Congo, Kongo, or Kongō may refer to:

(Primarily from Kingdom of Kongo and related African names, also Japanese 金剛 Kongō, indestructible.)





Languages and ethnic groups

  • Kongo people (Congolese), an ethnic group in the two Congo states and Angola
  • Kongo language, language spoken by above ethnic group.

Entertainment and media


  • Kongō Masahiro (born 1948), former sumo wrestler
  • John Kongos (born 1945), South African musician, leader of the band "Johnny Kongos and the G-Men"
  • Kid Congo Powers (born 1960), guitarist
  • Louis Congo (fl. 1725), emancipated slave appointed public executioner of Louisiana
  • Cheick Kongo (born 1975), aka Cheick Guillaume Ouedraogo, French mixed martial arts fighter and kickboxer


Japanese battleships sometimes use the name Indestructible (金剛 Kongō?):

Other uses

See also

  • Conga (disambiguation)
  • Congo craton, one of the cratons making the African continental crust
  • Kakongo, former kingdom
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