List of Still Game characters

List of Still Game characters

The following is a list of regular and semi-recurring characters from the BBC Scotland sitcom Still Game.


Main characters

Picture Character Actor Series Information
Jack Jarvis & Victor McDade Ford Kiernan & Greg Hemphill 1- Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade have been friends for sixty years (since childhood) and now live on the same floor of Osprey Heights, their tower block. Both Jack and Victor are widowers, having lost their wives Jean and Betty, over ten years earlier. They don't see much of their families anymore; Jack's daughter Fiona lives near Toronto, Canada, with her husband Tony and her two sons Jack and Steven. Victor's son John lives in Johannesburg with his family.
Winston Ingram Paul Riley 1- Winston Ingram is a good friend of Jack and Victor's. He is known for his attempts to make money. Sometimes, this is as simple as a bet at the bookies and sometimes it takes the form of less honest acts to make his life a little more comfortable. He has several enemies including Stevie the Bookie. In the episode "Scran", it was revealed Winston used to work in the Clyde shipyards. His eighty-a-day cigarette habit caught up with him though, and led to him losing his right leg at the end of the third series. He is known to have a daughter and two grandchildren. In episodes "Dug" and "Holiday", he also pretended to have a relationship with Isa to fend off her ex-husband, Harry's attempts to get back with her; Winston often takes advantage of Isa's kindness in order to receive free food. In the earlier stage play, he talks about a brother living in Nevada and a son who died in a car accident in the 1960s but it is unknown if this is correct with the television series. He has a daughter Margaret and a grandson Thomas who is a tearaway. He also has another grandson Joe whom he managed for boxing but didn't succeed. In the episode "Wummin", he pretended to have a sore leg to earn himself a Home Help, but she found out and banned him from using the service, much to his horror. His dislikes include the local gossip Isa (portrayed by Jane McCarry), who will stop at nothing to find out anything - his annoyance is shown in the episode "Wireless", when Isa asks him to go to the local dance with her. He refuses as he has a sore leg, and she gets revenge by hinting to his home-help Mrs Begg that Winston is pretending in order to keep her. He is friends with Jack, Victor, Tam, Eric and sometimes Boaby the Barman, who works in the local pub Jennys, previously called the Clansman.
Blank.jpg Tam Mullen Mark Cox 1- Thomas "Tam" Mullen is another resident of Craiglang and he can be a bit of an old miser at times. He is always conning people into giving him free belongings or buying him a drink and is known for being unapologetically greedy if he can get something for nothing. His softer side came out when he was introduced to Frances, the local librarian whom he fought with Winston over. He got married to her in the episode "Ring" but in the episode "Saucy", became attracted to her sister, Molly - a kindred soul and more experienced miser than himself. In the end, he decided he was happy with Frances and laid to rest his feelings for his sister-in-law. Tam is a DJ at Western General Hospital and often manages to con the terminally ill out of their valuable possessions. Tam's miserable attitude about money often causes a rift between himself and his wife, but at 70, Tam became a father of Tam Junior and Frances became Britain's oldest mum. Tam tends to be Winston's 'double act' partner, the latter was the best man at Tam's wedding.
Isa Drennan Jane McCarry 1- Isa Drennan is another resident of Osprey Heights. She is known as the local gossip and will stop at nothing in her quest to find out the latest tidbits. Isa also works as a cleaner in Navid's shop. Isa was also married to Harry, who left her and stole money from her. In "Scones", he returned, apparently changed, but eventually stole from her again. He then returned for a second time in "Dug" but was given a much less warm welcome by Isa who told him that they were finished. It was revealed in "Scones" that Isa has a crush on the late Richard Whiteley. In "Dug" and "Hoaliday", she had a pretend relationship with Winston; although unrequited, Isa has a secret flame for Winston but her obsession with gossip and tendency to be nosy often sabotages her chances. Isa's husband Harry died in the series six episode "Hot Seat". Isa is heavily involved with community projects and charities, attends dance classes and helps others in the community - Winton maintains this is her way of keeping in touch with people to 'keep in tap with everyone's business'. Every year Isa cooks the Christmas dinner for the community centre while still making time to cook Christmas dinner for Jack and Victor. She briefly falls out with Jack and Victor in the Christmas special "Cold Turkey" when she overhears them telling Navid that they use her for the Christmas Dinner, but they later apologise and she forgives them. In the episode "Gairden", she mentions her son Colin, whom bought her a mobile phone incase of an emergency.
Navid Harrid Sanjeev Kohli 1- Navid Harrid runs the local shop with his soap opera-loving wife Meena. Navid and Meena came to Craiglang in 1975 after having secretly eloped from India as Meena was due to be wed in an arranged marriage. Navid is full of witty one-liners but has to put up with Meena's constant nagging; although he and Meena spend most of their time verbally sparring, he occasionally reveals he is still in love with her and grows jealous when she goes to India to visit her sister but ends up instead visiting with an old flame. He is a Muslim who laments the fact that his religion forbids both gambling and the consumption of alcohol; in a series five episode, Navid has mid-life crisis and dyes his hair, begins flirting with all the local female pensioners, and goes against his religion by gambling and drinking in the Clansman, although in the end it is Meena who has to beat some sense into him. As a tribute to Maris Crane from the sitcom Frasier, Meena's face is never seen, and Meena never speaks English on-screen, so Navid is the only person in the shop who knows what she is talking about, though her lines are usually subtitled. They have a daughter who got married in the first series. In the final episode of series four, a man who is supposedly Navid's illegitimate son is seen (also played by Sanjeev Kohli). Ford Kiernan has stated the name of Navid's shop 'Harrid's is a play on words of 'Harrods'. In series 6, the post office is moved to the inside of Navid's store.
Blank.jpg Boaby the Barman Gavin Mitchell 1- Boaby (the Scots form of Bobby) is the landlord of "Jenny's" (previously known as "The Clansman", even though it is regularly still referred to as such), the local pub. Boaby isn't a believer of the phrase, "the customer is always right", and prefers to hand out snide comments with his pints; not that the locals are the type of people to take them lying down. He always has a new nickname for Jack and Victor whenever they enter Jenny's but Jack and Victor always come back with a comment that puts Boaby in his place. It has been revealed that he had a brief career as a porn star, where he went under the name of "Troy the gardener". In the episode "Who's the Daddy", Boaby reveals he has been working behind the bar of the Clansman since he was eighteen. He usually has a grievance with either Winston (usually barring him for various antics), or Tam (who refuses to pay for his drinks). Although Boaby is sarcastic and mouthy by nature, he occasionally shows he has a charitable and honorable side, and shows respect for Isa, often finding grievance with anyone who does her wrong.
Eric James Martin 1- Eric - Eric is frustrated with his old body, he sees himself as "a young man trapped in an old man's body", Eric is often seen talking with Tam and Winston. Eric managed to save Winston from a potential relationship with Isa in "Hoaliday". He seems to spend all his time in The Clansman or else in the local bookies. In "Hot Seat" it is revealed he used to be a fireman. Often when Boabby can't be in the pub, Eric is chosen to cover for him, much to the joy of the regulars. Eric is played by James Martin.

Recurring characters

  • Frank Riley (Manky Frankie) (2002–2003)

Frankie, or as he is known to the local community, Manky Frankie, lives in Osprey Heights. His flat is festooned with various items that would be regarded as junk by anyone else. He has a penchant for dismantling cars and leaving the parts lying about, especially in the communal landing.

  • Hugh "Shug" McLaughlin (2002 - present) -

Shug (a Scots alternative to the name Hugh) played By Paul Young, who has extremely large ears (earning him the nickname "Shug the Lug", lug being a Scots word for ear), seems to be a self-proclaimed expert in radios and sound waves. He was a communications officer during World War II and he often goes off on long talks about it, much to Victor's annoyance. Jack and Victor take an answering machine message across to him so that he can try and find out what part of the message said that was obscured. He succeeds in identifying practically everything else but the actual message itself, including what newspaper someone is reading due to identifying the background noise. Jack and Victor often rely on Shug for technical help. Shug can also apparently hear through walls. It was revealed in "A fresh lick" that Shug has a part time job as an over-night security guard in "Delanys" department store.

Pete McCormack (better known as "Pete The Jakey") (2002 - present) - Pete the Jakey is a familiar sight to residents of Craiglang, almost the archetypal tramp., Pete also has a very active imagination. Ignored by many, he seems to have always been about; he often is seen sleeping outside Navid's. Jack and Victor can't seem to remember a time when he wasn't an alcoholic tramp. A man of many secrets, it's later revealed that he was the father of the property developer who wanted to demolish The Clansman and also that Pete may or may not work for the Government. He also may be the inventor of the famous "Beefy Bake".

Chris the Postie (2002,2004 - present), played by Sandy Nelson - Chris is Craiglang's local postman. Not exactly the brightest young lad, it often falls to one of the older gentlemen to explain a situation to him. He does have his uses, however, as can be seen in the 2005 Christmas special when he helps Tam to dispose of his Christmas cards for delivery into the canal. In Series 5, it was revealed that he used to be an interior decorator when Isa hires him to redecorate her flat.

Meena Harrid (2002 - present) - Navid's wife and Isa's friend, her face is never seen. She always appears in the room near the counter. Although she seems to understand English, she only ever speaks in Hindi. Navid sometimes responds in the same language.

Peggie McAlpine (2002 - present) - Peggie is Jack's ex-neighbour and is very violent, often manhandling her husband, Charlie. Despite her aggressive nature, she seems to be friendly with Isa and many other locals. She also seems to enjoy irritating Winston, especially when it comes to buying the last gigot chops at the butchers. She is known to have an 18 year old son, Simon who was charged with drunk driving at the age of 12.

Charlie McAlpine (2002 - present) - Peggie's long-suffering husband, often on the receiving end of his wife's short temper. Peggie often suspects that he is cheating on her.

Harry Drennan (2002–2007) - Isa's husband who disappeared from her, stealing money from her in the process. Six years later he returned to Craiglang, and Isa was only too happy to accept him back into her life. However, he ended up stealing from her again. He returned for a second time, but Isa wasn't so forgiving this time, and even tried a pretend relationship with Winston in order to fend off his advances. He eventually left Craiglang, acknowledging that he wasn't wanted by Isa any longer. In the Hogmany special, it was also revealed that Harry may have been adulterous. In "Hot Seat", it is revealed that Harry has died, but Isa feels nothing for him.

Stevie Reid (better known as "Stevie the Bookie") (2002–2004, 2006) - Another one of Winston's nemeses, he often taunts Winston about his betting. He also appears to be nosy. He is arrogant and is disliked by many of the people in Craiglang. However in "Cairds" he was bankrupted by Winston. After stealing Winston's winnings and doing a runner, he returned in "Drama" posing as his older brother Frankie. While everyone else in Craiglang falls for this act, Winston sees through it and confronts him. Stevie admits to the scam but maintains that Winston can't prove it. Tam then is revealed to have heard the whole conversation while hiding in the lavy, the ultimate line, 'That's you out of bog roll Stevie'. Now busted, Stevie has to pay Winston in fear of being prosecuted. In "Seconds Out", Stevie and Boaby fight each other for the girl who works in the Pizza shop. None of them are successful as the girl's dad is the boxer Jim Watt who knocks both men out.

Frances (2003, 2005–present) - Played by Kate Donnelly, Frances works at the library in Craiglang and is married to Tam. In Series 2 Winston and Tam both battle for her affections and Tam is eventually victorious. The couple marry in the episode "Ring" in Series 4. Frances tries her best to change Tam's penny-pinching habits but without success. Frances also has a sister, played by Dorothy Paul. In "One In, One Out" Frances has a baby at the age of 64, whilst Tam Mullen is aged 70.

Edith (2002, 2004, 2007) - Edith is an ugly woman and the sister of the charity shop worker Barbara. She appeared as Victor's "date" in the episode "Courtin'" and was also featured in the episode "Swottin'", where she had the role of quizmaster during Boabby's quiz night. She enjoys a pint of Guinness. Despite her appearance, she seems to have no problems getting men in bed, once waking up in bed with Winston, and once with Boabby, In "Hot Seat" she even talks to a man as ugly as her and they discuss past sexual encounters

Wullie MacIntosh (2002, 2004) - Wullie MacIntosh was a pensioner who gained a reputation for borrowing things from the Craiglang residents - and never returning them. In episode "Waddin" he was wrongly thought to have died in hospital (actually it was a younger man with the same name) and everything he had borrowed was claimed back. In the episode "Swottin'" he auditioned for the role of quizmaster, but was not chosen. Shortly after that episode was broadcast, Johnny Irving, the actor who portrayed Wullie, died so the character was never seen again.

Fiona (2004, 2007) - Jack's daughter. She lives in Canada with her husband Tony and her sons Jack Jr and Stephen. Fiona was brought up in Craiglang but emigrated to Canada some years ago. She married and had a family there. Living so far away from home, Fiona doesn't see her father much, but she still cares for him and phones him regularly, unlike Victor's son John who doesn't care much for his father. At the end of Series 2, Fiona invited Jack to visit her in Canada. Jack invites Victor to go with him, but he initially refuses out of jealousy that Jack's daughter cares for her father. However, Victor changed his mind and visited Canada with Jack. Fiona was pleased to see both her father and Victor. Jack brought out his late wife's wedding ring from Fiona to keep. Fiona offered Jack the choice of staying in Canada with them, but he refused due to the fact he still has roots in Craiglang (and the fact he still has £8 left on his power card). In "One In, One Out", Jack has a heart attack. Fiona is so worried, she flies over from Canada to be at her father's side. During the heart bypass operation, Jack has a near death experience and sees his wife. Fortunately, Jack survived due to Victor making him climb back down 'the stairway to heaven'.

Fergie (2002 - present) - Fergie is a young boy who looks to be in his late teens. He tried to cheat Craiglang pensioners out of their money by raising funds for the non-existent Craiglang Football Club. He was supposed to be marrying Sinead from the cafe, but on his stag night Jack and Victor tied him to a fence naked and he ended up missing his own wedding.

Sinead (2003, 2005–2006) The waitress at the local cafe, she doesn't put a lot of enthusiasm into her job. She was supposed to be marrying Fergie.

Margo (2004) The Clansman Quizmaster who Bobby takes a liking to but ends up beating up Bobby for slapping her "arse".

Big Arthur (2003 - present) Another Clansman regular, often seen helping out Jack, Victor, Winston or Tam. Jack has commented he has "Plenty of Padding" and he doesn't seem to know the rules of Blackjack.

Joe Douglass (2004, 2007) Joe used to be quick on his feet, and was a rugby player in his youth, but in his old age, he is confined to a mobility scooter which Tam won off him in a card game. In a subsequent game he won it back. In "Light's Out" He moved into the flat below Winston since it is lower down and allows Winston to offer him help.

Mick Mick appears to be a tough bloke from the rough Eagle Heights flats.

Neddy Mum (2007) The bane of Navid, always coming in to complain of the state of his chocolates and asking for refunds. Navid in return refuses to do so and insults her and her kid and makes numerous insulting insuinations about her being a drug addict, primarily with the phrase "Get out, you junkie bastard!"

Charlie (2007) A very large man, seemingly obese, enough even to make the Osprey Heights lift break.

Guest and One-off Characters

Joe (2002) Winston's grandson. Winston managed Joe for boxing, but was unsuccessful. Winston wanted his friends to offer Joe as much support as possible. Everyone in Craiglang thought that Joe was a rubbish boxer, much to Winston's annoyance.

Barbara (2002) A lady who works in the charity shop. She is attractive and has big breasts. Jack fancies her but was reluctant to ask her out because he feared it would betray the memory of his late wife Jean. Victor encouraged him by saying that Jean would want Jack to be happy. Jack then asked Barbara out and she offered that Victor could go out with her sister. Her sister turned out to be Edith, who is extremely ugly unlike her sister. Jack and Barbara started a relationship during which Victor was left on his own. Eventually Isa told Victor that Barbara was married and Victor confronted Barbara telling her that she should not be with Jack. This ended their relationship and Jack and Victor made friends again.

Ronnie (2003) An elderly man, who took a 'goofy turn' in George Square. He stripped down to his boxers and was bawling and shouting. The police came and arrested him and his son, Norman put him in a mental hospital. In the past, he was a genius, going on Mastermind with his chosen subject World War Two. He had memorised nearly everything, except he forgot the name of the most famous battleship 'Bismarck'. Jack and Victor visited him in the hospital and he seemed fine to them. Ronnie explained that he had a dream that he was 10 years old and that he was on a beach. Jack and Victor believed this was reasonable and signed their friend out of the asylum.

Mrs Begg (2003) A 'home help' worker. She is attractive and is employed to help out pensioners in the Craiglang area who have disabilities. In particular, Mrs Begg was Winston's home help, however, she was highly suspicious of Winston's sore leg. She believed that he was trying it on. She didn't seem to be happy with Winston. One day, some boys were playing football outside and Winston kicked the ball causing it to break Mrs Begg's nose. Mrs Begg didn't know it was Winston that did it, but shortly afterwards, she caught him in the bookies dancing. Winston pleaded her not to grass him in to the social services but she did. Jack, Victor and Winston then visit their widowed friend Bert Findlay and discover Mrs Begg in his bath. Mrs Begg went back to working for Winston, possibly to cover up what happened.

Bert Findlay (2003) A friend of Jack and Victor's. He is depressed because his wife, Annie, has died. Jack and Victor being widowers themselves try to help their friend and prevent him from committing suicide. They feel that Bert has taken to their pep talk and has got his house back in order, but Jack fears that Bert is still going to do himself in since he answered the door holding a razor. It turns out that he was having an affair with home help worker Mrs Begg and was going to shave her back.

Stewart Anderson (2003) A Craiglang resident. Stewart is said by Jack and Victor to have been so depressed, he was an inch away from death. That was before Stewart starting taking an American drug for depression. Now, Stewart has the energy of a teenager. Stewart buys himself a new car and recommends the drugs to Jack and Victor. However, Stewart makes a point of drinking orange juice and no alcohol due to taking the drugs. As such, Jack and Victor find out the hard way, when they discover their skin tones have turned black as a side effect to drinking alcohol on top of the tablets.

Vince Gallagher (2003) The local snack bar owner. He used to run the canteen at Yarrows where Winston worked, but he was unhygienic. He made a stew, which caused Winston and hundreds of other men to have food poisoning. Vince was sacked, but years later, Winston confronted him and saw that he was running a snack bar. Vince claimed that he had changed his ways but Winston does not trust him. Vince proves that he is a clean freak and the building site workers are satisfied with his food. At the same time, Navid is away in India for his brother's funeral and Jack and Victor are running the shop in his absence. Winston takes advantage of this and along with Jack and Victor, turns Navid's shop into a snack bar, distracting the workers from Vince. Vince took his revenge by sabotaging the soup causing the customers of Navid's shop to have diarrhoea. Winston then planted cockroaches on Vince's van, meaning that his food was contaminated by roaches. Vince broke down and drove his van through Navid's shop when the latter returned from India. Vince got out the van and is still at large...

Big Innes (2004) A large man who is friendly with the Craiglang locals. He is so big, he drinks four pints at a time and eats cornflakes from a soup pot. When he lived in Craiglang, he did not stand for any nonsense from Neds and would sort them out. However, he moved away up north to Elgin. Recently, the Neds in Craiglang have become worse than ever. Jack decided to phone Innes up in Elgin and ask him if he could come down and sort out the Neds. Innes' wife agrees to let Innes go down, but makes Jack promise not to give him any Midori. Innes likes to drink Midori, but it has a strange effect on him. Jack lets Innes stay at his house and Innes sets to work. After two days of Innes' arrival, the neds never bother anyone again. Not for a while. Unfortunately, Isa unwittingly gives Innes a bottle of Midori causing him to go mental in the Clansman.

Kevin (2004) A young supermarket worker. Kevin is in his early 20s and dislikes old people. He is cocky and is really a bully. One night he accidentally switched off a fridge, ruining a pile of dairy products. Kevin got in a state and feared he'd be sacked. Andy, and elderly worker, felt sorry for Kevin and took the fall for him. Kevin left Andy a line ever since. Recently, Winston had to take a job at FoodFare due to his excessive spending. Kevin hassles Winston from their first meeting. Andy offers Winston advice on how to beat Kevin, but Winston ignores Andy. Eventually Jack and Victor came into FoodFare as it was an emergency situation to take all the bottles of Midori away before Big Innes came. They succeeded but Kevin seeing the three old men insults him. By this time, Winston has had enough. He punches Kevin and quits his job.

Archie (2004) A reclusive man. Despite being a friend of Jack and Victor, he hasn't set foot outside his house since the mid-1960s. His reason for this is that he was evacuated during the war to a farm and was comfortable with a peaceful life. When he returned to Craiglang, it was like New York to him. In 1966, he put his boot through his TV after England's victory in the world cup. Because of his reclusive lifestyle, the social services would visit him making sure he was alright for food, clothes and money. In 2004, his house was to be demolished so he came out his home for the first time in decades. Jack, Victor and the Craiglang locals welcomed him out and encouraged him not to shut himself in again without success.

John McDade (2004) Victor's son. So far, John has had only one appearance on Still Game, but is regularly referred to. John lives in South Africa with his family. He doesn't keep in contact with his father much. This upsets Victor, because he misses his son. Victor is so annoyed with John, he sometimes refers to him as an "uncaring bastard". To try and get more attention from his son, Victor pretended he was ill. This news worried John so much that he flew over from South Africa to Craiglang to be at his father's side. John later discovered that Victor was only pretending to be ill and he was annoyed. Victor apologised, but pointed out to John that it was due to lack of contact. John understood he was on the wrong as well and they made up. At least for now.

Rena (2005) The lady who work's in the cafe. Rena is a widow and she is having an affair with a man almost twice her age, Wullie. Wullie is a friend of Jack and Victor's. They believe it's good for Wullie that he's found love, but Isa believes that Rena is trying to kill Wullie in order to keep his house. For example, Rena has Wullie working hard for her and Isa thinks Wullie will end up dying from being overworked. Nobody believes Isa until Rena comes into Navid's and buys a bottle of white spirits, a box of matches and a packet of jammie dodgers. Even Navid believed that Rena was going to set a trap for Wullie and felt that Isa was not as crazy as he thought. That night, there is a storm. Wullie is on the roof of his house fixing the TV aerial when he slips and crashes through the greenhouse. Isa looks out her window and sees the police and an ambulance outside his house. She knocks on Jack and Victor's and asks them to come with her. However, it is revealed that Wullie has survived the fall, but Rena has died. Rena had heard the noise and came running down the stairs, but tripped and broke her neck.

Wullie Reid (2005) A Craiglang pensioner. Wullie is friendly with Jack and Victor but is having a relationship with Rena, a woman half his age. He believes he is really in love, but Isa suspects that Rena means to kill Wullie. Jack and Victor think it's funny that Wullie is "shagging" Rena. One stormy night, Wullie is on the room fixing the TV aerial for Rena when he slips and falls off the roof. He ended up crashing through the greenhouse. Miraculously he survived, but Rena heard the noise, and fell down the stairs breaking her neck. Wullie is devastated at her death, but fancies the female paramedic.

Davie (2005) A bus driver for Dial-a-Bus. Although Davie appears to be friendly and helpful, he suffers from manic depression. This is due to his mother not being well. His mother's illness means that she only eats doughnuts from Greggs and causes her to be cranky with her son. Despite this, Davie determines to work hard and doesn't charge the pensioners for the fares. Jack and Victor get used to this service. One day, he returns to work very quickly after being off with his depression. Because Isa had doughnuts from Greggs, the sight of this causes Davie to have a mental breakdown and he terrorises the passengers. He stops when he nearly ran over Boaby riding his bike. The passengers attempted to shut him out the bus but let him in when he promises to take them to a pub. He explains his sad story and Jack, Victor, Isa and Boaby forgave him.

Thomas (2005) Winston's other grandson. Thomas is a ned, who causes trouble for his parents. His mother, Margaret, warned him that if he didn't behave, he wouldn't be coming on holiday with them. This ended up happening and Thomas had to stay with Winston, while his parents were away. Winston was cross and was determined to straighten out Thomas. However, Thomas smuggled in a girl, a cannabis plant disguised as a tomato plant and his friends. His friends made cookies containing cannabis, making Winston believe they killed his tomato plant. They even ate Winstons pies that were meant to be for his dinner. Winston was very annoyed and was going to grass on Thomas until he ate the cookies. Winston got stoned and Thomas was off the hook.

Chris Howden (2005) A property developer. Chris had made plans to demolish the Clansman. This news upset Boaby and the regulars. Even Navid was concerned because if the only pub in town was to close, his shop would be next. Jack, Victor and Winston made a protest, but it didn't go well. Chris offered to buy them a drink, which they accepted. Chris explained that he wanted to demolish the Clansman in order to recreate the houses that used to stand there. This is because his mother was brought up in one of these houses. However, he reveals that his mother's name was Jenny Turnbull, a woman who Jack, Victor and Winston had sexual relationships with. This meant that one of them could be Chris' father. They are worried that their families would be disgusted, but Boaby believes that this could save the pub, since no one would demolish their father's favourite pub. None of the men are successful in finding out but it is Isa who susses it out when she sees an old photo of Winston's that she took. Isa worked out that Pete 'the Jakey' was missing from the photo and he must have had sex with Jenny. Furthermore, Pete has a letter from Jenny proving he is the father of Chris. Chris decides to keep the pub, but renames it 'Jennys' in honour of his mother.

Molly Drummond (2006) The sister of Frances, Tam’s wife and therefore Tam’s sister in-law. Molly lives in Finport, on the coast and came to Craiglang to visit her sister. Molly didn’t manage to make it to Tam and Frances’ wedding. In the past, Molly was a famous singer and was recognised by Jack. Tam claims that Frank Sinatra bought her a drink when she performed in New York, although this is probably a lie in order to get a free round from Boaby. Tam discovered that Molly was just as tight fisted as he is. Tam thought this was a turn on saying as Frances disapproves of his stinginess. Because Frances is busy at the library, Tam has to show Molly around Craiglang. Eventually, Tam has to lay his feeling for Molly to rest since he is already married. Molly is upset and grabs Tam's balls.

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