Chen Kun (actor)

Chen Kun (actor)
Chen Kun

Chen at the 2007 Shanghai International Film Festival.
Chinese name 陳坤 (Traditional)
Chinese name 陈坤 (Simplified)
Pinyin Chén Kūn (Mandarin)
Origin People's Republic of China
Born February 4, 1976 (1976-02-04) (age 35)
Chongqing, China
Other name(s) Aloys Chen
Occupation actor, singer

Chen Kun (Chinese: ; pinyin: Chén Kūn) born February 4, 1976 in Chongqing, Sichuan), is a Chinese actor and singer. He also goes by another name, Aloys. His parents divorced when he was young and his mother worked very hard to raise her three sons. The hardships in childhood made him a sensitive and self-esteemed young man.

In order to help his mother to make both ends meet, Chen Kun began to work part-time in high school. He started as a typist at the municipal office and later as a solo singer at night clubs. He showed early talent in singing and was strongly recommended by his vocal trainer and mentor to join the famous China Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble(now China National Song and Dance Ensemble) at Beijing in 1995. In 1996, he was admitted to Beijing Film Academy where he took off as a promising young actor.

Some of his roles most loved by the Chinese audience are Chen Zikun in TV drama "Love Story in Shanghai", Jin Yanxi in TV drama "The Story of a Noble Family", Wang Sheng in film "Painted Skin" and Chiang Ching-kuo in the film "The Founding of a Republic". One of his best known roles to the international audience was Luo Ming in French film "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress."

As the leading man in "A West Lake Moment", Chen kun won a nomination for the best actor at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards in 2005. His performance in "The Knot" brought him a Huabiao Film Award (the main national film award in China) as best actor in 2007. His recent portrait of Chiang Ching-kuo in the 2009's mega blockbuster "The Founding of a Republic" received high remarks from critics and brought him sweeping popularity among audiences.

Chen Kun has now become one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. He played leading roles in five films in the year of 2009 alone. He will give his first performance as a villain in "Let the Bullets Fly", a black comedy directed by the internationally known actor-director Jiang Wen.

Apart from acting, Chen Kun is also a well established singer. After the success of his first album "Osmosis" in 2004, he became a professional singer and was received well by fans and critics. He released his second album "To Come True Again" in 2006, which won him the Most Popular Male Vocalist at MTV Asia Awards. He is going to release his third album on 23 December 2009.

Outside mainland China, Chen Kun also enjoys popularity in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. Representing Chinese films, he travelled to film festivals in France, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and Russia.



  • The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011)
  • Love on Credit 《幸福额度》(2011)

Role: Zhang Quan Director:Leste Chen

  • The Founding of a Party 《建党伟业》(2011)

Role: Zhou Enlai Director:Huang Jianxin, Han Sanping

  • Let the Bullets Fly 《让子弹飞》(2009)

Role:a villain Director:Jiang Wen Co-star:Jiang Wen,Ge You,Chow Yun fat

  • Rest on Your Shoulder 《肩上蝶》(2009)

Role:a young biologist Director:'Jacob' Cheung Chi Leung Co-star:Gigi Leung,Gui Lunmei,Jiang Yiyan

  • My ex-wife's Wedding 《跟我的前妻谈恋爱》(2009)

Role:Ma Yong(马勇) Director:Lee Kung-Lok Co-star:Yuan Quan,Lu Yi

  • The Founding of a Republic 《建国大业》(2009)

Role:Chiang Ching-kuo(蒋经国) Director:Han Sanping,Huang Jianxin Co-star:Tang Guoqiang,Zhang Guoli

Role:Tuo Ba Hong(拓跋宏) Director:'Jingle' Ma Chucheng Co-star:Zhao Wei,Hu Jun,Jaycee Chan,Vitas

Role: Wang Sheng(王生) Director:'Gordon' Chan Jiashang Co-star:Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Donnie Yen

  • Playboy Cops 《花花刑警》(2007)

Role:Lin Heng(林亨) Director:'Jingle' Ma Chucheng Co-star: Shawn Yue,Linda Chung

Role:Chen Qiushui(陈秋水) Director:Yin Li Co-star:Vivian Hsu,Li Binbin

  • The Door 《门》 (2006)

Role:Jiang Zhongtian(蒋中天) Director:LI Shaohong Co-star:Yang Mi,Huang Jue

Role:Lu Ping(陆平) Director:Chen Yifei Co-star:Zeng Li

  • Baober in Love 《恋爱中的宝贝》(2004)

Cameo appearance:Mao mao(毛毛) Director:Li Shaohong Co-star:Zhou Xun,Huang Jue

  • Kong Fu Girls 《中国功夫少女组》(2003)

Cameo appearance:Tang Zheng(唐正) Director:Wang Yuya Co-star:Anita Yuen

  • A West Lake Moment 《鸳鸯蝴蝶》(2002)

Role:A Qin(阿秦) Director:Ho Yim Co-star:Zhou Xun

Role:Luo Ming(罗明) Director:Dai Sijie Co-star:Zhou Xun,Liu Ye

Role:Nie er(聂耳) Director:Wu Ziniu Co-star:He Zhenjun,Kong wei

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Television series

  • Love Story in Shanghai 《像雾像雨又像风》(2000)
  • Pink Ladies 《粉红女郎》(2001)
  • Traveller story 《旅人的故事》(2001)
  • Love in Sunshine 《爱在阳光灿烂时》(2001)
  • Only You 《非你不可》(2002)
  • The Noble family 《买办之家》(2002)
  • The Story of a Noble Family 《金粉世家》(2002)
  • Red Carpet Black dream 《红色地毯黑色梦》(2003)
  • Farewell Vancouver 《别了温哥华》(2003)
  • Shuang Xiang Pao 《双响炮》(2003)
  • Ming Yang Hua Gu 《名扬花鼓》(2003)
  • Feng Yu Xi Guan 《风雨西关》(2004)
  • Hao Xiang Hao Xiang Tan Lian Ai 《好想好想谈恋爱》(2004)
  • Chang Jian Xiang Si 《长剑相思》 (2004)
  • Eager For True Love 《渴望一份真爱的感觉》(2004)
  • Tian Di Zhen Qing 《天地真情》(2004)
  • The Conquest 《争霸传奇》(2005)
  • Endless Love 《新不了情》(2006)
  • Qing Zheng Jin Sheng 《情证今生》(2006)
  • Zhu Jia Hua Yuan 《朱家花园》(2007)
  • Remeberance of Dreams Past 《故梦》(2008)


  • Mystery&Me 《谜&Me》(2009)
  • To Come True Again 《再一次实现》(2006)
  • Osmosis 《渗透》(2004)


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