Osaifu-Keitai compliant mobile phone from au.

Osaifu-Keitai (おサイフケータイ Osaifu-Kētai?), literally meaning "Wallet Mobile", is a trademark of NTT DoCoMo, which developed the system. It refers to mobile phones that integrate Sony's Mobile FeliCa ICs, as well as to services provided by applications on these phones.

Although it was developed by NTT DoCoMo, the system is also supported by other mobile phone operators, making it the de facto standard mobile payment system in Japan. Osaifu-Keitai services include electronic money, identity card, loyalty card, fare collection of public transits (including railways, buses, and airplanes), or credit card.




FeliCa, developed by Sony, is the de facto standard technology used for Japanese smart cards. Many of these cards accept Osaifu-Keitai (Mobile FeliCa) system as well, or plan to accept it in future. Osaifu-Keitai can provide more convenient services than plastic FeliCa cards. For instance, it can automatically recharge itself via the Internet, or provide the latest information. It can also be used as a ticket for an airplane or an event, by downloading an electronic ticket. Unlike plastic cards, a single Osaifu-Keitai phone may accept multiple applications, each equivalent to different cards.


Osaifu-Keitai provides many functions on a single mobile phone. Therefore, there is a great risk if the phone is lost, broken, or stolen. Osaifu-Keitai basically functions even without radio transmissions, so the applications can not be terminated just by closing a phone account. A user has to contact each service provider to stop all the functions. There are some phones that can lock the functions via a phone call or an E-mail.

Since Osaifu-Keitai can function as identity card (such as member card, company card, or keycard), there is also a risk for those who authenticate it.


Name Provider Function Introduction
NTT DoCoMo au SoftBank
Edy BitWallet Electronic money July 10, 2004 September 9, 2005 November 11, 2005
ANA Mobile AMC Appli All Nippon Airways Member card, airplane ticket July 10, 2004 September 9, 2005 November 11, 2005
club ap Appli ampm Member card July 10, 2004 Works as a card without application
eLIO Mobile Service Sony Finance Credit card July 10, 2004 December, 2005
Sega Mobile Friends Sega Member card July 10, 2004 September 15, 2005 November 11, 2005
Bic Point Kinō-tsuki Kētai (Bic Point Function Mobile) Bic Camera Member card July 10, 2004 January 12, 2006 January 18, 2006
vit Appli TŌHŌ Cinemas Event ticket July 10, 2004
Mobile J-WAVE PASS J-Wave Event ticket July 10, 2004
club DAM MEMBERS Appli Daiichikōshō Member card July 10, 2004
JAL IC Service Japan Airlines Member card, airplane ticket January 11, 2005
Gold Point Card Yodobashi Camera Member card August 30, 2004 September 9, 2005 November 11, 2005
Matsukiyo Point Appli Matsumoto Kiyoshi Member card September 4, 2004 March 23, 2006 December 2, 2006
Cmode (Shīmo2) Coca Cola (Japan) Electronic money September 24, 2004 November 30, 2006 April 2, 2007
GEO Mobile Member Card GEO Member card November 15, 2004 October 14, 2005 November 16, 2005
Kazapon FeliCa Networks Information download November 15, 2004 Accepts
kesaka Service KESAKA System Keycard November 22, 2004 May, 2006
Smartplus (VISA TOUCH) Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Credit card December 22, 2004 September 15, 2005 February 1, 2006
FeliCa Pocket Mobile Sony Member card Accepts
Toku Toku Pocket NEC Member card April 1, 2005 October, 2005 February 15, 2006
QUICPay Mobile Japan Credit Bureau Credit card April 4, 2005 September 9, 2005 February 15, 2006
Edy Charge Appli eBank Electronic money May 15, 2005 October 17, 2005 Accepts
Plus Mobile for Edy-Style CYBIRD Member card June 6, 2005 Accepts
TOWNPOCKET Techfirm Member card August 8, 2005 September, 2005 November 11, 2005
Mobile e-card Iyo Railway Public fare collection August 23, 2005
Hawks IC Ticket Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Marketing Event ticket August 29, 2005 March 29, 2006
ToruCa NTT DoCoMo Coupon ticket November 11, 2005
iD NTT DoCoMo Credit card December 1, 2005
Mobile Nagasaki Smart Card Public transit operators in Nagasaki Public fare collection December 12, 2005
Mobile Suica East Japan Railway Company Public fare collection, electronic money January 28, 2006 January 28, 2006 December 2, 2006
Mobile NicoPa Shinki Bus Public fare collection February 1, 2006
Okudake Ninshō BIGLOBE User authentication February 27, 2006 February 27, 2006 February 27, 2006
MoCoCa NTT Business Associe Keycard March 8, 2006
χsmart NTT Telecon Office authentication April 1, 2006
WonderGOO Mobile Member Card WonderCorporation Member card Accepts Accepts Accepts
au Kētai Coupon KDDI Coupon ticket January 16, 2007
nanaco Mobile Seven & I Holdings Electronic money April 10, 2007 April 12, 2007 September 12, 2007
Gurunavi Touch Gourmet Navigator (Gurunavi) Coupon ticket September 3, 2007 September 3, 2007 September 3, 2007

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