List of Michigan flowers

List of Michigan flowers


*"Anchusa officinalis", Common Bugloss
*"Asarum canadense", Wild Ginger
*"Aristolochia serpentaria", Virginia Snakeroot
*"Aristolochia macrophylla", Dutchman's Pipe
*"Acalypha rhomboidea", Rhombic Copperleaf
*"Acalypha virginica", Virginia Copperleaf
*"Atriplex patula", Halberd-leaved Orache
*"Atriplex prostrata", Triangle Orache
*"Amaranthus arenicola", Sandhill Amaranth
*"Amaranthus retroflexus", Rough Pigweed
*"Artemisia campestris", Field Sagewort
*"Artemisia vulgariss", Mugwort
*"Asclepias viridiflora", Green Milkweed
*"Ambrosia artemisiifolia", Common Ragweed
*"Ambrosia trifida", Giant Ragweed
*"Arisaema triphyllum", Jack-in-the-pulpit
*"Arisaema dracontium", Green Dragon
*"Aplectrum hyemale", Putty-root
*"Acorus americanus", Sweet-flag
*"Alliaria petiolata", Garlic Mustard
*"Aquilegia canadensis", Wild Columbine


*"Boehmeria cylindrica", False Nettle
*"Barbarea vulgaris", Bittercress


*"Commelina communis", Common Dayflower
*"Commelina erecta", Erect Dayflower
*"Cakile edentula", Sea-rocket
*"Campanula aparinoides", Marsh Bellflower
*"Campanula rotundifolia", Harebell
*"Campanula rapunculoides", Creeping Bellflower
*"Campanula glomerata", Clustered Bellflower
*"Campanula trachelium", Nettle-leaved Bellflower
*"Campanulastrum americanum", Tall Bellflower
*"Cynoglossum virginianum", Blue Hound's-tongue
*"Cynanchum louiseae", Black Swallow-wort
*"Rumex crispus", Curly Dock
*"Chenopodium album", Lamb's Quarter
*"Chenopodium ambrosioides", Mexian-tea or Epazote
*"Cycloloma atriplicifolium", Winged Pigweed
*"Chamaesyce polygonifolia", Seaside Spurge
*"Coeloglossum viride", Frog Orchid
*"Caulophyllum thalictroides", Blue Cohosh
*"Chaenorhinum minus", Lesser Toadflax


*"Dioscorea villosa", Wild Yam


*"Echium vulgare", Viper's Bugloss
*"Epifagus virginiana", Beech-drops
*"Euphorbia cyparissias", Cypress Spurge
*"Euphorbia esula", Leafy Spurge
*"Euphorbia commutata", Tinted Spurge
*"Elaeagnus umbellata", Japanese Silverberry


*"Floerkea proserpinacoides", False Mermaid
*"Fragaria virginiana", Virginia Strawberry


*"Gentianopsis crinita", Greater Fringed Gentian
*"Gentiana puberulenta", Prairie Gentian
*"Gentiana andrewsii", Prairie Closed Gentian
*"Gentiana saponaria", Soapwort Gentian
*"Atriplex littoralis", Grass-leaved Orache
*"Galium circaezans", Forest Bedstraw
*"Galium odoratum", Sweet Woodruff


*"Hybanthus concolor", Green Violet
*"Humulus lupulus", Common Hops




*"Kochia scoparia", Summer-cypress


*"Lappula squarrosa", Stickseed
*"Lechea mucronata", Hairy pinweed
*"Liparis liliifolia", Large Twayblade
*"Ludwigia palustris", Common Water-purslane
*"Listera cordata", Heart-leaved Twayblade
*"Listera auriculata", Auricled Twayblade
*"Linum perenne", Blue Flax
*"Lithospermum caroliniense", Carolina Puccoon


*"Myosotis sylvatica", Garden Forget-me-not
*"Myosotis scorpioides", True Forget-me-not
*"Myosotis laxa", Smaller Forget-me-not
*"Myosotis arvensis", Field Forget-me-not
*"Myosotis stricta", Strict Forget-me-not
*"Myosotis discolor", Changing Forget-me-not
*"Mertensia paniculata", Northern Bluebell
*"Malaxis brachypoda", White Adder's-tongue
*"Mitella nuda", Naked Mitrewort
*"Myriophyllum heterophyllum", Water-milfoil
*"Mertensia virginica", Virginia Bluebell
*"Maianthemum stellatum", Starry False Solomon's Seal


northern Bluebell



*"Pterospora andromedea", Pine-drops
*"Parietaria pensylvanica", Pellitory
*"Polygonatum biflorum", Smooth Solomon's Seal
*"Polygonatum pubescens", Hairy Solomon's Seal
*"Platanthera lacera", Ragged Fringed Orchid
*"Platanthera clavellata", Green Woodland Orchid
*"Platanthera flava", Tubercled Orchid
*"Platanthera aquilonis", Tall Northern Bog-orchid
*"Platanthera hookeri", Hooker's Orchid
*"Peltandra virginica", Arrow-arum
*"Potamogeton crispus", Curly Pondweed
*"Potamogeton natans", Floating Pondweed
*"Potamogeton diversifolius", Common Snailseed Pondweed
*"Potamogeton epihydrus", Ribbon-leaved Pondweed
*"Potamogeton gramineus", Variable Pondweed
*"Proserpinaca palustris", Common Mermaid-weed
*"Proserpinaca palustris", Coastal Plain Mermaid-weed
*"Potentilla indica", Mock Strawberry
*"Phlox divaricata", Wild Blue Phlox



*"Rumex acetosella", Sheep's Sorrel
*"Rumex verticillatus", Water Dock
*"Rumex obtusifolius", Bitter Dock

*"Scrophularia lanceolata", American Figwort
*"Scrophularia marilandica", Eastern Figwort
*"Symplocarpus foetidus", Eastern Skunk Cabbage
*"Smilax herbacea", Carrion-flower
*"Smilax rotundifolia", Common Greenbriar or Catbrier
*"Scleranthus annuss", Knawel
*"Silene latifolia", White Campion
*"Stuckenia pectinatus", Sago Pondweed


*"Tradescantia ohiensis", Smooth Spiderwort
*"Tradescantia virginiana", Virginia Spiderwort
*"Tradescantia bracteata", Sticky Spiderwort
*"Triodanis perfoliata", Venus's Looking-glass
*"Trillium recurvatum", Prairie Trillium
*"Trillium sessile", Toad Trillium
*"Taraxacum officinale", Common Dandelion


*"Urtica dioica", Stinging Nettle


*"Mertensia virginica", Virginia Bluebell
*"Viola conspersa", American Dog Violet
*"Viola rostrata", Long-spurred Violet
*"Viola adunca", Hook-spurred Violet
*"Viola bicolor", Wild Pansy
*"Viola tricolor", Johnny-jump-up
*"Vicia cracca", Tufted Vetch



*"Xanthium strumarium", Common Cocklebur



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