List of thermodynamic properties

List of thermodynamic properties

Here is a partial list of thermodynamic properties of fluids:

*T temperature [K]
* ho density [kg/m3]
*c_p specific heat at constant pressure [J/(kg·K)]
*c_v specific heat at constant volume [J/(kg·K)]
*mu dynamic viscosity [N/(m²·s)]
* u kinematic viscosity [m²/s]
*k thermal conductivity [W/(m·K)]
*alpha thermal diffusivity [m²/s]
*eta volumetric thermal expansion coefficient [K-1]
*H enthalpy [J/kg]
*S entropy [J/(kg·K)]
*G gibbs free energy [J/kg]
*A Helmholtz free energy
*p pressure [N/m²]
*V volume
*f fugacity
*a activity
*mu_i chemical potential

ee also

* dimensionless numbers
* Thermodynamic databases for pure substances

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