne's attempts to revive her, Melissa died shortly after. Hannah then cradled Melissa's body, crying hysterically.

Melissa's death was one of the few episodes to not feature a wrap-up scene following the end credits.

In the episode following her death, a vision of Melissa reappeared to Hannah, as Hannah struggles to cope with her grief and is terrified that her mother will use Melissa's death to force her to eat. Hannah is seen trying on Melissa's dress (during the scene we see a flashback of Melissa proudly modelling the size zero dress for Hannah) Hannah however struggles to fit into the outfit, and a vision of Melissa appears and zips it up for Hannah, before vanishing.

Wayne Tunnicliffe

Played by actor Joe Marsden from 2005 to October 2007.

Wayne first appeared as one of Ste Hay's friends. Ste was interested in Amy Barnes, while Wayne dated Michaela McQueen. Wayne was only interested in her because she was "easy" and after a few months he dumped her via text message.

Wayne and Ste befriended Josh Ashworth and his cousin Fletch to get close to Josh's sister Hannah Ashworth (they gave up because Hannah was always out with friends). A nastier moment arrived when Ste and Wayne began bullying Nicole Owen after her brother Sam blew up the Dog in the Pond. They eventually pretended to care about her, taking her to the woods, getting her drunk, and planning to rape her. She threw herself on the ground, sobbing and telling them to get on with it, and they left her alone.

Ste was sent to a juvenile detention facility for his part in a joyride which sent Amy to hospital. Wayne was next seen in spring 2007, hanging out with Sonny Valentine. Wayne soon discovered that his ex, Michaela, fancied Sonny so he mentioned it to Sonny, not knowing that he and Michaela were secretly going out. Wayne made fun of Michaela to Sonny behind her back and Sonny went along with it to keep their relationship a secret, but when Wayne went too far insulting Michaela, Sonny stood up to him and told him that he and Michaela were dating. Wayne also taunted her about her gay brother, John Paul McQueen, only for John Paul to grab him and threaten him into leaving Michaela alone.

Wayne began selling his little brother's ADD medication at school. Nancy Hayton, who needed pills to cope with her hectic life, began buying them. When Wayne ran out of medication, she lost her temper. Wayne promised her he would get more and he tried to ask Nancy out. Wayne got cinema tickets but Nancy ripped them up, enraged that Wayne would not get the drugs in time for her next exams.

Wayne was last seen at a house party thrown by Amy and Michaela. Wayne stole food and CDs and when Amy caught him in baby Leah's room, a drunk Wayne grabbed Leah as a hostage. Wayne's former mate Ste grabbed the baby and punched Wayne before throwing all the partygoers out of the house.

Tessie Thompson

Portrayed by actress Sian Fowlkes in October 2007.

When Tessie Thompson showed up at old flame Tony's thirtieth birthday party, she had a surprise for him -- he had a son. Eight years earlier, Tessie had told Tony she was pregnant, taken his money, then told him she'd lied about the pregnancy. In actuality, she really had been pregnant and had chosen to lie about it. Tony tried to spent time with Harry, but ultimately chose girlfriend Jacqui over a relationship with Harry. A few months later, Jacqui changed her mind and let Tony see his son.

Pete Webster

Portrayed by actor Richard Cambridge from November to December 2007.

Pete was the head of the Careers department at Hollyoaks High School. His mother was head teacher. When Tina began working for Pete, he seemed friendly, but he soon began sexually harassing her. When she refused his advances, he did his best to undermine and intimidate her. He also befriended her husband, Dom, who took Pete's word over hers. During a blackout, Pete tried to force himself on Tina, only to meet a fist belonging to Russ; Tina was promptly fired, and Russ suspended. Tina had the last laugh though, as her sister Jacqui took over her job and flirted heavily with Pete. Alone in his office, she convinced him to take his clothes off. When he did, she kneed him in the groin, grabbed his clothes and keys, and locked him in the office. Pete was last seen as Tina called his wife, then his mother, to tell them to come down to the school to see him.

imon Crosby

Portrayed by actor Simon Lawson from October to December 2007.

Simon was a lifeguard at the local pool and quickly ingratiated himself to Sam "O.B." O'Brien after he saved young Tom Cunningham from drowning. [" [ New Guy Simon Hits Screens With a Splash] ", "Channel 4 Hollyoaks". URL last accessed 2008-04-14.] He got on well with everyone, but when Gilly Roach went to work as a lifeguard, he saw Simon and a young boy as the boy left the changing room in tears. He began to suspect Simon was a paedophile, and eventually broke into Simon's home, and when he looked on Simon's laptop, he found photos of boys in swimming trunks. He told Tom's brother Max Cunningham, who panicked as Simon had taken Tom to the park and they weren't answering Max's calls. They broke into Simon's home and found a locked room which was a boy's bedroom. When Max caught up to Tom and Simon at the park, he began beating Simon until he was pulled away. Soon rumours spread around town and when Simon went into the Dog the next day, Gilly and Jake Dean taunted and jeered him. They followed him down the street, gathering a lynch mob who followed him to his home and smashed bottles and bricks against the doors and windows.

Meanwhile, Simon's ex-wife Gemma, whom he'd mentioned but no one had ever seen, finally showed up, and was horrified by Max's accusations. She told them the swimming photos were for certificates for each of the kids Simon taught, and the bedroom was a reminder of their son Connor, who had drowned, which was the reason Simon had become a lifeguard in the first place. When the police showed up, the mob ran away. Afterwards, Gemma, Max and O.B. raced to Simon's home, but by the time they got inside, they found him unconscious on the kitchen floor from vodka and pills, holding a photo of his son.

Simon soon recovered, but with his reputation in tatters, he realised he could no longer stay in Chester. He asked O.B. to join him working at a bar in Tenerife, but O.B. declined. They agreed to stay in contact.

Other characters

Freddie ( [ Ben Parr] , January 2007):When Becca was sent to prison, her sister Nancy needed a lodger. She soon decided on Freddie, who just happened to be a stripper. She enjoyed watching him practice his routines, and invited him to perform at her friend Hannah's 18th birthday party. When Becca's husband Jake moved in with baby Charlie, Nancy asked Freddie to move out.

Nathan (Ali Natkiel, March 2007 - April 2007): HCC student Nathan was Kris' boyfriend. Kris used him to annoy his crush Jess and was annoyed by how frequently Nathan tried to contact him. After a few months, Nathan dumped Kris via text.

Molly Traverse (Kate Deakin, March 2007): Rhys had a wild night with a woman he couldn't recall, and was shocked when the somewhat homely Molly tracked him down. In order to be free of her, Rhys lied that he'd just gotten out of a relationship. Gilly was charmed by Molly and asked her out, but on their first date, she put her hands all over him and told him they'd be married within six months. Rhys called her mobile to give Gilly an excuse to flee. When Gilly found out she had a season ticket to football, he almost stayed, but Rhys persuaded him to go while he could.

Yasmin Burgess (Lauren Varnfield, April 2007): O.B. developed an interest in Yasmin Burgess after giving her a questionnaire for a new business plan. She was a single parent, as were O.B. and Max. O.B. went out on a date with her, leaving her son Tristan at home with Max and Tom, but Yasmin was more interested in talking about the evils of bread and the importance of exercise than in any romantic inclinations. Yasmin was very upset to learn Tristan had eaten a hamburger. When she asked O.B. if he wanted to go out again, he declined.

DS Creswell (Tracey Moore, 31 May 2007): DS Creswell was the lead detective after Josh was arrested for hitting Mike in the head with a brick.

Janet (Zoe Aldrich, 6 June 2007): Janet was in charge of the bridal shop visited by the McQueen sisters. Jacqui repeatedly clashed with the snobby Janet, and finally locked her in the changing room, followed by the five sisters fleeing the store in their wedding attire.

D.S. Grant (Gil Kolirin, June 2007): Grant investigated Clare Devine's fall off the Loft balcony.

Meg (Tiffany Chapman, June 2007): Meg was a social services worker who briefly took Tom Cunningham from his brother Max.

Father Raymond (Colin Connor, Spring 2007 - July 2007): Father Raymond was the local priest who counselled Myra McQueen and presided over the weddings of her daughters Tina and Mercedes.

Adam Clarke (Andonis Anthony, August 2007): Jessica Harris and Zak Ramsey briefly worked at a phone advice hotline run by Adam. Intrigued by Jess, he asked her to work for him to prey on the bereaved to help them settle their loved ones' estates at a hefty cost. Jess hesitated over what to do, but eventually took the job, scamming the Osbornes out of several valuable items.

Dr. Sharma (Jay Kiyani, 14 August 2007): Dr. Sharma told Jacqui Malota she was incapable of carrying a living child.

Clerk (Charles Foster, August 2007): The court clerk when Warren Fox was on trial for pushing Clare Devine.

Anna Frais (Lisa Shingler, August 2007): Anna represented Warren in his trial.

Edward Tunney (Oliver Senton, August 2007): Edward prosecuted Warren in his trial.

Judge (Martyn Read, August 2007): He presided over Warren's trial.

Bailiff (Paul Stenton, 30 August 2007): He tried to remove the belongings from Jessica Harris' room in halls, smashing Zak Ramsey's television in the process. Jessica's father Clive showed up and paid his daughter's debts.

Lex (Steven Alvey, 30 August 2007): A business acquaintance of Clive Harris. To persuade Lex to do business with him, Clive had Jessica wear a sexy red dress and flirt with Lex. Lex agreed to the deal, but the police arrived to arrest Clive for fraud. Lex tried to "comfort" Jess, who told him to stay away.

Martin Spencer (Marcus Hutton, 1 October 2007): Nancy took his class at HCC. Martin told her he'd also taught her late sister Becca, which furthered Nancy's insecurities about becoming a carbon copy of her sister.

Vic (Steve Bell, 2 October 2007): Vic was the instructor at the survival course Mercedes and Carmel McQueen went on (as the initial were S.P.A, they'd expected a spa). Vic and Mercedes got cozy, but after he told her he'd "always wanted to test-drive a Mercedes", she was repulsed and pushed him away.

Jay (Lewis Rainer, 3 October 2007): Jay met fellow student John Paul McQueen in the SUbar. He went back to John Paul's for some fun, but John Paul's sister Tina and her husband were using John Paul's bed. Myra walked in and got into an argument with John Paul about bringing a stranger home for sex. Jay left.

Adoption Officer (Rebecca Courtney, 8 October 2007): She tried to help Jacqui and Tony in their quest to adopt a baby. When she learned Jacqui had a prison record, she said any further progress was unlikely.

Cupid (Callum Byrum, 8 October 2007): A child Cupid who appeared in the opening and closing scenes, firing fantasy arrows at various couples.

Daisy (Kimberly Slack, 17 October - 19 October 2007): When Frankie Osborne and Jack Osborne decided to foster a child, their first attempt was Daisy, a little girl who stayed in various homes while her mother battled multiple sclerosis. Frankie and Jack quickly grew close to her, but Jack's son Darren was bitterly opposed to her presence. Right before she returned home, Darren began to change his mind, and let her have a baseball cap she'd admired.

Tristan Burgess (William Rushton in April 2007 and 25 October 2007): Tristan (Christopher Alexander) Burgess was Yasmin Burgess' son. He was mentioned by other characters from as early as March 2005 as a rival of Tom's from school. In spring 2007, O.B. invited Tristan and his mother over to the flat, not realising who Tristan was. Tristan was a vegan and Yasmin specifically gave orders not to let him have anything with bread or meat, but while she was on a date with O.B., Max let Tristan have a burger. Later that year, when Max's new girlfriend Steph was throwing a party for her new foster brother, she invited some of Tom's schoolmates so he wouldn't feel left out, unaware Tristan and Tom weren't exactly friends.

James (Chris Brazier, 29 October-30, 2007): James was Summer Shaw's boyfriend. They'd had a long-distance relationship for some time, as he was in the army. He visited her to tell her he was being sent to Afghanistan in a few days. A few weeks later, he dumped her via text.

Tommo (Nicholas Higgins, 29 October & 8 November 2007): Tommo was first seen harassing Newt on his first day at school, until Lauren Valentine and later Steph Dean and Tom Cunningham warned him off. Tommo taunted Newt over being defended by girls. Tommo was seen a few weeks later at friend Ste Hay's housewarming party. When Amy Barnes' sister saw him lighting up a joint, Amy made Ste throw him out. After the party, Ste exchanged money with Tommo and revealed that he had to throw him out so Amy wouldn't know he was encouraging Tommo to get the other teens hooked on drugs.

Social worker (Fiona Clarke, 9 November 2007): She showed up at Amy's and Ste's flat after Amy's mother Kathy called social services following the house party.

Bishop (Faye McKeever, 15 November 2007): Bishop was in charge of a Rant Club at the SUBar, where Jake Dean, Malachy Fisher, and Gilly Roach, among others, vented their problems to an audience.

Receptionist (Lyndsay Smith, 21 November 2007): Receptionist at the health spa Carmel worked at after Evissa was damaged by fire. Carmel's sisters Jacqui and Mercedes went to the spa, stole a woman's wallet, and booked treatments under her name. When the receptionist learned the truth, they were thrown out, and Carmel was fired.

Heavy (Paul Duckworth, 12 December 2007): Darren Osborne owed him gambling debts. When he threatened to harm Darren's ex-girlfriend, Darren found the money.

Gemma Crosby (Gemma Langford, 18 December-19, 2007): Gemma was Simon Crosby's ex-wife. As none of the locals had ever seen her, when they began to believe Simon was a paedophile, they assumed he had made her up. Gemma arrived in town the day a lynch mob had formed around his home, and she explained to Max and O.B. that her and Simon's son had drowned, which was one of the reasons Simon had become a lifeguard, and that Simon would never harm a child. Gemma, Max, and O.B. found Simon slumped on the kitchen floor after a suicide attempt. Gemma was at Simon's side during his hospital stay, but when he recovered, they again parted.

Counsellor (Daniel Husbands, 20 December 2007): A counsellor who unsuccessfully attempted to help Darren Osborne with his gambling addiction.



Portrayed by actor Conor Ryan from October 2007 to January 2008.

Ste's abusive stepfather, Terry was mentioned in 2006 when Ste showed up at school with bruises on his face. Terry was first seen in October 2007, when he convinced the Barnes family that Ste was a danger to their daughter Amy and her baby Leah. When they went to Ste and Amy's flat, Terry began beating Ste until Mike pulled him off and threw him out. A few months later, after Ste had had a visit from his mother Pauline, Terry showed up and told them that things always got bad for him when Pauline started whining about her son. He almost broke Ste's finger and told them he'd call the cops on them unless they stayed clear of him and Pauline.

In March 2008, Pauline showed up again and told Ste that Terry was gone.

Harry Hutchinson

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks
name=Harry Hutchinson
portrayer=Daniel Seymour
first=October 2007
last= 13 March 2008
parents= Tony Hutchinson (father)
Tessie Thompson (mother)
grandparents= Brian Hutchinson (grandfather)
Vicky Hutchinson (grandmother)
siblings = Grace Hutchinson (half-sister)
aunts/uncles= Dominic Reilly (uncle)

Harry Hutchinson is Tony Hutchinson's 8 year old son with Tessie Thompson. Tony got to spend a few days with Harry, but he didn't get along with Jacqui who resented Tony having a child since she could not have one. Jacqui asked Tony to choose between her or Harry and he chose Harry, but later changed his mind, and gave up all contact with his son. In March 2008, Harry began contacting Tony even though Tony asked him not to call. When Jacqui found out, she decided that since they were going to have a surrogate baby of their own, she should let Harry back into Tony's life. Harry came for a brief visit and formed a bond with Jacqui. Tony was so pleased he even put a photo of Harry on the wall of Il Gnosh.

Bonnie Bevan

Played by Melanie Walters in August 2007 and April 2008.

Bonnie was Elliot Bevan's mother. She desperately wanted him to marry a fellow Welsh girl named Rhiannon. When she came to visit, Elliot had paid Steph Dean to pose as his girlfriend so he could get out of his previous engagement. Bonnie did not approve, and finally Elliot told he didn't want to marry Rhiannon. Bonnie returned the next year when Elliot was in hospital for hypothermia. He'd been trying to track down his father, who he believed had been taken by a UFO some years earlier. Bonnie told him that his father had abandoned them and had wanted nothing to do with Elliot, even though she'd kept him up to date on Elliot for years. Elliot told her he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Pauline Hay

Portrayed by actress Julie Hogarth from January 2008 to April 2008.

Pauline was Ste's mother, who always seemed to put her need for men and alcohol before her son's welfare. During Ste's teenage years, Pauline took up with a man named Terry who beat both her and Ste. After Ste got out of a juvenile facility, he moved in with Amy and had nothing to do with his family until Pauline showed up for his 18th birthday. She asked him to move back home so Terry would stop hitting her. Ste refused. A few months later, Pauline returned, saying Terry was gone and she was on the wagon. She quickly deduced that Ste and Amy were lying about baby Leah having leukemia, and she demanded all the money they'd received. The next day she went to a fundraiser with Amy and got drunk again. After taking the money from the fundraiser, Pauline left with the secret intact, telling Ste he had no right to judge her after this stunt. Pauline returned in April, showing up at Ste's flat drunk. After she passed out Ste became angry and woke her up demending to know why she was such a bad mother. Pauline blurted out that she wished she had never given birth to him.

Roger Kiddle

Played by actor Quentin Jones from February 2008 to May 2008.

Roger was a physics lecturer who befriended student Elliot and took an interest in Elliot's friend Sarah. Elliot let Roger sleep in his room while Elliot was busy, and later walked in on Roger and Sarah in bed, which helped drive Elliot to a nervous breakdown. When he recovered, he threatened to tell the dean about the relationship. Meanwhile, Sarah was disgusted by Roger's callousness towards Elliot and even more disgusted when she met Roger's wife.

Sarah began dating Roger again, mostly to annoy her father over the age difference (he was dating Zoe, who was Sarah's age). When Zoe told Sarah that Roger had made a pass at her, Sarah ended the relationship for good.

Mr. Carpenter

Portrayed by actor Paul Clarkson on 28 May 2007 and 30 May 2008.

Mr. Carpenter is Zoe's father. After her ordeal at the hands of Will Hackett, Zoe left to be with her parents, but a few weeks later returned to HCC long enough to gather her belongings. The next day, her father showed up while she was playing around with Zak and demanded Zak get away from her. After a talk with Zak, and a look at some of the photos Zoe had taken of fun times with her friends, Mr. Carpenter convinced her to stay at HCC. He returned in May 2008 to see Zoe was now involved with a much older man, Mike.

Angela Cunningham

Infobox soap character
series =Hollyoaks
name = Angela Cunningham

portrayer = Liz Stooke
creator = Phil Redmond
first = October 1995
last = July 2008
spouse = Gordon Cunningham
children = Cindy Cunningham (daughter)
Jude Cunningham (daughter)
Jude Cunningham (daughter)
Max Cunningham (son)
grandchildren = Bethany Cunningham (granddaughter)
Holly Cunningham (granddaughter)

Angela Cunningham' was the ex-wife of Gordon, and mother of Max, Jude, Cindy and Dawn. When "Hollyoaks" began, Angela and Gordon were already divorced, but Angela tried to play a part in the complicated lives of her children, including Cindy's teenage pregnancy and Dawn's death from leukemia. Angela returned for Max's wedding to Clare Devine, and again for his wedding to Steph Dean. Sadly, Max was killed in a car accident soon after the ceremony, and Angela's last appearance was attending her son's funeral.

Eamon Fisher

Played by actor Derek Halligan in July 2008.

Eamon was the father of Kris and Malachy Fisher. On arrival in the village, his refusal to accept Kris' sexuality and dress sense lead to an argument between the pair. Despite attempts by Elliot to get the pair to reconcile, Eamon decided to leave Hollyoaks, unable to come to terms with his son's lifestyle. However, before he left the village, he collapsed in the car park of The Dog In The Pond and died.

Upon finding the body the following morning, Darren Osborne disposed of Eamon's personal effects, and passed the body off as that of his father Jack in order to claim life insurance money, and solve his family's financial issues.

After hearing of Jack's "death", and unaware of his father's demise, Kris contacted Eamon in hopes of reconciling.

Kieron Hobbs

Played by actor Jake Hendriks from 8 January - 5 September. [ cite web | url= | title=Meet Father Kieron | publisher=Channel 4 | date=2008-01-28 | accessdate=2008-04-14 ]

After arriving in early January 2008, Kieron was revealed to be the village's new priest. He was immediately taken in by fervent church-goer Myra McQueen, who offered him room and shelter at her house without consulting any of her children on the matter. While still settling into the family's home, he had already managed to catch the eye of at least two of the McQueen siblings - Mercedes and Michaela. Committed to his religious calling and celibate, he still looked out for John Paul McQueen, trying to advise him against a relationship with a boy who was looking to play the field. During an argument, Kieron came out to Kieron. Following this, John Paul threatened to out Kieron if he didn't tell Myra the truth, but Kieron said he was happy with his life and condemned John Paul for putting a teenage boy's morals onto him, to which John Paul apologised.

After a failed Evissa Fashion show at the SU bar, John Paul and Kieron further bonded over some unopened bottles of beer, leading to an unexpected kiss. The following day, both parties awkwardly agreed to write off the kiss as a drunken mistake and resumed their friendship with a game of Truth or Dare, which ended in John Paul publicly purchasing beer in his underwear. However, their relationship became strained after Kieron snapped when he found out John Paul had mentioned him to Hannah. A few days later, John Paul walked in on Kieron baptising Charlie. John Paul later said he couldn't come between Kieron and his faith, and asked him to find somewhere else to live.

As spring 2008 arrived, John Paul and Kieron still hadn't gotten over each other. John Paul enviously watched Kieron make friends with Kris, and couldn't take his eyes off Kieron during the 10KM charity run. Following a heated discussion back at the house afterwards, they admitted to their true feelings and spent the night together. Unfortunately for Kieron, their night made John Paul realise he still had strong feelings for his ex-boyfriend, Craig Dean. When he told Kieron, they had a fight and Kieron went to live with Niall Rafferty, John Paul's secret half-brother who had befriended the McQueen family in a bid for revenge.

Kieron confessed his love for John Paul and said he was prepared to risk all for their relationship. While taking a shower together after having sex, they were discovered by Steph and Niall and Kieron was forced to end the relationship, walking out on John Paul while Michaela hid behind the door, listening. When Michaela told Mercedes that she thought she saw Kieron cheating with Kris, Mercedes punched Kieron in the face. This made Kieron realise that he truly loved John Paul McQueen, and was willing to risk everything - including his position in the church - to be with him.

Several hours before the wedding of Max Cunningham and Stephanie 'de la' Dean, Niall arranged for Myra to learn about John Paul & Kieron's relationship. A furious Myra revealed the truth to the rest of the church in tears. And after calling Kieron a dirty, lying, hypocrite, she was ushered out of the church distraught by Jacqui. With approval from Steph and Max, Kieron finished presiding over the ceremony. When Kieron was shattered knowing his position and livelihood in the church was forever ruined, John Paul took this as a rejection. However Kieron assured John Paul that he was Kieron's life now, and he told Father Raymond he was leaving the church. Myra, when she heard from John Paul that he and Kieron are prepared to embark on a fully-fledged relationship was disgusted with her son.

When John Paul's sister Tina was in a coma due to being pushed down the stairs by Niall, John Paul rushed to the hospital. Niall convinced Kieron that he was tearing their family apart. Upset that he has only caused grief for Myra and her family who were so nice to him on his arrival in Hollyoaks, he packed and left the village for a few weeks. After some time away in Aberdeen, Kieron later returned to Hollyoaks with the full intent of rekindling his relationship with John Paul. An annoyed Niall tried to make Kieron think John Paul had spent all his time partying, but the two lovers reconciled.

Despite this John Paul and Kieron did rekindle their relationship, with Kieron surrendering his position as a priest and looking for work in non-religious roles. After realising the sacrifices Kieron had made for him, John Paul asks Kieron to marry him. After a moment of brief shock, Kieron accepted. Myra was outraged when she first heard the news, but soon grudgingly accepted their plans. Unfortunately, the return of Craig Dean led Kieron and John Paul to separate.

It was confirmed on the Hollyoaks website that Jake Hendriks would exit the show in September [ cite web | url= | title=Jake Hendriks announces departure | publisher=Channel 4 | date=2008-07-18 | accessdate=2008-07-18 ] . Some months earlier, Myra had confided in Kieron about the son she'd given up at birth, and by September 2008, Kieron had tracked him down. He confronted Niall, and on Friday 5 September 2008, Niall poisoned Kieron's drink. During Kieron's final moments, Niall confessed to pushing Tina down the stairs, giving Michaela drugs, and finally, to helping Myra discover John Paul and Kieron's love affair. After Kieron died, Niall makes it look like he had committed suicide. When John Paul arrived at the flat, he found Kierons lifeless body, and called for an ambulance. He was later seen sobbing whilst Kieron was zipped up into a body bag.

Mrs. Webster

Played by actress Christine Mackie from 2006-2008.

Mrs Webster was the head teacher at Hollyoaks High School. She spoke to Nancy when she was struggling in school due to her sister Becca's murder, and later when Nancy accused of sexual harassment. Mrs. Webster's son Pete Webster worked as a teacher and sexually harassed Tina Reilly in October 2007. Tina told Mrs. Webster, who made her son apologise. Pete later tried to force himself on Tina, fired her, and was humiliated by her sister Jacqui McQueen. In January 2008, following Michaela's overdose, she performed a spot check of all the students' lockers for drugs. She almost uncovered Fletch's drugs in his locker, but was stopped by the fire alarm.

In June 2008 she was involved in the story about Josh and Michaela cheating in their coursework. They both eventually were suspended for a week. Also Sasha and Fletch stole her laptop to sell for drugs but it was eventually returned. During both of these happenings, Mrs Webster never made an appearance.

Mrs. Wesbter was not seen onscreen again because in November 2008, Govinder Roy, the father of Ravi and Leila, debuted as the new headmaster at Hollyoaks High. [ cite news | url=| title=Meet the Roy Family | work=Channel 4 | date=2008-09-24 | accessdate=2008-09-24 ]

Other Characters

Robin (Daniel Bayne, January 2008)

: Robin was introduced as the new bar man at The Dog, but was later revealed as a friend of Zak's. When Zak and John Paul enter The Dog, he was immediately attracted to Robin, but assumed that he was straight. When John Paul learned otherwise, he overcame his nerves and asked Robin out. During a "date" in the SUBar, Robin started kissing John Paul in the toilets. Kieron Hobbs caught them and warned John Paul that Robin was no good. Nevertheless, John Paul was disappointed to find himself dumped by Robin after Robin had gotten what he wanted.

Toby (Craig Daniel Adams, March 2008)

: Toby was a gay student John Paul kissed after a dare from Kris. Toby became obsessed with John Paul or as he nicknamed him "babycakes" and frequently texted him. Only after John Paul lied that he was involved with a married man did a disgusted Toby leave him alone, after commenting on his jeans "Two words: Simon Cowell."

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