Dry-bulb temperature

Dry-bulb temperature

The dry-bulb temperature is the temperature of air measured by a thermometer freely exposed to the air but shielded from radiation and moisture. Dry bulb temperature is the temperature that is usually thought of as air temperature, and it is the true thermodynamic temperature. It is the temperature measured by a regular thermometer exposed to the airstream. Unlike wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature does not indicate the amount of moisture in the air. In construction, it is an important consideration when designing a building for a certain climate. Nall called it one of "the most important climate variables for human comfort and building energy efficiency."[1]

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  1. ^ Nall, D. H. (2004-11). Looking across the water: Climate-adaptive buildings in the United States & Europe. In The Construction Specifier, 57, 50 – 56.

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