Television director

Television director

A television director directs the activities involved in making a television episode.


The duties of a television director vary depending on whether the production is live (as in a news broadcast or sports event) or filmed/taped (as in a dramatic production).

In both types of productions, the director is responsible for supervising the placement of cameras ("camera blocking"), lighting elements, microphones, and props. In a dramatic production, the television director's role can be similar to that of a film director, giving cues to actors and telling the operator of the videotape recorder when to start and stop recording. In a television series composed of individual episodes, the television director's role may differ from that of a film director in that he or she may work only on some episodes as opposed to being the "auteur" of the entire production. In an episodic television production the major creative control will likely reside with the producer(s) of the show.


Aside from having to rattle off rapid-fire commands, it's also the live director's job to be cool under fire and maintain order among the staff in the control room, on the set, and elsewhere. The director's commands must be artistic, accurate, and calm. There is usually zero room for error.

A news studio might have perhaps four cameras, at most, and few camera movements. In a sports broadcast, the director might have 20 or 30 cameras and must continuously tell each of the camera operators what to focus on.

While the director is responsible for the specific shots and other production elements to be aired, the producer (typically seated behind the director in the second row of chairs in the control room) and coordinates the "big picture," including commercial breaks and the running length of the show.

In a smaller production, the director may be responsible for operating production equipment, usually the video switcher and CCUs, as well.

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