Dirty Sanchez (sexual act)

Dirty Sanchez (sexual act)


Dirty Sanchez is commonly mistaken to be an act where the faecal matter it purposefully smeared onto a partner's upper lip. The term 'dirty sanchez' originated in the porn industry, particularly films involving ass to mouth action. It describes the (originally unintentional, i.e. blooper) act of leaving a fecal matter moustache on a partner's face by taking the penis out of the anus and putting it in the mouth without wiping it off first. The result is that as the penis is thrust between the lips, fecal matter is scraped off and comes to rest on the upper lip in a moustache configuration.


Gustavo Arellano in his ¡Ask a Mexican! column contends the origin of the term by the fact that thick moustache is a stereotype of a Mexican in the United States.[1] Tate states that the term was coined during the Mexican-American War when American soldiers would often wipe fecal matter under the nose of captured Mexican soldiers as a dehumanizing tactic.[2]

The term for the sex act entered British gay cant Polari in the 1960s.[3]


Dan Savage says the act is completely fictional.[4] Brian Bouldrey in Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex says the act is an urban legend.[5]

In 2006 there was widespread media reporting of a celebrity sex tape involving Dustin Diamond which concluded with the act.[6][7] David Hans Schmidt, who was behind the marketing of Diamond's tape, said on the Howard Stern Show in October 2006 that Diamond did perform the act.[8] Stern watched the tape and confirmed that the act was performed.[8]

Legal issues

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that the term is actionably indecent. WKRK-FM in Detroit, Michigan has twice been fined for using the term on air. Performing this act on anyone, especially minors, is illegal as it does fall under the act of sodomy.[9][10] However, Rosenblat notes that the act was discussed and the term used frequently by Howard Stern.[11]

Use in media

  • Dirty Sanchez is the name of a British stunt and prank TV series featuring a group of three Welshmen and one Englishman harming themselves, and each other, through dangerous stunts. It is known as Sanchez Boys and Team Sanchez in the U.S.
  • The act was performed by actor Dustin Diamond in his featured sex tape: Screeched - Saved by the smell[12]
  • A 2004 advertisement for a Mexican Pot Noodle called Seedy Sanchez[13] featured a Mariachi band singing a jingle with very heavily implied descriptions of the sex act in the lyrics, which include a description of the male protagonist seeking "backstreet action".[14] The advertisement, created by HHCL/Red Cell and titled "Mariachi's Shame," won several creative awards.[15]
  • In the Ben Stiller movie Dodgeball the team led by Vince Vaughan regularly go to a bar named the Dirty Sanchez.
  • Dane Cook has also used the term Dirty Sanchez near the end of his HBO Special from his Vicious Circle Tour in Boston, September 2006.
  • During the February 24, 2010 episode of Tosh.0, host Daniel Tosh used the term in referring to a Hispanic man defecating in a shopping mall. It was also briefly mentioned as "Filthy Sanchez" in the South Park episode "Proper Condom Use." The term was also used in Robot Chicken during the episode "Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors" while Kal-El Superman is traveling to Earth. Jor-El tells him "The Dirty Sanchez is a popular dance on Krypton and they have it on Earth as well."
  • The term was used in the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Club Dread. Also, on an episode of The Colbert Report, one of Stephen Colbert's jokes involved using a rubber glove indicating he would perform a digital rectal exam, and subsequently used a gloved finger to wipe his upper lip, alluding to the 'Dirty Sanchez'. During the October 4, 2010, episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart when talking about the recent controversy with former CNN host Rick Sanchez alluded to the term by using the headline "Hurty Sanchez."

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