Admiral T

Admiral T
Admiral T

Concert of Admiral T in Paris
Background information
Birth name Christy Campbell
Also known as Admiral T
Born 29 March 1981 (1981-03-29) (age 30)
Origin France (Guadeloupe)
Genres Reggae-Dancehall
Occupations Singer-songwriter, DJ, Actor, Designer, Fashion design, Record producer
Years active 1993–present
Labels Universal Music Group (AZ)
Don S Music Entertainment
Mozaik Kreyol (MK)
Associated acts Karukera Sound System • Wyclef JeanRohffKassav'Diam'sTOK • Nèg'Marrons • Wyckyd J • Bost & Bim
Website Official site of Admiral T
Notable instruments
Gwo Ka, Guitar

Admiral T, whose real name is Christy Campbell, is a French singer of reggae-dancehall music.[1] Besides Francky Vincent, he is one of most popular and successful Guadeloupean singers. He is also a designer and the creator of WOK LINE.



Admiral T with Wyclef Jean in December 2006.

Born in 1981 on the French island of Guadeloupe, he was one of two children. At the age of 6, he joined the dancehall group Karukera Sound System; he left the group in 1982 to start a solo career; releasing his first album Mozaïk Kréyòl. During the sneak preview of Sean Paul at Bercy in 2004 he outperformed him and drew much attention to himself.[2] Universal Music Group's delegates who attended this concert decided to sign Admiral T and re-released his album on Universal Records, featuring artists like Wyclef Jean or French rapper Rohff. It became a hit in the West Indies and Europe, especially in France.

In 2005, Admiral T appeared in the film Nèg Maron. The following year he released his second album, Toucher L'Horizon, which also gained commercial success and has been awarded by a Césaire of Music in October 2006. He spent much of 2007 in France, London and the West Indies on his "Fos A Péyi La" Tour (title of his song with Kassav'). Admiral T won a Skyrock Music Award in December 2007 and a Virgin Award in February 2008. He launched his own clothing line WOK LINE and made a new tour in Africa during 2008.[3] He is also the producer of the newcomer reggae-dancehall singer Wyckyd J. Admiral T performed Summerjam in Germany and World Creole Music Festival in England for 2009. He releases his 3rd album Instinct Admiral on 19 April 2010. There are featuring of Machel Montano, Busy Signal, La Fouine, Médine, Young Chang MC, Lieutenant, Patrick Saint-Éloi, Fanny J and Awa Imani.



  • Gwadada (2002)
  • Dancehall X-Plosion, featuring Pearl (2004)
  • Les Mains En L'Air, featuring Diam's (2006)
  • Fos a Péyi La, featuring Kassav' (2007)
  • Viser La Victoire, featuring La Fouine and Medine (2010)


  • Mek It Happen (2002)
  • Killa Session (2002)
  • Ti Moun Ghetto (2004)
  • Determiné Dèpi Piti (2005)
  • Flagada Smokey (2006)
  • Dancehall Festival (2006)
  • Good To Mixx vol.2 (2006)
  • The Big Champion (2006)
  • Reyel Champion Soti Gwada (2007)
  • Ti Moun Ghetto 2 (2007)
  • The King Of The Dancefloor (2007)


  • Ragga Kolor (2002)
  • Dancehall Clash (2002)
  • Ragga Dancehall N°1 (2003)
  • Groovin Attitude (2004)
  • Ragga Masters (2004)
  • Génération Rap RnB vol. 2 (2004)
  • Exclusif Admiral T (2005)
  • Ninety Seven K-Ribbean (2005)
  • Unis-Sons (2005)
  • Reggae Bashement (2006)
  • Total Reggaeton 2 (2006)
  • Generation Dancehall (2007)
  • Rap & R'n'B Non Stop (2007)
  • Coupé Décalé Mania (2007)
  • BexXx Cluzif (2008)
  • Too Much Gangsta (2008)
  • Good Times (2008)
  • Mesrine (2008)
  • Don's Collector Saison 3 (2008)
  • Soprano Riddim (2008) (produced by Bost & Bim)


  • 1848 of Karukera Sound System (1998)
  • Special Request of Karukera Sound System (2000)
  • Welcome to Haiti of Wyclef Jean (2004)
  • La Fierté Des Notres of Rohff (2004)
  • Caribbean Sessions of Karukera Sound System (2005)
  • Ma vision of Saël (2005)
  • Émancipé of Vibe (2005)
  • Dans Tes Rêves of Disiz La Peste (2005)
  • Soné Ka-La of Jacques Schwarz-Bart (2006)
  • Face A La Réalité of Saik (2007)
  • Les Liens Sacrés of Nèg'Marrons (2008)
  • In Transit of Ziggi (2008)




  • Le Grand Méchant Zouk (2006)
  • Fos a Péyi La Tour (2007)


  • Mozaïk Kréyòl (2004)
  • Toucher L'Horizon (2006)
  • Dancehall Story (2008)


  • Rapide (1998)
  • Pas Comme Les Autres, featuring Saël (2000)
  • Rendez-Vous, featuring Curtis (2000)
  • Youth Attack, featuring Curtis (2001)
  • So Strong, Savage Riddim (2002)
  • Otantik, Hum Riddim (2002)
  • Le Bien Et Le Mal, featuring Tiwony & Curtis (2002)
  • Gwadada (2002)
  • Lov', featuring Little Espion (2003)
  • Rèv An Mwen (2003)
  • Move Together, featuring Square One (2003)
  • Dancehall X-Plosion, featuring Pearl (2004)
  • Ok, featuring Saik (2004)
  • Mets Nous A L'Aise, featuring Saël (2005)
  • Lanmou Épi Respè (2006)
  • Fos A Péyi La, featuring Kassav' (2006)
  • Les Mains En L'Air, featuring Diam's (2006)
  • Ti Moun Ghetto (2007)
  • Pé La, featuring Jacques Schwarz-Bart (2008)



  1. ^ Admiral T and the Ka, 27 March 2009
  2. ^ Interview of Admiral T (traduction), 3 December 1982
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