Barbarea vulgaris

Barbarea vulgaris

name = "Barbarea vulgaris"

regnum = Plantae
unranked_divisio = Angiosperms
unranked_classis = Eudicots
unranked_ordo = Rosids
ordo = Brassicales
familia = Brassicaceae
genus = "Barbarea"
species = ""'B. vulgaris
binomial = "Barbarea vulgaris"
binomial_authority = R.Br.|

"Barbarea vulgaris", also called as Bittercress, Herb Barbara, Rocketcress, Yellow Rocketcress, Winter Rocket, and Wound Rocket, is a biennial herb native to Europe.

This plant has basal rosettes of shiny, dark green leaves, and pinnately divided leaves on the stem. The yellow flowers are borne in dense terminal clusters above the foliage in spring.

It is naturalised in many parts of North America as a weed.The flowers appear from about May through October.It grows to about 8-32 inches. Winter Cress prefers moist, disturbed fields.

The plant is naturally resistant to some insect species. In the case of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella, the resistance is caused by saponins. Other plant chemicals in this species are the glucosinolates glucobarbarin and glucobrassicin that attract cabbage white butterflies such as Pieris rapae.

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