Still Game

Still Game
Still Game
Victor McDade (left) and Jack Jarvis
Genre Sitcom
Created by Greg Hemphill
Ford Kiernan
Developed by Greg Hemphill
Ford Kiernan
Directed by Michael Hines
Starring Greg Hemphill
Ford Kiernan
Paul Riley
Jane McCarry
Mark Cox
Sanjeev Kohli
Theme music composer Cuban Boys
Country of origin Scotland
Language(s) Glaswegian Scots / English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 45 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Greg Hemphill
Ford Kiernan
Producer(s) The Comedy Unit
Effingee Productions
Colin Gilbert
Michael Hines
Ewan Angus
Location(s) Glasgow, Scotland
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel BBC Two
(originally BBC One Scotland)
Original run 1 September 2002 – 31 December 2007
Preceded by Chewin' the Fat
Followed by Fags, Mags and Bags
Related shows Chewin' the Fat
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Still Game is a Scottish sitcom, produced by The Comedy Unit with the BBC. It was created by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, who play the lead characters - two Glaswegian pensioners, named Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade respectively.

Since its debut on 1 September 2002, Still Game aired forty four episodes, including Christmas and Hogmanay specials. The first three series were broadcast only on BBC One Scotland, though five episodes compiled from the first two series were later broadcast throughout the UK on BBC Two in January–February 2004. All subsequent episodes received UK-wide broadcasts on BBC Two. The show enjoyed higher ratings than its neighbours on the BBC Two Comedy Zone, and received wide critical acclaim.



The stage play of Still Game

Still Game started as a stage play, featuring three characters: Jack Jarvis, Victor McDade, and Winston Ingram. Due to a broken lift, the three men are stranded in Victor's flat, and discuss a variety of subjects ranging from death to sex. The stage play toured Scotland, England, Ireland and Canada before returning to Glasgow, where it was filmed and released on video and DVD.

A small number of revisions accompanied Still Game's transition from stage to television. Gavin Mitchell, who originally played Winston (and was replaced by Paul Riley for later performances), played the part of Boabby the Barman in the series. Characters mentioned in passing were later fleshed out into supporting characters.

In 1998, Jack and Victor appeared in a number of skits in the tongue-in-cheek documentary about Scottish pop music called Och Around the Clock. In these they are shown to be watching while sitting in Victor's flat. As with the Muppet characters of Statler and Waldorf, their skits centred on the duo's disparaging comments about the performers.

The characters re-appeared in Kiernan and Hemphill's sketch show Chewin' the Fat, nearly every episode of which featured Jack, Victor, Tam and Winston, with minor differences from their counterparts in the series. By the time Still Game became a show in its own right, Winston's physical appearance had changed significantly, but he was still played by Paul Riley. As the show evolved, supporting characters assumed greater prominence. Jack and Victor made their final appearance on Chewin' the Fat in the 2002 Hogmanay Special.

Still Game's sixth series ended on 23 August 2007 on BBC Two. A Christmas special aired on BBC One Scotland on 23 December and to the rest of the UK on BBC Two on 28 December. There was also a Hogmanay special called "Hootenanny" aired on BBC One Scotland, later aired to the rest of the UK on 2 January 2008.


Characters & Cast

Guest stars

  • Sylvester McCoy as Archie, a recluse in the episode "Oot".
  • Billy Boyd as a young man in the train station in the episode "Faimly".
  • Celia Imrie as Mrs Begg, a woman who worked as Winston's home help in the episode "Wummin'".
  • David Hayman as Vince Gallagher, a hygiene-obsessed snack van owner in the episode "Scran".
  • Clive Russell as Big Innes, who returns to Craiglang to sort out the local neds in the episode "Big Yin".
  • Brian Pettifer as Bert Finlay, a depressed widower in the episode "Wummin'".
  • Una McLean as a vivacious widow in "Fly Society".
  • Jeannie Fisher as a vivacious widow in "Fly Society".
  • Robbie Coltrane as Davie, a disturbed bus driver in the episode "Dial-A-Bus".
  • John McCririck as himself in the episode "Drama", appearing on Winston's television.
  • Bill Torrance as himself in the episode "Hard Nuts".
  • Dorothy Paul as Molly Drummond, Frances' sister who has a crush on Tam, appeared in the series five finale "Saucy".
  • Eileen McCallum as Barbara, a charity shop worker with whom Jack develops a relationship in the episode "Courtin'".
  • Jim Watt as himself in the episode "Seconds Out".
  • Michelle McManus appears in "Seconds Out" as herself.
  • Lorraine Kelly appears in "One In, One Out" as herself.
  • Michael Hines (producer/director of some episodes) had a cameo role as an advertising executive in "One In, One Out".
  • Gordon McCorkell as Joe, Winston's grandson who is training for a boxing match in "Flittin'".
  • Jackie Farrell as Wullie who is smitten by a much younger buxom brunette in "Kill Wullie".
  • Dave Anderson as the choirmaster in the 2007 Christmas special "Plum Number".

Filming locations

The local pub, Jenny's, as seen in "Hard Nuts".

Although Still Game is set in the fictional Craiglang area of Glasgow, the Maryhill district of the city is one of the most common filming locations. The shops featured in the series can be found in the Townhead area of Glasgow. The Forth and Clyde Canal and its locks are used in background shots, as are the high-rise tower blocks, including the one in which Jack and Victor live called "Osprey Heights". For the first three series of the show, a real pub ("The Gimlet") in Ruchill was used to film the exterior shots of the pub Jenny's, previously The Clansman. However, between series three and four, the owner of the pub had the building demolished, causing the fourth series production team to build an exterior in a set in Dumbarton, the same lot where River City is filmed. An outdoor market in Possilpark was used in the episode "Cauld" when the character Winston buys several electric heaters. Scene interiors (Jack and Victor's flats, hallways and the interior of Navid's shop are specially constructed sets, built within a warehouse complex, now a Maryhill industrial estate (and called Craigmont Studios). Scenes from several episodes were also filmed in the Knightswood area of Glasgow, including exterior scenes in the episode 'Courtin', and the golf course scenes in the episode 'Tappin'.

Finport, as mentioned and seen in the fifth series, was filmed on location in Largs and Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, both of which were once popular seaside resorts with Glaswegians. The shots of the promenade and the sea wall is that of Saltcoats' harbour area. The café that Jack and Victor walk past is The Melbourne Café in Saltcoats. The pub scene is set in the Royal Oak pub in Largs, while the bed and breakfast where Jack and Victor stay the night is located at the north end of Largs promenade. In the scene where Jack and Victor arrive on the bus from the right in Finport this leads from the sea, there is no road there. In the scene where Jack and Victor find Winston, a wide panning shot reveals the famous Nardini's ice-cream building and the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry to Millport.

Ardgowan House, a late 18th-century mansion at Inverkip, Inverclyde, was used as the setting for Blair Tunnoch in the episode "Fly Society". Jack and Victor buy tickets for a meal and evening at the theatre from Tam who won them in a radio quiz. During the pre-theatre meal they meet two apparently sophisticated, attractive ladies, played by Una McLean and Jeannie Fisher, whom they try to impress with tales of overseas adventures and wealth. The women invite them to a country house party at Blair Tunnoch.

The area where Jack and Victor are sitting during the court recess in the episode 'Recipe' of Season 6 is the Main Lounge of The Crookston Hotel in Glasgow. The interior shots of the bakery in the same episode 'Recipe' were filmed at Pars Foods Limited in Balmore Industrial Estate Glasgow. Filming also took place at the Tunnocks factory in Uddingston.

Series summaries

For the show's first three series, the broadcast of Still Game was limited to BBC One Scotland. The show was then moved to BBC Two for the fourth series and shown throughout the UK. On 28 December 2005, Still Game's first Christmas special was shown on BBC One, the first national broadcast of the show on the channel. A fifth series of the show started filming in February 2006 and was shown the following June on BBC Two. As of 2006, series three had not been shown nationally, and only five episodes from the first two series were shown on national BBC Two from 17 January to 14 February 2004. Series 2 was shown nationally from 10 July 2008. This meant it was listed as a new series on TV listings, even though it is not for Scottish viewers.

In the first three series, the episode titles were all Scots language words that were related to the episode. Starting from season four, the episodes were titled using standard English so that general audiences could understand them.

The events of Still Game take place in a floating timeline where the characters remain the same age from series to series. One of the most prominent examples of this is that Victor reveals that he is 74 years old in "Scran", an episode of the second series, but it is not until the fifth series ("Smoke On The Water") that he celebrates his 75th birthday.

Series Still Game Airdates Channel
Series 1
1 September 2002 – 7 October 2002
BBC One Scotland
Series 2
29 March 2003 – 24 May 2003
10 July 2008 – 4 September 2008
BBC One Scotland
Series 3
17 June 2004 – 21 July 2004
BBC One Scotland
Series 4
22 July 2005 – 26 August 2005
2005 Christmas Special
28 December 2005
Series 5
19 June 2006 – 24 July 2006
2006 Hogmanay Special
31 December 2006
1 January 2007
BBC One Scotland
Series 6
12 July 2007 – 23 August 2007
BBC One Scotland (Repeats)
2007 Christmas Special
December 2007
2007 Hogmanay Special
January 2008

Series 1 (2002)

Flittin' - Jack's life is increasingly miserable due to anti-social neighbours. He is keen to move but can't find a house until the man across the landing from his best friend Victor dies.

  • English Translation- Moving

Faimly - Victor is awaiting a visit from his son John who now lives in Johannesburg. But when John leaves a message on Victor's answering machine, a crucial part of it is blocked out by the sound of a train horn. Jack and Victor set out to discover what it says with help from their friend Shug who has an acute sense of hearing. Meanwhile Winston gets injured in a fight with Peggy at the butchers over who gets the gigot chops.

  • English Translation- Family

Cauld - The residents of Craiglang are experiencing one of the coldest winters in years when Winston offers a solution - free electricity through by-passing the meter. Gradually a number of locals accept Winston's help but Victor takes the moral high ground and refuses to participate.

  • English Translation- Cold

Courtin' - Jack asks Barbara, the woman from the charity shop, to go out with him leaving Victor feeling lonely and resentful of his friend's new romance. Meanwhile, Winston gets barred from The Clansman and looks for new places to drink.

  • English Translation- Dating

Waddin' - It's the wedding of the year and both Jack and Victor still haven't received an invite - they decide to do something about it. Meanwhile, it is thought that Wullie MacIntosh has died and Winston plans to rummage through his house to find something that will assure him an invite.

  • English Translation- Wedding

Scones - Jack and Victor are irritated by Tam's success at entering and winning competitions and embark on an attempt of their own, involving composing a slogan for scones. Their attempts are futile, and of course, hilarious. Meanwhile, Winston is having problems with the Social Security office who have stopped his benefits. Isa's estranged husband, Harry, also returns after a six year absence.

Series 2 (2003)

Gairden - The residents of Craiglang are being terrorised by the local neds, but the pensioners have had enough and decide to make their own haven they can escape to. Meanwhile Jack and Victor check on old Ronnie who has been recently committed to the sanatorium after being found dancing in George Square in his underwear.

  • English Translation- Garden

Wummin' - Jack and Victor are concerned for old friend Bert Findley who is deeply depressed following the death of his wife. Winston is having his own troubles with a less than sympathetic home help.

  • English Translation- Women

Doacters - Jack and Victor are amazed at the dynamic vitality of their friend Stuart who has a newfound zest for life after being prescribed a new "yankee" wonder drug and they plan a strategy to obtain a supply for themselves. Meanwhile, both Tam and Winston try to impress the new librarian, Frances.

  • English Translation- Doctors

Brief - Victor buys a new car hoping it will give him the freedom he always wanted, but it ends up that he is the one being taken for a ride. Meanwhile, Winston tries his hardest to encourage Tam not to be tight-fisted.

  • English Translation- Local slang for car

Tappin' - A money lender appears in Craiglang and soon finds customers. Isa thinks Jack and Victor have borrowed money when she notices they have more than usual, when in fact they are spending some extra money they had saved. Tam and Winston are enjoying a round of golf at Craiglang golf course until they are interrupted by the neds. Their attempts to solve the problem only end in disaster.

  • English Translation- Tapping (borrowing money)

Scran - Navid's brother has died and he asks Jack and Victor to run the shop while he's away. Winston sees a chance to make some extra cash and decides to set up a take-away hot food sideline from the back shop, unwittingly infuriating the local snack van owner who Winston already holds a grudge against.

  • English Translation- Food (Eating)

Shooglies - Jack and Victor celebrate their momentous sixtieth anniversary as best pals and decide to have a day out when they encounter a face from the past.

  • English Translation- Local slang for trams ("shoogly" means "shaky" in standard English)

Buntin' - Craiglang is suspicious when Pete, the local alcoholic tramp, tells everyone he has secured a very important job at the council's new "facility", Jack and Victor decide to follow him to find the truth of the rumours. Meanwhile Navid, Winston and Shug are on a hunt for a bin-raiding fox.

  • English Translation- Bunting

Dug - Jack makes arrangements to visit his daughter, Fiona, in Canada. Asked to come along, Victor initially refuses, but in the end goes with his friend on the holiday. Meanwhile, Winston ends up having to pretend to be Isa's "Pumpkin" to see off her estranged husband Harry.

  • English Translation- Dog

Series 3 (2004)

Hoaliday - Jack and Victor arrive in Canada to visit Fiona. Just like in Scotland, the two get up to more mischief than the usual pensioners. Back home, Winston tries to ignore Isa's gossip while still enjoying her home cooking as he continues seeing her even though Harry has left.

  • English standard - Holiday

Swottin' - Jack and Victor are back in Craiglang and on the hunt for more adventures - in this case enrolling in a night class for a first-aid course. They intend to use this new knowledge to win The Clansman quiz.

  • English standard - "Swotting" Studying

Cairds - Jack and Victor enlist the help of their friends and set about winning back disabled Joe's electric scooter from Tam who won it in a poker game. Shug is arrested on suspicion of being a peeping-tom and Lady Luck shines on Winston as his long-shot accumulator bet at the bookie's returns a big win - or does it?

  • English standard - Cards

Big Yin - Jack and Victor need a favour from old friend, Big Innes, who has moved away from Craiglang to a remote area. The neds are out of control and Big Innes is just the man to sort them out! However, it is emphasised to everybody that Innes must not be given Midori liqueur under any circumstances. Winston joins the staff of "Food-Fare" and deals with work-place bullying in his own unique way.

  • English standard - Big One

Oot - Long time recluse, Archie, has no option but to leave his home which is earmarked for demolition. Oblivious to world events and bewildered by all the changes over the decades, he re-enters society under the care of Jack and Victor. Winston inquires about a new, large screen, wall-mounted television in the High Street, but when he sees the price makes plans to build his own.

  • English standard - Out

Aff - Isa is frantic with worry after a psychic in The Clansman tells her she is going to be run over by a silver car. Will she meet her date with destiny? Winston is told by doctors his leg will need to be amputated, a consequence of years of smoking. He takes solace in the news that he will qualify for extra money in invalidity benefits. On seeing Winston's leg, Jack throws his pipe in a bin pledging never to smoke again. And Victor fakes illness in a bid to get more attention from his absent son John.

  • English standard - Off

Series 4 (2005)

Kill Wullie - Jack and Victor's friend, Wullie, is dating a younger woman. Rumours abound in Craiglang that his mistress is trying to bump him off. Meanwhile Winston struggles with his new leg and a young hooligan is conning pensioners out of money.

Wireless - Jack and Victor take up the job of the local hospital's radio station as stand-ins for Tam who is away on holiday and build up quite a fanbase in the process. Navid also ends up in hospital with a very personal problem.

Dial-A-Bus - Jack and Victor find themselves on a terrifying bus journey when the driver, Davie, suffers a psychotic episode. Meanwhile Tam decides to tag along while Navid goes to get stock and Bobby decides to take time off to go cycling, leaving The Clansman in the charge of a temporary barman. Winston takes advantage of Bobby's absence by pretending to be the real owner of The Clansman.

Ring - Tam decides to marry Frances, his sweetheart from the second series. As always in Craiglang, things never go to plan. Meanwhile Navid's shop is part of a big business take-over.

Hatch - Jack has got Sky Digital TV, Victor hasn't, they solve this problem by arranging for Shug to put a "hatch" put in between their rooms so that they can both watch. But things go terribly wrong when Isa suspects they are gay. Meanwhile, Winston has to look after his neddy grandson while his parents are on holiday.

Who's The Daddy? - Jack, Victor and Winston fear they may have fathered a child in their teenage years, but they are unsure who it may be. The child in question is also part of the plan to demolish The Clansman.

Christmas special (2005)

Cold Turkey - Jack and Victor fear for their Christmas dinner after being nasty to Isa and Winston gets to grips with his turkey. Meanwhile Frances gives Tam a ton of Christmas cards for him to deliver.

Series 5 (2006)

Drama - Jack and Victor learn about free whisky tasting sessions and win a visit to a distillery. Winston is in no mood to welcome the new bookie to Craiglang, being certain that it's his old nemesis, Stevie.

A Fresh Lick - The pensioners put on their decorator's overalls to redesign Isa's flat. In their usual style, the two have trouble adjusting to the job at hand. Meanwhile Tam discovers a video featuring Bobby and some scantily clad women.

Smoke On The Water - Jack and Victor sail in celebration of Victor's 75th birthday. The two decide, along with Winston, to take a sail down the local river. Unfortunately, a run-in with the local neds means things won't go smoothly.

Hard Nuts - Boaby the Barman has a chance to be on television. Unbeknown to him at first, the programme is "Blighty's Hardest Boozers".

All The Best - A sad farewell to Winston as he leaves Craiglang for a new life in the seaside resort of Finport. Meanwhile Jack and Victor are chauffeurs for the day.

Saucy - Frances's sister, Molly, comes to visit and makes a huge impression on Tam who is in awe of his sister-in-law's tight-fistedness. Meanwhile, Jack and Victor arrange to visit Winston in Finport but when they arrive, they find that all is not well.

Hogmanay special (2006)

The 1970s version of the gang

The Party - On 31 December 2006, a Hogmanay special of Still Game aired on BBC One Scotland - the show's first Scotland-only broadcast since Series 3. This was the first year that a Hogmanay special of Still Game was shown as in previous years, Chewin' The Fat was aired in its stead; the producers have now stopped working on Chewin' The Fat.[1] The plot, which is similar to the previous stage play (see History) in which Jack, Victor and Winston (also Isa in this version) are stuck in the Osprey Heights lift on their way to a Hogmanay party. The episode, called "The Party", involved flashbacks to Hogmanay 1975.[2][3] Jack and Victor's wives, Jean and Betty, respectively, appeared in the episode.[4]

The episode aired the next day on 1 January 2007 on BBC Two for UK viewers outside Scotland.

Series 6 (2007)

Series 6 of Still Game started on 12 July 2007 on BBC Two.[5] Shooting locations included the Tunnock's factory in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire and at the Par's Foods factory Glasgow, in episode 6 "recipe" (note incorrect episode order).[6] One of the show's characters was killed off, which was revealed to be Isa's husband Harry in episode 1. The series had cameo appearances by Lorraine Kelly, Michelle McManus and boxing champion Jim Watt. Although the series was originally planned for six episodes (like the previous two),[7] it was revealed that another episode had been added, bringing the count up to seven.[5]

When questioned about any further series (after the sixth), creator Ford Kiernan said he believed there was at least "three more series" worth of ideas for the show and that they are "not finished with Jack and Victor's story by a long shot".[7] However after a dispute over the direction the production company was taking, it is understood Series 6 and the two seasonal specials were the last outing for Jack, Victor and friends.

Hot Seat - Craiglang is in the grip of a heat wave. Jack and Victor have found the perfect place to relax in the park on the ultimate bench. Unfortunately, Tam and Winston have the same idea. Isa receives news about her ex husband Harry that changes her life.

Fly Society - Jack and Victor get a taste of how the other half live when they are mistaken for two socialites by a couple of rich widows. But the gang from Craiglang are not happy at missing out. 

Lights Out - After an accident at the local sub station involving a runaway lorry, Craiglang is plunged into darkness. After a crime wave occurs, the vulnerable pensioners start taking radical measures to protect themselves from the night crawlers. 

Seconds Out - When a new pizza place opens in Craiglang, Boabby the barman and Stevie the bookie vie for the attention of the new pizza girl. Jack and Victor are hell bent on getting a free pizza now that their old pal Winston works there.

Hyper - Navid's business is suffering at the hands of the corporate giant Hyperdales and his regular customers loyalty is being put to the test. Meanwhile, Tam is going through some bizarre changes in behaviour. Eventually, Navid cracks and tries to burn down Hyperdales; though Jack, Victor and Winston talk him out of it, things go badly wrong when Tam's old personality comes surging back to life after they are locked in for the night. The episode ends with Winston asking Navid for some petrol to light a barbecue. The following scene depicts fire engines batteling a blaze and Navid, Jack, Victor and Winston slipping away in the background.

Recipe - Jack and Victor discover Pete the Jakey was the inventor of The famous BeefyBake and seek recompense on his behalf. Tam and Frances are having marital problems. Who can offer counsel, Navid? 

One In One Out - Tam and Frances enjoy fame and fortune with their new addition but it means baby sitting stints for Jack and Victor which is proving a bit of a strain. As both wind up in hospital and Jack is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, could this be the end for the duo?

Note: The British Sitcom Guide have plot synopses on their site. They are also reporting a 2007 Christmas special has been filmed. The BBC website for Still Game now also lists the episodes, with realplayer previews.

Christmas (2007)

Plum Number - Jack and Victor join the choir. Winston gets a job as a lollipop man. Boaby gets a new puggy for The Clansman with a jackpot of £1000. Tam enlists the help of Shug and Eric to intercept the slot machine's pay-out ratio but soon, they are joined by Jack and Victor who want their slice of the action.

Hogmanay (2007)

There was a Hogmanay special aired on Hogmanay at 11:15pm on BBC One Scotland.[8] It was broadcast to the rest of the UK on BBC Two on 2 January 2008 at 10 pm.[9]

Hootenanny - Jack, Victor, Winston and Tam decide to spend their Hogmanay in a cottage on the remote island of Tighnahulish. Their celebrations are short-lived though when Jack and Victor manage to upset the island's few residents. Meanwhile, in Craiglang, Navid's wife Meena has gone on holiday to India, leaving Navid to enjoy a brief taste of single life.


DVD Releases

DVD Title Discs Year No. of Ep. DVD release Notes
Region 2
Complete Series 1 1 2002 6 3 July 2006
Complete Series 2 2 2003 9 3 July 2006
Complete Series 3 1 2004 6 17 July 2006
Complete Series 4 1 2005 6 17 July 2006 Includes behind the scene's footage
Complete Series 5 1 2006 6 16 October 2006
Complete Series 6 1 2007 7 3 September 2007
Complete Specials 1 2005–2007 4 3 November 2008 Includes the specials from 2005, 2006 & 2007
Complete Series 1 - 5 6 2002–2006 33 16 October 2006
Complete Series 1 - 6 8 2002–2007 44 3 November 2008 Includes all of the specials

Critical response

Referring to the fifth series' finale, the Daily Record heralded for Still Game to be added to the ranks of the "greatest sitcoms ever". They called the episode "classic comedy" and said it was " a perfect mix of empathetic friendship, laugh-out-loud gags, real feeling in the acting and genuine warmth and chemistry between the characters".[10] The Daily Record also revealed Still Game was trouncing rivals The Catherine Tate Show and Steve Coogan's Saxondale with 300,000 and 700,000 more viewers respectively. Creator and star Ford Kiernan said of the ratings: "I am absolutely delighted. The figures have gradually increased - episode after episode."[11]

Still Game was criticised for its "reliance on expletives" by Teddy Jamieson, television critic for The Herald. He also commented that the sitcom "paints [Scotland] in broad strokes", through its use of stereotypes.[12] TV Today praised the show for being "refreshing" in the age of dying sitcoms. It said the show was funny in a "straight down the line way".[13] Still Game has attracted interest from known screen legends, such as Sean Connery (who even requested a role in the show).[14] Actor Bill Nighy is also reported to be a fan, calling upon the distinct Glaswegian accent for a role.[15] The show has won awards in both the 2004 and 2005 BAFTA Scotland awards and was named as the winner in the Best Broadcast category at the 2004 Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards.[16][17][18]

In 2006, Still Game was once again nominated for a BAFTA Scotland award for the "Most Popular Television" category. Other contenders included Rebus and Taggart.[19] Paul Riley, who plays Winston, was also awarded for his role in the show.[20]


Just before the fifth series started filming, a pest control team had to be called in to the Maryhill studio set when it was discovered that rats had infested Navid's shop and were eating their way through the stock. The alarm was raised after Jane McCarry (Isa) found a dead rat on the set. The high rat population in the area was due to the proximity of the Forth and Clyde Canal[21]

The theme music used on the TV broadcasts of the show is an excerpt from "Cuban Boy",[22] performed by The Cuban Boys, which is itself sampled from Frank Chacksfield's track of the same name from the album West of Sunset.


Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill and Paul Riley's company Effingee Productions is thought to have split up after Riley walked away to go it alone after being refused more control over the future of the company by Kiernan. Hemphill then also walked away after saying he didn't want a "boardroom battle". Therefore there will almost certainly not be another series of Still Game.[23]

Riley has since taken the lead role in the sitcom Dear Green Place, playing a park keeper, while Kiernan also features prominently as the chief park keeper.

Sanjeev Kohli's self-written radio sitcom Fags, Mags and Bags features himself as a Glasgow convenience-store owner, not dissimilar to his Still Game character of Naveed.

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