Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur

Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur
Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur
ঢাকা প্রকৌশল ও প্রযুক্তি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়, গাজীপুর
Established 1980
Type Public, Coeducational
Chancellor President Mohammad Zillur Rahman
Vice-Chancellor Dr Md. Sabder Ali
Location Gazipur, Bangladesh
Campus Urban, 20.29 acres
Website duet.ac.bd

Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur is one of the reputed universities for the study of Engineering in Bangladesh. The university originated in 1980 as a Faculty of Engineering under the University of Dhaka offering four-year Bachelor degrees in Civil, Electrical and Electronic and Mechanical Engineering to help meet the growing need for advanced engineering education in Bangladesh. To alleviate this situation by educating engineers with the ability to plan, administer and manage the latest technologies, in June 1986, under its name of Bangladesh Institute of Technology, Dhaka, the Institute became an autonomous institution empowered to award degrees. From 1 September 2003, the Institute became a full-fledged university named as Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Gazipur. It has produced around 2,500 graduates in engineering and has established a good reputation all over the world for the quality of its graduates. The curricula of DUET, Gazipur address the regions' practical needs, present and future, through undergraduate and graduate programs.



DUET came to exist in 1980 as College of Engineering and was located in Tejgaon, Dhaka. In 1982 it was renamed as Dhaka Engineering College and at 1982 moved to its present location at Gazipur. It was upgrade to a university in September 2003 and is one of the five technological Universities in Bangladesh.[1]


The University's 20-acre (81,000 m2) campus is in Gazipur District, 40 km north of Dhaka, by the side of the BIDC road. This district town Gazipur is well connected by roads and railway to Dhaka and other cities of Bangladesh.


For the convenience of the students, officers and staffs DUET, Gazipur operates a shuttle bus service between Dhaka city and the campus. In weekends special services are provided for recreational and other needs.

Academic programs

The University offers undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in these faculties:

Faculty of Engineering

  • Department of Chemistry (Chem)
  • Department of Mathematics (Math)
  • Department of Physics (Phy)
  • Department of Humanities (Hum)

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Halls of residence

There are five men's and one women's dormitories. There are many facilities inside the dormitories.

  • Q.K Hall
  • S.M Hall
  • F.R Khan Hall
  • K.N.I Hall
  • M.C Hall
  • K.N.I (Extension) Hall
  • Shaheed Tajuddin Hall(Under Construction)

Student organizations

Students at DUET are involved in various extracurricular activities. The student organizations at DUET are:

  • DUETCS(DUET computer Society)
  • Central Student Union.
  • Association for Information and Communication Technology (AICT)
  • Computer Club
  • Duet Debating Society (DDS)
  • Green for Peace
  • Photography & Art Culture Association
  • Andromeda Space and Robotics Research Organisation (ASRRO - DUET branch)
  • DUET explorer club
  • Robo Mechatronics club (RMC-DUET branch)

Divisional Organization

  • Chandradip(Barisal divisional student Org.)
  • Gangchil (cittagong divisional student Org. )
  • SUNDARBAN (Khulna divisional student Org.)

Central Students' Union, DUET

Central Students' Union, DUET is an organization representing general students, and all students at the institute are members. Most of the office bearers are students of the university and are directly elected by the students for a one-year term. Teacher office bearers are nominated by the VC of the university.


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