Mission X-41

Mission X-41
"Mission X-41"
Joe 90 episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 27
Directed by Ken Turner
Written by Pat Dunlop
Production code 24
Original air date March 30, 1969
Episode chronology
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"Viva Cordova"
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"Test Flight"
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"Mission X-41" is the 27th episode of the Supermarionation television series Joe 90. It was the 24th episode to be produced. Its original UK air date was March 30, 1969 on ATV Midlands. It was written by Pat Dunlop and directed by Ken Turner.



When the Eastern Alliance develop a virus capable of breaking down matter, a top virologist is assigned to produce an antibody to defend the West. However, when the expert is taken ill, it is up to Joe to steal the required formula from within hostile territory…


In the Far East, Dr Chang is presenting his latest achievement – a virus called X-41 – to General Kwan. Helijets drop cylinders of the virus onto a demonstration building, and Kwan is amazed to see the X-41 disintegrate the entire construction. Chang says that the virus will break down the molecular structure of virtually any matter and will increase in its lethality the longer it is exposed to air. After the X-41 is neutralised with its antibody, Kwan congratulates Chang for providing the Eastern Alliance with the means of power to strike fear into the rest of the world.

Unknown to the two men, WIN Agent 84 has secretly photographed the whole demonstration. At WIN Headquarters London, Sam Loover and Shane Weston view 84's findings, realising that any day the West may be attacked with the X-41 virus. A top virologist, Professor Baxter, has been hired to formulate the antibody, but collapses at his laboratory and is rushed unconscious to hospital.

A desperate Sam visits the McClaines' cottage, reporting that Baxter is seriously ill and is in no position to continue his work. The conclusion is that the antibody formula must be stolen from General Kwan's military base, deep inside Eastern Alliance territory. Because Agent 84 would not recognise the formula, Joe must carry out the mission using Baxter's brain pattern. However, 84 will be on hand to assist during the mission. With the aid of an inconspicuous aerial attached to his briefcase, Sam attains the brain pattern during a visit to the inert professor in hospital. Baxter's impulses, along with those of a top WIN Agent, are then transferred to Joe on the BIG RAT.

After a briefing at WIN Headquarters, Joe and Sam are flown out to the Far East in an Air Force jet. Joe, wearing his special glasses, is ejected over Kwan's base in a specialised canister. On the ground, Agent 84 watches Joe's descent as the base personnel detect the pod on their radar. As the forest surrounding the complex is filled with troops, Joe and 84 establish radio contact. 84 has planned a diversion with explosives, but Joe orders his colleague to wait, saying that he will infiltrate the base by allowing the guards to find him. The soldiers discover Joe and the boy surrenders.

Joe is escorted to Kwan's office, but the general cannot believe that a child came down in the canister and orders his men to seek out the real spy. Refusing to take Joe seriously, Kwan is happy to give details of a new model of fighter sitting on the base's runway: their increased range and fuel capacity enables them to fly to England on one fuel payload.

As time passes, Kwan's soldiers continue to search the woods and Joe is sealed in a room at the base. However, using his adopted knowledge, the boy burns out the lock and begins to search the complex for the laboratory, where the X-41 antibody formula must be kept. Locating his target, Joe enters the room and uses a secret camera to photograph the chemical structure from documentation.

Meanwhile, the troops have found that Joe's canister could not fit a grown man, having obviously been adapted for a child. Realising that Joe is the enemy spy after all, Kwan orders his men to bring the boy to his office.

Moments later, as an alarm resounds throughout the complex to announce his escape, Joe commands Agent 84 to start his diversion. The fellow operative covertly cuts his way through the perimeter fence and hurls a grenade at a storage tank. The explosion distracts the guards, who rush to scene of the blast to fight the fire. Joe advises 84 to clear the area, but says that he will not rendezvous at the specified pick-up area – there is another way to get back to England. As Kwan watches the blaze from his office, he is speechless to see Joe take off in one of the fighters. In the cockpit, Joe contacts Mac and Sam, who are standing by at the cottage, to report mission accomplished.

A few days later, the West has managed to produce the X-41 antibody using Joe's camera shots. Professor Baxter, who had been affected by the virus, has been injected with the remedy and made a full recovery. However, while Sam is happy to give this information at the McClaines' cottage, an ill Mac wonders if Baxter can now do a favour for him – find a cure for the common cold.


Regular voice cast

Guest voice cast

In speaking order:

  • Dr Chang — Gary Files
  • General Kwan — Jeremy Wilkin
  • Professor Baxter — Gary Files
  • Hawkins — Keith Alexander
  • Doctor — Jeremy Wilkin
  • Pilot (voice) — David Healy
  • Agent 84 — Gary Files
  • 1st Guard — David Healy
  • 2nd Guard — David Healy / Keith Alexander


  • The original title for this episode was "Mission X-14".

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