Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity

Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity
The Ursuline Church on the Congress Square in Ljubljana.

Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity (Slovene: Cerkev Svete trojice, Uršulinska cerkev or Nunska cerkev) is a church in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was built between 1718 and 1726 in the Baroque style [1].

It was designed by Carlo Martinuzzi, a Friulian architect and is noted for its extensive altar made of African marble designed by Francesco Robba, who also built the Fountain of the Three Rivers of Carniola which stands on the Town Square in Ljubljana.

The original bell tower was destroyed in the Ljubljana earthquake of 1895. The current one was built in the 1900s.



Coordinates: 46°3′0.3″N 14°30′8.39″E / 46.050083°N 14.5023306°E / 46.050083; 14.5023306

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