List of minor Star Wars characters

List of minor Star Wars characters

This article is about minor characters in the fictional "Star Wars" universe, who do not fit into any other category.


Alisia is a female Gran who works as a station nurse in the Med Center of Tansarii Point Station. She and a 2-1B Surgical Droid named Billingsly help doctor Aja Sen treat injured patients. She appeared in the game Star Wars Galaxies. [sww|Alisia (Gran)]


Amee is a fictional character from '. She is a girl of six, who lives on Tatooine. She was friends with young Anakin Skywalker. Although credited as "Jenna Green", she was portrayed by George Lucas's daughter Katie Lucas, who had subsequent cameos in ' and "". In this, her only speaking role, she delivers the line "You've been working on that thing for years. It's never going to run."Fact|date=December 2007

Queen Apailana

Queen Apailana is a fictional character in the "Star Wars" universe, featured in "" as she attends the funeral of the former Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala. She is portrayed by Keisha Castle-Hughes.

Apailana appears in only one scene in the film, so her backstory is fleshed out in the series' Expanded Universe of novels, comic books, and video games. Before serving as Queen, Apailana is the Princess of Theed. When Queen Jamillia steps down from the throne, Padmé Amidala, Senator of Naboo, convinces her to run for Queen herself. In Star Wars Battlefront II, she shelters the remaining Jedi from the Purge and is assassinated by the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. [databank|category=character|subject=queenapailana|text=Queen Apailana|] [sww|Apailana]

Bant Erian

Bant Erian was a supporting character in the Jedi Apprentice book series. Even though she was a Mon Calamari, she lookes like a human. She was also a good friend to Obi-Wan Kenobi. She often got into trouble. Especially when Bruck Chun chained her to the bottom of a pool in the Room of 1000 Fountains. If Obi-Wan had not showed up in time to kill Bruck she would have died. She survived the Great Jedi Purge and stayed on Mon Calamari as a Jedi Knight for the rest of her life. Her first master Tahl died and was replaced by Kit Fisto.

Depa Billaba

A Jedi portrayed by Dipika O'Neill Joti in "The Phantom Menace" and Diane Michelle in "Attack of the Clones".

Brand, Empatojayos

SW Character

name=Empatojayos Brand
hair= Black
eyes= Gray
planet= Unknown| affiliation= Jedi, Galactic Republic

Empatojayos Brand was a Jedi Knight during the waning days of the Old Republic. Brand was the apprentice of Yaddle, and became a full-fledged Jedi Knight despite his agressive personality. He survived the Great Jedi Purge but was severely injured by Darth Vader's and Palpatine's army. The Ganathans saved him, building him a cyborg body, and made him their king. While on Ganath, he fell to the dark side of the Force. While on Onderon, Brand returned to the light side of the Force and intercepted Palpatine's spirit, but dying in the process.

Crumb, Salacious B.

SW Character

name=Salacious B. Crumb
position=Jabba the Hutt's court jester
species=Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
height= 0.7 meters
hair= Reddish-brown
eyes= Yellow
planet= Kowak
affiliation= None
portrayer= Tim Rose

Salacious B. Crumb is a fictional character that first appeared in "". Salacious was a knee-high, potbellied creature with disheveled hair, a shrill, annoying laugh, and a sharp beak. He was employed as a court jester for the intergalactic crimelord Jabba the Hutt. In the Expanded Universe, he is referred to as a Kowakian lizard-monkey. He became part of Jabba's palace after Malakili (the rancor tamer) found him on the planet Kowak. Crumb has killed some of Jabba's slaves with the rancor. He liked to pull the lever and hear the screams of the poor Twi'leks and others that fell in.

In "Return of the Jedi", Salacious was shocked away from C-3PO by R2-D2 just before the destruction of Jabba's sail barge. Salacious is killed in the explosion. As soon as the Rebels escaped the sail barge, it blew up, killing him and everyone aboard. [pg 35, the "Salacious B. Crumb" entry, infobox "Death: On Jabba the Hutt's sail barge"; "Star wars: the essential guide to characters", Andy Mangels, 1st edition published November 1995, ISBN 0-345-39535-2]

Daultay Dofine

Daultay Dofine is a fictional character from the "Star Wars" universe, played by Chris Sanders in "".

Dofine is a Neimoidian, an amphibian-faced humanoid with snake-like eyes. Daultay Dofine is the captain of the Trade Federation droid control ship "Profiteer" in the blockade of Naboo (as portrayed in "Episode I"). He wears a tall vessel command officer's miter.

Dofine refuses to go meet with Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) when they board the "Profiteer", instead suggesting that the protocol droid TC-14 go in his place. When Nute Gunray (Silas Carson) contacts Darth Sidious (Ian McDiarmid) to inform him of the Jedi's arrival, Dofine openly questions Sidious' plans, declaring the blockade finished and refusing to go against the Jedi. Dofine is hereafter barred from voicing his contentions to Sidious by the Sith Lord himself ( "Viceroy, I don't want that stunted slime in my sight again!"), but is allowed to remain in command of the "Profiteer".

Dofine is killed during the film's climactic battle scene, when the vessel is destroyed by Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd). [sww|Daultay Dofine]


Droe is Ki-Adi-Mundi's older sister. She usually had to protect him from raiders when they were kids. [sww|Droe/]


Sergeant Elsek is a human male from Kuat. He is a Scout Trooper in the Imperial Army. Ever since they graduated from the Corulag Academy, he was partners with Avarik. He was often forced to cover for his partner's rash decisions. When Avarik was accosted by Han Solo, he signaled Elsek to get help. As Elsek took off in his 74-Z Speeder Bike, Chewbacca blasted it with his bowcaster, and Elsek was hurtled through the air. When he landed, he was dead.

His first appearance was in . [{} Elsek at Wookieepedia]

Ephant Mon

Ephant Mon, a chevin gunrunner, is a minor Star Wars character, who briefly appears in "" in Jabba the Hutt's Palace when Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa are caught escaping. Although he isn't seen much in the films, he has a very important job in Jabba's Palace as head of security; as he is the only one Jabba truly trusts. Once on a frozen planet, Jabba saved Ephant Mon from death by protecting him with the warmth of his body fat while Ephant Mon protected Jabba from bandits and since has been one of the most trusted members of Jabba's associates. He did not die in the sail-barge explosion when many of Jabba's henchmen did, as he chose to remain at the palace. When Luke Skywalker arrived, Luke told Ephant Mon that if Jabba didn't free Han and the others, he would kill the Hutt. Ephant Mon did believe in The Force, and tried to warn Jabba, who wouldn't listen and denounced their friendship. After Jabba died and many of his henchmen were killed in the explosion, Ephant Mon joined a religion that worshipped the Force.

Ephant Mon's name comes from the words "Elephant Man," as he resembles a bipedal elephant.

Fardreamer, Cole

Cole Fardreamer is a New Republic mechanic from Tatooine. He presumably lives near Anchorhead. He is best known for discovering the flaws in the upgraded X-Wing computers that Wedge Antilles ordered. He is also noted for helping R2-D2 and C-3PO foil the Dark Jedi Kueller's plans to overthrow the New Republic. [ [ Cole Fardreamer at Wookieepedia] ]

Gardulla the Hutt

SW Character

name= Gardulla the Hutt
gender=Hermaphrodite (Female personality)
affiliation=The Hutts
In the fictional Star Wars universe, Gardulla the Hutt, also known as Gardulla the Elder, is one of the Hutt crime lords of Tatooine. Her assistant is Diva Funquita. She is best known for buying Shmi and Anakin Skywalker, then losing them in a pod race to Watto, a junk dealer. Gardulla is sometimes a rival of Jabba the Hutt and appears briefly as his guest at the Podrace scene in "The Phantom Menace". Gardulla also sponsors Podracers, including Gasgano. After the Boonta Eve Classic, Gardulla offered Watto a substantial sum to regain ownership of Anakin, but the Toydarian had already lost the boy to Qui-Gon Jinn.

Gardulla attempts to feed Jango Fett to her personal Krayt dragon. He survives and turns the table on her. He interrogates her for information on the Bando Gora cult, then feeds her to the dragon.

Gargan, Yarna D'al

Yarna D'al Gargan is a fictional character in the science fiction saga "Star Wars". She is depicted as a six-breasted Askajian dancer and slave of Jabba the Hutt. She, alongside dancers Oola, Rystáll, Lyn Me, and Greeata, performed for the Hutt's amusement and pleasure. She first appeared in the film "" (1983).


SW Character

species=Wol Cabasshite
height=.8 meters long; 1.2 meters with tongue fully extended.
affiliation=Jabba the Hutt

Ghoel was a Wol Cabasshite who resided in Jabba's Palace. Resembling a giant slug with an incredibly long tongue, it was usually found hanging from the ceiling and arches, licking almost anyone who walked by it.

Ghoel was an intelligent creature, and was one of few in Jabba's entourage that did not perish in the Khetanna disaster at the Great Pit of Carkoon.


Gorth was a Trandoshan who was employed as a bodyguard by Hath Monchar. Hath Monchar was trying to sell information about the Trade Federation blokade of Naboo. As a result, Darth Maul was sent to kill him. Gorth was killed when Darth Maul captured Monchar.


SW Character

position=Street Vendor
hair= White
planet= Tatooine
affiliation= None
portrayer=Margaret Towner

Jira was a vendor in Mos Espa that appeared in "". She was a friend of Anakin Skywalker and warned him of an approaching sand storm. Jira's life after Episode I is unknown.

In a deleted scene to Episode I, Anakin gives Jira some money to buy a cooling unit. They hug and she calls Anakin "the kindest boy in the galaxy". Shortly after they say goodbye, Qui-Gon slices one of Darth Maul's probe droids and the two break into a run.


SW Character
position=Barada's Assistant
height=1.83 meters (6'0")
planet= Kintan
affiliation=Jabba Desilijic Tiure

Klaatu was a minor character from "". Originally named "Wooof" by ILM designers, Klaatu is a green dog-like humanoid. The character was included in trading cards and miniature figurines.Fact|date=December 2007

Klaatu (along with Barada and Nikto) is a tribute to "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

Lars, Cliegg

SW Character
name=Cliegg Lars
hair= Brown
eyes= Unknown
height=1.83 meters (6'0")
planet= Tatooine
affiliation= None
portrayer=Jack Thompson

Cliegg Lars was the son of Lef and Gredda Lars, the elder brother of Edern Lars, the widower of Shmi Skywalker, the stepfather of Anakin Skywalker, and the father of Owen Lars. A moisture farmer on Tatooine, he purchased Shmi from Watto, and subsequently freed and married her. Years later, he was visited on Tatooine by Anakin and Padmé Amidala, who learned that Shmi had been abducted by Tusken Raiders. Cliegg and thirty-odd other settlers attempted to rescue her. Many of the settlers were killed in the process, and Cliegg lost his right leg from mid-thigh down. Anakin set off to rescue her, and he eventually brought Shmi's body back to the Lars Homestead, where she was buried alongside Cliegg's first wife and parents.

Cliegg Lars appeared in "", played by Australian actor Jack Thompson.

Lars, Owen

SW Character

name=Owen Lars
position=Moisture farmer
hair=Brown (grey in old age)
height=1.78 meters (5'10")
planet=Tatooine (was born on Ator)
portrayer=Phil Brown, Joel Edgerton

Owen Lars is the son of farmer Cliegg Lars. He is the stepbrother of Anakin Skywalker, and the step-uncle and de-facto foster father of Luke Skywalker. Owen does not approve of the prospect of Luke leaving Tatooine, and so he postpones the time Luke would leave to go to the Academy. He is motivated by the fear that Luke will follow in the footsteps of his father, Anakin. Unfortunately, Owen and his wife Beru are killed and reduced to skeletal corpses by Imperial stormtroopers.

In ', he is played by American actor Phil Brown. In ' and "", he is played by Australian actor Joel Edgerton.

There was some confusion as to exactly what Owen's relation to Luke is. The original movie only implies that he is Luke's uncle, the brother of Luke's father. In the 1983 novelization of ', Obi-Wan Kenobi refers to Owen as his brother (corroborated by the "Jedi Apprentice" series) - this was originally scripted, but cut out from that movie (in an interesting coincidence, Ewan McGregor's stunt double in the latter prequels is Nash Edgerton, the real-life brother of Joel Edgerton). On Lars' card in the Star Wars customizable card game, it actually states that he is the brother to Obi-Wan. ' showed that Anakin Skywalker did not have a biological brother. Finally in "Attack of the Clones", Owen was revealed to be Anakin's stepbrother and therefore technically Luke's step-uncle.

The Lars homestead is a compound located on Tatooine outside of Anchorhead and near Mos Eisley. It is home to a moisture farm, typical of the Tatooine settlements. The property is full of moisture vaporators, with most of the living area located below ground to provide relief from the planet's desert environment. Notable parts of the compound include the garage, which housed at various times the Lars family landspeeder and Luke Skywalker's T-16 skyhopper. Cliegg Lars was the original owner, with his second wife Shmi and Owen. Later, Owen and his wife Beru raised Luke there.

Lufba, Wam "Blam"

Wam "Blam" Lufba is a fictional character in the "Star Wars" saga. He is a male Yuzzum from the forest moon of Endor who resides in Jabba's Palace. He works for the Hutt crime lord as a smuggler.Fact|date=December 2007

Nkik, Het

Het Nkik is a fictional character seen briefly in the cantina scene of "" and whose story is elaborated on in the short story "Swap Meet: The Jawa's Tale" by Kevin J. Anderson, part of the anthology "Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina" (1995). Het Nkik is a Jawa who plots revenge on the Imperial stormtroopers who massacred his clan searching for C-3PO and R2-D2. Nkik is instead killed by a stormtrooper in Mos Eisley.


SW Character

bgcolor = #fff
fgcolor = #000
name = Oola
species = Twi'lek
position = Dancer/Slave
gender = Female
eyes = Unknown
planet = Ryloth
height = 1.6 meters
affiliation = Jabba the Hutt
portrayer = Femi Taylor

Oola is a fictional character from "". The green skinned Twi'lek is a dancer enslaved by Jabba the Hutt.

She is kept chained to Jabba's dais in his "throne room", where she is forced to dance as entertainment. In "Return of the Jedi", Jabba attempts to pull Oola towards him to try to feel her as she is dancing. When she refuses to come and fights back, Jabba has her dropped into the Rancor pit, where she is devoured. [] ]


SW Character

position=Bubo's attendant
hair= None)
eyes= Black
planet= Kinyen
height= 2.02 meters
affiliation= None

Ree-Yees is a Gran from the planet Kinyen. He was exiled from his planet for murdering another Gran and almost went mad. Because of this, Ree-Yees left the planet and travelled to the desert world of Tatooine where nobody would know him, surviving on large amounts of Sullustan Gin and pickpocketing credits from passers-by. It is unknown as to how Ree-Yees came to be a member of Jabba's Court, but it is known that everybody there grew to despise him too, though Jabba did not choose to kill him because he found amusement in the fights that Ree-Yees would often have with Ephant Mon, despite the fact that this creature was much tougher.

But Ree-Yees was given at least one function in Jabba's court: To tend Bubo, Jabba's grotesque watchdog that the Jawas had brought into the palace. What nobody knew was that Ree-Yees had secretly affixed a small transmitter to Bubo that remained hidden beneath his boils and his fleshy folds and this was all courtesy of the Empire, who had also provided Ree-Yees with a detonator with which he was supposed to kill Jabba, shipping the detonator's various components in crates of Gran goatgrass. In return, the Empire had promised to clear Ree-Yees of the murder charges which had been placed upon him on Kinyen and so when Jabba departed for the Sarlacc in the Dune Sea to execute a group of rebels, Ree-Yees accompanied the court on the Sail Barge intent on carrying out his mission.

Unfortunately, the rebels who were to be executed managed to effect an escape and in doing so, the woman amongst the rebels, Leia Organa managed to kill Jabba the Hutt shortly before the Sail Barge exploded with Ree-Yees still on board.

Valarian, Lady

Lady Valarian is a fictional character from the "Star Wars" saga. She is depicted as a fur-covered Whiphid. She is the owner of a hotel and casino in Mos Eisley called the Lucky Despot. She is also a minor crime lord and Jabba the Hutt's chief rival on Tatooine.

Whitesun, Beru

SW Character

position=Moisture farmer
name=Beru Whitesun
hair= Brown (graying in old age)
eyes= Blue
planet= Tatooine
height= 1.65 meters
affiliation= None
portrayer=Bonnie Maree Piesse, Shelagh Fraser

Beru Whitesun was introduced in ' as the girlfriend of Owen Lars. She later marries Owen and the two of them take custody of Luke Skywalker when he is brought to them by Obi-Wan Kenobi, as depicted in the final scene of '.

In "", she and Owen are murdered by Imperial Stormtroopers. Luke finds their skeletal corpses smoldering near their home upon his arrival.

In "A New Hope", she is played by Shelagh Fraser. In "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith", she is played by Bonnie Maree Piesse.


2-1B, or Too-Onebee, was a rebel medical droid seen in stationed at Echo Base on the ice-planet Hoth. He is responsible in large part for Luke Skywalker's recuperation after a devastating attack by a wampa ice creature. The medical droid was evacuated with the rest of Hoth's personnel during the Battle of Hoth, and regrouped with the Rebel fleet on the Outer Rim. There he again performed services for an injured Luke, this time replacing the hand which was severed by Darth Vader on Bespin.

According to expanded universe canon (including mentions in the radio series), Too-Onebee was formerly an Imperial medical droid who freely joined the Rebellion. This is supported by the fact that he assisted Darth Vader's transformation into a cyborg in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. 2-1B was also the figurehead of Star Wars Insider's "Dear 2-1B" column.

See more at Minor droids in Star Wars

A'Kla, Elegos

Elegos A'Kla is a Caamasi senator. He appears first in "I, Jedi", where Corran Horn saves him from pirates. He played a substantial role in the resolution of the Caamas dispute, and also in the peace process initiated by Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. After the outbreak of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong Senator A'Kla decided that he would try to peacefully end the war and went to negotiate with the Yuuzhan Vong. After earning the respect of the Vong leader, Shedao Shai, A'Kla was murdered and his body sent to Corran Horn by Shai after Horn killed two of Shai's relatives. A'Kla's daughter replaced him in the Senate.


Allana (born 36 ABY) is the daughter of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka.

A year before Allana's birth, Jacen went to see Tenel Ka to talk about the possibility of sending a Hapan fleet to intervene in the Killik crisis. Tenel Ka agreed. The implied condition (what Tenel Ka implied that she wanted from Jacen in return) was that Jacen help Tenel Ka get rid of her other suitors by spending the night with Tenel Ka, which Jacen eventually agrees to. The ultimate results of this bargain were that a Hapan fleet was dispatched to Qoribu, and Tenel Ka became pregnant. Tenel Ka carried the baby for twelve months by using the Force to slow down its growth, so that nobody would figure out who the father was. But soon after Allana was born, Jacen was forced to save her and Tenel Ka from an assassination attempt plotted by Ta'a Chume, who was unhappy with the prospect of the child of two Jedi being an heir to the Hapan throne. However, when Jacen's cousin Ben Skywalker, who was present at the assassination attempt, found out, Jacen was forced to erase his memory. This was done so that Ben who had been under the control of the Dark Nest, would not reveal the identity of Allana's father. Due to this, the baby's existence was then kept secret.

Earlier in the Legacy of the Force series Jacen Solo starts down the path of the Sith and it is said in Bloodlines that while he is not able to constantly be there for Allana and Tenel Ka he does visit them and reaches out to them with the force, a touch which, surprisingly, Allana returns despite her young age. Jacen later learns that to become a Sith and not go down the destructive and selfish path of his grandfather Darth Vader he must "immortalize his love". Through his Sith teacher Lumiya he realizes that he will have to kill Tenel Ka and Allana. Their fates however, determined in the Legacy of the Force series, go down a different path, when Jacen decides he shall not kill his daughter and lover, but rather, his aunt, wife of his uncle the Grand High Jedi Master, Mara Jade Skywalker.

Allana was reunited with her father, at least for a short time, during the attempted coup at Hapes. Jacen, at Tenel Ka's request, takes Allana with him on his Star Destroyer "Anakin Solo". She is targeted for assassination by Aurra Sing, but is saved by Jacen's timely arrival. She even helps him in the fight, by injecting Sing with a knockout poison that she had been given for self-defence.

She is later kidnapped by Jacen when Tenel Ka learns of his evil actions and turns against him. Jacen left her a note saying he would kill Allana if she didn't support him militarily again. But Luke Skywalker led a strike team to Jacen's ship and rescued Allana. While returning her to Tenel Ka, Han and Leia learned she was their granddaughter.

Alto Stratus

Alto Stratus was leader of the planet Jabiim. He took part in the Battle of Jabiim during the Clone Wars, convincing his people to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Appo, Commander

Commander Appo is a fictional character in "." He was a clone of Jango Fett and led the elite clone division the 501st. During the Clone Wars, he led the defense of Coruscant and was given special training on Kamino and promoted to Senior Clone Commander. Together with Darth Vader, he led the attack on the Jedi Temple and eliminated most Jedi there.

After the battle, Senator Bail Organa witnessed how Appo was struck down by the padawan Jukassa, who was then soon killed by Sergeant Fox. Appo, however, survived the encounter and continued to lead the 501st under Vader's command. Vader grew fond of Appo, and felt comfortable around him and his men. He followed Vader during many assignments, including the fatal Battle of Kashyyyk. During the battle he was beheaded by the disguised Jedi Master Roan Shryne. Vader's feelings for Appo were expressed in a comment he soon after made to Shryne: "I was rather fond of Commander Appo."


Asha, an Ewok, is the daughter of Chief Chirpa and Queen Wali, and the older sister of Princess Kneesa. She first appears in the last first season episode of "", "Asha", where it is revealed that when Asha was quite young, she and her mother were attacked while gathering food. Wali told Asha to jump in the river, and thus she was swept away. Wali was killed, Asha was saved and raised for many years by dog-like creatures. Years later, Kneesa and her friends see her when she saves them after the fall from a cliff while feeding birds. After she drives the Duloks away from her foster family, she reunites with her father and sister.

Another character by the name of Asha was a handmaiden to Queen Amidala of Naboo in the video game, "Star Wars:Obi-Wan". She helps Obi-Wan get through the royal palace so he can reach Qui-Gon Jinn and help him rescue the queen from the Trade Federation droids(said mission was the reason Obi-Wan went inside the palace in the first place).


Azkul is a character seen in "".

During the Jedi Civil War Azkul was a soldier under Darth Malak's empire. After Malak's defeat he became a mercenary working for Czerka Corporation. He met the Jedi Exile on Dantooine, during a local civil war between the settlers and the mercenaries. Azkul proposed him to join his forces and defeat the militia of Khoonda. Assuming that the light side ending is the canonical one, the Exile refused his offer and joined the militiamen to counterattack the mercenaries. Along with Jedi Master Vrook Lamar, the Exile defeated the mercenaries. Azkul was killed after the Exile refused to let him go to kill Terena Adare, the Agricultural Administrator and official ruler of Khoonda.

The dark side plot sees Azkul's mercenaries winning the civil war, and consequently Azkul becomes the new ruler of Khoonda, after killing Terena Adare.


Bastra, Gil

Gil Bastra was a CorSec officer that helped Corran Horn escape from Corellia in order to avoid the Imperial liaison, Kirtan Loor. Unfortunately, Gil was captured by Loor and later killed.

Beedo, Aldar

A pod racer who raced in the Boonta Eve Classic in "", he finished 3rd place.

Binneed, Mosep

Mosep Binneed is Jabba the Hutt's Nimbanese accountant in Mos Eisley. Jabba the Hutt in the original "Star Wars" Marvel Comics was modeled after this character. []


SW Character

position=Pilot/Smuggler/Jedi Master
portrayer=Anthony LangDavid Allen Grier (NPR radio drama)

BoShek is a pilot, a smuggler who runs ships to the Monastery for code switching, brags about beating Han Solo's Kessel Run record.Fact|date=December 2007 In "", Obi-Wan Kenobi talks to him for a second upon entering the Mos Eisley cantina. He has sideburns, and hair that is brown.

Additionally, it is revealed, by Obi-Wan during their chat, that BoShek has a natural, albeit untrained, aptitude for the Force. Obi-Wan warns him to use this power for good and that he can change his life. He uses this power to escape from some stormtroopers hunting him, coincidentally the same ones which Obi-Wan had confused earlier that day. Afterwards, BoShek gives up his life as a smuggler. He joins the rebellion and soon after becomes a Jedi Knight at Luke's temple on Yavin 4. Fact|date=December 2007 [sww|BoShek]

Briqualon, Noa

SW Character
name=Noa Briqualon

portrayer=Wilford Brimley

Noa Briqualon is a character in the TV movie "". Stranded on the forest moon of Endor long ago, he learned to adapt to his primitive surroundings. He was marooned on Endor when his ship was caught in the complex gravity patterns of the world and crashed in the forest. The power drive crystal of the ship shattered and his friend Salak went to find one, but was captured by the evil Marauders and killed. Noa soon realized that his friend wasn't coming back and made his home in what remained of a hollow tree trunk.

Noa's house was small but cozy.Fact|date=December 2007 A homemade table was by the door and a stove was also near the door. Animal hide rugs carpeted the wooden floor. Also there was Noa's bed and assorted tables, hollows, and crevices in which junk was stored. There was also a small upstairs part with lots of interesting articles up there.

Teek, a mischievous creature, met up with Noa sometime between his starship wreck and the "Battle for Endor" movie. Noa let him stay and even carved Teek a bed for his own out of the tree trunk walls of the house. It was Teek who led Cindel Towani and Wicket W. Warrick to Noa's house.

The old man at first was angry that the kids should be brought into his house, but he grew to like them as he was really a kindly man. He helped save Cindel and the Ewoks from the marauders, defeating the evil marauder King Terak. Wicket the Ewok defeated Terak and Noa and Cindel repaired the starship.

Little is known of Noa's later years, though, according to the Star Wars Official Webpage, he retired somewhere in the Mid Rim of the Galaxy. It is not known when he died. He is one of the only characters in any of the Star Wars movies to be portrayed as wearing glasses.

Bwua'tu, Nek

Nek Bwua'tu was a Bothan admiral in the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. He was the commander of the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet at the outbreak of the Swarm War.Fact|date=December 2007

As of 37 ABY, Bwua'tu carried his flag aboard Admiral Ackbar, a brand new pirate-hunting variant of the Victory-class Star Destroyer. Bwua'tu was lauded for his victories in the Thrawn simulator and the Bothans among his crew took great pride in serving under who they saw as the greatest commander in the Galactic Alliance Fleet.

A year after the evacuation of the Qoribu nests, Bwua'tu was tasked with commanding the blockade of the Utegetu Nebula with the Fifth Fleet. The nebula had been the source of dark membrosia and the hiding place for many pirates—and of course, the Dark Nest. The entire Fifth Fleet was diverted from its normal patrol of the Hydian Way. During the blockade, he impounded the Millennium Falcon with Barabel Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne and her apprentice, Leia Organa Solo, onboard. Both Jedi sensed something odd aboard the Ackbar, but Bwua'tu brashly ignored their advice as Jedi trickery and sorcery.

The admiral had many busts of himself onboard his ship, gifts from a shipping conglomerate who benefited from the Fifth Fleet's patrol of the Hydian Way. These busts were in reality sold by a company allies with the Dark Nest. They would later explode, full of Gorog larvae. Despite ordering a task force of the Fifth Fleet to attack the incoming Killik fleet, his ship was overtaken by the Killiks and former Jedi-turned-Joiner Alema Rar. Bwua'tu finally followed Leia Organa Solo's advice, they were forced to evacuate the Star Destroyer, and it fell into the hands of UnuThul.

Aboard Mon Mothma, commanded by Commodore Gavin Darklighter, Bwua'tu again took command of his fleet, though he himself doubted he would command the Fifth Fleet for much longer. With many Jedi serving under his command now—including Luke Skywalker—and a bare ten ship advantage over the Killiks, he ordered the fleet to engage the Killik ships with everything they had, thus starting the Swarm War.

While it is unknown whether Nek Bwua'tu retained command of the Fifth Fleet, he continued to serve as a strategic influence all the way through until the end of the Swarm War. Many of his strategies and tactics proved instrumental in ending the conflict.


Cakhmaim was a male Noghri bodyguard to Leia Organa Solo. He succeeded Adarakh, who was killed by the treacherous New Republic Senator Viqi Shesh of Kuat on Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion crisis. Since assuming the role Cakhmaim served his mistress alongside Noghri female Meewalh. His favorite weapon was a sickle and club attached by a short chain, with which he nearly killed rogue Jedi Knight Alema Rar on Woteba just prior to the Killik/Chiss standoff at Qoribu. Cakhmaim was killed when Jacen orders his Star Destroyer to fire on the Millennium Falcon, destroying the gun turret that Cakhmaim was manning.

Car'das, Jorj

Jorj Car'das was an up-and-coming smuggler when the Forwards broke out, and previous to this he was one of the first humans to come into contact with Thrawn. Car'das realized that the galaxy was changing, and decided that the time had come for him to start his own operation. He took control of Booster Terrik's operation when Booster was sent to Kessel by Hal Horn, and created a successful smuggling operation, although his operation was small compared to what the Hutts had.

Around 4 BBY, Car'das was commandeered by one of the Darkclones from Bpfassh, who killed all the crew aboard his ship and demanded passage. Car'das survived the Dark Jedi's battle with the Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah, after receiving treatment from Yoda himself. However, somehow Car'das was changed by the encounter. He began taking his organization to higher levels, creating a small empire that was involved in a number of criminal activities but not dominant in any one of them. This allowed him to become quite rich and modestly powerful, and his organization began to rival the Hutts' outfits. He somehow seemed to know the right move in any situation, and was always outthinking his opponents; he could nearly see the future, foreseeing, for example, the coming rise of Palpatine and the waxing influence of Black Sun. It was during this time that Car'das also began amassing a teeny library of datacards, storing information away like they were free credits. Then, one day, Car'das simply got into his private yacht and disappeared. His health finally started to fail, and the new life he had been given by Yoda evaporated. Car'das travelled to Dagobah to demand that Yoda put everything right. Yoda simply took his blaster and the beckon call from his ship and flung them into the jungle, then berated Car'das for wasting the gift he had been given. He also told Car'das that he couldn't help him any further, since he was busy preparing for the arrival of Luke Skywalker. Car'das couldn't return to his group, so he fled to Exocron, where Yoda had indicated he might receive help from the Aing-Tii monks of the Kathol Rift.

His organization continued to thrive for several months, but the lieutenants began to discuss the need for a true leader. Rather than put it to a vote, Talon Karrde - one of Car'das' most trusted students - simply took control of the organization. The other leaders weren't happy, but the new operation flourished for the next twenty years. After the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Karrde sent Lando Calrissian and Mara Jade to search for Car'das, a search which took seven years and ended up with Car'das somewhere on the planet Exocron. The lone clue was the beckon call Luke Skywalker had recovered on Dagobah.

Later, Lando thought that Car'das held information which could help the New Republic diffuse the Caamas Incident, but Karrde refused to bring Car'das into it. During the Incident, Karrde finally realized that he had to confront Car'das; if not to confront his own fears, then to recover a copy of the Caamas Document. Car'das played an elaborate ruse on him, first appearing as a withered old man bed-ridden on the planet Exocron. Car'das' fortress was built into the side of a mountain, and Karrde was surprised at the other man's advanced age.

However, Car'das had been planning this for some time - ever since he learned of Calrissian and Jade's search. Car'das used Karrde's desire to locate him as a way to draw the crimelord Rei'kas to Exocron and near the Kathol Rift. Car'das and Trey David knew Exocron couldn't stand against Rei'kas's fleet, but they also knew that the Aing-Tii monks wanted to eliminate Rei'kas. By allowing Karrde to get to Exocron, Car'das and David also gave Exocron's location to Rei'kas. However, Rei'kas' fleet was destroyed by the Aing-Tii monks when it tried to attack Exocron. This maneuvering was nearly transparent to Karrde, who realized that Car'das was more than a frail old man. He returned to Exocron and confronted Car'das again, who was no longer an aged man but a healthy man of somewhat advanced age. He also revealed the true size of his fortress, with its immense library of datacards. Within it, Car'das was unable to locate a copy of the Caamas Document. He was, however, able to dig up a wealth of information on Grodin Tierce, Moff Disra, and the conman Flim. Karrde and Shada D'ukal brought this information back to Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, after saying their goodbyes to Car'das. Car'das vanished from the galactic scene for a couple of years, before Dean Jinzler revealed that he had received word of Voss Parck's mission to locate the remains of the Outbound Flight Project from Car'das himself. Car'das then made sure Jinzler arrived, going so far as to trail Jinzler and help repair his ship in the Flacharia system. Jinzler told the Skywalkers that Car'das was only trying to fulfill a promise he'd made years ago. Car'das then accompanied Jinzler aboard the "Chaf Envoy" when aristocrat Formbi greeted them, although Jinzler couldn't comprehend the discussion between Formbi and Car'das.

While attempting to gain access to the Vagaari fleet, Car'das states his homeworld to be that of Corellia. ["Vision of the Future", 1st printing, 1998. Timothy Zahn. ISBN 0-553-10035-1] ["Outbound Flight", 1st edition, hardcover, 2005. Timothy Zahn, ISBN 1844139042]

Celchu, Mia

Mia Celchu is the sister of Tycho Celchu and Skoloc Celchu. She was killed when her home planet Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star in "A New Hope".

Celchu, Skoloc

Skoloc Celchu is the brother of Tycho Celchu and Mia Celchu. He was killed when his home planet Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star.


Cerasi is one of the leaders of the Young, a youth organization trying to stop the civil war between the Melida and the Daan on the planet Melida/Daan. She is a very close friend of Obi-Wan's. However, she is killed in the novel "The Uncertain Path" when the Young splits into multiple factions. Her ex-partner, Nield, is griefstricken, as is Obi-Wan.

Chirpa, Chief

Chief Chirpa was the head of his Ewok tribe's Council of Elders. The strong-willed Chirpa befriended the Rebel strike force sent to the moon of Endor to clear the way for the Alliance fleet. His warriors were courageous and skillful in the face of a superior enemy and managed to defeat them. Chief Chirpa was gray-furred and carried a reptilian staff (denoting his rank) which carried the teeth and horns of animals he hunted.

Following Chirpa's death, his daughter, Princess Kneesa, ascended to the throne.


A fictional group in Star Wars, the Cloud-Riders were a swoop gang operating on Aduba-3 and led by Serji-X Arrogantus. They lived in the hills just outside of Onacra. Once a year, they would attack the village, stampeding the villagers' banthas, burning their crops, and carrying off their women.

Eventually, the villagers worked out a deal with the Cloud-Riders. They would pay an annual tithe of 9,000 credits in exchange for being left alone. This only worked for three years before Arrogantus and his gang became restless and began attacking again.

Because of this, the villager Ramiz asked for help from Han Solo and Chewbacca, who in turn formed the Eight for Aduba-3 to combat the Cloud-Riders.

Arrogantus and most of the rest of the Cloud-Riders were killed by the "Behemoth from the World Below". The survivors, without their leader, quickly disbanded the gang.

Dallows, Rhys

SW Character
name=Rhys Dallows

position=Bravo Flight pilot
affiliation= Old Republic, Lok Revanants, Bravo Flight
portrayer=Darren Scott (voice)

Rhys Dallows was a brave Bravo Flight pilot who flies a Naboo N-1 Starfighter before the Clone Wars. His official Bravo identification was Bravo 10, and he helped Nym and the Lok Revanants fight the Trade Federation. Dallows is playable in the video game Star Wars:Starfighter.

Davik Kang

Davik Kang was a crimelord on the planet Taris in the Star Wars video game "". Kang was a member of The Exchange, a powerful intergalactic crime syndicate. He was killed on Taris by Revan, who up to that point had been undercover, working under the pretense of desiring to join his legion of agents. In reality, Revan sought to obtain control of Davik Kang's ship, the Ebon Hawk, since it was the only ship fast enough to outrun the Sith blockade that had been set up above the planet Taris. At the time Revan was not under his "Normal Evil Influence", as he was, at the time of the events involving Kang, suffering from temporary amnesia. Revan was acting with the Jedi Knight Bastila, who Revan and Carth Onasi, a Republic Soldier, thought was the key to winning the current war against the Sith empire. Following Davik Kang's death, Revan and a group of cohorts including Bastila and Carth set out for the planet Dantooine aboard Davik Kang's former ship, the Ebon Hawk.Davik Kang was one of many owners of the Ebon Hawk which was handed down from owner to owner only by stealing it.

Droga, Jeng

SW Character
name=Jeng Droga

position=Emperor's Hand
affiliation= Galactic Empire, Second Imperium
In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Jeng Droga (—23 ABY) was an Emperor's Hand. In his service to the Empire, Droga used his Jar'Kai skills in Lightsaber combat, and piloted the "Emperor's Shadow", Palpatine's personal shuttle.

His depth of loyalty and Force connection to Palpatine caused Droga to enter a deep depression following his master's death. Present at Endor, Droga fled the battle to the planet Kaal, where he killed the crew of "Emperor's Shadow" and crashed the ship into the ocean in hopes of joining Palpatine in death. His effort was in vain, however, as his broken body washed ashore.

Within a year, the disembodied spirit of the Emperor discovered Droga and entered his body. Palpatine called out to Sate Pestage, who rescued the broken body from Kaal and returned it to Byss. There, the spirit of Palpatine was exorcized from Droga, who remained on Byss to protect his Reborn master. During the reborn Emperor's campaign, Droga's increasingly unstable temperament made him into a monster on the battlefield, but he was unable to save his master from ultimate death.

With the final destruction of Palpatine, Droga was pushed over the edge. For years he roamed the galaxy as a berserker, eventually slaying Sarcev Quest for his role in Palpatine's assassination. Jedi Connor Bloomfield was also killed in the battle. [ [ Star Wars: Databank | Jedi Order, The ] ]

He eventually lent his aid to the Second Imperium's assault on Yavin 4. There he joined in the chaos, now completely insane, and was finally able to join his master after being defeated by Kyle Katarn.

Eldo Davip

Commander Eldo Davip was sent by self-proclaimed chief of state Pwoe on a suicide mission with the Super-class Star Destroyer "Lusankya". Unfortunately for Pwoe, General Wedge Antilles was smart enough to keep Davip alive. For his heroism at the final part of the Battle of Borleias, he was made a Major General by the time of the Battle of Yuuzhan'Tar.

Fel, Baron Soontir

Baron Soontir Fel was a highly-skilled Imperial pilot, and often considered the best TIE fighter pilot, second only to Darth Vader. He is best known for leading the 181st Imperial Fighter Group, known as the most elite fighter pilots in the Imperial Navy.

Fel was a farm-boy from Corellia by birth, enlisting in the Imperial Navy to avoid complications arising from a confrontation with a rival boy. One of his classmates at the Imperial Academy was fellow Corellian Han Solo. He quickly proved his skill by surviving his first tours as a TIE pilot, a remarkable feat as TIEs and their pilots are often viewed as an expendable resource. After serving as Commander of a Dreadnaught, he moved to the Academy. From there he was transferred to the 181st, which at the time was a rag-tag squadron on a backwater world.

Fel became disillusioned with the Empire after the fall of Emperor Palpatine, seeing the once great military machine dissolve into feuding warlord-ism and seeing corrupt politicians manipulate the military for their own gains. He was captured by Wedge Antillies and Rogue Squadron, and, during interrogation, defected to the Alliance, joining the Rogues and proving to be instrumental in many missions.

During his time with Rogue Squadron Fel would wear his TIE Fighter flight-suit, as opposed to the traditional Alliance Orange, but with the less bulky X-wing life support apparatus and helmet, as opposed to the fully enclosed TIE pilot kit.

He disappeared for a brief time before showing up as a pilot for the Chiss. He warned Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker of an impending invasion, which turned out to be the invasion by the Yuuzhan Vong. During the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, his son, Jagged Fel, also proved himself as a pilot. Fel is married to Wedge Antilles' sister, Syal.

Fel is likely based on Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron from the first World War. In Fel's case, his title of Baron is given to him due to outstanding combat performance, he is also given a holding on Corellia where he moved his family.

Foreck, Condren

Condren Foreck was Lando Calrissian's second choice for a wife in the Corellian Trilogy. Unfortunately, Lando found out that she had already married another man, and was forced to cross her off his list of potential suitors. Foreck lives with her husband on a farm on Azbrian.Fact|date=December 2007


Star Wars character

affiliation=To the highest bidder
portrayer=Sadie Eddon
Garindan is a minor character seen in "" at the Mos Eisley spaceport. Garindan only appeared in a few seconds of film, but he became famous for his stand-out appearance, earning him the nickname "Long Snoot."

He characteristically wears dark goggles since his large eyes are photosensitive to the red wavelengths in light. Born on the arid planet of Kubindi, he has a rough textured green/black skin and a bristle like hair on his head. As with all of his kind, Garindan feeds off insects and favours the delicacies that are shipped to Mos Eisley from the Ku'Bakai system. Because of the harsh conditions of Tatooine, he is almost always seen in a dark cloak that covers everything except for his trunk-like snout, leading the locals to speculate to his species and planet of origin. Garindan is believed to be exceedingly rich and is always able to pay for information when needed and produce the chits immediately despite the fact that he is never seen carrying large amounts of credits.

The information that Garindan gathers is available for a price, and his only allegiances are to himself; the fact that the local Imperial presence pays him well for his information indicates that Garindan has failed to find a better offer so far. Garindan was so good at his work that even Jabba the Hutt feared that the Kubaz might find out too much about his dealings and business transactions. Garindan, for his part, simply bided his time, safe in the knowledge that he would eventually find out "something" regarding Jabba's business and that this information would make him wealthy.

Garindan once received a commission from Imperial forces and this nearly cost the Rebel Alliance its future after Garindan was given the task of hunting down two missing droids named R2-D2 and C-3PO. Garindan managed to locate the two droids quickly, finding them in the company of Old Ben, a hermit who lived out in the Dune Sea and a young farm boy that Garindan recognised as being the Nephew of Owen Lars, a moisture farmer. Garindan trailed the cohort to Docking Bay 94 where they were set to rendezvous with a pair of smugglers named Han Solo and Chewbacca, where they would take passage on the "Millennium Falcon". Using the Imperial Comlink that he had been provided with, Garindan immediately called the Stormtroopers to Docking Bay 94, causing the freighter to barely escape intact.

The current activities and whereabouts of Garindan are unknown. It is likely that he has remained on Tatooine hiding amidst the upheaval following the death of Jabba the Hutt. He also appears in "" as an unlockable character, and under the name of "Imperial Spy." He continues to spy on the rebels until he was caught.


Gartogg is a minor and fictional character from "". He was born on the planet Gamorrea and was one of twelve Gamorreans who left their home planet for Tatooine at the request of Jabba the Hutt. Jabba wanted Gartogg and the others to enter his service, but Gamorrean customs dictated that Jabba had to engaged them in personal combat before they could agree to this employment. Jabba agreed and said that he would combat them all at once so long as they were all blindfolded, as was an old "Hutt Tradition" in such dominance combat. The Gamorreans agreed and once Gartogg and the others could not see anything, Jabba silently ordered dozens of his thugs to beat the Gamorreans mercilessly.

Awed by Jabba's martial skill and the fact that he had managed to simultaneously and single-handedly defeat them in combat, the Gartogg and the other Gamorreans agreed to enter Jabba's service and were placed around the palace as guards. Gartogg's duties were very simple: Guard the palace. He was happy with this particular function, despite being constantly harassed by the appointed leader Ortugg. Like everybody else in the palace, Gartogg was captured by the rescue attempt that Princess Leia Organa mounted on Han Solo, who was at the time frozen in a block of Carbonite in Jabba's throne room. But Gartogg had problems of his own to deal with. A number of sinister murders had taken place in the lower depths of Jabba's palace and Gartogg had been given the task of solving these murders, an assignment that would prove to save his life since it prevented him from joining Jabba and his entourage on his Sail Barge when it departed for the Dune Sea and the Great Pit of Carkoon.

Ghent, Zakarisz

Ghent is a fictional character in the expanded Star Wars universe. He made his first appearance in the Timothy Zahn novel, "Heir to the Empire". Ghent is a slicer (hacker) of awesome talent, able to crack military and diplomatic grade encryptions with relative ease. He is employed in Talon Karrde's smuggling operation.Fact|date=December 2007

Over the course of the Thrawn story arc, Ghent was seconded to the New Republic in order to track down a bank break-in. While waiting for transport from his employer, he was able to decrypt the transmissions from Delta Source, an Imperial intelligence system acquiring information directly from the New Republic headquarters; something that the New Republic hadn't been able to do over a much longer period of time with much greater resources. Ghent also used his talents to break Imperial Battle encryptions during the siege of Coruscant, though he was thrown off by the stiff procedures and routines used by the New Republic.

He is also incredibly naive, and often doesn't even notice his own talents and status. In the game KotOR II, a character named "Dhagon Ghent" can be found on Onderon. He is likely an ancestor of Zakarisz.

Grahrk, Vilmarh

Vilmarh Grahrk, or Villie as he was often known, was a Devaronian smuggler during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. A notorious gambler, grifter and scoundrel, Villie took part in a number of underhanded schemes in his quest for money and women.

A character named Dvakvar Grahrk (possibly an ancestor of Vilmarh) was originally planned to be in "", but was cut during development. The character can still be seen on the Prima Guide of "KotOR II".

Vilmarh Grahrk is a character in "".

Halcyon, Kieran

Kieran Halcyon was an ancestor of the Corellian Jedi Master Neejah Halcyon. Living roughly four centuries prior to the events of Return of the Jedi, Keiran was a well regarded Jedi in his own right. A protector of Corellia, he often served as a rearguard in his missions, due to the Halcyon's lack of skill with telekinesis. Kieran Halcyon's lightsaber gave off a distinctive silver glow (due to its using a durindfire gem as its primary focusing crystal), which although was not totally uncommon among Corellian Jedi, was a legendary trademark of the Halcyon Jedi (Nejaa Halcyon also had a silver lightsaber, as well as his grandson, Corran Horn). Kieran Halcyon was also an alias used by his descendent, Corran Horn, when he started his Jedi training.

Halcyon, Neeja

Neeja Halcyon was Corellian Jedi Master, who was the grandfather of Corran Horn, and was killed on a mission shortly after the Clone Wars. Father of Hal Horn, when he died his widow married his best friend, Rostek Horn, who adopted their son and fabricated records during the Empire's Jedi Purge. He carried a silver lighstaber.

Hierogryph, Marn

Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph is a Snivvian smuggler who's bark is much worse than his bite. Gryph has always had a dream about becoming a big, notorious criminal, but his crimes usually go unnoticed compared to other lowlife in the galaxy. He is notoriously greedy and will do almost anything to make a few easy credits, no matter how much danger it may bring to him and his companions. Despite this, he is far from a cold-hearted murderer and has shown compassion more than once while traveling with Zayne. He also has a seemingly endless supply of underworld connections when it comes to dealing with all the low-life criminals around the galaxy.

Hesz, Tal

Tal Hesz was a leader of the Jabiimi resistance alongside Nolan Gillmunn during the Galactic Civil War. Though fighting to keep their planet free of Imperial tyranny, he did not trust the Rebel Alliance. When Gillmunn brought a Rebel diplomatic envoy to the planet to meet with the resistance, Hesz was furious. When Hesz found out that a member of the team, one Luke Skywalker was wanted by Darth Vader himself, he promised to exchange the rebel for an end to hostilities on Jabiim. When his plan backfired he was only able to provide Lord Vader with rebel mathematician Jorin Sol. This, along with Skywalker and the others' escape, angered Vader, who ordered the populace of the planet enslaved, and ordered an orbital bombardment, reducing the planet to rubble.

This event devastated Hesz, who undertook a personal mission to find Sol and his people. After weeks of searching, an informant pointed him to Kalist VI. After stealing an Imperial shuttle and disguising himself as a Stormtrooper, he headed for the planet. Hesz arrived just in time to see a Rebel fleet arrive to save his people and Jorin Sol. After the battle on the planet ended, Hesz was found out and taken into Imperial custody.

Horn, Rostek

Rostek Horn is the step-grandfather of Corran Horn. Rostek was a security officer with Corellian Security Force (CorSec) and worked closely with the Corellian Jedi Nejaa Halcyon on various campaigns. When Nejaa Halcyon died, Rostek married his widow and adopted his son in order to hide them from the Emperor and Darth Vader. Nejaa's son Valin, would from that point be known as Valin 'Hal' (Halcyon) Horn. Rostek rose high in the ranks of CorSec (how far is never actually stated). At the time of his forced retirement he was put on a sort of low level house arrest, wherein all employees of his estate reported his actions directly to CorSec. Rostek revealed to his grandson Corran Horn that Corellian politicians feared the intelligence he had gathered on them during his CorSec days.Fact|date=December 2007

Horn, Valin "Hal"

Valin "Hal" Horn is the father of Corran Horn. Like Corran, Hal was a CorSec officer. Corran and his father were very close. Unfortunately, Hal was killed by the bounty hunter Bossk on an ill-fated CorSec mission in which Corran was also a participant. Hal died in the arms of his son. Corran still looks to his father's memory for inspiration, and often relies on his "gut instincts," a survival technique his father encouraged.

Hal Horn was also a partially trained Jedi Knight who was trained by his father Nejaa Halcyon until Nejaa's death shortly after the Clone Wars. He was unable to train his own son, Corran, in the use of the Force, but he did teach him to trust his instincts, realizing they were latent warnings from the Force. Hal knew his own intuition for crimefighting was largely based on the Force and that he had passed his abilities onto Corran. Hal Horn was the only law enforcement officer to ever catch Booster Terrik and was thus responsible for Booster's five year stint in the spice mines of Kessel. He once briefly worked the murder case of Wedge Antilles's parents. He and his son Corran (partners at the time) also helped bring down Zekka Thyne, Black Sun's top lieutenant on Correlia in which he worked with Grand Admiral Thrawn who was posing as the bounty hunter Jodo Kast.

Valin Horn's most significant contribution to the galaxy may have been in the seeming murder case of then senator Garm Bel Iblis. While trying to solve Bel Iblis' apparent death, he was forced to work with and was able to thwart Ysanne "Iceheart" Isard in her attempts to prevent the creation of the Rebel Alliance. With Valin's help, Bel Iblis was able to escape Iceheart and the Imperials and continue on to forge the Corellian Treaty, which is considered the true birth of the Rebel Alliance. History may have been significantly altered if not for Valin's hard work and stubbornness in resisting the machinations of Ysanne Isard; he arguably may have even saved the Rebel Alliance before it truly began.

In memory of his father, Corran named his son Valin. The younger Valin would go on to train as a Jedi during the time of the New Jedi Order.

Jax, Carnor

Carnor Jax was a member of the Emperor's Royal Guard of Emperor Palpatine who eventually gained the rank of "Sovereign Protector" (the highest Royal Guard rank). After the Battle of Endor, Carnor Jax put into execution a plan to depose the Emperor and rule in his stead with his nascent Dark Side Force-powers. Before the Reborn Emperor returned to Byss, unbeknownst to him, his personal physician had tampered with the genetic material of the Emperor's clones and the cells in storage. The tampering meant that Palpatine would suffer a physical decline which would result in his death. He sensed this, though he never realized that it was sabotage and left for Onderon, where he intended to place his soul into the infant Anakin Solo. He would never return.

Into this void stepped Jax, who suffered a setback almost immediately — the Emperor's physician had been broken by Rebel Alliance interrogators, and had told the whole story of how he had been bribed by Carnor Jax to kill the Emperor. This would have been bad enough, but one of the loyal Royal Guardsmen had survived on Onderon, and had infiltrated the Rebel base and heard the physician's confession. Immediately, the guardsman fled to Yinchorr to inform his brethren of the traitor amongst their ranks. Jax was not far behind, and with a large assault force wiped out nearly all of his fellow guardsmen. He then trained a legion of stormtroopers to be his own personal body guards. Their armor was dyed black and they were thus known as Black-clad storm troopers. Out of all of Carnor's fellow guardsmen, one was left alive. Kir Kanos survived Carnor Jax's betrayal and spent the rest of his days hunting down the traitor of the Empire.

Carnor Jax was eventually slain by Kir Kanos on the planet where first they met: Yinchorr.


Kallabow was a Wookiee and the daughter of Attichitcuk, the sister of Chewbacca, and the mother of Lowbacca and Sirrakuk.

Katarn, Morgan

Morgan Katarn was a Force sensitive and close friends with the Jedi Qu Rahn. He was also a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and father to Kyle Katarn.

As a farmer, a faulty perimeter droid killed his wife, Patricia Katarn. Despite Morgan's allegiance to the Rebellion, he sent his son Kyle to an Imperial academy in hopes of giving him a proper education.

Morgan had been entrusted with the lightsaber of his Jedi friend Qu Rahn, which he placed within a hidden compartment in the family's homemade droid, WeeGee. Along with this Morgan created a holorecording for his son Kyle Katarn that only the droid could decode. It told Kyle of his Jedi potential and of the importance of protecting the location of the Valley of the Jedi, as well as entrusting Rahn's Lightsaber to him.

In an attack on Barons Hed by Imperial forces masquerading as Rebels, Morgan was captured, and eventually killed aboard the "Vengeance" by Jerec, who beheaded him with a vibroblade. Morgan's head was then placed on a stake outside the walls of Barons Hed. This led Kyle to despise the Rebellion. Only when Jan Ors revealed the truth did Kyle follow in his father's footsteps.

What Jerec did not know at this time was that Morgan, a Jedi sympathiser, had in his possession a secret map to the legendary Valley of the Jedi hidden within the roof of his homestead. Situated at an ancient battle site on the planet Ruusan the valley was a source of almost unlimited power. The map, however, was later found by Jerec.

Morgan appeared as a Force ghost — to his son Kyle, probably formed by the Force powers surrounding the Valley of the Jedi.

Morgan is seen in the game , both in-game and during FMV cinematics, where he is portrayed by Jacob Witkin. His in-game appearance is based on the actor's looks.

Katarn, Patricia

Patricia Katarn was Morgan Katarn's wife, and Kyle Katarn's mother. She was killed by one of Morgan's guard droids. The faulty droid recognized Patricia as a threat and murdered her.

Koon, Plo

Plo Koon was a male Kel Dor from Dorin who became a Jedi Master and a lifetime member of the Jedi High Council, holding the position from before the Invasion of Naboo to the end of the Republic in 19 BBY. During the Clone Wars, Koon served as a High General in the Grand Army of the Republic. Plo Koon was also an accomplished starfighter pilot.

On one mission, he discovered baby Ahsoka Tano and brought her to the Jedi Temple where she was raised as a Padawan to Anakin Skywalker. After fourteen years, they still remain close and Koon refers to her as "Little 'Soka". It is assumed that because of their close nature that Koon was not considered to be Tano's Jedi Master for fear of attachment.

He appeared on a mission with Anakin, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Tiin, Adi Gallia, and Kit Fisto to Boz Pity where Obi-Wan was hunting down Asajj Ventress.

Plo had a niece, Sha Koon, who was also a member of the Jedi Order, and served as a personal communicator between the Jedi strike force and the rest of the Republic during the Stark Hyperspace War. He was a close friend of fellow Masters Qui-Gon Jinn (whom he fought alongside during the Stark Hyperspace War), Micah Giiett, and noted fighter pilot Saesee Tiin.

He was shot down in his starfighter over Cato Neimoidia by his clone troopers during Order 66, and died instantly after his starfighter crashed into a nearby nursery structure.

In the Clone Wars animated series, he is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Logray was the Ewok medicine man of Chief Chirpa's tribe. Although his age is unknown, and he is considered as old as the trees themselves, Logray is known to have been a warrior before becoming the medicine man.

He is a tan-striped Ewok, who wears the half skull of a great forest bird atop his head, decorated with feathers and beads. He wields a staff made from the spine of a great enemy of his youth.

It is likely that Logray was, in fact, a Force Adept (a Force-sensitive individual that was never affiliated with any major organisation of Force users, such as the Jedi Order, whether due to unfamiliarity and isolation from such groups or other reasons). The "magic" that he wielded was in all likelihood, the Force, as usually interpreted by primitive and isolated cultures of the Galaxy. This would also explain his reported long life, combat ability and knack for surviving ordeals that would certainly kill other Ewoks, as well as his guardianship of the Sun Star (probably a Light Side artifact), and tendency to take on special "apprentices" (in which he could probably detect Force-sensitivity), much like a Jedi or Sith would. [ [] ]

Mallar, Plat

Plat Mallar was a Grannan who lived on the Imperial planet Polneye. He was a student who had learned to fly an Imperial TIE interceptor starfighter. During the Yevethan attack of Polneye, he piloted his TIE interceptor against Yevethan TIE/rc Recon fighters. He managed to destroy one of the three TIE/rcs, but when his wingmates were killed, he fled to the far side of the planet in fear.

Mallar eventually gathered enough courage to return to the battle. He then used a visual recorder to tape the battle. Mallar escaped Polneye and attempted an interstellar journey using his fighter's sublight drives. He almost died from lack of oxygen, but was picked up by a New Republic prowler ship.

Mallar spent fifteen days in a bacta tank healing. When he awoke, he was greeted by Admiral Ackbar, leader of the New Republic military. Ackbar helped Mallar to enlist in the New Republic Navy, and Mallar was given a mission to escort Commodore Han Solo to the Fifth Fleet. The Yevetha ambushed Solo and his escort, pulling the entourage from hyperspace using an Interdictor Cruiser. Mallar tried to defend the commodore, but his ship was disabled with an ion blast and Solo was captured. Plat Mallar returned to the New Republic fleet and was questioned by a New Republic Intelligence officer, and then allowed to return to his quarters to wait for further assignment.

The video recordings of the Battle of Polneye taken by Mallar helped motivate the New Republic Senate into going to war with the Yevetha.

Mallar appears in the books Before the Storm, Shield of Lies, and Tyrant's Test.

Tion Medon

Portrayed by Bruce Spence in "Revenge of the Sith". The Pau'an Port Administrator of Pau City who assists Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Meewalh was the female Noghri bodyguard to Leia Organa Solo. Meewalh was the longest-serving of all the Noghri who have defended their "Mal'ary'ush" - the daughter of Darth Vader, their former lord and master. She fought valiantly against many threats to her mistress, serving through most of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong and into the war against the Killiks under Raynar Thul, and was tough enough to take a deflected shot from a high-power stun blaster rifle without going down, as was demonstrated when she attempted in vain to subdue the renegade Jedi Knight and Gorog Joiner, Alema Rar, on Woteba in defense of the "Millennium Falcon". She was killed in battle over Hapes when Jacen Solo ordered his gunners on the Star Destroyer Anakin to target the "Millennium Falcon".


SW Character

affiliation=Galactic Outdoor Survival School

Myo is an Abyssin scout from Byss. He can be seen befriending the Bith musician Lirin Car'n at Chalmun's Cantina in Mos Eisley during Luke Skywalker's fateful encounter with Han Solo in "A New Hope". He also appears in the "Star Wars Customizable Card Game".

Naberrie family

The following is a list of people in Padme Amidala's family.

Janren, Darred

Darred Janren is the husband of Sola Naberrie and the father of Ryoo Naberrie and Senator Pooja Naberrie. He was the brother-in-law of Padmé Naberrie Amidala Skywalker and uncle to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa. He was unjustly executed in a bid by the Emperor to destroy the Naberrie family, one-by-one.

Naberrie, Jobal

Jobal Thule Naberrie is the daughter of Ryoo Thule, the wife of Ruwee Naberrie, mother of Padmé Amidala and Sola Naberrie, and grandmother to Ryoo Naberrie, Pooja Naberrie, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia Organa. She was to have appeared in "", but the scene was ultimately cut from the film. It can, however, be seen in the deleted scenes on the DVD release.

Jobal appeared with the rest of her family in "" during Padmé's funeral march. She likely never knew that, only days before, her youngest child had given birth to twin children who would one day become two great Rebel heroes.

Naberrie, Pooja

SW Character
name=Pooja Naberrie

position=Naboo's representative in the Imperial Senate
affiliation=Galactic Empire, Imperial Senate, Rebel Alliance
portrayer=Hayley Mooy

Pooja Naberrie (born 26 BBYFact|date=December 2007) served as Senator of Naboo in the Imperial Senate (and secretly a Rebel Alliance sympathizer) during the Galactic Civil War. Pooja was the niece of the famous and beloved Naboo politician, the late Padmé Amidala, who married Anakin Skywalker, and later became the mother of the fallen Jedi’s twin children Luke and Leia. Pooja was the daughter of Padmé’s sister Sola Naberrie and Sola’s husband Darred Janren. In 6 BBY Pooja became a Senator in the Imperial Senate. She became great friends with Senator Leia Organa of Alderaan, though their true relation as cousins was unknown to either of them. Her older sister was Ryoo Naberrie. When the Imperial Senate was disbanded, she bought a nightclub in the lower levels of Coruscant, using a false name, to avoid execution by the Empire. There she remained, until the Rebel Alliance finally destroyed the Empire, and she re-emerged to become a Senator in the New Republic.

Naberrie, Ryoo

Ryoo Naberrie is the daughter of Sola Naberrie and her husband Darred Janren and the older sister of Senator Pooja Naberrie. She was named after her great-grandmother Ryoo Thule. She is also the niece of the former Queen and Senator of Naboo, Padmé Amidala and the cousin of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Little is actually known of Ryoo. She appears in one of the deleted scenes of ' and in her aunt's funeral march through Theed in ' with the rest of her family.

Naberrie, Sola

Sola Naberrie was the older sister of Padmé Amidala, making her Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa's aunt. She was married to Darred Janren and was the mother of two daughters, Ryoo Naberrie and Pooja Naberrie, the latter who later became the Senator of Naboo during the years of the Galactic Empire.

Sola's relationship with her sister seemed to be a close one. In ', she teased Padmé about Anakin Skywalker being the first boyfriend she had brought home to meet the family. This was Sola's only appearance in "Attack of the Clones" (the scene was cut out of the movie and is included at the end of the VHS copy and special features of the DVD), though she did appear briefly in ' during Padmé's funeral along with the rest of her family.

A year-and-a-half later, Sola was asked by Sio Bibble to become one of the advisors to Queen Appailina. She declined in favour of remaining a mother to her daughters. However, the following month, she agreed to take on the lesser responsibility of being the personal advisor to Bibble.

Noting that her ability to govern Bibble's decisions could be used to his advantage, Emperor Palpatine offered her the position of Regional Governor for the Naboo system of planets. When she declined, he ordered Darth Vader to have her husband arrested and executed, an order that was swiftly carried out. Palpatine let her believe that her husband was still alive, and she changed her mind. However, when she arrived on Coruscant, she was arrested on false charges of high treason against the Empire. Using her ingenuity, she escaped from her cell, and fled Coruscant. She ended up on one of the planet Dantooine. A day or so after her arrival, a spaceship carrying refugees landed, and she convinced them to take up arms against the Empire. After numerous assaults against Palpatine's evil regime, she detonated a bomb, having been cornered by Imperial stormtroopers, which killed her and the entire occupants of an Imperial base on the planet of Yavin, which would later become the location of a rebel base. Her dissident status made her a heroine to many who were opposed to Imperial rule, including a young Princess Leia, who followed her example, and joined the Rebel Alliance.

The actress who played Sola in the deleted scene was Claudia Karvan. For other information, see [ Star Wars bio page] , and [ info] .

Naberrie, Winama

Winama Naberrie (? BBY - 32 BBYFact|date=December 2007) was the mother of Ruwee Naberrie, the grandmother of Padmé Amidala and Sola Naberrie and the great-grandmother of Ryoo Naberrie, Pooja Naberrie, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa. She died a few months before her granddaughter Padmé became Queen of Naboo.

Thule, Ryoo

Ryoo Thule (? BBY - 18 BBY) was the mother of Jobal Naberrie, the grandmother of Sola Naberrie and Padmé Amidala and the great-grandmother of Senator Pooja Naberrie. Her elder great-granddaughter Ryoo Naberrie was named after her. Ryoo was killed by Inquisitor Malorum in 18 BBY when Darth Vader (formerly Anakin Skywalker, secret husband to Padmé Amidala and father to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo/Amidala Skywalker) ordered him to go to Naboo to investigate Padmé Amidala's death and fate of their child whom Padmé was pregnant with at the time. It is believed he had not accepted that it was he who had killed his beloved wife on the landing platform in the Mustafar system. Suspicious about the circumstances of Padmé's death, Inspector Malorum went to interrogate Ryoo, because she was the only member of the family to oversee her granddaughter's burial. From Ryoo's evasive behaviour he deduced that Padmé's and Vader's child didn't die with Padmé. Ryoo's corpse was found by Ferus Olin and Trever Flume.

Narra, Commander

Commander Narra is, according to the "" video game, the one Y-Wing pilot who survived the attack on the first Death Star, although other more canonical sources attribute this distinction to either Keyan Farlander or Horton Salm. Commander Narra was featured in the first episode of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama, where he and his flight were killed in action by TIE fighters while protecting Rebel transports en route to Hoth. His death led to Luke Skywalker being promoted to the rank Commander. His nickname was "Boss".

Commander Narra's given name has yet to be revealed.

Nass, Boss Rugor

Boss Rugor Nass (voiced by Brian Blessed) is the leader of the Gungan community and the underwater Gungan city of Otoh Gunga on Naboo, and appears in "The Phantom Menace", and briefly during Padmé's funeral scene in "Revenge of the Sith". He is also seen in the Gamecube Lego Star Wars game.

Navik the Red

Navik the Red is a fictional character from the "Star Wars" saga. He is a Rodian warlord responsible for butchering hundreds of members of his race and displacing hundreds more.Fact|date=December 2007


Nield is one of the teenaged leaders of the Young, a youth organization trying to stop the civil war between the Melida and the Daan on the planet Melida/Daan. Nield is a strict leader, as is evident in the way he disciplines the other children. When his ally, Cerasi, is killed, Nield begins to hate Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, the two somewhat make up after the civil war ends.


SW Character

affiliation=Lok Revenants
portrayer=Charles Rocket

Nym was a Feeorin pirate in the video games ', ' and "Star Wars Galaxies" . Prior to the Battle of Naboo, he was defeated on Lok by the Trade Federation army. For vengeance, he helped to defeat the Trade Federation and later the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He would later build a new pirate base on the planet Lok and become a Rebel Alliance sympathizer, assisting stranded Rebel pilots that would crash on the planet. He was helping the Jedi at Naboo, defending the Naboo outpost at the Battle of Naboo. Later on, during the Galactic Civil War, Nym takes complete control over the planet Lok and uses it as a base of operations from which he can aid the Rebellion.


In the ' novel "The Fight for Truth", O-Bin"' is a teacher in Kegan's "Learning Circle". She teaches the dangers of the galaxy and the false reasons why Kegan should be isolated. However, her teachings are rendered obsolete when Kegan's shortcomings are exposed. Kegan grows into a prominent Galactic Republic planet, and O-Bin is forced to change her style from the teachings of O-Vieve and V-Tan toward the truth.


In the ' series, O-Lana"' is a Force-sensitive girl from the planet of Kegan. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn brought her back to the Jedi Temple for training. She eventually grew into a Jedi Knight by the name of Olana Chion.


In the ' series, O-Vieve"' is a Benevolent Guide for the planet of Kegan. With the help of V-Tan, O-Vieve shifted the planet of Kegan into her own philosophy of simplicity and isolation. She is credited for being one of the first people to predict the rise of the Galactic Empire. However, her control over Kegan is thwarted when Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Adi Gallia, and Siri Tachi reintroduce Kegan to the rest of the galaxy.


Odumin is a male Tynnan (a species which resembles a bipedal otter), who is a high-level manager for the Corporate Authority. He disguises himself as a skiptrace (a person who tracks down ships for debts due) named "Spray". He uses Han Solo and his first mate Chewbacca to help capture the Malorm Family, a group of murderous slavers and pirates.

["The Han Solo Adventures: Han Solo at Star's End", Del Rey omnibus of "Han Solo at Star's End", "Han Solo's Revenge", and "Han Solo and the Lost Legacy", 1979. Brian Daley, ISBN 0-345-37980-2] [databank|category=character|subject=odumin|text=Odumin] [sww|Odumin
* ['s entry]

Barriss Offee

Barriss Offee is a fictional character in the "Star Wars" universe. Offee was taken from her parents at an early age to be raised within the confines of the Jedi Temple and the tenets of the Jedi Code. A few months before the Battle of Geonosis, Offee and her Master, Luminara Unduli, joined Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker on a mission to aid in a border dispute on Ansion. She was abducted by native Bolowai bounty-hunters while in an Ansion market. She freed herself by healing their brain damage with her incredible healing powers. Later she impressed a native Ansionian tribe with a beautiful dance, using her lightsaber and Force to make her display quite impressive. The team was successful in diffusing the border problems between the tribal people and city dwellers of Ansion. She went with her master to report about Ansion in the Chancellor's office when the Senior Masters discussed the possibility of a split in the Republic with Palpatine.

During the Clone Wars, Offee and Unduli ventured to the ice-world Ilum. On this barren planet, the crystals needed in the construction of a lightsaber could be found. In a secret Jedi Temple mine, Barriss built herself a new lightsaber with a crystal of her choice. As she constructed her lightsaber, the location of the temple was compromised. Chamealeon Droids from the Separatists had infiltrated the mines and had placed explosive charges in the tunnels. Offee and Unduli fought them off, but were caved in. This disturbance in the Force reached Yoda, and the Jedi Master rescued them along with help from Senator Amidala. Afterwards, Offee was sent to the planet Drongar on her first solo mission. Drongar was the home to a valuable plant, Bota, which was a miracle cure for almost anything and for any race, and prized by both the Republic and the Separatists.

A gifted healer, Offee assisted one of the medical units on the planet. Unknown to her, a spy was sneaking around the camp, and several corrupt Republic representatives were shipping off Bota for their own profit. She accidentally injected herself with Bota, and the natural drug opened up the Force in new and powerful ways. She found this quick way to power to be too addictive and knew that it would lead her towards the dark side, and so she reached the rank of Jedi Knight. During the clone wars she encountered Asaji Ventress in the desertic world of Tatooine and after a long fight Barriss almost defeated her but Asaji escaped. Offee continued to be a great help to the Jedi as a healer. After the battle of Jabiim, she saved countless lives.

Now with a new Padawan, the Selonian Zonder, Offee was sent to the fungus world of Felucia to stop Shu Mai and the Commerce Guild from taking over the planet. Zonder and Offee were captured, and Aayla Secura, along with Ekria and the Star Corps troopers, came to Felucia. Both Jedi led troops into battle. Offee was fighting droids with her lightsabers when Order 66 was issued. Lieutenant Galle, who was with her, was not firing. When Offee told him to fire on the droids, an AT-TP fired on Offee, killing her instantly. [ [ Star Wars: Databank: Barriss Offee] ]

Queen Breha Antilles-Organa

Queen Breha Antilles-Organa is a fictional character of the Star Wars universe, created specifically for "". She is portrayed in the film by Rebecca Jackson Mendoza.

Queen Breha Organa is the ruler of Alderaan, daughter of Bail Antilles, wife to Viceroy Bail Organa, and sister to Raymus Antilles. At the end of the film, Bail Organa brings the infant Leia Skywalker home to Alderaan, where she legally becomes their daughter and is given the surname Organa. The Organas had tried many times to have children of their own but their attempts always ended in miscarriages. In the Expanded Universe, Breha is noted as being Minister of Education of Alderaan as well.


Peckhum appears in the fictional "Star Wars" book series: "Junior Jedi Knights", and the "Young Jedi Knights" series. He is mentioned in "". It is not known if Peckhum survived the invasion of Coruscant by the Yuuzhan Vong.

"The Lightning Rod" is Peckhum's old cargo ship that has seen many years. Eventually (after the attack by the Shadow Academy) it was given to Zekk. Peckhum caught a young boy named Zekk stowing away on his freighter on a cargo run to Ennth. Rather than send Zekk back to another orphanage, Pekhum raised the young man as his own. Their relationship is something between a father and a friend, they are the only family each other has. In fact, since Peckhum is under contract to supply the Jedi Academy on his freighter runs, he created the opportunity for all the children to meet and become friends in the first place.


Reti is a Toydarian with a starfighter called "The Zoomer" (picture unavailable), and it is indeed a very good ship. He helped Nym, Vana Sage, Rhys Dallows, Lok Revenants and Bravo Flight to fight the Trade Federation before and during the Clone Wars. He appears in Star Wars: Starfighter and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. He is usually the underdog of the gang, but has done good favors for Nym. He once boarded a Trade Federation Freighter and risked his life to deliver supplies to Bravo Flight.


Rukh was a Noghri bodyguard who was stationed to protect Grand Admiral Thrawn, the last remaining Imperial Grand Admiral. When the populace of the Noghri discovered they were being used by the Empire, they instantly turned on Thrawn and joined the New Republic. Rukh assassinated Thrawn after hearing of what happened and tried to escape off the Imperial Star Destroyer "Chimaera". He was soon found and killed, though his honour still remained in the Noghri culture.


Salporin is a Wookiee from the world of Kashyyyk. He made a brief appearance in , but was originally introduced in the Timothy Zahn novel "Heir to the Empire". In this book, he and Chewbacca were former best friends, who reunite when Chewie takes Leia Organa Solo to Kashyyyk for protection. Salporin is eventually killed by an army of Noghri.

andov, Utric

Utric Sandov was a Bothan working for the Rebel Alliance who told Leia Organa that the Galactic Empire had acquired the Vor'na'tu.


Sebulba is a fictional character from the "Star Wars" universe. He was a completely CGI character, and was voiced by Lewis MacLeod.

Sebulba was a former slave who had bought his freedom with his incredible skills at piloting a high-speed podracer. Before long, Sebulba became the star racer of the Galactic Podracing Circuit, based not only on his formidable racing skills but also his penchant for violence. Many fellow podracers were killed or injured by Sebulba's reckless steering or out-and-out cheating, but Sebulba was far too popular to the public eye to be blamed or penalized. He also knew where the race cams were located.

Sebulba was a Dug from the city of Pixelito on the planet Malastare. As with most stereotypical Dugs, Sebulba was belligerent, aggressive, and constantly felt the need to prove his superiority over anybody else. Despite their camel-like facial structures, Dugs are arboreal, and can use all four of their limbs equally. Sebulba preferred supporting his weight with his arms and performing fine tasks (like piloting his podracer) with his legs.

In 32 BBY, Sebulba was the favorite in odds to win the Boonta Eve Classic. However, he was overtaken by local slave boy Anakin Skywalker, and his famous podracer was destroyed in a crash. It was a temporary blow to Sebulba's reputation and ego, but Sebulba recovered quickly: purchasing Anakin's podracer, he showed up his rivals at a race on his home planet of Malastare the following season. Sebulba went on to win many more races with his brutal competitive edge.

hedao Shai

Shedao Shai was the advance leader for the Praetorite Vong. Shai led the Vong on their conquest of Belkadan, Helska, Dubrillion, and other planets. After Corran Horn slayed two of Shai's relatives on Bimmiel, Shai vowed to kill Horn. Shedao Shai was also responsible for the death of the Caamasi Senator Elegos A'Kla and sending his body to Horn. After this Horn challenged Shai to a one on one battle to decide the fate of the planet Ithor. Shai was defeated by Corran Horn, but Shai's insubordinate second in command, Deign Lian, carried out the total destruction of Ithor anyway by releasing a powerful virus onto its surface. He received this order from none other than Tsavong Lah.


Sirrakuk in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, was the younger sister of Lowbacca. She shaved decorative designs into her fur (a practice looked down on by older Wookiees, making it most likely analogous to various radical human teenage hairstyles) and loved to fly starships.

Sirra completed her rite of passage (which she was hesitant to do because of the supposed death of her friend Raabakyysh while doing hers) during a fight with a Nightsister in the lower levels of Kashyyyk. Both Sirra and the Nightsister were swallowed by a syren plant, but Sirra had escaped and grabbed a handful of fibers on her way out.

Later, after Raaba turned up alive, well, and promoting the Diversity Alliance on Kashyyyk, Sirra and Lowbacca accompanied her to Ryloth, where the pair were held against their will until they escaped. Sirra later accompanied a New Republic senate team sent to investigate claims about the Diversity Alliance, and in frustration, smashed open a crate marked "food", exposing the weapons inside.

Apart from the Young Jedi Knights series, no other mention is made in the novels of Sirrakuk, possibly due to author oversight. The most glaring example of this is Chewbacca's memorial service on Kashyyyk in the New Jedi Order series, where she should have logically appeared.


Skynx appears in the Star Wars Novel "Han Solo & The Lost Legacy", and is an insectoid creature who serves as a scholar on the planet Ruuria and is part of a K'zagg colony. In the novel, Skynx accompanies Han Solo to find the lost treasures of the Queen of Ranroon as the leading expert in the Pre-Republic era at the University of Ruuria and had studied various documents & texts from that period. He is of no relation to Skynxnex, who appears in the EU series Jedi Academy on Kessel.

kywalker, Ben

kywalker, Shmi

Shmi Skywalker (who was born in the year 72 BBY) is the mother of Anakin Skywalker and paternal grandmother to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa. Her first name is derived from Lakshmi, a Hindu goddess. Also, "shmi" is a Hebrew/Assyrian word meaning "my name". She appears in ' and ', portrayed by Pernilla August.

In "", she and her son are introduced as slaves of junk merchant Watto on the desert world Tatooine. [Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace, script.] She welcomes Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn into their home, and tells him that Anakin has no father; she simply "became" pregnant with him. Qui-Gon helps Anakin win his freedom, but cannot get Shmi out of slavery. She allows Anakin to leave with Qui-Gon, assuring her heartbroken son that they will meet again.

In "", Anakin, now a teenaged Jedi apprentice, senses through the Force that she is in pain. He travels to Tatooine to find her, and upon arriving learns that she had been freed by and married to moisture farmer Cliegg Lars but had recently been abducted by Tusken Raiders. He finds her inside one of their encampments, but it is too late — beaten and tortured beyond help, and feeling that her life was complete after seeing her grown up son, she willfully dies in his arms. Enraged, Anakin slaughters every single Tusken in the camp, including the women and children. His mother's death ignites in Anakin a strong phobia of loss, and sets him on the path to becoming Darth Vader.

In the Expanded Universe book "Tatooine Ghost", Shmi's granddaughter, Leia, is given Shmi's old journal, which describes Anakin's childhood. Leia learns, through Shmi's love for Anakin, to forgive her father for his role in the destruction of Alderaan and for torturing her aboard the Death Star, as depicted in "".

leazebaggano, Elan

A slimy dealer of illegal substances, played by Matt Doran in "Attack of the Clones", who frequents Coruscant's entertainment district's nightclubs and bars to peddle his wares, Elan Sleazebaggano's attempt to sell death sticks to Obi-Wan Kenobi apparently resulted in a complete change of profession after the Jedi used a mind trick to encourage the slythmonger to adopt a new lifestyle.

However, in the Boba Fett series of novels, Sleazebaggano is once again shown trying to sell contraband to an irritated Boba Fett. This is most likely because Obi-Wan Kenobi told Elan to "rethink his life" rather than "change his life" and Elan decided that he didn't mind living the way he did.

His name is an obvious play on the word "sleazebag", meaning a person of little or no morals.

ol, Jorin

Jorin Sol was a mathematician for the Rebel Alliance during the early part of the Galactic Civil War. Sol escorted Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker on a diplomatic mission to the planet Jabiim. After the team was thrust into the middle of a Battle between the Empire and the local resistance, Sol was separated from the team and captured by Imperials with the help of the traitor Tal Hesz.

After this, Sol was taken to the planet Kalist VI, where he was tortured and interrogated as to the whereabouts of the Rebel fleet and Skywalker. During a daring covert operation, a rebel team was able to rescue Sol and the enslaved population of Jabiim.

Unknown to the Rebellion, Jorin Sol had been reprogrammed as an Imperial spy, and was now in the midst of the rebel fleet with a special mission, "Destroy the Rebellion from the inside".

Solo, Jarik

Jarik Solo is a young smuggler and adopted brother of Han Solo in the novel "Rebel Dawn". Though not truly a Solo, Han simply allows Jarik to use his name. Jarik is often in the gun turret of the "Millennium Falcon", and becomes a fairly experienced gunner. He is killed by a thermal detonator alongside Lando Calrissian during the assault on Ylesia. He attempts to reveal his true name but dies before doing so. His death tag is marked Jarik Solo.

ovv, Sien

Sien Sovv was a Sullustan Admiral who served as Supreme Commander of the New Republic, and later Galactic Alliance, forces. Sovv was described as more of an administrator than a strategist, better suited to command during a time of peace. As a result, he was unable to hold off the Yuuzhan Vong, and only with the help of Admiral Ackbar was able to lead a successful counterattack. However, to be fair, Sovv had his hands tied by the Senate and Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya, who went so far as to make him command the Defense of Coruscant in front of a full session of the Senate. After the Yuuzhan Vong war Sovv gave up his position only to retake it during the Swarm War. He then died after the relocation of the Killiks to the Utegetu Nebula after a collision with a drunk pilot.

tark, Iaco

Iaco Stark was a Space Pirate who unified millions of Space Pirates to create a force large enough to take control of the Galaxy. He led this Army into a war against the Republic, this war became known as the Stark Hyperspace War. Iaco lead his army to many victories against the Republic but, in the end he was no match for the resolve of the Jedi. His final battle was lost when a Jedi taskforce madeup of Tyvokka, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Sha Koon, Adi Gallia, Tholme, and Quinlan Vos defeated him in battle. Unfortunately this war took the life of Jedi Master Tyvokka.Fact|date=December 2007

unber, Janek

Lieutenant Janek Sunber, also known as Tank, was an officer in the Imperial Army and one of Luke Skywalker's childhood friends.

Born on Tatooine around two decades before the Battle of Yavin, Sunber grew up among the children of moisture farmers, many of whom spent their leisure hours in Anchorhead. These included Biggs Darklighter, Luke Skywalker, the future married couple Laze Loneozner and Camie, Deak, and Windy. At the appropriate age he left his homeworld behind, joining the Imperial Academy at the same—or close to the same—time as his friend Biggs. After graduation, he joined the Imperial Navy, hoping to prove himself as a starfighter pilot. Whilst he was an above-average pilot, his skills were not up to Imperial standards, but rather than return home and face humiliation, Sunber enrolled in the infantry. Hard-working and dedicated, Sunber made officer rank within a year.

Stationed on the jungle world of Maridun, Sunber proved himself as a credit to the army, remaining level-headed and calm as the Imperial presence on the jungle planet came under attack by numerous Amanin warriors. Although he earned the ire of his commanding officers, Captain Gage and Commander Frickett, he impressed General Ziering enough to receive a field promotion to captain, and shortly afterwards, commander.

It was thanks to Sunber that the Imperials on Maridun were able to battle the Amanin to a standstill, but General Ziering was killed during the battle, leaving the jealous Captain Gage as the only one who could verify Sunber's promotions to the Imperial leaders on Carida. Gage did not, and Sunber was made to surrender his rank insignia, returning to the position of lieutenant. He went on to aid in the capture of Jabiimite rebels, and would eventually be reunited with Luke Skywalker when the Alliance staged an infiltration of an Imperial prison on Kalist VI where Sunber was serving as a prison guard.

Skywalker and Sunber conversed about their days on Tatooine and their new lives, but, despite their friendship, Janek was shocked when Luke implored him to join the Rebellion. Sunber quickly realized Luke was part of the Rebel infiltration team that had by now launched its assault, and Luke was forced to knock his old friend unconscious to continue with his mission.

When he came to he alerted the base to the Rebel presence, ordering the troops to try and take Luke alive. He caught up to Skywalker as the base's prisoners were being loaded onto a transport for escape; Luke attempted to talk to his old friend, saying that Janek knew what was right and that the prisoners were slaves, just as his grandfather had been. Sunber refused an offer to join the Rebellion but appeared to be resigned to letting them leave, until the rest of the Rebel team arrived with Jorin Sol.

Angry that Luke had apparently lied to him and that the Rebels were really here to rescue the 'spy', he attempted to shoot Sol but the laser bolt was deflected back into his own shoulder by Luke's lightsaber. As the Alliance team left Luke informed Sunber that Biggs had also been part of the Rebellion. In the aftermath of the attack Sunber dwelled on the fact that in the space of a day he had found that two of his oldest friends were now gone forever.

iri Tachi

Siri Tachi is a fictional character from the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe. She is a contemporary of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and at one time they are involved in a forbidden relationship.

Siri first appears in the "" series by Jude Watson. As a youngling, she is noted for her skills in lightsaber combat, and has a spirited disposition which often sets her as a foil to young Obi-Wan. Adi Gallia takes her on as a Padawan learner. During a mission together in their late teens, Siri and Obi-Wan fall in love, though they know such feelings are forbidden by the Jedi Code. After being counseled by Qui-Gon Jinn and Yoda when the mission ends, the two Padawans resolve to suppress their feelings for each other so both could stay on the Jedi path.

By the time the first "Jedi Quest" book takes place, Siri Tachi has abandoned the Jedi Order after a severe disagreement with her Master while tracking smugglers on the Kessel Run, and allied herself with the ruthless pirate and slave trader Krayn. Her supposed treason is later revealed to be a secret mission to infiltrate Krayn's organization. After finishing her mission, she returns to the Order and takes a Padawan, Ferus Olin, who is a rival of Obi-Wan's headstrong apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. Ferus leaves the Jedi before taking the trials, and Siri never trains another.

In ', Siri pilots her Jedi Starfighter alongside her former Master Adi Gallia in the space battle above the planet Geonosis (as portrayed in '). Then in "", she is dispatched to Kamino to inspect the Galactic Republic's clone army, and also to investigate the sighting of Jango Fett's ship.

Siri Tachi dies in "Secrets of the Jedi" during the Clone Wars, shot and killed by a bounty hunter. Obi-Wan Kenobi is devastated at her death and wants revenge; he nearly kills the bounty hunter in cold blood. He relents at the last moment, but Anakin feels his Master came perilously close to the dark side of the Force.

Siri is frequently mentioned and appears in flashbacks in "". [databank|category=character|subject=siritachi|text=Siri Tachi] [sww|Siri Tachi]

Talor, Rand and Kath

Rand Talor was the Rebellion general in charge of the invasion of Coruscant. He was put in charge mainly because there was reason to believe his wife, Kath Talor, was being held prisoner in the Imperial Palace. It is known that Rebel troops found her alive and brought her out of the palace when Rebels had control of Coruscant, to reunite with her husband.


Tarfang is an Ewok with the dubious distinction of having the death sentence on him in ten planetary systems (unspecified). He is the co-pilot of the DR-909 with Jae Junn, and as such helps Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and their friends on their various exploits. Like Junn, Tarfang ran spinglass busts and sculptures for the Saras nest, and also became a Galactic Alliance Intelligence official. He eventually comes to odds with Han and Leia, due to their Corellian sympathies, to the point where he attempted to kill Leia.

His personality is acerbic at best. He has a tendency to speak rudely to anybody but his fellow copilot, resulting in many humorous dialogues where C-3PO, the only one who can understand Ewokese, must attempt to censor what he says. In spite of this, he is a loyal and ferocious fighter.


Teek is a mischievous and semi-intelligent bipedal creature with white fur, close dark eyes, pointy ears, and gopher-like buck teeth seen in "". In the film, he lived with a marooned old hermit named Noa Briqualon who befriended him after Noa crashed landed and was stranded on the planet Endor. Coincedently, his species is also called "Teek" but it is not known if Noa knew this prior to their encounter.

Roughly under a meter high, Teek had an incredibly fast metabolism and near-superhuman reflexes. Often he was seen running at lightning speed across the Endor landscape, leaving only a white blur in the distance. It was Teek who first befriended Cindel and Wicket in the forest following the attack on the Ewok village and his bravery was one of the main reasons Noa and Wicket were able to rescue Cindel and the captured Ewoks from King Terak's castle.

Although he speaks mostly in gibberish which closely resembles a giggle, he displays unusual intelligence for a primitive creature of the Endor moon. In the film, he had working knowledge of Noa's starcruiser blaster cannons which required sequential codes to operate. In the dungeons of Terak's castle, Teek deceptively set-up two card playing Marauder prisoner guards causing them both to blast one another. Teek injured his arm after trying to protect Noa from King Terak's killing blow. He is seen wearing a sling at the conclusion of the film waving goodbye to Noa and Cindel as the starcruiser takes off. Little is known of Teek's past prior to his encounter with Noa, but it is known that his homeworld is Endor and it was assumed that he remained with Wicket and the Ewok tribe following Cindel's departure from the planet.

Other than the movie "", Teek is only seen in a pre-flight video at the Disneyland's Star Tours attraction. He is being assisted by a Wookie who resembles Chewbacca with the fastening of his seatbelt prior to the ride being initiated.

King Terak

SW Character

position= King of the Marauders
planet=Sanyassa IV
affiliation=Sanyassan Marauders
portrayer=Carel Struycken
A fictional character created for the Star Wars universe, Terak was the king of the Sanyassan Marauders on Endor. He was played by Carel Struycken.

Terak was a vicious and bloodthirsty leader who was obsessed with obtaining what he called "The Power", which he was convinced would allow him to leave Endor and conquer the universe. To this end, he was indirectly behind the death's of the Towani family (all save Cindel) in the hopes of stealing their ship's power crystal.

Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, Terak's strength was not equalled by his intelligence: otherwise he could've simply taken the Towanis' ship. Instead, Terak believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the crystal by itself was the key to letting him and the other Marauders leave Endor, and he spent quite a while trying to get the crystal to work by having his mystic, a witch named Charal, access the power within.

Terak was eventually defeated and killed by the Ewoks and their human allies, Cindel and Noa Briqualon. When he couldn't have "The Power" in the form of the Dathomirian Nightsister, he stole Charal's magic ring that allowed her to transform into other forms and wore it around his neck. While engaged in a swordfight with Noa, Wicket attempted to help and struck and damaged the ring. This somehow caused its magic to backfire, turning Terak red and burning him into a crisp.

Tiure, Jocoro Desilijic

Jocoro Desilijic Tiure is part of the Desilijic Kajidic. He runs a small, yet powerful, criminal empire from the planet Du Hatta. [sww|Jocoro Desilijic Tiure]


SW Character

position=High Inquisitor, Jedi Knight (former)
planet= Corroth (?)
height= Unknown
hair= Black
eyes= Unknown
affiliation= Jedi, Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire

Tremayne is a character in the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe novels.

He trained for three years as the Padawan of the alien Jedi Master Kylanu, who criticized him for his vanity. A courier was sent to Tremayne by Emperor Palpatine, telling him he had been chosen for training by Darth Vader to purge the galaxy of corrupt Jedi. Palpatine himself turned the young man to the dark side.

At the end of the Clone Wars, Tremayne was taken as a prisoner to Byss with other Padawans and AgriCorps workers, where he was kept under the watchful eye of Sly Moore. Darth Vader faced these prisoners in combat. Only four survived, including Tremayne, who defeated Vader by pushing a button on the Dark Lord's chest panel.

Vader began training Tremayne as an Inquisitor, though it was rumored Tremayne was also an Emperor's Hand. Tremayne was eventually promoted to the position of High Inquisitor, beginning a remarkable career in the Galactic Empire. Part of his duties included managing the search for the last of the Jedi and Force-sensitive peoples following Order 66, bringing them into the Imperial fold. He answered only to Grand Inquisitor Torbin, Darth Vader, and the highest of Palpatine's advisors.

Tremayne had an interrogation and corruption style unique among Imperial Inquisitors, in that he strived for an "elegant" defeat of his prisoner, disdaining the brute-force techniques operatives like Darth Vader use with relish. He was articulate, courteous, knowledgeable, and worldly - indeed, his prisoners often described him as even friendly. Tremayne only resorted to physical torture when he had failed to make any progress in his discussions of the Force, of socio-politics, and of ideologies with his prisoners.

Tremayne was able to break every prisoner brought to him until he met Corwin Shelvay. After defeating the Sullustan Jedi Master Darrin Arkanian, Tremayne was disfigured in battle during Shelvay's escape, losing an eye and his right arm. Both were replaced with cybernetic prostheses. Afterward, Tremayne scoured the galaxy, looking for Shelvay to exact revenge; Tremayne was given command of the "Imperial II"-class Star Destroyer "Interrogator" and its support ships. Tremayne was also defeated when a young Jedi named Fable Astin, after being trained by the rogue Inquisitor Aldaric Cessius Brandl, slew his apprentice, Vialco. Brandl had not intended for Fable to escape after killing his enemy for him, but his son Jaalib aided her. In revenge, Brandl, when he returned to the Emperor, offered him Jaalib as an apprentice. Palpatine instead gave Jaalib to Tremayne to train.

High Inquisitor Tremayne may be a descendant of Jedi Master Matta Tremayne, who taught Freedon Nadd circa 4400 BBY, but this has never been confirmed. ["Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim"] ["Tales From the Empire", 1st paperback printing, 1997. Peter Schweighoffer (anthology editor), ISBN 0-553-57876-6] ["The Final Exit," Patricia A. Jackson] ["Rebellion Era Sourcebook", 1st edition, 2001. Bill Slavicsek, ISBN 0-7869-1837-3] ["The Dark Side Sourcebook", Wizards of the Coast, 1st printing, 2001. Bill Slavicsek, J. D. Wiker, ISBN 0-7869-1849-7]

Ulgo, Trask

Trask Ulgo was a soldier in the Navy of the Galactic Republic during the Jedi Civil War. The first companion of Revan, Trask was killed onboard the "Endar Spire" by the Sith Darth Bandon, so that Revan might escape the ship.


In the ' series, V-Tan"' is a Benevolent Guide for the planet Kegan. V-Tan, together with his partner, O-Vieve, morphed Kegan into an isolated planet based on simple principles known as the "General Good". However, his system was toppled when Kegan was reintroduced to the Galactic Republic.

Valorum, Finis

In ', Finis Valorum"' (portrayed by Terrence Stamp) is the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. The galaxy is troubled by a trade dispute between the Republic and the corrupt Trade Federation, and Valorum secretly dispatches Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi to resolve the matter. However, the negotiations fail when the Trade Federation sends assassins to kill the Jedi. Unbeknownst to Valorum, the threat originates within his own circle of advisors: his closest confidante, Senator Palpatine, is secretly funding and advising the Trade Federation as the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, as part of a larger scheme to take over the galaxy.

The situation quickly worsens when the Trade Federation invades the planet Naboo, and Valorum nearly loses all of his support within the Senate. Palpatine persuades Naboo's queen, Padme Amidala, to introduce a motion of no confidence in the Senate, and Valorum is removed from office. Palpatine is appointed in his place.

In an issue of "", set more than a decade later, he confides in Bail Organa that he suspects Palpatine of trying to turn the Republic into a dictatorship. The next day, however, he is mysteriously assassinated.

Vorru, Fliry

Fliry Vorru is a minor fictional character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

He was a former Moff of Corellia and was afterwards sent to the mines of Kessel because he was a possible rival to Emperor Palpatine. He was released by Rogue Squadron and inserted into Imperial Center (Coruscant) to help the Rebel Alliance as the head of Black Sun a criminal organization. He helped with the fall of the Imperial Government on the planet, however he was secretly working with the Imperial Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard or as she was more commonly called Iceheart. After she escaped the planet and fled to Thyferra, he went with her and became her Minister of Trade. When Rogue Squadron took the planet, they sent him back to Kessel.

Vox, Wade

Wade Vox makes his first and only known appearance in the game . He ends up on Jabba's bad side, but somehow survives. However, he is forced to participate in Jabba's new sport: intense vehicle combat, where only the last combatant standing wins. Wade is gifted in the ways of the Force, but has never had a means of being trained. He looks up to Luke Skywalker in many ways and recently purchased his X-34 Landspeeder which he uses in competition.

Wesell, Zam

In ', Zam Wesell (portrayed by Leeanna Walsman) (born in 52 BBY) was a shapeshifting bounty hunter, and occasionally partnered with Jango Fett. While her original species was a green-skinned reptile called a Clawdite, Zam often changed her appearance into that of a human with short reddish-blonde hair, a tight fitting purple bodysuit and a veil over her face. She also appeared in the video game '. In 22 BBY, Jango Fett hired Zam to kill Padme Amidala. When Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi find Zam trying to kill Amidala, they chase her across Coruscant. When Anakin and Obi-Wan finally capture Zam, they ask her who hired her, but is assasinated by Jango before she can tell them. She used a gun called a KYD-21 blaster pistol. Her homeplanet is Zolan.

Wessiri, Diric

Diric Wessiri was the husband of Iella Wessiri. He was captured by the Empire and turned into one of their agents by Ysanne Isard. He tried to assassinate the Imperial agent Kirtan Loor, and in turn was killed by Iella.

Wessiri, Iella

Iella Wessiri is a human female born on Corellia in 18 BBY and was employed by CorSec during the early Rebellion years. Iella Wessiri partnered with Corran Horn and worked with Gil Bastra for many years.

Later she joined the Rebellion as an intelligence operative after fleeing Corellia with her husband Diric Wessiri, who was later secretly captured and brainwashed by the Imperial Intelligence director Ysanne Isard. Iella assisted Rogue Squadron in the taking of Coruscant. While investigating the apparent murder of Corran Horn, Iella was forced to take the life of her helpless and brainwashed husband Diric. She also joined the Rogues in the liberation of Thyferra from Ysanne Isard's stewardship of the bacta producing planet.

She became later involved with Wedge Antilles during a mission to bring Adumar into the New Republic. In the "Union" comics it was revealed that she and Wedge had married and also had two daughters, Syal Antilles (born about 16 years ABY) and Myri Antilles (born about 18 years ABY).

In the events of "The New Jedi Order" Iella was head of New Republic Intelligence.

At the beginning of the "Legacy of the Force" series, she is shown to be mostly retired and living on Corellia with Wedge. She is working with Wedge and with daughter Myri, unlike daughter Syal, is sticking with her father. She is on Booster's "Errant Venture" helping to hide Leia and Han.


Windy was a childhood friend of Luke Skywalker on Tatooine.

Xux, Qwi

SW Character
name=Qwi Xux

color=New Republic
position=Former Imperial weapons designer
planet= Omwat
affiliation= Empire, New Republic

Qwi Xux is a tall blue-skinned woman from the planet Omwat. Like many others of her species she was very intelligent. At ten years old she was taken from her homeworld by Grand Moff Tarkin who forced her into a two-year long training regimen; she was the only survivor. She was a brilliant Imperial weapons designer who was responsible for the Sun Crusher and the World Devastators, and collaborated with Bevel Lemelisk (among others) in designing the first Death Star. After learning of the true and tragic results of her creations she defected to the New Republic. She was rescued from the Maw Installation by Wedge Antilles, with whom she later fell in love. Unfortunately, her memory was erased by Kyp Durron, a Jedi Knight, when he briefly turned to the Dark Side. Though the "reborn" Qwi continued her relationship with Wedge for a time, the two eventually parted amicably.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, she was visited by a rogue Twi'lek Jedi named Daeshara'cor, who was searching for superweapons which could be used against the Vong. However, since she still couldn't remember the specifics of the work she had done, she had no help to offer. This was a partial lie, as, when speaking with Luke and Mara, who were chasing Daeshara'cor, Qwi said that she had been able to reconstruct some of her work, and had used it in the rebuilding of the Cathedral of Winds on Vortex.

She appears during the Jedi Academy Trilogy ("Jedi Search", "Dark Apprentice", "Champions of The Force"), the first chapter of "Starfighters of Adumar", and "".

Zend, Salla

SW Character
name=Salla Zend

planet=Nar Shaddaa
affiliation=Rebel Alliance

Salla Zend was an ex-girlfriend of Han Solo. She, and cohort Shug Ninx helped Han and Leia save Luke and foil the Emperor Reborn's plan to control the galaxy from Byss 10 years after the Battle of Yavin with her remarkably fast ship, the "Starlight Intruder" (which Zend often claimed was faster than the "Millennium Falcon", but in a number of races with the "Falcon", the "Intruder" never came out on top). Salla was originally a student with a true gift for fixing and modifying machinery- but she didn't seek training to become an engineer or technician, preferring to become a spaceship mechanic aboard a corporate vessel. Eventually, she saved up enough money for a loan, with which she bought her own ship. Tweaking out her vessel, Zend began repaying the debt by smuggling with Solo. A race with Solo past a neutron star almost ended in disaster when her hyperdrive failed and Solo nearly died rescuing her. Disturbed by the narrow miss, Zend retired from smuggling, partnering up with Ninx.


Further reading

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