Oslo Airport Station

Oslo Airport Station
Oslo Airport
Oslo airport station 2.jpg
Oslo Airport Express Train platform
Place Gardermoen
Municipality Ullensaker
Coordinates 60°11′38″N 11°06′02″E / 60.19389°N 11.10056°E / 60.19389; 11.10056
Line(s) Gardermoen Line
Distance 51.85 km (32.22 mi)
Opened 27 September 1998
Platforms 4
Owner Norwegian National Rail Administration
Line operator(s) Norges Statsbaner
BSicon FLUG.svg Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
Sinnbild Kraftomnibus.svg Ruter 855

Oslo Airport Station (Norwegian: Oslo lufthavn stasjon), also known as Gardermoen Station, is a railway station located in the airport terminal building of Oslo Airport, Gardermoen in Norway. Located on the Gardermoen Line, it is served by the Oslo Airport Express Trains (Flytoget), express trains to Trondheim and Oslo, regional trains to Lillehammer and Skien (via Oslo) and commuter trains to Eidsvoll and Kongsberg (via Oslo).

The station is located 48 kilometres (30 mi) from Oslo Central Station. The station is manned, and there is a single bus route, and several coach services, to and from the airport. It opened in 1998, along with the new airport. During 2000–2001, there were several derailments at the station. South of the station is a terminal for unloading freight trains carrying aviation fuel.



Gardermoen is at kilometer marker 51.85 (32.22 mi) from Oslo S, but the actual distance is only 48.07 km (29.87 mi). This is because the distance markers follow the slightly longer Hoved Line between Oslo and Lillestrøm. The station is built directly below the airport terminal, and access is obtained via escalators or elevators located in the airport's arrival hall. North of the station, the tracks run in a tunnel below the terminal and runway area. The tracks on platform 2 and 3 only have connection southwards; north of the station they are only connected to a short turning track.[1]

Aviation fuel is transported to the airport by train. CargoNet hauls a daily train load of fuel from Sjursøya, with an unloading terminal just south of the passenger station. They are the only freight trains to use the Gardermoen Line.[2]


GMB Class 71 "Flytoget" airport express train

Norges Statsbaner (NSB) and the Airport Express Train (Flytoget) are the only companies that operate to the station.[3] The outer side platforms (1 and 4) serve NSB trains, while the two inner island platforms (2 and 3) serve the Airport Express Trains.[4]

The station is manned, from 07:00 to 22:00 on weekdays, with reduced opening hours on weekends. The platform (but not necessarily the trains) are wheelchair accessible, and an escort service for disabled persons can be prebooked. Baggage trolleys are available, and a wide selection of services, including cafes, kiosks, banks and police, are available at the airport terminal, as are taxis.[5] A single local bus route, Ruter no. 855, also serves the airport from Kløfta, Jessheim and Maura.[6] There are many coaches from all parts of the company that also serve the airport, as well as coach services to Oslo operated by Flybussekspressen and SAS Ground Services.[7]


Oslo Airport
Abbreviated in this map Abbreviated in this map
Gardermoen Line from Eidsvoll Verk
Junction from left Junction to right
Underbridge Underbridge
Service road
Junction to left Junction from right
Track turning from left Track turning right Track turning left Track turning from right
Straight track Unknown BSicon "ENDEa" Unknown BSicon "ENDEa" Straight track
Enter tunnel Enter tunnel Enter tunnel Enter tunnel
Unknown BSicon "tdSTRpl" Unknown BSicon "tdSTRpr" Unknown BSicon "tdSTRpl" Unknown BSicon "tdSTRpr"
Platform 4 3 2 1
Exit tunnel Exit tunnel Exit tunnel Exit tunnel
Underbridge Underbridge Underbridge Underbridge
Rv35 Lufthavnvegen
Underbridge Underbridge Underbridge Underbridge
Fridtjof Nansens veg
Straight track Junction to left Junction from right Straight track
Straight track Junction from left Junction to right Straight track
Track turning left Junction from right Junction from left Track turning right
Underbridge Underbridge Unknown BSicon "ENDEa"
Roald Amundsens veg
Junction from left Junction to right Track turning from left Junction to right
Straight track Straight track Straight track Junction to left Track turning from right
Straight track Straight track Straight track Straight track Straight track
Tank terminal
Straight track Straight track Track turning left Junction from right Straight track
Straight track Straight track Junction from left Track turning right
Straight track Straight track Track turning from left Track turning right
Junction to left Junction from right Straight track
Straight track Junction from left Junction to right
Large bridge Large bridge Unknown BSicon "ENDEe"
Abbreviated in this map Abbreviated in this map
Gardermoen Line to Kløfta

The Flytoget airport express train services operate six times per hour. Three run directly to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) in nineteen minutes and terminate there; the other three services make an additional stop at Lillestrøm Station, then continue beyond Oslo Central towards Drammen Station, a total of eight stops. Total travel time to Drammen is 60 minutes.[8][9] In 2007, the Airport Express Train had 5.35 million passengers.[10]

Station Distance[11] Time[8]
Lillestrøm 30.90 km 12 min
Oslo Central Station 48.07 km 19 / 22 min
Nationaltheatret 49.50 km 27 min
Skøyen 52.43 km 32 min
Lysaker 55.07 km 34 min
Sandvika 62.24 km 42 min
Asker 71.93 km 48 min
Drammen 100.96 km 60 min

Norges Statsbaner

The Oslo Commuter Rail operated by NSB, provides one service in each direction each hour—line 450 from Kongsberg via Oslo Central to Eidsvoll Station. NSB also provides one regional service in each direction per hour towards Skien Station (via Oslo Central) and Lillehammer Station. On the Dovre Line to Trondheim Central Station, five daily express trains are also offered, including one NSB Night Train. Northbound trains use track 1, while southbound trains use track 4.[3]


The decision to build the station, railway and airport was taken by the Norwegian Parliament on 8 October 1992. NSB Gardermobanen, a subsidiary of the Norwegian State Railways, was created to built the line and station, as well as operate the Flytoget airport express train services.[12] Construction of the station was performed in parallel with the construction of the airport, and the station is built in the same style as the rest of the airport, in postmodernist concrete and wood.[13]

The station was taken into use on 27 September 1998, and public services commenced along with the opening of the airport on 8 October 1998.[14] In 2001, as part of a reorganization of NSB Gardermobanen, the ownership of the station was transferred to the Norwegian National Rail Administration.[12]


In 2000–01, Flytoget experienced three derailments with empty trains at Gardermoen; one caused by the engineer falling asleep and two by the train passing a red light.[15][16][17][18] No more such accidents occurred after automatic train control was installed in 2001.[19]


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