Law enforcement in Pakistan

Law enforcement in Pakistan

Law enforcement in Pakistan (Urdu: پولیس)is carried out by several federal and provincial police agencies.[1] The four provinces and the Islamabad Capital Territory each have a civilian police force with juridiction extending only to the relevant province or territory. At the federal level, there are a number of civilian agencies with nationwide jurisdictions including the Federal Investigation Agency and the National Highways and Motorway Police, as well as several paramilitary forces including the Pakistan Rangers and the Frontier Corps. The most senior officers of all the civilian police forces also form part of the Police Service of Pakistan, which is a component of the civil service of Pakistan.



  • Airport Security Force, Prompts safety of Civil Aviation through development of legal framework, practices, procedures, technical and human resources to prevent/respond to acts of unlawful interference within airport premises.
  • Anti-Narcotics Force
  • Federal Investigation Agency[2]
    • Director General: Hussain Asghar
  • Frontier Constabulary[1]
    • Commandant: Abdul Majeed Khan Marwat
  • Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force operating along the western borders of Pakistan
  • National Highways and Motorway Police, covering all major roads across Pakistan
    • Inspector General: Zafarullah Khan
  • National Police Academy, a training centre for the senior officers of civilian police agencies
    • Commandant: Shabbir Ahmed
  • Pakistan Coast Guard, a paramilitary force operating along the coast of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Railways Police, operating on the railway system of Pakistan
    • Inspector General: Syed Ibne Hussain
  • Pakistan Rangers, a paramilitary force operating along the eastern borders of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Customs, operating on the Sea Ports|Borders entry roots i.e Wahga border & Zero point at Khokarapar etc of Pakistan

  • Balochistan Police, operating in the Balochistan province[3][4]
    • Inspector General: Rao Amin Hashim
  • Balochistan Constabulary, a paramilitary police force which acts as a reserve for the main police force[5][6][4]
  • Balochistan Levies, a paramilitary police force operating in 23 of Balochistan's 30 districts[7][8][4]
  • Capital Territory Police, operating in the Islamabad Capital Territory
    • Inspector General: Binyamin Khan
  • Frontier Police, operating in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (formerly "North West Frontier Province")[9]
    • Inspector General: Akbar Khan Hoti
  • Punjab Police, operating in the Punjab province[10]
    • Inspector General: Javed Iqbal
  • Punjab Prisons (Pakistan)[11]
    • Inspector General: Kokab Nadeem Warraich
  • Sindh Police, operating in the Sindh province
    • Inspector General: Wajid Ali Durrani
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Police, operating in Azad Kashmir
    • Inspector General: Tariq Khokhar
  • Gilgit-Baltistan Police, operating in Gilgit-Baltistan (formerly "Northern Areas")
    • Inspector General: Hussain Asghar

Rank Abbreviation Civil service grade
Senior ranks
Inspector General of Police IGP /PPO (Provincial Police Officer) BS 22/21
Additional Inspector General Addl. IG / CCPO BS 21
Deputy Inspector General / Regional Police Officer / City Police Officer DIG / RPO / CPO BS 20
Senior Superintendent of Police /
Assistant Inspector General
BS 19
Superintendent of Police SP BS 18
Additional Superintendent of Police /
Deputy Superintendent of Police
BS 17
Junior ranks
Station House Officer /
Police Inspector
Sub-Inspector SI BS 14
Assistant Sub-Inspector ASI BS 09
Head Constable BS 07
Constable BS 05

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